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tv   Headline News  RT  July 17, 2014 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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primitively blackmail lashes out at the u.s. for slapping its energy charts with more painful sanctions over ukraine also this hour. i. have to show kills for palestinian children on a gaza beach israel agrees to a short term humanitarian ceasefire but the bombardment resume soon after the truce expired it's. dumping the snoopers it's a return to the past in germany where the governments wheeling out the typewriters is the ultimate insurance against internet spying.
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welcome you watching r.t. international a pleasure to have you with us. the united states has imposed a raft of new sanctions against major russian companies accusing moscow failing to take action to deescalate the crisis in ukraine russia's biggest oil producer us and yes the along with gazprom bank are among those targeted also on the list are the arms manufacturer a kalashnikov and russia's second largest gas company nova tech just to give you an idea of the scale of some of these companies. it is a vital contributor to the state budget generating more than one hundred billion dollars in revenue each year and gazprom bank is the country's third largest bank
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it finances some of russia's most prominent energy projects and these two along with several other firms are now the bid in from borrowing money on u.s. markets for periods longer than ninety days the response russia's foreign ministry is accused the u.s. of damaging relations between the two countries moscow views the sanctions as blackmail and has warned of possible counter measures. as the story well these sanctions are illegal says the russian prime minister they are unacceptable blackmail and even a revenge for u.s. failings in ukraine says the russian foreign ministry the russian president now touring latin america says that these latest string of sanctions may have a boomerang effect on the u.s. economy. without a doubt these sanctions are not only damaging russian american relations but also driving them to a dead end i'm convinced that they go against the american governments and american peoples own long term interests moscow says it will respond to this latest string of sanctions but its response will be made in
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a car and sensible manner unlike actions of washington. well the editor of business new europe magazine benares explained to me how the new sanctions could impact russia's economy seem to be very targeted at a few companies and specifically this is a significant scaling up because these are financial sanctions until now it's being aimed mainly at individuals and their personal assets in reality as i understand companies can still be trading they can still be doing business in the us is our right there's trying to find a tricky sort of path between on the one hand punishing russia and on the other hand maintaining the businesses that are here because you have a huge business lobby both in america and particularly in europe who are invested in making most of the profits here and the european partners are putting a lot of pressure on the states you know to to keep it contained to back off so that they don't lose any money so if you've got someone like gazprom bank saying that actually they're not going to change the way they operate then is the sanction really effective it's not effective in so much as it doesn't really do much
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economic damage but it is effective because psychologically in all that all the sanctions have been who has very little economic damage directly but the psychological effect is enormous i mean the ruble has already tanked today the stock market is sort of by five percent you know there's billions and billions of dollars destroyed and the threat that more sanctions will come has created this environment of uncertainty which means companies can't raise money they can't invest you have massive capital flight what about those you have huge russian oil producer a lot of ties in europe and america will they be affected much by this this is the billion dollar multibillion dollar question because at the moment and last night in london trying to find finance money to pay off the deal at the same time they have an enormous investment projects in the arctic together with exxon and the government here has already started suggesting that maybe that deal will be off which will americans company very badly it's an enormous deal. but the sanctions as
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they are at the moment me. exxon can trade with ross and i can do business with the us enough so in theory the project can go ahead in terms of the financial impact upon russia. i mean obviously what u.s. would like to do here is they want to punish russia and they want to suffer big financial loss if you think long term not actually help but there's no investment going into russia either domestic or foreign and that's really doing a lot of damage because russia needs that investment to recover to grow and with this uncertainty this is happens for certainty that's been created stopping universe but i don't see that passes russia will be suffering badly because of lack of investment and can't get back on the right you know what you said the effectiveness of these current sanctions because people are afraid there might be more coming do you think we'll see them and if so when. i don't know when but. yes i mean they certainly are on the cards to say that the significance of these sanctions is you've gone from punishing individuals friends to corporate entities
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and you've used a financial mechanism and that's very scary for investors lenore russia did feel the pinch of the sanctions and almost immediately french capital host k.t. pilbeam told us about the reaction of the markets the main russian balls the my stake slumped around two to three percent for the day which would mean around four percent for the week the biggest fall in nearly a month you can see the investor reaction it just hit the slump as the day kicked off here in moscow. the russian ruble well also losing value around one percent against both the dollar and the year and this is demonstrated here in this graph showing that the dollar's actually getting stronger against the domestic currency and the european stocks interestingly enough they too came under pressure that says the trading day began and they remained in the red for the duration of the day this really just shows clearly the close relationship between europe and
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the russian economy now the the practical impact on these businesses will be limited although felt but it's the sentiment it's the confidence that can be damaged with such sanctions however washington's zeal is not being matched in europe which is going ahead with much softer measures response personal calls from barack obama brussels has decided only to suspend funding for future joint russia european projects dr richard wellings from the institute of economic affairs says it's because the e.u. has got a lot to lose. e.u. russian trade is about ten times the size of u.s. russian trade so clearly they're potentially massive losses from the you imposing too stringent sanctions on russia particularly given the huge dependence on russian energy importing countries towards the sort of eastern side of the european union so there's a big difference in emphasis no i think. the e.u. at this stage of gesture politics where it's trying to if you like to please the
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americans but do as little as possible in reality so i think i think really we are not going to see. your much action from the they'll try and get away with as little as possible without really upsetting the white house. well and the root of those sanctions is the fighting in eastern ukraine later this hour we'll report on the fresh accusations being made by kiev's or thirty's and our correspondent means one family managed to escape from the bloodshed. families in guards are all mourning for palestinian boys killed in an israeli shell attack they were playing football on the beach at the time we should warn you will now show you pictures of the aftermath of that attack. an israeli ship apparently fired on the beach where the children were playing some other youngsters who were injured managed to reach safety at the nearby hotel both israel and hamas agreed to a short term humanitarian ceasefire giving the u.n.
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time to get aid in but that has now expired and strikes between the sides since crazy. things are grieving family members of the children the woman there you saw is the mother of one of the boys the four killed all relatives funerals were held for several hours after they died harry fear is in gaza for as he met some of the victim's family members. i caught up last night with the four families affected these four families all from the extended back of family we spoke to they were of course absolutely destroyed by the events it was a devastating exercise to speak to me but i love it all i you know what i did you know that without the well you know i know i was just. also victim of the work that i did that of that if. i had know of that not just. of the of the they of
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course invoked the fact that these were innocent children simply playing on the beach but of course they were not responsible for any belligerent activities we saw tens or even hundreds of family members congregated in sympathy and solidarity morning with the parents of the of the of the lost children this story has even really hit a nerve with the international journalists here who directly witnessed the incident some of them actually tried to give first aid they were having bad lunch at the time many of them in these hotels overlooking the beach the marina on the mediterranean coastline i reported the sudden emergence of a light on the on the on the horizon followed by shelling. which targeted a small structure on gaza's marina this was then followed by another shelling tens of meters away absolutely close to where the palestinian boys were running away
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from the site of the first shelling he also caught up with one of the eyewitness says the manager and receptionist of one of those hotels overlooking gaza's seaport they was running you know skaven from all of them was. injured one of them his face was flown with the blood and his leg and his arm you know so then i called the ambulance to pick up them it's not clear why israel may have targeted this area during the day it is understood to be at night used by palestinian militants but not during the day and we will keep you updated as. the earlier we spoke to an israeli defense force spokes person who insisted that israel has no choice but to go on with its offensive we do not show targets only where any way or form or civilians. from us terrorists and the idea for peroration is ongoing in order to restore safety and security for the state of israel hamas decided to have an
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onslaught against go against the state of israel and indeed even when we held our stations yesterday for six hours they continued to bombard israel. indiscriminately and we were left basically with no alternative. well as we just heard israel insists it targets only hamas militants in order to protect its land but gaza's territory is much smaller than israel's and the population density about ten times higher so with so many packed into such a tight space are the casualties you would think are inevitable so far more than two hundred twenty have died in gaza compare that to swarm in israel another factor is that the kasam rockets used by hamas are much less destructive than its rivals weapons also adding to the tragedy of the situation the fact that almost half of the population in garza under fourteen years old well there has been an international outcry over the killing of civilians across the americas in europe
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and beyond tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand an end to the offensive of these latest pictures are from buenos aires every day though a new demonstration appears on the map in protest of israel's actions people have been waving flags chanting slogans and holding up posters urging for an end to the killing. and just a quick please bring you some news that we're just getting now it's about the crash of a malaysian airliner in ukraine that's only just broken to is right now we will bring you information as soon as it comes to us i do stay with the syrian r.t. for more on that and also the n.s.a. spy scandal is forcing germany to rethink the way uses communication technology find out more about that little later in the program.
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i'm abby martin the stories we cover here we're not going to hear any right other big story the extra headline same time there's a reason they don't want to do. now let's break the set. lead. with the economic ups and downs in the final. day of the deal sang night and the rest because i think the take it will be every week.
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the interview.
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but. i do know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crusted like we've been a hydrogen lying handful of friends dash and the corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once will just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem try rational debate in a real discussion political issues things you know they're fun are you ready to join the movement then welcome to the big.
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welcome on point for staying with us you're watching international. now moscow has denounced kiev's accusations of attacking one of its military planes on wednesday the statement from russian defense ministry called such claims right does moscow has nothing to do with the incident. looked into ukraine's arguments he was alleging that moscow is responsible for bringing down your green su twenty five fighter jets near the area off the border between russia and ukraine on wednesday evening at the same time we're also hearing from the. fighters from the dumb that's people's republic or alleging that they helped brought down successfully not one but two ukrainian fighter jets on the same day so it's this type of disparity in information that's only adding to the chaos that's already raining in the south east of ukraine where the continuing fighting is forcing people. that of their
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homes and stark lives in new york and neighboring russia as refugees. international became scared for our children we didn't want them to see all the air raids that were taking place here it took them five days to get from the ganske to this refugee camp in the russian side of the border a distance normally covered in a car in several hours the rio our friends took us to the border and the national guard nearly took us off the bus but another woman on the bus told them that we were her. the ukrainian national guard stopped us at every single checkpoint and they went through all of our belongings saying they're searching for weapons and drugs. they follow in the footsteps of you give me a sister who fled to russia just several weeks earlier and says that i'm still and my sister is from sloviansk she had a baby several months ago and she spent two months running back and forth from the bomb shelter with the new born like thousands of other refugees alexander and you've stated holding the guns until war was just too close to their doorstep like
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many others they want to keep their last name unknown to protect the rest of the family feel left behind and that's just how our parents are we were screaming for them to join us but they said it's hard for them to leave their homes they already have a plan to get to another town where alexander can find a job as a welder to provide for his family but the same can't be said about many others in this tent city this family story is just one of the estimated thirty or so thousand of refugees living in the rostov on don region at the moment just days ago these people couldn't have imagined not having a house or a country to call their own right now they're living in tents and have no idea what the future will bring in southern russia it in and out of school r.t. . bring you a bit more information on our breaking news story i mentioned just a few moments ago we do have a few more details for you now and it is that a malaysian boeing line has been reportedly downed in the territory of ukraine
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that is where the military is battling against local self-defense units apparently the aircraft was traveling from amsterdam and disappeared from the radar sixty kilometers from the ukrainian border with russia we are getting this information from russian media agencies and they're getting it from the ukrainian sources originally that's information as it's coming in bound to be developing minute by minute we'll keep you up to date as we get them. well let's take a look at our web site now cutting edge technology or a potential threat perhaps the f.b.i. fears self driving cars may become yet another tool in the arsenal of terror groups . and the gates to another universe or u.f.o. landing point speculation has been running wild after a huge unexplained crater was discovered in siberia you get the full story online.
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next the german government is looking for ways to protect itself from foreign spies following revelations of mass snooping by u.s. intelligence and some politicians say that the best defense is to abandon digital technology altogether as our correspondent peter all the reports. built a modern buildings of the german parliament could be said to echo with a sound from a very different era that's if the man in charge of the parliamentary inquiry into n.s.a. spying here in germany gets his way patrick zen's has said that if politicians want to avoid digital snooping then the only choice for them is to ditch the smartphones in the laptops and go back to the typewriter and the fundamentals are you considering typewriters as a matter of fact we are not electronic models either but really yes. the suggestions that were made on a breakfast t.v. show here in germany haven't gone down well with some of the other committee
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members one member from the left party said that well before she would go to a typewriter she thinks that they should get rid of the secret services entirely another member from the social democrats say that comments like this were just plain silly and made the whole inquiry look rather stupid suggesting that it was not the right answer to go back to a nineteenth or twentieth century technology in the modern age but what it does show though is that politicians here in germany are starting to appear desperate to try and show that they're doing something about spying scandals that have rocked the country recently and have drawn outrage to among german people who've said that well their politicians just haven't been doing enough we have seen this start to change the following two spy scandals involving one member of the security service and one member of the for the. defense ministry that may have been spying for the united states we saw the chief of the cia here in berlin being told that he should
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get out of the country that still hasn't happened as of yet but it was a strong comment that was made so the politicians here trying to show that they are doing something about the ongoing in escalating spy scandal is that we've seen come out following the leaks of edward snowden. well earlier we heard from former and i five officer sean and she thinks the drastic measures being proposed in germany show just how difficult it is to keep communication secure. however lightheartedly the german politician mentions using typewriters he's probably when it comes to a proper security issues within government he's probably absolutely right we have a situation where even our democratically elected representatives have to think it's deeply and seriously about how to protect the privacy of their communications particularly when they're investigating the very subject of the invasion of the privacy of their systems which is what the going to target at the moment doing in germany trying to hold hearings to work out exactly what the n.s.a.
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has been doing which might be contravening the constitution of germany we have this . situation now where everything can conceivably be hoovered up by the n.s.a. and it's facile states and in the in europe everything can conceivably be stored forever and used against citizens in the future if the laws change and everything can conceivably be known amongst the private deliberations of our parliaments not democratically elected representatives so it's. it's worse than orwellian i think is the best way of putting it. ok let's get more on our breaking news story a malaysian boeing reportedly crashed in ukraine's east where the military is battling local self-defense units now apparently the aircraft was traveling from amsterdam and disappeared from radar around sixty kilometers from the russia ukraine border we will keep you up to date with this story. can tell you we can get more right now let's go to our correspondent. hopefully we've got on the line right
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now can you hear me you have your pick of your yeah this really has just broken in the last few minutes so probably the information is a little sketchy but what exactly do we know at this point. well we do know that there was an early release a. boeing seven eighty seven that went down to a near the russian ukrainian border it's not yet clear exactly which side it has fallen on i believe there is integration that has fallen on the ukrainian side however we do know that there have been this year one hundred people on board are where exactly it was going and what the details they say the details are not yet clear. now of course we're waiting for developments to find out more about this they only thing i can say is that in fact what we were does he know that it went down sometime in the past hour to happen it does seem that while we were actually on our way from from shooting in the area because we are in the south of russia really close to the russian ukrainian border i actually did see some black smoke
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rising from the vicinity and. it was very very disturbing they actually had a i had a question in my head about what exactly was happening and why the smoke was there but again don't we cannot confirm of course that that indeed was this plane ride we're still waiting for any detail on on the situation right now and of course we are following it closely ok thanks so much for bringing us that report answering a girl iska is on the border of russia and ukraine i can actually confirm for you now ukrainian military they have given word to confirm this crash ok. thanks so much for staying with us here and i'll tell you of course the very latest headlines at the top of the hour next for us breaking the sense of emotion of the focusing on the on going.
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to u.s. agents who are working people inside the german government have been caught which is heightened tensions between the two countries even more the german reaction to this was to expose a cia chief in berlin from his post this is the kind. story that makes people who hate us foreign policy the share button on facebook and get all excited it makes many feel that merkel or at least some elements of the german government are actually fighting against foreign meddling but i would say that you should take this story with a huge grain of salt yeah they just had one cia asset out of the country and this could be a sign of change but there are still twenty plus u.s. military bases currently operating in germany in fact the bow holder base is one of the largest ones outside of america territory with thirteen thousand troops permanently stationed there so basically if merkel really wants to reduce foreign meddling in germany she is going to have to somehow get a massive foreign military presence out of a country and since has been there for almost seventy years already i don't think that they're just going to pack up and leave on their own one day but that's just my opinion.
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despite all the democracy slogans that we heard from the white house and you seem to believe that deep down the u.s. administration has a sort of a cultural bias towards a correct believing that arabs or your rock is on simply not capable of democracy in the middle east is that it's been a site for multiple competitions by great powers and empires no real ability to consolidate digits in the nation states except under military dictatorships i think if these parts of the world were left alone a little bit more by the rest of us it's possible that we might see more successful democratic experiment.
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welcome to breaking at the set i'm abby martin so a couple months ago i noticed that a wikipedia page someone made for me got taken down all the my pages put up later after statement i made became viral the ordeal caused me to realize that the editing process for the online encyclopedia is very selective seeing alit group of super admins rule the narrative by majority consensus or mob opinions are accepted as fact clearly this poses a big problem by shutting down the freedom of information and by giving zero room for discussion or disagreement with the content posted and as the sixth most visited site in the world with over thirteen billion page views every month with a pedia is clearly a plot from the billions.


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