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on. a scandal in scandinavia now sweden is revealed to be in on the spying game helping the n.s.a. snoop on the russian leadership also. of the christian community. religious officials plead for action to protect serious christians where a group of nuns is still being held by rebel forces plus. the no doubt where the united states stands on. america weighs in on ukraine's ongoing crisis supporting the opposition is protesters give presents. an ultimatum also. i am ready to pick up and. start shooting
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party looks at ukraine's hardline nationalist groups and their claims they are hijacking the country's pro e.u. demonstrations. broadcasting twenty four seven live from moscow you're watching international. sweden's been helping america's n.s.a. to spy on russian leaders and provided washington with a list of high profile targets swedish state t.v. site documents leaked by whistleblower edward snowden the details from marty's correspondent in europe peter oliver. the swedish national defense radio establishment that's known as the the f r a that monitors communications in the swedish intelligence service now claims that the f r a were looking into
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high priority russian targets this includes leadership and into internal political figures now it's unclear from the documents that have been put forward whether senior leaders like vladimir putin or anybody else had their private communications listened into and we've tried to contact both the f.r.a. and president putin's spokesperson both of them saying they don't comment on these type of matters now a separate document that was released was there was to address to n.s.a. personnel that were working with the swedes and i told them that they should thank sweden for the continued work on the russian target now all of this coming out showing that sweden is just another part of the system of this this widespread global n.s.a. spying program that seems to be to looking into many other countries and has many of the countries working as partners with it and this information of course comes out on the same day as it's been revealed that the n.s.a.
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tracks the mobile phone records of five billion people per day those mobile phone records of course would allow you to know where somebody was moving around the world so it seems that months after we first heard from the leaks of edward snowden revelations continue to come out this time showing that sweden was helping the n.s.a. to spy on russia. so you might ask yourself why sweden well eighty percent of russia's international internet traffic goes through the country and of course russia is not alone in being subject to the allegations of high profile snooping by the n.s.a. germany's the spiegel magazine revealed earlier this year that the agency targeted chancellor angela merkel also reportedly on washington's radar brazil's president dilma rousseff as well as the russian prime minister and formulated dmitri medvedev he was spied on at the g twenty summit in london back in two thousand and nine with some help from britain's g c h q or britain
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a british investigative journalist paul lash maher thinks snowden's leaks show the true magnitude of the mass surveillance era we live in everybody knows everybody spies on everybody else that we don't know the extent i think what's going on here is we were always we've known for a while that the swedish. capability is quite developed so it is worth a lot with the british intelligence in the past but as with all things to do with the snowden documents there's one thing for experts on the outside think you know what you know suspecting that we are able to survive that it's quite another when we start to get the evidence so that the sheer scale of the international mass surveillance of individuals government studied this serious of it is absolutely phenomenal. quarter mounting for a broad international effort to secure the release of twelve nuns reportedly held
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by radical islamist rebels in syria the women were seeds from a minor street during an opposition assault on a predominantly christian town and this poor slave report is the latest in a series of attacks on religious targets in the country. twelve nuns and three of the helpers who belong to the orthodox monastery of moola are believed to have been moved to brood now according to syrian opposition activists the women were moved for their own safety but earlier religious officials said that the women were abducted by members of the al nusra front which is affiliated to al qaida the syrian observatory for human rights says that the women were taken off to several days of intensive fighting during which the front find to eventually manage to capture the old quarter of moola and various reports point to the fact that these are mr front fighters entered the orthodox monastery in the same term of mosul know
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where these women were while there's a lot of concern particularly amongst christians living in syria as the attacks against their communities seemingly escalate we have heard from the pope who has recited a prayer for the safety of these women and earlier we at r.t. spoke with the international christian concern who said that they were extremely worried and extremely troubled by this incident in particular they have called on rebel forces to ensure the safety of these women and also make sure that all lines of communication with them remain open there are several muslim clerics who have also condemned the abduction in the strongest terms we denounce their deeds confirm that terrorism is a savage monster which wants to devour all religious and humanitarian values they came to cuba and kidnapped a few muslim in moms and christian priests in our job of ships and the like they kidnap priests and priestesses and events in dangerous conspiracy. of the
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church in syria which they want to carry graphic to the stone age genius or to iran for its allure for the country many questions have left and are now living as refugees elsewhere in. mascots because they're so fearful of the situation the last time that i was in syria i visited the city of homes where both the syrian army as well as people who are returning to the question quarter showed me around and danton churches and spoke about the fear that they too have as attacks on the christian community inside syria escalate and his video allegedly showing another rebel attack on a christian site in syria this is an ancient orthodox mourner stree need damascus the opposition justified with planes that government troops were using it as a firing position so the rebels unleashed a barrier on the site and several people were reportedly wounded in the attack
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parties kevin owen spoke with an anglican priest from syria he says christians are being used as cannon fodder in the conflict. thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands of christians where this place from their homes and a lot of christians were killed we still have two bishops missing from from my left paul we don't know anything about them and now another attack on the of the christian community in syria and the world is watching robert is it because the christians in syria big specifically targeted or just getting caught up in the wider conflict what's the picture i think they are being used by both sides as a political card because the regime wants also to to show that they are protecting the minorities specially the christians and they are begging for for the international community to interfere to release the nuns where
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the the rebels they are turning the blind eye. and the islamists to target specifically christians there is a systematic attack on all the christian community in syria and hundreds of thousands of christians were displaced. a senior american diplomat has waded into ukraine's arm rest encouraging the opposition and ongoing pro e you master protest. this is ukraine's moment to meet the aspirations of its people or to disappoint them and risk descending into chaos and violence there should be no doubt where the united states stands on all of this assistant secretary of state victoria nuland was speaking there at a pre-planned regional security summit in kiev meanwhile the opposition in ukraine
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is delivered an ultimatum to the president threatening to set up by round the clock blockade of government institutions unless an early election is held but is reports the nature of the protests is shifting. oh lorie to green glory to the heroes is deficient slogan of the hardly a nationalist movement known as the ukrainian insurgent army and the chant heard among the crowds in key of these days here is just a couple of these protesters to diffuse mr electrical book founder of the nationalist web or the parties and the man inspired by the actions of the u.i. aides wartime militias they took up machine guns and fought the russians the germans and the jews those who quote wanted to take away our ukrainian land and this is. another far right activist for the radical nationalist but movement so we need war that's the main thing an organization like cars can't exist without war.
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is one of those suspected of arranging the bulldozer action key of over the weekend then will present the ultra nationalist sentiment that is popular in western ukraine which has traditionally gravitated towards europe rather than moscow many hope we will fight for the european union until the end and even if they bring your tanks we will win which must go i'm ready to pick up any keep forty seven and start shooting up to a thousand people go to kiev every day and their motto is together to the end our resistance forces. consist of going to stone war veterans and former security service officials recent polls show the country's as sharply divided on the issue with more than seventy percent of those living in the western ukraine they've ring the deal with the european union but that drops to less than thirty percent in the east in kiev what began as a campaign over trade ties with europe is now descending into a rallying cry for ukraine nationalism good enough to know when these people are
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being passed off as innocent kids who suffered during the peaceful protests i'm sorry i've seen others there who clearly were non militant and then there were others would not give them their pockets why would anyone do that when going to a peaceful protest. yet it seems to be escaping some of europe and america's political heavyweights that there is a rowdy right wing driving force taking root in the ghost go party. meanwhile european politicians have been visiting protest camps in central kiev political science professor nikolai petro who is in kiev at the moment believes the e.u. doesn't have the best interests of the ukrainian people heart. one sided message. board or the policies of the of the u. and it is an attempt to attract ukraine to sign the association
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agreement i think it's a short sighted position one that seeks to divide drive a wedge rather between ukraine and russia whereas a more alongside it position but actually encourage both russia and ukraine to associate and come together with the e.u. unfortunately or seems to be more of a divisive and a confrontational approach than one that aims reconsolidation well be used effets may be in willing ukraine right now but in a few minutes time we hear about the struggle it's having in keeping citizens and its current nations of poverty. you know councils here in the u.k. are calling for tougher laws to police aggressive beggars finally no longer will the banker beggars be shaking us down for yet more and outs and bailouts every time we passed the city no longer listening to the police for more money printing
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and free credit facilities we're sick and tired of all the banker beggars harassing us every time we pass one of their twelve. like this famous one hey i'm jimmy don't oh look at your banking system going to trash on the ground before me through thousand dollars it'll give a burke give me a trillion i want another trillion more trillions do they give me give me. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic school here. in the world talks of your peace interview intriguing story for you. arabic for a visit arabic.
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but again now even while he keeps the welcome mat for potential new members it could be setting itself up for trouble ahead one of the impending threats has widespread poverty which some say the bill just won't be able to handle over twenty percent of the u.s. population is it risk of poverty bold kariya is one of the most impoverished countries with needy hoff its population living close to the bread on a minute there isn't far behind where four active ten find it hard to make ends meet in greece just slightly over thirty percent of the poor. relations struggle to meet financial demands and among the other major economies we've got italy and spain where they have roughly the same proportion of people under pressure from harshness there are two measures more than a quarter you visited a food bank in rome where essential provisions are handed out to the city's poorest . marco used to work as a pizza your many talents used to call it the golden skill which would always get
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you work in rome but it didn't hold true for marco one day he was sacked and has not been fired since he's been living on the street for about four years now and says at forty six he sees little chance of fixing his life he asked us not to reveal his identity. where you live on the street survival is what takes up most of your time simply gets in the shower is a challenge it takes so much time to take care of yourself like a normal person you reach the end of the day and you're exhausted and depressed. with the talian economy going through its longest recession since the second world war over twelve percent of adults are unemployed while four out of ten young people don't have a job there are no official figures on the homeless we have any type of food that we can get for free from somewhere more italians are beginning to turn to charity and humanitarian aid for help two years ago we had about fifty five percent where
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for no surrender forty five percent today we have about sixty five percent valiant thirty five percent for the second computer. everything on the shelves is free given in exchange for points allocated to low income families by the global charity network. most of the food is near its expiration date except for specially labeled eight it's really similar to an ordinary supermarket you buy bread pasta dairy products vegetables and sort of the one thing which really stands out are these packages with signs saying not for sale this is humanitarian aid from the european union and altogether these products make up around a third of all the stuff here. caritas is now raising the alarm saying around one third of all italian children are at risk of poverty and are lacking basic essential such as protein rich foods heating and cloves is going off rob.
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what's more an international red cross survey says europe is experiencing its worst humanitarian crisis for decades millions are unable to afford a roof over their heads with a seventy five percent increase in people relying on food aid across the continent the organizations european director told us that the number of people having to turn to charity is beyond their worst expectations what we have seen since we did our first survey in two thousand and nine and on to two thousand and thirteen is that the crises are really taking root at community level at individual level and that household level to a different degree because people today has used all their savings there's nothing left we are seeing a rapid decrease in what we call the middle class people the british red cross what they are doing right now and what they lost more than a month is that is the biggest food distribution campaign since the second world
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war it is serious in even for the ones of us working in this business on a daily basis we were shocked when we saw their cumulated data across europe europe's economic troubles have been steadily changing the blocks political landscape before liberals played the role of king maker in the european parliament times and i change ng with euro skeptics fast closing the gap six months before the next european elections were smith ways the precarious balance between right and left. there won't have been many meetings in london this year where british membership of the european union was met with a huge round of applause but that's what happened here at the congress of the alliance of liberals and democrats for europe they reckon best still in demand but opinion polls and elections throughout the e.u.
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tell a different story in fact the continent appears to have made a significant lurch to the right with new parties emerging all over the place populists this new low it's make me but their hostility towards immigration austerity and the very idea of the e.u. has rattled the mainstream parties enough to cause them to step to the right to you've only got to look to david cameron's conservatives for an example of that so are the liberals dying a slow death i asked said graham watson and the pain president of the audi a lawyer says important there is a party prepared to stand up to the far right when so many are simply moving on to their ground in the hope of recovering lost due to scripture says cysts we see it in the premium polls we see it in people's attitudes we have to convince people is that the european union brings us
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a lot of benefits but needs reform if it is to continue to bring us those benefits and committed to the race then but certainly swimming against the tide europe wide the liberals have just six months before the european elections to convince a skeptical public that further the e.u. integration is a good thing meanwhile the rights will be working just as hard here in britain separatists you kipps nigel farage is talking about a landslide victory as if it's practically in the bag. humans defense ministry complex in the heart of the capital has been shaken by a car bomb a more than. as of intense gunfighting at least twenty nine people are thought of being killed including foreign medical staff in the attack that apparently targeted the hospital section of the compound officials say almost all the terrorists have now been killed some yemeni politicians say the assault of pays to be the work of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula it's
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a powerful terrorist cell that's repeatedly attacked the government in recent years we talked to an eyewitness who was home with close to the base where the attack took place. or. could be smashing. the windows in one of the. following probably experienced an intricate couldn't. turn. it around and she becomes rooted to ensure it looks much cracks and you know there are reports. that james corbett from the online you source the colbert report believes the roots of yemen's violence a more complex than they first appear. this attack is quite unusual including not only the fact that it was not just a suicide bombing but as you say there were militants that stormed the defense
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ministry afterwards and engaged in a firefight with with members of the security forces and these gunmen were apparently according to reports dressed in military fatigues so this is quite an interesting and coordinated attack that's just it concludes and the former forces associated with silly in the former the former ruling party in yemen tends to blame these attacks on al qaeda militants because that helps to ensure u.s. military aid and and financial aid to the two yemeni government but i think we have to understand that this is part of a political transition that's taking place right now and there's a great degree of instability so we have to understand that there is some intense political rivalries that are happening right now let's have a quick look at some other news now i have just clashes in the central african republic have killed at least twenty three people and wounded dozens more mostly most of them rebels say seize power in fighting with the christians supporting the as the president witnesses in the capital say the victims included women and
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children while government soldiers have been put on high alert at the u.n. is preparing to send french reinforcements to try to restore order. iraqi police have stormed a shopping mall in the northern city of kirkuk killing three militants and ending an hours long standoff on wednesday gunmen and suicide bombers attacked the mao police headquarters nearby killing eleven and wounding seventeen more are acts witnessing a surge in sectarian violence unseen since two thousand and eight with u.n. estimating eight thousand being killed since the start of the sheer we have an online project which does monitor iraq's ongoing violence and you can find that at r.t. dot com. and hundreds of indigenous brazilian people have attempted to storm government buildings in the capital it's after the justice ministry laid out new rules for the demarcation of native lands for next year's world cup security guards
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at the presidential palace used pepper spray on protesters who pushed over metal barriers other activists dressed in national costume tried to storm the ministry of justice saying the rules undermine their rights to own. lands. coming up next it's max and stacey and the kaiser report. we often see the middle east as a place of constant turmoil and revolution but people in thailand seem to be very fired up as well masses of protesters are forcing government ministries to shut down by storming them with human waves one such ministry is the thai equivalent of the american f.b.i. which has been accused of killing around ninety people in a crackdown on those who support ousted prime minister taksin shinawatra who is the
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brother of the current leader wow people are crying out for democracy with accusations of violence against protesters so where is barack obama john kerry the mainstream media i mean whatever some group of rebels protestors are i mean freedom fighters rise up for democracy are we supposed to arm them like in syria and or bomb their country back into the stone age like in libya serbia iraq some protest explode across the mainstream media with calls for intervention and others are almost totally silent like thailand and bulgaria where there have also been storming of buildings less than a month ago i might be conspiracy theorist but the selective coverage and selective concern for some humans rights and not for the rights of others well it smells a bit fishy to me but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser report i am max kaiser you know councils here in the u.k. are calling for tougher laws to police aggressive beggars final eight no longer will the banker beggars be shaking his down for yet more handouts and bailouts every time we pass the city no longer listening to them plead for more money printing and free credit facilities we're sick tired of all the banker beggars harassing us every time we pass one of their toll booth cons like this famous one hey i'm jimmy done oh look i found it your banking system that i found trash on the ground before me give me a true thousand dollars it'll give a perk give me a trillion i want another trillion more trillions gimme gimme gimme. my god he's taken the kiddies piggy bank our paychecks are granny's pension give it to jamie give it to jamie your real system your healthcare education system give it the jamie give it to jamie he wants it all gimme gimme gimme your postal system trooper system jag give it to jamie take it everything in fricken
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a loser. yeah give me your money all of it that's all jamie. jamie jamie. well max yes i thought of this fact that here in the u.k. the council's wrote to the government and asked them for greater policing powers to stop that the influx of beggars they say from romania and bulgaria the headline reads council's call for tougher laws to police aggressive beggars council across britain have controversially called for new measures to deal with anti-social behavior as they prepare for an influx of romania and bulgaria and migrants now of course one of the cons that they're talking about is when they throw the gold ring on the ground and they say it's a fake gold ring and they say oh look i found this gold ring when you give me twenty quid or fifty quid for and you know you turned it turns out that it's fake well this is what i thought why are we not calling for enticing social behavior orders against bankers when they throw the dow down on the ground of the footsie down on the ground and they throw it down and they say look you're economy is
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crashing give us some money and we'll make a better have a good point there the crashes are not driven. foreseen market activity crashes are engineers to put in place this wealth confiscation that we seen so the two thousand and eight crash was engineered for this purpose the incredible engineering of the poor in the u.k. being disenfranchised that's not by accident that's engineer austerity engineer poverty that's the government colluding with banks to disenfranchise an entire population for the purpose of what you might call an economic or financial hole cost that's their purpose in life that's what i was born and cameron and mark carney are there to do i show you some aggressive bagging in this little tweet here from.


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