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what's going on everyone i'm out in martin and this is breaking this set so i frequently cover the absurd tactics the government uses to fight the war on terror everything from giving via agro to taliban insurgents to trolling nurseries to find radical extremists as it turns out it has surprised absolutely no one the
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government isn't merely focusing on militant groups according to new classified documents released by the intercept nearly half of the government's official watch list of known or suspected terrorists are not affiliated with any organized group not only is it highly dangerous to classify hundreds of thousands of people as terrorist with little to no established evidence or criteria but the sheer volume of people on this list makes it clear that those who are actually dangerous will be overlooked in yet another sweeping dragnet outbreak the site. please please please. please very hard to take that leap to. get her back with the other three they're looking.
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at least. at least. over the course of the last month israel has bombed over forty six hundred sites across the gaza strip during operation protective at least eighteen one hundred eighty eight palestinians have been killed the vast majority of which are civilians according to the palestinian health ministry on the israeli side three civilians have been killed and sixty four idea of soldiers at the time of this broadcast more over over five thousand five hundred housing units have been utterly destroyed and nearly thirty one thousand partially damaged according the minister of public works
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and housing israel has also destroyed a whopping one hundred sixty one mosques according to the middle east monitor but don't worry accorded the i.d.f. spokesperson every single quote surgical strike was because the house was obviously hosting a command center with weapons. of course once again other than missiles being shot near civilian areas absolutely zero evidence has been provided for this claim other than cartoon info graphics five hundred thousand palestinians out of the regions one point eight million residents are now homeless. trapped with nowhere to go and disease is only continuing to spread in the eleven days since gaza's only power plant supply electricity was bombed and despite the rhetoric of doing everything to prevent civilian casualties during the last twenty four hours human rights watch issued a report citing numerous instances where i.d.f. soldiers have actually targeted and killed the fleeing palestinians after being ordered to leave to evade death by bombing but if you're an i.d.f.
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soldier with a soul you might want to think twice about exposing this kind of blatant disrespect for human life see former company sergeant of the i.d.f. iran a fraud to you as a whistle blower who's been speaking out against institutionalized brutality within the military since the siege began in the wake of one of the massacres that wiped out an entire gaza neighborhood everybody posted on facebook that is inside sources confirm that civilians were targeted and killed by soldiers simply as punishment for the deaths of soldiers soon after a fraud there was arrested and intimidated by israeli authorities and has since stated that he can't speak out anymore here in the u.s. the white house has projected a helpless to attach meant to regarding israel's actions get a new report on the intercept based on snowden's leak exposes how the u.s. not only provides money and weapons to israel but also the survey islands technology to monitor and target palestinians given the mounting pressure on israel
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of the death toll continues to rise ceasefire after seize fire has failed with yesterday's ending after israel shelled a house killing five people including an eight year old girl soon after the rockets continued but just today all parties finally agreed to a three day cease fire and i.d.f. troops pulled out of gaza to abide by the humanitarian pause in a page right from the bush administration the i.d.f. is declaring mission accomplished claiming it has achieved its main objective by destroying. thirty two tunnels in gaza although what happens during and after the next seventy two hours remains uncertain one thing is clear the scene needs to be lifted immediately for people to rebuild and to heal. the wall has to come down and ultimately solve must be given to palestinians because until basic humanity is granted it this cycle of hate and violence will never end.
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if you only get your information from t.v. shows you might think that american prisons are places to create lifelong friendships discover hobbies you never knew you had and fraternize with what do you correctional officers look no further than the show orange is the new black and while it's a well written dark comedy a summer camp like atmosphere portrayed by the series creators a far cry from the reality of actual jail see in a country with five percent of the world's population and twenty five percent of its prisoners the us prison system has been structured the brink of many of the nation's two point four million and made serving decades along the sentences that very often don't fit the crime or perhaps there's no more disturbing aspect of the present and complex in the treatment and care of teen prisoners see according to
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the washington post the u.s. still puts children and teenagers in juvenile detention more than any other developed nation in the world with about seventy thousand detained on any given day in two thousand and ten and if you think the tough love policy is deterring crime among america's youth you're kidding yourself according to a two thousand and thirteen study of chicago's juvenile court system by the national bureau of economic research when kids are tossed in detention facilities their chances of not graduating high school increases by thirteen percent while the chances. though commit another crime later in life also increases by a stunning twenty two percent and is it really any wonder why considering the appalling state of the country's juvenile facilities case in point rikers island prison in new york city just yesterday the department of justice released a shocking report on the abuse of teen inmates at the tourist prison according to d.o.j. investigators the juvenile facility at rikers is
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a quote deep seated culture of violence when it comes to how correctional officers treat teen inmates furthermore the report found that there is a powerful code of silence among prison authorities when it comes to reporting abuse and finally the report concludes that simply put rikers as a dangerous place for adolescents in a pervasive climate of fear exists great these conclusions are based on the documentation of one thousand and fifty cases of injuries to young prisoners just in the last two years and nearly half of these incidents and maids required emergency care due to the violence perpetrated on them by prison guards in fact the investigation found that almost forty four percent of all juvenile prisoners at rikers had been subjected to force on behalf of prison staff at some point during their imprisonment guards use such tactics as beating inmates with radios but tongs and broomsticks slamming their heads against the wall and kicking them in the back
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and in one case the guard even wrapped handcuffs around her hand and punched an inmate in the ribs after he fell asleep during class and then other officers proceeded to kick the teen repeatedly while he was on the floor keep in mind this is the department of justice not some health side group like amnesty international or human rights watch compiling the report now in response the president of the correction officers union said quote there may be a few that react with what you might think is excessive force but in defense of an officer being assaulted by an inmate a correction officer must use whatever force is necessary to turn. nate salt yes because clearly there's no scarier threat than a sleeping team. and i guess the fact that nearly half of all writers teams have been beaten just according to documented cases can all be attributed to guards defending themselves but these tales of four are nothing new for a person that consistently ranked among the worst in the us consider that the adult section of the prison we've seen everything from a man baking
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a definite cell heated to over one hundred degrees to the discovery of a brutal fight club where officers allowed prisoners to beat each other in exchange for various privileges so i guess this newest report is indicative of just another day at rikers it was just yesterday who once said the degree of civilization in this society is revealed by entering its presence for the sake of american society let's hope that isn't true. as the war in afghanistan churns on and its thirteen year the afghan people and nato forces continue to take a heavy toll and just today u.s. army major general harold green was killed at a training facility near kabul by an afghan soldier the death of green is thought to be the highest ranking military official to be killed in an overseas war since
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vietnam so to discuss this latest incident and what it might mean for the future of u.s. afghan relations i'm joined now by our correspondent honest. can you describe how this gunman was able to pull off such an attack well abbi what we do know is that this gunman walked into the camp. excuse me can't guard cargo on the outskirts of kabul in afghanistan on tuesday afternoon where high you need a military officials delegation had arrived for meetings and those gunmen using a light assault. a rifle basically killed this top two star u.s. army major general who has now been identified as you said is harold greene a man with over three decades of experience serving in the u.s. military also known as a key player in the training operations of afghan forces by the united states and the nato coalition in afghanistan we also know of course that wounded among the
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wounded were at least fourteen people including a german brigadier general as well as western troops and american troops eight american military personnel five of them seriously injured as well as afghan forces we do know of course the investigation a joint investigation by the u.s. in afghanistan is now underway so we are expecting to find out more in terms of why this incident exactly took place and green is now the highest ranking u.s. official to be killed overseas since the vietnam war as i stated in the intro what does this incident indicate about the current state of security in afghanistan thirteen years on. certainly that's the case he's also the highest ranking u.s. official to be killed in the iraq and afghanistan wars and certainly this is an incident that raising many eyebrows in terms of concerns of security and where the operations in afghanistan currently stand we of course know that the united states is planning to end all operations on the ground in the nearest future so the fact
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that incidents like this involving these high military officials are taking place are certainly raising concerns in terms of where the situation currently stands and what's going to happen in the nearest months and after the u.s. troops troops pull out there what do we know at this point about the gunman and his potential sociopath's well out be it we do not know much yet we don't know the name we're expecting for u.s. officials and afghan officials to make this information known certainly as the investigation continues we do know that it's being reported that he was dressed in afghan military uniform and of course. from all of the reports and statements we've been hearing everything indicates to this being yet another insider attack so which means that a member of the afghan forces basically shot at the u.s. and western and afghan forces that were training this particular person we have heard from the pentagon that this is someone who has worked with the afghan forces and fought in the afghan forces for quite some time that's according to the
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pentagon and of course these so-called green on blue attacks aren't necessarily new phenomena they have dropped off in the last couple of years i mean should we expect to see more of these types of assaults in the near future. well obviously everybody is hoping that that will not be the case but unfortunately that has not been the trend over the recent times this of course this particular incident has been the first one in months we do know that as recently as twenty twelve these kinds of insider attacks really peaked we saw dozens of them take place as many as forty eight according to a pentagon report and this number did drop in twenty thirteen there have been fifteen but certainly that's more than plenty to indicate that there is a problem that these kinds of incidents happen where the afghan forces that the united states and the west are there to train to ensure the transition are turning against the people who are training them and it's being said that usually this kind of thing occurs when the afghan force is basically because of the outrage of the
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constant presence of foreign troops on the ground certainly this is the longest running war in u.s. history. expressed their outrage with the situation in this particular way and of course the attacks coming on the heels of nato forces killing four civilians and western afghanistan as well trying to target taliban militants so how that's going to affect the security cooperation between the karzai government. thank you so much that you're going to break it down. coming up i'll talk about the anniversary of a nonexistent event that started the vietnam war. in justifying their stance they're citing all sorts of what they see as international pass a dance in cost of the outcoming referendum in scotland but the response that they're hearing from the one thing is that what you're doing is illegitimate but what we've been doing is still full of life there if you break into their still
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good look america does is right readers are made for other people for centuries like russia or all countries like this straight. back to america does is right because america does it. they just want to keep building allowing saudi arabia qatar and iran to fund millions and millions of pounds worth of building of mosques in this country where they have addresses where we have a hundred thousand four to sixteen year old children who have been schooled in these mature asses which is encouraging complete non integration within the society . the term false flag has generally been hijacked by conspiracy culture to apply to
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almost every world event these days however in many cases this notion is very real and as deep and dark historical roots take a look at the events leading up to the iraq war the spanish-american war the mexican american war and perhaps most egregiously the vietnam war this week marks the fiftieth anniversary of the gulf of tonkin incident event that gave us president lyndon johnson the authority to launch open warfare against north vietnam here's the back story on august second one nine hundred sixty four u.s. warships off the coast of vietnam. it was attacked by three north vietnamese torpedo boats in broad daylight and while the event was only the first instance of a u.s. naval ship been attacked since world war two there were no american casualties and thus the event was left alone with no large scale retaliation by the u.s. however only two days later pentagon officer named daniel ellsberg was on duty receiving urgent cables from captain john herrick the u.s.
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navy's commander in the gulf of tonkin. reported that the ship was under attack yet again this time in the middle of the night and in total darkness after several tens hours describing the ordeal the pentagon received one last cable recanted in its previous report a portion of the memoir details the message captain herrick sent to the pentagon saying quote a review of action makes many reported contacts and torpedoes fired appeared doubtful freak weather effects on the radar an overeager sonar men may have accounted for many reports no actual visual sightings by mattox suggest complete evaluation before any further action is taken but that evaluation never happened instead u.s. officials including the president's seized on the second incident as a provocation countless newspapers including the washington post the new york times ran the headlines about the attack which helped to galvanize public support for the
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u.s. to officially invade vietnam or just one small problem with the story that wasn't true the minute attack on the u.s.s. maddux never actually happened sadly it wasn't until two thousand and five when a declassified n.s.a. document revealed the truth that america's longest armed conflict at the time in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people were over an event that never happened unfortunately these false pretenses for war are more common than not in u.s. military history take the sinking of the u.s. . as maine for example of america's first battleships with which exploded in havana cuba killing two hundred sixty u.s. sailors on board over one hundred years ago even with no evidence proving that spain was responsible for the destroyed ship coupled with the high tensions over spanish control of cuba where all the ingredients necessary to start the spanish-american war of course it was revealed in nine hundred seventy six that the explosion that sank the maine and killed more than half its crew was caused by an
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accidental ignition of the ship's ammunition stockpile and not foul play by the spanish. there's any question today over the deliberate lies told by the american people about weapons of mass destruction as a pretext for the u.s. invasion of iraq but these bogus claims aren't unique to the u.s. either wars have been fought and lost all over the world all in the name of god while and even soccer that's right nine hundred sixty nine the tiny central american countries of honduras and el salvador use the pretext of a tense soccer match to declare war on one another and world war one the great war which claimed the lives of thirty seven million people from all over the world was launched over the assassination of a single austrian man archduke franz ferdinand and today at the gaza invasion we look back at the kidnapping and murder of three israeli teenagers that sparked this latest conflict only to find out soon after that the allegations were all wrong
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right from the beginning so as we mark the fiftieth anniversary of the gulf of tonkin let's not forget that little has changed in the last five decades until we stop letting our leaders embellish facts or launch full blown false flag attacks to justify war and less warfare will always define our species. in a world full of volatile currencies for her. no other monetary contender in recent years has made a bigger splash and that coined and just recently in new york lawmakers proposed regulations on the digital currency and all bit quaint a.t.m. machines are popping up everywhere from new zealand to chicago yes whether you love it hate it or still don't quite understand how it works this internet money is only growing in popularity so they can better understand a big point as well as go over
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a few other important issues in the news right now i'm going by journalist and host of the david seaman our david seaman what is going on man but really if you're like was always that easy you know how do you in studio how can bitcoin revolutionize people's savings and why is kind of the current bank going to stab them and just failing and especially doesn't apply to interest rates could sure yeah yeah so i mean you and i are basically the same age and our generation we experience the financial crisis first and really saw it was a hard couple years and we in the taxpayers gave nearly a trillion dollars to these banks and what do we get in return how do they repay the favor when they were starting to do well if foreclosed on millions of middle class people so i have no sympathy for the banks and i'm excited about bitcoin because if you look at the math and if you do some research this will eventually eat into some of their major profit centers and this is a classic case of analog to digital you look at blockbuster which is very powerful in the entertainment industry now in existence today that stores have been replaced
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by subways or whatever that is going to happen to america's banks and what's really cool in fascinating and weird we're two blocks away from the white house right now and the n.s.a. and the cia are tapping all of our stuff they're aware of bitcoin and they haven't put down the boot yet and even the chinese government which is far more impressive than ours they're letting people buy bitcoins if you look online at the flows of money out of and into peer to peer currencies it's like nonstop china and then second is us and there's some money coming from south america some from your. but really it's the u.s. and china that are driving this and where it stands your question savings are important for everybody but especially for the middle class chase one of the nation's largest banks i checked the rates yesterday for a savings account you'll get one hundredth of one percent so if you were to hear deposit one hundred thousand dollars for a year you get ten bucks. is strictly limited there are only thirteen million out
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there right now and the middle of the next century or some time at least you know very far in the future beyond our lifetimes the total will be twenty one million coins and that's it no federal reserve chair woman deciding that the economy's down so they have to print more money so you know if you believe that this currency will take off as many people do it's accepted by dell now and a number of other public companies actually dell's not private but it's accepted by big companies if you believe it's going to continue to grow it's a limited environment and it's completely different from things like the dollar or the euro or the chinese want. crippling the world right now david the dollar of course you know how can big coin and digital currencies i guess in general help people who may be living under crippling sieges like in gaza or or states that are suppressive here's where it gets really cool let's not even go to gaza let's say you're a chinese entrepreneur they have really strict capital controls you can only get something like fifty thousand dollars out of the country per year what if you're just sick of china you want to emigrate to the united states or canada or europe if
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you have money you know fifty thousand dollars is not a lot to move your whole family out that's all you can take so if you buy a big coin you can actually memorize a password it's known as a brain wallet as long as it's strong enough there are tools out there like electro that will allow you to do this you memorize this twelve word seed you know they can take your gold they can take the money you have on on your person they cannot take something in your brain so the second you get to europe or the u.s. you type in that code you have all your bitcoins it's transformative. you know something that's going to change the relationship between government and individual but i guess i guess and please enlighten me by. i mean people using the service like like people in china or let's say gaza for example aren't they always be subjected to the government regulations and laws i guess in those respective countries the thing about bitcoin is to stop it would be like saying we're going to stop bit torrent so you don't want to put into place regulations or it makes the government will dumb because you know the u.s. government for example could say bittorrent is bad for hollywood you want to stop it but what are going to go to every single person's house and stop bit torrent
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right but the iris is a different beast the iris will take a few years to catch up to it and then it becomes an issue when you cash back out of to feel you have to pay capital gains which i think is reasonable i mean you're making money you should pay something but beyond that it's in the very challenging and they're going to you know rather than regulate bitcoin to change the way big coin works it's something that's so powerful this point they're going to have to change their walls and i don't mean that as some kind of you know threat or anything i just said largest it's i think two hundred fifty six times more powerful than the five hundred biggest supercomputers put together at this point so many people are mining it around the world it is understandable the government is going to catch up with the. what do you think the centralization i mean clearly it's one of the answers to the central banking monopoly crushing some many people right now but do you think that it's also the answer in terms of political the political system for sure i mean we're in d.c. and people talk about the military industrial complex why are we shipping bombs over to israel they're then used on the civilian population in gaza why is any
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strike happening in the world today we're so advanced as a species you know we've sent probes out to the edge of our solar system why are we still killing each other that's very primitive stuff and we're not even doing it over resources in a lot of cases we're doing it to preserve the profits of people who make bombs it's outrageous this does away with that because governments cannot create their own money another name for these currencies as math based currencies use is really advanced cryptography nobody can fake a bit coin so you can't create new ones unless it's part of the schedule and so i guess you know let's move on to the drug we have about. minute left but i mean here we have obama saying we just tortured some folks but he's saying don't be to think about it i mean does it make you feel good to just hear how much obama can level without savard john doe's about how much i love all i already know i love that he just released on white house dot gov why he doesn't plan on legalizing marijuana in response to the new york times includes rand institute studies like the one nine hundred seventy s. junk science meanwhile we tortured some folks but let's not be too sanctimonious
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but marijuana is dangerous and we need to condemn that on the white house website like what kind of crazy world we living in when smoking weed is condemned by obama but this is not what tortures of folks we worked with some folks who sponsored folks look folks a little sorry you know beat up some cats we tortured some folks yet you can't smoke weed at david otherwise all hell will break loose are going to get those bombs they get so much david seaman journalist. really pretty coming out of the on they thought from watching you guys be sure to follow me on twitter at abby martin joins me again tomorrow when i break the set all over again. clean. zero casualties war this is the great fantasy of war mongering politicians.
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capturing people is this what do you do there and this is killing them easy we were deserve the right to kill any person anywhere any time. they can do that in the future but they can drown out the makes these things are very. politicians. new kind of power. that is very tempting. we speak your language of the. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little tune in to. the stories. you hear.
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the spanish find out more visit. in justifying their stance they're citing all sorts of what they see as international pass a dance in cost of the coming referendum in scotland but the response that they're hearing from the west is that what you're doing is illegitimate but what we've been doing is still full of life a measure if you break into their state. america does is right. for other people for centuries like russia countries like australia. whatever america does. america doesn't.
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international action to stop a humanitarian crisis in the east ukrainian cities meantime says the issues being blown out of proportion. whole just by death destruction and thousands of refugees lined up at ukraine's border with russia and here we follow those forced to leave behind on their journey to safety. u.s. officials confirm. leaking secret surveillance documents to the media now more than a year off to edward snowden lifting. the cease fire is holding bits.


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