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tv   Headline News  RT  July 28, 2014 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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it's the politicians write the laws and what it's. just too. coming up on our t.v. and weekend humanitarian ceasefire ends on a holy holiday weekend but today blood continues to spill in gaza an update on the conflict that seemed a death between israel and gaza skyrocket just ahead. an enthusiastic rabble to get their trigger finger on the a k forty seven some of the u.s. sanctions on russia may cause a shortage of the high profile weapons or on that just ahead. and hundreds of thousands of guns paid for by the u.s. government went to afghanistan security forces have the weapons already wound up in the wrong hands our tears on the story later in today show.
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hello there it's monday july twenty eighth five pm here in washington d.c. islands in france you're watching our team america. palestinian and israeli casualties are rising as the gaza conflict reignites after a weekend lol in violence ten palestinians are reported dead after a missile hit a refugee park in gaza today hospital workers say nine of the victims were under the age of twelve gaza police claim israeli missiles israeli military blames a failed rocket attack launched by hamas the palestinian death toll has now hit more than one thousand according to the gaza health ministry most of those killed are civilians the israeli military reports that nine more of its soldiers were killed in separate attacks raising the israeli death toll now to above fifty over the weekend hamas announced a halt to fighting ahead of celebrations to mark the end of ramadan the twenty four hour ceasefire extension failed to hold on sunday as both sides traded fire now israel's prime minister is urging residents in the gaza strip to evacuate as the
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israeli military warns gaza militants that the worse has yet to come artie's harry fear reports from gaza. this is meant to be a day of celebration giving the islamic context of a holy holiday about really on the ground palestinians are extremely fatigued by this conflict which has caused incredible civilian loss almost everyone you speak to quite literally knows a relative or has themselves directly been caught up in the operation which is lost of course over twenty days and killed hundreds of women and children we've seen hospitals hit directly or indirectly and of course hundreds of homes just a few days ago a taxi driver that's the crew here in gaza who are some of the infrequency he was actually assassinated by a drone missile a few hours after we were using him for filming a report for r.t.
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the place looks like an incredible war i'm joined now by shah he is a resident of beit lahia in the north area of the gaza strip just a couple of days ago his home was demolished by israel can you tell us what happened. in the morning as we were taking water so we we hear a shelter and a scary in our in our quarters to evacuate our homes if weekly get here they didn't evacuate don't because my his his wife going out so we evacuated don't then and they've been coming and strike when we hear how vocal it's sixteen bomb in our homes we found my cousin he's dead. and my my cousins some of my cousins were injured and despond we are not hamas and we are not just by the senior both of the parties israel and hamas about strong in that
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position wanting to gain concessions israel wants destroy hamas infrastructure the palestinians here. mass once again concessions with respect to the siege of gaza the slicing continues on the civilian loss continues that was our correspondent harry fear israel has now acknowledged it unintentionally bombarded the courtyard of a un school in gaza last week on sunday an israeli military spokesman released a short video he claims show that israeli troops did fire into the yard but it was empty at the time the video has not been independently verified many weapons in israel's arsenal come from the us which is a major supplier artie's more important i has more. well u.s. president barack obama has joined the global chorus of world leaders calling for an immediate ceasefire in the middle east the un fortunate irony is that america has provided most of the weapons the israeli military is currently using to wage war on
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to gaza washington is the largest single supplier of military equipment to tell of the as of two thousand and nine israel receives more than ninety five percent of its weapons from the united states that's according to britain's former foreign minister david miliband israel also remains the top recipient of u.s. international aid receiving three point one billion dollars in annual foreign military funding during the most recent budget year the us provided two hundred thirty five million dollars towards the production of israel's iron dome anti rocket system and nearly three hundred million dollars of additional u.s. funding towards other missile defense programs these figures are according to u.s. congress's own think tanks since israel launched operation protective edge three weeks ago hundreds upon hundreds of palestinians have been killed and according to the u.n. one out of every three killed in gaza is a child an additional one hundred forty thousand civilians on the strip have been
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displaced and while the u.s. has invested in one missed capital in building up israel's military might also intended has much less control will influence over how tough it is using the american made missiles and guns it's hard for. r t. a team of foreign police had to abandon their efforts to reach the side of the malaysian plane crash in eastern ukraine they managed to reach the nearby town but the ongoing fighting prevented that from getting any further according to an united nations report as of july twenty sixth the death toll stood at more than eleven hundred with more than three thousand four hundred wounded arches remained kosar of is following the attempts of the group to reach the scene. international team of police force say involving a straight in and the netherlands nationals are unable to reach the crash site still flight m h seventeen for they second day in a road we are sick and tired of for you to drop its bike gunfights despite the fact
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of you have agreed that they should be a ceasefire but were stopped short of reaching the site about twenty kilometers in that sound off i shall go where heavy fighting continues. and the gunfire is said very throughout the city as if people can using you tube in the area. now this is all despite the announcement by president of our schenkel alpha no combat zone within forty kilometers off that area and out of town of shot to arsk is only about fifteen to twenty kilometers away from that site so that was clearly violated a both sides are blaming each other for intensifying off the fighting in the air the crash sites of malaysia airlines flights and meanwhile the always see and the international team of experts are still trying to get to the side of the tragedy that was r t correspondent from an khosla the united states has released satellite shot slides showing what it calls ground scarring from rocket rocket launch site in
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russia and the direction of ukrainian military united across the border they were reportedly taken between last wednesday and saturday on sunday a phone call between secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov ended with an understanding that despite disagreements fighting must be stopped arches made a law passes at the state department and brings us more. another onslaught of accusations are coming out against russia this afternoon the u.s. state department is pointing to the release of a four page document with satellite images of eastern ukraine as evidence of moscow's tampering in the region these images that reportedly show signatures of self-propelled artillery being fired over the russian border along with craters on the ukrainian side matching this project to re of that rocket fire the images are attributed to us director of intelligence though they have not been independently
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confirmed or veracity state department officials say that the heavy shelling occurred between july twentieth and july twenty third after the downing of malaysian airlines flight seventeen and that these images unequivocal prove that russia is militarily involved in the region it's clear that russia has a significant influence over the separatists and could if it so desired get them to cease and desist so in that sense there is a clear and ongoing culpability by russia for events in eastern ukraine for failure to deescalate the situation and indeed for the context in which all of this happened including the shoot down of the airliner so let's take a look at some of these images now this one is from july twenty third in the reportedly shows a variety of munitions being fired in the direction of the ukrainian military is a unit stationed in that region the document says that this type of artillery is only in the possession of one military in the region and that is moscow's this image shows the before and after satellite images of an area that is riddled with
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craters in eastern ukraine from rockets with the ability to travel over seven miles and this one shows the trajectory of another series of shelling which reportedly struck a local village say at the state department spokeswoman jen psaki said this about these satellite images and we felt it was important to put this information out publicly. it shows. gauge mint by the separatists and with support from with russian artillery in the suffered as you know we've been concerned about that engagement and that escalation and this provides further example of that part of the timing of this documents released comes into question along with where the images originally came from here's what spokesman seche had to say about those questions well we wouldn't have put them out publicly if we didn't feel confident about the accuracy. classify information as we can to make it
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available to all of you and to the american public in the international community and that was the case here now these most recent revelations could have brought on implications for moscow the u.s. that might be able to use this evidence as leverage to convince members of the european union to broaden their own sanctions or to add new sanctions against russia a notion that is looking more likely by the day reporting in front of the state department meghan lopez r.t. . russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has weighed in with his thoughts on what western countries should be pushing for in this situation artie's marina cost her about was listening in on the media briefing. the foreign minister brought up the peace plan in ukraine saying there it is and why it failed this because the ukrainian government rejected dialogue would be a position of resorting instead to military force he also went on to brush off allegations that russia is sending weapons to government fighters across the border
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highlighting russia's invitation to international monitors to go to those checkpoints and question where this is allegedly happening to see for themselves. and invited european observers to russian border checkpoints with ukraine to observe the situation there it's been two weeks since died in the taishan and u.s. or british and ukrainian diplomats have taken efforts to convince them. not to accept that offer the foreign minister said that he hopes that one international experts do finally get there that will see for themselves that there is no arms transportation and there will be all these accusations the no when it comes to the mh seven to the plane crash that a lot of reiterated calls walking a fall for an objective investigation reminding everyone that russia has presented its data regarding this tragedy and its expecting and so western counterparts partners to do the same and show their evidence as well now the foreign minister said it's still unclear exactly what the west wants to do and what it expects from
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it now as we know of course they're more a sanction slapped on russia at this point when it comes to the economic repercussions although the sanctions. said that russia is confident that it will be able to open any can all make hardships and in fact this could actually make russia become more moment. and also he stressed that russia will not. want to treat the situation with a clear our president has already said we cannot ignore that but getting hysterical and responding with the backlash is beneath a large country and. we do not want any hysteria we have dignity and we proceed from that the so-called enforce were also brought up and said again. that why certain the media are actually refusing to consider a version of events and what's troubling him the most up the minutes is the fact that regulators in the u.k.
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are trying to clamp down on our coverage of the ukrainian crisis and he wrapped up the conference by saying by saying it's really important right now to show the full picture of what is happening in ukraine and that the only thing that russia wants to achieve there is peace and the only way that this can be achieved accordance that again is through an all inclusive dialogue. that was our chief correspondent marina closer into the gun industry is already feeling the pinch after the u.s. pulled the trigger on sanctions against russia's eight firearms firms gun shop owners are experiencing a run on their inventory of kalashnikovs or a k forty seven stock threatens to dwindle archies millet chance reports freezing our russian businesses with new sanctions are now making the kalashnikov concerns eight hundred forty seven the hottest gun in the market the obama administration imposed sanctions on many russian owned companies just over a week ago over claims that russia is backing and arming the separatists in eastern ukraine something that russia denies now one of those firearms targeted is the
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famed manufacturer kalashnikov concerned that produces arguably the world's most popular firearm a k forty seven i talked to nearly a dozen gun shop owners within the tristate area who normally sell the russian a k forty seven and their response was unanimous that when the news broke they sold out within days and one shop owner said that he sold out the same day now many of those shop owners told me that they now have wait lists going for the remaining shipments coming in from distributors local gun distributors have made public statements on their web sites like this one from atlantic firearms stating quote notice to our customers please note due to the recent import ban on russian base a case firearms we are experiencing heavy order volumes please expect it to take approximately forty seven business days for any order to ship out california orders may be slightly longer we're working hard to ship orders out as quickly as possible
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thank you now this of course is also driving up the prices on these rifles that typically retail for just over seven hundred dollars private sellers and authorized dealers are now asking for north of a thousand dollars and they say it won't stop there some speculators. estimate prices could even double as the rule of supply and demand goes supplies run short demand goes up now it should be noted though that the russian version of these guns make up only a fraction of the case sales in the united states on average importing approximately a quarter million units of these guys per year according to the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms other a k forty seven style weapons like the ones from china and germany will still be available as usual however customers for the russian rifle have expressed anger and frustration due to obvious price increases and the availability for now tensions between the u.s.
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and russia continue to grow and gun enthusiasts across the states will likely have to buy their kalashnikovs from the secondary market from washington manila chan artie's. fast food giant mcdonald's has found itself on the battlefield with russian officials once again federal consumer protection agency has lashed out at the fast food chain to what it calls sanitary violations found during checks archies recent national investigates the battle over the golden arches. precious consumer rights watch took is definitely not love and hate and they struggle to drink is just one product in the firing line in may regional grandchildren also but the sword watched a one to two checkpoint one of the fast food chains outfits in nizhny novgorod not far from mosco and declared the caesar sandwiches wrap sandwiches and vegetable salads were contaminated with e. coli bacteria it also complained that to make this is deceiving people about the
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energy and traditional value of its cheeseburgers milkshakes and ice cream although the food giants denied everything officials are going to call it a new way to raised the possibility of further inspect a ship is included here in mosco and other russian regions and we can expect that some items could soon be taken off the menu russian officials though stressed that they're not planning any kind of fun of the brand itself here in the country spain twenty five years since windows first came to russia it has opened more than four hundred restaurants all across the country and these latest developments have met a mixed public reaction in some russian cities people took to the streets calling on the authorities to shut down the chain restaurants they were carrying banners with white insulting masson just on them accusing. us of posing the russian people but others expressed their concerns about any possible ban complaining that they would be nice their favorite burgers they called will hold a preliminary hearing in august but the key hearing is likely to happen in
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september well let's see. that was actually correspondent for national reporting. as united states attempts to wind down its presence in afghanistan by the end of the year a newly released report from the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction has caused some worry it finds that the defense department has not accurately tracked almost three quarters of a million weapons purchased for the afghan national security forces artes and a cessna churkin have joined us earlier from. new york i started by asking her just how bad this lack of oversight is. well lindsay at this u.s. government office really believes this report this monday that highlights really a staggering disorganization and american really when it comes to the way that weapons that are being shipped to afghanistan are tracked and monitored this the special investor special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction are basically saying that the guns many of the guns that have been shipped to
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afghanistan seem to be really poorly tracked some of the numbers that they cite are that since two thousand and four the united states has shipped about seven hundred forty seven thousand weapons and other equipment to again a stand at of an estimated price of about six hundred fifty six million dollars and this includes four hundred sixty four sixty five thousand small arms and the fear is that tens of thousands if not more of these arms the way they have been moved and shipped and where they are now is basically in a very messy situation what they're saying is that the danger really is that considering the enormous amount of money that is spent obviously u.s. taxpayer money on these weapons the future is that they could end up in the wrong hands of course as you mention as the united states pulling out of the get it down and plans to really have every single doubt by the year twenty sixteen specifically they've discovered just between two thousand and eleven and twenty thirteen over
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one hundred twelve thousand small arms were sent to afghanistan more than necessary and the fear is that while the number of personnel continues to recede the number of these unnecessary arms on the ground will grow. so why is there so much disorganization with something so important like this going on who's responsible for the day to day monitoring of these weapons linsey that's really the most. gordon question that seems to come to mind in this story and we have the d.o.d. saying that once the weapons are out of their hands and in afghanistan it's up to the afghan forces to monitor that but in fact according to the n.b.a. of twenty ten it is the responsibility of the department of defense to keep track and monitor what happens to the weapons that they're shipping overseas and specifically the reason this mess is ongoing right now is because the department of defense in the u.s. uses these two systems one of them tracking shipping and the other tracking the
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receiving off of weapons on the ground and it turns out that these two systems are not even linked together these two databases are not linked to each other and require me manual use and putting in information for every single weapon and the result is that this report has discovered is that information often does not match there is different kate information and that really the database is incomplete and just to give you some more numbers that this report this review has discovered is that around four hundred seventy thousand serial numbers recorded in just one of these systems over forty percent of the information is missing or is duplicated so you can imagine i mean obviously these are serious serious numbers and they're basically saying that tens of thousands of serial numbers have no shipping and receiving date so it's a mess and in afghanistan we also have a situation where this report has discovered that often the case is that the weapons and their whereabouts are basically tracked in a handwritten form or an excel sheet so obviously there's no you know unified
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system and that's what's been creating this. well yeah sounds sounds to me if this is all true it sounds to me like someone needs to take semester excel spreadsheet lessons she said and i think this is cost one hundred one now this is not the first time poor accounting for weapons afghanistan's become a concern is there any evidence that maybe these weapons have already found their way into the hands of the wrong people. there's certainly been quite a few reports throughout the last two years i mean this winter alone we heard from a nonprofit. journalist group that said that they have evidence that corrupt police forces in afghanistan were supplying the taliban with some of these weapons report in two thousand and nine from the general accounting office that serial numbers of forty six thousand weapons had basically not been written down at all and making officials in the us completely lose track of these numbers and this particular special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction they have previously conducted investigations into
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a food storage unit worth three million dollars that was never built a plan to plant soybeans that weren't even needed in afghanistan as the ended up saying worth thirty four million dollars so certainly lots of questions about the way this money is being spent and has been spent and certainly in the way the tracking of the spending has been conducted all right are to correspondents and associates in new york thank you very much. the summer of two thousand and fourteen has seen bloody conflict spread out over eastern europe gaza iraq syria and libya with social and political tension reaching far and wide since history is sometimes a valuable teacher it's important to remember another summer of conflict that ended in more bloodshed than anyone expected one hundred years ago today what's been called the war to end all wars kicked off world war one was put into motion on a june day in one nine hundred fourteen with two shots fired from the gun of a serbian assassin which killed archduke franz ferdinand of austria hungary and his wife one month later on july twenty eighth one nine hundred fourteen emperor of
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france joseph of austria hungary declared war on serbia allies of both sides assembled and a bloody battle raged until november one thousand eight hundred leaving more than five million dead troops in its wake along with the set up of another world war so today as we remember the lives lost in that great war perhaps it can provide us some perspective on how important is to learn from history. and before we go don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now tonight's guest is oscar winning actress and star of the t.v. series true blood anna paquin here's a snippet of what's to come what was a favorite part about playing suited to good sookie is kind of the ultimate. compilation female character that doesn't really exist she gets to sort of like where cute clothes and be cute and blonde and perky but like kick ass and get the everloving whatever kicked out of her and be involved in all the stuff that normally plotlines would be sort of the male characters you like to oh she's
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awesome i mean she makes it sometimes but. but then also if she doesn't make poor choices there's no drama. to nine pm right here on our team america. and we've got breaking news into our two newsroom concerning our top story more fighting is underway in gaza the sky has been lighting up with rockets in the last few minutes got live pictures right here earlier today israel's prime minister urged residents in the gaza strip to evacuate saying the israeli military warned gaza militants that the worst is yet to come we'll continue to follow this story throughout the evening to bring you the latest at eight pm but that does it for now we will see you back in just a couple of hours at eight. you. scored slips. through the finish line that are you. still.
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like. the old you. by a clear public outrage the surveillance state keeps growing the n.s.a. has prism the police have cameras everywhere our tech companies watch every word we type we're being watched more than ever and now that terrible trend is starting to invade our most private of space through the bathroom there's been
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a rash of news stories lately about employers hiding cameras in bathrooms to spy on their employees a hidden camera was just found in a cleveland t.v. news station bathroom apparently someone had been vandalizing the men's room so someone at the station put a hidden camera there to find out who the culprit was the same things happened at wal-mart at duane reasons so many employers have been caught putting cameras in bathrooms to watch their employees many states have laws explicitly prohibiting cameras in bathrooms or any areas where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy and that includes employees or customers but even without an explicit monitoring wall the state court. laws can be invoked to protect privacy where it's reasonable to expect it but the expectation of privacy in the bathroom seems to be clear leave dying out at least from a legal perspective as proof just look to a judge's ruling in virginia dennis smith the owner of calabash seafood restaurant
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and midway lounge installed a surveillance camera in his men's bathroom right above the stall as a way to catch pandal smith maintains the cameras weren't pointed right at the toilet or the euro no so it wasn't an invasion of privacy however someone went into changes clothes in the bathroom thinking it was a private area and the whole thing was filmed by the camera so smith was arrested for unlawful videotape but the judge in the case just ruled in favor of and then the judge actually agreed with smith's reasoning that since the person changing was not in a stall technically if the bathroom door swung open anyone could have seen him so most of the bathroom is as good as a public space so smith got off and the judge just sat and in a president lost only allowing for kerry.


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