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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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he's certain ukraine's three biggest cities are praise for military blockade after the new president personally orders to see the place. for a launch as a large scale offensive against gaza with reports that its troops are preparing for a ground invasion. and france's finance minister says the global currency system needs to move away from the dollar after one of the concious biggest banks is fed by a nine billion dollar fine for not complying with sanctions put in place by war and .
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welcome to the program this is our national coming to you live from the russian capital thanks for joining us now they're being shelled and now eastern ukraine two largest cities are facing a blockade president poroshenko has ordered them to be surrounded so and so government forces can finally be defeated now if we take a look at this map self-defense fighters are actually pulling back from this area right here and going back to the city of daniel here this has a population of around one million people but if you move over to advance here we have up to five hundred thousand live there both cities have now rebelled against kiev and maria fanaa has more from. the operational leadership in kiev announced that the cities of the nets and lugansk will be besieged so that the anti-government forces will be sealed inside without any chance to get any support from anywhere outside and all that with continuing attacks and of course fears
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a rise in right now that the consequences of this besieged could be more dramatic we here to rehear every day and many times a day we also know that multiple rocket launcher known as good art or hey it was also used here both sides claim that they are not targeting and they will not target the residential areas but we have to tell that it happens and this is why me and my cameraman although we are now in the city center we have to work in flak jackets on monday i shall landed just a few blocks away from where we are now heating a car and reportedly the driver died at the scene and today is a minibus also was hit in the city center and reportedly two people were killed as well while the army strategy is obviously to target those who they claim a terrorist and separatists it is clear that ordinary civilians become victims very often. sure. as we move. because of what is. true of the
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noise you in the room will illuminate you through. well we can say that the anti-government forces are now in high alert preparing for this besieged but local residents are also getting closer to something that could be described already as panic this is the situation here on the ground right now and fears are that it could even deteriorate reef notion or from lugansk we also spoke to marcus papadopoulos editor of the politics for us web magazine and where some weather to have constraints such a major city like dang it. that all depends on where care of has the was also is to take on a city as a large as donetsk is and what we know is that they certainly have no moral compunction in killing hundreds of ukrainian civilians for mortars for tank shells frew and strikes we're talking about civilians including women and children dying
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on a daily basis being maimed on a daily basis but the ukrainians will keep on doing that because they are backed by the americans principally also the europeans but america is a superpower and they have backed by them and now they can claim they have a legitimate president they can go for an all out victory in the east starting with donetsk but they've got to now face another battle and that will be quite a battle to win the hearts and minds of the people they've been killing and injuring on a daily basis over the past three months some of the fiercest battles there have been for control of various routes egypt points now the following video was reportedly filmed at a contrast the border checkpoints. in .
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july but i see because of my see. if you feel easy. is solid stuff falls over this checkpoint for more than a month now and this is what it looked like after the battle you can see yourself the place is deserted and according to the conversation heard on the video the outlying area is having with snipers. crane's outstanding debts for russian gas now stands at more than five billion dollars now moscow says the problem has become chronic after tears again failed to pay last month's bill well ok to kill before marty's roger capital is here with me in the survey either it is so all we ever see ukraine repayments that will happen anytime soon well i would actually say no in my personal opinion simply because it is a lot of money we are talking about here we're talking five point three billion
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dollars and it does sound rather overwhelming and the reason why i say no is because every month we're seeing that bill increased by nearly one billion dollars we know that's exactly why gas prom was ordered to prepayment system because kiev one able to pay their bills and as a result we've got this river system going on but instead of trying to fix the problem instead of trying to tackle these bills kiev has resorted to other suppliers they're looking for backup loans are yes what are they planning to do where will they find the gas by all accounts at the moment is coming from hungary just last month in june we had two hundred million cubic meters coming from that country but the irony in all of this is the fact that hungary get the majority of their gas from russia and a lot of that goes via ukraine but surely there is somewhere in the contract when it comes to russia and the countries where it says that something like that is not perhaps legal yet well that really does depend on who you're going to ask that
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question to because gazprom would certainly say that this reversal of gas contradicts the contracts that they have they have with the e.u. most certainly absolutely and president putin has said majority of occasions that you can't have gas going into directions similar tamia sleigh certainly as i say it depends on but as far as ukraine is concerned they carry on doing so with their partners so it seems that we've got the reversal of gas on paper but some experts are saying that the gap. this is never making its way to hungry and that it's just staying put in ukraine so it seems that in essence basically where ukraine is trying to do is have hungary resell the russian gas it gets to them exactly that well let's see if it works out for them thank you very much r.t.s. venture capital host when they're. moving on now israel is reportedly readying for a ground invasion of gaza strip with the launch of a large scale offensive against the region at least four palestinians have been
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killed and nine more including children wounded in the attacks are these policy reports from the israeli palestinian border. well these many prime minister benjamin netanyahu has reportedly instructed the israeli defense forces to prepare for a possible ground offensive in gaza now we're hearing these reports as we hear that the israeli army also instructs a call up of several thousand more reservists and this is in addition to the one and a half thousand who have already been clued up since the early hours of this morning some twenty eight rockets have been fired at israel from gaza one of them was intercepted we have heard no reports of injuries or damage i'm standing on the israeli gaza border and as i was waiting to cross to you we could see israeli warplanes in the distance dropping bombs on gaza we're hearing from gaza hospitals that they're in a state of emergency that many people have been brought in with quite severe injuries particularly after one of those bombs fell on central gaza according to
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palestinian sources islamic jihad has now joined hamas in firing rockets at israel this indeed has all the makings of a long term military operation it certainly has been in the pipeline quite some time over the past few weeks there have been as many as three hundred rockets fired at israel and just last night eighteen projectiles were fired within the space of minutes we are also hearing from the palestinian president mahmoud abbas who has warned israel to call off the city a situation that is increasing dramatically by the minute. israel's operations in gaza have been regular since the i.d.f. pulled out of the territory and thousand and five not only here on the from the troop withdrawal operation summer rains was launched after an israeli soldier was kidnapped by hamas the so-called and sunni militant action claimed the lives of more than one hundred civilians meanwhile two thousand and eight saw the deadliest offensive and gets it was described as a massacre in the arab world and it killed almost
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a thousand and resulted in the military in crisis and pillar of the fund says one of the most recent operations which began with the. killing of the hamas leader and lead to numerous civilian deaths. america such as a russian citizen in the maldives on suspicion of hacking condemned it as a de facto kidnapping and will look at the latest sore points and laces between russia and america a little bit later that's coming up for you as well as every point on the u.s. we'll wrap it up martin so when the islamists caliphates on occupied iraq and syria lines also how to fight this are using p.r. and whistleblowers to secure their prize. bronson's finance minister has called for a rebalancing of world currencies he wants to move away from the dominance of the u.s. dollar after america was the b.m.p. part about bank supply and nine billion dollar fine for not abiding by various u.s.
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imposed sanctions the french economist jack sapir agrees washington set a dangerous precedent well that's actions actually is a problem is not the amount of money is that the french bank is to put to the u.s. government what is actually a streak use the possibility for us nonresident for people in the united states to use the u.s. dollar probably is a risk. to be fine too common in the. u.s. relations then everybody would be at risk if it uses the u.s. dollar for any transaction in the world. sawyer's offers financial institutions little safety against u.s. authorities germany's second largest bank commerzbank is now facing america's raft for involvement in deals with countries on washington sanctions list potential
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penalty for the bank starts at five one hundred million dollars well america's dominance of global markets is underwritten by the dollar been the most traded currency but countries around the world are making steps to move away from the greenback the euro zone for example has its own powerful tool the euro of course which is shared by more than three hundred million people last year the e.u. side a massive currency swap agreements with china allowing the dollar to be excluded from future deals between them as well and on monday brics countries said they would form a bank with up to one hundred billion dollars in reserves to compete with the i.m.f. robert oulds chair of the briggs bank at the group's group i should say think tank believes the changes are a foot. there's a lot of concern about the common sort of major global common state emerging economies oh pretty much gone happy with american film
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a nation of setting the price of goods such as oil is certainly the committee collation over the common say is of course one concern they have the united states we don't defend the dollar with of course its military force not being seen on number of occasions where countries that have been doing that they should move away from using the thing found themselves subject to the united states' sanctions and of course even in some cases military force in recent history america has a massive trade deficit if you wasn't for the muslims but all this created for its position as being the global it was a common state america would sink economically. and would have mornings after a short break something stay with us and. my friends there are now friends coco chanel jim as well ben's making a global economic policy these days
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a collapsing up by what america is taking everyone i don't lose friends and not influence people. choose your language. if we can with. some. choose to use the consensus you can. choose to get to use that to the great to. choose to stories to. choose the access to often.
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welcome to destroying the us this is artsy and for national the u.s. has a rest said the russian citizen in the maldives on suspicion of cyber fraud the hacking and theft of personal information it's a move that's provoked fury in moscow's foreign ministry is our season i do not watch when i explains russia's foreign ministry as outreached after a russian citizen was arrested outside history on a foreign land now the ministry is calling this me eighty facto kidnapping and yet another unfriendly gesture coming from washington the ministry as that is being kept in the information blackout and is demanding a more details from its american counterparts now what we know so far is that a month off was in the maldives when he was a detained by the u.s. special services and he was a leader transferred to the island of guam and the pacific where the charges were
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read to him and this is a not the first time of the u.s. has a rush to its russian citizens in flooring to retreat and we interprete nerve it did a buddha was the among them and two years ago he was done as to twenty five years in prison for illegally treating armstrong while another russian citizen a pilot constantin get a shingle was sentenced to twenty years in prison back in two thousand and eleven for drug trafficking and since then and there's been a number of reports of him being denied medical assistance at the prison facility where he is being housed at the moment to such cases have become any other sure point in the russian american relations with this latest arrest is unlikely to improve the situation. well there is more on that story all along line including a discussion of whether arrest suppression citizens could be me a bargain and tips to get edward snowden handed over for trial and who was also on
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our website ground control to rope an all. google smartphones with three d. vision and sensors could soon be able to control robots on the international space station. and frankincense shock waves across parts of the new why it's quite literally scientists find proof that shale oil drilling is responsible for hundreds of earthquakes in the state of oklahoma and it's getting worse how much worse find out on the art scene on. first street. and i think you're. going to. be in. the advance of the jihad this pfizer's from the so-called islamic state group has
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reportedly slowed after weeks of a lightning fast defiance of through iraq for its own with a iraqi army is now concentrated around the city of to crete's and just one hundred fifty kilometers from the capital however the islamic caliphate that the militants declared on all the plights harriet's orders is the course of the thrive and form an ensuite a fully functional states at a staggering pace as passports a bank and profitable oil to fields as our season in a fortnight explains. in a very short amount of time the extremist group controlling parts of iraq and syria has taken rapid steps to turn their self declared islamic caliphate into a bonafide state according to reports the militant group best known as isis is ready to begin issuing official passports to citizens in must school iraq's second largest city as well as making a broad religious call to arms isis is also allegedly for proving judges doctors
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engineers and those who have military and managerial skills the work force that isis is attempting to build will need to be paid of course not a huge problem for the sunni extremists who are virtually in control of iraq's largest oil refinery according to reports isis has already tried raising revenue through oil sales and lots of money's been spent on image building as well the militants have been releasing annual glossy assessment reports outlining statistics related to things like assassinations suicide missions bombings and geographic expansion the organized p.r. move aims to lure more investors and fighters it's a level of organization unprecedented for islamist militants in the region and while isis already claims to have an army of more than fifteen thousand loyalists the hottest group is reportedly recruiting and kidnapping children as young as ten
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years old to fight for the islamic state in addition to educating employing recruiting policing and campaigning i says is also confronting the downfalls of governing a state dealing with your very own whistleblower according to vice news the extremist group has somebody working on the inside reportedly revealing classified information such as the identity of leaders and all of these factors combined paint a troubling picture of a threat hardly any. one anticipated. r.t. new york. so gas cylinders seized by government forces in the rubble all quiet sarsour of syria consigned deadly sarin that's been officially confirmed by the u.n. secretary general now the containers were seen sort me after an attack news and chemical weapons last august that was blamed on the government's moscow has consistently insists that it has evidence the opposition was actually responsible for the
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hundreds of deaths we spoke to theatre paul so who conducted an independent research into the use of sarin near damascus and that's all the cia also believes the rebels were it's a blame that they could not have produced sarin without outside help. the russian government stated that. evidence shows. that rebel group executed this despite to suggest that the russian point of view is more likely to be correct so it's quite a. point of view of the political debate that's going on at the u.n. there have been reports here where some. of the hottest sunni jihadist elements had been given help from the turkish government and. sarah you would precursor chemicals to produce this area once you have the precursor chemicals i would say it's easy but it's not completely out of the possibility that they could
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do that the best guess is that they got help from somebody. perhaps the most likely source with the turks. turned to some other international news now a suicide attack and they sort of down a son killed four nato soldiers near the bog air base some civilians and sue policemen are also among the casualties the assault came soon after the independent election committee announced gandhi had won the presidential runoff. his rival the raw brand of the result a coup against the people insisting. upon old time food baths are japan's all canal island chain calls and waves and rain up to five hundred thousand people have been sold to seek shelter and at least one person has been killed in storm calls massive power outages forced to close and triggered flight cancellations warnings of potential flooding and heavy downpours have also
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been issued for japan's western mainland. executive a fee for a partner company has been detained by brazilian police as part of investigation into illegal make it sales last week more than ten other people were. belonging to an international gang which resells up tickets police say the gang could have operated at. tournaments making almost one hundred million dollars in the. now and inspire it's hardly an alpine village. it's located in the northern p.m.o. region the air national park and boasts fourteen. it's only the little renovation but the asking price for the entire village as a bargain basement hundred and forty five thousand euros although political analysts paul over phone believes this is just another sign of economic decay. this
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is not the first case in italy actually of villages which are being sold but this is the first time actually that people leave in those houses and the decides to quit the place selling everything and try to change life so evidently it doesn't mean that it's an easy economic situation for them to see also suffer in france or suffers of similar situations where the number of castles for sale is incredibly high and their relatively cheap culture has been subsidized but finally. i mean this is not allowing these people to really make their living out of it so with the cutting in the in the budgets this is reflecting of less of the less infrastructures. and in perspective for these people the only thing to do is to sell and run away when immigrants are in a different country they often bring along with them their costumes and cultures
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but in the u.k. receive demographic changes haven't as much effect on the continent terms of an traditions but rather and bring them back or the ones surfers has more. if young british people are in church these days well it could be because they live in one attendance of actual anglican services has long been in decline religious leaders looking to come up with any number of simple meal plans to get worship is in but there is one small crumb of comfort for them and the latest figure is thanks to changing demographics the fall in popularity is at the very least slowing because of the increase in the number of black were drawn to churches the increase in the rate of immigration and the increase in the number of new type of church called fresh expressions because of those increases the rate of decline of
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attendance and membership in the church as a whole has slowed down considerably going to grant it is. about it's not becoming a huge. but it is simply not going to quite as fast as it was before. here in the heart of london this polish service packs in hundreds every sunday father adam says churches like case are an important way people to keep in touch with their own communities and worship in that and language i celebrate every sunday and a special for polish citizens by of course in the. coming call so the citizens understand language. sometimes you crying from different countries speaks. from east languages and. it's the number of.
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still growing. while the british may be losing their religion. an as some might say economist of the country actually playing the lead and i just a bounce. i see the closing. and we'll be back with more news about half an hour up next hour max and stacy look at the latest financial world scandals and the crisis reporting stay with us. when people talk about human rights violations you should volves some pro western
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protesters getting beaten up and the response of mainstream media is usually to bomb somebody somewhere so good thing they haven't picked up a story from detroit that the u.n. is calling a human rights violation residents of the motor city or sadly the former motor city who are hundred fifty dollars or more behind on their water bills are getting their water shut off completely the detroit water and sewage department is five billion dollars in debt and that is a justification to crack down on deadbeats on the surface the seems like it open and shut case of course everyone has the right to water especially detroit which is near huge bodies of fresh water that other cities can only dream of but on the other hand if the poor don't pay for water then us taxpayers will be paying for it for them and that's not fair i think this is not so much a case of a right to water but a right to decent plummet and a corruption free city government back when people detroit had good salaries and a government that wasn't flagrantly corrupt they would have any problems paying for their water bills but that's just my pain.
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me speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world's hotspots of the ip interviews intriguing story.


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