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tv   Headline News  RT  December 1, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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ok cynthia hundreds of thousands of pro e.u. protesters battle police and storm government buildings in the ukrainian capital demanding the president step down for not signing a trade deal with europe. a breakthrough nuclear agreement reached between iran and six world powers met with angry statements from hardline hawks in israel capitol hill and iran who claimed the deal's a failure. scottish independence movement launching its manifesto. he would also call a halt to damaging to pull the seas of pushing so many people in to pull the critics say the way the text is heavy on detail and light on facts.
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for am in moscow i met treasure bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news up to one hundred sixty five people most of them police have been wounded in street fights in the ukrainian capital sunday's ban on demonstrations didn't keep hundreds of thousands of pro e.u. protesters from throwing bricks at officers and storming government buildings artie's like sarah cesky reports from kiev. tensions are dying down here in the central capital although still it's pretty much at a knife edge ten twenty thousand protesting in the central square the city administration building was earlier taken over by the activist of a nationalist party they now describe it as the headquarters of the new revolution another boiling point here is the building of the administration of ukraine's president earlier during the day we saw enormous clashes happening at this building at the standoff continues with protesters and the police i went there and i saw the
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situation how it was straight after a huge huge brawl with the police the building of the administration of ukraine's president now under siege with several hundred riot policemen protecting the building the set of buses so that the protesters cannot reach inside and these few few meters basically maybe twenty meters between them and the protesters we've walked here we saw literally maybe several hundred of them over here we see shattered glass you can see probably over here some shattered glass on the ground or rocks which were used to throw a bit to throw at the police several hours ago the protesters that tried to assault a building the even used a bulldozer to try to break the police lines as we can see there fail the police are pretty much in control over here even though we're not even being let inside this perimeter because the policeman appearing that is the question why erupt at any minute it's actually quite hard to speak here because of all the tear gas which was used still pretty much felt in the air and the situation is still very very
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tense here another incident i witnessed with my own eyes the group of some activists attempted to take down the lenin monument in central kiev and also the police came to the scene tried to protect the monument in central kiev the focus of the protests has now shifted from the decision disagreement with the current government that it did not sign the free trade agreement with the european union to rage at the government's actions particularly dispersing. the peaceful protest on friday night or rather a typically brutal dispersal by the police and this is the main reason why so many people have taken to the streets there demanding the impeachment of the president the demanding the resignation of the government and we saw how activists a certain political movement set up steel fences around the central area blocking it for traffic but some statements coming from politicians here suggesting that things might calm down starting on monday because the speaker of the ukrainian parliament has called on the ruling party members of government and the opposition
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to sit at the same table to negotiate how things will result in ukraine to avoid any more confrontations we also have this is not confirmed reports but some sources are suggesting that the delegation of ukraine's government may be traveling to europe next week to go see aid to the euro association deal but again this information is yet to be officially confirmed by the ukrainian government ukrainian police have told protesters they need to leave the city council meeting or they'll conduct a sweep to clear it out demonstrators are apparently barricaded inside and some of the updates from alexei that he's tweeting on his feed you can follow him for the latest from kiev. well let's discuss what's happening in ukraine with author and blogger of derosa file and a totally carlon so present on a covert she's being accused of betraying national interest by turning down this deal with the e.u. he says it's bad for the economy do you agree with the article bitch and what do you think are his options at this point. well we have to look at the subject. what
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the u.s. was going for was six hundred million dollars over many years have some hell go she and that m.f. global the i.m.f. loan was moved fifteen billion dollars but the period with something dition such as silently spending cuts and the forty percent price of gas that isis with the elections coming. over which simply cannot afford those the months especially since. the u.s. is the minds of a lot. giving a lot. there's no peace at the well so the. ukrainian that well. a lot of the heavy interests the specially in the park will become aware of each other each incident while they're like they're.
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on the other hand the young people well this thought was that yes the and they're not going to. leave. any they. will and they're going to be vote against him instead so. surprising that. the guys in the you. and the jets in the u.s. . deal simply because. of feeling better and fissions. money. billion billion dollars. so what do you think and so i apologize for jumping in what do you think you could do at this point he has perhaps these are these are reasoned arguments for not wanting to deal with the e.u. but there's hundreds of thousands of people on the streets he's got to deal with them somehow what do you think is the best move. i think it's going to stick.
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there's no going back now if it does go back to that. point his support those who support. this obviously not going. back to spoil the well though this thing and the other thing we have the pain that. we might michel that i think. you can be all in thousand thought it was not made by the seat it was made by a court judgment which. actions a legitimate elections now that you were dreaming could still be revisited at a later time why do you think the opposition in this case chose protests instead of having more dialogue about the pros and cons of you integration i think. because first of all it's little better than the. arguments about the economics which. so many people up secondly.
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it's an. basically. eastern ukrainians there that bit more they support the fact of regions that they're what will it still politically apathetic in general whether as sadly the west that are actually willing to go well . look at make their voices. so that the position. they believe and so go out. and whites. who do you think good stand to benefit from the onerous is there more to the protests than just a trade deal. because that is the benefit. well aware don't think anybody has the better because first of all that. well let me just have. usefully. but they they want to
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clear that they're actually proud of the use. of. these thoughts and. the. government buildings and all of. the. old though. these make for the legal age there's also going to be all of the whole thing in the whole. thing the school will be. the silence so i don't think it will bend the opposition that. well when. it gets out of that people are willing to stand out. so obviously not then you go into any and you or me because it's the it's not.
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something go. they look to focus more on that that's it and i'm excited that. it's going. all right blogger ana told me karl and thanks for your time. well let's take a look at why the ukrainian government is taking so much heat for not signing any e.u. deal the opposition insists that a move toward europe is the right one but the government doesn't see it that way because brussels isn't offering easy membership and other privileges that most europeans get many are saying the are major economic advantages to working with europe ukraine's leadership though thinks the deal could actually cause an economic downturn now we've heard some e.q. officials say that kiev was pressured by moscow not to sign ukraine already has a free trade agreement with russia granting them increased exports and other advantages to the east associate professor of political economy jeffrey summers
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says the e.u.'s trade relations with ukraine may hurt their economy if we take a look at eastward expansion of the e.u. we can see that it has in the past produced dnd us realisation in the east. labor migration really east to the west and so we've also seen west european consumer products dumped in the east and i think that the e.u. is again experiencing of course of the past four or five years economic crisis and it sees further eastward expansion as a way to resolve their own problems in the west here. some of the same e.u. politicians who blame russia for stalling and you know have been cheering on the protestors in the ukrainian capital moscow state university international relations professor mark sloboda says what these officials are doing violates international law. the fact that they are essentially on the ground in kiev cheer leading the
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protesters on calling for a revolution in the country this is a tenth amount to the regime change that has been called for in german newspapers earlier today this is a most agreed just violation of the united nations charter and international law a violation of the sovereignty and the not interference of the domestic affairs of other states and i think russia cannot take the whole world community cannot take this. act lightly. check out archie dot com for a lead all the latest videos photos and news updates from kiev we have a detailed timeline of events in case you missed anything. his coming week in iran and six world powers are set to draft the first steps towards implementing the nuclear deal that was recently struck in geneva the process though isn't expected to be a smooth one although seen as a diplomatic breakthrough the agreement has already faced fierce criticism from
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iran's longstanding regional foes and hardliners on capitol hill or he's guided to kion has the view from washington today that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure and flying in the face of president obama what was key to the geneva. last small story. it's a story and state. it's not a series of trees in an environment where israel as well as many u.s. lawmakers don't think that iran should develop nuclear technology at all the obama administration had to engage in diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding of iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy. but because of its record of violating its obligations iran must
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accept strict limitations on its nuclear program that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation and to mutual agreement despite the official's attempts to appease the hawks punches are flying security cameras it looks like we've tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so i think you're going to see on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the final agreement another senator marco rubio call the deal quote a blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about america's commitment to their security and i think a lot of people both in the middle east and on capitol hill are very concerned that this interim deal becomes the new norm opponents of the deal in washington and
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abroad are already working not to let it survive the six month trial the obama administration is walking on eggshells before congress israel and its allies in the coffers it's trying to convey a carefully worded message which is you cannot threaten war all the time in washington i'm going to check out. a number of hardliners within iran who also aren't in favor of the deal but the country's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei has xpress his full support to the negotiators mohammad marandi a professor at the university of tehran thinks the majority of iranians see agree see the agreement as beneficial the overwhelming majority of politicians and. political parties and political leaders in this country have come out in support of the negotiations and the deal the important thing is that iran is enriching uranium today it is continuing to do research and improving its technological capabilities
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within the framework of the n.p.t. and in fact the fact that iran is halting uranium enrichment to twenty percent is something that iran actually wants because it's very expensive and the iranians have produced the fuel that it needs for the taliban reactor that produces medical isotopes for cancer patients so the iranians have already produced enough nuclear fuel through enriching uranium at twenty percent it no longer needs it so halting that is actually an advantage for iran because it does not want excess fuel because it's very costly so the iranians feel that they do not lose very much and they have a lot to gain. u.s. state of texas shaken by a string of increasingly strong earthquakes some of its residents are putting the blame on a controversial fracking technology calling for it to be banned and more after this short break.
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the. economic down in the final month. and the rest. will be. from countries rich in natural resources are the poorest africa is a colony it's a colony of the big corporations it's a colony of someone's home leaders who are under the thumbs of the big corporations so they have to beg from the world to develop social programs goes to pay back debts whole country is drowning under the amount of debt that they had and so every it is they would borrow money. and they would use that same amount of money
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to pay back. the wages of debt. eighteen minutes past the hour now it's been a critical week for scotland in the long lead up to the vote on independence late next year leader alex salmond launched a weighty document laying out what he labeled a mission statement for the nation's future. looks at the key points put forward by the pro independence movement. should scotland be an independent country it's a six war question that requires a simple yes or no but breaking a three hundred year old doing it could hardly be simple and the scots are not taking it lightly as it stands only about thirty percent of scots say they will vote for independence a figure those in the yes camp hope to increase by presenting that much anticipated white paper which a scottish national party says has the answers to all the questions about independence the prime minister david cameron and goes the ball into the no cap and
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says that independence is laden with risks and problems with warnings on just about everything taxes and debt the suggest and higher taxes e.u. membership london says scotland could forget about it the trident nuclear program david cameron claims getting rid of it is a bad idea in case of a north korean nuclear attack and there might even be roaming charges on mobile phones if the split happens and the list goes on it's a project fear by the yes camp and they accuse the government of scare mongering scots into voting no and they insist the white paper will prove that independence would bring about a jobs boom and a thriving economy concerns that resonate with voters this white paper answers some six hundred fifty questions and the details here really are two main categories here one those that will be negotiated during the transition period and another of those will be made to an independent scottish government is formed they promise
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indeed a lot of breaking down of all the policies they want to pursue let's listen to a bit of what they said we would call a halt to damaging which mr policies are pushing soo many people into poverty abolish the bedroom tax and ensure that the incomes of the lowest paid keep peace with the course of living the main crux of the matter here is that many critics are pointing out asking if this white paper is going to be presenting because a lot of the premises presented requires another party in negotiation. what if the part of the bad of england that the british government or even your member states in terms of e.u. membership what if they don't agree to what alex salmond has been proposing but he said that he is confident everything that's contained in six hundred seventy pages will be addressing every single question if anything here this white paper is going to be a springboard for even more debates in the months to come earlier we spoke to jonathan shafi a co-founder of the radical independence campaign who expressed his concerns about
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the document for me some of the main headlines just to deafen the scottish government's approach to key economic concerns in comparison to basements of discussion so far has been one in which what we've seen from the new campaign has been nothing concerning how david improve the lives of people but we've seen no idea about how david for example start to think about the raising living standards of distributing wealth in fact what we've seen is the opposite of that we've seen them put forward ideas that are going to maximize the well for the very top of society you know everything and this white paper i would agree with but i think what we've got to say is that this is the start of i hope a much broader discussion i don't want sort of scolding that we want to live in. school scuffle may have much more serious consequences than just a black eye for one student who suffered a brain injury and remains in a coma after a texas sheriff's deputy tasered him following a fight in the school hallway at r r t dot com for the full story there plus an
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indian spacecraft bound for the red planet of the left earth's atmosphere starting at three hundred a mission on our website all the details. and unexplained surgeon earthquakes may have put many texas communities on edge and residents think they know the cause they say the shale gas fracking industry is to blame or more specifically the methods that the industry uses the notion is nothing new but the proof has been hard to come by during fracking thousands of tons of toxic chemicals are pumped underground to loosen the rocks and release natural gas experts say it leaves the ground highly unstable earlier stephen hall an anti fracking activist tells the technology poses a threat to the environment and should be banned. there are much better old services at the disposal of we don't need the whatsoever to know only that i mean people say it's a b. that it's a transition feel old that america from the leakage is from all the wells that we've drilled is that there's it's a three to seven out the sense of leakage of the gas into the atmosphere as
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a lot more pulls and greenhouse gas the waltz c o two is so you know this is just a reset is actually a more harmful form of energy than burning coal in public stations. the government in bahrain under fire again for its alleged human rights violations despite calls from amnesty international authorities have failed to free one of the country's most well known activists who's now already served most of his prison term he was put behind bars in two thousand and twelve and is now eligible for release but is likely to stay locked up on top of that authorities recently detained the leader of the european bahraini organization for human rights hussain jawad was arrested when he came to a police station to file a defamation complaint against a government or a newspaper his wife tells us that bahraini authorities know her husband is innocent but still refuse to let him go. off. grainy channels they know that my
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husband is innocent and he is just defending human rights and he is exposing that my nation that is why the government of bahrain i have tried to accompany it with a police station with. no discipline has been met accorded mr interviewed by judges and and he's an evil and human rights defender he always calls for peaceful who and amnesty international and other organizations as well as e.p.o. which are has been pressuring the bahrain government to release and there is no call for a and from bahrain to cite the government to respond. to or these official letters being sent or calls or joint is statements whatsoever. take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe a passenger train crash rolling off the tracks in the bronx borough of new york city killing four people more than sixty others were reported injured twelve in critical condition firefighters and emergency workers are at the scene that
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irrelevant happened along a curved in a designated slow speed area according to several passengers the train seemed to be moving faster than normal before the crash. thousands of people rallied in the pakistani city of lahore protesting against u.s. drone programs there demonstrators called for unmanned aerial strikes to be halted saying it violates the country's security and sovereignty since two thousand and four the us carried out hundreds of drone attacks and suspected militants linked to the taliban and al qaeda but it's also sparked public outrage in pakistan as hundreds of civilians have been killed along with the targets of the strikes. egyptian security forces fired tear gas in cairo's tahrir square to break up a rally staged against the army backed government several hundred protesters descended on the square chanting slogans against military rule in the nation riots follow your doctrine of a draft constitution by a fifty member panel drawn criticism for putting even more power into the hands of the military and prohibiting religious based political parties from forming.
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thousands of people marched in the paris streets protesting a planned government tax reform the latest in a string of demonstrations across the country the region of brittany has been hit by frequent rallies against the so-called new eco tax on trucks which is feared to undermine the competitiveness of local industries protests are seen as a sign of growing frustration with the socialist government's economic policies. more coming your way at the top of the hour including all the latest updates from ukraine venture capital though on your way next year. ukraine is in a tough spot right now trying to figure out whether to join the e.u.
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or the arrangements custom union it would be nice if they would you know maybe allow the populace to vote for their future via referendum but sadly it looks like the politicians will be making the historic decision i can see why some people want to look west and some people want to look east but i don't understand why so-called ukrainian nationalists want so desperately to join the e.u. first off any nationalist groups in the e.u. are automatically demonised as right wing extremists and the politically correct west patriotism is pretty much a dirty word generally nationalist like their culture and the people who are part of it but if you look at migration trends within the e.u. we see that the slavic part of it is flooding western europe looking for work i have many relatives from the slavic part of the e.u. and almost all of them have to work abroad and might sound nice to be able to work in europe but the reality is that ukrainians will probably be paid even less than bulgarians rumanians to clean toilets in london ukrainian nationalists don't have to like russia or join the customs union or join any bloc of countries but advocating a future for themselves the e.u. seems absolutely backwards at least to me but that's just my opinion.
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play that well content with me katie this week protests continue in ukraine over here decision not to sign the free trade agreement we got a correspondent on the ground to get to that in just a minute to get the details on that one we've also got an anniversary five years since quantitative easing first began with the situation now as well as corporate news ryanair is making its way to the sky this is john thomas is on the way he'll give us a sneak in his full very i want to pick a point gained weight for some not so exciting for others so there's lots coming up of let's start talk about the ukraine. so the e.u.
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eastern partnership summit in lithuania it takes off this week ukraine's rejection of the free trade zone took center stage meanwhile protests in ukraine over kiev decision not to sign the bill clinton you. in kiev for us we've got poor scott in vilnius to tell us exactly what's going on on the ground so. hi there paul so no deal what exactly happened. while heading into the two day summit in real news kate i don't think hopes were particularly hard of a last minute u. turn kiev decision not to sign the association agreement with the new appeared to be falling off the deal would be not signed not for now anyway and it seems that european leaders pressure on president you know the coverts to try and change his mind and try and sign the deal at the eleventh hour of their efforts were always going to prove a few toile now the reason that the president has given for not signing the deal is .


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