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any rights that are fixed or the extra headlines say there's a reason they don't want you do not. want to tell your friends that you. know let's break the set. coming up on r t gaza under siege a night of intense bombing from israel sends the death toll soaring plus the main power plant in gaza is taken out in the attack leaving many in the dark an update on the violence just ahead. and the area around the malaysian plane crash in ukraine is still not secure more fighting in the region is stopping international investigators from having full access to the crash site report from ukraine coming up. and reining in the n.s.a. a new senate bill on capitol hill would curb the spy agency its collection of phone and internet data here in the u.s.
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so does this bill go far enough more on that later in the show. tuesday july twenty ninth four pm in washington d.c. i'm a mere a david and you're watching r t america. we begin with the crisis in the middle east flares turned the sky over gaza city orange overnight in the heaviest bombardment from israel in the fighting so far today israeli defense forces struck symbols of hamas as control in gaza and fire tank shells that shut down the areas only power plant the fighting today claimed the lives of at least one hundred palestinians bringing the death toll up to well over a leavened hundred people in the last three weeks in that same period over fifty israelis mostly soldiers have been killed artie's harry fear is on the ground in gaza with more. we saw extraordinary scenes where the flares drops by the israeli
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military lifts up vos neighborhoods of smoke crossed the skyline an extraordinary number of flags it was an extraordinary scene it almost was not like the night anymore here we've seen significant strikes overnight people have called some of the incidents massacres just north of here about two minutes drive from seoul the demolition of the home of the gaza prime minister ismail haniya five minutes drive from here we saw attacks we believe after sixteen strikes on the top of the al sure route tower a media building on the top floor is hamas is t.v. station we also saw just a few hours ago the targets of basically his main and only power station and this of course now is going to. plunge the electricity crisis of gaza already very severe into a. downward trend we've been looking at the plight of those caught up injured and
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displaced as the hostilities continue it's meant to be a time of celebration the beginning of the islamic holiday should most of gaza's population its children are entirely deprived of stability and security of post and . power lies and not even like a mother and two sisters killed it breaks on top of the seven year old to which she died when she woke up with new feeding. their kids they don't have any guns they don't have any they have lived in the dream i want to live a i want to go to. i want to have a bit. there are children what his if all the foot forward for this country just along the corridor down the way says his son undergoes surgery having lost a hand in the attacks his pregnant wife loves the big. to top it off like hundreds
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of others they also lost their homes totally destroyed it strikes on the public show you neighborhood palestinians are in a free way fatigued by this war it's be to be felt a little more during the supposed holy days now palestinians call this the eat of moses harry fear. now to breaking news here in washington president obama announced a new round of economic sanctions today against russia over the ukrainian conflict to break down everything we heard today i want to bring in artie's meghan lopez who is standing by at the white house so meghan what do these latest sanctions entailed . america as we heard just moments ago president obama spoke outside of the white house and said in no uncertain terms that he and the united states along with its european allies are going to be strengthening sanctions against russia they say that the sanctions that are already
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in place against russia u.s. sanctions that are already in place against russia are making a weak russian economy weaker and that they're hoping that this newest round of sanctions won't force russia to actually cooperate and deescalating the conflict and let's hear from president obama himself in terms of the newest round of sanctions. today. and building on the measures we announced two weeks ago the united states is imposing new sanctions and key sectors of the russian economy energy arms and finance we're blocking the exports of specific goods and technologies to the russian energy sector we're expanding our sanctions to more russian banks and defense companies that were formally suspending credit that encourages exports to russia and financing for economic development projects in russia. now president obama in that same speech went on to
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say that he understands obviously that ukraine and russia have long lasting ties and that those ties are going to continue economically business wise in the future he also went on to say that russia is quote isolating itself from the international community after decades of genuine progress and not only pointed the finger at russia but specifically of president vladimir putin and do we know why the administration has chosen to do this now i mean what kind of message is president obama trying to send. the message obviously that the deescalation of this crisis needs to happen and soon now the reasoning in the timing that this kind of all came together has to do with those satellite images that were released on sunday from the state department those satellite images that reportedly show russian rockets being fired over the border into ukraine at ukrainian military units that along with what the pentagon has been saying yesterday and has been saying today which is that they believe that there is a massive build up along the russia ukraine border of troops and also that the flow
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of artillery and heavy weapons is still continuing to separatists in ukraine from russia itself so president obama president kerry are saying that the words have a lot of your putin is speaking are great but actions that need to take place now in order to deescalate the tensions that we are currently seeing between ukrainian separatists and the government all right our two mega lopez thanks for that update . earlier this afternoon the european union also decided to impose a fresh round of sanctions targeting russia's oil defense and tech industries peter oliver has more. e.u. governments have agreed on a new round of sanctions these will target huge sectors of the russian economy we understand those sectors being things like the oil industry the defense industry financial sector as well as what's being called sensitive technologies as it stands
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at the moment though there's no exact wording on how these sanctions will be implemented what we do know is that it comes after the expansion of the individual sanctions list just last week now these individual sanctions targeted private individuals as well as companies the difference between the two is that these new sanctions will target sectors of the russian economy to the latest sanctions will be reviewed in three months time so where is this does seem like the ratcheting up that sanctions against russia the deal as it stands at the moment is a preliminary deal and we don't really know just yet what effect these sanctions will have on the russian economy and how they will be implemented now as r.t. correspondent peter oliver our own russia has officially rejecting the photographic evidence presented by the u.s. allegedly showing russian artillery shelling ukrainian territories artie's gynae czech can has more on their response. some journalist received the satellite pictures which the u.s.
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presents as evidence of russian shelling into ukraine via e-mail but much of the world found out about it from the twitter account of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine one of the images according to u.s. officials shows russian self-propelled artillery in washer and the other part of that same image u.s. intelligence determined shows craters inside ukraine indicating strikes from artillery the date on the picture is july twenty third these images have changed quite a few hands before they made their way into the embassadors tweets on all of these pictures you see the name of the company digital globe which is a commercial provider of satellite imagery and aerial photos the office of the director of national intelligence is said to have analyzed the pictures and written all these captions with their analysis and then they handed it to the city apartment to be released twitter the spokesperson of the russian defense ministry had this to say such materials were posted on twitter coincidentally since it's
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impossible to establish their authenticity due to lack of exact reference to the location and the extremely low resolution. journalists now operate in an environment where both sides that is the u.s. and russia brushoff evidence put forward by the other u.s. officials attack media that they're to even question the information that they put forward so r t came under yet another attack this time on twitter here's the u.s. embassy in washington responding to our news tweets about the satellite images it says considering who pays artists bills it's not surprising that are to questions validity of u.s. satellite evidence and then there is another tweet saying given some of the experts shown on our teats very hard to believe anything they say one has to wonder if the underlying implication is that everybody absolutely must believe everything the us government says and presents this evidence well there's not much questioning in the us mainstream media c.n.n. has learned jewish intelligence satellites and radars have monitored repeated or
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chiller retired from the russian side of the border for the last several days in washington i'm going to check on our team dutch prime minister mark rootie has called ukrainian president petro poroshenko to ask government forces this type to stop fighting in the vicinity of the malaysia airlines crash site this comes after aviation investigators said they were meeting obstacles in getting across the scene for the very latest on the conflict let's go to our tease roman coast who's on the ground in eastern ukraine. flight has certainly intensified in and around the city of donetsk in eastern ukraine now since the goal of goal was one of the heaviest hits and according to local authorities at least thirty one people had died as a result of artillery fire including eight children now people continued soof leave the town all fog whorl of sky and one of the buses it's
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a reach the town of shafts are square it was shelled once again and another child had been killed and twelve people were injured now that particular area is very close to the site of the crash of flight m.h. seventeen it's on the ballots fifteen to seventeen kilometers away and the heavy shelling continues there as well and give and anti-government forces continue to blame each other or does it give the exact said meanwhile the holy see the mission as well as the international police force including such as trained in nationals cannot get to the sites of m h seven seen for the third day in a row now all this is happening despite the announcement of a forty kilometer no call back zone by president bush and called all this that has been violated and the resigned just as the international observing mission and the police force cannot get to the sites of the crash. i was r.t.
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correspondent roman cars for a and wide of the reason downing of a malaysian airliner top officials from four international organizations met today in montréal to discuss risks to civilian aviation in conflict zones meaning brought together representatives of the international civil aviation organization and three other groups that represent the world air carriers airports and aaron navigation service providers artie's along the france is in our newsroom with the very latest highlands a. hi there well when malaysia airlines flight seventeen went down on july seventeenth one of the first things people asked aside from how it fell out of the sky was why it was flying through that part of the sky to begin with after all eastern ukraine is a well known hot spot with rebels having bragged about surface to air missile capability just days earlier they had also reportedly taken down two ukrainian military aircraft in the region and the moments after news hit of flight seventeen crashing
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civil aviation regulators rerouted flights over that entire corridor today at a special high level meeting of the international civil aviation organization airline groups addressed safety and security problems for civil aircraft operating in airspace affected by conflict as international air transport association director general and c.e.o. tony tyler stated overwhelmingly the system has historically worked but in his view the make seventeen tragedy has highlighted two gaps that must be felt and once the cleaner accurate information on which to base operational decisions on where and when it is safe to fly and they consider me certain ones were told that flights above thirty two thousand feet traverse ukraine would not be in homes where we now know how wrong collins wants it's essential but it won't receive clear guidance regarding threats to the passengers crew and their craft this is a small debility of states that can be the excuses. even sensitive
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information can be sanitized in a way that ensures airlines could essentially. actionable information without compromising methods since. tyler insists that while governments are responsible for passing along information to the airlines the industry is ready to assist in every way possible it's a major priority that can be addressed in the short term the second gap though may take longer to fill but it's just as important. there is no region national mall or convention if the person's own state's duty to manage the design and manufacture of a deployment of anti aircraft weapons we have conventions address chemical nuclear biological weapons prosecutes motors it's who work in this trade generally. has demonstrated that potent sophisticated anti aircraft which really is the hands of normal stated to today's. accuse leadership i'm confident we can find ways within
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the united nations system to meet the international little framework to ensure that states fully understand the discharge of their responsibilities i k.-o. is immediately establishing a senior level taskforce to address civil aviation and national security issues which will investigate how best to collect and disseminate information pertinent to civil aircraft safety it will then communal meeting in two thousand and fifteen to review long term procedures and set them in motion it was hotspots in iraq syria libya and gaza heating up passengers the world over need new confidence that they're safe when they step onto that aircraft in the news or lindsay france party . the u.s. has concluded that russia is violating a landmark arms control treaty by testing are prohibited ground launch cruise missile it's a finding that was conveyed in a letter from president obama to president putin late yesterday the issue stems from one thousand nine hundred eighty seven treaty that bans american and russian
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ground launch a ballistic or cruise missiles capable of flying anywhere from three hundred to thirty four hundred miles that agreement was signed by former president ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev the soviet leader at that time it helped fuel the end of the cold war but the u.s. is now alleging that russia conducted missile testing breaching the accord the u.s. has expressed its concern in the past over possible violations but this is the first time. now the administration has formally accused russia of violating the treaty this latest allegation comes as tensions high and between the two countries over an escalating conflict in eastern ukraine and the recently downed malaysian airliner. still ahead here on our team trying to stop mass surveillance by the n.s.a. a new bill on capitol hill would stop the agency from collecting massive data of your phone calls and internet history more on that after the break.
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the clip. the the. list. all right now to the latest in the battle for n.s.a. reform senator patrick leahy introduced new legislation today that puts sweeping limits on u.s. surveillance through the usa freedom act here's leahy announcing the bill this morning this is a debate about americans fundamental relationship with their government about whether our government you have the power to create massive databases of information about his citizens. or whether we are in control of our own government not the other way around. but aggressive bill is thinking to address concerns that tech companies and civil the liberties proponents
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have expressed about a previous house bill that passed back in may so what's in this new bill and can't realistically get passed before congress goes to recess in august to discuss i'm joined by r t producer tyrrell ventura tyro it's good to have you won so one of the things people were really concerned about with the last bill is that it would have still allowed for broad collection of data apparently the language and that was it was very vague what does this new version address does it address that issue well senator leahy you know really went in and beefed up that initial bill he basically a bans bulk collection of data completing it requires the government to kind of narrowly limit its scope into the you know into its of its collection and it makes clear the government cannot just kind of broadly collect all types of information relating to you know a specific service provider community into your or of rise in the earth something like that and it can't do it for geographic region either so it can't just scoop up
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information the way it was from like a zip code or an area code or you know a city it has to very it has to narrow its perspective narrow its scope of all the searches what else is interesting is that both the original bill and lays bill the basically says the n.s.a. would no longer systematically collect records of america's phone bills so that you know they instead stay with the phone companies rather than going to the government first you know so like the n.s.a. has to go to the phone company first it's a very long compassing bill and one of the really interesting parts about it too is that it's it puts on the fires according to a very controversial secret to advise the court it also puts in similar civil liberties advocates on that court now they can't determine the outcome but at least they can make a case so every time the government brings a case to the five record saying we need to collect data from this person he thinks that a more inclusive transparent civil liberties can be there to say i could be. stepping over something they can make an argument these are just good now as i understand it
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tech firms are much happier with this version of the bill they had a lot of qualms with the last one what assurances does this version provide them that the house version did not well it allows them to disclose to the public details of the requests they receive from the government every time a government comes to them saying we need information from you regarding x. y. and z. you know they got a lot of heat from the american public saying you know why did you just hand this over to the government why are you just kind of a you know swinging and why is your door way wide open to them well now they can kind of say well we can share with you you know every time the government comes for to us we're going to court requests which is the very important thing for them very very last are you going to trust issue that was reached there and so are there any other additional protections that we have uncovered or you know i mean with the bill is it just kind of do we just received it today so people are you know kind of combing over it you know as much as they can and you know i think it's i think it's
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important just to know that like you know this is the first step you know there's bills of first stuff it doesn't quite cover everything that we wanted but at least it's a village and much media than than the house bill that we've seen earlier and so far the main tensions surrounding as a reform have been within the different committees not necessarily. you know aligned along party lines it's not really a democrat versus republican issues so the question is where is the opposition really coming from to to a bill like all the opposition comes from congressmen and women who are very much kind of a part of the surveillance industrial complex you know the very hawkish members who say none of that we need to protect us from the evil terrorists out there you know they're the ones who really push back against bills like this some reforms like this and also you know there's a lot of members who you know they get their money from surveillance and to do so naturally lobbyists and actually they're going to push back against a bill. we haven't heard from senator dianne feinstein and i don't i mean i you
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have your but i assume she was a person who jumped in there was saxby chambliss actually charged leahy you know he was basically saying that he it's going to be difficult to pass the bill in the senate because he wants a full complete debate remember the senate was got like a week to get this bill through right now and he says he just doesn't want to hear you know senator leahy side of it so you're seeing the pushback already from various minister and you mention this let's talk about the timing because we're inching really close to the august recess that all congress members are going to be taking can this realistically get passed and what happens if it does well it can if they if they kind of you know put themselves in the gear and do it if it becomes a priority i mean leahy chose to kind of step commuting go right to the floor with the bill. leave the way congress is gone about you know their activities in the last years i would be very surprised if we don't get this passed by the end of the week you know it might be more of kind of leahy just saying look i tried to get it done they wouldn't let me do it what can i do you write a kind of question as one when they come back they have just two months until the
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midterm elections and then of cause of course a whole host of issues that they have to address at that point so they can could just get kicked down the road it could it could but i think it's important for the american public to write their congressmen and women if they agree with this bill and if they want to support this bill to say hey mccook this to the forefront do what you can that this vote of the deed may be the only way are right. or to you tyrrel been to our producer thanks so much. and almost twenty years after the oklahoma city bombings one man is taking the f.b.i. to court over videos he says proves the bomber did not act alone on april nineteenth one thousand nine hundred five truck bombs ripped through the alfred p. murrah federal building killing one hundred sixty eight people and injuring several hundred more but an attorney in utah believes his brother was a casualty not of the bombing but of the investigation just trying to do is brother kenny died in federal custody during the bombing investigation while looking into
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his death which was ruled a suicide trentadue came across documents that describe video evidence of more than one man exiting the explosive rigged truck of course timothy mcveigh was identified as john doe number one sought by investigators he was convicted in one thousand nine hundred seven and eventually executed in two thousand and one but jesse trentadue believes his brother was mistaken for the john doe number two described by several witnesses can he fit the f.b.i. description down to a dragon tattoo on one arm at the time of his death kenny pictured here in this poster had forty one injuries and bruises and his brother believes he did not commit suicide but rather was be into death by investigators even the oklahoma city chief medical examiner said it was very likely he was murdered trying to do is taking the f.b.i. to court to try to force them to produce this video and a u.s. district court has already ordered them to do so the f.b.i.
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on the other hand insists it does not know anything about the video and that a search warrant would be an undue burden that could take up to eighteen months the trial began yesterday. and boom bust is coming up next here on our t.n.a. joins us for a quick preview hi erin hi mary thank you now coming up on boom bust the land of polo ponies and tango is dancing with another default argentina obviously they have until wednesday to pay off their bond holders and we're looking into the likelihood of this actually happening then patrick byrne is on the program today the c.e.o. of overstock dot com sat down with me earlier to discuss what's more important in terms of bitcoins acceptance the retailer or the consumer so coming up to stay tuned all right lots of good stuff there thanks aaron farah and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com ford slash r t america check out our web site r t dot com forward slash usa follow me on twitter at amir
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david make sure the let me know what you think we should cover and stay to do buses next. that's where we've been stu twenty years that's been the progression of derivatives trading is that now they've got the ability not just to move the price of a stock but to move the price of a country in the case of greece other countries or ukraine what's america doing in ukraine they want to gas us that's let's throw it on the bus let's use every fricken derivative trick we can under the bus let's bring in geopolitical tricks let's bring in lol.
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