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tv   Headline News  RT  July 15, 2014 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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pleasure to have you with us here today on recession. tragedy on the moscow metro at least twenty people dead more than one hundred injured after a train derailed during the morning rush hour. images from inside the tunnel show chaos and destruction around a dozen bodies yet to be recovered and in other news. foreigners in gaza volunteer as human shields hoping their presence will keep israeli airstrikes against civilian buildings such as hospitals away the cease fire talks failing to bring about any respite. britain's top diplomat william a surprisingly quits the foreign office during a ruthless reshuffle we look at his time on the world stage and what his defense secretary replacement may have in store.
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six pm in moscow good to have you with us in our international we begin with breaking news a moscow metro train has derailed at least twenty people dead those onboard took pictures of the immediate aftermath the train was going at full speed seventy kilometers an hour when emergency brakes suddenly activated the first three carriages collided setting the train off the track more than one hundred sixty people were injured more than one hundred of them in the hospital around a dozen bodies are still thought to be tracked amid the wreckage. and i. think. that.
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our correspondent is on top of the story for us live to be eighty metro station near victory park in western moscow where the tragedy occurred so what are the details emerging about what happened in this morning's rush hour give us the latest . indeed well if they were it was indeed a rush hour people were on their way to work it happened just before nine o'clock in the morning and this is one of the busiest metro lines here in moscow accommodates about eight hundred thousand people per day all in all about twelve hundred people had been evacuated from the ground after this incident took place and mind you we're not that far from the center of moscow if we can look behind me the kremlin the house the parliament is only about three four kilometers away yet
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in the famous victory barca where serious usually visit is also right here across the street so we are indeed in the sense are all moscow yes you are right when it's all been about the casualties at least twenty people have been confirmed as dead a lot of people are in the hospital right now and that's a hear from one of those people who survived and got rushed to the hospital. yes but that was in your position the train abruptly stopped i mean a blacked out then i realized i was suffocating i've never felt more scared in my life there was a horrible panic that was hardly anything left of the front carriage just a big dent somebody then open the door and we got out in ramallah we know there are many many people injured after that incident what can you tell us about them in the extent of the damage. well at least one hundred sixty people have been injured one hundred and forty three i believe were sent to the hospital all of
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those at least a third are in critical condition there are no right now being cared for in the various emergency rooms across the russian capital they were taken to fourteen different hospitals all in all twelve hundred people were evacuated as i've already mentioned and when the tragedy itself took place and before the emergency services were able to arrive on the scene that people started helping each other routes. to help carry the wounded to attend to those and be taken people outside from the on the ground and i believe we can hear from those people right now. what would you rather i was inside the first carriage a sudden boom knocked me over the lights went out everyone huddled together. just. it was clear the train derailed and the carriage in front of us was turned ninety degrees against the tracks a small fire broke out and we had to use two fire extinguishers to put it out
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a person who was standing next to me when the tragedy happened hit his head there was a lot of blood and he blacked out. and one of the people you just heard speaking with the r.t. is actually very good acquaintance of mine i couldn't get a hold of him they entire morning to day i was told he was on the that's a metro train finally when i spoke with him he said he came out from underground to barefoot his clothes were absolutely ripped another witness told me that said people were coming out sand had to fight chaos in their eyes some people were actually hysterical as they couldn't get so their loved ones friends or families. in ramallah what's the suspected cause of this to relevant at this point what's the investigator saying. well probably the number one question everybody is mind this morning was whether this was
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a terrorist act well this version is absolutely out of the question according to the russian investigators committee so no no terrorist act so they're now looking at various other versions and something has come to light already. might have been something wrong with the tracks or could have been something wrong with the train car itself although earlier that we were told that said before the train was derailed a fire alarm caused a power outage in one of the rails and the cause it's called it's a go all track however the investigation is ongoing and will continue for at least a couple of days even though the russian leadership asked the investigative committees it's to find out the truth about what happened as soon as possible so they're working on that right now hopefully something will surface within the next forty eight hours meanwhile the the rail link itself should be operational as we were told within twenty four hours meanwhile the investigation they hear on the
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scene continues and surrogates have been in the mayor of moscow sold to the victims' families of the ones that were injured that they will be well for lack of a better word compensated for anywhere from forty to about ten ninety thousand dollars right artie's or mine costs are up live for us with those latest updates thank you very much. of course we live in an age of social media and of course this is a trending topic on twitter especially here in the russia one eyewitness saying that a powerful impact threw him to the other end of the carriage when the train derailed another person described what he saw inside one of the wagons lots of blood he says and injured people his tweet saying that one train carriage was almost ripped into two pieces another one saying that passengers used their bare hands to pull themselves out of the wreckage bloggers also describing the panic after the. and how many passengers had suffered head wounds especially you can follow the developments surrounding the accident on our twitter feed and on our website r.t.
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dot com. turning to some of the day's other top stories israel has resumed its military offensive against gaza several hours after unilaterally agreeing to a cease fire the deescalation plan proposed by egypt was initially supported by the israeli government but rejected by hamas militants who kept up firing their rockets into israel live now with our reporter are you fear in gaza so this proposed truce didn't last very long tell us more. yes wall hamas is political wing rejected the proposal from egypt for a ceasefire beginning it within twelve hours of nine am today israel hold to its operation on gaza at nine am local time to see if hamas would take the opportunity i'm not didn't happen over five fifty rockets were fired today from gaza into israel at the same time hamas is military wing has said that the conditions for it
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to stop its campaign on israel have not been met they include for example the full lifting the siege on gaza also the more hardline group the islamic jihad movement in gaza and its brigades also rejected the cease fire deal so israel has now resumed its operation and that includes the possibility of a ground invasion israel's foreign minister avigdor lieberman has said that the operation in gaza should not stop until israel has full control of the gaza strip israel. raul has full legitimacy to use full force in continuing its operation on gaza given the fact that hamas has not taken the opportunity to make this cease fire arrangement in the context in the wider context u.s. secretary of state john kerry has condemned what he calls rockets from gaza and has condemned the masses rejection of what he called a goodwill effort to make
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a ceasefire so in the last while israel has continued its campaign we've heard reports of bombings from the north to the south of the gaza strip just a while ago near our accommodation in west gaza city we heard rooms near by now in the israeli context israel has in the last several several days received rocket fire not just from gaza but also from levon on egypt's sinai and also syria and in israel south the population that a civilian population have indeed by to been terrorized by over one thousand. which have been fired israel has deployed. temporary. shelters in southern israel in the wake of these recent developments of course the civilian population in gaza almost two hundred have been killed up to fourteen hundred injured at least one hundred civilians have been killed here the civilian toll here is is very high we've been meeting with civilians stuck inside one of gaza's main hospitals.
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after a week of fighting over two thousand two hundred sites have been targeted in gaza with missiles striking hundreds of homes as well as police stations civil administration buildings mosques and hospitals gaza's only rehabilitation hospital was among three took direct hits its director general explained how it became a target in the morning we were hit with the first missiles from those were the warnings. for us live this hospital would destroy a second muscles hurt then within fifteen minutes of third one hit another fifteen minute fourth wind came from the rules but we are staying here to help support and protect and shield the patients that they are helpless among the seventeen patients here only a couple were conscious and able to talk to us the rest comas they constitute some of the most severe medical cases inside gaza when the rockets hit was inside the
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clinic. on. the lives of those less known as adamant that was almost home. with just one kilometer away from the border with israel and this is where the news struck. one of the theory is that israel wants to live up to it knows their leader is only in the war. since. the same day at five o'clock on the missile that hit the hospital they called me we were head larger than the first for the time. to go as a press release the hospital made an emergency appeal for support and got an unexpected response pro palestinian international activists sitting in as human shields inside the hospital is really doesn't care too much about palestinian lives
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there has to be somebody from the outside world somebody from the western world they believe their presence protects the hospital claiming that israel will take measures to make certain that foreigners are not among casualties my presence here is more valuable for for the international community in the sense that this world cannot hurt me striking the hospital represents a significant low point in this most recent israel hamas escalation the third of its kind in the last several. is. all civilian is the least of the geneva convention. might amount to war crimes on the national polls because even. a little. bit with houses while we were filming at the hospital and their strike took place just a couple of hundred meters from where we were standing we ran for cover it's
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a measure of how dangerous this place is that even vulnerable patients find themselves at risk most of the casualties arriving in gaza's hospitals are still no incompetence on the health service is almost a breaking point with stuff having to work around the clock carry fear. gaza new while palestinians living in israeli occupied territories in the west bank are venting their anger going head to head with israeli defense forces. backed by armored vehicles dispersing crowds of palestinians using tear gas and stun grenades to quell hundreds of people gathered in the city of bethlehem in the west bank to protest against the israeli military operation there are reports that several people were injured during the rally. stay with us on our to international plenty more to tell you about including the mass hirings and firings in britain's government and why it's taken more than seventy years for war heroes to finally get
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their deserved recognition stay with us. they all told me my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports from. the players and no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter part of the month to save the exists or k.l. a car is on the docket else i. say no more weasel words when you made a direct question simply prepared for a change in the bunch be ready for a. printout of speech and a little down difference in cost. dramas the chance to be ignored. stories others refused to
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notice or. just changing the world lights never. a full picture of today's lives no longer from around the globe. up to. fifty. i. seventeen minutes past the hour britain's foreign secretary is quitting the job as part of the prime minister's cabinet per seeing a swathe of changes at the top william hague's somewhat surprise resignation after four years in the job will seem replaced by former defense secretary philip hammond he was one of the most vocal proponents of western military operations especially when it came to intervention in syria the syrian regime's escalating use of indiscriminate and disproportionate fulls against the people of syria. using tanks tools tillery scud missiles and other tanks laying siege to desperate people and
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presiding over the creation of a humanitarian catastrophe but hague failed to convince parliament to vote for an attack on syria something that weakened his public standing in an embarrassing defeat westminster m.p.'s told hague the prime minister to cool it down hague should have told david cameron to retreat on the syrian issue before the vote out so the paper is sought after the debate some like the guardian even claim the hague should have resigned after failing to judge the political and public mood british world affairs journalist neil clark telling us about hague's legacy and what the new foreign secretary could mean for the country. there's no doubt that william hague here is far secretary in pretty disastrous for britain he was a strong supporter of the iraq war two thousand and three when he was in opposition and in two thousand and eleven he took it into war against libya now on top of that he's done all he can in the last three years to try and get military intervention against syria and so i think that william hague's times foreign secretary has been
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disastrous for britain i think he should have resigned last summer when he failed to get parliament to support war against syria that's the time he should have gone but the sad thing is of course is that yes he's going but he's being replaced by a man who's probably just as hawkish philip hammond and so this isn't really about individuals it's about government policy which is hawkish neo conservative a status quo to change really well let's take a look at the new man in the job philip hammond he was defense secretary and came into politics from the business world he's known for hard line conservative views as you've stated he's a euro skeptic and he has said that he would vote to leave the e.u. if there was a referendum hammond is also an outspoken opponent of same sex marriage and a supporter of big spending on the military so why in your opinion do you think he was chosen to replace a well accepted for those reasons reluctantly that your skepticism is an interesting point because i think this government is right worried about the threats and you can. be very well in the european elections as they begun after all
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a line of thought it had will be a good man to do this i think that's one of the main reasons he's been promoted to take all your skeptic line because of course the general election he's great he's only just a year away now so i said so i think it's not so much to spots all syria or all the middle east generally i think it's me he's much more of a hard core the william hague was and i think that's probably why david cameron has decided to promote him. while public attention has been distracted by cameron's hirings and firings the pm still ploughing away at stepping up state surveillance resurrected law and data recording is to go before parliament despite calls from human rights campaigners the bill comes following the european court of justice decision to recognise data gathering by intelligence services as infringing human rights following the ruling mobile phone companies got ready to delete data they collected something to pay government didn't want to happen to take a closer look at the new legislation critics fear the new law will expand surveillance powers the time place and number dialed would all be kept by mobile
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operators plus conversations themselves could be recorded internet service providers would monitor and record the pages their clients visited and the information could be stored for up to twelve months as britain's prime minister pledges an eight hundred an extra eight hundred million pounds for monitoring operations though some experts doubt whether measures like this are necessary. you do of course want to be protected from terrorists and extremists at the same time you also need some protection from your own state about what we've already seen from the last few years is that what i've been or you put down to monitor the amount you were surveyed by your own government they will go up to the absolute limits of what that your downs they have convince everybody that there is an emergency that the data is simply not be available the police will not have the ability to get hold that data so it looks and is a national security and emergency they believe it is not really true they will get it through parliament i'm sure you've thought what will happen is that we will take that call other civil liberties organizations will say it is a cool account and what they will find is that they've got it wrong and they will
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be told to stop again. on our website r.t. dot com details of a potential new arms race analyst warning that japan's plan to reopen a nuclear reprocessing plant could push its neighbors to boost their own atomic arsenals plus. the owner of the most expensive house in london revealed find out who is the lucky person archie to. eastern ukraine where this town of us national near done yet its residents say they were bombed by the ukrainian air force early tuesday morning a block of flats a lot of the result of the attack at least four people killed including an elderly couple it's feared more people are buried under the rubble. the neighboring lugansk region has been shelled by the ukrainian army for several days most recently a residential area targeted one shell landing on the roof of a nine story building several others hit a school killing
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a guard there self defense activists say eighteen people have been killed in the last three days or his marie if you know she now has more. the situation here on the ground days very dramatic and tensions continue to escalate challis almost never stops we hear the sounds of the to read day and night and even right and now in the. tanks moved to us and multiple rocket launchers known as get out all hail. and to give full cities to say that degraded troops are getting closer to the city center and then now not further than ten to twenty kilometers from where we are now working twenty four seven and to see timor full death toll is continuing to rise from both sides although it is very hard to say so far how many people were killed because the clashes on to go in and casualties among civilian population are old so on a constant rise because residential area is often. heat we visited
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many scenes to shells landed and the images we saw on the ground were really terrible some of them we cannot even show here and with all these escalation here in eastern ukraine people continue to leave and they do not know when or if they will be able to come back in another development here in the self-proclaimed republics in the east or blaming each other for a downing a transport plane in lugansk monday local activists first claim responsibility but now said it could be the ukrainian military who shot it down no one was injured two crew members are currently being held captive by self-defense forces a multi-billion dollar financial alliance being forged in the brazilian city. that's where the world's top five emerging nations known as the brics countries have been putting finishing touches on a plan to create a rival to the i.m.f. and world bank venture capital host reports. the breaks will intensify their unity by finalizing the details on two lifeline institutions the dust is the
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development bank this will rival the i.m.f. and the world bank and office support to the emerging economies brics member built on to be ten billion dollars to begin with and eventually the bric bank will be one hundred billion the second is the stabilization fund which will support the five economic powers in case of global turbulence sino will contribute so to one billion dollars the funds russia and resentment india will leaguers eighteen million and south africa with five that in the developing world now accounts will seventy five percent of the globe's currency. and in title the brics countries hold around four point five trillion dollars in exports earnings the financial crisis struck the world in two thousand and eight but the aftershocks still being felt in europe today there are countries that thought they found a savior in the form of i.m.f. loans and are criticizing the lender for holding them captive according to the
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i.m.f. bailout terms of borrowing country must slash jobs pensions and wages and change laws all on the lenders when spain for instance forced about a million people out of work more than half the country's young people are unemployed portugal is dealing with a banking crisis and a shrinking g.d.p. and greece after six years of recession has the worst unemployment rate in the e.u. china expert andrew young says that this makes the bricks and tract of alternative . the world is shifting into a uni polar a kind of well order to a more multipolar a more inclusive perhaps all of the various. religious and the cost of regional kind of interests rather than be dictated by a one size fits all kind of formula. so i think that there was all the bric countries to play. for and into some global headlines an explosion in afghanistan's
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eastern paktika province killed more than eighty people following another deadly attack in the capital kabul that left two presidential media staff dead the back to attack targeted a busy market during rush hour when a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle among the crowds officials say most of the victims are women and children and one of the deadliest attacks on civilians in recent months. iraqi troops launched another offensive to retake the city of tikrit that was taken by insurgents in june the army operation to push militants out of the islamic from the islamic state out of crete began two weeks ago but became bogged down south of the city bloody uprising spurred by islamic state has left thousands dead in islam is controlling vast parts of iraq. and recapping our breaking news this hour at least twenty people killed when three metro carriages. up to twelve bodies remain in the tunnel between stations in western moscow more than one hundred sixty people injured in this tragedy
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a rush hour power cut is thought to have caused the train's emergency braking system to activate leading to the carriages do you railing some eyewitnesses say they waited for an hour inside the wreckage before breaking out into the tunnel if the ambulance crews are on scene helicopters airlifting the most seriously wounded to the hospital stay with us for the latest updates on the moscow metro. but up next a battle to save an ancient forest from advancing industrialists stay with us are. you know george orwell once said their relative freedom which we enjoy depends on the public opinion the law is no protection governments make laws but whether they are carried out and how the police behave depends on the general in the country they have large number of people are interested in freedom of speech there will be freedom of speech even if the law forbids it.
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