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tv   Politicking With Larry King  RT  July 25, 2014 12:29pm-1:01pm EDT

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easily release the public statement you declared now's the time to stop the movement toward oligarchies the time to create a government which represents all americans what it what you want a peaceful revolution what do you want senator well well that is exactly what i said look let's be clear you don't you would i would kids a couple of years ago. they taught us about oligarchy and they said look at these latin american countries we have a few families controlling the politics and controlling the economics of those countries well guess what's happening in america today you have as you've just in the created in terms of distribution of wealth you've got the top one percent owning about thirty seven thirty eight percent of the financial wealth the bottom sixty percent owns all of two point three percent ninety five percent of all no income goes to the top one percent that's oligarchy in terms of politics we're looking at a situation where the koch brothers and other billionaire families will be able to
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spend hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates to make the rich even richer that's called oligarchy so i think my fear is about this country moving toward an oligarchy oligarchy society on not on file that i think they're real unless we create a new type of politics where ordinary people start standing up for their rights rather than just allowing the top one percent that dominate us i think we are going to end up in an oligarchy to tell you about your proposed legislation corporate deserve as you would ban businesses from getting government contracts if they reincorporate overseas to avoid paying taxes do you expect that to get anywhere. well in the republican house of representatives to expect that to get anywhere no of course they don't you know many people now are in a sense you know receiving large sums of money from billionaire families and corporate interests and this is not in the best interests of corporate america but
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to my mind i mean it is beyond belief it is bad enough that we have trade policies which enable corporations to shut down in america and move to china and then be able to bring their products back to this country that has cost us millions of dollars now with these guys and say oh we're going to merge with an irish company or with a british company in order to simply lower our taxes that is you know really traitorous that is totally unpatriotic and unacceptable and if those guys want to do that they should not be allowed to bid on government contracts among many other things off the floor when you talk to your fellow senators whether they say the seems so logical what you've just said what do they say they counter what you've just said. of the argument is you know depends on who you talk to the people that i talk to most say of course we've got to take action against these people or the truth of the matter is as a percentage of our revenue right now corporate taxes are significantly less than
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it used to be you got one out of four corporations not paying a nickel in taxes today what the republicans will log you is all well the reason that these guys are going to ireland going elsewhere is because corporate taxes in america ought to hike and then what they do is they throw out a nominal rate a rate that's on the books rather than looking the real effective rate what people are really paying you look at what people are paying we're somewhere in the middle of the always see the bottom line is these corporations in many cases could care less about america about the people who gave them their wealth and they're prepared to move abroad if they can save a few bucks i think that's really wrong and you know long and successful career the ever feel the times don quixote ish that you have been fighting windmills ollie's years well yeah answer is i have been talking about issues for many many years i am
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that many people have not been talking about larry what i am proud of now is that more people are talking about these very same issues you know i've been talking about income and wealth inequality for thirty years today we got a whole lot of americans including the president of the united states what talking about those issues the question now is that we go beyond talk do we do something do we have the courage to take on these people who are worth unbelievable sums of money who are prepared to punish anybody who stands up against them do we have the courage to do that that's the issue are you call yourself a democratic socialist why aren't you a democrat. ok well i am not a republican to be sure because they have become a very right wing party i'm not a democrat because in my view the democratic party today is not anywhere near as strong as it should be and standing up for the vast majority of the people
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who happen to be working class people middle class people now i think the democrats do a far far far better job than the republicans democrats and i are trying to raise the minimum wage we're trying to make sure that long term unemployment people can continue to get the benefits the unemployment benefits that they need try to work for pay equity itself forth but bottom line do the democrats do most democrats are they willing to really stand up to the billionaire class that has so much economic and political power and the answer is no and i think that's one of the reasons why so many people now are disenchanted with both parties the reason f.e.c. filing you raise nearly seven hundred sixteen thousand dollars in the last three months nine times as much as you raise the preceding quarter so reported you have four point four million in the campaign account where's the money coming from and what are you going to do with a bar you are used to seriously considering running for president well you know in
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the presidential world records the billion dollars to run four point four million is you know kind of breakfast money. but i will tell you larry that and what i'm very proud of if you dig down into those figures that you reciting. we raise money. from mostly not all but mostly individual contributors who contribute on average i don't know somewhere around forty forty five dollars so when i run we've got tens and tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of contributors contributing you know forty fifty bucks sometimes twenty bucks sometimes ten bucks we do not get our money as many other senators do from big money interest getting back to your question laurie about democratic socialism i think it's important that we look to places like denmark sweden finland norway countries which have developed policies which protect the middle class in
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a way that many americans would be hard to they would find it hard to believe i mean you go to those countries health care is a right of all people not a privilege and yet with good quality universal health care they spend significantly less per capita than we do they have you know what higher education in those countries cost you want to send your kid to college to graduate school the answer is zero it is funded out of the overall tax base in this country kids are leaving school deeply in debt that is not the case in those countries they have strong child care programs when you have a baby you've got six months off with pay or with half pay or whatever it may be give in each country but they treat their middle class and working but will with a lot more respect than we do but they're much smaller and their children don't die in war right they they've got an easier road to hoe than a country of three hundred fifty million. well the answer is yes and no you know
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obviously they are small of they are more homogeneous that's true. and they probably spend a smaller percentage of their g.d.p. on the military and maybe there's a lesson that we can learn from that i find that you know a little bit in congress that we have people saying you know we got to spend more more on the military and you got forty million people this country have no health insurance and we have a child care system which is in terrible terrible shape. when you run for president are you thinking about it i am giving some thought that i haven't made a decision if i do it you know it the reason you know i'm hesitating going around the country is i want to see what people really think. for me to do well to win a presidential election would be that we would have to put together an unprecedented grassroots movement i mean you would need many many hundreds of thousands of people knocking on doors educating organizing and that is that is not
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an easy thing to do i thought i want to just give russell ross perot most did it well the difference between ross and me and i like ross is was a few billion dollars in his bank account i don't and that is that is a significant difference but he put together lots of people across the country he did that and so to barack obama for that matter but i think that the uygur in the frustration is out there that people very much want to change and a fundamental way the direction of our country and you know that's what i'm trying to ascertain as this president disappointed you how do you assess obama on a couple of levels the one he has an inch intelligent man he is very very smart too i like him very much personally. i would say my main criticism of
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barack obama. is that he seemed to think when he came in. and in the ensuing years. that he could negotiate with right wing extremists who really had no intention of ever to go shooting you know when you were in politics you know i've been in politics a while negotiation is part of what politics is about but you cannot negotiate with people who refuse to negotiate who really want to politically you score you and i think it took him a number of years to learn that lesson i think what he should have done is gone out to the people and made the republican party an offer they couldn't refuse and that is that that did not they did not support legislation like raising the minimum wage like a massive jobs program to put up people back to work rebuilding the infrastructure they would pay a political price for that because you had an educated and organized population ready to get involved politically that would be my major purchases learned it's
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always great talking with you thanks for joining us thank you very much for having me lar thank you senator bernie sanders a great american with degree of them or not a great american i hope is who join us again soon up next our political panel to talk about president obama's family crisis in the house and the problems along the u.s. border it's all next it's. very hard to take. that. with me here.
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repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry keep. norris. we post only what really matters. to your facebook news feed. welcome back to politicking we have troubling issues around lately ukraine the israeli palestinian conflict humanitarian crisis along the u.s. southern border what's a president doing right was he getting wrong that's what our panel is here to talk about the amy holmes the independent conservative an anchor at the blaze t.v. she also said to senior speechwriter for former senate majority leader my old friend bill frist and rigid probabilities of commentator host of the richard farleigh show he joins us from las vegas guys over the weekend secretary of state
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john kerry said that the fact that the united states of america is more engaged in more places in the world to a greater effect than it anytime in recent memory to our credit how do you react to that the well i think it was administration sort of jibber jabber i you know reporters journalists people across the aisle laughed at that and even today dianne feinstein the senator from the democratic senator from california and chair of the senate intelligence committee she told andrea mitchell on m.s.n. b.c. that this president needs to be more engaged he said quote that the world would very much respect greater attention paid to these matters she listed isis in iraq even over just this weekend isis was chasing out christians basically running a genocide campaign against them they've fled to the kurdish area of iraq of course you have the ukraine crisis with the shooting down of flight seventeen which president obama has been roundly criticized about another democratic senator joe
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manchin of west virginia this week and again told local news that the united that the world doesn't know what the u.s. stands for and that there has been a vacuum of leadership so president obama is getting criticism from across the aisle i name to two very prominent senate democrats who like to see this president more engaged rigid was he doing wrong. oh listen i think this president is engaged i disagree with amy on this point and i think that the truth of the matter is here is that our our our you know our foreign policy and our military is really stretched thin larry and i think that's the bigger problem here we're engaged all over the world and as i think this crises continue to mount on top of each other what we need is greater cooperation in washington from republicans and democrats to come together to sort of come up with a larger broader strategy on how we're going to handle this and sadly we haven't seen that because republicans in the sitting on the sideline this whole entire time i mean specifically what he wanted to do say. what he wanted to do. well
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unfortunately that is a crisis that was all too predictable when we took our troops out of iraq completely and left the iraqis to be overrun by these terrorists which has happened . is happened richard richard it's not funny it's not funny when christians. that's. is they continue let me finish let me continue to wait wait a second now this could very well i want to finish let him stay i want to i think that we what we need to be doing and you know the president signaled he would do this is to send troops in there as advisors to the iraqi troops we may have to bolster that that presence in iraq when it comes to afghanistan pulling troops out of there will predictably encourage greater levels of terrorism we know this when it comes to the ukraine what we could be doing is getting nato troops. to the ukraine to try to secure that crash landing site to secure those bodies we know
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that those bodies have been desecrated by pro russian militants. we can do listen amy at the end of the day this sort of boils down to and it was under the fact that republicans want to boil down foreign policy to a yes or no question and we know that's just not the truth now first let's deal with iraq and i wrote a piece in this house you can post just a couple weeks ago and the ideal of iraq has less to do with one president or another president this goes back fifty sixty years ago when the borders were drawn for iraq iraq has always been a crisis that we've had to deal with but we can't sit here and say this fall versus the amount the government because the american government does not work with. the sunni's at all and that's part of the problem there so when you talk about foreign policy and republicans are good for doing this they boil it down to a yes or no question as a little bit broader than that and i think what this president is really trying to do is build an international coalition work with our allies to get things done but he can't get that done all he's get when that when republicans continue to throw pebbles and stir. in washington what we need is that we need
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a comprehensive plan on how we're going to deal with our foreign policy when it comes to iraq we need to engage the iranians we need to we need to put together something to have six party talks we need to really find a way to get to the solution and it's not it doesn't involve putting american boots on the ground me do you think america the american public was support anywhere troops on the ground in harm's way right now anywhere. no and that is why i suggested they don't what when it comes to the ukraine crisis for example that we could be using nato troops to try to secure that ground zero the nato would be part of those troops will certainly and we were part of nato to go later into libya when we bombed to libya on which of course was something that president obama you know he led from behind so to speak with us bombs but in terms of these international crises richard wants to i don't know blame republicans for the president's lack of resolve lack of follow through we know that when the president quote unquote drew a red line when it came to syria that line kept moving and moving and turned into
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a green light bashar al assad has continued to use chemical weapons until very recently using chemical weapons on his own people but we have there is what appears to be a mass genocide and bashar al assad despite our president insisting that he must step down was just and so we would like to initial election so what we're going to weather is a sanctions resolution when john the president as the resident lays not that i wouldn't go very like i said it's a please don't talk over me richard when this president says that there will be serious consequences to you know our enemies crossing him and that they are not what that does is it invites adventurism you know do you think lattimer putin didn't notice that the american had no america had no response to black to bashar al assad crossing that red line i mean we're here is it about what part of the current lies the primary argument and your argument i mean i give him orders on the ground and more caskets going to the dover air force base and that's exactly what
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the american people don't want we don't want to see anymore of our young men and young women die on the front of a battle that of a war that's not ours and that's that's across the line that's democrat that's republican that's tea party that's that's progressive we do not want to see our men and women in body bags coming back out to dover air force base at point blank i'm not figured out exactly what republicans and exactly what you're suggesting what it when i've got it not it won't but i want to do in syria. what we do in syria would arm the rebels right because that's the john mccain solution and those of the go right back to isis that will be used to kill american troops just like we saw in iraq when we engage in the first time that isn't not at all what i'm suggesting and a big so what are you suggesting a conflict in the beginning of the syria conflict isis and jihad as radicals from all over the middle east had not yet got involved that was our opportunity but you know but at that point i really want to be that i'm going to rebel this president and those that offer go right back to isis i decided that i missed that opportunity i want to tell them that you know when you walk out and when you're going to not
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opening at least what is the guy said build into value let me take another sub and what does he do in these seemingly insoluble problem with rich at this time of the middle east what it what does it what does america do in that situation what i listen larry this is where diplomacy is going to be our strongest tool we need to bring all the powers that be we need to bring them all together whether it's the arab league whether work with the turkish government we need to bring everybody to the table and talk about how we come up with a solution to iraq in particular and i wrote about this in my piece let's get let's sit down with the iranian sit down with the turks the sit down with the current with the kurdistan of the kurdistan and let's come up with a solution maybe a three part a three state solution which joe biden proposed ten years ago and the george bush administration laughed at but we really need to do is find a way that we can create some sort of level of sustainable peace and that only comes when everybody's at the table and everybody's given a fair seat at the table and that is that we've seen this in ministration when you see more of the what do you do amy when children are killed on both sides what do
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you do. well certainly war is ugly and i think you need to look at where our national security interests lie and you know a conflict conflagration in syria conservatives warned about this would spill over into other parts of the middle east if we didn't take immediate action to try to help those native syrians that were fighting against bashar al assad's genocide against them in rising up for independence we didn't get involved in terrorist august they took advantage they took advantage of the people on the ground who were not well organized not necessarily great fighters took over that fight and then it's built into iraq and other places richard seems to be suggesting that this administration somehow hasn't brought people together to sit down and chat and talk about all these things the problem is the administration has been it's been too much talk and for example iran has just simply been gaming these talks and it's continuing to pursue. the lesson very clear let's be very clear very clear when i
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when i mention around and i will be very very clear on this one larry we're talking about iran iran is already engaged in iraq iran is already fighting the isis so they're fighting against isis and we're fighting the isis why are we talking to each other we cannot go around being american we cannot go out robbing the world version of the mean girls we've got to come to the table we've got to talk to folks we've got to find a way to instead of putting all that foreign aid they're putting out there to the world and bring them back home and rebuild america but i can only happen when the united states has the diplomatic conversation and we bring people to the table what any is suggesting is a world view where we continue to put our money our resources and our men and women on the ground all across the world have not just. not right here tomorrow us. on the ground in chicago and los angeles and we need to create a great new home. of course i agree with building up our domestic economy and jobs which and you know my solutions to that i'm sure would be very different from yours
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but at no point have i suggested that men and women merican men and women should troops should be put out of the way when i am talking about is us more world view money or diplomacy this do interrupt me a more muscular diplomacy or example what does anyone like you have to create like i'm about to explain it to you if you listen for example in the in the situation with ukraine these sanctions that we've placed which i will agree are actually tougher than what europe has done because they're far more dependent on russian energy but the sanctions that we could be imposing on russia could be much tougher they could deal with russian excuse me russian economy and businesses there the energy russia. let me finish richard this is like the fifth time i've asked you what we could be doing is imposing sanctions on russian businesses being able to participate in international financial markets be able to get loans from international lenders from u.s. businesses being able to do business with russia we could be doing that we're not we could be expanding our sanctions against the russian plutocrats we've done
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a bit of that it could be a lot tougher on them there is even a piece to say today to say that they're getting nervous that that might happen i'd like to see that happen but i would please ask you do not miss characterize me as suggesting i think we should put more men and women in harm's way on behalf of all these international problems what i'm suggesting is is this president as said by his own democratic supporters senator dianne feinstein just today say that this president is disengaged in his presidency and his diplomacy has not gone far enough bridget how do you react to that feinstein a prominent democrat. listen larry i listen i will agree with him and i think we can put we could put more signs on the russian that i think will see that come from this white house when the president started this sanction regime against the white house the scheme actually it was slow and steady and look at it will continue to do that this president will continue to do that and i think it's working we've seen the russian economy pretty much collapse but it cannot be u.s. sanctions alone that what's propping up the russian economy and aiming as well as i
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do is the europeans and so what we need to do is work with our european allies to say let's put more sanctions on let the e.u. put more sanctions on the russians and right now is the time to do it when it's not in the summertime so heating prices that he it's not cold so you have to worry about heating oil is that the third but we've that requires us to get to the come to the table and talk to our allies and try to get something done on that so i agree there but i think the world view overall that amy is suggesting as well who are more engaged cross the world and the more engaged become is code word for us for us to sending more troops a crab a montreal probably that is you know i mean that i'm not he said that that is not my world view i have said it over and over and you put it one of the ways and yet keep mis characterizing me if you want to have this argument with john mccain have it with john mccain but you're having this argument with me. i would rather have time thank you both very much as always sprightly and in liking. thanks larry larry thank you the beautiful amy holmes the dashing richard fowler. and i don't want to
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