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tv   Headline News  RT  August 7, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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as an. international we'll look at the methods used by the crackdown on the government resistance. of growing number of ukrainian troops revolt against the way the government is handling the crisis here on the network we speak to some of the desert who are now seeking refuge here in russia. holds into its final day in gaza but israel failed to agree on an extension that's raising fears of renewed bloodshed a report on those struggling to get medical help in the deadly conflict. are
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infected with a virus allowing to control them as if they were their own. live from moscow international for me and our entire news team a very well welcome to an entire family has been killed in a shelling just outside in east ukraine graphic footage showing pulling out five bodies from a basement where they had been taking shelter it's reported a shell hit their house causing it to collapse and bury them beneath. borders if you insist otherwise.
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you. will. do but does it give you. this gigantic crater was what residents in a small town in don't yet found after a heavy bombing campaign kiev denies that is using any bad weapons in its crackdown on the eastern provinces but let's check what they have been deploying for example craters like this one right here these are left by ballistic missiles they strike a pre-determined target within a range of up to three hundred kilometers with a variety of warheads which can include chemical and holes for example like these in residential areas in eastern ukraine of being caused by missiles from a gun it's a powerful rocket launcher and strikes are seen as highly inaccurate in the area of
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damage can be up to forty two hectares and of course mortar shells they've been raining down on the eastern regions for several months now causing this kind of damage and when they hit their targets shrapnel explodes causing widespread destruction and wounds a military expert says whoever is doing these weapons should bear full responsibility for all the deaths. states are in target to use weapons of course sceptically if as they say they're acting in self-defense but at all times the states have an obligation to safeguard civilians that means to say that they can't target civilians would be one consistent and they can't target areas in which civilians if you like. dominant that it becomes a to put disproportion attack and of course the larger the weapon here we're talking about ballistic weapons allegedly the simply uses that very large warheads
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so places even more onus of responsibility on those using those weapons to ensure that they don't disproportionate harm civilians and in these kind of urban battlefields that's mark to east ukraine and yet if you like it's almost impossible to use those weapons without harming civilians and so again their use could be very easily described and could amount to a war crime and some ukrainian soldiers have been so appalled by the methods used in the east that now over four hundred of them have crossed the border to russia seeking refuge if an option and that some of them we would need thanks to the successful anti-terrorist operation a country will soon be cleared of militants and mercenaries. when we were carrying out the old your operations in ukraine we were surrounded and
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we couldn't escape. the socialist new species the thing is we didn't have enough equipment to hold the enemy and that's why we made this decision. how awful the soldiers were like two they don't want to fight and any of them were grabbed from towns and villages and made to join the army. do you want to fight no no one wants to. know why does the boer go along. with them but you know the ukrainian population is destroying it so for no clear reason on both sides we're the same people in this tent camp and russia's risto free agent was set ups passionate embrace the ukrainian military who crossed the border on sunday night one hundred eighty of them have already gone to ukraine two hundred fifty us to here facing an uneasy choice of what to do next with
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probably our countrymen accuses the could consider us traitors who would cross another country's border i don't know. because i support with. this now what can i say about going back you know i don't know but i certainly don't want to no matter how much money they'll pay me will they allow you not to come back this is a big question until you know i don't know and western nations which imposed sanctions on moscow over the crisis in ukraine are no longer allowed access to rushers food market a whole range of sectors in the agricultural industry are affected more on this the let's bring in our seas peter all of our who's been following the events for us from. the good morning to you peter has any reaction any been any reaction so far from the e.u. . well there's no official the e.u.
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reaction as of yet but we are expecting them to to make a statement later on thursday i would imagine in relation to the decision to ban the imports of of certain items into russia from the those e.u. countries but we have heard from e.u. diplomatic sources that they believe the sanctions that were imposed on russia by the e.u. were unjustified and counterproductive in terms of an official reaction out of europe the latvian former latvian foreign minister i beg your pardon has called these type of sanctions radio active. the dutch federation of agriculture is said that they shouldn't underestimate the potential impact of this type of of the sanctions that were put forward and the now import ban on european goods into russia from finland which is the country that has twenty five percent of all of its agricultural exports go to russia. industry worth four hundred million euros
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a year well they are. the words coming out of there from the food and drink commission in that country are really downplaying it saying it's very bad very bad indeed when you look at just how much that sector is worth to finland and what they look set to lose out on over the next year and artie's are pretty right over there in berlin thank you now despite the e.u. and the u.s. saying the step is counterproductive political commentator for the e.u. reporter magazine van den ski she believes it's a move the west could have easily predicted when you put a russia on the plaque list. it's the only logical answer because our as the president of a country. mr pushing has to defend russian interests and if the voice of russian diplomacy is not heard and still there is no negotiated solution there is no there is no investment people are not really engaged into negotiated solution of ukraine there is no object and search then to have a sort of a mirror like reaction there europeans who will pay the bills it's not
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a bad news for russian speakers it's basically a very good news for russian agricultural producers because they will try to do their best to feel they got up. thanks for joining us for that program a ceasefire in gaza is still holding but it's feared that won't last much longer that's after the sides failed to agree on extending the troops now the month long conflict has already claimed up to nineteen hundred lives most of the victims palestinian civilians as correspondent harry fear now reports only a handful of them are lucky enough to ever get adequate medical attention. every day the patients arrive from gaza to palestinian hospitals in jerusalem and the west bank the market said hospital east jerusalem has received dozens of cases since the latest conflict erupted in this room he is six years old. that was
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two weeks ago he has multiple business construction after the bombing of his house here deceived unconscious aware of the environment. in his first few days here khalid's life was maintained by a ventilator he's made a solid recovery doctors say and is now able to move his leg his mother nihad has been by his side for almost three weeks only one relative is allowed to accompany such medical cases from gaza but the only granted one day's access to israel. i cannot sleeve the hospital because of my son and because i have permits to remain in israel for just want to day because when i leave i show them the medical records of the crossing and they let me into gaza this is not easy to come out of gaza it is not easy to be coordinated there is checkpoints that are procedures that is raise have and therefore we're not getting enough patience although there are
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thousands upon thousands of patients we need support and help forty two year old pfizer was in her home preparing dinner for have family when her house was suddenly demolished upon her i asked if she felt lucky to be outside of dallas or receiving expert treatment yeah it was situation in the gaza strip is an absolute disaster how can i feel lucky when my people are dying. over nine thousand palestinians have been injured in gaza getting medical treatment outside of its overstretched health system is like winning the lottery three year old young mean a boob job or survived an attack on his family home in gaza as they gathered for the first night of the islamic and rest of us someone thought. he was wiped out leaving just this one child little yeah i mean still calls out for his favorite sublime his older sister he doesn't know she's being killed along with all
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the others a relative. has lived through six wars between the palestinians and israel. no i do see only the israel or the palestinians is winning we the citizens of the full to the war everybody is a loser whoever thinks of peace is the true human being and shit horrible these patients are lucky to have temporarily escaped gaza to receive the very best in medical treatment many are looking forward to returning to their families in gaza but awaiting them is a horrified and devastated community harry fear r.t. . and in the u.k. the foreign office minister baroness warsi has resigned over the government's support of israeli actions calling it quote morally indefensible and the move comes after a number of large demonstrations were held in the country against the offensive in gaza. now assessing public opinion. on the streets of britain israel's
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actions have been deep need to find sitting there in the number of rallies it's a choice of israel but even now number by party i listed you know you have. so many brits the conflict in gaza is hitting close to home the latest you gov poll shows that almost two thirds of the british public sixty two percent believe that the israeli government is committing war crimes while the hof of brits see israel's bombing of the gaza strip as unjustified now the u.k. leader is under a mounting pressure to outline a more robust israel policy of three four weeks of pictures of dead children of families been reduced to nothing homes as rubble of course so to be out to the good people start to take the british government actually has been quite surprising in how how resistant it is to which criticizing israel david cameron i mean you would use opposition leader two thousand and six much more critical about the invasion of
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lebanon even when he came into power he was much more critical but this time it was a much more cautious response david cameron has backed the un's condemnation of israel's shelling of a un school shelter in gaza as a moral outrage but still short of agreeing that it was a criminal act as a strong pro is ready to go be it just so happens a lot of the rich donors of the tory party a more sympathetic towards israel than they are to how to stop these activists from london's palestine action group took a radical stand by scaling the grief of an israeli drone manufacturer in the midlands calling for a boycott of on sales to israel britain has issued forty two million pounds worth of arms export licenses to israel and downing street spokesperson has said that those arms exports are now under review but ministers have resisted mounting calls to impose a blanket dome symbiote go on israel saying that it would hinder progress in the middle east peace process. and israel's military
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ambitions of given rise to. all across the globe with attacks regularly reported like this one on a group of young jewish children traveling to school on the bus you can log onto. the. disturbing story. the u.s. says are holding back on the release of the cia's torture report the senate committee chairman says too much information has been sent by the intelligence agency and much more time is that needed to get to the bottom of any wrongdoing. plus don't steal the stash a swarm of bees thwart a police raid on a massive cannabis farm just outside moscow. and more after the break. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish
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what matters to you breaking news a little tune in to angles the story. for you here. in troy. visit. in justifying their stance they're citing all sorts of what they see as international passage in cost of the coming referendum and the response that they're hearing from the one state that what you're saying is illegitimate what we have been doing is still full of life a marriage if you break into their story. america does is right. other people for centuries like russia like this trade that. america does is right america does.
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lead. the. celebs it was terrible to say the lead very hard to take a lead to get along here is a club that has sex with the perfect there's no legs let's play. list celebs list celebs lists a bit. of. hello
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again artie international live from moscow you may want to check your phone a russian company has discovered that half a million phones across the world are infected with malware allowing them to be controlled remotely with everything from your banking passwords to your text messages can be easily spied upon my colleague neil harvey spoke with a member of that company that uncovered this security breach how do they feel like sort of imitating well known their commitment to a two well known companies they tried to mimic to. deeds to well known are software applications and plugins. or sort of this and i'm i right in thinking that it's not just kind of reading your phone it gives
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them quite a lot of kind of control over it at the same time yeah correct basically we get access to pretty much everything you have on your phone now or those criminals we use it to mining vida. is quite easy to imagine there in case they pry and some pin interest in the least they could potentially use it to move to do something more significant than just doing mining and i just wondered is that perhaps a good defense against this kind of. malware if you've got a very old fashioned fellow doesn't even connect to the internet then is that this move your hundred percent secure would be your old phone. and computer science engineer and activist jeremy zimmerman he believes so many phones were infected because well they were already designed to be easily spied upon it is apparently the first time that we see on such a large scale a computer virus spreading on those so-called smart phones the real news here is
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the scale and the sophistication of this attack but by itself it is not really surprising there is a very high responsibility from the manufacturers of the devices whether it's the hardware or the software manufacturers in fact for the last years there's been turning those book at computers into black boxes that we cannot open this closed ness of the device enables on one hand surveyance by government as we see with the n.s.a. revelations by it was snowden and on the other hand enabled this kind of attacks that the user cannot suspect and against the user cannot do anything. and over on our website for you this hour from bad to worse at the fukushima nuclear plant says the science on the discovers every role in one of the affected reactors melted at the height of the crisis that means it could now take much longer to decommission
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the plant full story online right now. also this one we've got pictures from a devastating earthquake in china the death toll that does continue to rise at the images on these and all of all the stories in the. section of you don't call. right. search string. and i think. we're moments away from the off the wall thought they both are now in the program given a tip off about a large cannabis farm russian police expected little more than a routine raid and arrests to be made well they didn't count on however it was
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a formidable me whole way you've got this going to take up the story. it started as an ordinary drugs raid investigators were checking reports about wild cannabis growing on a private property in central russia the reports turned out to be true on the ground they found hundreds of marijuana plants some measuring more than six feet tall that's around two meters but the other thing we found almost ruined the entire operation hidden in the bushes were beehives and as police officers began pulling plants from the ground the bees attacked this woman who was stung on her feet in an uneven battle against thousands of angry insects the authorities had to retreat they were only able to finish the operation after putting on protective gear in the end they destroyed around five hundred plants the land's all it claims he knew it was cannabis but couldn't find the time to pull it out since he was too busy taking care of the bees now he's looking at up to eight years behind bars if it's established that weed was planted there on purpose or to some other global
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headlines in brief or you're an artsy international of least one person killed and ten wounded this during a motion in the northern lebanese city of tripoli a homemade bomb was placed next to a car about thirty meters from an army checkpoint attentions of certainly flared in tripoli in recent days as a result of clashes between the army and is the most militant as. the world health organization is considering declaring an international public health emergency as the deadly ebola virus in west africa gains ground the latest victim is a nurse who treated infected patients in nigeria will bring the death toll now to nine hundred thirty two at least earlier liberia declared a state of emergency due to its rapid spread ebola patients suffer fevers sore throat as well as bleeding before an agonizing death. forms of ripped through crowded market places and she had destroyed so by killing at least fifty one the first attack was a double car bombing in
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a shopping area in the east of the capital later another car packed with explosives blew up in the neighborhood sunni militants from the islamic state group which march on baghdad thought to be responsible. a report into torture by the cia will be delayed the senate intelligence committee chairman accused the white house of censoring the document saying more time will be needed now to fully describe the controversial interrogation techniques used by the agency dianne feinstein says the government redactions were distorting key facts of the initial report she also says it will not be published until she is satisfied and the much anticipated report of more than six thousand pages expected to expose the brutal torture practice of the bush era actually acknowledged by president obama just last week we tortured some folks. who did some things that were
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contrary to our values and during the press conference however obama also defended the cia saying well the agency was just doing its job u.s. journalist and historian douglas valentine told us the government is likely to keep on dilly dallying with their report in order to hush up the ugly truth. well there is a lowball a legal and also psychological reasons for the administration to try and keep this is the narrow. undisclosed as possible there are concerned about what will the american public think of this report so they're trying to shape that to contain the damage as must as what it was also will basically be alone with would certainly constrain you only the news on you've ministrations mine is how can we do this and maybe american people think we're responding to their their desires and their needs and of course you have to realize the government doesn't really care and it's going to continue to do all the things it wants to do anyway it's
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just going to try to make this report look like it has the interests of americans at heart all right so tough questions and sometimes even tough on says it's all coming to a head with well it's a pot ochs on a boycott coming your way next. during a press briefing president barack obama said something very unusual and used a certain term you'll almost never hear from a government bureaucrat he told the audience that in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven we america did some things that were wrong we did a whole lot of things that were right but we tortured some folks here it is a rare thing to hear someone in the white house admit to torturing people after
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nine eleven but the question is why did he say this now please allow me to suspect first obama is the teleprompter master since he loves to read off a screen i doubt this was some sort of slip up this was probably done consciously but why well it always helps if you a look good by condemning the moral failings of previous. president liberals and democrats love to hate bush so this could be substance kind of pandering or trying to look good by comparison headlines like obama condemns torture some nice and drown out the fact that he sure approves of showing civilians eastern ukraine if obama really does feel that the post nine eleven torture was a shameful part of american history that as the leader of the executive branch of the nation he could do a lot to punish those who did the torture then and prevent it from happening again in the future but if i do obama this is all just a bunch of sweet talk but that's just my opinion. the strategy of china in africa is to build stuff and the strategy of america in
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africa is to bomb stuff so i think the africans are thinking and i think we go with the belt stuff rather than the bomb stuff and the us is running out of. hello and welcome to worlds apart politics is an art of compromise or at least it used to be in a constant it can russia and the west over ukraine both sides accusing each other of intransigence and keep raising the stakes after years of paying lip service to a non-zero sum approach are we back to the geopolitics of all or nothing want to discuss that i'm now in joined by one of the world's most senior statesman and a former prime minister malcolm fraser mr fraser thank you very much for being on
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the show good afternoon now we're hearing a lot these days about the prospect of and now the cold war and if you actually believe through the regional cold war do you think every iran is possible the new cold war is certainly possible. for the situation that has arisen. i think nato missed a great opportunity when the with the breakup of the soviet union and then president gorbachev believed he had an agreement with the first bush administration that nato would not move east nato had after all done its trouble but then it pushed ahead to the borders of russia and i can understand russians believing that that's a bucket of move there would have been other ways less provocative ways of ensuring the security and independence.


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