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a counter-rally in kiev as more than sixty thousand gathered in the city center to support of the country's government plus. only e.u. donuts with the european union flag on all viewable for sale. we take a look at how ukraine's business is trying to capitalize on the ongoing public unrest. that is the most rebels in syria target the kurdish minority yet again as one hundred twenty civilians are reportedly taken hostage near the turkish border. by a bailout shackled stories ism and hard work helps ireland to shake loose of the financial diktats but there are still of way to go to get the countries down and check.
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this out international coming to life in moscow welcome to the program and political battle lines have torn ukraine's capital into while thousands strong crowds keep up their anti-government protest activists have also gathered to support president victory on a cottage reports from the heart of the standoff. you can see the close proximity between the two opposing rallies right behind me is independence square which has been the halls of the opposition movement for the last number of weeks now you can see the barricades that have been built by the protesters and reinforced in the last couple of days but if we turn around to the left hand side now this is european square and this is the scene of a rally in support of the president where you can get a sense of exactly how close the pro and anti government supporters are the line of police separating the two camps just here to my right hand side now if we take you
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through to the main parts of european square where the main pro-government rally is taking place we were hearing reports over the course of the weekend that could be up to two hundred thousand pro government supporters descending on european square and i would go to try and show prescott to walk through this line of police at the moment to main in the main part of european square and as you can see the pro-government rally is in full swing. well here we are in the halls of the pro-government rally in describing the our presence of these pro-government supporters and the fact that they are just a hundred yards away from independence square things are actually quite calm the moment tensions are quite high but things are all peaceful now on friday president on a code which had a roundtable discussion with members of the opposition here three on and on the state for prisoners for protesters who were arrested throughout the course of these
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demonstrations but he refused the key demands of his resignation and an early election another moment we're still left with this standoff. president yanukovych has dismissed the deputy secretary security and a fan territory and the hand of kiev said ministration in the wake of the ongoing investigation into police conduct on of amber the thirty if meanwhile the last few weeks of unrest have been hugely disruptive for business in central kiev but some have been seizing the opportunity to cash in actually has a story. ukrainian capital has been in a protest mode for more than two weeks now it looks completely different than a month ago people are living here they're cooking food. and definitely life has changed when the protests kicked off talking about food underneath the square of the protest you can literally chew on the e.u. donuts with the european union flag are now available for sale. thank you very much . and the taste delicious local fridge magnet manufacturers were quick to
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pounce on the idea of the protest and now you can purchase a very peculiar more ability from sending yellow coverage to prison to localizing international brands. it's no wonder that central kiev is the place of many restaurants and bars and their lives have been affected in one way or another we decided to pay a visit to one of the oldest pubs in the city center to find out. so we lost the pubs manager how the protest affects the life of his restaurant. but also how have the euro my done protests affected your pub the number of visitors has increased only slightly since these protests kicked off but now we've got a special offer menu which includes items such as tea and cake and will be open twenty four seventh's for as long as the year on my down protests continue but not all and seem to be equally happy with the way the protests are going some of the local taxi drivers have complained to me that the barricade makes their life
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a true traffic nightmare i talked to one of them right now what do you think of the barricades in the center of the city i'm sick and tired of this government but being a taxi driver is my job so those barricades in downtown key that actually make it much harder for me to do my job and feed my family. the further we step away from the my down the more mood change we see among the locals some of them have been enraged by particular aspects of this unrest as someone who was born and raised in kenya how do you feel that these protests protests are good i'm tired of going to quote h two because i think he has run his course but as a kid resident i'm not sure why monuments needed to be destroyed it seems these demonstrations have been privatized by a bunch of vandals. but just one kilometer from the independent square there are places where the revolution vibe is going on exist and up to what has been a turbulent and hardly sleep train people are letting off steam in different
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nightclubs and bars but then it's life goes on despite the some part of the city is still on the revolutionary lockdown alexy recess the party reporting from kiev in ukraine. and following in the footsteps of several european politicians u.s. senator john mccain is heading to kiev to show solidarity with the opposition protests the u.s. senate has panned a resolution calling on washington to impose sanctions against ukraine a felice get tough on the rallies but don de bar a producer for c.p.r. news told us that support from the west has nothing to do with democracy. a member of the greek parliament goes there on the public treasury to stir up trouble with ukraine and to promote the e.u. stance of blee well the e.u. was strangling greece these are some amazing images to me there's a geo political agenda this being served by stirring up on the rest in ukraine both an attempt to bring it into the orbit of western europe essentially and also by the
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way to use new crane as another source of the the looting that goes on if ukraine were to look at what its real future would be in the e.u. it should look to the countries of the south greece portugal spain ukraine will end up impoverished and exploited france is one of the policy makers in the e.u. reemerging as a colonial power and ukraine they are attempting basically to treat as a lower tier of sect substrata group almost a colony inside the e.u. . in syria al qaida link travels have reportedly abducted one hundred twenty kurds from a village close to the turkish border the news was reported by the u.k. based observatory for human rights to set all captives were taken to an unknown
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location alan sammo a representative of the kurdish democratic union party in syria is calling on the international community to protect he's people. terror groups. relate to. and i feel a to. do about that also on these topics they are trying to persuade international . organizations i know merits to defend that they have a duty to protect their civilian oldis people who have been killed or have been from their area from their hole from their houses and this winter harsh condition. their duty to protect the people they are not people that are kurdish people living peacefully. the kurds are syria's largest after minority and the armed standoff with islamist rebel factions has recently been intensifying unconfirmed reports point two hundred killed or kidnapped earlier this month fifty one kurdish civilians were said to have been taken hostage the fans consoled more in
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a row believes that with the rebels failing to gain ground in the area they are resorting to drastic alternatives. these are extremely desperate measures being carried out by the rebels are they they want to sabotage the geneva two talks that are due to be held on january the twenty second in twenty fourteen they're not gaining ground in terms of their. of their operations against the assad government and they haven't been able to topple the assad government the report on the chemical weapons use has not apportion blame they were hoping that the syrian government would be blamed and therefore there would be more of an international pressure against assad to step down and this hasn't happened the judeo christian politicians in europe are paying lip service to the whole process they are providing non-lethal aid and any aid is
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lethal in effect the whole international effort is futile in every sense of the word. now it's been years since the end of apartheid in south africa but there are still plenty of unresolved anger. it's definitely unsafe because if you see the white person you're wrong as a nation mourns nelson mandela our racial tensions are deeper than ever in some corners of the nation and we had to one such area in just a few minutes here on r t. three years after going cap in hand to international bankers islands as it's now ready to stand on its own two feet the country's managed to meet all the major targets under the multi-billion euro e.u. bailout program while avoiding serious public unrest just are so your reports from double on are only and will would itself be quote shackles of the troika on sunday
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and will wake up on monday as a quote normal european country standing on equal footing a confident claim by prime minister guinea ahead of the country's official exit from its bailout program for eighty five billion euros it cost the irish three years of painful austerity higher taxes slashed minimum wage which has since been raced back high youth unemployment and another wave of irish immigration i'm not sure that the hard ideological divide of austerity which was coming forth from europe was a good one the irish people would be to nice to see the end of the troika to see the opportunity for a street gang or economic sovereignty to be up to make our own decisions and relation to our future the government here is touting the exit from the bailout program as restoring economic and financial freedom but no one here is under any illusion that that exit would also mean an end to hardships or complete release from austerity while the idea of possibly having more control over their destiny as
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a nation is psychologically uplifting but people really want is freedom from individual debt that so many here are so heavily burdened with. terms. growth we still are facing in two years of us there it's in the other words when you look at the overall economical level of achievement of exit in this bailout it's not really that significant yet at the same time there is certain credit we should go to the nation less so to the government most so to the nation slowly. poll calling. in dublin city center sights and sounds of the festive season are present but it rings hollow for those who feel they've simply been kicked to the core of no one would celebrate the eggs of the brain of somebody with large would be happy were exiting from a band of yes we would have any impact in relation to the budget for this year or next year no willing to read the mortgage arrears figures take
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a dramatic change next quarter know. r t w. it's not all over yonder the bailout exit relief was somewhat tempered with warnings from irish ministers that austerity needs to continue to drive down the nation's debt political analyst there can. the way you deals with its economic crises can be described as effective. but what we actually like to see is more transparency and now it is we are in the situation in which basically the troika acts like acts like a governor. and visits its colonies tells them what to do the measures they come out with are not they're not always very effective they also cause a stereotypic and and also the reduction of the economy at the moment the troika is free to do what it wants and that is not right in a democracy the issue basically is how much time do we have when all the economies
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of greece italy spain portugal cyprus growing again now i don't know how long it will take if it is going to be one or two years like in ireland it will be very good but if it goes to be ten years it's going to be very. no and i'm afraid that many citizens in those countries will look accept this particular no division is going to be a stagnation zone photon yes i think this will have very serious political consequences. for living in a cave in the twenty first century might not be to everyone's taste but several families in southern spain are refusing to cave in to demands that they move into regular homes shortly we'll meet a man who says the government's trying to deprive him of the dearest thing he asks .
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and i play this street cleaner who's in love with a waitress i go on stage managing that there's an audience i used to take drugs and drink like a fish. the police told me about the circus but i was such a punk i was like what circus. school are circus and clearly kids. and would break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. please speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talk sports p.r.p. interview intriguing story are you. trying.
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to find out more visit or a big t.v. dog called. welcome back you're watching r.t. international hitting rock bottom modern day cave dwellers in spain are facing eviction from their picturesque settlement despite years of pressure from the government and orders to leave the families are digging in and determined to stay saying there is more behind the jackson meets the eye was welcomed into one of the unconventional homes although the tools used to dig out the caves of san miguel have changed little over the centuries this home has been modernized and it's been a pain staking labor with one's hands this tunnel was dug out but it's been installed with modern comforts like light for instance now the resident that lives here has taken a lot of work to really try to make this into a home
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a comfortable for as you can see a hard floor so he can walk around a kitchen area in order to cook to entertain guests and most importantly he says these ceiling reinforcements now this is critical because the city council says it's dangerous for the residents to live here where as they say they've put in a lot of work a lot of labor in order to make sure these caves are safe for their residency for a moment specific. studies folks to. put in seems that for nothing except time to do it but it's about that the reason determination to do it. now this is what the boiling looks like from the outside it's certainly not an easy kind of lifestyle there's no running water for instance that has to be carried in by hand from a fountain in a nearby church the residents who have built up these caves are very proud of their work but many simply have no other place to call home the case of some gal has
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posted people in need for centuries from gypsies a religiously prosecuted minorities and others who are called the face of their home they have been abandoned you can fix things because of flooding with an economic crisis getting more recent hears more and more than you have this is your community they can call home the city wants to make them fighting health and safety reasons but the people here say it's money they believe the government is acting like a corporation for tourism that is supposedly wants to build up this area into something . and enjoy it and there has been. activity since the sixty's. that's why he's working like a corporation it's like. a social exclusion you know people are always going to leave. a place to.
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reach people who are willing to try to get. the city council isn't likely to abandon its plans to evict the residents but for the people living in the caves of san miguel giving up is simply not an option reporting and we're not a space for our tea i'm lucy catherine of. members of south africa's government are paying their last respects to nelson mandela before sunday's funeral but as the country mourns his death appears to be revealing some solar spots in the still divided state policy or reports from johannesburg from autonomy of johannesburg suburb were life is far from what mandela envisioned for his country. it's definitely unsafe because they have you seen a white person around. this core. is taking us on a drive through the streets of his childhood this was a wealthy white neighborhood during the time of apartheid. is now
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a very different place i wouldn't carry a camera gary anything. of value i wouldn't wear a watch i wouldn't read anything that could make me vulnerable to be attacked they'll be robbed a handful of white south africans still live here most are too old or too poor to move out of and stephen is one of the few who still called hillbrow home it's a very gritty visit and no cement is gone because i think with the current government things all this this is going to. mean. twenty three years after the end of apartheid south africa remains plagued with unresolved racial tension some people they still have the opportunity. vaguely familiar maybe to distance themselves to the blokes c'mon there were members well we couldn't be on the streets of hue brown after night at night some
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black south africans he admits are still angry it may be they have but a good word or something because they nor the door wide. killing. they bring their wives they hate girls and while it's the good of this thing that they have my only lulu you know that we don't have miley at times south africa seems very far from the country mandela hoped it would be instead of becoming a melting pot of different cultures and colors suburbs like hillbrow are today places where whites are too afraid to go and where the black population remembers very well they once were and twelve come. the past the present and the future balanced precariously side by side as the nation mourns its most famous son and wonders what comes next. johannesburg. well for more now on the story i'm joined by and from the south african
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a political party canonic freedom fighters' thank you so much mr john for joining us here on r.g.p. to discuss what will be happening in your country post mandela we know a part of the fisherman of nine hundred ninety four but deep racial division still remain in the country do tell us in your opinion how severe this problem is and is there potential danger of conflict erupting in the future as some are warning. the must remember that south africa where into a liberation struggle too and white racism in the prostate and to change a social could a mix of conditions of black people and particularly delenda question and ownership of the economy and now that has not happened as a result of the tensions which i started color have not been addressed and to the extent that we have not addressed this in the past twenty years of democracy did not. address these questions instead there's been some sort of superficial.
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consolation which was not with justice therefore we see that black communities in particular in the ghettos in the in the townships in the squatter camps this message of social dislocation at the base and there's violence among the poor because they are subjected to stop their human conditions and what extent that there's not dissolve that it's one of those solutions to this problem of inequality how does your party see it. it is really two major questions and that got to do with economy transformation first is the expropriation of land without paying for it because right now only fifty thousand. and white families own more than eighty percent of the lead in south africa and that land was taken by a student from black people who wanted to tend to the black majority and of course those white people once you have a mental get that mental free to be taken falsely that's the first thing we must do because a lot of day the racism white supremacy rest on the men question the second thing
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is to own and transform the commanding heights of the economy the mining sector the banking sector because some of those i want to disillusion here are saying you know about the land issue there won't really be a solution to the multiple problems of their countries having i mean for example if we look at the scenario in zimbabwe this is what happened there under robert mugabe but you know you surely don't want south africa to share the same fate. yes first the must correct the situation of zimbabwe people must go back to zimbabwe and see what is going on lend has been attended to my job today and in fact that they couldn't meet is growing and the crisis is going over it is coming being resolved in south africa we. based on ongoing inequalities based on land disposition if you want peace lasting peace if you want
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the consolation if you want a new nation based on divisions of equality and respect someone's people you have to resolve this is not a question it's an easement land must be taken from those who have it now distributed amongst the people and by the way create new you couldn't miss also feed our people and also if they could get a decent resources to address the housing question the education question the health care question and even transportation of our people we cannot twenty years after democracy they know about it in colonial relations amongst our people that's not sustainable it's a recipe for disaster so we see expropriate land without compensation nationalize the middle natural resources god gave south africa the highest mean that our results is on earth so in this country this no excuse for anybody to be poor it is in fact evil and acceptable and if you call that a country as rich as we are in terms of without the resources we find the levels of poverty we're number one in the world in terms of inequality that now that's not
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sustainable that this is even an insult to the leaders right now in my village as opposed to project to the world i understand. fortunately we don't have very much time left until we have a time for in fact i was under the job from an economic freedom fighters party sharing his views with us here on r.t. . and you're watching r t international at the markets next. as we all know the holidays are a great time for families to get together and sometimes when the it's flowing they're also a great time for us to argue about everything from politics to religion with the ones we love but if you happen to be an n.s.a. agent then the government has an official list of talking points that way you could win those family arguments for sure yeah that's right the government is now giving
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n.s.c. agents lists of very corny talking points going to firedoglake so that way they could convince their relatives over the holidays of just how awesome effective and necessary the national security agency truly is the spite all those little revelation thinks of mass spying by snowden trust me talking points exist for a reason political social and religious organizations and use them so that when their members who may not be the best debaters on the planet can defend the positions of the organization and i would have no problem with the n.s.a. gave this list they could answer questions from journalists but when the government wants you to propagandize your friends and family over christmas and thanksgiving it all seems kind of cultish to me but that's just my opinion. of depravity as shocked. and removed valley police discovered a family that has been interbreeding for four generations brother sister father
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daughter niece resulting in a gruesome outcome for all involved with the police referred to as an incest cults. and i know what you're thinking you're thinking that sounds a whole lot like wall street sons and daughters program where sons and daughters of the fathers and mothers aunts and uncles ruling the world are hired to see the banking system of the generation genetically identical to us more for dead products . the piece of. it was a. very hard to take a. look at he ever had sex with her think they're looking. for that.
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hey guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set november twenty second of this yr will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of u.s. president john f. kennedy it's an incident still surrounded by questions that many americans are trying to answer one of the filmmakers made the best attempt to put the disparate pieces together for a time academy award winning director all over stone now he's commemorating the canby anniversary by rereleasing has epic film j.f.k. and an ultimate director's cut the collector's edition also includes a segment from oliver stone's showtime series the untold history the united states a film adaptation of the joint book authored by stone and historian her cousin that
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could take a lot. if the word go forth from this time and place to friend and foe alike. that the torch has been asked to a new generation of americans. is murder three the torch was passed back to an old generation the generation of johnson nixon ford and reagan. leaders who had systematically destroyed the promise of kennedy's last year as they returned the country to war and repression joins me now to discuss j.f.k. and their five year long project oliver stone your cousin an excellent to have you both on thank you so much all or i want to start with you it's clear that your series sets j.f.k. apart from other presidents what makes you think he would have been different if you let. he was different in those three years he came into office after three.


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