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tv   Headline News  RT  June 17, 2014 11:00am-11:11am EDT

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breaking news on our team a russian reporter has died after sustaining grave injuries during the shelling of a village in east ukraine his son to engineer is still on accounted for your watching the last footage the crew shown during the assault which hit. washington sends troops back to iraq sunni extremists move ever closer to the capital after seizing several other key city. also coming up this hour british activist condemn a proposed law that would see some hackers jailed for life but also punish whistleblowers.
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you're watching from in the world welcome to moscow on to r.t. international i mean i know neal our top story a russian reporter has died in a hospital emergency room and a fellow journalist is still missing after being caught up in violence in eastern ukraine a crew from the to see a t.v. channel were hit during the army's continued shelling of a village near the city of lugansk. you're watching the last footage the cameramen film during the assault he managed to capture several blocks one of which claimed the life of one of his colleagues you can also see the body being dragged away from the scene the crew sound engineer was also reportedly killed although there's no confirmation of that yet are who's in the region has the details for us even occurred you know that's the name of the
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journalist say he was a rushed into the emergency room where he had died during the operation as a result of his wounds that early reports suggested that he was very wanted as a result of heavy artillery shelling in the little village which is in a suburb. gone scans he had said to colleagues with him an entire film crew and they eat all fall one of them is on the last and it's a so far no no he is the sound engineer meanwhile and the other man and another member of the crew the camera man he's apparently safe and sound right now you're looking at the footage the very last but is sure all the crew with the guns just before the shelling began the camera man was apparently about one hundred meters away from where the shell hit the russian a camera crew and they were among the locals who wanted to flee there as well.
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two other russian journalists released from detention ukraine say they were beaten and threatened with execution but spent two days in captivity after they were arrested at a checkpoint here's how they describe their would deal. yes. you know we were stopped at a national guard checkpoint in austin get out of the car and show our deeds when they saw our russian passports and found out that we were members of the t.v. channel they changed their faces they started joking that they caught a goldfish bowl won the jackpot they forced us into a car and we were taken away covered in eventually we will pushed into some basement point different people were coming to us threatening us they promised to shoot us and bury us in the field they said they hated russia and would do everything not to let us go a long life then we would drag south of the cell and force into a car we were beaten by rifle bots so more journalists are clearly getting caught
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in the conflicts crossfire but the situation well it's even worse for locals who have no way of fleeing the war so. this is the air raid siren over the ganske where people had to spend another night in their basements hiding from the renewed army shelling of the suburbs the city of kramatorsk another target of kiev's crackdown also came under attack self-defense forces claim a dozen people have been killed there in the last twenty four hours alone these are the latest pictures from neighboring slavia you can see residential areas have been heavily damaged by shelling almost half of the population has fled the city but those who stayed are under the constant threat of attack. the abilities to put out these you know lay a lot of them but below now now that you can buy fuel if they are decided to run yet you know obviously a guy who didn't know you that you get the film with you sheikh you think you are.
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watching you know when you go to put in a good what's to be. he's got a dooryard utility. been using but still i think our community. from minute to minute updates and ukraine's ongoing crisis get online at r.t. dot com lots of information there ukrainian authorities say an explosion on a transit gas pipeline carrying supplies to europe was probably a terrorist attack witnesses say flames shot two hundred meters into the air and here you can see footage purportedly showing the fire firefighting crews are still trying to put out the blaze as we speak no injuries have been reported as yet but gazprom says it's too early to tell whether gas transit to europe will be affected . the pipeline is one of the biggest in europe the gas strand supported through it flows to up a dozen countries including the continent's major industrial power has germany
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italy and france now the blast was actually outside the zone where kiev has been waging an armed crackdown on protesters in eastern ukraine getting rid of transit pipelines was one thread from dmitri jarosz the leader of ukraine's neo nazi right sector group now this is this statement following an escalation of tensions between kiev and moscow and i quote we remember that russia makes money by transporting its oil and gas to the west through our pipe so we will just destroy it and leave her enemy without this source of caution and quote but it is unclear if the organization is in any way linked to the instant let's discuss all this with political scientists much huish discourse who joins us thank you sir indeed for joining us today well ukrainian authorities there have suggested the blast may have been caused by a terrorist attack so can you crane actually be trusted as a transit country. he's you know can that
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concrete it's not no more a state it's rather a kind of sailed state when does the control. able to guarantee not only the lives of its own citizens about also all the economic safety and that. blinds in their physical safety and business going on there so this is one of the very many examples and who are talking about a terrorist attack kiev authorities do know we can tell that it's hardly possible that the so-called the separatists that the enemies of their regime in kiev. operating in our region that it's highly probable. and then neo nazis of. his right sector are quite active and abrading there so one of their party sweeps. so-called euro made on the protests and in their whole story after the protests one
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of the forces which is actively supporting. al gore against which is coordinated by the. chief of security force of ukraine is be you and he's there and go to be about thirty terrorist attacks so i guess that is a question to neg kiev if he is still controls its supporters is the question do they all three in kiev if they're controlling them and if yes they're still controlling the neo nazis and the hard line and then there's a question of who has inspired them are ordered them to become a decent terrorist attack well let's just speak a little about the timing of the incident because if it does come the blast right after russia's gas dispute. with ukraine is that significant. of course without any doubt i don't believe. that's
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a. miracle this year and i guess that it's closely connected to the whole negotiation process we know ukraine is not ready not only till and negotiate the just prize which is offered now by buy gas problem which is buy gas from us i kind of compromise but it's not willing to pay any more for i guess so now we may have made paid some political forces like the right sector and perhaps the people who are behind right sector are trying to blackmail us and al gore again and from company that they are going to not all nato. and reject all the payments russia wants to get from them but that they are going to stop all the transfers through their territory of ukraine and as we know for the moment being russia does not have any alternative out of this old stream project has been
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blocked by which was under strong american pressure and so the whole picture of this is that in suburban haps a kind of. let's say blackmail used by ukraine and all story during the negotiations with moscow during the unsuccessful negotiations i don't think that. this will reach so they are goals using the reason that it's material discourse for political scientists we appreciate your input this hour coming up facing jail time for revealing the truth british activist condemn a proposed law aimed at malicious hackers which could target whistleblowers as well .


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