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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 18, 2014 3:29pm-4:01pm EDT

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you know they're stupid now you. know us all looking at this. listen model of the world cup house a two mile slower option. which of. course you cannot pull or should you own the role of religion who we should. work for. yes we'll. actually be a good model that good. you can afford to good mates and you're not so nice swayed to. lose you used to scam. you said. yes hello it's a door. on company with a new every in there you go to ensure. the
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struggle believed it only says we still smell of the smell of the proceed but national chains and he's a legend i'm going to disney when you're mr c. and i didn't go to city to get on the subject to you but it's that p.c. game about the husky if. he. couldn't take the good. news because he couldn't see bill. we'll have a bus that moves from similar us to you first because the short sword is invisible but you see that i've got the good seeds. of a mighty. little stone or you may just. the
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fitting. room should get the color of the rule. you don't. need. when you used it last week i. should get a new story to. bring up this new group east by you trust. the guy you. write in the bible that says. that he didn't just discard the initials of. movies and. i'm a homebody but you move in your. chest you claim he
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. shouldn't. be doing things that he just did you do you think you will be able. to. use me. for a. smooth. voice knew what. you need.
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you know the state. system on that one doesn't mean you know lives on. the beach you. know we're not the cubans the russians. the world or gives you a little meat they don't come out with a stranger and i just say well suppose that a plane or. somebody is laurin. sydney and you've been down but it's not it's not a bunch they're you know it's. yeah you just you would. suggest. anything. new. model have been with us the senior year which nothing in the stimulus that there's
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just been beaten. up stereo and a bun being. just an interview and. listening to the news is digital. signal. being scared when you have some. phrase right in the deputy that you. scrutiny screw binds. or that a might be discussed on the or if he's cute when i see is there the water for straight away to be. one. of the cooler for stylish room nobody will be able to all our local bus and ideas currently are. no i just we're
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going to receive our particular point sure yes but anybody will try i know plenty of the india so they don't wash of. shill for. the political about the. accord i can even especially drop a show for them to. the. beach with all my other kind of hook up others it's going to be easy for donors like all the. places that are so predictable to yourself that it's going to feel. that most of the. day they feel like i'm. not. sure. it's the middle. east i was going to get all the news she
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would want to get that first whatever you're with would you want to write one smooth enough for them to keep all the stuff that they're going to. stuff so we're going to subordinate oh so often or something has to be it's not something it's yours and you that's the other students. she's due to the city this and i still wouldn't want to show them home this evening. because for christmas parties. oh look it's not just going to push to buy shoes but still could be isn't so clumsy we still show on the trip to york i would you do you maybe we should just put up the d.v.d.'s you spent maybe you didn't follow the chinese bikini but she like you know a couple of your stories because they're waiting for them out so you don't. lick the plate you know if you did as you showed supreme you know in the book they will see that that's what. it's. such.
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my mom. read of the c.d.'s. i've been up in washington. is probably. the easiest. thing. is that she sticks yeah. i mean the my.
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mother pretty much.
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yeah. there or. in the. i pad and. right now with the just getting. it which if you. know. and in the us present is. bigger than. it should be for. those just because it is a. tiny.
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chance but look but they are. so high data quite a kid has a. right to swing it developing a whole. deficit.
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but it's a wolf that you know who could use them when you would see my coupon couple of the new. small study so what are you going to do you need to go up i'm going to move which is a couple of. you need. something. just look on school i mean why don't you push d.j. sure who's with the water but i choose a new you could. move the postal but. there's a media lead us a we need to maybe. like the scene push and secure the place your party years ago. shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all
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politics only on our team. lisa try to. see people are going to be. much more interesting taking every minute. of the time a no no law no weapons. like the pain. let's say. these cases to meet limits. sometimes for nothing which. is so nice and simple let's just. look just
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keep still we can still be jobst if you see a stage eight look to be. but speech was still. we chase profit very large very attractive and now very globally recognized source of oil for the world into the future the world's cheapest and best petroleum deposits have been mined out we have to use more energy to get this energy industries grow like a cancer in chile's square it's ten kilometers where. i'm going to whole area is slated for the remainder of her drinking water that's our wildlife service that's where fisheries we stop this is the end game when it takes
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a tons of sand to make one barrel of oil you know here at the bottom of the mine and that's where we're at. the chill ourselves. new boy in the book. but. you. did put the mr blewitt which insists. on the letters where the national doesn't post is not in.
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a shooting at. you. if. they. want to. look for further than that if. so. you could do if you. did say multiplication. games.
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you should go. see a news national. in the. early. pushes so we just. push. the. there's a good music give me a story to someone that there's that the. chord so quick. to tell it so the stevie.
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we are. putting is at the. back. but. he's not. there. you know book was in the woods when your mama but is run the tricky thing to do just makes you wish. we could move you do a. mushroom of the rude you. would want to do that there's a. lot of no grounds to what. is this. which molineux is this.
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is more news in the upcoming. the slopes of business you. why not because of the. swings and you do. and. you start your whole story. out of the new car you. see if you used to cry and scream. hi i think. maybe he. should. you know it's not i'm. very clear how thank you ninety five gave them.
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one couple i want to buy to be. proud but there's a huge i mean i do a little global but. easter is good for me has been polluted city money due. to me of the city is just doing some dumb shit of the first season most of us in there see. the super bowl with. what most assume the usually. only one bucket list of things but the gist of this jury is still the source to know that he lives on the side i do know i'm wishing the same way to go for him since i knew none of the like you by name musician with a weakness of the bush for the most money of the words the needs of. the seller were not to bite you i knew nothing. cut off i am putting up one we
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get what it is that the what you said you would say that if i did say anything i'm just a little hung up your knowledge about twenty minutes to help the one you got then you don't get it out of the machine then the only person you need to let me if anybody can give a shit about you and i mean nobody. so much love the shit with the puffed up to do much to my love to do with the still a bit steep but if we get it but the locals believe it is we've got to before they want you with us we'll see you should be here to help. them. build up a member well below. par with the. what are some of the ability to judge your predator video that could have been sentenced to death yes she was a very deep remember the magic touch and yes you. know one of these would get me
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does nothing to me understand. that you should. just accept the bible that you should take a big old man except you to be. good but what if they both think that politically would be a good dog with indignation about the money because there should be a code a widget or they should receive joe mcquaid but at the church because this is such a legit we. will have to take. you i don't want to say such a. bit about what they did to film a sure sign you had you must move the is delicious and we took what you want dark moon which of you is if you are more than bill shills i think both sides yes then move with both when you get the room right to call
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a really good. question ideally i'd give. me a little hans go with the new film and longs to mock god a lot. though you probably put the most on my chin if someone has the been big dumb are almost too stupid to me unless the g.g. would someone to tell me about the new prelaunch lodge and then you yanks at some of these nonstick them would you can walk i speak of would you say that austin a big nya. chest but don't get me that he's put the monks on the bus to go. show us just someone with a bun b. it would be jimmy who just some of them been the liberal force the friends. the temple shut so many pennies to use just shined in the shuffle chance and move on with my mince when he jason's. blow. a bunch of these. from the. rug.
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by just. learning. the new beginnings that just goes near. the bottom it was done with the money and what was it mostly due. to what i used that is there would be what was the one you buy you would or did not receive did seem awesome. oh. yeah. we don't believe you.
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after all you know my own now list you. for jim. and i'm going to do needle it down. to the jews dine yeah. some addition the dollar. appeared we didn't go down with. but he hunted to get you. know for this family stand. by yes dick someone knew what i knew what. a family with a good bit with a comedian and more about the. world when you took me at the bunny just because i don't belong that you mustn't.
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grind school high needs a wood chipper you really want. to go when your cup of skiing shows them that icy skates a lot of money. but what's the. right you know as to the. more starts of crude relaunch of what. they want she is sick of us not to be strong with another mother
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at the risk. of a billion on the sample we. could. oh. yeah yeah but it's a great cranes are mia but you're saying how does she know what of but you want it done must us three little words but the shimmer deal with them but only i knew. him is to do with them what i would say. when you post and i don't follow.
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but you will talk about. it till someone will laugh at you with the mosque you know you're born but you it in your heart just for the good of that has been been a process of where you want to when you go on my guard duty. you learn you for a job and for me don't you feel if we harness the word of a. brit you will finish throughout your sleeve but i'm so i'm going to sit it out.
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the mr bill says. let me finish he said. to give you the board so what. was accomplished you. need to. zip zip good lumber tour jim courier was able to build the most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything turns mission to teach the creation why it should care
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about humans and work this is why you should care only on the dog call. the tried to. play polo going to. get much more efficient teaching every minute. and. somehow make the law oh well. like. i think it's subtle. most cases it's. it's not just you steve. jobs you see the state.
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to be. each other that's. coming up on our t.v. we continue to follow breaking news of the downed malaysia airlines jet in eastern ukraine we have extensive coverage of the crash site and how the world is reacting to the news that it was shot out of the sky. and the violence in gaza escalates israeli defense forces have launched a ground invasion as the death toll rises the latest on the middle eastern crisis coming up. it's friday july eighteenth four pm in washington.


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