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separate story the extra one same time there's a reason they don't want to. raise that. now let's break the set. of burns that again as protesters dig in and fight back against bullies attempts to dismantle tent camps and barricades that have been there for months. you countries are saying these done to support billions of euros in losses from russia's restrictions of food imports imposed as a response to western nations sanctions. also hope for a long term truce between israel and gaza fades as both sides fail to agree on truth almost one hundred people have died in a month long fighting. plus n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden is granted a three year residence permit for russia with the possibility of permanent
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citizenship in the future. a very warm welcome to you if you've just joined us here on our team to national live from moscow you with me to say. clashes have erupted in central kiev between protesters and police the city center has been shrouded in black smoke as people burning tires police and special unions who arrived at the scene managed to get the situation under control believe protesters attempted to attack offices and firefighters with projectiles flying in trying to push them away from the my duns where this is the exact same place that saw the start of the anti government
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uprising in november last year that eventually ended in the overseer of the then president viktor yanukovych the standoff back then began when city authorities try to dismantle tents and barricades. ben areas the moscow based editor of business new europe magazine says the protesters in kiev are unhappy with the way the current authorities are using the power given to them. well there's been protests is that the whole time and the idea they said that they were going to leave after the government changed because they wanted to hold the new government accountable this is an amount of mistrust amongst the protestors that the new government was going to go zones erection and they wanted to make sure that the government was going to represent for the people once. there was a pertinent question that came out this morning one of the processes was saying that you know we simply want to get a call which the former president to go and that doesn't mean that we signed up for
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a war there's a lot of people who simply wanted to end the corruption and that didn't mean that they wanted to start a conflict with russia or conflicts in eastern ukraine and it's those people who are protesting as the economy is growing in supermarkets. by some e.u. countries have expressed alarm about how severely they will be hit by russia's relate retaliation to sanctions over the ukrainian crisis moscow has banned food imports from a number of nations put out about joins me live now with more on these measures one of the restrictions that russia has imposed. well russia has placed a ban on certain foodstuffs coming from those nations that backed sanctions against russia so that's the united states canada australia norway the european union the european union perhaps most significantly it does an awful lot of trade with russia around the export of food stuffs now the type of things that are going to have
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restrictions placed upon them are meat fruit vegetables dairy products and fish prime minister dmitry medvedev said this ban would be in place for around a year would be in place for a year could be under review should their global partners act as what he called reasonably towards russia. today you're being there in germany at the heart of where everything is going around the specifically also affected by this what's the reaction where you are. well there's an awful lot of money at stake here over twelve billion euros to trade is done exporting food from here in europe to russia already countries searches finland. contacted brussels and said look if we're going to miss out on this type of trade because of sanctions you've put in place we need compensation our farmers need
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compensation from brussels to make up the shortfalls particularly in finland in the dairy markets they could stand to lose up to one billion euro from the finnish economy elsewhere we've heard statements coming out across from across europe here in germany the trade union that deals with wholesale trade and foreign trade said that this could have a detrimental effect on the german economy in greece the main opposition party said that well the fact that the greek government the current greek government has just blindly following sanctions from brussels and from washington was going to have a detrimental effect on the farming sector there on the agriculture sector there and in ireland the minister of agriculture has said that he's very concerned that there is risk particularly when it comes to cheese exports that last year ireland exported for half a million euros worth of cheese to russia and they got to be missing out on this over the next twelve months. put it all over there in from berlin just giving us an
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update and reactions from across europe on the latest retaliation from moscow. by the e.u. and the us us a the step is counterproductive political commentator for the e.u. reporter magazine and then density believes it's a move the west could have predicted it's the only logical answer because our as the president of a country. mr putting her studio friends russian interests and if the voice of russian diplomacy is not heard still there is no negotiating solution there is not there is no investment people are not really in gauged into negotiated solution of ukraine reason no obvious answer than to have a sort of a mirror like reaction there europeans who will pay the bills it's not a bad news for russian speakers it's basically a very good news for russian agricultural producers because the world tried to do
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their best to feel they got up. and entire family has been killed in army shelling just outside guns can eastern ukraine graphic footage shows neighbors putting five bodies from a basement where they have been taking shelter it's reported a shell hit their house causing it to collapse and bury them. did you. just do what i. do but just to give you. and this is what the center of the city of the nias looks like a local say a tillery shells have been hitting residential buildings forcing the inhabitants to
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flee a local hospital was also hit and water and gas supplies damaged by the shelling and this is an elementary school elsewhere in the city many of its classrooms completely bombed out and riddled with struck know all that in a regional capital city an industrial center with a million strong population. abas international has accused a member of ukraine's radical party of terrorizing the east of the country human rights activists say are like a call has violated abducted and i buz people in violation of international legal standards nationalist. third came third into the in the presidential election he has since created a squad for use in ukraine to arrest and intimidate people he considers separatists and terrorists as men use threats of jail time for alleged links to and to care for this week and try to detain the police chief in the city of money l.
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paul but local prosecutors declared his attempt at a legal john john hazen joins us now from amnesty international he is the director for europe and central asia john let's just go straight into it what exactly has. been doing in the east well over a period of several months now he's been exploiting some of the power vacuum in places. recently restored to its control by arresting threatening. beating and in the east and want to even even killing those he believes. to be engaged in separatist militant activity he does this without any. outside the realm of the law and gravely risking. the important need the ukrainian authorities have to demonstrate that they're
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capable of restoring the rule of law and the respect. in areas that they take back into their control i was just about to ask you why do you think the central government is actually not controlling him seeing that he's got so much paul intimidating people arresting people even going as far as killing people that's a lot to put him away at least well. at this stage. i mean in meetings with senior defense officials that we had in kiev the strong insistence that there was no cooperation with him he was acting without authority. but clearly he has been operating on the ground on occasion not just with his own but also in cooperation with other volunteer battalions that are integrated into the ministry of defense structure so there certainly is a certain amount of collaboration on the ground i think there has been a reluctance in. yourself as has been
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rising one recent poll. twenty three percent possibly even the leading party at the moment they have considerable numbers i think i think is waking up to the risk that he poses to the rule of law and the reputation of. ukrainian authorities for storing or. in a responsible rights respected way very much and to some extent you can expect. his activities to be in the coming home what can be done at this point legally is there anything he have can do you've mentioned a few things that obviously his popularity with third in the presidential election what can the kid do and what can amnesty international do as well to make sure that what we know of him is still is out the well there's a there's a much bigger issue in a much bigger problem in the ukraine impunity for human rights violations and abuses at the moment that extends far beyond the activities of mr. himself but it
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is clear that he is committed to face the a number of very serious crimes they need to be investigated and he needs to be brought to account the likely outcome of that would be a criminal prosecution. we'll have to leave it right there john and then amnesty international's director for europe and central asia thank you very much for your time on this. initial evidence about who was responsible for the shooting down of flight m.h. seventeen in ukraine was based on nothing more than social media postings that admission came from the head of the u.s. defense intelligence agency in washington has blamed the catastrophe in which almost three hundred people died on anti-government fighters in eastern ukraine and former pilot robert stein says a lot of questions remain about the evidence coming from washington the latest military intelligence evidence the americans for showing to the public is not the
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best evidence they had when they have a satellite over the crash site when they have radar data when they have the xti airport warning and control system station in germany they were flying around why are there not opening their files that is also really really suspicious and in my eyes they're hiding something or they know the truth whether or not willing the truth because the truth is too ugly for them they used every dirty trick in the book to blame it for russia if you would show a clear evidence that russia would be the perpetrator they would have it published immediately. a ceasefire in gaza is close to expiring and there is no agreement to prolong it talks in cairo between israel and hamas so far brought no results the month long conflict has already claimed up to one thousand nine hundred lives mostly palestinian civilians and as harry share reports hospitals can do little for those who've been injured. every day patients
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arrive from gaza to palestinian hospitals in jerusalem and the west bank the marcus said hospital in east jerusalem has received dozens of cases since the latest conflict erupted in this room he is six years old and that was two weeks ago he has multiple bizarre skull fracture after the bombing of his house here received unconscious of the environment. in his first few days here khalid's life was maintained by a ventilator he's made a solid recovery doctors say and is now able to move his leg his mother nihad has been by his side for almost three weeks only one relative is allowed to accompany such medical cases from gaza but they're only granted one day's access to israel.
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but. i cannot sleep the hospital because my son in because i have permits to remain in israel for just one day but when i leave i show them the medical records at the crossing and they let me pass into gaza this is not easy to come out of gaza it is not easy to be coordinated there is checkpoints there are procedures that is raise have and therefore we're not getting enough patience although there are thousands upon thousands of patients we need support and help. forty two year old pfizer was in her home preparing dinner for have family when her house was suddenly demolished upon her i asked if she felt lucky to be outside of dallas or receiving expert treatment yeah it was a situation in the gaza strip is an absolute disaster how can i feel lucky when my people are dying. over nine thousand palestinians have been injured in gaza getting medical treatment outside of its overstretched health system is like winning the lottery three year old young mean
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a boob job or survived an attack on his family home in gaza as they gathered for the first night of the islamic festivals. and eighteen members family was wiped out leaving just this one child little the i mean still calls out for his favorite sibling his older sister he doesn't know she's being killed along with all the others a relative abdel-rahman has lived through six wars between the palestinians and israel. no i do see only the israel or the promised indians is winning we the citizens all the fault of everybody is a loser whoever thinks of peace is the true human being. these patients are lucky to have temporarily escaped gaza to receive the very best and medical treatment many are looking forward to returning to their families in gaza but it is a horrified devastated community.
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the israeli offensive has led to a rise an end to semantic incidents far beyond gaza in australia for example a group of young jewish children travelling to school on a bus came under attack all six from sixteen screaming nazi slogans and threatening to kill them welcome to r.t. dot com for more on that story. coming up on r.t. international about one half a million smartphones out across the globe are infected with an invisible bug we look at how the program is stealing private data everything from bank passwords to text messages. the u.s. senate accuses the cia of trying to cover up the truth behind the u.s. and the u.s. use of torture during the bush administration we'll have the story after this.
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the strategy of china in africa is to build stuff and the strategy of america in africa is to bomb stuff so i think the africans are thinking you know i think we go with the belt stuff rather than the bomb stuff and the u.s. is running out of bombs. clean more zero casualties war this is the great fantasy of war mongering politician. it's. capturing people is this what do you do if the innocent killing them easy we reserve the right to kill any person anywhere any time. we could do that the searching for the camp drone let's look makes these things are. politicians to. do kind of power beyond the stars which is sad. very tempting.
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thanks for staying with us and the same with silvio edward snowden has been granted a three hour residence permits in russia according to his lawyer snowden fled to russia more than a year ago after telling the world about the global surveillance projects maintained by the u.s. and u.k. which is made in acosta has the details for us. these reports have come from his lawyer. who says that having received a residence permits which is valid for three years mr snowden may now move freely across the country as well as travel abroad but what's more important is that according to another you. may actually get a russian citizenship
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a leader in the future. edward snowden is allowed to move freely across russia and travel to other countries with a limited steen abroad for no more than three months according to russian legislation he also has a right to receive russian citizenship after five years of living in the country. now after of the former n.s.a. contractor leaked sounds to us intelligence washington. with the government property and an authorized communication of national defense information and in june twentieth thirteen mr snowden learned in moscow airport he landed in a transit zone coming from hong kong and his final destination was aqua door however the u.s. authorities counseled passport that allowed to the leaker getting stranded in the transit zone off the airport for more than a month. after which russia grants temporary asylum and that happened on the
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first of august. a russian id company has discovered how a million phones across the globe are infected with malware which allows them to be controlled remotely now this means everything from banking passwords to text messages could be stolen neil harvey spoke with a member of the company that uncovered the security breach. what is that we got here well basically this is a panel created by side with criminals to control these phones we're going to chart here and you can read a bit of the names of this current telephone number number i see id which is a serial number if you're seen current model operation system it's russian in may which is a factory number a few or physical device so that i basically they're extremely organized criminals and they've come up with their own software for organizing all the information
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stealing is how it looks like how do they feel like sort of imitating well known their commitment to two well known companies try to mimic to. deeds to well known are software applications and plug ins and i just wondered is that perhaps a good defense against this kind of. malware if you've got a very old fashioned doesn't even connect to the internet then that this mode your hundred percent secure would be your old phone computer science engineer and activist and jeremy the man believes so many phones are infected because they were designed to be easily spied on. it is apparently the first time that we see on such a large scale a computer virus spreading on those so-called smart phones the real news here is the scale and the sophistication of this attack but by itself it is not really surprising there is
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a very high responsibility from the manufacturers of the devices whether it's the hardware or the software manufacturers in fact for the last years there's been turning those book at computers into black boxes that we cannot open disclose ignace of the device enables on one hand surveyance by government as we see with the n.s.a. revelations by it was snowden and on the other hand enabled this kind of attacks that the user cannot suspect and against the user cannot do anything. and over at our website and from bad to worse after fukushima nuclear plant it's been discovered that everyone in one affected reactor melted at the height of the crisis meaning it could not take a lot longer to decommission the story is online. and the employees across the government in the u.s. have had personal information stolen i'm told what happened on our website at r.t.
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dot com. russian police carrying out a routine rage on a suspected cannabis field found a way of staying at a very real thing all of it so it got to be kind of explains who had the last laugh . it started as an ordinary drugs raid investigators were checking reports about wild cannabis growing on a private property in central russia the reports turned out to be true on the ground they found hundreds of marijuana plants some measuring more than six feet tall that's around two meters but the other thing they found almost ruined the entire operation hidden in the bushes were beehives and as police officers began pulling plants from the ground the bees attacked this woman was stung on her face in an uneven battle against thousands of angry insects the authorities had to retreat they were only able to finish the operation after putting on protective gear in the end they destroyed around five hundred plants the land's all in claims
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he knew it was cannabis but couldn't find the time to pull it out since he was too busy taking care of the bees now he's looking at up to eight years behind bars if it's established that weed was planted there on purpose. now some other headlines from around the world this hour africa's most populous country nigeria says they will outbreak there is now a national emergency isolation tens have been erected as five more cases of the virus were confirmed in largo's a city of twenty one million people they've all i'll break it has also ahead to guinea syria leone sierra leone and nigeria killing over nine hundred people so. two car bombs went off in the northern iraqi oil town of kirkuk at least nine people died in the blast near a shia mosque it's estimated the almost two hundred thousand people have fled fighting in the area in recent days the militant group islamic state has already taken large parts of iraq and moving the country's largest damn president of the
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middle east forum daniel pipes explains why iraq's water supply is being targeted if you control the. roark you control the war you control the water and you could threaten to flog even to destroy or more you know there are very. strong. government forces in. the kurdish. north the storm the earth. was set on reporting to cia torture will be delayed after the senate intelligence committee chairman accuse the agency and the white house of censoring the document dianne feinstein says the government added so where distorting the facts in the initial report and she says it will not be published until she's satisfied now the much anticipated report of more than six thousand pages is expected to expose the practice of torture in the
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bush era which was like knowledge by president obama last week. we tortured some folks. we did some things that were contrary to our values. however president obama also defended the cia saying the agency was doing its job you know as journalists and historian douglas valentine told us the government is likely to keep delaying this to try to hush up the ugly truth. well there's a lot of. legal. tical reasons for the administration to try and keep this is the narrow. undisclosed is possible there are concerns about what will the american public think of this report so they're trying to contain the damage as most as much as possible basically along with would certainly constrain the only the news on the administration's mind is how can we do this and maybe american people think we're
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responding to their their desires and their needs and of course you have to realize the government doesn't really care and it's going to continue to do all the things it wants to do anyway it's just going to try to make this report look like it has the interests of americans at heart. up next keyser point. during a press briefing president barack obama said something very unusual and used a certain term you'll almost never hear from a government bureaucrat he told the audience that in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven we america did some things that were wrong we did a whole lot of things that were right but we tortured some folks here it is a rare thing to hear someone in the white house admit to torturing people after nine eleven but the question is why did he say this now please allow me to suspect
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first obama is the teleprompter master since he loves to read off a screen i doubt this was some sort of slip up this was probably done consciously but why well it always helps if you a look good by condemning the moral failings of previous presidents liberals and democrats love to hate bush so this could be substance kind of pandering or trying to look good by comparison headlines like obama condemns torture sounds nice and dry out the fact that he sure approves of shelling civilians in eastern ukraine if obama really does feel that. the post nine eleven torture was a shameful part of american history that as the leader of the executive branch of the nation he could do a lot to punish those who did the torture then and prevent it from happening again the future but if i do obama this is all just a bunch of sweet talk but that's just my opinion. in justifying their stance they're citing all sorts of what they see.


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