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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 14, 2014 5:29pm-6:01pm EDT

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that happened in july of last year and the program has been suspended since then and now the d.m.v. is trying to take the issue to indiana's supreme court they want voters case over rules and they're arguing that rewriting vanity plate rules would force it to allow offensive plays and because of this whole mess in the end i might drop that he played altogether can't we have anything nice seriously i'm not sure why we're also proud of all these freedoms we have in the us when we obviously have no idea how to tolerate each other's freedom if we did we'd be ok with people say crappy things we could handle it and honestly i think we should let people say whatever horrible stuff they want because then we know who the crabby people are and we know who a little bit if we actually tolerated people being themselves we wouldn't have created the p.c. police at all and we might need the actual police
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a lot less tonight let's talk about that by following on twitter as the resident. millions of americans are spied on every day by our own government the washington post published an article this week detailing the extent of the n.s.a.'s warrantless surveillance there are intrusive and abusive presence in our lives and keep in mind the washington post is no left wing rag last week it's also were women suffrage to let. reconsider. and if the cia were
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a person i would totally have it's baby also they have a very popular magazine called i'm not racist. so the washington post reported quote ordinary internet users far outnumber illegally targeted foreigners in the communications intercepted by the national center security agency and these aren't just boring e-mails they include photographs in which quote women model lingerie leaning suggestively into a webcam or striking risque poses in shorts and bikini tops really only shorts and mccain is the american people aren't really known for our modesty you are telling me nowhere in the entire n.s.a. databases their stockpile of nude pics well i bet edward snowden had to rent an axe for you all just to transport the cash of joe biden full frontals alone. there where there's probably another truck just for the scope of banana hammock stash. i
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know it's weird but i'm even happy his shoulders are pixilated i the point is we're talking about people's private lives people who are not even under suspicion of doing anything now i realize some of you are thinking i don't care if they're watching us i have nothing to hide if i'm in that case please shoot me an email with your passwords all go through everything and then next week we'll air that photo of your dog licking laffy taffy out of your belly button. nothing would sink a future political career faster than that sleeping with an intern people respect that belly button job from a schnauzer you're done. and it's over you so you don't have to be doing anything illegal to want privacy perhaps more importantly by viewing our every e-mail or phone logs our lives the n.s.a. is changing all of us making a scared and docile boring and malleable observation influences reality it doesn't matter if you're double o. seven or a librarian. if you're being watched you behave differently you are not acting free
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just look at the way reality stars behave when they're off camera when the cameras were turned off honey boo-boo solve the origins of dark energy that. baffled even einstein when the cameras were off the duck dynasty guys were clean shaven with polo shirts spending their time golfing. that was actually true that. by watching millions of americans every day without reason or suspicion destroying our freedom from unlawful search and seizure the n.s.a. has already taken away our liberty but they're keeping us safe right yeah except when it comes to actually being able to stop killers when you collect it all so to speak you create a massive haystack around the needle you were looking for our intelligence agencies missed the actual important such as the countless teenage gunman who over the past over the past ten years these are usually kids posting blatant online videos about
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what they want to do the n.s.a. can't uncover youtube addicts filming themselves bragging about their guns and then going on to kill people because the agents are busy collecting thousands homemade of . the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning for bucks county pa lehigh county pa effective until eight thirty one pm the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning for the following pennsylvania counties bucs lehigh and north hampton effective until eight thirty one pm the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a flash flood warning for lehigh county and eastern pennsylvania this includes the
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city of allentown northampton county and eastern pennsylvania this includes the city of easton northwestern bucks county and southeast pennsylvania until eight thirty pm eastern daylight time at five twenty six pm eastern daylight time national weather service doppler radar indicated heavy rain capable of producing flash flooding over portions of the war and area rainfall rates up to two inches per hour are possible as this area pursue potations moves northeast at around fifteen mph locations in the warning include but are not limited to allentown bethlehem easton next fill slating to penn a.g. while northampton new tripoli nazareth works and emerald precautionary slash preparedness actions excessive runoff from heavy rainfall will cause flooding of small creeks urban areas highways streets and underpasses as well as other drainage areas and low lying spots do not drive your vehicle into areas where the water
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covers the roadway the water depth may be too great to allow your car to cross safely move to higher ground most flood deaths occur in automobiles never drive your vehicle into areas where the water covers the roadway floodwaters are usually deeper than they appear just one foot of flowing water is powerful enough to sweep vehicles off the road when encountering flooded roads make the smart choice turn around. actions taking prescription drugs for a d h d c now maybe mcdonald's and coca-cola have been encouraging peace all along perhaps a bacon bowl is the most patriotic thing we got to go in and if and if we can just get everybody fat enough to avoid the military maybe we'll stop bombing other countries maybe we'll finally live and let live i know i've come down hard on fast foods but i've seen the error of my ways really k.f.c. bucket for breakfast burritos locos tacos for lunch john the jews peter pan or move
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for dinner and as an after dinner breath mint another bacon bowl who's come to have made it sounds like a good idea but what this really shows is that big pharma big fast food and the prison industrial complex are winning out against the military industrial complex the pills and the fried chicken are like yeah we got them first we're balloon those jews ball pill poppers up before they were military age and whoever we missed the private prison screwed up a locked away good luck find an eighteen year old with out of pocket full adderall a probation officer and an ass in the front. of this when president obama visited the new marijuana capital of america colorado so naturally he was offered a joint. with the president laughed off a hearty go fog meanwhile he's per propecia waiting
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a drug war that's thrown millions of nonviolent offenders in prison and ripped apart families and communities at a cost of billions of dollars a year but there's actually another force working on hard to keep marijuana illegal and it's not the president does drug complex nor the bacon bowl sam sacks tells us more from the redacted front lines. this week we lost washington state it joined colorado becoming one of the only states where you can legally buy weed. like in actual stores and you don't have to go to this guy and pretend to enjoy a rave music with him anymore. now with news reports on marijuana it's become vogue for the reporter to really get into the story and to experiment with what they're reporting on i think we've got a little bit of
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a guy there i'm going to do something different i'm going to not get high during this entire report. is going to be a tough this is going to be really hard with marijuana legally on sale in the state washingtonians can expect the same drug fueled dystopia that engulfed colorado which started slinging its own dope late last year and that is lower crime rates thousands of new jobs if millions of dollars in new tax revenue which may not sound so bad to you but you're not a pharmaceutical company or a corrections corporation which we know are both people quite gracious are people my friend i'm not your friend dozens of other states are considering loosening marijuana restrictions and a handful of those are considering going full rieker madness and legalizing it like colorado and washington. for the first time a majority of americans around the country now support marijuana legalization but still there are forces out there who want to keep the war going and you don't want
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you getting high scratch that who don't want you getting high on pot as investigative journalist leave falling has uncovered the real reason pot is still illegal in most of the country is because pharmaceutical companies want you taking their drugs instead marijuana is proven to have medicinal value and it doesn't kill sixteen thousand people a year like prescription painkillers over since it's grown fairly easily it can't make the pharmaceutical company billions of dollars which now has americans consuming roughly one hundred percent of the world's hydrocodone. supply half of which is consumed by this guy and make sure none of these pill heads turn into pot heads. shot big pharma is funneling some of its addiction money into making sure pot is never legal take for example the partnership for drug free kids'
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confidential financial disclosure show that the group's largest donors include produce pharma the manufacturer of oxy cotton and abbott laboratories maker of the opioid vika and what about the community anti-drug coalition of america kadcyla the largest anti-marijuana reform organization out there turns out cad co also counts purdue pharma as a major supporter as well as alchemies the maker of a powerful and extremely controversial new painkiller called zero high drawl which is reportedly ten times stronger than oxy cotton. ball to really what this comes down to is protecting markets and profits big pharma has the painkiller market of billions of dollars on lockdown but for only as long as marijuana remains mostly illegal. and not just illegal but the most illegal drug despite lawmakers calling on the drug enforcement agency to update its drug
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schedules to reflect modern science on the actual risks of marijuana these big pharma funded organizations have lobbied the justice department to make sure that marijuana remains a schedule one drug alongside heroin l.s.d. and ecstasy. but surely we can expect the da and agency not run for profit that doesn't have its fingers in the painkiller biz to know better and finally recognize pot for what it is a drug that's mostly harmless and has many medicinal benefits is. crack worse for a person than marijuana i believe all illegal drugs are bad is math and that i mean worse for somebody who's health than marijuana i don't think any illegal drug is heroin worse for someone's help than marijuana again and asking a very straightforward question is heroin worse for someone's health than marijuana
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. all illegal drugs are are bad well maybe she's got a point after all when you're on pot and you're just sitting around eating the away for years watching american injure warrior. you're contributing to the downfall of the painkiller pharmaceutical industry which is a person so that's kind of like murder. in washington d.c. sam sachs reductive tonight. are we done yet she's a fox the longest i've ever had. to have sex ever god i. have to take a quick break before we do we felt like cores of light had some things they needed to get off their chat so we did it for them to get up some really pose a hypothetical in the light beer but also you're going to hate gay people
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over a hundred and forty years the course family has been using their millions to fund all sorts of careers. to make the deal beer you're into. the same as the original corps but we put a new name on the bottle. very . well. with me here.
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star wars. the finish line of the marathon. might.
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well come back. at all riots in there because here we are out a man a man named fallon and many others are walking across the entire united states to bring attention to climate change they call it the great march for climate action but i'm sure some of you are thinking that's stupid why walk across the country when you could call attention to climate change in other ways for example this image of a grumpy cat. that because that guy is bigger than elvis by the way or you could take this video which went viral i was like. oh yeah right you'll know. and just alter it slightly i was right in house gases oh yeah right greenhouse gases oh much attention paid to right can i has attention yes you can but the marchers are doing this in order to see first hand how climate change is impacting people across the country the
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marchers have seen deleuze in los angeles blinding dust storms in arizona drought in new mexico and crop crushing hail in colorado some people act like the climate marchers are crazy yet americans will stand in line for days for a new i phone will camp out in tents to get a better deal a best buy will be the living out of a grandmother in a wal-mart on christmas see it in front of santa just to get twenty percent off an x. box so. so why aren't people willing to do something or rowing for climate change this is the civil rights march of our time and i'm uniquely suited to say that because i'm a privileged white male. this is incredibly important and the science is not up for debate out of thirteen thousand nine hundred fifty peer reviewed climate articles between one thousand nine hundred and two thousand and twelve twenty four of them rejects call global warming the little red line that's it and all of those twenty four nineteen of those papers were written in puffy paint. so why why is there no
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media coverage of anything about climate change i mean n.b.c.'s meet the press one of the most well known sunday news shows mention climate change exactly none during all of twenty thirteen and that's where we're supposed to get to go to meet the press so the press is like the press is like your friend with a thing growing on its face and you have to tell people don't mention the thing on it. and it gets weird so now with the press we have to go don't mention climate. but as we know with occupy in the civil rights marches in the labor struggles of the past there is one thing that garners attention from the nation protesters getting beaten and arrested so i'm calling right now for all of you out there to take time from your precious comfortable lives your manicured lawns and you paddock your dogs take one minute to stop thinking about you and instead beat up
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a climate change march are all right. if you care about the planet do you plan your kids on air then you do it or you could take the loser path of actually becoming one of the marchers just go to w w w climate march dot org to learn more speaking of whether one bald scientists found a solution to the tornadoes slamming the midwest giant walls physicist wrong job tout says the walls would have to be a thousand feet high and at least a hundred fifty feet. and stretch for hundreds of miles at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars but they would stop tornadoes this is a great solution if something bothers us build a wall all right immigrants build a wall storms build a wall poor people build a wall around them you know not enough good paying jobs build a wall around the unemployed and then the other people have jumped on the walls it solves everything you know too many dilapidated walls falling down in detroit build a wall around those walls nancy grace built
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a wall around her but honestly although i'm not although i'm making fun of it perhaps this is the only way to keep us safe from the tornado invasion look first we build a giant wall right here is a map first we build a wall around the mill the midwest then we don't let anyone in or out we put in giant blimps to monitor people their activity make sure nobody is up to no good which is actually something that's being done in baltimore and d.c. i'm not kidding but criminals and terrorists are pretty fast and sneaky so i think in order to slow the illegal immigrants terrorist cetera down we feel inside the giant wall with cream filling ok cream filling you'd end up with a massive bun can dig down situation in the entirety of the midwest and only then will everyone have freedom. freedom right there you see it it's on a charge it has to be real. we all know it we all know that's the only way we move now to unmanned domestic drones whether it be for law enforcement purposes personal use or even commercial use drones flying over our heads is an accepted
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inevitability here to give us some insight into what the future holds in senior aviation correspondent john of o'donnell how are you. not good not good at all the hell haven't you face i was protesting ah ah to get money out of politics man and this new drone called the skunk riot control copter got me. there's a skunk through. yeah it's designed to suppress protesters they're using it at a mining company in south africa it's got pepper spray bullets and paint balls the paint is so that cops can track us down and know we were protesting and they got me man they got me man and when you were protesting that mine in south africa today yes lee i was i'm a very busy man if you want to talk about the drones or not yeah right the message drones pose all sorts of threats to the american public and everybody needs to wake
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up and realize it and also tell us more think about it we use weaponized drones abroad in defiance of international law to bomb countries like yemen pakistan somalia and the philippines can you imagine what our drone loving government is going to do in this country so you know afraid our government would target our own people on our own soil no i'm not saying that but also i'm not not saying that and i'm in fact saying that it's a slippery slope man like the poor of a dance club that's been coated badly in an olive oil. what kind of dance clubs are you going to you've ever been to scat palace in pine grove arkansas. punky focus when a police departments across the us are using drones for surveillance operations and there's discussion about equipping them with rubber bullets tasers and tear gas in the future ok you have to admit there's also positives in a second ology right drugs could be used for search and rescue operations to
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photograph the crimes of factory farming which journal as well potter plans to do it doesn't have to be all or nothing right and it doesn't have to be all or nothing that's how i live my life i didn't have a drink until i was twenty seven then i had all the joy. i'm used to be a racist reader as a kid since i've turned eighteen not a single written word has entered into my brain i didn't touch trans fats until i was thirty one now i hook up with everything that transsexual. i can find. it's now a trend sex transfer. the n.s.a. already has total surveillance of our electronic communications they haven't been able to achieve that for physical surveillance domestic drones would be the last piece in their pathological spy puzzle yes you're right that's why we can't have nice things no we can't because some of those nice things include the switchblade drone this thing fits inside a backpack and it's operator can fly it kamikaze style into
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a target and then detonate the warhead it's carrying and there's no reason to believe law enforcement won't use these things domestically and i magine they justify the same way they justify drone strikes abroad they just say it protects men and women serving us right at the expense of humanitarian law and our basic civil liberties generally don't say that second. but one last question what's up seriously what happened here face why do you look like you were in a summer of porn. when i was out today interviewing people about how they feel about drones i got tired and fell asleep on a bench with wet paint there. you did the report yeah i thought you'd never ask. trying to just figure out how everybody i'm john f. o'donnell with redacted tonight i'm trying to figure out what's going on with drones how you do my man i'm sorry to bother you my name's john your name is larry larry a so larry i'm trying to learn some stuff about drones unmanned drones
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whether they're good or bad ones that are used for military stuff ones that are used for commercial use and everything like that you look like an insightful smart man of sorts do you have any ideas and thoughts at all ideas today personally i think it's a good idea part of a picture but they need to be controlled just like any other weapon i don't think is necessarily the technology but the problem is how it's implemented to a certain degree i do believe that it's necessary but also we have to have regulations we have to have oversight it makes me scared because it's like already know you're on my i phone you know you can look to my phone and see me through the cameras like now you're going to have weapons in the air you know that target me why do you have drones they keep people who come on oh my god i met the biggest sociopath in washington which is a scary thing to say if there was an unmanned drone that flew down right now and provided a nice blast of air conditioning would you be in favor of that. need to have a lot more details you guys look like smart people can you just give me a couple thoughts anything how we're late you know you're late you listen to everything now do you think that the robots get p.t.s.d.
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piston turbine solution dr edge please please help me please i need your help please i need your help do you think that any of these unmanned drones if they're left in theater for too long can develop some sort of p.t.s.d. situation. oh no i mean that's a possibility i mean you know nothing is fail proof maybe be some sort of. piston turbine solution drip that situation i'm not familiar with that you're going to get the educate me on that one yeah i just say google it but it's just basically when the sort of nerve center of the unmanned robot sort of drips out of the fuselage and then there's a kind of real stressor upon the whole system yeah where you guys from. public czech republic is my favorite country. i know where it is like eastern europe. well done well done yeah that none seemed. they make a car my dad's down. down over the.
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these are your future headlines from next week three in court votes eight to one to maintain scalia pixelation. thank god for that clarence thomas was the one dissenting vote. that's our show to be of any minute of your term dot com slash r t america or on hulu or only camp dot net good night and good find.
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this is about making the business survive. corporations don't love more parishioners told kate corporations have no feeling. corporations don't care about you or me corporations only care about profit and. people come to own touched forests and leave massive bleeds for the state come on. we're not going to quit we will not stop until it is done what is more precious music more moving. your friend post a photo from a vacation you can't afford. to different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. the ex-girlfriend still tends to
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rejection poetry keep tabs ignore it. we post only what really matters at r.t. to your facebook news feed. what's up guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking in satsuma last week to animal rights activists were indicted on federal charges for committing an egregious act of terrorism on u.s. soil that's right tyler lange and have an oligarch used to frame two thousand foxes and minks from a midwest for farm and that's about all their crime entails so one can hardly equate freeing animals from being murdered with terrorism and government agencies working protect corporate interests see things a little differently on the animal enterprise terrorism act lange and all of animal activism is an act of terror.


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