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three there really expressing their patriotic fervor for the coalition government they're not starving they're not freezing to death they're merely expressing their patriotism well he does look a bit poor scene you might say so he could be more. than just the show just look oh yeah he's a big fact let's be honest about him so as his brother in arms david cameron david cameron is just. my impression of david cameron more of these approved talk dinners you know he's like. oh my. poor brute who is going through. no good. well let's look at those who are so poor a scene and this is the people who can't even afford to eat this is looking at the true state of the british economy now george osborne as we said he likes the deny the statistics deny the actual facts but tweet from the independent reads experts
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said government may be covering up how austerity and welfare cuts are adding to food crisis hunger in britain has reached the level of a quote public health emergency and the government may be covering up the extent to which all stared and welfare cuts are adding to the problem leading experts have said this is from the british medical journal and they spoke to a group of doctors senior academics and two leading universities all the way to calculate g.d.p. in this country is how many people are killing so it's really debt per death or a death so they'll be fuel poverty this winter meaning people will die like they did last winter and that will add to the g.d.p. so i was born talk about g.d.p. growth these are showing dead bodies and the first we looked at bodies over helps our g.d.p. growth. so the report by these doctors and universities. is that
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a surge in the number of people requiring a merge in sea food aid a decrease in the amount of calories consumed by british families and a doubling of the number of malnutrition cases seen at english hospitals represent all the signs of a public health emergency that could go on recognise until it is too late to take preventative action they write again one of the things that they say is most important is the rise amount nutrition in english hospitals they're seeing so there's five thousand five hundred cases in the last year from about three thousand at the beginning of the crisis so once you deprive a child of the nutrients they require to develop their brain and their capacity well now you're just writing off the future generation they're not malnourished. they're expressing their patriotic fervor. well perhaps as george osborne will say because they did commission report the government looked into it they're delaying it they've had their results for several months they're saying
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they're delaying it because they they're not quite happy with some of the facts revealed in their own report so they want to make sure that they were rigorous and diligent in finding the right information it's the soviet union played out here in britain so i remember the soviet union famously would say oh we've got all these tractors rolling off the assembly line. making ten times more kilos and you know there would be this huge propaganda organ to misinform the public so here's george osborne doing his best stalin impression and saying oh yes there's the most well nutrition is good for the nation and there is a reduction in living standards asperity is fantastic and we're going to be whoever it is we're fighting against we're not sure but the chinese give us a lot of money and boris johnson thinks that the reason poor people are poor is guys are stupid and we're there we're down with that because we're funky we're down to number eleven number ten downing street come and see us we've got a show every two four hours worth of camera for it and pantomime. so
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as i said that the future generation is being deprived of nutrients but they're also being deprived of the nutrients of savings this is in the next headline max biggest drop in savings for forty years bank of england figures reveal the bank figures show twenty three billion pounds taken out of long term savings in the past twelve months equivalent to nine hundred pounds for every household now they spoke to ross altman a former downing street advisor and she told the telegraph quote the figures are desperately worrying people are stopping saving for the long term because all the policies of the last few years mean you would be a mug to save well other savings are a big same and in this country i mean how do they collect all the same and to export. to china anyway the most and most it's almost born is collecting the scene with himself i mean he's down at the farm you know pleasuring pigs all day long should we be over there doing something more useful than pig pleasuring so you can
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export a semen to china you think this guy had a real job maybe you like such up maybe that's why i took the job it is all being collected here they're not sending any live pigs to china now interestingly apparently the pigs here have better genetic material and it goes with that whole eugenics concept that you brought up with boris johnson saying that the reason why people are poor are because they have low i.q. which is the classic eugenicist idea that came out back in the thirty's and forty's well you know it's a combination of two things here first of all the pigs share you know the other cheap date so they're able to collect semen a lot cheaper than they would it's only so i priced pigs down of the code as your friends for example and as you point out it's an example of what boris johnson spoke about the reason the poor people in the u.k. are poor because they're stupid that is an example of eugenics so here you've got the pig eugenics in a pig same in mixed with boris johnson the pig who sits behind me and going and looking building who's talking about eugenics in the country and saying look we
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need to implement eugenics to weed out the stupid people that's what boris johnson signal to weed out the stupid people well it comes around during times of great depression where the great depression back then they were in a great depression and the people who caused the great depression tend to be the fraudsters the banks toure's and they tend to be hoarding the wealth at the top and they don't like to look at themselves so they try to think of some other reason well those people are stupid because we've deprived them of food while they were growing and nutrients while they are growing and we deprive them of savings and now we're going to retire at seventy years old so you know those people are stupid for even listening to us but finally we're going to go to where this is all leading as boomers retire well all be detroit soon so detroit is allowed to move forward with . there bankruptcy and on the chopping block of course is all those obligations to the former workers and present workers analysts have worn for years about the massive underfunding of public pensions the detroit bankruptcy will task whether
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governments can cut back on promises made years even decades earlier make no mistake other cities are watching the proceedings i'm talking about you philadelphia oh this is of course a more scapegoating of the bore so the workers work there live for their pension and there's cash that you can be used to leverage own guns of synthetic obligations on wall street so that money has to be stolen clearly whether you're in the u.k. or detroit whether you birmingham manchester or detroit you know bridges are up for grabs on the show yesterday on wall street led by the show's stars a member did a number eleven of boris johnson they want to take your money and they want to turn it into ok on the floor in front of the riveters spinning the globe given an income for doing nothing. so and there's a very much a lot of mainstream media propaganda against the workers here that they are somehow they're the ones i drove the city into the ground not any of the derivatives in the
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interest rate swaps and all of the crazy bank dealings that happened over the last few years or the collapse of the auto industry and a lot to do with tax policy and shipping jobs to china where we're now only sending them take seaman in return well it goes to the whole nation and therefore the world after this detroit's pension woes however highlight a bigger challenge the u.s. hasn't saved enough to support the coming retirement of millions of baby boomers in a sense we are all detroit hers now george osborne has said that here in the u.k. anybody fifty and over is safe we're not going to cut anything from your pensions and you can retire at sixty five and stay healthy and enjoy some years of retirement it's just all those suckers under fifty we're going to make them work fine. you know make them take out huge amounts of debt finance a university and they're going to work until they're seventy will probably raise it to seventy five or eighty if they happen to live that long what are. we going to go
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we're going to go to town to move on. the stage over the second have a whole lot more. do you think that you as a representative of the. gazan government and government in general could achieve dad easing off live for the palestinian people through all the way they communicate through the way the present themselves to do want to crimean they need we need respect to live from own kind of government's good and to recognize this government which recollected a from the people actually. presented to from the palestinian people themselves respect of what china says respect i what i would believe someone needs someone
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writes. lead we are the problem we are the worst of the problem especially the united states government so it really is quite ridiculous that we get manipulated into so you know we have to take care of this problem over there the problem is that all backyard and we know a bit. below illegal eat . sleep.
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welcome back to their cause the report i am max kaiser timed out to turn to professor steve author of deep bunking economics steve king welcome back the great to be him i love your backdrop on the world went to war of course deep bunking economics all over the world what about george osborne let's spend some time debugging george's board he's not an economist but he still managed to run the u.k. economy into the ground the office of national statistics says middle income household income in the u.k. is down five thousand pounds in two thousand and eight. politicians believe what they think of the experts because they want to have as little numbers they can quote and say in front of the say this is all going to be wonderful in the future and they end up being suckers for an economic discipline that has no idea of
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how the economy operates didn't see this crosses coming and they would vos has actually made it was on the troubles i was born was following that advice so i was driven the economy down and the only way i can see up is by causing another housing bubble which is where you know what i call i will help to they call it help to buy i call it help to sell has turned up so you've got another property bubble and other assets because going on here that's about as far as they've gotten it's running out of steam as we can all see right now on the real economy is continuing to tank we need to get rid of policy what i call the politico financial complex is not the military industrial complex screwed up capitalism which was in households forty years ago it's the financial politico complex and that's where most of our problems come from so they're making a bad situation worse so the action in on the ground are suffering from fuel poverty they're freezing to death they are malnourished in this country rates of malnourishment are now. decade high levels but those numbers never
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seem to factor into the chancellor's equation in terms of how the economy is doing it's almost as if they're scapegoating the poor as my by. johnson the mayor of london as recently said that the reason the poor are poor is because they're stupid and that sounds like the genic so most was born of these guys are they back to the . i mean the whole the classic thing is we need you when you look at the research behind eugenics really goes back to a cold cereal book fifty sixty seventy years ago that was a because economic research actually did the whole thing you know it's like the revenge of the upper class to have an average i.q. of one hundred twenty one hundred for the middle class and id for the working class to me this was like a twin study to support it within found out he made up about seventy of his hundred twins it was all fraud like almost everything else and the reality is social structure is locked down with people at the bottom of the system and make an incredible struggle to get up and you get the upper class you want necessarily all that broad get the trip from paper to running westminster it isn't brains this is
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thing a lot going poor the poor have different ways to break through the ceiling the artificial ceiling in america you know you have sports. way you know basketball for example has been a way for black americans to break through the oppression of racism and financial degradation in canada have spent a lot of time can as i study well i saki in cat and comedy to some degree here in the u.k. of rock n roll the me the was on the border to a poor boy do but to play in a rock roll band so that those but now you're from australia i'm just curious is anything aside from growing foster's beer is there anything over there though she wears much of bubble economy of this part of the planet is so the main way to buy housing real estate watch it go up and have debt driving it behind there and think you're a genius so this financialization of the global economy is something that guys like paul krugman of the york times think is great because there's no such thing as debt that doesn't matter any president is there percent and there's no consequence is
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ever in your thoughts that's the deadly thing i mean that particular pipe where he went across for the secular stagnation argument from. from larry summers he actually said some only you don't build up bad consequences for the future now the reality is when you take a look at what draws us that process on it's rausing levels of debt and you've got to pay the debt back you pay back to banks not towards other individuals and that also means the bubble has to has to fall so yes you know other possible fall off the low interest rates we have an amazing degree of larceny embezzlement mouthpieces here in the u.k. this past few weeks has been the star turn of royal bank of scotland they've recently been caught targeting individuals and companies for debt. eugenics i mean areas here they're almost they've got almost the whole program in place but isn't that rather a negative consequence of cheap money is that it rewards criminality well because it's a cheap money i mean you would have to drive writes down because i saw the debt bubble
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coming and so they're going to be conned cope with that level of debt servicing you've got to reduce or for that reason but the double consequence of that is these are the people who are in the finance sector over here in the politicians with them they expect to get you know six to eight percent returns perenna above the right of inflation and if the economy's growing up less than one percent they've got to do that in a parasitic why and one way they can do it is by the sort of stuff you're talking about the role bank of scotland targeting businesses sending them and getting their assets selling those for profit coming out ahead it's piracy parasitic behavior of the financial sector on the real economy and it was bad enough when the bubbles driving up now the bubbles run out of the stream because of the sheer level of debt that's been accumulated it truly can be parasitic behavior it sounds like communism the old days where we had if we had to generate a certain number of tractors comrade you know the poor must be fed and the wheat harvest must be higher mel and as a result they introduced pogroms that were slaughtered people to meet their targets
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or is it distinctly milder bases there in the u.k. to meet certain. educational standards they have targets for testing and things like this when. did you caving or making the population dumb and then boris johnson come along and say well you're dumb that's why you're poor and then they'll take more money but this targeting of economic numbers and then making their assumptions fit the target yeah that has no bearing on the real economy that's the thing i'm and i'm. a fan of the innovative side of capitalism somebody said that innovative to cross over the go to balance it with the state sector to some degree but the thing that i find infuriating is what i call the bureaucrats. and the people. you're a crazy and then you get to the point sod some of the objectives they set and so on and they end up startling the innovative side of capitalism while not giving you the sort of balancing you'd want the site to do at the same time and also to
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bureaucracies running universities these days and degrading innovative research with a con handle people that not fit inside their boxes you see it with cha getting an education and you know and it really does feel like you've actually got you know chairman mao in control of just of stalin supposedly being champions of capitalism now let's talk about this idea you just mentioned a mixed economy or a balanced economy or having the state involved economically at some times or some sectors and having private markets and private enterprise involved really in a more balanced way it seems that this is a really difficult balance to strike because of the ideological forces on both sides point statists on the megaphone they on the media and they broadcast their message of state control in the times it becomes in the us and at times is free markets rule above and beyond that and arco capitalists if they have that group of ideological stalwarts how is that an example that you can in of
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a balanced economy either innes in history. or in the current global economy or is it is it a balance that is just too utopian vision that we really can never expect to ever have a woman in it is something that i think you could say america in the fifty's and sixty's had that sort of balance but a lot of it was paranoid about the russians and that paranoia about the russians meant two things first of all the huge expenditure that i did which then gave you know tremendous boost to innovation and american capitalism as well. but you also had the there and they couldn't let the workers' wages fall too low because of workers' wages were too low russia would stop to look attractive with the audiologists are very instant voice so you're saying that because during the thirty's of course the united states a lot of people had to russia yeah there was a communism was was a factor in the u.s. politics joseph mccarthy and other people politically rise up and there was
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a whole effort to deal with communism you know on american soil but the wages at that time and the promise of socialism and communism was attractive to force people to other countries today in america the wages in here the u.k. are virtually at a complete standstill and grown at all really for decades and purchasing power is collapsing they get no return on savings but there's no country to go to because every single country the world is guided by some structural bank so they're all the countries of the world have now adopted this psycho paul krugman as print money to die debt is great wages are terrible and wouldn't make sense. it is it how do you get around the blunt force trauma of a pro statist argument that in fact. minimum wage and wages need to go up
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well i mean it was going to come on defense he was saying it wants wages to rosin america as well and i think what we capitalism of the fifty's and sixty's was for just capitalism with what actually bumped up the wages he paid to his work was so that they could afford to buy the cars they're producing on the production line and he had this belief that both profits and wages had to have it's gone and that's healthy capitalism but we're going to crush this predatory capitalism with firms try to relocate their production to cheap wages and they try to sell back to high wage countries does not work it works the individual firm but it brings down the wife's levels over this. very simple graphic here we got a couple minutes left here is the central bank and the money is being printed and it flows off the central bank like the water coming from the source of the nile and it can go in one of two places or both places it can go toward banks to speculate it can go toward workers in the form of wages these days due to financial engineering that seems to have been an irrigation project where only goes to
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speculators who get the cheap money and it doesn't go to worker so my question is this. the solution is either pay allow wages to rise in some commensurate ratio to the money supply that's going to bankers or b you must raise interest rates to get rid of zombie banks but we have instead the worst possible situation where the zombie banks get the cheap money and workers get nothing and that the worst of all possible worlds worst of all possible worlds i mean if there was the way the way the reserve is set up it's money goes to the banks because of the reserves they don't give the money to the public but there was a section and i mean was such and thirteen point three of the federal reserve act that allowed them to give money to the workers directly which one would be proud of what i call a modern jubal a structure and that was abolished by the banks with the. what's the new act called not the with one the sort of group that parts of last eagle that's how it was
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portrayed but a specific part of the legislation got rid of the capacity of the fed reserve to actually give the money to the public in the banks lobbied for that so it wasn't one of these recent like the. old frank that was probably hidden in the tub check so that they got rid of that particular laws of a they both section one section thirteen point three they gave the they got rid of it they gave who the right to what the gave that they the federal reserve the right with a majority vote to direct the money to the public rather than to the bank they have the right to have that right and they abolished it under dog frank even though the now obviously and some other words are going to go. they got rid of they make a scene speculating illegal commodity futures modernization act and here they ball is just another function of the fed a clue to let them do something good but i was talking about what a budget i know this is quite revealing it's still the political financial complex and i said we've got to get rid of them all so what are you doing here in the u.k. anyway talking to whole bunch of rebel students rebels and oxford rebels in
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manchester and meeting up with terry jones and talking about ariel sharon just i thought he had a great turn and last night is producing a documentary he won the reunion concert oh the luxury of the right to icon stand spam. well fair enough right sticking have to leave it there thank so much being on the kaiser report a lot of max and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacey however i'd like to thank our guest dave king of debt deflation dot com if you'd like to get in touch tweet us a kaiser report bio. for probably the most complex difficult to.
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hold. on. to the phenomenon of friendly fire probability extends back to the invention of gunpowder. kill a bunch of people you don't know what there really is there really us people. reading. this summer shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because it is because it was night times four in the morning even the best even the belch cold. are going to make mistakes does this whole idea of brotherhood and order. and camaraderie in this sense it was in this context it has absolutely no place. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand of years people came here twenty some years ago so you stablished me and
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i stick life on the silence. and people feel the love of christ. working. people say. something happens on this island that makes them return to it again and again. join me james brown on a journey for the soul. only on a. washington so-called peace process to resolve the israel palestine conflict has produced little if any results in fact the palestinians are experiencing excel in way to be legal and seizures is it time to accept a one state solution and or look to global institutions like the un to replace the current negotiating framework. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason
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they were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back out of it never crossed her mind. the militants decided to try and break through. screaming grenade. explosions blow them all round his back. and it was all over all sure we know that our call on our commander was leave us no matter how tough it gets we're team. there was a senior in his military trio. he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body comrades would die he gave his own life to save us friends.
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i. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy trek albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked why a handful of transnational corporations will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trying to fix rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america have a different bill ready to join the movement then walk
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a little bit at. least be told language such. as programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the yard p. interviews intriguing story to tell you. been trying. to find out more visit our big old all teeth dog called. cut. right from the scene. of. the first street to use an i think picture. on our reporter's twitter and. on instagram.
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to be in the know a little bit on. t. fracking rage in romania clashes erupted between police and locals who want american chevron to drill for gas in the area. politicians the central kiev again reaffirming their support for the anti-government demonstrations which showed no signs of despite the cold weather. this morning from nelson mandela continues world wide we look at the concerns that traces of south africa's tainted past may return this time for the country's minority. very good morning for me kevin o'brien.


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