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tv   Headline News  RT  August 2, 2014 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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nuclear power yeah that's. sad. very tempting. israel lays waste to more areas of gaza and its push for the release of a soldier it says was kidnapped by hamas while in the west bank anti-war protesters are dispersed with lethal live rounds. the u.s. plans to arm and train ukraine's irregular armed forces while the e.u. reportedly lived to ban on supplying kiev with military technology and equipment. and coming clean on hush hush interrogation tactics. were tortured simple. to do some things that were contrary to our values. president obama admits the cia crossed the line when interrogating suspects as analysts look forward to the
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release of declassified data on the disturbing techniques used. for charity to national coming to you live from moscow with mimi josh welcome to the program some one hundred forty palestinians have now been killed by israeli airstrikes and artillery fire since friday's failed cease fire a video has emerged in a line showing the ferocity of these attacks. it was posted by the al-arabiya t.v. channel and shows one gaza destroyed being turned into rubble as you can see the area was leveled to the ground within the space of just.
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the i.d.f. is pushing deeper into gaza in search of one of their soldiers who they claim was captured by hamas the violence has outraged palestinians living in the west bank but when they gathered in protest israeli soldiers threw smoke grenades and opened fire killing two and injuring some others harry fear is in the west bank. given the very heavy toll felt by palestinian civilians in gaza hamas movement across the palestinian territories had called for a day of rage of protests here in the west bank over the period of yesterday across the west bank ninety palestinians what injured in various clashes with israeli forces here and some of those clashes live fire was used to palestinian youths were killed by israeli life fire that was shot in the chest just yesterday evening on the scene medical sources also report that a palestinian ambulance was hit directly with israeli life lightly and moderately
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injuring six civilians this is all in the context of a three thousand palestinians coming to demonstrate yesterday across the west bank in outrage at israel's ongoing operation in gaza. now the military operation in gaza dubbed protective edge is the deadliest israeli offensive in years more than sixteen hundred palestinians and sixty six israelis have so far been killed that's hundreds more than were killed in two thousand and eight so-called cast lead operation the conflict has led to demonstrations in support of both sides in a year or two demonstrations took place at the same time on the same street one pro israel the other pro palestine. the demonstrations were mainly against the israeli operation and here are pictures from lisbon where protesters marched through the city to the israeli embassy. yesterday i'm sorry. for tasker's in their land away palestinian flags and banners
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denouncing the civilian deaths were demanding an end to the military action that's been underway for almost four weeks now. in london thousands took to the streets to voice their anger over the palestinian deaths the rally to place outside the israeli embassy one pro palestinian group project of the palestinian territories national flag into the houses of parliament calling on the u.k. government to impose sanctions on israel our correspondent polyvore the reports from london. well another day and another protest on the streets of london over the only growing situation in gaza if you take a look behind me where outside the israeli embassy here in london and the crowd is full of not just muslims but a lot of brits as well you can see
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a sea of palestinian flags a lot of anti israeli slogans and a real sense of anger over that growing civilian death toll now the organizers here have been talking about the british government in the way that they sell arms to israel suggesting that they could be complicit in the violence that's taking place when the conflict started it was a lot big it had to face and it was just one half of it simply a fool people on the pro israeli side to come out and support that stones and now as the picture has all but a civilian casualties of children show multiplying and are shown on t.v. screens every single day i think that's becoming a lot harder for the pro israeli community here in the u.k. now as a result we have seen a so an anti-semitic at times in britain and a surging in attacks against jewish people so tensions really raised polarized opinions which is affecting the streets of patil so many thousand miles away
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from where the fire lives to say hey. i'm done i'm probably play. in today's breaking the sad r.t.l. lookouts what the tensions have already led to in some israeli media. of course the rhetoric coming from some fringe elements of the israeli media couldn't be doing more to inflame tensions consider that today the times of israel published this op ed and titled when genocide is permissible in which the actual genocide of gazans is explored as the only way to bring israel peace now the article was pulled down but not before archived versions of merge across the internet so for now we can only hope that calmer heads will prevail and that diplomacy will prevent the further slaughter of innocent civilians now let's break the.
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ukrainian military jets are reportedly flying over eastern areas locals say they can hear the sound of explosions in the distance on friday i can a garden near the nets was bombed luckily it was empty because of the summer break but it's still leaving mothers panicking over how to protect their children while manning residents trying to flee dangerous spots are still getting caught in the crossfire. but you know the you do you feel usually. those who are pro moves you really are the people who should move. you believe do this do you do you listen you person. the person who wasn't you good. kid forces say they've taken control of two towns outside the nets as the government forces him to fight to regain a self-proclaimed republics reports from the border between russia and ukraine.
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well what we can see in this new brain could definitely be described as a very dramatic state to support challenge in clashes there continued with the death toll including among civilian population also continuing to climb as residential areas often get called to the deadly crossfire when ukrainian army and to government forces fight will seek to send to the just the gaza city itself has claimed that at least five residents were killed in the last twenty four hours humanitarian situation deceit remains a very tense electricity death has been kushal for several days already drop also problems with the running water and the officials of the self-proclaimed republic all of the guns and little in the could lead to a real humanitarian catastrophe and of course in this situation people continue to flee what they call the war zone their own next to the russian ukrainian border that every day tens and sometimes even hundreds of people try to cross and to cross in itself very often becomes a very dangerous journey here's one local mayor who was among those organizing the
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recreation at the time of the intense. the whole city is destroyed apartment buildings and private houses alike it's been going on for about eight days there was a pause in the shelling when we managed to take two buses full of refugees out of town then it started again we got transport water we're trying to bring bread into town on the. situation on the ground remains dramatic and so you try and fortunately the days there are any indication that it's could become any better any time so. now despite the ukrainian conflict claiming more lives every day key of his getting further support from its western backers your bomb administration now plans to train and equip national guard fighters while the quietly lifting a ban on supplying ukraine with weapons and reform are reports the latest move by the european union has certainly angered the u.
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has lifted a ban on the supply of military equipment and technology to the ukrainian government but russia's foreign ministry says this amounts to double standards because the bomb was actually imposed last february prevent the then president d'amico beach from using such equipment against anti-government protesters but it seems ok to use the very same equipment in the ongoing conflict in the east of the country which moscow phase could inflame the situation. was removed by the kind of year on the quiet according to moscow which has gone on to say the is not applying logic to the situation and is in fact just reacting to being prodded by washington washington meanwhile has announced plans to fund train and equip the ukrainian national guard we should point out that this is not part of the ukrainian regular army is a subsidiary if you like that was recently set up that includes conscripts and also members of the far right including the right sector which is another concern for moscow the pen pentagon hopes to fund the bitchiness something like nineteen
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million dollars although this is still subject to congressional approval. now as discussed these developments with foreign affairs analyst who is joining us live now thank you so much for being with us now the national guard is havel involved in the current crackdown on anti-government protesters in the east so how do you think their training and arming by the u.s. will affect the course of the conflict now. it is very important to point out that the national guard is in effect the section of the right sector and this will build the party so that was really an elegant way to patrice the thought it is in kiev to bypass the ban all. paramilitary organizations. they simply put them in ukrainian national guard uniforms made them code legal unquote. they're also highly motivated unlike the regular ukrainian army
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they are actually the ones who are doing most of the fighting in particular since most of them seem to come from podolia and these regions traditionally and there's the whole bit extreme nationalism. i do not think that the public figures such as seventeen or nineteen million dollars a month to every deal but i believe that beyond me has been going on for quite some time let us not forget that the months ago the russian deputy prime minister meets mutual goes you warned that this was going on and he said that the western countries doing this were throwing kerosene on the fire and also even at the time when the my done seriously oddly in january it was common knowledge and he of that the least when ian and polish secret services were involved in providing
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training and equipment to the my done so called protests well you know the west has been putting pressure on the russian accusing it of supporting sell the fans activists with arms and what we're seeing now is both the u.s. and the new are doing just that to the other side so what sort of message does that send. the fundamental message is that p.n. union has ceased to be a no thomas or even a semi autonomous foreign policy act in its own right we've been hearing for not years but decades about the need for the e.u. to develop its own common foreign policy now what we're seeing is that the arm twisting from washington has succeeded and that the united states is effectively dictating the terms of the e.u. forty policy and is in fact present only european continent as the key
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architect of the security situation to a greater extent the time then at any time since the cuban missile crisis in one thousand nine hundred sixty two well you know how does the e.u. decision said it was it stated policy not to supply arms to conflict torn countries. well of course it is blatant hypocrisy not only as the russian foreign minister said because they wanted to ban such supplies we had a quote which but for now giving this one out but because they actually defused treat this as a conflict in the first place it's simply a rebellion in the loop so-called legitimate you create real authority is already involved in the security operation to establish law and order so what this implies is that any level of legitimacy is denied to the self-defense forces.
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and done it's called posts around foreign affairs analyst editor of courage thank you so much for your views. an american journalist for r.t. is roughly video agency has been forced out of ukraine she was detained while filming in the west of the country after her ukrainian colleagues tipped off security services. journalist with a camera you know just that was abruptly sticker on my tripod and straightaway said you know russia today first of all they questioned me themselves about seven of them i gave them all the details i could give them i gave them my press cards i had nothing to hide and there my colleagues of the city i have i wanted to give them all the information they needed and you know what fifteen minutes later a dream policeman came through officials came from national security service in ukraine and they were asking me so many questions taking all my details and then
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when they didn't they didn't believe that my american passport was real showed them a picture of it so they followed me to the hotel until they could see the actual passport they asked me that i absolutely had to give my footage away and they have to raise it. first of all they put it on their computers so some. of the officials has it right now they have all the footage that it took of myself being questioned and also at the protest. and they gave it back to me was blank. now the first time a journalist has been booted out of the ukraine there have been over a dozen cases were t.v. crews have been barred from entering the country or sent away as it is official saw the a russian identification papers the latest case though is the first to target an american citizen last month british journalist graham phillips also working for a team was arrested thrown out of ukraine ukraine's president is calling for
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parliament's to be dissolved after lawmakers refused to label the self declared to the pan of the sorties in the east as terrorist organizations it's a move that the director of studies at the institute of democracy and cooperation things will bury the legitimacy of the current authorities. so basically a lot of ukrainian politics is explained by money and obviously the war is costing money ukraine is on the brink of default and some of the political parties who. are controlled by only got snippy let's never forget the role of oligarchs is absolutely key and ukrainian politics now the new president poroshenko discovers that actually he needs to purge the parliament he needs to stigmatize people who don't agree with his policies and above all he and his cronies the government itself the minute the prime minister and the other ministers they are of course trying to rig the elections by changing the electoral law in advance of the polls
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so that they get the parliament they want it's obvious that this is worthy of a banana republic this is not what it will be and have it behavior of a european state now people in the iranian city of odessa are remembering the massacre that saw forty six people killed three months ago four dozen black balloons were released into the air one for each of the victims the tragedy on the made the second happen during a ferocious standoff between anti-government protesters and the group of radical youth rights after nationalists drove protesters into a government building in the city center and started throwing molotov cocktails many were burned alive those who tried to skate by climbing to the roof or jumping out of the windows were gunned down or beaten to death. but stay with r.t. as we tell you about america's top level admission finally that it has been torturing suspects in custody.
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i'm abby martin the stories we cover here not in here in iraq other big story that it's true that life is a reason they don't want to know what they're trying to raise that we should leave out now let's break the set. the u.s. military was built to square off against the soviet union. over western europe and when you take that conventional military and now try to retest it as a counterinsurgency force it creates a lot of gaps and that's the kind of private sector stuff. dramas that can be ignored. stories others who refused in those. places changing the rules right next.
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to the picture of today's you know. from around the globe. look to. get. back this is r.t. president barack obama has admitted the u.s. did torture people after the nine eleven attacks the confession follows a highly anticipated report on the cia so-called expansive methods of interrogation artie's guy an edge to con has the details. the final declassified version of the senate intelligence committee's report on the cia's torture practices has been handed back to congress intelligence committee chairwoman dianne feinstein said the report shows abuse that is chilling and far more systematic and widespread than we thought she said the six hundred page document is said to reveal new and shocking details about the cia's detention and interrogation program in the years following
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the nine eleven attacks those who reviewed it say it shows that the use of the techniques was not effective in collecting unique intelligence or forty watts president obama speaking ahead of the public release of the record reminded that when he became president he signed an executive order to stop porcher. do some things that were contrary to our values. although it was not his administration that was responsible for the program the cia on the john brennan did their best to preserve secrecy around the deeds of the previous administration the cia even tempered with the investigation this thursday the cia inspector general concluded that the agency personnel hacked into senate investigators computers and removed documents from their system back in march john brennan vigorously denied that the agency had done that this week he was forced to admit that the cia officers did hack into investigators computers have too many lies and scandals the report is
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finally being declassified however it stops short of using the word torture to describe the practices lawmakers say it's because such an accusation could have political diplomatic legal and even criminal implications. for. the upcoming report could further tarnish the u.s. government's of the public for starters the cia why is the brain of this report they didn't want the american public to know what they had done. in terms of the black sites and the authorizing waterboarding etc that's obvious because they destroyed the tapes from before i mean there's been all kinds of cover ups on this unfortunately it's going to be kind of a tolerance of the executive branch lying to congress and all of our democratic system will be heard because of this if congress cannot oversee this well we were looking at a really different form of government than what we call ourselves
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a democracy. agenda courtroom became the scene of some have made hand policing recently videos been released showing in jeopardy sheriff taking out his chambre on a hand defendant got it online and tell you why the cop lost the plot also learned about the russian m.p.'s trying to warn people off gorging on a healthy food by planting stomach churning images on pathogens similar to those on cigarette packs. right. sir street. and i think the trick. on our reporters.
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islamic caliphate shown here and that was recently declared by jihad as militants on occupied lands in syria and iraq now has its own media censorship program as harsh new regulations dictate that and he reports from the caliphate half to be reviewed by the group's so-called information office the group already has a media presence on the web including twitter where the post videos and photos promoting their cause even posters urging for muslims to join the jihad and become martyrs edmund ghareeb who's an expert on the middle east affairs believes the media is proving to be an effective tool to promote the group's beliefs if we take a look at some of the things that they have done and said in terms of the media they have shown some sophistication in dealing with the media clearly trying to control the message of their views the various social media outlets to get their
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message across some of it. is brutality in fact to send a message of those took trying to show how effective they are. in terms of fighting in parts of it they're also using it to recruit fighters by trying to explain and put to him the best. what their ideological beliefs and to recruit followers and it's not just a well organized media the self-proclaimed islamic state is rapidly assuming the attributes of a genuine nation it has its own legal code and a strict brand. a law its budget is an estimated two billion dollars some which is stolen and some donated by jerry sponsors in the gulf control vast oil fields after snatching them from syria and iraq and it has an army which is seven thousand strong was an ever expanding arsenal. the persecution of christians by
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iraq's islam this militants has seen sounds and spreecast in sydney and melbourne australia as a rocky community warns that christians could disappear from the seized areas of iraq and syria as thousands flee on mass from jihad is threatening to kill those who refuse to convert to islam in other world news now the seller. of a blast has ripped through a car parts factor in eastern china killing sixty eight workers and injuring nearly two hundred more it's thought someone may have ignited an area filled with flammable dust a known problem for factories with poor ventilation the factories managers have been arrested safety standards are common problems in china's workplace that left last year a fire at a poultry plant killed one hundred ninety people. american aid workers infected with the ebola virus in west africa will be transported back to the u.s. becoming the first to be treated in the united states the worst boy outbreak in
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history has already killed over seven hundred people in africa the virus has a ninety percent fatality rate and the world health organization says it's spreading faster than it can be contained. coming up on our senior national look out the horrors of the first world war and if you are in the sea goes over some of the stories that the mainstream media preferred not to mention that's just a couple minutes. death row inmate joseph would rise in pain during a two hour execution this prolonged suffering was not part of the plan and not constitutional but an accident and not quite a unique wanted that just this year in both oklahoma and my native ohio there have
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been botched executions due to complications with lethal injection one judge alex kozinski who voted to give would a stay of execution due to the questionable nature of lethal injection drugs said that the good old firing squad would be a lot more humane and his opinion eight or ten large caliber bullets fired at close range inflict massive damage causing instant death every time i think lethal injection is popular not for the executed but for society as judge kozinski said shooting someone in the head with a machine gun is instant death so why don't they use the firing squad because that would be messy and raise questions quietly injecting people way from prying public eyes allows the dirty deed to be done without the hassle of ugly news footage i think that it says something odd about society that we must kill the wicked and murderous but could you do it in a bloodless way completely out of sight i don't want to lose my appetite but that's just my opinion.
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june one thousand and fifteen. this is simon easton crushes more terrifying than i could have imagined after weeks of travelling i finally made it to the eastern front where pitched battles seem an almost daily occurrence for months now the russian army has been pushed backwards by the german and austrian garion forces but they make them work for every inch the feinstein.


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