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tv   Headline News  RT  January 5, 2014 6:00am-6:30am EST

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golden rice. story is that dominated the week on r.t. all the grad pays its last respects to the victims of two terror attacks while medics labor to save the lives of sixty five others including a critically ill baby and young girl. terry and slaughter in the central african republic proves too much for foreign troops to handle the reports of the beheading of children raising alarm at the un on. a low blow new york residents have a new reason to be wary on the streets as a potentially deadly game of violence bred sphere across the city. and rules relaxed making it easier for internal migration the british get worried over a possible wave of unskilled workers and criminals while calls for the prime minister to say guard the borders go unheeded.
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three pm in the russian capital you're watching r t international with memory natasha welcome to the program of all the grab began the new year stricken by grief as the city mourned and buried the victims of two bombings jor in the last days of december thirty four people died in the attacks while twice that number remain in hospitals many in intensive care the sour will bring you the story of another survivor a nine year old girl who remembers being told to stay awake by her rescuer. it was just another day for you volga gratz a main train station but suddenly an old changed. there was a loud clamp the force of it was so strong that it smashed the windows of the doors
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of the luggage room i got up and rushed in to help people it was the first of two explosions that rocked the city just east before the new year the blast of the station set off by a suicide bomber reached through a crowded area between the entrance and the security national detectors. then i noticed a man in a girl's around towards the girl asked her whether she could breathe she was losing consciousness i picked her up and carried out of the station u.-t. saved a nine year old all following an ironic twist of fate she was there with her family to return train tickets as they decided to travel by plane in stat. she was so brave she didn't even cry i was talking to her all the time she kept saying that she wanted to sleep but she was just losing consciousness and i was telling her just don't sleep don't sleep there was panic and horror in the street
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and it took you at least some time to find an ambulance for the girl. i rushed to the ambulances but they told me the only take grownups and that i have to wait for the children's emergency to arrive i apologize now but i thought that time i broke down i started yelling at them swearing and finally they took her. as soon as transportation was possible the youngest victims of the volga grad terror attacks were delivered here to the children's clinic hospital in moscow and currently doctors are battling to save their lives doctors say the girl has damage to her lungs her mother is with her at the hospital and her condition is stable but serious as the first shock of what happened fade it all disappear and started to look for their daughter's rescuer they even posters or call for help on a social network. please help us identify the man who carried our oil out of the train station after the bombing on december twenty ninth twenty thirteen he told
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her not to fall asleep the girl remembers him has been asking about him for two days straight we really want to tell him thank you so that it was good we will meet again definitely i will wait for her recovery and will keep in touch so. my dinner question our team moscow. and here and here national will keep you up to date on all this condition as the changes well next hour you can hear the story of how a three month old baby survived a tragedy involved a grad and speaking about the attacks russia analyst matthew clemens tells us the bombings were intended to sell fear had of the olympics. the militants appear to be aiming to create the idea of a sustained operation to increase the psychological impact of these attacks and i think on friday there was a computer to go or skin stubble car bomb attack which left several dead so in quick succession we've seen three quite significant terrorist attacks targeting
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civilians and in particular the transport infrastructure and i think this is designed to really heighten the psychological impact of these attacks which we assess partly designed to try and create a sense of insecurity ahead of the winter olympic games to be held in sochi in february. on our website r.t. dot com we've got investigators latest findings and opinion on who possibly stage the horrifying attacks and what the terrorists think they might gain and also be able to keep up to date on survivors conditions in hospital. rights groups say the situation in the central african republic is out of control and that horrifying reports of children being beheaded thousands of internal international troops are in the country but have failed to hold the bloodshed instead their presence appears to have emboldened christian mobs which are now lynching muslims in the capital where the financial blinds what's at stake for france in this conflict. less than
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a year after french moods marched into mali france again is fighting in another of its former colonies in africa. let's address you also the situation in the central african republic is alarming if not fright of the. perrys received a green light from the un security council to use military force so we still hold a after deadly ethnic runs in the country escalated. i have decided to act immediately or more precisely this very evening this is eight hundred french soldiers was sent to the violent storm country to join the six hundred already deployed there. the force that france was. no the motive than to save human lives and months later and lives are still being lost on all sides france's sixteen hundred strong force appeared and mabel to put an end to ethnic tensions dating back to the central african republic independence in one thousand nine hundred
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sixty fourth france of former monopoly is responsible for helping to create in africa a number of totally artificial states like ca are and now they jump in with this operation which is stupid militarily economically and politically dangerous scandalous from a human perspective and lead to zero results that zero results if we are talking bringing stability to the country but alan creepin president of france is new and capitalist party believes there is more to paris's decision to intervene that i was your fourth fifth france used the pretext of human rights and in fact it was aimed at protecting its economic interests the c.a.r. is rich in resources but it mostly has value due to its strategic location in the center of a bath and rich area so it's eventually all about dominating and controlling the entire region. but others see the african country central location on the continent
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as the key to fulfill the stated goals of the french military mission of securing the entire region. france and other european countries are threatened by islamic radical and terrorist groups that are now decentralized and developed in the belt from the mercian timi a coast to somalia. and french troops deter these dangerous forces and also prevent pirates and drug traffickers from uniting. but would both critics and advocates of the french military operation in the central african republic equally agree on is that no matter what the intentions are behind france's authorities decision to get involved it's the french people footing the bill that calls. the operation only became needed as there was a failure of diplomacy and politics in this year are a failure of the un the african union economic community of central african states and the you who pays for this pricey campaign french taxpayers
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surveys show less than half of the french population suppose the country's latest michu expedition to africa pushed forward by france's least popular president in polling history that more than a thousand french soldiers are now in the central african republic here in paris the intervention into the country's former colony still gets a mixed reaction no one's really sure if it's an act of goodwill or a calculated move to benefit fronts. where is russia not seen reporting from paris carling clara who is an emergency manager for doctors without borders says the violence is so bad her going to zation has been forced to withdraw staff. the finances just spiraling out of control people are so angry there's a lot of free fence feelings there's a lot of hate feelings that the two communities are really angry and fearful i mean
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people are so scared that even makes them a caress if we had people discriminates in the hospital who came there to attack patients inside the hospital our teams are witnessing that bodies on the streets every day and the shooting is so bad that even our clinic at all to continue in its normal ways we can no longer treatments ration we have still one or two doctors in the camp just to take care of the heavily injured people but it's almost impossible for doctors without borders to continue its work at this moment now the rough and tumble of new york streets are known for your magnanimity and now citizens have a new type of gang violence to contend with as marina fortnight discovers the police seem unable to do anything about it. you're walking down the street minding your own business and without warning police say they are investigating yet another knockout attack attackers mainly in their teens targeting victims at random it's called the knockout game the goal of this violent and twisted so called game is to
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knock a stranger unconscious with a single punch a feared phenomenon across the nation the ongoing brutality has claimed lives in at least three u.s. states here in new york city more than ten people have been randomly assaulted among the youngest a twelve year old student among the oldest seventy six year old woman was walking along warman avenue when a man struck her in the head this man too scared to show his face on camera says he was attacked last month while walking home from work surrounded me and one of them as i tried to get away one of them stepped out towards me. and. with their clothes is hit me in the face in some cases suspects have been arrested and charged however exacerbating the problem these videos uploaded on you tube have been viewed by millions raising concerns about copycat attacks many knockouts have
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taken place in broad daylight as victims were walking through their own neighborhoods and as the n.y.p.d. a department of thirty four thousand officers continue struggling to curb this string of violence citizens are seeking alternatives to stay safe. former n.y.p.d. officer rabbi gary moskowitz and is offering his seventh degree black belt skills for free to knock out victims and others seeking protection we're going to someone who works worker you must learn how to be a where you're more for how to fight if some go through time where the knockout attacks are for him and for him ready to moskowitz believes are likely motivated by gang initiation something the n y. he hasn't officially acknowledged if ignored because the guy who had a problem is they have to really try to curb or going from they can't do that so for a fear for a long time they don't want to put a name on something right away because if they put a name one of them they have to go away or through our t.v. reached out to the n.y.p.d. to find out what america's most powerful police department is doing to combat the
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knockout epidemic our questions and interview requests were ignored it is not fair to ask any poor form to be able to be a foreign to everybody in the shrewd they can protect their morals from also new york city struve the big apple's mass surveillance system does actually allow officials to know where and when many of the crimes are occurring but so far filming the knockouts hasn't helped to prevent them marina. new york and with the holiday season almost over apple's both state of huge sales of its i phones what my concern here owners of the device is that the n.s.a. is celebrating to spy agency has apparently the i phone down to the bones and can turn any handset into a remote spying tool later in the program we report on what it's doing to our trust in technology and sharing law it's on the games we report on the unique eliminations for the winter olympics and the work that it took to make such
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a shine that's after a short break here on r.t. international don't go away. this is a media leader so we leave the. oceans to your. plate your party is it but. it seems that no one is there with the game that you deserve answers from it's all politics. choose your language to actually make it without any federal constitutional some
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other. treatments that could consume. choose the opinions that you think great. choose the stories to. choose access to. welcome back this is r t international i'm marina josh britain's been braced for floods but this has nothing to do with the storms battering the country right now the u.k. fears a massive influx of eastern europeans now that the wind immigration rules are relaxed as billy boy who reports people's biggest concerns are a wave of unskilled workers and criminals leading up to the new year the british government hadn't released any estimates about the number of remain ians ambo gary
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and that they expected to arrive in britain now that immigration restrictions have been lifted for them and that since he hasn't done much to allay the fears of the british public. and although romanians and bulgarians now have every right to live and work freely anywhere within the european union of skepticism and public concern say the mass immigration a written all time high what are you currently doing to stop the influx of skilled workers in from the e.u. and planning to do we've made absolutely sure that it's not possible for people to come here simply to claim benefits to a putting a brace very tough measures in controls but the latest report by the institute of public policy research dismissed these as symbolic gestures saying that person can
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cope with very many and ambo garion migration according to the paper instead of alarming the public the government mainly needs to implement some minor contingency measures in order to help schools and housing stretch this deadline has been known about for precisely seven years so the idea that we should be rushing around power making about it now it's completely absurd it's quite important for politicians to step back and explain that this is not the end of the world but on the whole immigration and indeed free movement within european union been quite beneficial to the u.k. economy remaining in diplomats to say that their citizens are deeply offended by that portrayal as scroungers and criminals in the u.k. press they point out that most of their citizens are hardworking and will contribute to british society something that economists had a happy to back up over be available evidence is the migration to britain has been
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made positive both in terms of cultural and richmond and economic investment we have to remember that one point six million britons british nationals are working through you enjoy the benefits of that so if we start setting up you shouldn't. benefits for all migrants we can expect a quid to cool cool despite the politicians top. talk in the tabloid headlines fears of a flood of migrants have been dismissed as nonsense and according to remain officials most of their countrymen would prefer to live in spain or italy anyway judging by the weather here who can blame them really boy hey i see london. sochi twenty fourteen promises to be an impressive sporting spectacle but one of the challenges is defeating the darkness of midwinter to bomb would say takes a look at making the olympics light up. the eyes of the world will be on sochi come
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february the seventh and frantic work has been going on behind the scenes to make sure the lifting venue sparkle not just for the crowds but for millions of t.v. viewers around the world for the lighting technicians it's been a mess of undertaking lush media for us this is one of a kind technology and design in the world that isn't even the manufacturers who initially claimed it was similar to some other models that have finally admitted our installations are totally unique in other words this is an experimental model that will set a benchmark for the whole world this electric cutting lighting was months in the making the olympic committee found the brightest and best engineers who came up with a unique design for every stadium l.e.d. life was selected for the age or ability they made to last for a century but also public college teaching while factor in for service you know such installations are temporary solution for various sports competitions but this
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one is hopefully going to stay for quite some time it is based on the cutting edge technology and totally new software but the world has yet to a dog. off to dog the park stadium becomes a scene not worrying ice storms and tumbling snow flakes the ice bank sports palace turns into a giant aquamarine wave the atlas skating rina a million giant was shimmering rainbow colors the first stadium will be hosting the opening and closing ceremonies and the preparations are for the light sherry's are being kept carefully under wraps but the crowds were of the lighting mission is the ice palace this evening i've been given the honors of switching on of the lights here at the olympic park stadiums with this smartphone and it's hatch of a button let's see what the magic of technology candy. and were a lot of the lotus gave all the carload the rod of sportsmen lives
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and of course i'm right here in the snow and she between on the black sea and the beautiful white capped mountains and to them look they coming to you from the olympic park in sochi already. he would rise groups concerns were somewhat ease this week after a rules on the protests during the games were relaxed during a trip to sochi president putin said that controlled political gatherings will be ok after all and we can have on line to find out more about this meanwhile as a quad takes towards the seventh of february we'll be bringing you more on what the city has in store for its guests to stay with our team international for this more . show to more of the twenty fourteen olympics was this police line on the line is so special as the russian resort prepares to logan the world power
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the game should be in the city's present and future what more sochi will bring you this is the moment they're reporting from a very cold and snowy windy mountainous tough beyond the olympics what to see. on our team. i grab at a top tech this christmas well if you have fired up and i phone not only can the n.s.a. track your new device remotely activate the microphone or camera but can apparently do so without your apples can stand that's just one of the revelations to emerge this week of the extent of the national security agency's spying antics it was also reported that the agency bugs computers from the moment they can add to the internet and if an electronic device somehow resists wholesale surveillance they are apparently specialize in the same teams ready to hack it manually journalist david seaman believes global tech companies should gear up for a massive backlash. my understanding of it is that this is extremely
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widespread but is not so much the companies cooperating with the n.s.a. as it is the n.s.a. pouring tremendous amounts of money and talent into developing these hacks we're talking about a complete orwellian control of innocent people's phones and innocent people's computers and laptops and i think that it undermines basic faith and confidence in american tech companies this is going to lead to a massive loss of revenue technology has the power to lift all of us up to provide more innovation and transparency than ever before in human history and that's the path that the internet was already on you see the explosion in online media and everybody has a voice in opinion in this global society but the n.s.a. has destroyed a lot of that it's undermined basic faith in the internet a russian fishing trawler has been seized by senegal's navy off the coast of the tiny west african nation of guinea bissau and there fishel reason is over on the
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license fishing but the crew disputes this one person was reportedly injured when the vessel was boarded sixty two russians and twenty three residents of getting to so were reportedly on board when it was scored to the coast the fishing boat is now docked in senegal's capital the car all crew and passengers have had their passports confiscated. now they call it the mandela situation following the death of anti-apartheid i can genocide against white people in african countries is inevitable and a group of activists who claim to have eight hundred thousand followers doesn't plan to just sit by policy or visited one family making preparations for the worst . most of the black people say as soon as mandela dies or little white people are going to die like flies in the deep to see family live in south africa's improvement on the problems in a predominantly white neighborhood they belong to a group called the second is convinced it's only a matter of time before the country's white population is slaughtered by the black
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majority and their garage is full of supplies in preparation for d.-day so we are together now for diesel and fuel for of different vehicles we get another fuel to use to last us about a thousand five hundred kilometers this story chad's going to go on our vehicles that is for making food and keeping warm then. prep myself with some cereal some pastors rice all that's kind of stuff that can last a long time then we've got some crates of food as well we've got a water purifier inside here that will take us when we get to a place then there's no fresh water dion's be preparing for seven years while most south africans watched mandela's funeral with sadness he monitored it with concern . everybody needs to be found and now it's mr through surely can start the evacuation plan. we are we're i'm prepping for anarchy and this place is
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a ticking time bomb and its threats like this that don't take seriously right now only fifty thousand white families own more than eighty percent of the lead in south africa and that land was taken by arms were stored in some black people we wanted to return to the black majority militant black youth are calling on white citizen colonialists to leave the country we are evacuating to our first assembly point just outside of town and my prediction is that they're going to close this rodeo for us are we gonna leave town. they're going to boxes in but we've got another route. guys there's a lot of traffic lot of commotion going on we should be able to watch out check the traffic. and be aware. there's a lot of people that's going to die but i can promise you. on the day of the real evacuation people will assemble here from all surrounding towns then they'll move on to a permanent location where they'll set up base if need be for you. this is my country
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i was born here just one more piece of land just give me what i. earned for me and my family to grow up and have some opportunities in life that's all i want but most often africans think is exaggerated south africa belongs to everyone who lives. in eight black and white that is a welder in mt constitution that takes their four back says even if his preparation is in vain it's better to be safe than sorry and so while mandela's passing heralds the end of an era a minority of white south africans are fearing a future as bleak and as gloomy as the dark years of apartheid. south africa and as the troubles of a russian vessel stuck in c.i.s. have confirmed to life stuff in the antarctic next our team will join another crew
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as they show us just how hard it can be. recently the federal reserve system celebrated its one hundredth birthday in a big con game that just a few years ago no one seems to know about has been in place for one hundred years so let's celebrate the federal reserve by remembering all their accomplishments since nine hundred thirteen firstly they've managed to take the printing of money out of the hands of the u.s. government and thus out of the hands of us voters i what it comes to money who needs to mock received representation anyways they also managed to whittle away the dollars tagging the gold until nixon finally said forget gold let's print our way out of vietnam and because there's no link between the dollar and gold the purchasing power of the dollar has reduced by at least twenty three times since the fed came into being lovely but what about the next hundred years well if the recent
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rounds of quantitative easing are any sign of things to come then we're going to be seeing a lot more inflation and big private bankers getting richer while we all get poorer bad people generally don't survive one hundred years but bad systems sadly can go on and on and on forever but that's just my opinion. cape town south africa i could to make sure that if diesel electric were such vessels the sport. the flag to show the rain pilot is a ba.


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