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tv   Headline News  RT  June 17, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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your ex-girlfriend still pens tear jerking poetry keep. nora. we post only what really matters out r.t. to your facebook news feed. breaking news here on our t.v. the head of the main hospital in lugansk confirms a russian reporter has died during surgery after sustaining grave injuries during the shelling of a village in east ukraine you're watching the last footage he shot during the assault. washington sends troops back to iraq a sunni extremists move ever closer to the couple after seizing several other key cities. plus british activists condemn a proposed law that would see some hikers jailed for life and could also on a ship with the lawyers.
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you're watching from in the world welcome to moscow on to r.t. international i'm you know neal our top story the head of the main hospital in the us confirmed a russian journalist has died after being caught up in violence in eastern ukraine a crew from the t.v. channel were hit during the army's continued shelling of a village near the city of lugansk you are watching the footage the journalist managed to film jury assaults we'll try and get that for you but let's get some more from our teacher who is in the region for us thanks for joining us what do we know at this stage about what occurred. indeed the chief surgeon the head of the hospital has confirmed that c.e.o. cutting into the correspondent for a c channel has died during an operation after he was wounded that as a result of heavy shelling in the suburbs all follow guns actually the place is
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a cold said village. near ne he actually had to call the with him one of them denise of the lost in the sound engineer well he's gone missing for now he's fate is unknown at this moment in time another member of the crew the camera man has apparently let the situation completely on unscathed stows so he's apparently ok and this information has already been confirmed by their employer channel as well so it's safe to say that this information is indeed a valid meanwhile this is this is not the first to journalists here in eastern ukraine if you remember just a month ago and it sadly and photojournalists that was also killed as a result of the shelling one thing that's another thing that unites all those people they were all clearly marked as a journalist they had press plastered all over them that journalists had a journalist a month ago and the russian journalist you're going to that was killed today also if you remember our own. producer was also wounded while wearing
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a bulletproof vest some time ago as well so clearly the situation for working journalists say here in eastern ukraine itself far from safe as we hearing about more casualties artie's wrong with the me to stop it thank you. well to all the russian journalists released from detention in ukraine say they were beaten and threatened with execution the two days in captivity after they were arrested on a checkpoint here's how they describe their ordeal. yes. you know we were stopped at a national guard checkpoint and asked to get out of the car and show our i.d.'s when they saw our russian passports and found out that we were members of the to t.v. channel they changed their faces they started joking that they'd caught a goldfish or won the jackpot they forced us into a car and we were taken away covered and eventually we were pushed into some
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basement at gun point different people were coming to us threatening us they promised to shoot us and bury us in the field they said they hated russia and would do everything not to let us go a long life then we were drags out of the cell and forced into a car we were beaten by rifle butts so more journalists are getting caught in the conflicts crossfire but the situation is even worse for locals who have no way of fleeing the war zone but. this is the air raid siren over lugansk where people had to spend another night in their basements hiding from the renewed army shelling of the suburbs the city of kramatorsk another target of kiev's crackdown also came under attack self-defense forces claim a dozen pumping killed there in the last twenty four hours alone and these are the latest pictures from neighboring sloviansk as you can see residential areas have been heavily damaged by shelling almost half of the population of fled the city but those who've stayed live under the constant threat of attack. the abilities to put
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out these you know lay a lot of them but below now that you know if they i think if i did run that you know i've been the only guy who didn't know you got you here thank you if you see you if you're. watching you know when you've got a pretty good what's to be. he's got a daughter you're a detainee. facility to computer. in which a team of monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe is still missing in eastern ukraine they were reportedly detained by armed groups last month we spoke to one member of the o.s.c. in ukraine. anyone holding them should come forward with information and holding or are monitors who are nutro objective observers serves nobody's purpose and it actually hinders our operations so we do hope they are released as soon as possible
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and don't know that and we put it on the weekend in our spot reporting heavy fighting has caused damage to their water pipeline north of the next city and it's very serious in the sense that if it isn't repaired soon it could cause water shortages too with the one million inhabitants of the next city and possibly three million more in the all blas so we do understand work is underway to repair it but because of fighting it has been interrupted. meanwhile ukraine's army is continuing its military assaults on the rest of eastern regions. we meet the family separated by violence with children forced to leave their parents and three for safety it's just that. europeans are facing a potentially tough winter ahead the e.u.'s energy commissioner has warned there could be affected after russia cut off gas supplies to ukraine the concern is that kiev may start siphoning off fuel from transit pipelines running to europe artie's
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peter all of our reports from broad ukraine is the main point of transit at the moment the getting gas into europe and many european nations rely on russian gas as either their main or in some cases that only source of energy supplies to siphon delf can have an effect as it has in the past when ukraine's being cut off and they start to take that gas they did it in two thousand and six last time was in two thousand and nine seventeen countries here in europe reported shortages ates with completely without any gas amongst those the most worst affected countries like bulgaria and slovakia we saw real problems there when it came to teaching. to industry that was pretty much shut down so it is a big deal if ukraine starts to take this gas that is destined for europe since it's being put off for the failure to pay its bills to create does take this gas it could have huge repercussions for those who have paid their bills in europe for
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more on the story let's talk now to the fall off director of the economic program at the center for the study of democracy and bulk area thanks for joining us sir bulgaria suffered shortages during europe's last cold winter hot badly was the country affected while it was a. hundred percent of their supplies and of course well gary had a gas toward the cutoff as it was pretty unexpected in the winter was quite severe . the central heating system of the country was affected for about two weeks until they find a way to move until during the fuel but. to about two weeks of only a declining the average temperatures for the peoples to be here state is love were . the history was. it was a fact a worse. point i think the good news then was the economic crisis in europe that started the need was not. certainly
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bulgaria uterus the bucket list was among the worst affected that in two thousand and nine and bring us up to date the situation is this a worry for both area. people here and europe as a whole is much better prepared today than it was two thousand and nine and. both in terms of turn of the fruits of supply bulgaria was able to reverse its flow from greece so now bulgaria can get gas through greece. can't be russian or any other gas that could be dumped from greece so i think. gary's pretty much covered even in the winter months and in any case its central heating his system is also very much but he. would also say that. at least the thought of this came up with a press conference yesterday i was sure that they also because of that because this
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was pretty much expected they also had a lot of. more storage with the guest already so that they could they could have more gas for a long time now ukraine says it hopes to get reverse gas supplies from the e.u. just how realistic or even legally is that. i don't want to comment comment on the legal. i think in terms of roosting bill really have reverse applies as far as i know they have one pipeline that the. represented another can get gas from slovakia. although this is really a stick and i know they probably also have all the reverse the supply is. somewhat skeptical that they can supply the whole. like the case and bulgaria because book areas are fairly. low consumer so small consumer of gas where is the
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grain and it's particularly. and she has a rather big mouth oh yes a plaintive note as well is that russian serbia today reiterated their commitment to the site stream project but bulgaria is under intense pressure aren't they from the e.u. to poland what do you think will happen. for why would there's been a lot of. well the south stream probably could be placing of a lot of. pressure you know we've recently both because of the you. has seen that a bulgarian hasn't come up with. the seizure of that and has violated the terms market procedures but also because the plane. has no actually i look at all the countries through which is by going we were close to the third liberalization factory which asks for the pipeline to be opened well these blocks
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was. provided the political situation is also has worsened recently with this time the russian the you. the chances for so stream are getting. restless to find off director of the economic program area center for the study of democracy thank you for your time today thank you. coming up facing jail time for revealing the truth of british activists on the alarm over a proposed law aimed at malicious hackers which could target whistleblowers. certainly tony blair has benefited from war and deaths and he totally destroyed iraq and. he's calling for a re-invention of iraq and i did a little of back available of documentation i figured that for every dead u.k.
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soldier in iraq. add about twenty five thousand pounds. please speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic. reporting from the world talks about seventy r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you to. see then try. to. visit. with the. audience technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia.
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welcome back let's get going again with a recap of our breaking news story here in r.t. the head of the main hospital has confirmed a russian journalist has died after being caught up in violence in eastern ukraine a crew from the to see a t.v. channel was hit during the army's continued shelling of a village near the city of lugansk reporter. who died in surgery his fellow camera month survived but a third crew member is on accounted for there watching the last footage the journalists monitor the film during the assault. american troops are going back to iraq the u.s. is sending up to two hundred seventy five personnel to protect its embassy staff and assets there that has since large parts of the country fell into the hands of the extremist group known as isis or the islamic state of iraq and al sharm these red areas as you can see are aware that you have a star in full or partial control president obama says the troops will remain in
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place until a situation improves washington is also considering teaming up with iran and launching drone strikes against the insurgents on monday isis released these photos of partly showing mosques executions of iraqi soldiers the country's chief military spokesman says the pictures are authentic i'm sure around one hundred seventy soldiers being killed however the group claims it executed ten times that number and this guy in a church account reports the growing might have to how to stay in iraq is provoking a strong reaction from the u.s. . washington is now pondering over how to bomb iraq in such a way as to not provoke a backlash after all the crisis there has a strong signal tarion background with the militants being sunni muslims so what's your response to airstrikes just aren't the answer here well look the whole answer but they may well be one of the options that are important to be able to stem the tide and stop the movement of people who are moving around in open convoys and
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trucks and terrorising people the sick caring component video walks crises is already trying traditional alliances iran wants to cooperate with the u.s. to assist iraq's shia government washington's ally saudi arabia on the other hand warns against any foreign interference and made reports that wealthy sunni donors in saudi arabia kuwait and carter have been funding militants from the islamic state of iraq and syria the us is allied with all the gulf countries that are supporting the sunni rebels in syria that are supporting them in iraq this is an old problem with the isis militants grew out of the secretary and boy in iraq which started after the u.s. and u.k. invasion in two thousand and three today some of the politicians who made the decision to invade are anxious to wash their hands of blame the u. case tony blair wrote we have to liberate ourselves from the notion that we have caused this we haven't the sunni extremists now control vast areas in iraq
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including the cities of fallujah and to create as well as mosul the second largest these cities which have been battered by the decade long war looked very different before the u.s. and u.k. invasion. in two thousand and two i was in a most ruling in the northern city that has been now seized by the rebels the sunni revolt had that time in two thousand and two most soon and i was greeted by people in mosul they were christians they were sunni arabs shiite arabs and they were kurds they were a tapestry they were around the multination. multicultural communities of iraq at that time and they were living in peace today they are divided along sectarian lines because of an outside invasion washington is now divided between those who oppose any u.s. military intervention in iraq and those who say something has to be done because there. are brave. officials on the outside
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say they don't own iraq's problems and they don't want to come to government they're pushing the militants out however many i'm going to agree if they're returned i've only a matter of time. i've read that a little background isis emerged in iraq right after the u.s. led invasion unpledged its allegiance to al qaida although the groups later became rivals it is fueled bloodshed in the country and proclaimed an independent islamic state spawning iraq syria lebanon palestine and jordan isis has thrived during the ongoing war in neighboring syria after gaining access to money on arms flowing into the hands of the rebels they're. going into a huge force the group is marching on the very heart of iraq so let's take a look earlier this month the militants captured was a key victory but isis pointing you to press saif along the main highway towards buying earlier today at least forty four people were killed in clashes between the
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army and insurgents just sixty kilometers from the capital and baquba political analyst edmund ghareeb says the deployment of u.s. troops there means america is determined to prevent the government from falling. i think part of this is also as was said to protect u.s. facilities the u.s. embassy but also to send a clear signal the united states could play a role in helping the iraqi government but the kind of help that we have been hearing about there is a little bit different this would be for us unilaterally uses in the air force to attack the forces of islamic state in syria and iraq also uses the drones to attack these forces and opposition opponents of the iraqi government and i think to a large extent you have to go back to the two thousand and three war and i said an assertion that ran iraq for governments that were put in charge i think have ought to bear
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a huge responsibility for the disaster that we have seen in iraq since that time. just before isis launched its offensive in iraq's north the release the propaganda video imaging to lure in new recruits the video was title the clanging of the swords part four it's an hour long and features some very graphic scenes that shows soldiers being executed cars on passers by gunned down on tanks being blown up the footage has been removed from you tube multiple times but is being repeatedly offloaded from different accounts political analyst chris bambery believes videos like this are sending shock waves not just across iraq but the entire middle east one they were brutalized secondly of course as well they're well used to social media and terms of projects and cells but the fact that in addition to the view you know talking about they are putting up with the executions and saying i've killed the dog you know that is going to backfire in terms of across the region as i say the neighboring governments all road we're very nervous about what is happening you
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know very keen whatever the past differences will be have been with the maliki government to buttress the maliki government against this against isis because its goal major repercussions potentially for talking for around and every other country in the region now the british government is pushing for a new law that would see malicious hackers jailed for life but activists say the cyber terrorism bill could also be used against online whistleblowers polyploid has been following the story in today's digital age committing a serious cyber crime could land you america send tense on to serious crime bill proposed in the queen's speech computer hackers who launched devastating attacks on u.k. infrastructure could soon face life behind a single attack can have such a dramatic effect let's just imagine a scenario where we go in there electricity for a week and the impact that would have had no lights no power to do engineering on
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manufacturing business all to you know for people to boil water. sterilise baby feeding a quip and that actually has a tangible effect on people's daily existence and actually worst case scenario on people's very very lives at the moment impairing a computer as it's written in law carries a maximum ten year sentence according to ministers that's disproportionate to the potential damage a malicious hacker could wreak but computer security experts have questioned what cyber terrorism really means and whether the term could be used to prosecute citizens who try to whistle blow on the government or a company i honestly think if you if you're hacking in order to harm life then there will be sentences already available differently computers are more central to us. that might mean that people can do more harmful things but things that we have to publish them for all of the results you know if you killed people have you
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attempted to done damage property or disrupt the capital's transport those are concrete tank columns and either trying to do those things are actually doing that that's what people should be sentenced for benevolent security researchers are also concerned their work often involves behaving like hack has with the intention of finding vulnerabilities on a website and exposing cyber risk but according to this proposed law even those working for the common good of the internet could end up behind bars so you feel a major threat here is if somebody is simply trying to reverse engineer a site maybe see that show that it isn't properly secure and that people shouldn't trust it and that the operators need to sort themselves out those are the kinds of problems where people can to face computer misuse charges without really having done anything wrong playboy coati london. in other news at least
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fifteen people have been killed in a new attack by islamist extremists near kenya's coast. al-shabaab gunmen raided two villages overnight searching for security personnel it comes a day after the militant group attacked hotels and a police station leaving around fifty people dead the group say it's taking revenge on kenya's military for the deaths of muslims in somalia last september al shabaab fighters massacred at least sixty seven people on a shopping center in nairobi. a double turn eight zero has torn through nebraska in the united states midwest at least one person was killed and nineteen others injured the small town of pilger has suffered critical damage with half of its buildings leveled makeshift shelters have been set up for residents. now the ongoing devastation of towns and cities in eastern ukraine thanks to kiev as a military assault is leaving thousands of families torn apart artie's policy or met some of those separated from their loved ones. all the time
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i think about him all the time and he also thinks about me all the time because he's my only son. i worry for my mother because she's alone there and nobody can support her for her own safety she should come here mother and son separated by a hundred and fifty kilometers and with kids military offensive showing no sign of ending nor is the separation that i've got son i don't know when i can come i love you and send kisses to you. i love you very much and i really miss you please come as soon as possible i love you. like thousands of other ukrainian mothers guinea i decided to send his son out of the country she now mourns an empty house with only her fears to keep her company spoke and when you didn't want to leave alone he
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wanted me to stay with him but i came back in order not to take up space that could go to mothers with small children and in order to help evacuate people from here you've given your hopes victoria another mother who sent a only child dennis to russia twelve days ago the phones when constantly other terrified mothers in the same position. because i think about him all day and all night i walk into his room and see that the bed is empty and no one is at the computer i walk to the shop thinking i need to buy ice cream but then i realise that i have nobody to buy ice cream for victoria's biggest fear is that she won't see her son again and he fears the same as a lot more i'm afraid that something could happen to her she got all the kids out of state herself. many of the children end up here in russia where children's playground gives temporary relief but the laughter doesn't last long this camp is
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full of broken families and although organizers are doing their best to make it fun there's one thing they can't organize to in the fighting more and more families are going from ukraine's west of east and while they are relieved and grateful for having been given a place of safety away from the night me back home all they really want to do is go home policy r.t. rostov on don russia. next year in our to international moxon stacy look at the economics of war in the kaiser report. recently four hundred high level russian officials including duma members were someone for a three day military training event that would include the use of various different weapons and lectures about state of the russian military the stated objective of
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all of this was to make the average soldiers in the army aware of the patriotic attitudes of those who can order them off to fight in theory this is a good idea but the reality is this kind of reeks that sweet stench of an empty p.r. stunt this is not nearly enough to convince the average grunt that the guys in power care about him as far as i understand it in the military they want to push people to break down their psychology and boot camp so they can make new better tougher more patriotic people and obedient ones as well the sort of cutesy who we can camp will not have any psychological effect these politicians and to be honest i think bureaucrats the world over have it too easy their lives are too comfortable haeckel the duma deputies have these nice leather chairs and they have gold watches and assistants and all that stuff i think that if the duma deputies had to suffer through a military hell for one month out of the year the corrupt comfort obsessed weaklings might get squeezed out of the system this training for the elite is a good idea but it needs to be done right and brutal but that's just my opinion.
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talking about language but i will only react to situations i have read the reports for. which the no i will leave next stage comment on your latter point. secure yes a car is a good job you know. thank you know. me when you question me prepared for a change when your son should be ready for a little freedom of speech in. the freedom to. live. live live live. live.


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