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i'm going to. work was. coming up on our t.v. breaking news near denver colorado where two people have been reportedly injured on a high school campus students are evacuating while police say the gunman is dead it's an eerie scene not far from littleton colorado and it's been one year since the tragedy at sandy hook where the massacre of twenty children and six adults shook the nation to what's core today the debate on gun control continues warren artie's gun debate special straight ahead plus a drone strike at a wedding looking to assassinate al qaeda operatives a u.s. drone hit a wedding envoy instead and yemeni officials say this latest attack was a tragic mistake more details on this coming up.
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it's friday december thirteenth four pm in washington d.c. i'm amir david and you're watching r.t. and we begin today with news out of colorado where a gunman opened fire at a high school injuring two people the gunman is now dead this latest school shooting happened at arapahoe high school in the town of centennial beliefs are at the scene and students have evacuated rob a high school also shares the same school district with columbine high school and littleton the site of a shooting in one thousand nine hundred nine where thirteen people mainly students were shot and killed more details on this lady latest shooting and centennial have yet to emerge but we will bring you updates as we get them. and of course the shooting comes almost one year to the day after twenty six children and six adults were killed in a shooting at sandy hook. elementary school in newtown connecticut the incident has
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sparked a fierce debate on gun control and access to mental health care artie's liz wahl went to newtown and reports on how the town is coping one year later. one year after one of the deadliest school shootings in american history newtown is healing never could imagine it happening here this picturesque sleepy town was forever changed on december fourteenth two thousand and twelve when the accused gunman adam lanza opened fire inside sandy hook elementary school all one year later people here in newtown are struggling to cope with the tragedy that took twenty of their children and six of their educators to this day many questions remain unanswered like the question of why and why it happened here in this particular sleepy town residents say that question will never be answered why take the life of
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a little in this a little baby george linebacker drives children to school in newtown seven of the children that died were once passengers on his bus. and a seven wonderful kids you know to go five six year olds little boys civitas. catherine and charlotte who like to climb under my seats alley while in the rolled always happy go lucky. olivia. jesse james. pretty tough. the tragedy sent shock waves to surrounding towns and across the country when i heard that these kids were first graders it hit really close to home karen elson big as a mother of two in norwalk connecticut about a half hour away from newtown she says the tragedy was a turning point we can't just sit here and not do something because it's going to
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happen again she is now leader of the connecticut chapter of moms demand action a grassroots group formed days after the newtown shooting we got some very very sorry legislation passed here in connecticut in the end of march. right now it's being challenged in addition to gun violence sandy hook has raised awareness about the nation's mental health care system because of lanza's history with mental illness. so much money has been taken away from that south korea training school clothes for field hills closed the mental health industry is just you know they don't seem to give people the help they need as the town struggles to move on there's few signs the shooting happened the school has been demolished the scene fenced off and guarded behind a church twenty angels and the names of the victims are at it in stone near the scene this giant teddy bear stands the ribbon it wears reads new towns angels one
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year later the town remembers the victims as it struggles to forget the pain and horror that came to town that fateful day in newtown connecticut lives of all our t.v. . guns have deep roots in american culture despite the current debate about gun limitations the vast majority of hunters sportsman and gun owners use them responsibly so for a look at why americans love their guns and what they use them for we turn to our t. correspondent perry and boring. now when the house was done kathleen bought this rock island armory for self defense i like to take my own personal safety into my own hands kathleen is a member of the well armed woman an organization dedicated to educate a quip and a power women gun owners with so much debate over the place of firearms in society i joined the group and some other friends at the blue ridge arsenal to learn more
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about why people love their guns patrick priestley bought his pistol a p two twenty six mostly for target practice but also for self defense and he's not the only one looking for protection with firearms i want to something more additional to protect me because if something was to happen the police are there the police will come afterwards when i call them and say i've just been assaulted i've just been attacked judy route back uses her savage twenty two for ten a combo gun for hunting. i hunt i've hunt squirrels i'd hunt deer. i do target shooting i do skeet and trap shooting with the shotguns she also has an egg a seventy four. semi automatic that was once a legal under than one thousand nine hundred for federal assault weapons ban that expired in two thousand and four it was a bit intimidating but with proper training the gun could be used for hunting larger games such as deer or wild boar the well armed women are also trained in gun safety and learned everything there was to learn about how to point a gun where to point where is a good direction to put a gun how to clean
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a gun how to handle a gun actually how to shoot a gun how to aim things like that but even people with professional gun training face fear for carrying their weapons in march of this year cops in the state of virginia were refused restaurant service because they had their weapons displayed and response the cajun experience became one of the first open carry rush johns and virginia restaurant owners here were like hey let's let's celebrate the second amendment and let's welcome the law enforcement community into a rush on the go in that just went from more in force which. law abiding citizens who are open carry here in the state of virginia the cajun experience takes precautions by not serving alcohol to anyone carrying a gun although it is legal to do so in the state of virginia if some gun control advocates have their way it might not be legal some responsible gun owners are concerned that any gun control measures could lead to a total erosion of the second amendment only the law abiding people are going to be turning their guns and what about the other people criminals by definition don't
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don't follow the law and if they've got guns to shoot at me why can i not defend myself effectively guns are very much a part of the culture in the united states some people on them for personal effects other people have them for hunting and sporting activities and we do everything to believe that people that don't respect the laws to begin with probably are going to respect any new ones so is now really the time we're going to form gentilly virginia parian boring party and this week congress voted to renew a ban on plastic firearms it's called the undetectible firearms act and it makes it illegal to manufacture possess or receive any firearm that would it vade a metal detector or x. ray machine but with the advent of three d. printing and the ability for individuals to now craft a gun in the comfort of their own home i took a look at how this developing technology may be a little too quick for policy to catch up. the gun is made
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almost entirely of plastic capable of firing a three eighty caliber bullet and almost every single component was made using a three d. printer bought from e bay for nearly eight thousand dollars this new generation gun is called the liberator and it was developed by defense distributed a group based in austin texas that promotes the use of three d. firearm technology who want to use a three d. printer to print a gun to release the files open source that's the voice of cody wilson the group's co-founder he made waves earlier this year after successfully firing the gun. and even though the shot could only be heard at a remote firing range in central texas the sound quickly reverberated in the halls of congress wilson's demonstration prompted fear from politicians that criminals would be able to arm themselves in the future by printing guns in their basement something that became particularly easy after file sharing sites publish the guns
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blueprint online making it available to just about anyone but this week those concerns were mitigated as congress voted to extend the undetectible firearms act which effectively bans a sale or possession of firearms that aren't detectable by x. ray machines or metal detectors and that means guns cannot be a hundred percent plastic or at least ten more years they'll be mandated to include steel components but it seems that the plastic gun is not the only innovation congress will have to keep it sajjan just last month solid concepts announced it had manufactured the world's first three d. printed metal gun this is the powder this is actually what the what starts out in the machine so this is just you see it's it's basically just loose powder like sand and. the this is what levels out of the machine and then the parts the geometries are sliced in very thin layers. and then those layers are melted one layer to time
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the process involves a high powered laser that fuses small particles into a three dimensional shape in response some gun control advocates have voiced concern that this technology could get into the hands of the wrong people i understand the concerns i don't think they're all that you know well founded because quite frankly is the cost and the experience level to actually use these to press far. you know kernels to be much smarter they just go out and buy these off the street indeed right now these are not the most successful of printers industrial size three d. replicators equipped enough to print metal guns can carry a price tag ranging from six hundred thousand to one million dollars but last week michigan technological university announced it had developed a new low cost three d. metal printer totaling fifteen hundred dollars this shift to three d. printers mimics the technological transition we saw happen years ago when the single bullet rifle evolved into the high powered semiautomatic so the question on
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the minds of many people is how do you regulate a technology that's only becoming cheaper and more accessible by the day in washington david r.t. . and now we move on to news of the national defense authorization act also known as the n.b.a. it passed in the house where it had overwhelming support with three hundred fifty yes votes and sixty nine knows the senate will take up the bill next week before its december twentieth deadline the n.b.a. is the major funding measure for the united states military the twenty fourteen bill will authorize five hundred and fifty two billion dollars in national defense spending and nearly eighty one billion for overseas contingency operations on monday of this week leaders of the house and senate armed services committee announced that they had come to a deal and incorporated a number of new provisions that includes major changes to the rules governing the
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transfer of prisoners from guantanamo bay take a listen to what senator carl levin had to say earlier this week at a press conference. the bill basically takes half of what we did in the senate and passes and that is to give flexibility to the president to transfer detainees from guantanamo to third countries it maintains the prohibition on transferring detainees here for trial in detention now prisoners are still not allowed to be transferred to the us foreign prison meant or to stand trial however the detainees that have been cleared for release will now be permitted to return to third party countries also included in the bill are new policies for the military regarding how soldiers will report sexual assault. and a suspected u.s. drone has mistakenly targeted a wedding convoy in yemen's al base up province after intelligence documents eroni
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asli reported that the vehicles were carrying al qaeda militants this is all according to yemeni national security officials who say that at least thirteen yemenis have been killed twenty two injured with nine in critical condition the wedding convoy had been travelling in the city of rada and it consisted of eleven different vehicles officials say that four of them were specifically targeted in the attack which left charred bodies and burnt out cars on the road among the killed were two prominent tribal leaders within the province residents and rada are outraged over what happened and have called on the yemeni government to put an end to drone strikes in the region yemeni security experts have argued that in many ways drones have backfired and perhaps played until al qaeda has favor earlier today r.t. spoke with code pink founder medea benjamin and here's what she had to say about that. every time there's a drone strike that's the best recruiting tool for al qaeda and killing people in
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a wedding party i am sure that this will lead to not tens but probably a hundred people joining al qaeda and this guarantees the cycle of violence will go on in perpetual war the drone strikes actually are a support to al qaeda it doesn't get rid of al qaeda u.s. officials have declined to comment. and we're now learning that robert levinson an american who was kidnapped in iran nearly seven years ago was in fact working for the central intelligence agency in an off the books intelligence operation just before he disappeared this is all according to an a.p. news investigation that reveals levinson was a cia operative it comes despite years of repeated denials from the white house the state department and the intelligence community who over the years called levinson a private citizen there's no confirmation of who captured levinson or who may be holding him now and there has been no hints of levinson's whereabouts since his
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family received photos and this hostage video back in two thousand and ten. one boy in my truck. my claims. in response to the recent news levinson's family released a statement that said quote the u.s. government has failed to make saving this good man's life the priority it should be it is time for the u.s. government to step up and take care of one of its own today the white house addressed the issue in its press briefing affirming that it was still trying to locate levinson and that the a.p.'s report was dangerous. and mexico has approved a very controversial bill that opens up state controlled oil deposits to foreign investors for the first time in seventy five years the law will allow foreign companies to look for oil and extract it alongside the state owned giant p.m.x.
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and then pocket those profits the country's opposition says the president is simply caving to pressure from the united states artie's nicholas sanchez o'donovan has the story. it has been a very tense couple of weeks indeed in mexican politics and finally the day has come when the country's controversial energy reforms been approved it first passed the senate and on thursday the same thing happened in the lower house of congress although we have to say it was one of the most chaotic moments ever seen in the history of mexican politics outside the barricade to build in hundreds of protesters rallied against the reform and inside the picture wasn't really so much different members of the left wing party p.r. day practically hijacked the lower house of congress rockin the entrance with chairs therefore the vote had to take place in a different room to give our viewers an idea of the atmosphere well we saw
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politicians taking their clothes off we saw fights and insults we even saw a politician that to disguise as a policeman to to get into the building and be able to vote now the p.r.t. and the modern no movement both left wing movements have called for a massive rally on sunday regarded the content of the reform well it basically means that the government is now allowed to give private companies contracts and licenses to explore and drill the oil and gas in mexico deals that until now it will obviously were prohibited under mexico's constitution the reform also affects unions that will no longer have a decided role in pemex mexico's national oil company opponents to the reform say they fear that that big corporations especially in the u.s. where we have complete domination over mexico's natural resources and the truth is that it can be a big a very big deal actually for the u.s.
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we can't forget that mexico remains one of the top five food exporters are there now no more than the neighbors chip in over a million barrels a day. and. the reform also modifies three points of the mexican constitution therefore it now has to be approved by a minimum of seventeen local governments this this is step is really only a formality and groups on the left think that the measure is so big that they should have been subjected to a national referendum. that was artie's nicholas sanchez o'donovan. and if there is one man who got his fair share of fame this week it's. the man fake sign taking sign language at the memorial of former south african leader nelson mandela john jay was accused of signing in jibberish during the service afterwards he gave a number of peculiar stories as to why he couldn't affectively do the job for one
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he told news outlets that he had been suffering from schizophrenia had been hearing violent voices in his head and was hallucinating visions of angels flying into the stadium interesting when asked by the associated press how often he had become violent in the past he said a lot but declined to provide details well interestingly we now know a little bit more about his violent past according to the south african news website and ca dot com johns he has had a number of run ins with the law it says john who is being treated for schizophrenia has also faced rape one thousand nine hundred four theft in one thousand nine hundred five housebreaking one thousand nine hundred seven malicious damage to property one nine hundred ninety eight murder attempted murder and kidnapping charges two thousand and three this raises a whole lot of questions over whether this man was vetted and how he was able to get within just three feet of so many world leaders including president obama.
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and since nelson mandela's death last week the world has been celebrating the former leader of south africa who ended apartheid although he became a symbol of liberation around the world today the country continues to struggle with inequality and poverty as artie's policy or reports it's an even bigger struggle for those who sought refuge in the country. don't lean software fusion south africa from the congo because of one man nelson mandela causes though i knew a lot of the do side of the. camp but now he's gone and only means afraid she and other foreigners like her will be kicked out i think that out as well but in the eyes because they don't one foot in the area in that spot in the other taking their jobs millions of africans have fled their troubled countries in search of a better life in south africa but more often than not they've swapped one horror
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for another with no money work or prospects a handful have made this place a methodist church in downtown johannesburg home. green or you for your german or if you're fringe and you come into this country you were in to experience what experienced here one of the things apart it did for instance was that it divorced us from the rest of africa who failed is struggling to support his wife and five children in a brutal attack she was beaten so badly she miscarried he was left for dead their crime being foreigners in a strange land i think we could we have. a right for life i think i should call. that to work in south africa prejudices run deep not only are african foreigners accused of taking jobs away from locals they're also held responsible for accelerating crime so if who is going to him
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a little going to do the work to who is good and. why we have to deal with somebody going home though is not an option political instability acute poverty and violence awaits them. for twelve long months two dean has been too afraid to step foot outside this church and now with mandela gone she's more afraid than ever lose to says something about the flood in and let no one will talk about the fighting and as night falls the schools close providing refuge to people seeking sanctuary in a country that doesn't want them police here r.t. johannesburg south africa. and artie's own larry king visited south africa and had this to say about meeting president nelson mandela i found myself in johannesburg on a series of speaking engagements for a group of banks the former president mandela had heard i was there.
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enjoyed the interview so he invited me to his home for lunch we had a wonderful and she wore suspenders in my honor and over for that what i adored about nelson mandela was not only his love of country but his gentleness his sincerity and his ability in incredible circumstances to forgive was the highest christian ethic i know of no group of figure in the twentieth century than the late milsom and our rest in peace and australia's high court has overturned the country's first law allowing same sex marriage less than a week after it came into law and in another blow to gay rights india just appalled legislation criminalizing homosexuality artie's guy an h a cocky and looks at the country's taking a conservative approach. most western countries already recognize in some form the right of gay couples to get married in adult
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children but in other parts of the world there is the opposite train in less in less than a week. we've been married and we've been on there it's in australia just days after the nation's capital allowed same sex couples to get married the high court there struck down that decision saying regional authorities said no right to decide the matter to live in a relationship of loves and trusts to give any seven australians couple of things saw their marriage or no dates australia's high court ruled that gay marriage was illegal because the marriage act only recognizes marriage between a man and the woman and only the parliament increased the legislation the most recent attempt to change the law in the australian parliament failed last year polls in the country show support for gay marriage stands at fifty three percent. absolutely amazing that. history jumping through hoops to try to make sure that
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every tree on the planet has its natural environment start from far east that we would be challenging the definition of marriage which creates exactly that environment for a child requiring that it's between a man or woman you need the supreme court is just me against sex. again since the nineteenth century india has had a ten year sentence on the statute books for court only in the course against the order of nature four years ago a lower court found it unconstitutional the supreme court just dropped the law back into force by making a similar argument don't feel strange. only the nation parliament has the right to change it but with the overwhelming majority of the indians against same sex marriage and with a conservative nationalist group meeting in the upcoming elections in legislative change in the next two years he's highly unlikely you have about a order. just that god's will lead us and all the communities of this country feel that albert if you didn't do does that opens at each of the bean soup thing you
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have seen something similar this december. in the referendum how long seems like. the most complete population. shift in the tug of war between those who are and those who are not allowed to say i do the conservative view on marriage seems at least at the moment to be prevailing in many parts of the world. get a shutdown or two. and we want to bring you an update to the breaking news story out of colorado sheriff deputies in the town of centennial have confirmed that the gunmen who shot two people on the campus of a rap the whole high school is dead investigators say the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound meantime the two injured victims have been taken to area hospitals the conditions are not known at this time students and staff were evacuated arapahoe high school is down the road from the aurora movie theater where gunmen went on a massacre in two thousand and twelve and it's also not far from columbine high
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school the site of a shooting in one thousand nine hundred nine where thirteen people mainly students were shot and killed and today one day before the year anniversary of the newtown tragedy and as we learn more about another school shooting in centennial colorado our t. will take a look at gun violence in the culture of the second amendment stay tuned because at five pm breaking the set host abby martin will be moderating a special debate on guns that's right here on r t america and that does it for now i'm mira david. they look like. can enjoy the song and the ocean. people are suffering the consequences.
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how much more poison. behind there is what we call the bank on which there is a deposit of plutonium. clyde's despite previous efforts. a little less than two kilos of plutonium stuck in the rock the coral reef about ten metres down. a never ending legacy.
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ok i marinate this is boom bust and here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today first up j.p. morgan is cutting yet another check to the justice department this time for the troubles of bernie made off we'll tell you all about it coming up and you also when you arrive print money it's called counterfeiting on my porch direct from jim versus new film money for nothing the director joins us today from our l.a. studios hopefully to discuss is the best place later on in the show and finally it would be nice to real life shopping it was just like online shopping what if they were the same thing one startup is trying to make out a reality raising.


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