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tv   Headline News  RT  January 16, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EST

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politics. afghan outrage over the deaths of children in another american airstrike but nato officials insist it was an operation to disrupt insurgency. moscow pushes for iran to play a key role at the upcoming peace talks in syria as the russian foreign minister brings together his counterparts from tehran and damascus and can't see eye to eye on their spies hopes fade for germany and the u.s. on a deal to stop snooping on each other as a round over bugging the berlin leadership rumbles on.
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the start international coming to life in moscow with me marina josh welcome to the farmers got a stance president hamid karzai has ordered an inquiry into the u.s. air strike which killed eight civilians seven of them children the night raid targeted a residential area north of kabul despite the government's pleas for american forces to stop hitting villages local journalist bio dean reports from kabul for are today. as a result of american bull barman's in afghanistan there have been a lot of civilian casualties one women were was killed and seven children along with one civilian is injured according to the statements by. his office they have asked the americans to give an explanation as to such a barman's to civilian area this is it has actually linked drugs between kabul and the bomb beyond province in the west where it has actually for the fast past few weeks it has been. has been actually saved but the for the past few weeks it has
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shown kinds of resentments and fighting between the not of forces and of one forces and one side and the taliban forces and the other side but the barman's has not actually touched or hits any kind of. house or any type of our leaders in that area it's only has. targeted the civilian and because reality has been civilians according to the statement by the. nato claims only two civilians died and want to describe his defense of air support to afghan forces the military chiefs were quick to spread the blame for the deaths saying that local district and provincial officials were informed in advance of the operation that's how the statement reads from. the international security assistance force and also sounds the operation was meant to disrupt insurgent activity foreign policy analyst
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says the afghan government shouldn't buy that and instead demand justice for innocent victims that's always the argument that the foreign powers make they always make it sound like they're invading a country just because they care so much about the people that are under attack but all over the world you can see the fruits of us foreign intervention these kind of massacres are really built in to foreign interventions you can see it wherever this happens whether in the middle east africa asia anywhere the result is poverty misery suffering they've never improve the lives of the people in the people have the right to run their own country president karzai if he represents the afghan people should be demanding that reparations be paid to the people of afghanistan for the so many crimes that have been committed there for all the people killed for all the lives lost for all the poverty and misery created by u.s. intervention and those reparations shouldn't come from ordinary working class americans it ought to come from halliburton it ought to come from general electric and all the military contractors that have made so much money off of the destruction of the people in afghanistan and so many other countries in the world.
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mounting civilian casualties from american military operations have put the u.s. afghan security pact on very shaky ground washington's draft pushes for thousands of its soldiers to remain in afghanistan after their combat mission later this year although their role is supposed to be to support local forces the u.s. still wants its troops to be able to carry out attacks and raid afghan homes all while be immune to afghan prosecution present karzai is reluctant to approve the deal demanding the ending the strong airstrikes as a precondition for any agreement or get a chance calls on the u.s. to stop bombarding civilian areas have been falling flat and a presidential aide recently spoke out asking how many more innocent afghans have to die so gets the attention of u.s. officials on the issue of child casualties of course is especially disturbing i just margaret howell has been looking into that and let's now get more on this so margaret wednesday's air strike is of course just the latest incident of civilians
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being killed by american fire is it will just last week an accidental shot by u.s. special forces on the dry bloody stain ground on afghanistan's helmand province a four year old boy lay dead and troops say they mistakenly shot the child in the dusty weather the toddler's death is just a painful reminder that there are still serious collateral damage since the afghanistan invasion began more than a decade ago but april twenty third seen an airstrike killed eleven afghan children and the kumar province and the east here are the numbers. well in two thousand and nine one hundred thirty one children killed in the airstrikes twenty two died in nighttime raids by two thousand and eleven one hundred ten children killed in two thousand and twelve seventy four children died so far the hundreds of children's deaths at the hands of foreign troops have not perpetuated a single political actor on the world stage to change the policy on the ground well
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that's until now while collecting data about the civilian casualties is difficult one researcher claims the u.n. figures do not represent the true number of children killed by foreign forces professor marc harrold of the university of new hampshire suggests the un numbers are underestimated by as much as forty percent. shocking statistics there indeed but thanks for this update margaret held there now egypt's military backed leaders there are weighing a referendum landslide but not everyone is convinced about the next constitution coming up later in the program we hear expert opinion on whether the current regime will do previous governments in going too far with change. or write the iranian and syrian foreign minister as our moscow for a meeting hosted by russia's chief diplomat paving the way to the long delayed peace talks in syria scheduled in a week moscow insist that iran should be one of the main players to scott is
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following the fresh round of syrian diplomacy taking place in the russian capital. reiterated their desire for iran to take part in next week's peace talks on syria in geneva moscow believes that tehran should be represented as an equal member of the discussions and should not be participating from the fringes from the sidelines as has been suggested by you than by the united states now these peace talks on syria known as geneva two a shuttle to start on january the twenty second russia. minister sergey lavrov says that successful discussions are in the interests of the entire international community. we stand in support of syria's sovereignty and its territorial integrity we want the equal rights of all ethnic religious and other groups that live in syria to be secured so that the country can exist in peace with all its neighbors and like the syrian people and the people of iran we want to
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eliminate the hardheads of terrorism on syria's territory so this is our unified position but it's not a unique position it has been stated by the united nations security council we do not have a hidden agenda and we have nothing to hide our stance is shared by the whole international community but this many round of diplomacy is to last for two days with a lover of said to me syria's foreign minister in moscow on friday after the high level meeting iran's foreign minister talked to r.t. sophie shevardnadze he says syria's future should be decided to revoting and that the opposition's demands for us is removal as a precondition for peace talks makes no sense it seems that there is a great deal of insecurity among those people who are setting conditions for even negotiations this should happen and that should happen this should be the outcome of the negotiations because it should be the outcome of the negotiations if the people have confidence in their ability to attract the syrian people if they
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believe they are present the bishes of the syrian population then they should be ready to go to the ballot box why do they need to set preconditions and this all put it onto the site at the end of the day no country. other the syrian people can decide what will happen in syria and if they try to impose their riches on the syrian people sooner or later they'll see the fate of that process. now reports from germany say the talks with the united states to get a no spying agreement looks set to fail lengthy discussions have been going since america's n.s.a. was exposed snooping on its ally at the highest levels leaving germany furious and comparing it to the natori a stasi one veteran of the former east german secret police spoke to peter oliver about whether the two organizations really do have anything in common.
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i'm finding out that the united states attempt to private mobile phone and confronted president obama with this claim. former offices in the east german secret police which was known as the stars of a warning for the n.s.a. if they think must surveillance is the solution to a nation's problems and who quote if it's even the best qualified and most advanced secret service cannot save the state we showed you that away from the professed shock of the politicians at the n.s.a. spying ability how does it compare with the actions of the east german secret services cheering the cold war does can now assume this is exactly as illegal as some of the tactics that the stars used to employ it is a breach of human rights but the government machine is so powerful that you can't stop it i read would snowden's leaks about the shape and scope of n.s.a.
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surveillance show in germany as one of the top targets for u.s. snooping again. on top of the ominously named devil's mountain life the remnants of the last major n.s.a. spying program to look into the private lives of the people of berlin or its abundant now but back in the day this post with ears to listen in normally private phone calls of thousands of citizens in both the east and the west of the fifty then it was thousands of calls now it's millions sometimes tens of millions of data connections that are tracked and logged with them electronically mukesh the way they do it now is much more intensive your web browsing history credit cards they can build a profile on you way easier than was ever possible in my day. didn't have access to this type of technology they rely on developing personal contacts manderson's even those who were working in counterintelligence in the west were ours even they said
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it we were pretty good even then the fear of being listened into was taken seriously as one former officer charged with looking into nato told us human those fires my superior office. is there any technology that i can use to stop eavesdropping on my calls yes yes just don't pick it up these veterans of the spy game might be impressed by the capabilities of the n.s.a. but they cautious about the quality of the information collected for lessons yet they relied too much on technology that technology might let you locate a person or listen to their cause it doesn't let you know what they think with the usa doing all it can to justify its intelligence gathering the operation dubbed two point zero by critics except to continue for some time yet peter all over germany. and president obama is expected to unveil a proposal this week to spring clean the n.s.a.'s activities but critics don't
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expect much the editor in chief of the german global current affairs magazine combat isn't convinced that washington will ever agree to give up spying on berlin the americans are not willing to do. any bill press perhaps they give a kind of treaty with humiliating. the attempts of the government and of the american government to cool the. funding have failed. to the end of october last year after. we were. spying on foreign oil for transamerica. discussion. in in the next week so i think. the worldwide race to the top of the world is gathering steam as the arctic ice melts
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new routes and resources open up join us shortly as we look at how that's paving the way competition and even complex. in oregon is suing nike for one hundred million dollars claiming that the company failed to include a warning on its air jordan stickers that they could be used as dangerous weapons after a used his own pair to beat a man. and other pimp this from the pacific northwest bill gates continues to pimp out your privacy and data to the n.s.a. and many other forgot the spy agency want to give a few bucks but rather than use a sneaker the boy says companies software products including skype as a dangerous weapon against the constitutional rights of unsuspecting customers of the products. gates to himself when he gets caught.
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welcome back this is r.t. international with almost all the votes counted early results from egypt's referendum suggest overwhelming backing for the country's new constitution proposed by the military backed interim government supporters of the ousted muslim brotherhood boycotted the vote colling it illegitimate and promising to challenge the results belcher reports from cairo now many people thought this would be the
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case as there's been a huge drive by the government and the military pushing people to participate and yes as well as multimillion dollar purse to campaigns by businessmen across the streets calling on people to ratify this constitution and this is what the government really be looking for is a big yes as this would basically be a seal of approval on the political right now and would see basically pave the way for elections and possibly also pave the way for a presidential come this is kind of the seat of egypt if i'm to lead i'm general ability to tell sisi who said he might run if the people want him to so this will be a huge blow to them is the brotherhood in that regard the situation as basically illegitimate and have been boycotting the votes this yes the constitution basically be making it even harder for them to be able to function on the streets to give the dismissal of the government to move forward with elections so we'll have to see what's going to happen next but the most brotherhood and i suppose have said they will start step up that process so expect that in the coming days. despite to the initial results
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of jesting widespread unity over the country's key foundations the first day of voting saw eleven killed and scores injured in clashes between anti regime protesters and police as following a month long military crackdown on supporters of deposed president mohamed morsy protests without police approval were banned while the muslim brotherhood was declared a terrorist group by the government in late december the president of the arab lawyers association told us that egypt's sliding back into its dictatorial past. as a lawyer i've read the constitution the present constitution and the one before this present constitution the biggest problem with it is that it puts the me and the armed forces above the state and above the constitution people have to understand that egypt is the only out of country that. is in control beyond any other country all the people who rose against mubarak no being
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a new mubarak situation in every sense of the word and even the hardship mubarak regime to the present moment i think the government in egypt at the present moment it's gone way beyond the previous regimes and its treatment to the citizens who do not support it. and elsewhere around the world this hour riders in madrid have clashed with police apparently in solidarity with residents of the town in the north days of street unrest in borgo saw thousands protest against plans to revamp part of the city center locals claim it will displace poor households caused traffic chaos and drain stretched public funds the standoff has forced the mayor to suspend the project. suicide car bomb a struggle has been lost on hold in lebanon near the syrian border killing four people at least twenty six others were hurt in the explosion near a local government building as blogs deployment of fighters to help allied
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president as seen violence spread from syria the attack came shortly before an international tribunal against four has blown members over the assassination of a former lebanese prime minister. and palestinian medical sources say israeli airstrikes in gaza have wounded a woman and four children israel claims it struck in her tail nation after intercepting five rockets from gaza and blames a must for all cross border missile fire local residents have woken to the sound of explosions and began inspecting the damage. dozens of wildfires are raging in southeastern as a country bakes in a sweltering heat wave there's a state of emergency in victoria as troll blazes forced people from their homes temperatures have soared about forty celsius in the us much of the country or sink is trailing open tennis tournaments to postpone matches after a player and ball boy collapsed twenty thirteen was already australia's hottest
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year on record. the arctic setting ice is gradually opening up access to massive oil and gas reserves hidden under the polar sea bed but with an increasing number of states aiming to exploit the region's richest getting all to agree on how to divide. could prove tricky and tans are just explain . melting ice caps in the arctic have ignited a military build up over the world's smallest ocean and the riches buried beneath it the arctic circle is believed to contain thirty percent of the world's undiscovered natural gas and fifteen percent of its oil the future of the world economy to some extent is dependent on the arctic and i think you know russia and canada the united states and norway and denmark are very interested in exploiting these resources last month canada abruptly claims that it owned the north pole while the united states with its alaskan outpost has plans to boost its military
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there claiming it lacks operational experience and needs to police the thinning ice as it's replaced by fuel filled maritime traffic but that's not all. actually u.s. submarines are deployed not too far away off the norwegian coast it would take us missiles sixteen to seventeen minutes to get from there to moscow so we really hope that with all the things that have been happening in the world over the past few decades we put the cold war confrontation behind us in all five countries bordering the arctic sovereignty rights to resources within two hundred nautical miles of their territorial waterways but a growing opportunity for a bigger slice of the pie is what many fear can inevitably spark a twenty first century cold war in the frozen waters there are also unexplored resources that we don't know yet to which country belongs which could be of course
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of interest to many countries i do think that. smaller things could spark. tension and maybe more tension that we would like to see marina port r.t. new york. polarizes setting up new perspectives for trade and the northern syrup is a shortcut for russia. and europe to ship goods to asia the whole journey from the atlantic to the pacific could reduce to about three weeks and on the other side of the arctic there is and no other attractive trade route the northwest passage through canada thick ice has until now prevented the avocation through the passage but that's changing christopher perry is a former british naval officer who says disputes over the arctic will inevitably arise where i think we could have some disputes is there a number of other interested countries such as india china korea japan all getting very interested not just in the northern sea route but also in the resources that
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exist there in the arctic already the chinese are operating greenland to places like that and i think there will be a scramble by some of the other countries for some of those resources whether the ice does recede to you not just going to have the northern sea route across the top or russia in the northwest passage across canada you're also going to have a route around twenty fifty straight across the top of the north pole now that means that the countries in the past of face each other across the north pole that icy waste are going to have open water for quite a few months of the year and that will introduce a different perspective different geometries you're going to see canada and united states also entering into the arctic so it's going to be an interesting situation g.g. point of view probably around twenty forty five twenty fifty but people will be getting ready for that of course it in the years leading up to the. now there could be some good news for you if you want your phone calls to stay private without
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a say spokes listening in an encryption firm says it's developed a smartphone that lets users dial with discretion and we'll tell you about it online. and also their american troops may have withdrawn from iraq two years ago but abuses continue to haunt the country as more gruesome pictures emerge of marines disposing of dead iraq he's at the infamous abu ghraib prison. where charity international live from moscow next the story of a woman who's getting wolf whistles for whistleblowers in an effort to raise awareness she's also raising eyebrows as her psyllium has been to meet her. she's a lawyer she's got a ph d. in international law and she was a lecturer but she's also posed for glamour in what some would say would be provocative or racy photos of her age she says is to raise funds and awareness for the works of whistleblowers and other activists like that today we're joined by dr
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roles live fuller thanks very much for joining us today but what i'd like to know is why did you choose this matter of getting awareness why not another way well actually i have written articles on whistleblowers in the military so i have actually written quite a lengthy article is not going to be published but i really thought that. in order to make a difference to lawyers who as we know are in jail or. at the moment i needed to involve myself in a more material way and i thought well how can i do something that isn't just a matter of talking i think there's quite a lot of consensus on this issue that we've talked enough i do think that something that was a glowing review in violations of international law is very empowering i think there is attention given to these issues obviously however i do think that people hear about these issues and they might you know get you complain in private or perhaps say on that they've been unfairly treated in private but what i'm trying to
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do is give people a way that they can contribute materially because you can sit and you know complain in the poverty something like that but this is a way to actually make a contribution to funding the legal defense or for example organization awareness or organizational help for whistleblowers not necessarily i just wiki leaks or. also we're finding now public internet work and fair which is a canadian initiative reforms also one place was a blowers are very important as well so this way to basically put our money where how does it help the people going. in there a loss for words when it comes to blasting the world of bad bankers and i've got another kaiser report next international on.
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the majority of congress are now millionaires for the first time in history according to the center for responsive politics which sounds pretty insulting when the average american is not doing so well financially this seems bad like a bunch of rich guys rule the country which they kind of do but one could argue that congress isn't rich enough first off due to inflation a billion dollars is not as much as it used to be especially the cost of a campaign to get in a congress costs around one million six hundred thousand dollars so yeah a million dollars of net worth may sound pretty rich to you or me but the expensive game of us politics these guys can't even afford the costs related to getting the work electoral campaigns are a big money affair so it is no surprise that people like you or me can't get into the law making business without selling at least a little piece of our souls to someone who has very deep pockets so again the problem isn't that congressmen are wealthy it is that many of them have to get constant financing in order to maintain their positions and as you average folks
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know once you're in debt they've got you by the throat well that's just my opinion . of the play. the limbic spirit travels with the flame from its birthplace of grease. joining james brown for an elemental and epic journey around russia and beyond.
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welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser. in oregon is suing nike for one hundred million dollars claiming that the company failed to include a warning on its air jordan stickers that they could be used as dangerous weapons after he used his own pair to beat a man another pimp this from the pacific northwest the bill gates continues to pimp out your privacy and data to the n.s.a. and any other forgot the spy agency want to give a few bucks but rather than use a sneaker this pimp deploys this company's software products including skype as a dangerous weapon against the constitutional rights of unsuspecting customers of the products will gates himself when he gets caught.


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