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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EST

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ukraine's president agrees to consider some of the opposition's demands as the country's capital becomes a honeypot the e.u. and u.s. diplomats meeting with both sides of the standoff. that's often the police push back anti-government protests. but how for now in parts of the city return to work. as we go live shortly. also the u.k. wants companies again dealing with partners in the occupied territories saying that illegal status makes business highly risky for british firms. busy start of the week for vladimir putin having met the country's top human rights watch dogs to discuss a mass amnesty the russian president orders the military to focus on the. take.
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from a studio center here in moscow which just this is international government offices in ukraine a functioning again after troops and police dismantled some of the barricades that paralyzed the city it's been a day of diplomacy with several key meeting shuttled scott is standing by with the latest so paul tell us what's come out of these talks so. well after weeks of stalemate and some violent clashes a possible breakthrough ukrainian president viktor has agreed to release protesters who have been arrested throughout the course of these demonstrations and he's also hinted that he could sign at the e.u.
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association agreement after all he says that he could sign it is early as march if kiev and brussels can strike a deal which doesn't. corner me now e.u. officials have said that the deal does remain on the table but that it was negotiable can be interesting to see what the response from the opposition is to these concessions they have course have a number of key demands which included the resignation of president. meant and a snap election month now this all comes on a day of diplomacy in the capital of its met with three former ukrainian president to discuss the situation while high profile diplomats from america and europe are also in kiev the assistant secretary of state victoria nuland and a huge foreign policy chief catherine ashton a meeting representatives from both sides to try and find a diplomatic and political solution to the standoff and the opposition movement continue to be boyd by support from overseas but as i now report not only
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information to find its way onto the streets of kiev is accurate. it traveled around the world in an instant it gave hope and support to the protest as ensuring freezing conditions on kiev's independence square they represented unity and solidarity only it was a lie because it was even reach we had on the official twitter page of opposition party fatherland as real news with a common bed the whole world is supporting the cranium protesters done created a hoax photo showing the united states and brazil had lit up their most famous monuments in the colors of the ukrainian flag as a show of support to kiev opposition movement people camping out are made and don't check this information says are spread to instigate people into more action to prevent protesters from running out of steam and to draw more support for a certain political power this is just one piece of false information that is
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either helped fuel the protests will given them an injection of support in recent days media reports that ukrainian president viktor yanukovych had agreed to join russia's customs union hard in the result of many on may down even though the story was immediately denied by moscow and kiev those who remember those so-called orange revolution in two thousand and four will remember we were told then that the russian suspects not special forces lucky. in the woods near here of weight and they weren't nothing happened so we're seeing a kind of propaganda war psychological war taking place using these rumors of both crackdown domestically and even foreign interference rumors spread quickly on the internet and many a taken as fact one minute it's claimed russia's going to cross the border and help stamp out the protests the next special forces are shipped in from all over ukraine and tanks are rumbling their way into central kiev all helping fear and agitation rumble their way into the minds of the protesters who right now you can see how
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tense the situation is we're in a sort of no man's land outside the presidential palace and to my right hand side you can see a line of riot police who formed a blockade not allowing any protesters in but if you pan around to my left hand side you can see the protesters have set up their own blockade not allowing anyone in to carry out their official business and we're left with this rather tense standoff it's clear that when the situation is tense is this any misinformation whether deliberate or not has the potential for huge consequences both scots r.t. kiev ukraine. is like get the opinion of the editor of the u.k. political magazine politics first historian dr marcus papadopoulos marcus well it looks as if those demonstrators have been held by the authorities during the protests could well be released and also the president is now making some sort of concessions so do you think the opposition will be appeased by these latest moves. well a victory on
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a co-feature the democratically elected president of ukraine or of ukraine is currently exploring all the options for which would be best for his country be it in the european union or in the customs union of russia kazakstan umbrella bruce and that's no different to how british prime minister david cameron is currently considering all the options for reform in britain's relationship with the european union that's how a democracy works put on for. at least the protesters in central care who don't represent the whole of the ukrainian population are simply intent on two things happening president yannick over cheesehead so to speak on a silver platter and secondly for ukraine to join the european union and they're using violence and they use in bully boy methods tactics to try and achieve this and that's completely unacceptable how democracy works and european union officials who are supporting some of these violent protests who are encouraging some of these
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violent protests should be ashamed of them so well they say they're there now to defuse the situation along with u.s. diplomats and it looks as if they've probably done that now. while they're certainly portraying themselves as knights in shining armor that's a save the day in ukraine and. that line is been spawned by western media. it would make a great hollywood movie it really would the reality of course is very different the reality is that the crisis in ukraine has been instigated by the west and i say the west just the european union because the european union is a key component of the west and what we see and it's not simply a matter of does ukraine join the european union or the customs union for the. to of what has been going on for the last twenty years since the collapse of the soviet union the west for the last twenty years has been attempting to place a sanitary cordon around russia in the form of a u.
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states and nato states and now we're seeing the construction of a missile defense shield. in romania and in the czech and in poland and when it comes so ukraine does it look as if i let me just ask you when it comes to ukraine does it look as if perhaps the e.u. is winning because after all now you have a code which is always breaking hints of doing yet another u. turn so he's going to revisit this again in march and look at more renegotiations i mean how would russia regard that. it's a big decision it's a major choice for the for ukraine to have a join the european union or the customs union but presently on a coach which is on its regrettably. being put on the immense pressure by western major and also what we're seeing in western politicians and we've also had the former president of georgia mikheil saakashvili go to ukraine an independent sovereign country and they're encouraging protests against the ukrainian government
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which was democratically elected in two thousand and ten so yes president and a coach is under tremendous pressure at the moment but we must we must remember that what we are hearing in the west from our politicians and from journalists does not correspond to the reality of the situation in ukraine presently and i cope which is democratically elected and he has every right to decide which is best for ukraine the customs union or the european union and what we've been seeing in the last couple weeks in ukraine violent protests western politicians flying in and encouraging what i would argue is a coup or early elections is absolutely unacceptable and it has nothing to do with democracy but to marcus papadopoulos great to talk to you editor and publisher of the u.k. political magazine politics for us live from london thank you very much indeed. thank you. we'll be bringing you more expert opinion and analysis of events in
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ukraine as well as live updates from the capital for the day all the latest developments are also available on our website. dot com. damage to a company's reputation and a whole host of legal and economic risks these are the main threats outlined by the u.k. government to any firms thinking of doing any business with their partners in israeli settlements in the west bank. explains what's behind the reaction. the explicit expression of its position over israeli settlements in occupied territories which are considered illegal under international law the u.k. government treated investment arm had issued a warning to british businesses over the risks of involvement in economic and financial activities in the settlement said one of those could be a potential damage to the company's reputation now i spoke with the u.k.
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trade and investment or arm and they told me of these are voluntary a guidelines but they did also confirm that the u.k. government does not recognize the occupied territories including the settlements as part of israel and insisted that business and respect for human rights should go had it had been two thousand are the british government issued another voluntary guidelines to retailers and supermarkets to allow them to label produce so that consumers can make an informed choice on their purchases so this isn't the first time that such a warning has been issued here in europe earlier this year in july you had also said that it would stop granting funds to bodies that include academic or research institutions and also anyone with links to israeli settlements and also said that any future contracts between the e.u. and israel must explicitly exclude the settlements now reaction to that warning. had drawn a lot of criticism from israel an official calling it an earthquake and the israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu angry over what he called external dictators now as far as reaction to this u.s. u.k. warning is concerned it has been more subdued the israeli embassy here in london had told the guardian newspaper that was troubled and concerned however it did welcome the confirmation of the guidelines that the british government is also opposed to any outright boycott. journalists covering the middle east israel realizes it won't get away with building settlements will. israeli officials expressed their disappointment with this new measure and you know the disappointment of course is to do with the fact that for a very long time now israel has been able to continue with this policy of settlement expansion in the occupied west bank despite this being against international law despite being urged to restrain and to stop doing so by the
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international community and it has assumed for a long time that it would just be talk that it will carry on doing what it wants and it will get knuckles and that's about it but now we're starting to see actual change when the e.u. issued its directive in july and it's very the peace organization likened it to pouring a bucket of cold water over a drunk has that sort of shock factor and shock effect on the israeli government. hopes built on empty promises coming up the. national focus. away by the tsunami disaster they give their dreams of returning home despite the government's repeated. the u.s. is increasing its push for setting up a new trade zone in the asia pacific world critics are holding the horses since it's not governments but big corporations will benefit the most. of us break.
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down. and the rest. will be.
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around the fukushima nuclear plant there are areas where the radiation can kill you in just twenty minutes for the hundreds of thousands of locals displaced back in two thousand and eleven many still live in hope of returning home as the government feeds them with assurances it's just a matter of time but. reports as the years go by such claims look more like empty promises. this woman can only fit me and my cameraman into her new home she apologizes but there's simply no room for the whole crew inside she's one of recent lawyers from the fukushima area forced to leave their homes amid the twenty level nuclear disaster. when the tsunami hit we were told to pack only necessary things and run away they said it would be only for two three days now living in this cage
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of a house returning to our old house is a dream which we know won't ever come true we are being fed with promises of a bigger house but that's as far as it gets promises this is just one of the quickly erected residential areas were fukushima exiles have relocated to there are hundreds of makeshift camps scattered across the region accommodating more than three hundred thousand people all of the four hundred three settlers living in this particular area used to have a large house as before the accident now they are forced to live in this thirty square meter dwellings they were told that this would be just a short term measure but it seems in their case the old saying there's nothing more permanent than temporary suits very well. the majority of these people are pensioners suffering from different ailments they are jobless just as surprisingly many of their younger neighbors this man used to run a profitable venture now he barely makes ans meet a long fruitful he go i had
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a one hundred thousand dollar a year business producing honey now it's destroyed forever just like my life on top of all that i'm offered neither financial compensation nor any job that's why i'm taking tepco to court. the government says it's working on improving conditions for reset but with the fukushima clear up draining billions of dollars out of the state budget it could take years maybe even a decade to do that even local officials are being kept in the dark. the government says it's building bigger houses but will finish it in no sooner than two years and not all of these people will be able to live in those that's as little as we officials on the ground are told by the central government fukushima means a happy island in japanese but that's the last word these people would describe to their lives which are unlikely to ever return to normal especially with a government that meeting the area around the nuclear site might never again be suitable to live in alexy russia skee r.t.
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reporting from japan. lock them up and throw away the key that seems to be the psychology behind the booming u.s. federal prison population that's growing thirty percent decade and is norrin a seven billion dollar hole in the national budget details are on our website. poor agreed to dear life as a new report shows as much as a quarter of the population can't afford the most basic of health care that's all on altie dot com. the day after introducing an amnesty bill that would pardon tens of thousands of people to mark the twentieth anniversary of the constitution has got together with russia's top human rights watch dogs the aim is to try to get the kremlin and some of its chief critics to work together. with their force. it's really important to understand that some of these people meeting with the president today are among the most fierce critics of
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the kremlin but the day wasn't really about accusations but it was more about celebration and quite a relaxed and friendly atmosphere inside the residence of the head of state they had some champagne and they really marked the twentieth anniversary. with science stressing that human rights are its focus and its core but of course it was only about russia a main a loss and the authorities clearly are working on a massive amnesty draft which could affect up to twenty five thousand people in a soon as news about the plan came out speculation began and it's still continuing over who may benefit from it and i've spoken to some of the representatives of the human rights groups who met with the president today and they said there's a good chance that the so-called our six thirty the group of greenpeace activists who were arrested in the russian north may see charges listed against them it could also affect pussy riot so they could potentially return from jail sooner than that actual sentence time and other opposition activists could also be freed from jail
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as well but we do know this is still speculation but we do know that the plan. should not include serious crimes. of course he will be freed from jail in the near future and returning to today's meeting it was quite a friendly atmosphere like i said and the president also quoted nelson mandela saying that freedom isn't only about escaping from handcuffs but it's also about respecting the freedoms of others. you got a position of how well the parliament still hashing out the fine print on this but let's consider who might fall under the bill for now violent offenders jailed for up to five years could see their crimes pardoned and those considered particularly vulnerable from combat veterans to pregnant women and young offenders could see their slates wiped clean and the bill makes a special case for those charged with taking part in mass disorder or hooliganism regardless of age or gender. well not to be
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a pigeon's meetings today may have ended with human rights activists but they began with the military top brass russia's president ordered the armed forces to focus first and foremost on a new frontier the arctic global warming has spawned an international race for its resources and results these you see kavanaugh of told my colleague you to shop of one of it's all getting quite heated. well basically mr putin said that the military russia's military presence in the arctic region is going to be one of the top priorities for the country he emphasized the importance of a soviet era military base in the new superior islands which the military had started to overhaul earlier this year now russia officials say that this facility is very important for sort of protecting shipping routes that basically link europe and the pacific region across the across the arctic ocean but of course that's not the only base there's a whole chain actually of bases in that area that had fallen basically into neglect after the soviet union had collapsed and mr putin said that those would be referred to and built up again i'm sure of course there are so many contenders that so many
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countries want a. pie is a call it so what's at stake right basically it's the arctic's abundant resources while natural gas and minerals that are because of climate change are now becoming accessible whereas they weren't really before now the arctic could hold some ninety billion barrels of oil and nearly one thousand seven hundred trillion cubic feet of natural gas that's according to the u.s. geological survey and that could be up to ten percent of the world's petroleum supply there's also precious iron ore rare earth minerals and so a lot of very profitable resources that could make a lot of money for different companies and countries the warming climate has also opened up a northern sea route that's basically ice free during the summer and that's got in countries like china interested as well because for example for china if they were to use that route to trade to ship things to europe that cuts thirty percent off of the costs and experts predict with the melting of the ice caps that many more ships not necessarily ice breakers will be able to go through there so again
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a lot of money and a lot of basically profits potentially at stake here with all these claims being made as well as those military forces being beefed up it seems a bit dangerous will do things their old experience it certainly doesn't mean the worry is that this could spark some sort of you know perhaps an arms race essentially over their resources here. because again i mean this area doesn't necessarily belong to any one country there's a un. law the convention of the law of the sea that governs this area and there's a bunch of countries that have signed on to it but again with the polar ice caps melting with more resources becoming available different countries are sort of haggling over political and economic leadership in the area and we've actually already seen an escalation of this for example on monday the canadian foreign minister said that canada and tensile a claim to the north pole as part of its bid to assert control over the arctic that of course is raising tensions with russia and so it really is unclear how this will
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develop but certainly as those resources become more available more countries do want to take to this area that before no one really cared about the boundaries because the stuff wasn't really. top finances from twelve countries running the pacific rim the failed to hammer out a free trade mega deal during the secretive talks in singapore the us one of the documents be ready by the end of the year but the next discussion will take place until twenty fourteen where the plan is aggressively lobbied by washington which believes economic partnership groups in the area don't do enough to promote america's interests in the region well the zone should make products cheaper by cutting the costs of foreign supply chains and getting rid of cross border tariffs but have signed as it is narrow the treaty would reportedly allow corporations to challenge a wide range of national laws similar pounds indorse of america's previous trade deals and the u.s. energy giant exxon mobil to seek changes in kind of the oil drilling regulations another concern is for the fall was suitable industry and countries which can only
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afford cheap book called prism branded drugs corporate conglomerates could ban the use of patented medicine leaving the poor without access to vital treatment we're going to have the details on this. the trans-pacific partnership treaty if and when agreed upon would establish a free trade zone stretching from vietnam. in composting eight hundred million people producing about forty percent of global g.d.p. negotiations are happening behind closed doors in secrecy the treaty will be designed to remove all so-called barriers to trade including regulations such as those protecting agriculture safety and be their privacy i'm joined by lori wallach public citizens global trade watch thank you so much for coming my pleasure why this secrecy as i understand there are six hundred corporate advisors having access to these negotiations but for some reason not the public why well unfortunately
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we've actually heard directly from the u.s. trade representative he notes that the last time the u.s. public actually got to see one of disagreements they couldn't sign it now it's new green with it so bad that they can't sign it if we see it and we're the ones are going to live with that they shouldn't sign it as i understand the treaty will establish a secret accord where corporations can bring their cases against governments when they don't get their way where does this leave the public what is that being done for the public basically to big say it's laws that we rely on would be attacked in foreign tribunals in secret and undone if you want to any of those basic rights that democracy normally would ensure that you can pass your laws in this is a direct threat for instance on your nafta the north american free trade agreements three countries and largely have fortunately the u.s. has been the one who's companies are suing everyone else. well that brings up to date for the moment this is all to international because
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a report is coming your way a short break more news and off them. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. and i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason they were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back because the mere thought of it never crossed her mind.
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when the militants decided to try and break through her screaming grenade. explosions blow them all run his back the rule. a little and it was all over all. we know that our call on our commander won't leave us no matter how tough it gets we're team. getting was a senior in his military trio. he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more of just comrades would die he gave his own life to save us friends. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred and twenty three
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days. through two thousand one hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by georgians ozen people for sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air and sea and others face. a leg torch relay. on r t r g dot com. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser oh my god by i do no longer access
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bitcoin only molly china bans bitcoin how will we survive shrink the mainstream media well in fact baidu the e bay of china and the longer it was bitcoin but it was only ever one of buy these many subsidiaries which is bitcoin and that was just for one samsung product for several weeks and those weeks only one point three seven bitcoin or ever sent to buy do look here this is their wallet see that six hundred twenty seven point eight three pounds. china also announced a ban on financial firms transacting and bitcoin the government will treat but coin not as a currency but as a commodity. and as such individuals and companies are free to set up and going exchanges and transact in bitcoin the government wants however that they are on their own to try to move as much of that work as you want out of the country as they possibly can imagine that the government will not take on the risks of individuals and corporations how indeed will we survive stacey.


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