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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  August 4, 2014 10:01pm-11:02pm EDT

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on target in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. the do nothing one hundred thirteenth congress is an embarrassment for our country and our system of government. doing nothing is pretty much par for the course for republicans more on that in just a moment also a no that's not a healthy kill smoothie that's the water into lido ohio and it's anything but healthy why does toledo's water it was like something out of the swamp what should that tell us about the impact climate change is having on our planet and big ag companies are killing thousands of people every year so it was shocking reasons why tonight's story. you need to know this our do nothing congress will literally get to do nothing for the next five weeks and get paid for it seriously no joke that's because this
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weekend marked the start of one of the most ridiculous events in all of american political life the annual august congressional recess now while in the real world a month long vacation is a rare reward for a job well done or long served in the case of congress is actually required by law under the so-called legislative reorganization act of one nine hundred seventy members of the one hundred thirteenth congress really should thank their lucky stars for this act because if they did work in the real world there is absolutely no way that their bosses would approve this time offer cause their performance for a record is just that terrible as the pew research center pointed out in a recent study the one hundred thirteenth congress and acted fewer laws of the for the first nineteen months of its two year term than any congress in recent history for a left break congress actually did manage to pass a few things like a builder reform the v.a. and build a reef. up funding for israel's iron dome missile defense system but once it comes
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back in september congress will have a lot of work to do chief among its tasks will be finding a long term fix to the refugee crisis on our southern border over sixty thousand central american children have crossed into the u.s. since october but the only solution house republicans have for the situation is to throw more red meat at their base by basically trashing these kids on friday the republican controlled house of representatives passed two pieces of entirely partisan legislation that while satisfy the whacko ted cruz the gohmert wing of the republican party as zero chance of becoming law one of the bills a joke of a border funding bill would make it easier to deport central american kids caught fleeing violence in their own countries the other would effectively got an executive order from president obama in two thousand and twelve that stop the deportation of dreamers undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children by their parents if signed into law this bill would send hundreds of thousands of
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young americans including many veterans back to where their parents came from and away from the only country they've ever really called home his bills are unhelpful unrealistic and cruel what's going on in our border right now is a refugee crisis and needs to be treated as such and kicking hundreds of thousands of hardworking people including many veterans out of our country because of something their parents did isn't just harsh and unnecessary it's fundamentally un-american congressman luis gutierrez ripped into congressional republicans for trying to deport dreamers in a floor speech last night or friday night we always understood you wanted to deport their parents but now late on a friday night you are going after the dreamers who have no no they know no other country but this one who risk their identities and their families to come forward and fighting up with the partment of homeland security and past f.b.i. background checks so they could get right with the the law. united states fed come
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forward and get right with the law and the republicans are saying they should go back in the shadows back to a life of fear with opportunities are few and their futures are on thirty in the end house republicans don't really care at all about solving the border crisis if anything they're making hay of it all they really care about right now is keeping their power by staving off a revolt from the tea party a we shouldn't really be surprised though that republicans are more interested in pandering to their base than actually getting things done after all if you look at a list of every significant legislative accomplishment in recent american history the g.i. bill medicare medicaid winning world war two you name it it's liberals and democrats who've gotten things done not conservatives and when it comes to helping the middle class the conservative record doesn't even come close to the liberal one fact since conservatives have led the way way in deregulating banks cutting taxes for the rich and destroying the labor movement conservative economic policies of the number one
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reason why the middle class is on a death watch so make no mistake about it the terrible record of house republicans in the one hundred thirty third congress isn't something new for conservatives it's just par for the course joining me now for more on this is bishop council neb the second founding member of the project twenty one black leadership that were vision council that nice to see it it's nice to see you thanks for joining us ok so you know we've got this incredible long list you know the g.i. bill the endangered species act environmental laws space program peace corps america all these things brought into place by democrats or presidents over the opposition of conservatives and liberals civil rights movement earned income tax credit family medical leave consumer product you know i mean literally i've got three pages of the stuff on it and as you know. i'm wondering you know the. harry truman said you know you can party is the party of the rich and powerful period always been that way always will be that way at least in in the twentieth century twenty first century ok give me some wiggle room what well you know. you
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know the republican party did really well for about twenty years thirty and fifty six or around eight hundred seventy five but what modern legislative accomplishments have conservatives put forward that i realize that they've done a number of things to benefit really rich people and big corporations but for average people anything can you know i think i mean i think they're doing lots of i think republicans have spearheaded lots of things and don't get me wrong i'm not an apologist for the republicans but what i am an apologist for is making sure that you know radical change for the sake of radical change doesn't behoove anybody and sort of making sure that you know there is constancy in life is a good thing when you're describing classical conservatism versus the classic kind of jeffersonian liberalism you know the founders of the republic were like ok we'll break it and then we'll figure out how to fix it as time goes along and and you know liberals have always embrace change and conservative william f. buckley famously said a conservative is a man standing athwart the arc of history of this handout shouting no i understand
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that i have no problem with that i think that's a reasonable balance in fact that we need to have both what we have right now is something far beyond conservatives but even beyond that i still. i can't think of a single piece of legislation since the eisenhower presidency you know into eisenhower did a lot of brag about the fact that he added over a million people to the union rolls over your own but you're also willing to put i is now in a separate category well he's not a real republican because it was a long time ago it was a different era now i was in with the hardest i don't know that i disassembly agree with that but just to say you old well well i somehow was a long time ago in the republican party what is the modern accomplishment that's worth bragging about you know why if you're talking to an undecided voter who's saying ok the democrats brought me the eight hour work day the forty hour work week overtime pay you know all the all these do you know the civil rights on what have republicans brought that person why i would say that the republicans have brought a lot of things i think from that a certain level or
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a modicum of national security i think they have been it was the democrats. no i'm talking about today it was you know when have the democrats tried to hurt the national security none of the democrats per se have said oh we'll you know let's try to bring the country down no but i think a lot of democrats have stood idly by while something is going on that we don't necessarily approve of if you look public enjoy jamming to the security with george w. bush our reputations in tatters around the world because what bush did in afghanistan that's damage to our national security republican party but i also think that you know you were talking about the immigration situation a few moments ago i think that's probably a perfect example now we're doing something positive will happen i think trying to secure our borders i think that's a i think that's important and so the united states senate passed comprehensive legislation comprehensive immigration reform senator the house of representatives john in the house has a reversion there are two separate bodies the senate and heavenly said it was
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something that spent three billion dollars it dealt with five million people's immigration status the house bill spent six hundred billion and did nothing so it's basically what the house bill did was made it impossible for kids who have been part of sex trade in the sex trade to been exploited if the sole criteria is how much money you spend. the hopes of a lot of politics it was just a joke it was something that they could throw to the tea party yes we did away with the sexual exploitation of minors act you know we like but the but the fact of the matter is i think you know republicans are pushing an effort to secure our borders could be let me finish there are lots of children come across the borders i think everybody every american has a civic obligation to sort of vote for and support efforts that they believe but i also have an believe as a christian as a pastor that once people cross our borders into the united states we have an obligation to be charitable to them as a christian as a pastor of their you're familiar with matthew twenty five it's arguably the most
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important speech jesus gave his probably is yes i came to him said how do we had to have been married here's the thing. feed the hungry home you know how the homeless or the nakedness of the prisoner visit in prison and heal those who are sick right heal those who are sick republicans opposed obamacare the proposal all the way back to do you really believe that obamacare is the panacea that's going to cure all the ills they're out into society you've got republicans the pentagon you've got these are the only people i shall be gentle who are saying poor working people without poor people not unemployed lazy people but poor working people the state of louisiana screw that no health care for them we're not going to spend medicaid that has anything to do with christianity feeding people republicans want to cut food stamps paul ryan wants to cut these things housing people republicans have already cut housing assistance twice what was the very first one. we but i think our public is doing any point that you know we have a representative democracy and you know i live in pennsylvania and i've got
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representatives there who come to washington d.c. and represent the views of our community and we've got all these key to four hundred thirty five different essentially communities from all over this country and people are trying to represent those views in the best way they deem possible when they come here to washington d.c. and why why would somebody who calls whistles or just because you know some particular representative doesn't care for obamacare does that mean they're against health care or making sure that all they want people dying in the streets is of calcutta and we all realized last the last time that i heard of a health care alternative from the republicans was richard nixon in seventy two when he proposed obamacare. ted kennedy blew it up i'll give you that but you know because it wasn't perfect but you know where if the republicans are concerned well we're we're out. of it is doing is great i mean on thanks for dropping by. coming up president obama. we tortured some folks after nine eleven is one but will sound bites be enough to change a culture of lawlessness over the cia more on that right after the break.
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please. please. crosstalk rules in effect got into can jump in anytime you want.
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the world. series technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. in the best of the rest of the news at a press conference in washington friday president obama's fault
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a lovely quote one of the darkest truths of the bush years that the united states of america tortured people take a look. in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven. we did some things that were wrong. we did all whole lot of things that were right. but we tortured some folks. this wasn't the first time president obama used the word torture to describe the cia's so-called enhanced interrogation techniques but given the context his word choice couldn't be more important because right now the white house the senate and the cia are all embroiled in a major political battle over a senate intelligence committee report on the cia's torture program that report was scheduled to come out sometime over the next few weeks but its release date has now been delayed indefinitely some senators including intel committee chairwoman dianne feinstein and the white house redacted too much from the report for you they conducted with the cia those senators want to put off the report's release until
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they double checked the redactions as feinstein said in a statement put out by her office on friday we need additional time to understand the basis for these redactions and determine their justification there for the report will be held until further notice and released when that process is completed a reasonable thing to say and do considering the circumstances meanwhile at the same time as the white house cia and the senate are battling over just how much of the torture report should be redacted they're also grappling with how to deal with this stunning admission from cia director john brennan thursday brennan acknowledged for the first time that his agency spied on senate staffers while they were doing research for that senate torture report brennan of course denied that the cia spied on the senate when dianne feinstein first accused the agency of doing so back in march and his flip flop now has many in congress calling for his ouster so is the fight over the cia's torture program proof that america is finally coming
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to terms with the crimes of the bush administration or is the fact that this is taken so long and involve the cia spying on the senate prove that our government needs serious help joining me now for more on this is elizabeth go team co-director of the liberty and security national security center at the brennan center for justice with welcome thank you very much thanks for joining us. so let's start with the torture report itself to we know enough about this we do we know that this report is first of all the first and the only comprehensive independent investigation of the cia's torture program based on the full we hope record of classified evidence and this report we know from leaks but also from some official statements will in a way unravel the narrative about torture that has unfolded over the over the last few years which is that this was a sort of an aberrant program that was really very small and carefully controlled
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and implemented by well intending individuals and under carefully controlled circumstances and was very helpful and so that's why it happened and apparently the report shows that the torture was more brutal more systematic and widespread those are senator feinstein's words systematic and widespread than previously acknowledged and also that the torture was not effective as a counterterrorism measure despite multiple statements by intelligence officials to congress that it was effective we were rather famously or infamously rendering people to third countries for torture egypt was used a lot i understand syria was used you probably know there was that's right and me but i'm wondering if you could just speak to that and b. when we're talking about torture are we talking about are we including that in that realm or are we just talking about torture done by by actual you know people were
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in a flag be they go in employees or contractors their report is referred to as the r d i report which is short for retention detention and interrogation so it encompasses the universe of how the detainees were treated that includes torture by u.s. officials and it includes rendition to other countries for purposes of torture that the united states has always maintained that it does not render to to. torture but it is very. it is not willing to do much more than make commitments that it will seek commitments from other countries that they will torture people and that's where we are today frankly the rendition program is very little is known about rendition as it occurs today so it is a still going on. rendition of sorts is going on the question is is unlawful rendition to torture going on and we don't have evidence that it is but this is not the same situation as the specific interrogation techniques that u.s. officials were using where those specific text techniques were forsworn the
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practice of actually sending people to other countries to be dealt with by their legal system has not ended. with the goal of their staying there or with the goal so so we're no longer with us sending people over to egypt for three weeks see what you can get bring them back sigmund want on a more or something where you know we're just saying it's not sentimental but it's not send them back it's if you happen to get any intelligence from them that might be useful to us you might want it at all and then just deal with the body however you want as well i mean it can i think this is the kind of thing that one would really like to know through an independent investigation without just having to speculate about what might be happening or might not be happening until she discovered that the cia was spying on her and dianne feinstein was a pretty outspoken and still was and most was pretty outspoken defender not just of the cia and spying in general but you know the whole entire defense spy industry
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whatever you want to call it eisenhower would have probably come up with a more flowery name for. it when she said. the things have been redacted that shouldn't be redacted. is is that we should that be a giant red flag to somebody who you know. the somebody who really understands this stuff and who generally defends it. is concerned that this isn't going far enough or is this an aberration of the part of her. by dianne feinstein senator feinstein simply because she feels like the aggrieved party here i mean is this similar to you that are chic i don't think she really does have the best interests of the intelligence community at heart to a point where it sometimes been difficult to try to convince her that we should have some more progressive reforms on surveillance of average americans versus surveillance of her staff members so i don't think this is a matter of personal pique i think if senator feinstein is saying that there may be
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actions went too far then i think we can safely assume that they did go too far i would also say that it's hard to imagine really what the rationale could be at this point for redacting information about a program that has been discontinued that you know the intelligence community has pledged with these techniques will never be used to good rationales that immediately heard me as number one these were crimes under international conventions and if you name names those people could be brought up in a and two if there were done by cop. a large chunk of this was those companies are still getting federal contracts so i believe i hold monday said is that it is no good reason to use documents there in the name of national security there's no reason to classify the information for national security reasons there may be liability reasons there may be political reasons but those are not legitimate reasons to ratify information covering up crimes. opposite of objects exactly and in fact the executive order that governs ossification says that it
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shall not be used to cover up crime for misconduct so does it look like this is running up against. we won't know for sure until we see it but it certainly it doesn't look good it really doesn't look good i mean at every step along the way we have seen the cia throwing up barriers to this investigation removing documents from the tranche of documents that were provided to the intelligence committee destroying videotapes trying to get staff members from the intelligence committee thrown into jail for accessing documents because those documents weren't drafts and so supposedly they weren't supposed to look at that we have just about a half a minute. republican from georgia and so this is a partisan document how does how does torture get partisan other than in the context of perhaps the legacy of the bush administration why most of the republicans boycotted the process on the grounds they said that it was based on documents rather than on interviews of course at the time none of the cia agents
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would have agreed to any interviews because they were under criminal investigation so interviews were were off the table and documents primary documents were really the best way to get to the truth of this matter so the republicans many of them not all of them really took themselves out of the investigation from the beginning so it's hard for me to see how they can accuse it of being a part of an investigation when they voluntarily had said to themselves from the process are just tactical it's sort of like you know i wasn't there therefore it wasn't there it's well you know senator snowe approves the report so it was always hard to sit in that sense but it's great elizabeth thanks so much for being here and this to you too thanks for dropping by. is the good the bad of the very very poor nasty equally ugly the good new york
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times just a week after endorsing the legalization of marijuana the green lady broke new ground again this weekend by running a full page ad for lethally a website that sort of like yelp for consumer reports for marijuana he had congratulated new yorkers for that state's decision to legalize medical marijuana and urge them to check out the fleas website for more information as marijuana prohibition fades away ads like this are going to be more and more common and that's a good thing and it's nice to see that the new york times the pinnacle of the establishment staying in tune with the mood of the people the bad representative steve king on yesterday's episode of fox and friends the i will congressman into. that the house was considering impeaching president obama and begged the president not to do anything that would result in impeachment check it out. none of us want to do the thing that's left for us as an alternative but up the president has decided that he is simply going not going to going to enforce any immigration law or at least not
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against anybody except the felons which essentially he has done already this is a broader group of people i think congress has to sit down have a serious look at the rest of this constitution and that includes that i word that we don't want to say and i only say that now on this program because i want to encourage the president please don't put america into a constitutional crisis please don't do that there's too much at stake in this country to be deciding that you can take over the constitution and write it out well well congressman if you're so worried about having to impeach the president i have a really easy solution for you don't impeach the president and the very very ugly google play store is under fire today for offering for download a mobile phone game called bomb gaza the purpose of the game a screenshot of which you can see here is to drop bombs and avoid killing civilians in the simulated version of the gaza strip bad guys in the game are depicted as black clad hamas figures the civilians are depicted as women in burkas carrying
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little brown skinned children but one saving grace here is that bomb gaza rewards players for not killing civilians but that's really no excuse the conflict in gaza right now is a humanitarian crisis of the highest order and the almost two thousand people killed so far in israel's operation protective edge deserve better than to be turned into a video game characters that border on racial stereotypes fact that google play would never allow such a dehumanizing game on its platform is just very very ugly. coming up believe it or not a heartbreaking loss in the world cup final is the least of all. argentina's worries these days and that's a good journalist greg palast tells us why after the birth. or
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let. her let. her. little her mother. from. her.
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perfect perfect. cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. the problem it was a terrible mistake now i'm very hard to make going to let once again let along here there's a plug that never had sex with the target there's no legs let alone was. just so.
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again after a surge in algae levels made water from lake erie unsafe for human consumption could this be a preview of what the world will look like as climate change really kicks into gear and thanks to big ag agricultural companies the next killer pandemic could be on its way sooner than you might think tell you why inside state. in screwed news after reveling in their team's performance of the world cup. up argentinians are now facing an ongoing and financial nightmare last week standard and poor's ruled that argentina had officially defaulted on its debt marking its second default on its debt in just over ten years what was once one of south america's most promising economies has gone through economic crisis after crisis in recent years leaving millions of argentinians in deep poverty and an economy in
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turmoil as for this most recent crisis it all stems from hustlers and banks toure's taking advantage of that nation's financial meltdown in two thousand and one in order to get out of that collapse argentina was forced to borrow a staggering one hundred thirty two billion dollars then defaulted on some of that debt when it couldn't afford to pay back the interest on those billions in an effort to try to stay solvent and keep their country going argentina asked its bondholders and investors to trade in their bonds for cheaper ones and most of the bond holders went along with that plan however a group of wall street millionaire and billionaire hedge funders know to that plan and soon argentina over its refusal to pay back the original interest one of those billionaire hedge funders those top g.o.p. funder paul singer a man many call the vulture and a man who according to b.b.c. reporter and author greg palast is almost single a single handedly responsible for argentina's latest the fault joining me now for
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more on paul the bolter singer and his role in this latest argentinean financial collapse is greg palast himself investigative reporter of b.b.c. news in the guardian and author of the book billionaires and ballot bandits. glad to be with you tom great to have you with us so what is the situation in argentina right now well it's republicans versus democrats and i don't mean argentine republicans and democrats you have really hidden in this story about argentina which is all over the papers like why do we care about argentina other than world cup you know they blew it that's it of the answer is that in fact what's happening in argentina i mean determine the united states presidential election in two thousand and sixteen because of the players and what's on the table which most americans don't understand attacking argentina is the number one new york donor to the republican party and most influential donor paul the vulture singer i didn't
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give the name to vulture i think his mother did but certainly he's known as the vulture by bankers because he's an easy guy who attacks the weak and the dying i have hunted this guy you know from the congo to peru to to argentina for the guardian and others and he waits an ambush in the case of argentina argentina taking some very bad advice from the i.m.f. decided it can only survive by defaulting this is about fifteen years ago it restructured its debts this cost the united states taxpayer at the time a pretty penny to resolve argentina's debts or so we thought so you and i through the i.m.f. fifty percent of the i.m.f. stance belong to the united states we helped restore argentina which became actually a very strong economy until this latest attack by singer who said wait a minute fifteen years ago those bonds you defaulted i kept three percent of them
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and now i want you to pay me are you ready for this time you paid about thirty million dollars he wants three billion dollars that's one hundred times what he paid he's not asking argentina to pay off old debts argentina said we will pay you what. the face value the bonds everyone else took a look short money will give you one hundred percent that's not good enough for singer he wants one hundred times what he paid if that happens argentina goes down but so do but so do the big banks out of new york city bank j.p. morgan and even and in europe the united bank of switzerland which put together the original deal those banks will then if arqiva goes default those banks end up in huge financial trouble he has sued so be built in the hot shot all singer the vulture has not only sued argentina he sued j.p.
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morgan citibank united bacon switzerland and said whatever money argentina gave you over the years baby that's mine and those banks and by the way he's actually stopped argentina he got a court order which prevents argentina from paying off its debts unless he gets his pound or in his case is ton of flesh what. possible legal rationale does he have. it's a bizarre coke a complete bizerk zero legal rationale by the way i want you to know that the reason paulson has gone into u.s. court that's because after some of my reports he is barred from using any court in britain or the or the commonwealth he's barred from china he's barred from europe so he goes to the us court and finds an old nixon appointee eighty four years old ok and i'm going to be straight about of the constitution doesn't allow us to retire the brain melts and talks to sky the legal theory is that no bond holder can be paid less everyone's paid fine. our team has offered the same deal to the
10:38 pm
vulture as every other bank including one hundred percent payoff he won't accept it and he's been able to actually stop payments to the rest of the world's big banks this is a problem for you and me whether we like it or not we have bailed out these banks we hold their reserves if argentina goes down their reserves are in real trouble the big central banks and it and it breaks up the attacks all that goes with it argentina with a deal we just had in greece he's going after spain now he took a hundred and sixty five million dollars other greek treasury when they were bankrupt you know and he even took in this is a story i did he took away the money we sent to the congo republic to clean the water systems to to end a cholera epidemic he took that money for some all civil war debts from like that
10:39 pm
no one even knows if they're legit but he got he basically took the foreign aid money we gave to the congo republic to cure a cholera epidemic he's a really sweet guy this is the guy again i want to emphasize. and it's not small he's a crucial republican donor in the big banks of course i have been backing obama and clinton so you see here not only a difference in donor but a difference in philosophy the big banks think that government does ultimately have some role control in the financial system greg banning these outlaws there's a. conspiracy theory shall we say. among some in democratic circles with the republicans and one of the reasons that they've been obstructing so many efforts by president obama to put the economy back together extend long term on and. you know rebuild roads anything that might stimulate the economy is because they actually want the economy to crash is two more years left in the obama presidency and they want to look like herbert hoover's last two years so that they
10:40 pm
can have an entire generation of republicans the way that herbert hoover led to a generation of democrats. a curious your thoughts on that conspiracy theory and b. could sing or taking down big american banks with this lawsuit be the tip of the spear of that you erode in europe singer's a financial outlaw but in the usa he's a job creator it's seems well you know he's got a little beyond so to the facts of what things he's done one eats out another target which is the united states treasury and demanding three billion of argentina you should know they took he and his partners took twelve billion from the u.s. treasury during the auto bailout he silently secretly and through some flim flammed got ahold of the g.m. auto parts division and said he would shut down the auto parts operation g.m. was already in bankruptcy g.m.
10:41 pm
would have been liquidated we don't last one hundred thousand jobs easy hundred thousand jobs unless he got twelve billion he got the check because g.m. said they couldn't operate for another twenty four hours without those parts he literally cut off. g.m. parties in ca so we'll just have twenty seconds left you think he could take down the banks and cause a big crash he would love it he calls it creative destruction i see a lot of destruction not the creation this is two thousand and sixteen being played out in another continent. that's absolutely amazing greg palast and i realize the chapter about this in your book and it is which is. billionaire is invalid and it's . and greg palast dot com greg great to see you again thanks so much for dropping by always on fixed.
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crazy alert fifty shades of the state residents of washington county west virginia are pretty shocking lesson last week about why their state is wild and wonderful but i want to see walking a man on all fours down a public highway. yet they were here at a busy four way intersection on us route forty a national road at nine thirty tuesday morning a naked man down on all fours ankles bound hood head being walked on a leash by a woman wearing a purple nightgown that was the weirdest day. i hope it's the worst day ever this was snapped on a cell phone by a passing driver we started walking on doors tips led to this apartment building on ronis point road the female first denied any involvement we had a witness positively identify or and then she admitted as did the male the woman is identified as barbara jean beach
10:43 pm
a. fifty three and her fifty six year old boyfriend robert j.l. both are originally from pennsylvania they said it was consensual sex a consensual sex game and they were offended that people were stopping in calling them freaks. trouble keeping your man on a leash. pennywise i know suspects have been caught but if i saw someone walk in another person down the street my first guess would be that it was ted cruz taking johnny in or out for a stroll because let's face it at this point the speaker of the house is pretty much the tea party's person. we have a huge farm terrorism problem in this country right now i'll tell you why explain what on terrorism is inside still take.
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probably would be described as angry i think in a strong. under single. for tonight's green report we had to toledo ohio where algae has been causing some water problems for most people think about reasons for a water shortage that thinking about things like droughts or water main breaks are equal outbreaks right now much of california for example facing
10:46 pm
a severe drought act according to latest u.s. drought monitor map released last week more than fifty eight percent of california is in an exceptional drought stage that's up a staggering twenty two percent from the week before strict water restrictions have been put in place in most of california to help conserve what's left but over the weekend the city of toledo ohio issued a do not drink advisory for resit residents of that city for a very different reason but still leaving four hundred thousand people without access to drinking water that different reason is algae and it's not the first time algae has been the culprit either almost a year ago carol township which is near toledo on very high levels of micro systems and its water supply and had to shut down its treatment plant as a result joining me now for more on this is keith schneider senior editor with circle of blue keith thanks for joining us tonight do you think for having us so
10:47 pm
what is. the first why are you here i understand toledo's water ban has been lifted lifted to snorting. levels of microsystems below the world health organization's advisory limit of one part per billion of this toxin in the water one part per billion that's very very very little this must be really going to be spent on what is microsystems microsystems' as it is a toxin released by sino bacteria which is a microscopic bacterium when it dies the release of this toxin in lake erie has been afflicted by by abused. even the algae now pretty sick be significantly since two thousand and eleven we thought we'd solve this problem the united states forty years ago with the clean water act but the legislators at the time exempted agriculture from the clean water act restrictions inches in agricultural land use practices in the ohio region from corn to soybean soybeans as
10:48 pm
a large user of phosphorous and also the tillage practices of changed the no tail practices means that when the farmers apply fertilizers it doesn't it doesn't seeped into the soil quite as deep this is the theory of how to brew university which has a national water quality research center in ohio and it is now believed that here ised that this prosperous is running into the mommy river which drains toledo on the western end of lake erie at significant levels and temperature and some changes in in the water chemistry labs would lead to these a large algae blooms all of which could be stopped this is all solvable with public policy and that is to begin to address a very significant and growing toxic water problem in our great lakes lake erie is not the only place in the great lakes that is not the only lake that suffers from algae blooms i live in northern lake michigan near sleeping bear dunes national
10:49 pm
lake shore. natural areas in the united states and every summer we suffer from significant algae blooms in their new and i know they're new because i run late sure they're every year and about three or four years ago i noticed very significant thick algae blooms in lake in a lake along lake michigan in sleeping bear dunes again i say this is not this is not like a serious technical solution is a political solution this can be solved by how we change our practices on the land what kinds of chemicals were applying to the land you know forty years ago most of the phosphorous in the great lakes and in every other freshwater body united states was caused was produced by the old water treatment system sewage treatment systems so that's been solved toledo itself is spending five hundred twenty one million dollars now to clear phosphorous from its water treatment systems well now it's also having to spend four million dollars more on chemicals to solve this micro
10:50 pm
system toxin problem so you know the united states is in this is in this. era in which these complex problems are kind of going on nor ignored what problems that we could solve we have solved and when our kind of backtracking yeah why and to the extent that that's political it's we don't have any money we're not willing to raise taxes to pay for these things but it sounds like it's more than that that this is what you're suggesting is that we need to change agricultural policies. and also presumably do whatever we can to stop global warming well our agricultural industrial sector the most efficient the most productive ag sector in the world. has changed its practices so you know in the one nine hundred ninety s. as recently in the one nine hundred ninety s. the average sort of working dairy farm was eighty cows well now it's five hundred seventy cows the the the average hog farm was twelve hundred animals it's now
10:51 pm
thirty thousand a cow produces twenty three times more. human waste any human being a pig produces three times and they're concentrated in the midwest and the great lakes region has been a target of what we call you know concentrated ammo animals army and those those is the lay sions which produce more waste then in major cities like toledo or detroit or chicago have no regulations no restrictions virtually no restrictions on how they how they treat their waists they're not required to treat their ways the way an industry would require is required to treat its waste if they did this phosphorus problem would be significantly reduced that coupled with the tillage practices we need to look at how we're going to how we're cultivating grain in the united states particularly in the great lakes region where there's a lot of water and and a lot of you know access to these major rivers and streams which drain into the great lakes. we need to take
10:52 pm
a hard look at that to pick up the piece of this is that we're not sure it needed the states nor the federal government which have been monitoring this through no and other science agencies you know are out arguing or searching to the legislature or congress you know we need to deal with this congress both member you know both parties not just a republican issue it's a both party issues just saying look we don't want to deal with this because we don't want to take on agriculture agriculture isn't for you know any of many of us at a political insider where we're out of time and thanks for being with us tonight very unsafe thanks for that going to be shit thank you. let's talk about america's pharma grown terrorism act epidemic back on nine
10:53 pm
eleven nearly three thousand people lost their lives in the attack. the world trade center the pentagon and shanksville pennsylvania since nine eleven our government has spent over seven point six trillion dollars on military and homeland security operations in response to that event the deaths of roughly three thousand souls now compare that to the fact that every year twenty three thousand americans die from antibiotic resistant infections and another two million get sick it's the equivalent of nearly eight nine eleven zero a year and our government isn't doing anything about it each year big agriculture feeds millions and millions of pounds of antibiotics to farm factory farm animals all to slightly increase their profits by plumping up their meat and two thousand and eleven nearly thirty million pounds of antibiotics four times the amount sold to humans were purchased by meat producers who use the drugs to promote growth and
10:54 pm
prevent disease from spreading these are otherwise healthy animals but they're getting dosed daily with low levels of antibiotics anyway it doctor would never do that to you but with the animals as a result there's widespread and unnecessary use of antibiotics in factory farm animals is creating a major public health crisis right here in the u.s. by breeding and resistant infections caused by bacteria referred to in the media as super bowl is but rather than enforcing regulations already in place to control the use of antibiotics in factory farm animals our federal government is balint in the interests of big agriculture and is continuing to let this abuse go on. just last week the u.s. second court certain court of appeals ruled that the f.d.a. could leave an antibiotic is used in animal feed on the market even though the dangers associated with that particular antibiotic are widely known including the
10:55 pm
increased risk of antibiotic resistant infections jumping to human beings basically this court gave big ag the go ahead to continue pumping millions and millions of pounds of antibiotics into poultry and livestock with very little concern for public safety. so why should americans care about this well for starters americans eat a lot of meat and superbugs and antibiotic resistant bacteria that are bred in factory farms you're easily wait make their way along the food along the meat into our food system for example last year a drug resistant seminal outbreak tied to chicken from foster farms sickened hundreds of americans and that outbreak is still getting worse today with over six hundred sickened americans and that wasn't bad enough these and antibiotic resistant super bugs can also get into our water supply and into the soil for vegetable crops and then we get the stuff we eat the vegetables situation is so
10:56 pm
dire that speaking about antibiotic resistance dr thomas friedman director of the c.d.c. said that if we don't act now our medicine cabinet will be empty and we won't have the any box we need to save lives. if twenty three thousand americans are already dying from superbugs and antibiotic resistant infections every year and they are just imagine how much worse it could get if this antibiotic abuse continues we could soon of full blown pandemic on our hands but it doesn't have to get worse we can stop this farm grown terrorism right now and save millions of lives big agriculture says the slashing its use of antibiotics will hurt all of us in the form of higher prices at the supermarket but that's simply not the case as ruth reichl points out over the new york times although many industrial farmers claim that cleaning up their act will cost the rest of us at the cash register responsible producers from missouri to denmark are already raising healthy livestock and poultry at competitive prices without the use of unnecessary drugs
10:57 pm
michael highlights the story of russ kramer a fifth generation pork farmer in missouri who after nearly being killed by an antibiotic resistant infection in his own farm decided to do things the all natural way he let his pigs roam free and doesn't have to stuff them full of antibiotics because they're not living in squalor and thanks to competitive prices his meat is bought by companies like just boat lay in cosco. so big agriculture's higher meat prices argument is complete baloney pun intended the use of antibiotics on factory farms is all about profits for big ag but with twenty three thousand americans dying every year as a result it's time to start putting the american people ahead of profits meat producers and sellers across the country need to say no to more superbugs no animals on factory farm should ever be given antibiotics and was diagnosed as sick by a veterinarian and while we're at it we need to work harder to close down washington's
10:58 pm
revolving door which encourages employees in government agencies like the f.d.a. to get bought off by corporate interests and then turn a blind eye to corporate abuse we have the right to eat food that's not going to kill us and that's the way it is today monday august fourth two thousand and fourteen and no forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag your . america and join me. in our home and family for terri
10:59 pm
continued and much much. only on been passed and. well you like me you want your comedy news and some t.v. . comedy news to be a bare fisted no holds barred fight to the death. like a truth vampire fighting into the necks of the corporate elite billionaire freaks while they're going. well that's what you get with my new show project of the night.
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