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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2014 12:30am-1:01am EST

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they both worked and where. they're kind of costume ass down there jose was that man and this was wrong and they got to know each other and the other jose got to a financial situation that was going enough that he was ready to. patch up his family he was afraid truong and rental apartment was so you dad really united with his wife and children and they moved out on into apartments together. so that for a few you soon is that this is what's immature you probably. know. it's not i'm from cuba. ready to come from europe i've been in different states of the united states. and this is the best this is the top that day everything you know what i mean don't make it. he will make it in no way.
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you know what i mean he said i report to here in new york. mayor you know i don't mean i just get out of enough money thrown from work and never see what close. so thank you very much you really appreciate it but that's. not how. you. feel. when you're when you're young you have a lot of energy and had to because our. i went around painting beggars in the street and i went to the bowery i painted bums i'm sorry. i'm not that political i'm not that. you know to me it was more about. statics you know if i painted black. people it's not because i love them or don't
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love them i find it beautiful i find it easy to paint. it's political i mean specifically so close. to me. it's like the rich get rich in a plug. it's not too much. how do you full so far down so most. from me unemployment. and half expected me plus my friends. can tell police where your and drink is usually. live on the street you know something i must down to change stations sometime i live in a change station when you get cold you know but own city got a lot of house and the homeless people but the government is not really funding it . no and in a lot of the shelter today be having people rather stay on the street because
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people begin to raid didn't shelter to get dog you got to sleep with one eye open and one out close i was in a shelter in one town and a guy like right next to me being john a rabid dog jumped in a no stop go live in shelters is no good that's why you see a lot of homeless people in the street to feel safe. and it's easy you know to make a few i'll die here and pay somebody to let you stay at night it's that way you know you say i see by about myself you know because i'm in an area of you know that it's not that much about us and i know you only got one life some going to happen it's going to happen anyway and i just pray to the lord it don't. i just keep my head up and every day long got wake up got another shot. that you. can see that i have you taking on time can't be forgotten. when i grow up here in new york in the. fifty's and sixty's for instance there were three soup kitchens in
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new york down the bowery and one in brooklyn today there are twelve hundred and over a hundred camp trees and other emergency food programs that's how the need has grown when they first started this soup kitchen in nineteen eighty one or two or three depending on who you ask and it was an epidemic cope almost just in the eighty's you couldn't walk down the street without four people each block asking you for something almost so this was very visible today thirty some odd years later there are more homeless people in new york then there were them by almost double and yet you don't see them as much because what the result of the laws and the result of the regulation is just high homelessness not to fix it not to cure it but i think that's what the result of safe cities broken windows policies all that stuff
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that's with the result of that is stuff i almost missed and to make it a crime. or what. i'm. looking for. i came to. the day they sent me to a program. for to have. a. look around it would be room enough smaller than the jail for sixteen to be in it. which in a bad mood should bring. to man walking out. so homeless people here in new york city. that's come december very very brief period very very
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cold snowy. people do you know i mean if you look. i've been in i've been in the midst of their own home that i would on the subway or get knocked up in some way they could use a few shelters because i got jumped in the shelter where i just had to do i've been is you know do you do when you buy it does anybody get locked up on purpose no. mistake in life why do they get locked up on her cell to shelter and food. coming from them right now ronnie ironically i'm worth more to the city of new york he told me don't personally work if i got you to lock you up to make money you back you up didn't even read a make money even jailed three they've been g.m.a. good people for having such a controversial ok i mean so you make me a sitting one when you think you know as you get locked up for. actually in defense
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of america if you have an address you can get supplemental security or you get both feet but will say. they don't like you but then you simply just if you're supposedly able bodied men they will give you welfare but they want you to work a few hours a day do something but if you're disabled then cured title to supplemental security income which is about like eight hundred dollars a month plus two stents plus medicaid but you have to have an address in order to receive it eat doesn't have to be the only least you can say living with somebody you are living with a friend or how do you get in a dress if you're homeless. because they. think i did a bunch. right. as a. gay club right krug. this is his corner this is
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this is his spot and everyone who lives on that street knows him and when they go to nice restaurants and they have extra food to take out they get to give a gift to him both in a good mood to give them a cooler or a dollar. holds a. lot of stuff. put up a little cabin please look at me a little bit this is like really hard to do you know. and. then go when he was in our room he painted the postman the poster he was like in costume get a blue suit and he had a hat and a beard when you paid regular people like someone like a lawyer or doctor or some of them as snap you know it's boring. and sometimes the homeless people do look biblical it looks like that in the bible they have long
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beards and tragic eyes and so this is what interests me the basic statics of the subject. i know subject. participle. but not a sense of humor ok dickheads that. it takes come along and. i think i'd i'd like for my busy reason he didn't say right this. the people that's the way one would. sound assaults or.
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good deal that he would not look at my painting until it's been that it was finished he wanted to take it away he said that's my soul you know you're a jewel you're going to get a million dollars from the guggenheim museum i mean he was like educated in it in certain ways he said i'm taking the bait yes mine so we have we had to fight a little bit so it's ok if they could today because well by you'd be able to you know i'd love to talk about it so i bought him a hot dog and a beer and i grabbed my painting and i read into it thanks. to get away. there's a great deal of mental illness and some of it's quite serious some of the schizophrenia and look people are very very hard to treat and really need medication in order to function in somewhat normal way and then the people just angry at the world as a society and don't want to have anything to do with any part of of any system and would rather find their own way of surviving.
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what is tough who's writing it and where was it leading to seeking to bearings we seem to turn to the news to take heat for the medium is the message and this most by will mean on the planet is now the method for defining collective reality each night if it's not on the news it didn't happen right. playing. the olympic spirit travels with the flame from its place in greece. showing james brown for an elemental and epic journey around russia. and beyond.
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where of our. community boards alone more than a way around two hundred children for all for them they also found that child abusers convicted child abusers got access to those kids soon these whole recalling phenomenon and what i'm saying is overall it's an amazingly rosy picture in that adopted kids international as well as domestic are treated better than regular kids growing up in untroubled biological families in the united states.
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is. one of the more chance of those. army. absence until. the next in the library. come along way.
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you. know if they. were closer to the sweeter than me. for it. was all going to a very very was born a few days it was. new york city somehow. and out of the education but like everybody there mr rich very well he. was. caught up in indianapolis but. i found columbia presbyterian church and i came and i started eating here and as i started eating here i started to see the service that was being done here in the midst of that i found this michael was given a call and then because. i joined the class and for him i think to myself if i get to become a column that will show what has been hard but i doing what i do give him
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a bad person and give him service in the community as it is he will be doing. is a wonderful feeling to know that you can jot down. slowly but surely very. polite and to almost i was able to create a catering flow because we don't know where in order to keep some we sure isn't eat in the apartment put upon the hot water. just so we don't treat. the stuff in there when it comes to the debate. as to the last thing i could teach . my kid new businesses little major is now that i'm doing a major company anything so far i have service from one hundred. a thousand people
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depending on the have been depending on the party so this is one of my six second close's jabs on things that i actually do that i the first one was working with kids and that worked with kids for twenty years teaching chess and after school now i'm hoping that now i can go back into the afterschool program pinout nattie changes with teaching. and teaching the next generation how to eat how to cook. a well balanced meal and not only to eat but the rest so we don't have to be dependent on me. i came here was like wow i invested like i. did you and
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whatever based on. everything went down you. know so much money. it's amazing how fast. and it never just one thing like one time. it's like take you years to get up here overnight you can't be exactly. the same really really kind of serious to me. but i guess yeah optimist i mean. sometimes i can get on the system and say i can get something and it takes a lot. to me take home is. most of them is crazy because society can deal with. most most me so sad it does more harm to be. also tell me be here in your media brainwashing.
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you mean thinking this brainwashing you into when they used to have a girl and she was so smart she had a badge and. she was. a she was so many touches so people say when was your wish and so we challenge. and she say i can deal. with people i can do with. i can deal with the side when you're out on which. you wouldn't. know you think different. you look but maybe doesn't next when you going to do yeah. i know that. this is just the first thing. at least the vast majority of the people who were there. grew up or. they were born. sold it they.
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were for that. that's a big difference between that and. your. kitchen stood a doctoral for they grew up middle class or better something happened something from enron to an illness with no health insurance through financial collapse whatever and very rarely was the trigger out of all or drugs usually. most of the people i've got into their stuff to use problems after they've been. filed this is my daughter she's like everything you know i love it so much it's actually changed now for i was like wow. you know life is where you live in my good night right now and is ninety. eight she's been up for over a. my donation my cousin but her mother just don't
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want her around me. it's like a memory like sometimes to sleep in the mud and we read whatever you had of memories of change go. you have no memory you said you had no kind of like inclinations of anything this beautiful was something that sticks out in your my. life they were. told we deep into a depression. still in this case do you know you want to change the subsumption into a position you can't find your way out. no i really don't have anybody. you know that guy is somebody. i guess if. you give me i guess.
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you're. going. to. get. let's have a moment of grace for our meal and i think i did this last year a little song for us to learn that i think speaks for all of us so here's how it goes this is a great room. to sing and so sing isom around. us to. suit
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us. and bring all over. you yes. very and. for justice to those who are fit and. coolidge justice to those who. sued. her. regular soup kitchen serves about one fifty or so far to go through kitchens have been serving him out of hunger if they are imaginable serve a couple or three maybe more depends as long as they keep coming we'll keep service
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serving god food for kazan had order. and. good. of the word good after a while you know everybody has a pot. you know what i mean somebody in the bottom is going out his leg load up on something to go to the bottom but she will. know when when when you see when you get a lot of that lady in the siesta not found out that some people don't have that will to come back to come back all this way. there be. just to make up your mind say i'm coming back yeah i'm going to this is a meant to take them and when you push you take that first mentally they come from baby mentally once you take this to percept mentally everything you've got to change everything you've got to do you want people to feel that way you've got to be willing to to go. just the plain clothes just does what it takes it takes
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a lot of discipline at the bottom line is a mental thing when you choose to do something about just something about to line up to make up your mind to do it and put yourself in the position and be around people like mine to cure their whistling of the new that's going to make you just have to start from the very bottom. and work your way back up and get some time to take some to meet with the audience or i should be reminded of it was kind of a mayor's initiatives at a certain point and near history where the mayor asked churches and other religious institutions to step up in helping solve the homeless i think and so a lot of faith institutions actually did step forward and provided the church bed program for our program guests arrive between seven thirty and turned thirty and night and then they leave by seven o'clock in the morning it was set up that way
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mainly because that's so only way we could make it work with the volunteer staff here. if you really happen anywhere yet have as little as just a one bedroom apartment and it can happen. we have we're able to offer i guess more space here because it is available but you know people would appreciate any where they can sleep. in. a little mostly a bowl just be produced you don't have to over a week you will have to be. tried to make whatever you are. going to do a group or two to do that that will make it easier to make you know. will do the. nivea still be was. your role be your play be your holiday be do call. growing. i stop to be
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a bass player what the people see you pay money for do give you food give me the blues done it was simple take care of you know what you wanna get up. to say good night friends doing the disco were there should never be no home in this city for me to bridge a city in the work and mugabo all because you got over twenty thousand dollars to slow down as the person. does does.
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play it was a. very hard to take a. chance again on here a place that never had sex with the mic here please. please. please. please. please. please if the people.
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bola gonna be a stripping around yes and it will be a financial flashback to two thousand and seven when the bank starts first drop the acid trip called the liquidity crisis which led to the financial crash and burn which led to the dopes and their central banks dropping wads of cash while astral planing from their imaginary helicopter and saying one print makes you larger and one paper makes you smile and the money that china gives you doesn't do anything at all go away as janet when she's ten feet tall yes it's been a whole. trip to nowhere. new york london. the whole world is. the future of the original one the one on the end. of the court building at the end of the
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street another one more transparent society gets the money or the pump the tears become we see military and state and police forces mobilized against people who blend into the city the city the more people trust electronic devices the more defenseless the. fear that it is a thousand on. one of the new will come on in washington d.c. the news all the face time. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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surviving in syria the first aid for months reaches a palestinian refugee camp in damascus where dozens have starved to death about some of those one hundred come hostages a war meanwhile the u.s. sends a warning to us. they will be referred to the security council for chapter seven. secretary of state john kerry threatens military action against syria if the destruction of its chemical weapons is delayed any further. also this hour ukraine's opposition steals the show at the munich security conference calling on the west to become involved in the prices beyond just vocal support. on the biathlon battlefield we'll give you a look at the brand new ski center in sultry on task.


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