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tv   Headline News  RT  July 29, 2014 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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i have you with us your teacher day on roller sutured. coming up on r t the former governor of minnesota scores a big win in court today jesse ventura's to be a state of former navy seal chris kyle who claimed in his book that he had punched the governor will speak to jesse ventura about the court's decision in an exclusive interview. and the area around the malaysian plane crash in ukraine is still not secure and more fighting in the region is stopping international investigators from having full access to the crash site or a port in ukraine coming up. and reining in the n.s.a. a new senate bill on capitol hill would occur and the spy agency's collection of all phone and internet data here in the u.s.
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so does the bill go far enough more on that later in the show. it's tuesday july twenty ninth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm amir a david and you're watching r.t. america. all right well the verdict is in a federal court in st paul found today that former minnesota governor jesse ventura was defamed when a former navy seal wrote that that he had punched ventura eight years ago the encounter was described in a bestselling memoir by chris kyle called american sniper the out of my autobiography of the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history interest to chris kyle for writing that he had punched out a celebrity former seal at a bar in two thousand and six for saying it seals deserved to lose a few for their role in the iraq war later in media interviews kyle identified
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ventura as the person he was referring to in the book and draw long held that kyle had fabricated the incident and that's why he decided to sue for defamation in two thousand and twelve today the jurors sided with ventura in that case joining me to discuss the verdict in an exclusive interview is the former governor himself governor ventura thanks so much for coming on first of all i want to get your reaction to this verdict six days of intense deliberation two years since first filing this lawsuit are you relieved. yeah i'm relieved you know i feel bad that it had to happen in the first place you know i initially told them if. when when mr kyle was still alive that if he'd simply admit to fabrication and apologize that i would forgive him and we'd both move on but that failed to happen and i really was backed into a corner i was left with no choice but to continue the litigation to clear my name
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because the story is fabricated it never occurred and it accuses me of committing treason treason against my own i mean i am part of the u.d.t. seal community these are my brothers were for turning the and to have that happen and today you know i don't feel particularly happy today because there's now a group of seals i'll call them seal sons because i was in the teams before they were born so they certainly can't be brothers to me but they would certainly be sons while they hate me and i and it's frustrating because i didn't do anything this story was fabrication from day one and yet they don't like me now and i can't go to reunions anymore because that was a place i always felt that i was safe this fraternity that i was part of that i could truly be myself that's taken from me now i can't go there anymore because i'll be looking over my shoulder now and i can function that when i want to ask you
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about that in just a minute but before that the defense in this case you know brought a lot of witnesses to the stand many of which described what they thought crabbe aerated kyle story that he did in fact have an altercation with you i was sitting there and after that we were very surprised by that testimony. no the point was not one of their witnesses saw me get hit they all talked about that there might have been a confrontation but it looks like you got up from the floor they put it in six different places they had it out for some guys have had me there at four in the afternoon five in the afternoon i didn't even arrive till seven thirty in the earliest i could have got to make p.s. was eight thirty and my rental car receipt showed that i arrived at seven twenty nine pm yet they had people saying that i was there at five and then they saw me again later they were all over the board there are witnesses so now an average of
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nine of them believable no one ever saw him physically do this to you but they perhaps not an account from him and they sort of rehash what they had heard there well there's something in the navy called a c. story i spent six years in the navy a c. story is basically a lie that one sailor tells another it gets passed around and in no time it develops a life of its own and then it becomes reality they call them sea stories this was indeed one of those sea story now aside from kyle story that he had punched you at the bar he also made some pretty serious claims that you referred to a minute ago you know saying that you made derogatory statements about navy seal a unit that you mentioned you served and i didn't projecting you in that way hurt your reputation. certainly it did absolutely i did even the navy seals who
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testified on his behalf stated that my reputation was no good anymore out there they stated right in court that my reputation was gone and that's something that's hard for me to deal with because my mother and father are both world war two veterans my brother and i are both vietnam veterans of vietnam and everyone in my families of that veteran and i'm the former commander in chief of the minnesota national guard i may criticize my government but i have never criticized the soldier or the sailor or the airman vet wars happened because politics fails politicians fail then you have war the military people are victims of that failure i've always supported our military i have never once spoke ill and why would i do i was out there to celebrate i graduated in class fifty eight well it's tradition that you come back class to fifty eight was graduating i wasn't there for
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a wake i was there for a happy graduation seeing a new set of navy seals become reality of a class that's what we do that's our brotherhood and now that's taken from me you know i can't go out there anymore and ever when you think and think about why chris kyle would have said why would he have wrote it written about this i what do you think about and why do you think you were singled out. i guess chris kyle obviously was a tremendous sniper there's no doubt about it. he should have left the sniping over there he came back home and he put me in the crosshairs and i guess i'm just fortunate i only got wounded. there's no doubt he's a tremendous it was a tremendous seal operator i don't begrudge the man that one bit but why did he do it only he knows for sure fame and fortune i mean if you're going to take you know
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if you want fame and fortune you shoot for the stars and what better way to get it than to take one quote down i mean they admitted i was probably one of the most well known u.d.t. seals in the world you know and just from my background i mean me and rudy bosh were named frogmen of the millennium by the blast magazine which is the magazine the official magazine of the u.d.t. underwater demolition seal community and rudy of course gained fame as being on the original survivor and governor one last question to be clear chris kyle passed away last year he was shot by another former that arend tragically and you had a lot of criticism throughout this case from people who said you should have dropped the case after he passed away what's your response to that criticism and why did you ultimately decide to push forward with it because they backed me in a corner they would not admit fabrication they did nothing to try to restore my credibility or my reputation they left me no choice let me be clear. mrs
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kyle's attorney fees were completely paid by insurance i didn't have that plaintiffs don't get covered by insurance defendants do the book publishing companies insurance paid for all her lawyers it cost her nothing i had to pay out of my own pocket for my attorneys it cost me a fortune for two and a half years but i had to do it they forced it i couldn't allow this lie to continue the truth that as martin luther king said it will set you free well i've been set free today by the jury these you have all right former minnesota governor and host of off the grid jesse ventura thanks so much for coming on and breaking out all down for us thank you i'm very pleased to do so and i enjoy your show is very much changed here now to a developing story here in washington president obama announced a new round of economic sanctions today against russia over the ukrainian conflict
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the european union also leveled think sion against moscow archives magnum opus has more from the white house. this afternoon in front of the white house president obama delivered a speech saying in no uncertain terms that he is broadening the sanctions against russia with the hopes of de escalating the conflict with ukraine now those sanctions are going to target in specific the energy arms and finance industry as in russia more specifically state sponsored or state run banks within the country itself now this day of the sanctions are in conjunction with a new round of economic sanctions that are taking place from the e.u. itself and here's what president obama had to say about these sanctions and why they are necessary but if russia continues on its current path the cost on russia will continue to grow. and today is a reminder that the united states means what it says. and we will rally the international community and standing up for the rights and freedom of people around
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the world. today. and building on the measures we announced two weeks ago the united states is imposing new sanctions in key sectors of the russian economy better arms and finance we're blocking the exports of specific goods and technologies to the russian energy sector we're expanding our sanctions to more russian banks and defense companies that were formally suspending credit that encourages exports to russia and financing for economic development projects in russia so president obama went on to say that russia will once again is isolating itself from the international community after decades of genuine progress but he didn't just say that it is russia that is isolating itself he said in particular it is president vladimir putin that is isolating russia from the rest of the international community now president obama did take a couple of questions from journalists today the first one wanted to know if this is the rise of a new cold war which president obama responded that it is not that this is a very specific issue that the u.s.
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is trying to work out with russia in order to deescalate the tensions now this newest round of sanctions comes after the state depart. and released over the weekend for satellite images that reportedly show rockets being fired from russia hitting over the side of the border and leaving writers the state department says that this is unequivocal evidence that russia is tampering in the region and is involved militarily the pentagon also today talked about the build up along the border with ukraine saying that there is upwards of ten thousand russian soldiers on the border with ukraine and that there is everything from air defense to artillery to infantry to armored capabilities in the area they say that this is a consistent build up that has lessened since spring but is still a consistent build up and that the weapons themselves heavy weapons are still being transferred into the hands of ukrainian separatists those separatists are the ones that are accused of shooting down seventeen with a heavy artillery rocket meanwhile at the state department today secretary of state
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john kerry spoke again about the deescalation of tensions in ukraine along the ukrainian russian border and while the russians have said that they want to deescalate the conflict there actually shows shred of evidence that they really have a legitimate desire to. he went on to say that if russia continues down this path then the united states and the european nations are going to have no choice but to go ahead and broaden the sanctions in order to weaken russia's already weak economy now he says that ukrainians shouldn't have to make a choice between russians and the rest of the international community that he understands that ukrainians are going to have deep financial ties to the russian government in the future as they have in the past but that it really is about deescalate the tensions stopping the violence and stopping the bloodshed reporting from the white house meghan lopez r.t. all right well russia has officially rejecting the photographic evidence presented
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by the u.s. allegedly showing russian artillery shelling ukrainian territory. has more on their response. some journalist received the satellite pictures which the u.s. presents as evidence of russian shelling into ukraine via e-mail but much of the world found out about it from the twitter account of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine one of the images according to u.s. officials shows russian self-propelled artillery in washer and the other part of that same image u.s. intelligence determined shows craters inside ukraine indicating strikes from artillery the date on the picture is july twenty third these images have changed quite a few hands before they made their way into the embassadors tweets on all of these pictures you see the name of the company digital globe which is a commercial provider of satellite imagery and aerial photos the office of the director of national intelligence is said to have analyzed the pictures and written all these captions with their analysis and then they handed it to the city
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apartment to be released twitter the spokesperson of the russian defense ministry had this to say such materials were posted on twitter coincidentally since it's impossible to establish their authenticity due to lack of exact reference to the location and the extremely low resolution. journalists now operate in an environment where both sides that is the u.s. and russia brushoff evidence put forward by the other u.s. officials attack media that they're to even question the information that they put forward so r t came under yet another attack this time on twitter here's the u.s. embassy in washington responding to our news tweets about the satellite images it says considering who pays artists bills it's not surprising that are to questions validity of u.s. satellite evidence and then there is another tweet saying given some of the experts shown on our teats very hard to believe anything they say one has to wonder if the
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underlying implication is that everybody absolutely must believe everything the us government says and presents this evidence well there's not much questioning in the us mainstream media c.n.n. has learned u.s. intelligence satellites and radars have monitored repeated or chiller retired from the russian side of the border for the last several days in washington i'm going to check on. dutch prime minister mark routed a has called ukrainian president petro poroshenko to ask government forces to stop fighting in the vicinity of the malaysia airlines crash site this comes after aviation and vesta gator said they were meeting obstacles in getting access to the scene for the very latest on the conflict let's go to our tease roman kosar of who is on the ground in eastern ukraine. flights it has certainly intensified in and around the city of donetsk in eastern ukraine now the city of gold was one of the heaviest hits and according to
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local authorities at least thirty one people had died as a result of artillery fire including eight children now people continued sooths leave that sound of to and one of the buses it's a reach that sound off shots are square it was shelled once again and another child had been killed and twelve people were injured now that particular area is very close to the site itself the crash of flight m.h. seventeen it's only about fifteen to seventeen kilometers away and the heavy shelling continues there as well and kiev and government forces continue to blame each other for disobedience and said meanwhile the holy see the mission as well as the international police force including a straight in nationals cannot get to the sites of m h seven seen for the third day in a row now all this is happening despite the announcement of a forty kilometer no combat zone by president bush and called all this the that has
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been violated said numerous times that as the international observing mission and the police force cannot get to the sites of the crash that was r.t. correspondent roman closer at. all right now out of the latest in the battle for n.s.a. reform senator patrick leahy introduced new legislation today that puts weeping limits on u.s. surveillance through the usa freedom act here's leahy announcing the bill this morning this is a debate about americans fundamental relationship with their government about whether our government should have the power to create massive databases of information about its citizens. or whether we are in control of our own government not the other way around the aggressive bill is seeking to address concerns that tech companies and civil liberties proponents had expressed about a previous house bill that passed back in may so what's in this new bill and can
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realistically get passed before congress goes to recess in august i was joined earlier by executive director of the tenth amendment center michael bolden and i first asked him what this new version entails. well actually what we're really most concerned about on this bill is whether or not it's going to pass now if it does some of the most respected privacy advocates say that it will accomplish probably about twenty percent of the way i saw it was getting a mile five in a marathon of what privacy privacy advocates are calling for as far as ending bulk collection for example under section two fifteen but we take the position a tenth amendment center that it's actually very unlikely to pass because going through the senate it actually has to get through the senate intelligence committee which is chaired by dianne feinstein now if n.s.a. were a business or feinstein would probably be the head of marketing she seems to love everything they do and amir i know just a few weeks ago you reported on feinstein's bill sis that just passed her committee
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by a vote of twelve to three now let's say this bill this new usa freedom act does pass that does limit bulk collection of telephone records under section two fifteen well they have just created with this other bill sis a new excuse a new legal reasoning a new law that could actually authorize even more data collection that is than what is happening today it's our view that the bottom line is that congress really cannot be trusted and hasn't been very trustworthy all the way back to one thousand nine hundred eighty five when senator frank church warned that the n.s.a.'s power even at that time nearly forty years ago was something that could create a total tyranny and i was michael as i understand it tech firms in particular are very happy with this bill what it says does this inversion provide them that the house version did not well i think what it we're talking about here as far as the version of the bill whether or not it passes is that there are stronger protections
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stronger we're talking about eliminating virtually eliminating the bulk collection under section two fifteen and on another hand there are actually states taking similar type of actions there are three bills being considered one in new hampshire that was actually signed by governor maggie. hassan that actually eliminates are prohibited states from participating in the obtaining of warrantless data that's handed to them via something called parallel construction of the special operations division from the n.s.a. for use in local criminal proceedings and then just next week in missouri voters they are voting on something known as amendment nine to put in the state constitution that electronic data and communications have the same protection constitutionally there as persons houses papers and effects and the problem is none of these proposals on a federal level do that and are there any additional protections this bill provides is there anything left on said well there's quite a bit actually we're talking about missing totally section seven
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o two and the legal reasoning of the executive order for many decades ago that do authorize bulk collection of data not only just on americans but people around the world right now so far the main tension surrounding n.s.a. reform have been between different committees and not necessarily along party lines per se so what kind of opposition do you anticipate for this version of the bell and from hill well i think the greatest opposition comes right from dianne feinstein again going to the senate we're talking about the bill is almost certainly going to have to go through the senate intelligence committee where dianne feinstein is the chair and as i mentioned reported on this show just a couple of weeks ago dianne feinstein's bills that she authored i don't recall the co-author but she authored a bill that actually would system that would actually expand the ability under different legal reasoning by a vote of twelve to three out of her committee for even more bulk collection of
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electronic communications data and metadata so i think the greatest concern right now is senator dianne feinstein. certainly another alarming bill and lots of course talk about the timing because ranging closer and closer to august recess for congress in you mentioned that this bill won't realistically get passed i mean what chance do you think it has at all well actually it's our view and i know that there's some very good privacy advocates from organizations like a.c.l.u. electronic frontier foundation and others who are working very hard to get this passed. it's they're working on it but it's our view that the chances are very low and i think even the most positive view especially as you mention america the timing of this to be able to get through and in less than just a couple of weeks to be able to pull this off is very low and that's why we're advocating over at off now dot org these state level solutions in california utah and elsewhere to push back in advance privacy on a state level because the states actually are while there are no hotbed of usa
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freedom they are actually moving quicker than the federal government and it's been our experience if you monitor what's happening on a state level legalizing marijuana that one enough states start pushing an issue of eventually the federal government might follow along all right michael boldin the executive director at tenth amendment center thanks for weighing in thank you so much america and before we go don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now tonight's guest is model turned t.v. host chrissy teigen here's a snippet of what's to come. did you like modeling. no let him. do it it's a good living but it's boring it is it's not boring to me at all it's just i definitely think some are better at it than others and some are so good i have so much respect for the girls that are really good but me i'm the first to say i'm not a great model but it's a good model what is a good model do that you don't do i think modeling is a lot of
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a lot of acting and for me i for instance i will i will never go into doing i'm never going to be like a natalie portman someone that can really like channel things and become another per cent of the model is acting yes when you're doing that photo and you're doing that jump like you're channeling something with your eyes and me you're going to get the same boat every time it's either i mean it's me laughing at myself or it's i'm pretty one note. so tonight nine pm tonight here on our team america and i does it for now for more on the stories we cover go to youtube dot com slash our team america check out our website r t dot com slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at amir a david and have a great night i'm happy martin the stories we cover here here in iraq start at the same time there's a reason they don't want you to. know let's break the
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set. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others you know. change the world right and. some are still a. lot. done. if
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you google the words burn pits and agent orange together you'll get a lot of results here's why those words together are gaining in such popularity first the agent orange part of the search in vietnam the us sprayed agent orange everywhere and the result was millions of vietnamese being born with birth defects still to visit a massive attack a logical ruin and almost forty thousand u.s. soldiers claiming her respect health facts from exposure to the herbicide even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary the department of veteran affairs outright denied that agent orange caused those health problems and let our vets suffer with no recourse decades later as the government copped to the truth about aging or just toxicity and started slowly compensating exposed soldiers with many people crying it was too little too late so now on to the burn pits part of the google search the
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u.s. has had tons of troops in afghanistan right now all create tons of waste so the u.s. spent millions to build incinerators and issued an order that they must be used for ways disposal but reports out of the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstructions office show that u.s. troops used afghan burn pits instead of the incinerators so all of that waste which includes plastics that are easy tires aerosol cans tons of toxic waste was just being burned in open pits with all of our soldiers just walking around. inhaling all that toxic smoke and guess what thousands upon thousands of vets all claim they got very sick from that exposure now let's connect the dots of that google search the v.a.'s airborne hazards and open burn pit registry went online last month where vets can register exposure to burn pits in hopes of receiving disability payments or medical help even though the registries only been out for
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a few weeks already about ten thousand that haven't been able to register due to technicalities or system glitches but worse than that the v.a.'s website didn't naive that exposure to burn pits can cause long term health problems just like the denied agent orange caused health problems in other words the us government's refusal to care for veterans exposed to burn pits mirrors its refusal to care for veterans exposed to agent orange and that's why the google search burn pits and agent orange now return so many hits government officials veteran advocates and journalists all around the globe are all starting to see afghan burn pits being president obama's version of agent orange level disregard for his soldier's health if obama is smart he'll do what he can to write the.


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