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tv   Headline News  RT  July 15, 2014 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. tragedy on the moscow metro at least twenty one people dead more than one hundred injured after a train derails during the morning rush hour. images from inside the tunnel show chaos and destruction around a dozen bodies yet to be recovered. is free that doesn't kid the sea legs and other news foreigners in gaza volunteering as human shields hoping their presence will prevent israeli airstrikes on civilian buildings like hospitals as ceasefire talks flounder. britain's top diplomat bows out william hague surprisingly puts the foreign office during a ruthless reshuffle we look at his time on the world stage and what his defense secretary replacement may have been.
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seven pm in moscow we're continuing today's breaking news coverage of a moscow metro train that derailed at least twenty one people killed those aboard took pictures of the immediate aftermath and it is a horror site the train was traveling at a full speed of seventy kilometers an hour when the emergency brakes somehow activated the first tree carried through the first three carriages collided setting the train off the track more than one hundred sixty people injured more than one hundred of them in the hospital around a dozen bodies still thought trapped in the wreckage. i got here i. think. i'm a. tragedy
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happening just a few kilometers from the city center the damage line is one of the main are always into moscow's financial center and some key government buildings are correspondent rym ancoats arrives at the park to be at the metro station near victoria park in the west of the capital he joins you live with the latest details so what are we hearing in this latest update rym on from what happened during this morning rush hour. well obviously the rescue crews are still working here on the scene i just saw some rescue workers going down with the jaws of life other colleagues came out carry the same instruments all bisley they're still working on getting that wreckage up are the tragedy occurred that during a this morning as everybody was going to work this is one of the busiest metro lines a year in moscow commentates about eight hundred thousand passengers per day and
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you can see we are just a few kilometers away from the city center from russia's a so-called a white house from the government building just a few kilometers away from the kremlin so that some a is that big through an area frequented by tourists russian and foreign alike so we are right here in the center mosco where this tragedy occurred the traffic seems to be going ok right now even though back there it's really blocked most government decided to block all but several streets in order to facilitate the rescue mission here meanwhile scores of people have been sent to the hospital and that's now here from. one of those a survivors of medical facilities in the russian capital. and ask them was in your possession the train abruptly stopped i mean a blacked out then i realized i was suffocating i've never felt more scared in my
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life there was a horrible panic there was hardly anything left of the front carriage just a big dent somebody then open the door and we got out and remodel what's the latest word that you have about those who are injured. well first of all at least twelve hundred people had been evacuated right after the tragedy occurred and at least one hundred sixty have been injured over one hundred forty have been taken to various hospitals around moscow and in fact fourteen medical facilities accept casualties and at least a third of them over forty people are considered to be in critical condition they're currently being the worked on in several of our rooms around. moscow now back to the accident that took place today. oh and i should tell you one more thing i just found out that there were two four in the nationals on the train who were identified as casualties one is a national down and the other one is
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a national all five china this was confirmed by the authorities here meanwhile so the people when the bush when the tragedy occurred the people tried desperately to help each other out before the emergency services arrived you know when the when the carriage show went off the track it had some somewhat of an accordion effect to other carriages went right into it so it was difficult to get them out so people started to help each other out as well so that's now here from a couple of those. beautiful what would you rather i was inside the first carriage a sudden boom knocked me over the lights went out everyone huddled together. it was clear the train derailed and the carriage in front of us was turned ninety degrees against the tracks a small fire broke out and we had to use two fire extinguishers to put it out a person who was standing next to me when the tragedy happened hit his head there
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was a lot of blood and he blacked out. now one of those people that you just heard from he's actually a very good acquaintance of mine he was on his way to work and he lives he works in this area and i live around this area. i talked with him this morning and as he was i when i spoke to him on the phone he seemed to have quite a lot of adrenaline in his voice and he said he came out he was absolutely bare food his clothes were ripped and he did sustain a couple of injuries as well and other eyewitness told me that as people were coming out so they had sights all five here and they chaos in their rice white pale faces so that it was quite a horrific scene and ramana what suspected because of the. well number one question in everybody's mind this morning as soon as the news service was whether it was
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a terrorist act say you know almost all metro system had been targeted before by terrorists bud's have nots in this case this has absolutely nothing to do with a terrorist act according to the russian investigative committee it has to do with the absolute. second ecole reasons now in terms of what exactly those reasons were the derail the metro train it's still on no one earlier were reported that due to a full soft alarm the. metro train actually went off the track as it lost power currently the investigative media right now they're brushing that's a version of the cyanide and they're now working on the three other versions one of those versions is it was faulty tracks which apparently there is another metro line bill being built said very close to here and they haven't stolz and you track switches thing that changes the trains direction from one way to another way so
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that was instilled just five days ago when apparently that's a could have been faulty so they're investigating that right now and other version that investigative committee has there is there was a problem with the actual. track and version number three is that said the kid at first carriage was actually faulty the investigation is currently under way which should point out something there is with the next couple of days no ranch this is this isn't this isn't making here meanwhile the mayor of moscow sergei said. in some consulates to the victims that those families of those that died will receive a compensation as well as those who got to enjoy the compensation batteries for them anywhere from forty to ninety thousand dollars. all right thanks very much for amman. and we have an update that we can give you on the situation down there were told that two people are still trapped alive in the train rescue crews are working
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on getting them out as we speak well here's what people are talking about about their element on social media twitter one eyewitness saying that a powerful impact threw him to the other end of the carriage another person describing what he saw inside one of the carriages lots of blood and injured people this tweet saying that one train carriage was almost ripped into two separate pieces there is the one that says that it was new or at least ripped into that wagon another one saying that passengers had to use their bare hands to pull themselves out of the wreckage blogger's also describing the panic after the impact and how many passengers that they had seen suffering head wounds you can follow the developments around the accident on our twitter feed and on our web site r t v dot com. turning to some of the day's other top stories israel has resumed a military offensive against gaza just a few hours after you will unilaterally agreeing to a cease fire the deescalation plan proposed by egypt was initially supported by
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iraqi government but were rejected by hamas militants who continued firing rockets harry fear is in gaza for art. israel halted its operation on gaza at nine am local time to see if hamas would take the opportunity and that didn't happen of a fifty rockets were fired today from gaza into israel at the same time how massa's military wing has said that the conditions for it to stop its campaign on israel have not been met they include for example the full lifting of the siege on gaza so israel has now resumed its operation and that includes the possibility of a ground invasion we've heard reports of bombings from the north to the south of the gaza strip just a while ago near our accommodation in west gaza city we heard. near by now in the israeli context israel has in the last several several days received rocket fire not just from gaza but also from lebanon on egypt's sinai and also syria and in
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israel south the population that a civilian population have indeed by to been terrorized of course the civilian population in gaza at least one hundred civilians have been killed here we have been meeting with civilians stuck inside one of gaza's main hospitals. after a week of fighting over two thousand two hundred sites have been targeted in gaza with missiles striking hundreds of homes as well as police stations civil administration buildings mosques and hospitals gaza's only rehabilitation hospital was among three took direct hits its director general explained how it became a target in the morning we were hit with the first missiles from those were the warning signs for us leave this hospital we're going to destroy a second muscles hurt then within fifteen minutes of third one hundred fifty fourth one came from the rules but we are staying here to help support and protect and
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shield the patients but they are helpless among the seventeen patients here only a couple were conscious and. well to talk to us the rest comas they constitute some of the most severe medical cases inside gaza when the rockets hit was inside the clinic can you call on us. then we'll go but the lives of those less known as adamant that little mohamed. has so we had no model. with just one kilometer away from the border with israel and this is where the new stuff struck. one of the theory is that israel wants to clear it off so it knows there is a clear zone you know toward the palestinians. the same day five o'clock missile that hit the hospital they called me we were headed larger than the first for the time. to go as
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a press release the hospital made an emergency appeal for support and got an unexpected response pro palestinian international activists sitting in as human shields inside the hospital is really doesn't care too much about palestinian lives there has to be somebody from the outside world somebody from the western world they believe their presence protects the hospital claiming that israel will take measures to make certain that foreigners are not among casualties my presence here is more valuable for for the international community and us and stuck in this world cannot hurt me striking the hospital represents a significant low point in this most recent israel hamas escalation the third of its kind in the last several years but if it's all civilian objects is a grave breach of the geneva convention. and might amount to war crimes on the international force because have even. a greater level of protection.
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for example with health it's while we were filming at the hospital an airstrike took place just a couple of hundred meters from where we were standing we ran for cover it's a measure of how dangerous this place is that even vulnerable patients find themselves at risk. most of the casualties arriving in gaza's hospitals a still no incompetence on the health service is almost a breaking point with stuff having to work around the clock care if in. gaza you are palestinians living in israeli occupied territories in the west bank are venting anger going head to head with israeli defense forces. idea backed by armored vehicles dispersed crowds of palestinians who used tear gas or they used tear gas and stun grenades to quell hundreds of people gathered in the city of bethlehem in the west bank to protest against the israeli military
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operation there are reports of several people have been wounded during the rally. stay with us more to come about mass hirings in firings in the british government and why it's taken more than seventy years for war heroes to finally get the recognition they deserve stay with us. the interview.
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choose your language. they still some of. the consensus get to. choose the opinions that you think are a cool. choose the stories but in life truth be access to. i. britain's foreign secretary quitting the job as part of the prime minister's cabinet persia's seeing a swathe of changes at the top william hague's somewhat surprised resignation after four years on the job will seem replace by former defense secretary philip hammond he was once one of the most vocal proponents of western military operations especially when it came to intervention in syria the syrian regime's escalating use
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of indiscriminate and disproportionate fulls against the people of syria. using tanks to tillery scud missiles and other tanks laying siege to desperate people and presiding over the creation of a humanitarian catastrophe but hague failed to convince parliament to vote for an attack on syria that somewhat weakened his public standing in an embarrassing defeat westminster m.p.'s told hagan the prime minister to cool it down hague should have told david cameron to retreat on the syria issue before the vote that's how the paper is sought after the debate some like the guardian even claim that hague should have resigned after failing to judge the political and public mood british world affairs journalist neil clark talked about hague's legacy and what the new foreign secretary could mean for the country. there's no doubt that william hague here is for secretary and pretty disastrous for britain he was a strong supporter of the iraq war two thousand and three when he was in opposition in two thousand and eleven he took it into war against libya now on top of that
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he's done all he can in the last three years to try and get military intervention against syria and so i think that william hague's times foreign secretary has been disastrous to britain i think he should have resigned last summer when he failed to get parliament to support war against syria that's the time he should have gone but the sad thing is of course is that yes he's going but he's being replaced by a man who is probably just as hawkish but it happened and so this isn't really about individuals it's about government policy which is hawkish neo conservatives a status quo to change or any more let's take a look at the new man in the job philip hammond he was defense secretary and came into politics from the business world he's known for hard line conservative views as you've stated he zero skeptic and he has said that he would vote to leave the e.u. if there was a referendum hammond is also an outspoken opponent of same sex marriage and a supporter of big spending on the military so why in your opinion do you think he was chosen to replace
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a well accepted for those reasons. your skepticism is an interesting point because i think the government is very worried about the threats and you can find a spot in cheek very very well in the european elections as they did after all line of thought it would be a good man to do this i think that's one of the main reasons he's been promoted to take more us get to light because of course the general election he's great he's only just a year away now so i said so i think it's not so much to spots all syria or all the middle east generally i think it's me he's much more of a hardcore the william hague was and i think that's probably why david cameron has decided to promote him. turning to eastern ukraine this is the town of snowden near done yet its residents say they were bombed by the ukrainian air force early tuesday morning a block of flats collapsed as. result of the attack at least eleven people killed including an elderly couple it's feared more people could still be buried under the rubble. the neighboring lugansk region shelled by the ukrainian army for several
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days most recently a residential area targeted with one shell landing on the roof of a nine story building several others had a school killing a guard self-defense activists say. eighteen people killed in the last three days were at the notion of reports the situation here on the ground days very dramatic and tensions continue to escalate challis almost never stops we hear the sounds over to read day and night and even right and now in. tanks moved and multiple rocket launchers known as all hail. and to governments for cities to say that degraded troops are getting closer to the city center and then now not further than ten to twenty kilometers from where we are now working twenty four seven and to see timor full death toll is continuing to rise from both sides although it is very hard to say so far how many people were killed because the clashes on to go in and casualties among civilians population are old so on
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a constant rise because residential areas are often. heat we visited many scenes to shells landed and the images we saw on the ground were really terrible some of them we cannot even show up here and with all these escalation here in eastern ukraine people continue to leave and they do not know when or if they will be able to come back another development software claim republics in the east blaming each other for downing a transport plane and monday local activists are screen responsibility but now say it could be the ukrainian military who shot it down no one was injured two crew members are currently being held captive by self-defense forces. multi-billion dollar financial alliance being forged in the brazilian city you. that's where the world's top five emerging nations known as the brics have been putting finishing touches on a plan to create a rival the i.m.f. and the world bank artie's venture capital capital host pilbeam. the breaks will
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intensify their unity by finalizing the details on two lifeline institutions the fuss is the development bank this will rival the i.m.f. and the wall of bank and office support to the emerging economies brics member going to be ten billion dollars to begin with and eventually the bric bank will be one hundred billion the second is the stabilization fund which will support the five economic powers in case of global turbulence sino so see one billion dollars the russian resentment india will be given eighteen million. life that in the developing world now accounts will seventy five percent of the globe's currency . and in tight so the brics countries hold around four point five trillion dollars in exports earnings. taking a look at some global headlines now an explosion in afghanistan's eastern paktika
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province has killed more than eighty people following another deadly attack in the capital public that left two presidential media dead the back to attack targeted a busy market during rush hour when a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle among the crowds officials say most of the victims are women and children in one of the deadliest assaults on civilians in recent months. iraqi troops launched another offensive to retake the city of tikrit that was taken by insurgents in june the army operation to push militants from the islamic state out of to crete started two weeks ago but became bogged down in the south of the city a bloody uprising spurred by islamic state has already left thousands dead with islamist controlling vast parts of iraq. you'd think that an act of heroism during a blood stained world war would get fast recognition not a wait of seventy years sarah firth though has met some of the hundreds of courageous british veterans who have only been officially thanked for their courage . well it's high time to see it it's not sure if it's even might probably
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take up the seat that this is the piece they should make the reach me that my wife will ignite on the way that it's that part of the world that oh no that's ok it's the people the place five of us that they have in that building and that that will finally make that the medal. medal it's funny you know. kate that. in the well. going to have you know one of the saudis. and back to this hour's breaking news just to recap at least twenty one people killed when three metro cars derailed in the russian capital the bodies of two victims remain in the tunnel between the stations in western moscow more than one hundred sixty people injured in this tragedy
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a rush hour power cut thought to have caused the trains emergency braking system to activate leading to the carriages do you railing some eyewitnesses say they waited for an hour inside the wreckage before finally breaking out into the tunnel if the ambulance crews are there were helicopters had airlifted the most seriously injured to the hospital stay with us in our senior national for the latest updates on the moscow metro. coming your way next though abby martin has what the mainstream misses on breaking this and. you know george orwell once said the relative freedom which we enjoy depends on the public opinion why is no protection governments make laws but whether they are carried out and how the police behave depends on the general in the country they have large number of people are interested in freight. there will be freedom of speech even if the law forbids it.
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but i will only react to situations as i have read the reports so unless you know pollution you know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point a month or so to secure a car is all your dog. knows. no more weasel words. when you need a direct question be prepared for a change when you approach punch be ready for a. critical speech and down the street into question. join me. for in-depth impartial and financial reporting commentary cancer news and
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much much. only on the bus and. your friend post a photo from a vacation you can't afford college the difference is. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry keep. ignore it. we post only what really matters at r.t. to your facebook news feed. your cultural phenomena like the news all the face time sometimes you know.
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plenty. of pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. to. the bottom of. the book close. up guys i'm not a martin and this is breaking the sat so last week too animal rights activists were indicted on federal charges for committing an egregious act of terrorism on u.s. soil. tyler lang and kevin all if our cues differ in two thousand the fox is a mix from the midwest for farms and that's about all their crime entails so one can hardly equate freeing animals from being murdered with terrorism and government agencies working to protect corporate interests see things a little differently on the animal enterprise terrorism act lang and all of the
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animal activism is an act of terrorism so last night i spoke to journalist well potter about how such an act even came into being. immediately after september eleventh these industries started pushing for terrorism powers to be used against protesters and what they had won a prize terrorism act and so vague and so broad that according to its supporters including democrats it could be used against nonviolent civil disobedience and to me that's really how this is all expanded it's gone from we need this to go after arsonist in variables to now we needed to go after nonviolent civil disobedience. yes unfortunately in a post nine eleven world antiterrorism measures have even been expanded for giant factory farms so as the old saying goes first they came for the muslims i didn't speak out because i was not a muslim then they came for the animal rights activists and i didn't speak out because i was not an animal rights activists and then they came for me.


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