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been on route from amsterdam and disappeared from radar systems sixty kilometers from the russia ukraine border all two hundred ninety passengers in addition to the fifteen crew members at this point this is a must stress this is still to be verified they are presumed to be dead that is according to the information we're getting from ukraine security service in addition to unverified eyewitness reports on the ground a malaysian airlines at first they had no information on this but they have since in the last half hour confirmed in a tweet that they have indeed lost contact with flight m.h. seventy that it was indeed in that region. and that is the information as we have it. now i think that we can hear from an aviation expert this might be via a translation i believe we have a russian aviation expert on hand who's been able to give his take on this incident
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. ok i think we're just trying to get that sorted for you right we've lost we've lost that i'm afraid but we'll try and get you that expert on line to talk about a little bit more at the key the key point i think at this point is first of all we as you said a lot of unconfirmed information but people at home will be listening to this in the making their own conclusions first of all when you're getting information from so many different sources. your instinct is it's going to be hard for this to turn out to be completely untrue when you've got people on the ground when you've got media sources when you've got the airline themselves saying they're lost and it's looking bad isn't it that's the issue that malaysia airlines themselves said they've lost contact over east ukraine with this passenger jet two hundred ninety five people on board it's you know at the moment it's looking like i real disaster
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but we have to we have to just say we simply can't we can't say whether we know are certain of what is occurring yeah absolutely. we're still trying to verify the facts let's try and hear now from russian aviation experts to get his professional perspective on the details that we've had so far. boeing seven seven so to be reliable there were only. ten years ago. russian passenger plane. i cannot rule out the possibility that showed with the ukrainian again i cannot be one hundred percent sure but it is very probable that. was the ukrainian military it was the bottom of the. air defense forces.
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or certainly. what we know about the professional training of the ukraine army in general we know it to be very very poor. i guess if it was instead of using the word about it look at career officers being just used conscripts. their equipment. the opinion of aviation expert and it was eerie kalash that we're hearing from. and just to recap he basically was saying that this is a reliable plane so it is a professional opinion it's going to take in something an external factor here something untoward to have brought that to the ground in his experience and as well as you know the people are going to be drawing parallels with what happened on the eighth of march as well incredibly so malaysian airlines plane went missing this is a malaysian airlines plane as well there's going to be all types of coming out. to
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tell you what let's go to who as i keep saying has been following this story we're getting information she's getting information can you keep us going to stop the what's coming in because even at this stage the death toll if it is at all the death toll we simply don't know that what do we know. well we do know it was that. seventeen flight operated by. period by malaysian airlines a boeing seven seven seven one of the largest. one of the one of the most popular air carriers out there was carrying two hundred ninety five people on board going from down to kuala lumpur obviously when we're talking about this sort of flights we're talking about very international number of people on board so of course at this point we cannot confirm exactly. nationals of which countries possibly could have perished in this crash i have to tell you one thing though however i looked at some of the pictures that are floating out there on the on the internet and it's
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possibly one of the worst things that i have ever seen in my own in my life and not of the i'm not of the weaker kind at the at this point sorry for that person interjection i just thought there's something that we really really do need to get across to our viewers now of course we're talking about an area which has been there which has been basically the scene of some of the most intense fighting between the defense forces and the ukrainian. military forces in recent days in fact just two days ago. the village of where the tail of that entire piece if there's a large of the plane has fallen just two days ago it was heavily bombarded by ukrainian forces we're also talking about an area where some of that were the bombing was being carried out by twenty five ukrainian fighter jets and of course ukraine in the ukrainian officials just just on thursday morning have said that russia is responsible for shooting down the as you twenty five fighter jet. in just
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a couple of days ago the allegations which russia denied calling them preposterous of course this is just to get another addition to the to do already very tragic to the already very tragic events that we have been seeing on the ground there with the intense fighting with the ukrainian military stepping up its efforts against the forces another interesting information however what we have to keep it. mind is the fact that on june eighth you can every agency has closed has closed the. schools down the area. for any planes or any passenger planes flying over the height of seventy nine hundred meters they said that that was for purposes of security in that they said that they will not reopen it for four airlines until the situation in the area stabilizes it obviously has been getting worse with every passing day so exactly why if there is indeed still that regulation from the authority in place why was a plane travelling over that area and at the height of ten thousand kilometers
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which is a great height obviously. one of the many questions that needs to be answered of course president poroshenko has denied that that ukrainian involved the korean forces have any involvement whatsoever and then of course there's also the representatives of the people's republic who are saying that they obviously also have nothing to do with those well because they simply do not have the weaponry at the munition to shoot down a passenger jet flying that high up in the air again i repeat ten thousand kilometers ten thousand meters in the air so we're talking about a lot a lot of questions a lot of issues but it's obviously a very great tragedy in a place in an area which has already seen enough bloodshed in recent months. from the ukraine border what's occurring we're going to be coming back to you as well just some breaking news coming in as well we're hearing about president putin president obama. call for an immediate cease fire that's the latest news we're having on we are hearing that the have discussed the
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issue that calling for an immediate cease fire. trucks you can be dealt with. and that's what the story is of the moment let me look i mean we keep saying we all qualify because nobody wants to go up something the to not true but i mean everything coming together is not a specially when you go to. saying that the footage is coming through she's seen pictures by her account which are horrific of waters actually taken place that we're now getting official confirmation from world leaders clearly they believe that this is this is taking place so whilst we don't have the official confirmation in all intents and purposes it looks like we're looking at a grand scale tragedy and every other piece of information that we're getting in seems to fit the picture in addition to what we heard from from those officials. from a russian aviation source this came via the reuters news agency. the aviation source says that this particular flight was expected to enter russian airspace at five twenty pm moscow time and it simply did not arrive so everything that we're getting
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now is painting a picture of a large scale tragedy now very sadly some other information just coming in their malaysian defense ministry has just said that they have no concrete evidence out all of the plane being shot down so that's something else that's some more information coming in we are getting more and more information coming in and we're just going to try and evaluates the sources etc let me just tell you about another situation because in october two thousand and one. passenger jet exploded over the black sea now according to the aviation agency investigation it was done by an accidental launch of a surface to air missile from ukraine what's confirmed by russia the ukraine denied it was firing any rockets after the time the plane was heading from tel aviv area to the russians to be of novice appears there were seventy eight people on board.
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now earlier this year another malaysian airlines flight went missing after leaving kuala lumpur for beijing and it lost contact with earth traffic control in the if of march now the company reported the aircraft missing on a world wide search them sure you saw the timeline and deeds began for the jet but no trace has ever been following the ongoing operation to locate the sea is currently centered hundreds of kilometers off the eastern coast of a stream and that's what we were seeing a bit earlier just the part of their incredible two malaysian airlines in the space of less than six months. could have disasters like this. let's just verify that we do not know yet what occurred but as you said we where we are hearing from different world leaders from the malaysian defense ministry from the experts it does seem like a major major tragedy occurred. ok
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and i believe that what we're seeing now are latest pictures so this is the first time we're seeing these for ourselves these are pictures that we are getting from the scene of the reported crash in eastern ukraine you can quite clearly see there large plume of smoke coming up from what appears to be a early populated area very fairly rural let's just recap a few of the facts that we've managed to bring together so far as our breaking news story this hour it's a malaysia airlines boeing seven seven seven these are the pictures that we're getting now on this reported crash in the east of ukraine it is of course a region where the military there is battling its local self-defense units now the aircraft was on route from amsterdam to kuala lumpur it disappeared from ukrainian
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radar sixty kilometers away from the ukraine russia border we believe that there were two hundred eighty passengers and fifteen crew members on board they are presumed from the source is that we're getting including ukraine security services they are presumed to have all perished in this crash malaysian airlines they confirmed in an official tweet just a short time ago that it had indeed lost contact with flight seventeen let's cross live now to our correspondent brianna keilar who is located on the ground by the russia ukraine border back to you. this is really escalating now what more can you tell us. well indeed we do we we do know that the plane has had two hundred ninety five people on board now of course the question is just starting the questions are starting to rise there's a lot of them that need to be answered for example exactly what was the cause of
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the crash when we when we talk about the the territory where the plane has gone down and has seen some of the most intense fighting in recent days between the to key of forces and the military and in fact a piece of fuselage the tail of the tail of the plane has fallen in the village of this. is the area that has seen some really heavy bombardment literally just days ago and on tuesday as a matter of fact and also their husband involvement all of the ukrainian jet fighters twenty five also bombing the area and in fact speaking of planes. you can officials have accused russia of bringing down there is two twenty five jet fighter jets on just. just within the last couple of days they have said that russia is responsible for doe's allegations have been dismissed by russia as preposterous and of course the the representatives from the denounced people's republic are also saying that they have nothing to do with bringing down the plane they're saying they simply do not have any weapons that are capable of bringing down and air judge
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traveling such a height to remind you also is that on june eighth the will of the ukrainian air traffic authority has shut down the airspace over guns carry a sighting it is not safe for passenger planes and it has closed down for passenger planes traveling at the height of the ball. more than seventy nine hundred meters so technically this plane wasn't even supposed to be there also there is some information. coming from some of the observers for looking out the place where he had been looking on the map where the plane has lost connection with air traffic controllers and they are saying that their area actually doesn't have any forces operating in the area at the moment. a lot of questions to be answered however we are looking at this great tragedy that nobody at this point knows the cause of and nobody's going to take any responsibility for as well and of course it's developing as. we speak. english to
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a correspondent by the border thank you for the latest. ok you know i believe that we can get a bit more expert analysis yeah let's let's try that we can we're trying to get in touch with an expert keith volt singur who may be coming to us by skype are you there keith can you hear us yes i hear you keith just give us your thoughts on it do you believe in this instance that. the plane was actually shot down well it's hard to determine the early on certainly something catastrophic happened to the aircraft i did see some video a little short while ago of some black smoke in the field near a village but i haven't seen any photos or video of aircraft wreckage as of yet but i've seen that there are reports of it so it's fair to assume that that's something certainly catastrophic happened to the airplane. with
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his thoughts on the water curd keith if you're still there such an instance with malaysian airlines it is quite incredible it could occur so many people on board because a boeing seven seven seven it's a very large plane isn't it. yes it certainly is commercial airliner and it certainly would be difficult to mistake you for a military aircraft in my estimation ok keep your thank you very much for your thoughts. ok we're going to get a reminder of just breaking news a malaysian airlines boeing seven seven seven that's crashed in new korean's east where the military is bottling local self defense units the aircraft had been on route from amsterdam and disappeared from radar sixty kilometers from the russian
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border we believe all two hundred eighty passengers on the fifteen crew making two hundred ninety five people are presumed to be dead dollars according to ukrainian security services malaysian airlines also confirmed in a tweet a short time ago that it had lost contact with flight m.h. seventeen more details will follow of course we'll be bringing you more on this developing story from a whole host of correspondents including i believe. coming into us every ten or fifteen minutes or so trying to update us with what occurred to any new information . well as at this point we can tell you. the ukrainian officials are denying any involvement in the incident they were of course the ones who said that the plane went down they were the ones who were so also saying that there were no survivors if you have seen the pictures well it's clear that unfortunately that probably is true however ukrainian president
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poroshenko has said that ukrainian military forces have nothing to do with this. also there was information coming from the representatives of the donetsk people's republic or saying that they simply did not have a new capabilities of weapons weapons wise you know order to shoot down a boeing seven seven seven that particular height now. there are still several doesn't doesn't seem that any of the rescue crews have actually entered the region as of yet but that region is actually the scene of some very intense fighting in recent days especially the villages where an entire piece of physical ash has fallen on the ground where the tail has landed how was the site of very extreme bombing by ukrainian military just two days ago that entire area has actually seen some extra incredibly intense fighting including including bombs that are being that were including operations by the su twenty five ukrainian fighter jets also we have to keep in mind that the area
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a ball of region were closed to passenger planes traveling at the height of a ball of seventy nine hundred meters by the ukrainian air authority and it still hasn't been opened technically sold the plane actually wasn't supposed to be in the area by any standards and exactly why it was there is not yet clear. and of course the formation is keeps changing every passing every passing day every passing moment i apologize for that and of course we keep getting more and more of it and of course as we as we get it we'll bring it to you were just looking at the pictures now they are horrific. or about some more breaking news as well coming from the malaysian defense minister he said we cannot say for certain whether the plane was shot down or fell out of the sky of its own accord in other words it was an accident we simply don't know he said that it cannot be confirmed that it was shot down by missiles or that it crashed of its own accord neal i mean what does
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appear to be certain now at this point when you've got everybody on an official source talking about this is this is a fed to complete hands up and it appears we have a devastating accident that has taken place you can see the latest pictures there the plumes of smoke and what we're seeing here are photographs of war believed to be parts of the wreckage that have landed in certain parts of what is clearly a rural area. and everything that we're getting so far is adding up a very unfortunately to the worst possible scenario which is the presumption that all two hundred ninety five people on board this flight have perished in the process. and let's hear now from russian aviation expert yuri. given as his thoughts on the information that we have so far. look at this
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question again and i feel perfectly well it's another thing for the record. the other. people i think there's a lot of to be said stephen obviously she's not the type of i wouldn't rule out the possibility that the seven seventy seven boeing was also shot down by a missile i don't know by whom but i imagine there was where the ukrainian military simply because the ukrainian military what it was particularly the one on air defenses have a. little skill. like general situation in the ukrainian military suggest that they've been given the limitation from the supposed end as just conscripts meaning using missiles rather than our facilities with a good background in training. and thank you so this suggests that it's possible
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that this point could have been shot down by ukrainian missile. ok so there we have the expert opinion from russian aviation expert i mean everything points now we have a tragedy on our hands the problem now is it's almost offering up more questions than answers because we have the crash we're getting pictures what we strongly believe to be there bri no yet sightings confirmed of casualties but one can only expect to that point that's going to continue but you have also both sides in the conflict in the region denying any involvement so when you've got the experts saying this is a reliable plane they couldn't forsee circumstances in which it would have been some kind of failure us pointing to the conflict below but of course everybody is denying involved which is probably what you would expect at this point well. you know we're hearing from such people as the malaysian defense minister who's giving
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his thoughts on it it is incredibly difficult to give to get to give. an opinion on something like this because we are getting drips and drabs and i think we've got another expert standing by. to speak to it's keep. ok thanks so much again for for coming back to us and you know it is very difficult as it was seeing for you to actually speak in this situation but what what can you what can you offer your thoughts on this situation that looks now to have occurred and killed two hundred ninety five people. well it certainly is a another tragedy for malaysia airlines and for the aviation community as a whole and we certainly are thinking about all those on board at this point as you said no one's has taken responsibility so it's not certain what action has caused this whether something happened on board whether some form of external force that
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was acting on the airplane it's you know remains to be seen and i'm sure once the wreckage is located and sorted through they'll find out something about what could have possibly happened and i'm sure the first thing once they find the wreckage will be going for the voice and data recorders keith i just want to ask you you know in your expert opinion i mean everybody knows about the hostilities that are taking place on the ground and odd presumed that there wasn't thinking of a traffic going over this region but clearly in on this occasion that was does that surprise you well i'm not familiar with the air routes over that region but if the aircraft was not on the cleared routing then there could be an issue to be looked at with that and do you know much about that this particular airline malaysia airlines a fortunately members of the public are all too familiar with it because of a what presumed is a tragedy the missing airline from from earlier in the year and now another
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incident people are going to start asking questions about this particular airline maybe unfairly maybe not you know what's your experience of the airline. well my experience with the airline is that it's fine they've had a good record. in a circumstance such as this seems that it's unfortunate that it happened to malaysia but whether they were singled out or anything happened on board or the airplane was misrouted it's really not my brother he's in there and i'm also curious to find out what when you're talking about an airplane of this size as i understand the altitude is like ten to eleven kilometers up in the air at the moment people are guessing speculating the possibility that it was shot down just how difficult would that be today how substantial an explosion would it would want to bring down a lot of that size well i'm not an expert on the military. ground
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to air it or here there are defenses but i'm certain that there are systems out there that are designed to take out aircraft of any size. ok really seem to you to get the thoughts of focusing in that thanks so much possibly will speak to again a little later in the program yeah we're also getting more information from people who actually saw the crosshairs eyewitnesses in the area we were looking at pictures of the plumes of smoke accept or not i believe we can hear from some people who saw what occurred. order from going. rather is right there at the moment the mortar ordered and he says that about him a lot of people. there is a lot of debris. and. plane tickets amsterdam to merely they could be found there's lots of food skid around in there
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a dead body len around that they are impossible to count my brother says there are a lot of lots of people there. ok that was somebody who saw what occurred i believe we've got somebody else as well who witnessed them what now looks like a tragedy of two hundred ninety five people killed but if you're in. right now right next to the religious grab of this scenery is shocking i see smoking dead bodies all mutilated it is not that difficult to say to tell that this was a civilian aircraft you can see passports of malaysian and also the dutch national is scattered around the plane broke in lots of pieces which fell down within a perimeter of. some five hundred meters to a kilometer according to preliminary information from. the
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aircraft was shot down by a missile. which came from the positions of the ukrainian military this information will be very fired it is possible that the plane was shot down by ukrainian by air defenses i personally saw malaysian passports scattered around the side of the crash so far the area has not been sealed off firemen have just arrived and so far the debris is still smoking. version says it could be the air defenses that shut down this plane because the arm instead the militias have in southeastern ukraine is not enough to shoot to shoot down a plane from ten thousand meters above ground. so i witness reports. of what is an unfolding tragedy it seems like there's very little doubt about that no with all
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the information we're getting from different sources it is that an airline traveling malaysian airline boeing seven seven seven flight that was traveling from amsterdam to acquire them for it is reported to have crashed in eastern ukraine and the belief adis point is that all two hundred ninety five people on board two hundred eight people fifteen crew have perished in that flight and these are the latest pictures that we have for you from the ground of the smoke coming from the site of the crash with eyewitness reports of bodies on the ground no reports as yet of any survivors. aviation expert saying that this was indeed a reliable plane the boeing seven seven seven it's unlikely to have suffered any mechanical failure given its successful track record and that's leading everybody
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to speculate now about the possibility that this flight was indeed shot down because it was of course flying over the conflict zone in eastern ukraine when you've got the kiev authorities fighting against self-defense forces but of course you know both sides as you would probably expect are denying any involvement in this yeah and we should also point out as well that both the kremlin and the white house of not confirmed that president obama and president putin have spoken on the phone both about this on a by the violence in east ukraine they've called for an immediate cease fire that's also information that we are hearing russia's envoy to the u.n. vitaly churkin has said we didn't do it that was in response to a question by a reporter at u.n. headquarters in new york so we're getting information left right and center here coming in the malaysian. press themselves have said that we lost contact of of the plane two hundred ninety feet ninety five people were on board
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presumed dead but we are simply waiting confirmation as to what occurred we're seeing pictures of plumes of smoke we're seeing the actual wreckage we believe that this is what it is of this boeing seven seventy seven malaysian airline and as we said eyewitness reports of bodies on the ground it's getting hard now to refute i think what it appears that we're seeing and let's just take one more listen to these eyewitnesses because i mean these are the most credible sources information we're getting at this point from people on the ground it's certainly the closest anybody has been to this incident and take a listen. we're going to. my brother is right there at the moment. when you there are a lot of people. taking.


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