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tv   Headline News  RT  July 17, 2014 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the lone crusader america slaps russian energy giants with more painful sanctions but europe for the meantime holds back its uncertain if it wants to follow suit. and a lot of it warns washington that the penalties will backfire as he wraps up a tour of latin america with a pile of lucrative contracts in his pocket and firm handshakes all around from his bricks partner. also. an israeli strike on a gaza beach kills four palestinian children as they played football the short humanitarian cease fire agreed upon now by both sides after the tragedy will only
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last for another three out. around the world around the clock it's r.t. international with me rory sushi from the entire news team welcome to the program the united states has signed off on a punishing new sanctions package against russia for the first time major russian companies have been either fully or partially blocked from american markets are russia's biggest oil producer or sniffed as well as the financial arm of energy giant gazprom are among those who made the list a slew of other entities are also hit from the iconic a. major bank the united states however found it was in the idea of championing more sanctions in fact washington's deal is not. matched in europe which is going ahead with much
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softer measures despite personal calls from barack obama brussels has decided to suspend funding for future joint russia european projects that's for moscow's reaction let's get some now and cross over to ours he's elected a chef joining us here live on the program good to see you alexi so what kind of reaction are we getting out of moscow so far well these sanctions are illegal as the russian prime minister they are unacceptable blackmail and even revenge for u.s. failings in ukraine says the russian foreign ministry the russian president now touring latin america says that these latest string of sanctions may have a boomerang effect on the u.s. economy. without a doubt these sanctions are not only damaging russian american relations but also driving them to a dead end i'm convinced that they go against the american government and american people's own long term interests. that. moscow promises response to this
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new string of sanctions but says its response will be made in a calm and. assuring manner unlike these actions of washington. or at r.t. the link you have to go live in moscow thank you very much for that alexy we'll see you soon now for russia ultimately these sanctions are potentially much more dangerous than the previous measures that so discuss it now with a host of volunteers venture capital katie pilbeam good to see you again today let's talk about the damage these are signs are capable of doing what do you know. will be in the bank why they play and the. big. crunch in. the russian budget which will be. so we do. the companies in about. the person but you and. me. because in my t.v. work we did as as you were saying ok if you get your micro back on good girl we're talking massive massive. numbers gas problem you have to look at one hundred twenty
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nine billion then the total they're coming to what just shy of what half a trillion or so do you not see that you can see that to give you just a can see him a lot and which is always good now you've got about four full fifty billion i mean that is a lot of money that russia relies upon and these are the companies that are being targeted all right so a big money a slew of companies that are supposed to be able to do who stands to lose the most i mean is it russia or is it for a business i would say that it's a universal impact obviously the intent is the russian companies but they have such a good local impact and that's what's happening at the moment so easy as companies that have a big presence on the russian markets will be able to see what's happened today we did have a slump you can see it just that is around two and a half percent that it's at the moment and that's not necessarily because of the practical implications of these sanctions but it's moving into moment and that's what you feel on the russian markets immediately what we're hearing the comments out of our moscow we're hearing the comments out of washington as well but let's
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actually bring it down to the grassroots level because some of the more interesting comments coming from the everyday joe on the internet you know we have had some rather interesting out comments on the internet as always that we had some some tweets of course and we've also had some comments from from bankers as well from financials because that's where russia has an impact on the global scale we know that we've got banks in europe in asia too and it's exploration which is the big russia impacts we know that russia has a vost amount of natural resources and that's exactly why it has relationships with the likes of the u.s. exxon mobil and britain's b.p. they all have plans to have relationships here for ten twenty fifty years and that's a problem at the moment and these sanctions are partial that we have to make that clear they're not exactly what i bomber was threatening to do so at the moment there is a slight sense of relief and that's why we've got a rather two percent on the market. it's not an emo side but at the moment people
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are holding tight to see what's going to happen next but at the moment the us isn't winning them all because they're running about the stimulus plans and europe has the high unemployment and i hope and we can we could govern some comments as well haven't we katie and date on twitter people i went missing and what was going to happen next month to want to hear what the ex has had to say about the situation and have a. blast i've heard that the us russian trade change was minuscule and so you can't really hurt something that doesn't really exist what could happen is the sanctions could make relations between the us and the e.u. worse in the sense that the european economy is going to be impacted by any sort of push from the u.s. to antagonize russia the cruel irony of sanctions is that they don't hurt the u.s. government at all the u.s. government just prints money as it needs it what they do hurt are american businesses who seek to do business with russia or seek to do business in ukraine it hurts your american private citizens it doesn't hurt the american government at all
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the same shouldn't show weakness that big u.s. political position because you don't see any of the u.s. allies in europe following along certainly we've seen the reports out of germany where there is a major struggle between the political establishment and the business establishment which sees nothing but destruction of the german economy if they were to follow washington's battle. and that's exactly why you're is less than about imposing their own sanctions some already saying as well the internet that washington's actually putting europe and a very difficult position as europe is so reliant on russian gas and it's you know does washington really is that aware of what it's doing to its allies in europe and what exactly that brought it to that same token rory mr obama needs europe for the ultimate impact which is europe because trade ties also strong between russia and europe so without europe it's not as severe as he would want i would imagine but what spaceways doesn't is getting ugly all right or are too scared to open the hood to venture capital thanks for that we'll see you soon. all right well there's still
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many stories to come here with international of course at the root of those sanctions is actually the civil war in eastern ukraine later this hour on r.t. international we meet one refugee family that managed to get away and tell us the old deal they had to suffer to get free of the war zone. for young palestinian boys playing football on a beach in gaza have been killed by israeli shells we must warn you the upcoming pictures from the scene disturbing they died right before the eyes of international journalists many of whom are stationed in an area regarded as one of the safest in gaza and israeli ship apparently fired on the beach where the children were playing some other kids who were injured and managed to find some shelter at a nearby hotel for the four boys who didn't make it to safety all relatives.
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these are the grieving family members of the children that woman a moment ago the mother of one of the boys the funerals held in garcia just hours after they died and now both israel and hamas have agreed to a humanitarian ceasefire in response is now in effect it's due to last around three more hours trying to give the u.n. time to get aid into gaza and in the area harry fear now reporting for us he had a chance to meet some of the victims family men. i caught up last night with the full families affected these four families all from the extended family we spoke to they were of course absolutely destroyed by the events it was a devastating exercise to speak to they of course invoked the fact that these were innocent children simply playing on the beach but of course they were not responsible for any belligerent activities we saw tens or even hundreds of family members congregated in sympathy and solidarity. morning with the parents of
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the of the of the last children we caught up with is male. who of course exclaimed that this was an unjust act on the part of the israeli army general but i know been zero zero zero zero zero zero zero why did you think that he would add to the what do you know when i was just there the house also bottom of the world this lady did that of the living and the had all of that not just that. was the of the also with the international journalists who directly witnessed the incident some of them actually tried to give first aid to the palestinian children who had been injured one of the injuries was in the boy's abdomen it's not clear why israel may have struck this target the international jon this report that they were having bad lunch at the time many of them in these hotels overlooking the beach the marina and the mediterranean coastline they reported the sudden emergence
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of a light on the on the on the horizon followed by a shelling which targeted a small structure on gaza's marine base was then followed by another shelling tens of meters away absolutely close the video proves that to where the palestinian boys were running away from the site of the first shelling while i spoke last night with the manager of one of the hotels he was an eyewitness to this incident here. to see what happened there nice so and they come to they was running you know skaven from the bomb and then one of them was all of them was. injured then i called the ambulance to pick up them because that. was very bad so when done but on the scale i hear that one of them. on their way to that was put
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down while the. incident unfortunately is of course not the only case of palestinian children being caught up in this ongoing violence here in this recent bout of violence between israel and hamas this comes obviously in the context today all of this u.s. initiative coming in into effect to allow humanitarian aid to enter the gaza strip and that is being welcomed here by palestinians on the ground we will keep you updated. earlier we spoke to an israeli defense force spokes person he insists that israel has no choice but to go on with its offensive. no we do not target certainly were any way or form or civilians. how must terrorists in the idea of operation is ongoing in order to restore safety and security for the state of israel decided to have an onslaught against against the state of israel and indeed even when we held our stations yesterday for six hours they continued to bombard isro.
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indiscriminately and we were left basically with no alternative as we just heard israel insists it targets only hamas militants to protect its land but garza's territory is much smaller than israel's and the population is about ten times higher with so many packed into such a tight space that's why many more palestinians die compared to israelis and so for more than two hundred twenty have died in gaza compared to one in israel another factor is that the kasam rockets used by hamas are much less destructive than its rivals weapons also making the palestinian death toll so much more tragic is that almost half of the population in gaza is under the age of fourteen now there has been an international outcry over the killing of civilians across the americas in europe and beyond tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand an end to the offensive every day a new demonstration pops up on the map in protest of israel's actions people have
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been waving flags chanting slogans and holding up posters urging an end to the killings and most protests have been peaceful though some have ended up with clashes with police. it's an international thank you for joining us today a technology downgrade for german politicians coming up on the program the n.s.a. spy scandal forces them to return to more basic forms of writing to find out more just a bit later in the program this is the international live from los. all the bankers into the circular firing squad put all the bankers the jamie diamond the lloyd blankfein the bob diamond put them into a circular firing squad. and let's get rid of all the ones we've got in the system this cancer of the marriott tragedies of the world.
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here in the russian capital a hefty pile of deals wrapped up the six top developing countries of course we're talking about the brics the most significant was the establishment of a new global bank set up to rival the i.m.f. the world bank explanation needed now with. the brics nations really look to strengthen ties and cool countries across the continent here in latin america as they look to develop and build what's being described as this new multi-polar world in an attempt to try and wrestle influence global influence away from washington on his tour over the last six days putin has visited cuba nicaragua argentina and then finally here in brazil for the two thousand and fourteen brics summit the highlight of which was the announcement of the new one hundred billion dollar development bank and also the sustainability fund as well worth the same amount of money one hundred billion u.s. dollars is going to be seen as
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a long time rival to the international monetary fund and the world bank a. visit to the region also gave some other latin american nations the chance to sign some lucrative agreements with moscow or russia will now i hope cuba explore its offshore oil reserves after moscow wrote off ninety percent of havanas debt. atomic energy corporation. that's likely to bolster its presence in argentina as part of a nuclear cooperation deal and russia's trade and security ties with fellow brics member brazil should also now increase significantly oracle plenty more waiting for you right now on our website at r t dot com including the removal of radioactive elements from japan's stricken fukushima plant is proving even more hazardous than expected nearby rice paddies have been seriously contaminated with the owners a still moving radioactive material from the nuclear stations broken a reactor this also. is it perhaps
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a gate to another dimension and. paulo who knows what speculation is running wild that is a massive hole in the ground in siberia we're calling it the r t x file get the details right now at r.t. dot com. and our german politicians are going old school to stop their american allies from spying on what they're up to sensitive documents could now be written on the humble type writer to keep them safe is peter oliver. the ultra modern buildings of the german parliament could be set to echo with a sound from a very different era if the man in charge of the parliamentary inquiry into n.s.a. spying here in germany gets his way. it is said that if politicians want to avoid digital snooping then the only choice for them is to ditch the smartphones in the laptops and go back to the typewriter and if i'm going to machine enough to thank
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statens computers tacitly however doesn't china need a little machine. that's the suggestions that were made on a breakfast t.v. show here in germany haven't gone down well with some of the other committee members one member from the left party said that well before she would go to a typewriter she thinks that they should get rid of the secret services entirely another member from the social democrat said it comments like this would just plain silly and made the whole inquiry look rather stupid suggesting that it was not the right answer to go back to a nineteenth or twentieth century technology in the modern age but what it does show though is that politicians here in germany are starting to appear desperate to try and show that they are doing something about spying scandals that have rocked the country recently and have drawn outrage among german people who've said that well their politicians just haven't been doing enough we have seen this start to change the following two spy scandals involving one member of the security service
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and one member of the for the. defense ministry that may have been spying for the united states we saw the chief of the cia here in berlin being told that he should get out of the country that still hasn't happened as of yet but it was a strong comment that was made so the politicians see it trying to show that they are doing something about the ongoing in escalating spy scandal is that we've seen come out following the leaks of edward snowden. correspondent peter all of us we spoke to former m i five intelligence officer and he marshawn she thinks that protecting privacy is a tough task even for the most powerful people in the world. however lightheartedly the german politician mentions using typewriters he's probably when it comes to a proper security issues within government he's probably absolutely right we have a situation where even our democratically elected representatives have to think it's deeply and seriously about how to protect the privacy of their communications
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particularly when their investigation the very subject of the invasion of the privacy of their systems which is what the just target at the moment doing in germany trying to hold hearings to work out exactly what the n.s.a. has been doing which might be contravening the constitution of germany we have this . situation where everything can conceivably be hoovered up by the n.s.a. and it's facile states and in the in europe everything can conceivably be stored forever and used against citizens in the future if the laws change and everything can conceivably be known amongst the private deliberations of our parliaments not democratically elected representatives so it's. it's worse than orwellian i think is the best way of putting it. all right thanks for joining us for the program still to come here on r.t. international or just how big are the pay packets for chief executives in the u.k. you may not want to know the lucky ones are earning one hundred eighty times more than the average worker story behind this financial house and it's just ahead for
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you on the program. in the meantime though there are now more than twenty thousand ukrainian refugees now living in tent towns in russia a number only expected to rise as more seek safety from the fighting in their homeland and the shelling of their towns and villages. arena glasgow visited one such complicated and russia's across the region. and. became scared for our children we didn't want them to see all the air raids that were taking place it took them five days to get from the ganske to this refugee camp in the russian side of the border distance normally covered in a car in several hours. our friends took us to the border and the national guard nearly took us off the bus but another woman on the bus told them that we were relatives the ukrainian national guard stopped us at every single check out point and they went through all of our belongings saying they're searching for weapons and drugs it's all they follow in the footsteps of you give me a sister who fled to russia just several weeks earlier. my sister from she had
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a baby several months ago which spent two months running back and forth from the bomb shelter with the new born like thousands of other refugees alexander and you've stayed home in the country more just to close to their doorstep like many others they want to keep their last name unknown to protect the rest of the family feel left behind and that's just how our parents are we were screaming for them to join us but they said it's hard for them to leave their homes they already have a plan to get to another town where alexander can find a job to provide for his family but the same can't be said about many others. in this tent city this family's story is just one of the estimated thirty or so thousand of refugees living in the rostov on don region at the moment just days ago these people couldn't have imagined not having a house or a country to call their own right now they're living in tents and have no idea what
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the future will bring in southern russia. afghanistan opening up. the army saying it's killed all of the taliban five who so the main airport in kabul overnight militants occupied a building still under construction and started hammering off rockets into the old civil flights canceled as a result of the clash coming during a tense time in afghanistan as right now a recount is underway for the second round of the presidential election. in libya now. hit by fighting this time in tripoli at least twenty destroyed it's led to traffic control is going on strike grounding many flights in the process clashes between radical groups seeking control have been common since two thousand and eleven of course that was the year. to the u.k. where food banks are being used by hard up families more than ever in real time
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wages are falling fast for the average worker but disappearing into the financial distance is one group of employees who are raking in more millions than ever. reporting on the great growing british salary gap. money how a jet set lifestyle the perks of being a chief executive they take more risks and have more responsibility so perhaps they deserve a bit more pay than the average worker but how about one hundred eighty times their salary yep while the average worker toils to earn just over twenty six thousand pounds a year the footsie one hundred boardroom big wigs a raking in four point seven million says if exist on a different planet and we're saying this is bad for companies and it's also bad for society we have people working on very low wages who have to go to food banks to feed their families i think we should be ashamed of that sort of thing in this
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country the high pay center found that more than three quarters of the public would support capping the salary of the company's highest earning employee in relation to the lowest paid companies fired back that they need to supersize their executive salaries in order to keep them from being poached by cash waving competitors the department for business innovation and skills told r.t. that in october twenty thirty new laws reforming the governance of top a came into force boosting transparency by arming shareholders with more information and giving them the power to hold companies to account and it looks like some investors cutting bosses down to size last week british fashion giant burberry had its dirty linen in public often more than half of the shareholders at its annual meeting voted against the chief executives pay package which is worth up to twenty seven million pounds it may have been arrested and against such high
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salaries but the vote was non-binding which means that burberry boss christopher bailey still got to his gargantuan paycheck anyway boyko artsy london. welcome to you live from moscow thanks for joining us today here on our international i'll step aside as much because a report that will be next. to us agents who are working deep inside the german government have been caught which has heightened tensions between the two countries even more the german reaction to this was to expel the cia chief in berlin from his post this is the kind of story that makes people who hate u.s.
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foreign policy to share button on facebook and get all excited it makes many feel that merkel or at least some elements of the german government are actually fighting against foreign meddling but i would say that you should take this story with a huge grain of salt yeah they just have one cia asset out of the country and this could be a sign of change but there are still twenty plus u.s. military bases currently operating in germany and in fact the bow holder base is one of the largest ones outside of america territory with thirteen thousand troops permanently stationed there so basically if merkel really wants to reduce foreign meddling in germany she's going to have to somehow get a massive foreign military presence out of a country and since has been there for almost seventy years already i don't think that they're just going to pack up and leave on their own one day but that's just my opinion. people with autism. great contributions. at the beginning to say organizations schools. businesses and otherwise
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seeking go and hiring people with autism. speaks to langley. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks books fifty i p interviews for intriguing stories for you to. see then try. to find out more visit our big. dog called. welcome to the geyser import imax kaiser.


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