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coming up on our team new information on the moments leading up to the death of missouri teenager michael brown we now know the name of the officer who shot him and what a prime the victim may have committed just minutes before he died were poured on the case and protests unfolding in ferguson just ahead. and the protests didn't stop in missouri vigils and gatherings were held in honor of michael brown and over ninety cities across the country one of the largest created this scene at n.y.c. is famous times square a look at that from new york city coming up. and we're still waiting on a cia torture report thousands of pages are expected to detail just what tactics
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the u.s. suspects over seeds we ask former congressman ron paul of the public will ever going to chance to see it. it's friday august fifteenth four pm in washington d.c. i'm near a david you're watching r t america. we begin today with the latest out of ferguson missouri where protests over the deadly shooting of michael brown continue ferguson police chief thomas jackson announced today that the officer who fatally shot the unarmed eighteen year old is darren wilson up until now the police department had withheld the name due to death threats to the officer and fear for his safety also today a police report was made public revealing that brown was suspected of stealing a box of cigars from a convenience store and assaulting
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a clerk minutes before the officer shot him to death police also released surveillance video from inside the convenience store you can see a man who appears to be michael brown attempting to swipe the cigars and also getting into a confrontation with the clerk to talk more about the latest from ferguson i want to bring in our tease on a stance here churkin up hyannis as he i can tell there's some commotion behind you what's going on. let me or we're standing in the central street in ferguson where now in the sixty's in a row protesters are continuing to come out on the street if you can see behind me it is the communion store that was torched down on sunday when the levy family gathered here in the streets and right now all of these you know all of this noise as the cars passing by honking in support of the protesters that are gathered here now there's about several dozen people people here now but certainly night after
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night we've seen hundreds if not thousands of people come out onto the streets and of course that now is the weekend approaches and now that the name of the police officer behind the killing has been released we're certainly expecting more and more people to continue gathering out here what exactly do we know about darren wilson that's a police officer do we know if he's been charged at this point. company or what we know of course now finally on the sixteenth the name was released yesterday. he said it's there and wilson is twenty eight years old he is white and we do know that he has been kept in a safe place by police here ever since the shooting took place we differ from police officers describe his position devastated about what happened but certainly the community out here has been outraged that it was taken so far for the name of the person to be released behind the killing of the eighteen year old who was on armed on saturday afternoon for get there is that a lot of tension over the police department not releasing the officer's name much
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earlier on now they said it was a safety issue why did they alternately release that name today. while i have been a lot of it has to do with the pressure from the local community when thousands of people come out on the streets night after night even clashing with police getting here gas and rubber bullets fired at them demanding answers in this feeling finally the police department decided to go ahead and revealed information like that this entire time they were fearing for the police are very light and it has to be said out some of them rightfully so because so many people have been just extremely outraged by how a bunch of unraveled and now the fact that this information has been released still has people quite outraged because it's taken so long and now also because like you mentioned a video in the car and a convenience store has been released trying to make michael brown and some sort of
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all these in with a clerk hands out the local community is outraged now that police are trying to find out if to some extent he was responsible for what happened because he was in a way to the robbery trying to kill some cigars with a friend and also because it's taken so long for the officer's name to be released we spoke to some people earlier today about what they think of this latest information take a listen. he owes the brown family his whole nation. why he waited to the day to try to the mass their son's name by saying this is what their sunday i don't believe if they had time to bash together a story i would stick by that because if that was true they want a bird that day one they never met you know stings i mean we've lost so much so much has already happened and is still with a whole new information it was convenient for do they release the name of this video. michael bruno at the same time to kind of deflect the fact that he was
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murdered. unless he took the world's amount of money in a store like you can't justify shooting him night time so what this kind of what it feels like they were trying to do the video justified in shooting nine times. so here it has to be said that the certainly people here are not buying this about me and video and patients their fame got me basically trying to build some kind of case to to make the story lighter when it comes to what this police officer has done and we do know that according to reports there and wilson in fact of the convenience store robbery that took place but he did not know that michael brown when he had the older patient with him was the alleged suspect of this robbery and as i understand it last night was the first peaceful night of protests in ferguson since this whole incident took place has there been a shift in tone would you say between demonstrators and the police.
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the atmosphere here is certainly shifted somewhat because for the first four nights what we saw were pretty violent clashes between a mostly a very heavily militarized police who were using tear gas and rubber bullets on wednesday night the entire century to be here were gathered but here you have cannons after an altercation but after officials decided to put our state highway patrol in charge. on security here on the ground which took place yesterday on thursday tensions have in fact died down beside almost no police presence here on the ground last night still thousands of people came out in a peaceful with really loud like now but even louder protests continuing to voice their outrage with this leader and for some more details on the events that are now the last night let's not go to our report of. a popular opinion among ferguson residents is that what has been going on here has been largely
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misrepresented by the media talking a lot about looters and violence and writing whereas in reality are a huge part of the protests that have been going on here on the ground who have been quite loud as you can hear but peaceful and this is something that is not going to know about enough according to our protesters here do you think that i now highbridge that these protests have received in the media coverage over there now. because they showed us that we have freedom of speech because protests anytime we want twenty four hours a day of the beatles to do it hala annabelle and i appreciate what international knows is no a fox to me like they're on the cover was more now with our things up in our fab i was already not to have happen i just want that it was the justice for him i really do the news of a new spirit of the away from the get go the issue was a child like you know there was an issue of black always thursday became the first
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night since michael's death on saturday when clashes with police didn't take place but ferguson residents plan to keep demonstrating until justice prevails in the case of the tragic death of yet another black youth is this a trick in our party for this and misery. and from ferguson to new york thousands of protesters gathered in several locations throughout the city to voice their anger over the shooting of michael brown five people were arrested for minor violation. joined what was by and large a peaceful protest. as the detail. the wave of ferguson protests has reached new york city in fact n.y.c. has become one of ninety cities across the united states to stage billy's brutality protest vigils were held everywhere across the city and all parts of manhattan brooklyn bronx and queens but of course the biggest attention was drawn to the protests that union square which started six pm on thursday several hundred people
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in fact closer to a thousand gathered there to avoid their discontent about the growing number of cases of police brutality banners with words black live matter and civilized not expired by the worst team in the hand which the people decided to march towards the times square and that's when things got a little more uglier there was some pushing and shoving with the police and we have eyewitnesses accounts suggesting that at least four people have been detained by why d.d. although the authorities are not confirming any arrests and not explaining as to why these arrests could have been made but also eyewitnesses are reporting that there had been warnings coming from the police that there will be mass arrests if people. people violate the order only if they occupy. the roads on the way to times square at the bottom line of this protest is to draw attention to the fact as these people believe that police brutality has no
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interstate borders that they spread all across the country in fact new york is not a stranger to these kind of incidents just a month ago on july seventeenth a father of six eric garner was killed apparently. apparently after cho called by a police officer the video a cell phone video of garner being choked by a policeman after refusing to have handcuffs being put on him went to the. suggesting that the person they regarded may have been killed by an excessive use of force by a policeman so the bottom line of this protest in new york is to show that these cases happen everywhere and in fact the organizers are planning to hold a separate rally dedicated to every garda later this month but we do know that the police brutality protesters are also staging another rally on friday at union square at six pm now of course it's friday that will probably be
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a lot more people than on thursday again we have indications that these people may attempt another march towards the times square that's when things may also get ugly but of course we'll be watching the situation closely here in new york city was our correspondent alexy ourselves. the pictures and video coming out of ferguson missouri have been quite alarming with many saying they resemble a war zone rather than a small community throughout the conflict with residents police have dressed in military grade body armor carrying assault rifles rolling around in armored vehicles in fact somebody's friends have taken to twitter to compare how ferguson police officers have dressed in this conflict to the way they themselves were outfitted while working a service members in iraq but while the images out of ferguson are startling they have been a long time coming the arming of local police forces in america is nothing new since one nine hundred ninety congress has been authorizing the pentagon to
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transfer personal property of the d.o.d. to federal and state agencies that included small arms and munitions but the scenes the term small arms has been loosely defined over the years to talk more about this program and its implications earlier i spoke with former deputy l.a. police chief steven downing and i first asked for his thoughts on using military equipment at a local level. well the equipment has been useful to some police departments across the united states primarily women as useful to large cities where they have the resources to devote selected and trained personnel to use that equipment and they have the sophistication and philosophy of long force. in each army in this mission.
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and the problem is exactly what you said. american law enforcement is become militarized by this equipment. the military has enemies the military is trained to kill their enemy the law enforcement has no enemies law enforcement. their job is to preserve life. they have only enemies everyone they come up against even the most dangerous criminal is someone who is entirely to the protection of the constitution the bill of rights and the rule of law. so what's happened in america with the dispersal of this equipment basically free is every little podunk department in the country has received this equipment but they haven't received training with it but they
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have passed recently requirements that they use it and so they use that equipment for the smallest things to serve search warrants on a medical marijuana. outfit and then the result is that when these police officers are not trained to use that equipment. serious things happen when they use that equipment as a show of force like they're doing in an inner city especially when they have no reservoir of goodwill in the city. all of those is provoke provoke provoke well i would have told you i want to ask you specifically about what you're talking about you know last year an associated press investigation found that a large share of the four point two billion dollars in surplus military gear distributed since one thousand nine hundred went to police and sheriff's departments in rural areas with few officers and very little crime what do you make of that. i make of that stupid policy and i i was
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watching president obama and our our and. tom you know about softening of what's going on in henderson and yes these are people that are allowing these programs to continue in america they know the damage they know the damage in the harm that's been wronged by the war on drugs they know the excesses that as a result of this are as a result of the additional war on terrorism and yet they keep courting this equipment into these small rural areas that have no business you should not provide this equipment to any kind of long course an agency is unless they have the right mission mindset or the ability to select the right people for the job and the right. the understanding of how dangerous that equipment is and much of that is
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acquitted is beyond the pale of anything that's ever needed in the united states of america photos are worth reading some cities in fact watertown connecticut get an raps which soldiers use to protect themselves against landmines of course watertown connecticut has never seen a landmine so we are seeing this kind of. progression of military gear in the city is i think what you're referring to earlier was ferguson missouri but yes i'm sorry yes you're right not a problem i want to ask you about something else when asked about this program rear admiral john kirby the pentagon spokesman defended it completely now he said it was useful because it allows for the reuse of military equipment that otherwise would not would be disposed of what do you make of that response do you agree that we should be funneling that equipment for any reason other than otherwise that would
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go to waste. first of all as a military officer talking about lorillard local law enforcement so the arrow doesn't know what he's talking about when he when he is. commenting on what's good for american law enforcement on our streets number two are they handing nuclear bombs that are in saudis are they hand the nose off and number three the truth is their hand is now more than surplus equipment they're handing out brand new equipment and a lot of that brand new equipment is clearly being and that out because they are keeping their military industrial. process alive there they are pumping new equipment out as surplus so the admiral doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to american law or too much a different philosophy this is this is a country that doesn't allow the military on our streets this is a country we're long for cement the word in our penal code in california is love
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horsemen not even their police officers not even there is peace officer and they don't understand that we operate under a constitution that provides for due process and we are we are not a military force in law enforcement the problem is that people like the arrow have created an environment in which we have morphed into warriors rather than peace officers while as a result of this we're seeing lawmakers now calling for the dealer for the asian of these police forces and are trying to implement new legislation that will help us do that we'll have to see what happens fortunately we run out of time former deputy chief of the los angeles police department stephen downing thanks for weighing in white house is still not released the senate intelligence committee report on the cia and its torture program and now infamous report is what forced president obama
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to make this famous statement. even before i came into office. i was very clear that. in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven. we did some things that were wrong we don't whole lot of things that were right. but we tortured some folks. we did some things that were contrary to our values senator dianne feinstein has been pushing the white house to reject the cia's redacted version of the report but so far the obama administration has stood its ground in defense of it earlier i spoke with former congressman ron paul about the report's possible findings and i first asked him if he thinks senator feinstein will win the fight to make the six thousand page report available to the public. well probably not i hope she is but you know she's been on both sides of this issue she's
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a very strong supporter of policies that we've been following these past ten years she's a strong supporter for an essay of course she changed her mind when the cia started spying on her which is ok better late than never but you know the there's powerful special interests and they'll say oh you don't want to give up our secrets and one of their arguments is absolutely bizarre and says well you know what if people find out that we torture people they're going to be angry with us and they might have you know and they might motivate them to bomb as well they already know about it look at what the pictures did you know ten years ago made a lot of violence broke out there but denying the truth is because you're afraid of a negative reaction i mean we want to know the truth and that's what government should be all about is telling the american people the truth but the american government like almost every government has existed throughout history they don't want to tell the people the truth is always deceptions and deceiving the people and
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lying to the people make them pay all the bills and right now that's certainly what they're doing in iraq saying you know there's a tragedy there and that's why the propagandists may get support hopefully not i hope they stick to their guns and keep looking at the tragedy and the failure of iraq seventy eight percent you say are not supportive of us being there in the war was a failure it's a good argument for my position nonintervention but not nonintervention only after it fails but nonintervention before it gets started before you have the failure and this is a first and dependent review of course of interrogation procedures post nine eleven it's based entirely on classified records very important information now many people who have seen it say that the findings are chilling what do you think this report could reveal and do you think it will reveal anything. different than what we already know. i think it's already pretty horrible so i don't know what really
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expected make it much worse you know they also use the argument that we don't want to know too much because we don't want to know who the individuals were that made the mistakes so investigations and commission reports. they never find anybody at fault they usually hide those problems so you know the it's usually a way to cover up for government agents and the government the administration is quite frank about this you know we want to you know protect names and personnel and the people people involved in we don't want to people to know the truth because there might be a negative reaction from it but no i say i use those as reasons why we should know about it and that we should have a clean report now just this month the cia own inspector general confirmed feinstein's charges that the agency had spied on the senate committees computers and staff e-mail which of course john brennan had previously denied let's take
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a look at that denial. let me assure you the cia in no way was spying on the cia or the senate we greatly respect the separation of powers between the executive branch the legislative branch of course later apologize we now know that wasn't the case they were indeed spying on the committee and president obama still says that he has full confidence in the director he's supporting and one hundred percent in your mind should there be consequences for john brennan and furthermore should there be consequences for the cia over committing this kind of espionage there should be but they're hardly ever is i mean it's a joke i would think that the only healthy thing that can come from this when you have a brain and say one thing and live through their teeth and then turn around and have to apologize to the very committee that he lied to and is nobody gets punished nobody gets removed i mean you might say well no nobody's going to prosecute and
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nobody's going to send of the jail but at least get rid of them you know and it's it's continues because if the republicans a lot of bad stuff happened under the republicans but as soon as the democrats get in they have those stomach for cleaning up the mess because they're all one they all support the same foreign policy so the individual pursued our foreign policy under bush are protected by the next administration no matter how much superficial arguments there are but no they should be they should be protected and they should be removed but the american people should come away with a healthy skepticism of ever believing what our government tells us because it's very rare that we know the truth especially if it's controversy though we're not going to hear it from the government we have to dig it up from some other source we have to hope and pray for a whistleblower all right well john you who under the bush administration authored the memos providing legal justification for the interrogation techniques says the tactics used by the cia were fundamental to intelligence gathering he said that
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senator feinstein would have to prove in a pot. simple counterfactual historical question that even if the us did not acquire the great wealth of information from the interrogations it would still have been able to capture or kill al qaeda leadership including osama bin laden and cripple its ability to project power from afghanistan do you think there is a point to be made there. the only point is is there the fibbing a whole lot if not flat out lying about it because you've had other cia agents in some investigation said that. nothing that came from torture helped them to catch bin ladin you know and and the whole thing is is torture is such a horrible procedure practiced by a so-called civilized society it should be permissible but believe me it doesn't work it's total failure to destroy the integrity of the people and the
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government and the credibility of it so there should be no moral argument no pretense that torturing people for one hundred twenty times was waterboarding insane or you know there was constitutional justification for this which is pure nonsense and i want to ask you about senator dianne feinstein you mentioned this earlier she's. long had a reputation as a staunch defender of the nation's spy agency she was a vocal supporter of an a a lot of flak for that but in this latest case where things are take the opposite line what do you make of her response to the issues of the flip flopping. well like i said earlier better late than never yeah she flip flop maybe it's a healthy flip flop because you know she realized something she endorsed backfired on her and this is said to be true in all authoritarian governments as you can't ever trust them because once you're participating in it they can turn on you so
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they turned on her and she says oh yes pile on those bad people is fly on all the americans cause there may be some bad people but don't spy on me because i'm a senator and i'm trustworthy so she had an eye opener there all we can do is hope that it's really very real and intellectual and that she would change your position but that remains to be seen because most of people in washington are authoritarians rather than individuals who defend personal liberty now it's former congressman ron paul and that does it for now stay tuned them by next. play.
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