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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EST

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riot police in ukraine move on the main antigovernment protests removing barricades both already say the protesters are not the target the opposition disagrees. russia's foreign minister is in iran to follow up on last month's diplomatic breakthrough to curb terrans nuclear program lift sanctions all of this in a deal supported by moscow. the world's top headlines live from moscow it's all to international with me rory
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sushi from everybody here welcome to the program in ukraine riot police have moved on the capital's main square the central site of antigovernment protests the opposition claims this is an attempt to disperse the crowds though the authorities insist they're only trying to remove barricades blocking traffic in the center of kiev and now there are reports of a confrontation at city hall which has been occupied by protesters for days. several buses with right police have approached city council which was essentially taken hostage by the protesters by this point at least one third of the people who work here at the independence square have moved over to the city council yet dorothy's are saying again that their main objective is to clear the streets for traffic in this city which has been essentially standing at a standstill for a week even more than that and also to clear out the government buildings we have seen since last. breakout of course throughout the night just when the right police
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have moved in now my colleague paul scott actually has been on the ground when it seemed like all hell was about to break loose and he brings us this report bill really are at the heart of the protest movements over the last few weeks so far as i say protesters have resisted using force the police have forced them back. now if you take a look just to my right hand side you can see that's exactly where the barricades were that this is the area that the protest was held about right now the place of the protest is back now the police of forms are. as you can since my last time saw it right now we're in the area that's been held by the protesters over the last week or sorry but it's quite clear that the police want to try and clear this area but for some reason they've stopped where they are right now the protest on state of continuing and we're left with another slightly tense standoff.
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that was all these polls called right now the west has already expressed outrage at the actions of the ukrainian authorities of the u.s. secretary of state john kerry calling them unacceptable he's guy nature has more now from the reaction in washington. it's not often that you hear the word discuss that from a diplomat it's usually reserved for some her venda since well john kerry just used it to describe the decision of the ukrainian leadership to dismantle protestors barricades in the center of kiev and here's what he said the united states expresses its discussed with the decision of ukrainian authorities to meet the peaceful protest in queues my ground square with riot police bulldozers and baton is rather then with respect for democratic rights and human dignity of course secretary kerry speaks sounds like he speaks from a position that the u.s. would never do anything like that but apparently completely forgot how two years ago riot police in the u.s.
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dismantled tens in the arrested hundreds of occupy protesters across the country citing local anti camping laws already forgot how aggressively riot police dispersed the protesting old clinton for example with regard to ukraine washington made no secret that it wanted this deal to happen of free trade agreement between ukraine and the e.u. later feed into a much larger free trade agreement that is now being negotiated between the e.u. and the us but of course in its statements the u.s. state department focuses on the rights and aspirations of ukrainian protesters that support comes not just the words but also in actions the state department is the ploy of the assistant secretary of state dorian noland to the streets of kiev to cheer up the protesters as well as told meetings with the opposition and government officials in order to push this deal forward and it seems the stakes are high for washington in ukraine at the moment. now the strong words from washington were
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echoed by the e.u.'s foreign affairs chief who's in kiev a meeting with the opposition and the authorities but i liked on the legal expert a blogger. by high profile foreign politicians is more of a case of meddling in internal affairs rather than that of trying to find some sort of long lasting peace. i cannot actually imagine such a thing i trying to imagine a situation where they say there was a right here in central london or a big protest in central london and let's say somebody from a foreign country say russia came along and attempted to negotiate between the protesters and the government it seems most strange to me i have to say and i wonder whether it's a tool wise actually it seems to me that when outsiders involve themselves in the affairs of a country which they don't always understand very well let's remember mr ashton doesn't speak ukrainian she doesn't speak russian she's probably not very familiar
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with the political internal political situation in the ukraine one wonders what possible compromise the solution they can help to. the will continue bringing you live updates from the ukrainian capital throughout the day here on r.t. international also the latest developments on the most or more startling footage available on our website r.t. dot com. thanks for joining us today russia's foreign minister is in iran his first official visit there since a diplomatic breakthrough want to iran's nuclear program last month sanctions are being east in return for a reduction in the enrichment of uranium over the next six months and a deal that moscow has certainly been pushing for. more if adoption of reports from the iranian capital. this is the highest level russian delegation to visit iran
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since president hassan rouhani took power bringing with him an approach that has led to a real significant diplomatic movement after just several months in power at breakthrough talks in geneva earlier in the very. the new administration in tiger and agreed to either freeze or curb parts of its nuclear program the paper was limited relieve from the international sanctions which have severely hampered the country's economy already we know that a group of international inspectors has been allowed to visit the iraq plant here in iran which is at the center of suspicions about iran's motives for have a nuclear program it's been shut down so far for at least six months according to a deal of russia's macit is that goodwill is key to hold in this together iran's foreign minister has already warned that if the last senate decides to introduce new sanctions and this is something that is now being discussed in america all the
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diplomatic achievements already reached between the signs will be done and this is very dangerous sergey lavrov russia's foreign minister will seek a sure is that iran is keeping its and all of the deal to the next of iran's rehabilitation on the international could include syria in just a month's time diplomats had back to switzerland to participate in geneva two syria peace talks and at this stage all the major powers involved in the protective crisis in this. country will be there but not iran and this is something most who is very concerned about and wants to change it wants to get involved too that will be another important part of the discussions here integrand today will have a joint news briefing later today from both countries officials we'll keep you updated now a potential forceful intervention in syria. was avoided back in september after the government agreed to destroy its toxic arsenal efforts to rid the middle east of
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chemical weapons are being held up by israel and egypt refusal to join the international convention but with syria now on board as little space left for countries to maneuver its pull a severe explains. this could soon be a thing of the past is radios queuing for gas masks in the pipeline a recommendation to the cabinet to stop manufacturing them for civilians so is dismantling of its chemical weapons also seems to have lifted the edge of israeli fears of a chemical strike where as a few months ago kids were spilling into the streets today the paranoia has died down. it comes after syria destroyed all of its chemical weapons production facilities the country's on track to eliminate its entire stock power by the middle of next year the chemical weapons are among the most important weapons ever known to man and we were made for the world had agreed to abandon that
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weaponry a long time ago only two countries in the middle east haven't come on board egypt and israel tell of it was actually signed but not ratified the chemical weapons convention that outlaws the production stockpiling and use of chemical weapons the reason that one the resteal some chemical weapons in the region and also. does not want again from reasons of deterrence to our reveal and to discover its capabilities tel aviv has always been vague on the topic of chemical weapons according to foreign media reports israel has a stockpile of various weapons but the israeli public's always shied away from asking too many questions the same reason if it's security issue we don't have to deal with we have the differences. nor the doing we don't have to do anything about
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it but with syria out of the picture israel's argument is weaker and the organization that controls chemical weapons is keeping up the pressure we regularly . stand letters to the non-story parties including israel and encourage you to join by. without joining the convention it means the o.p.c. wu has no legal mandate to undertake verification activities to verify the compliance but as another chemical weapons arsenal in the middle east is dismantled with the power of diplomacy the israeli government is facing growing international pressure to come on board policy r t tel aviv. international is coming to you live from moscow lots to come this hour including deadly looting spreading in argentina after police officers walked out of a low salaries people are taking the chance to raid supermarkets on homes all across the country also. use a pretty and i'm a lot more skeptical now these regulations is disproportionate more rules less
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business u.k. employers complain brussels trade policies are putting their futures at risk. when you talk about working with the society of one who do you think should be in charge of the timing between. the people who shouldn't be the government this is not to. write a letter it's an issue about the mentalities more extremist. so what we need to avoid these hate speech these are all. this excessive radicalization that can lead to even terrorism.
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right on the scene. first street. and i think picture. on a reporter's. instrument. to be and. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through two. cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty thousand. in a record setting trip. there. may be. a little torch relay. on our.
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i think all things considered the criticism of. the part of. a lot of the problems that germany was talking about have not gone away income inequality is increased. racial segregation is not the law. president. this. that he would not that's a very sensitive issue i have noticed that western mainstream media absolutely doesn't want to talk about that but that is an issue. i think is great legacies not so much on the economy because as we've been saying this to be there in some respects it's even worse but at the end of the. very very few people they could be a peaceful transition and i think what he has done. at the expense of the economy perhaps. he has brought about
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a degree of reconciliation and i think that is his great contribution to south africa. russia has promised to defend its national interests on security in the arctic and the energy rich region as contested by many countries including canada which. including the north pole for itself monday. the spot is an extension of russia's call. until shelf and conducted an expedition back in two thousand and seven to prove it the campaign culminated in russia plotting its flag on the seabed beneath the north pole that was over four thousand meters on the water and moscow also wants to step up its military presence in the region russia canada the u.s. no way and denmark old bordering the arctic which is believed to contain billions
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of dollars worth of oil and gas despite the posturing one leading canadian arctic were such a believes at the end of the day common sense will prevail. in the future of the world economy to some extent is dependent on the arctic and i think you know russia and canada the united states and norway and denmark are very interested in exploiting these resources i think you know common sense will probably prevail in that you know that it's not the interest of any of these arctic countries to go to war over those resources and i think there is mechanisms that play through the arctic council through a number of different pre-treating processes for cooperation to get this resolved while the un convention on the law of the sea makes its decisions but i think the problem is that you know in the meantime countries can sometimes to play to the politics of their of their nations i think you know in russia we're seeing a militarisation of the arctic and canada we're seeing canada claim the north pole
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when in fact their scientific committee really didn't include that in the draft that they were going to send to the united nations convention so this kind of posturing i think can be very dangerous online few right now renting prison cells and osceola called we tell you where norway is planning to send its inmates with the country's prisons simply running out of space. plus a nice photo op perhaps the wrong occasion a selfie taken by some top leaders during the memorial service of nelson mandela. getting a warm reaction from people around the world. today
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. just a moment on the update for now at least seven people have died in argentina in a wave of looting and robberies in the midst of a police strike over low pay and the walkout began last week in one of the provinces before spreading to most of the country authorities say the rest is that of treason and have accused police of holding the government to run some spanish correspondent. reports from. looting is spreading across the country as people take advantage of a police strike to smash their way into shops and steal whatever they can they've been seen making up with all sorts of goods like mobile phones much receipts and
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even beer some people are locking themselves in their homes and businesses and trying to keep out of the street others are arming themselves for there are security forces have been sent into some areas where buy ins has broken out and the government blames the situation on the looters he says they're trying to cause chaos before the thirtieth anniversary of argentina's return to democracy on tuesday this all started a week ago when police went on strike in the city of cordova in the center of the country two people died in the violence that broke out as mobs attacked stores and businesses the governor gave bean and doubled police pay to almost two thousand dollars for a month to get them back to work strikes then spread and now security forces in almost eighty percent of argentina's regions of the top prices of retail goods are rising rapidly by twenty five percent each year making it difficult for many people
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to make do on small salaries this into a shin could get father out of control if strikes spread from police to nurses or other groups employed by the government. and a political analyst adrian says the government in argentina should have seen this coming quite a long time ago. this is the result of thirty years of democracy so-called democracy because it's basically a system whereby people who are supported by the money powers finally get into power and especially ten years of the curious government that have done everything possible to lower the educational basis of the people is not about the real needs of the people but rather common looting because they have been seeing so much government corruption still goes with the cuter shinners that in no way lonely people seem to be saying well if they are stealing so many billions of dollars from government our national and provincial level maybe we should do the same because
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mother global headlines for you in brief time for the world update now will start with us lawmakers to restrict two year budget deal which will avoid another shutdown when government funding runs out in january when approved by congress there will be an easing of spending cuts and a significant reduction of the deficit the government shutdown in october hit america's economic reputation very hard sent at least eighty thousand federal employees home without pay. and to columbia's capital bogota thousands of protesters gathering to show support for the city's removed mayor stuff petro was accused of mismanaging the collection of the city's waste disposal system and banned from office for fifteen years their move petro who is a former guerrilla is considered to be a blow to the current government's talks with the rebel group fark he described the move as a coup. francois hollande has defended the french intervention in the central african republic as necessary this during
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a visit to the country just hours earlier two french soldiers have been killed by a gun attack and the us is planning to send sixty million dollars in financial aid to the african union mission foreign troops were first sent following the ousting of the country's president in march that triggered deadly clashes between muslims and christians. now the e.u. is open borders promised members full access to the world's biggest market for anyone with something to sell in the u.k. many firms say the avalanche of rules imposed by brussels is making it hard to do any business at all her investigates. simon york likes cheese he and his partners have built up a thriving businesses wholesalers of the stuff part of their success simon says is down to the single market importing french products or exporting british ones couldn't be easier we stayed there are american cars the simple reason is
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complexity of doing it and for me how hard it is to explore it whereas you've heard your kids very easy because you know you just make sure it's just so hard to kill before they try to transport it's going to be with our idea of the idea of what the price for this is well it's hard enough to it's distributed within and outside of britain and although the big cheese of this company says that being part of the e.u. brings much good benefits to the way that they export their products noodle businesses in the u.k. so hold on the european union. have come to some one thing in wales to talk to a business that says it's under threat because the first strike sions being can face it in brussels james done what sells and electronic cigarettes online and in shops around wales the business is growing fast as most smokers try to kick the habit but brussels is trying to regulate the industry is considering costing the
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devices as medicinal products if the e.u. insists on regulating cigarettes as medicinal products licenses for this stock would cost tens of millions of pounds the company would basically be out of business the problem is the cost and the bureaucracy involved is just not possible for small or medium size company to get these this license so what you'd be looking at is the big tobacco companies taking over the electronic cigarette industry of course they have the least motivation to push electronic cigarette industry forward james says the company. pays extra for short leases on mesh up space in case the business is forced to shut down at any moment for instance chamber of commerce say that company's complaining creasing really about the burden of european regulation making them less competitive in the global market i used to preprogram and i'm
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a lot more skeptical now these regulations is disproportionate they're going to force businesses out of business they're also potentially going to cost many millions of lives obviously that makes you more skeptical it is of course the case of apples and oranges or rather cheesy and e.'s cigarettes but a reminder about how differently the european union is viewed in british business. r.t. london. so i thank you joining us here at r.t. international the ongoing chemical weapon disarmament of course that's in syria that's coming across as with abby martin breaking the set just around the bend.
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players dream queen or who's in love with a waitress i go on stage managing that there's an audience i used to take drugs and drink like a fish the police told me about the circus but i was such a punk i was like one of what circus. circus of colleagues run it and we break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy which help us. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of
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our government and i was proud cynical we've been a hydrogen light handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once built just by job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america to find a job ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. write the scene. first street. and i think that you're. on a reformer splitter. and instrumental. in
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the lives. of. the that. particular. welcome to break into said i'm abby martin so we're almost on the brink of war with syria yes that same line just yesterday that obama was in a pin drop cruise missiles over damascus because assad allegedly crossed the red line just days after the august twenty first serin gas attack killed nearly fifteen hundred syrians they ministration released an intelligence brief. place and sold blame on assad of the deadly assault even secretary of state john kerry while aware of the fabrications told by the us to get into iraq assured us that quote we will not repeat that moment we've taken unprecedented steps to declassify and make facts available to people who can judge for themselves and although those facts were
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never laid bare mounting pressure forced obama into diplomacy the legendary investigative journalist seymour hersh just wrote an article that tells a different story take a listen to what he said about the real reason obama decided to back down from a military strike. i'm telling you he didn't do it because the american people said no he knew it because he didn't have a case and there was incredible opposition that will be one of these. his maybe in history books that was a credible operation from some very very strong minded constitutionally minded people in the pentagon. amazin and hersh went on to write obama failed to acknowledge that the syrian army is not the only party in the country's civil war with access to sarin and the months before the attack the american intelligence agencies produced a series of highly classified reports citing evidence that al nusra a jihadi group affiliated with al qaeda had mastered the mechanics of creating sarin and was capable of manufacturing it and quantity. listen we may not know
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exactly what happened in syria on that fateful day but we do know that this war is have been based on lives before and we can't afford to let that happen again now it's back to set. the record. it was a. very hard to take out. one that had sex with the target there. was.


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