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tv   Headline News  RT  August 29, 2014 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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ukrainian. the russian president's request the. government soldiers leave. heavy weapons. leaving at least two people dead. and american police departments. missing.
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a very good morning to you from all of us here with. headlines for this hour the ukrainian troops encircled by government fighters in the east of the country have now received support from the russian president vladimir putin has called on the militia to release the soldiers to avoid casualties saying the troops are only following orders his appeal has already been heard and the leader of the. republic says the troops will be given a safe way out on the condition they do. we are ready to provide a humanitarian corridor all for ukrainian soldiers on the condition that they hand over heavy weaponry and ammunition in the future these weapons can't be used against us. and ukraine's president says moscow and kiev are set to begin
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consultations on how to patrol the border together shortly before that petro poroshenko had accused russia of invading ukraine details now with artie's fall asleep. well certainly the messages that are coming out of kids have are mixed indeed the latest comments from the ukrainian president petro poroshenko is an offer of cooperation that ukrainian and russian troops jointly patrol the ukrainian russian border so that no kind of military hardware can cross through that border now this comes hot on the heels of an earlier statement in which he directly accused russia of invading ukraine or there were just today because of the escalation of the situation in the den that's gregan and because of the french rule in beijing of ukrainian territory by the russian army i have decided to cancel my visit to turkey now russia has repeatedly denied that it's giving any kind of military assistance or troops to the anti-government fighters a spokesperson for the united nations secretary general has said that there is no
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there is a case and that indeed russian troops are inside ukraine now spokesperson for the anti-government fighters had said that there are some russian volunteers fighting within their ranks but there were three to four thousand of them among us many of them have already left home even more still here at least some have been killed many of those russian volunteers a former soldier now these ukrainian claims that russia is providing assistance to the anti-government fighters come at a crucial time and why it's so critical is because we see these anti-government fighters pushing the ukrainian soldiers back from previously held positions the anti-government commandos also went on to say that the aim of this counter offensive operation was to protect the civilian population of the debates region from the ukrainian military he also said that the army was targeting populated areas and critical infrastructure in terms of water gas and electricity supplies so
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that the result would be a burnt land earlier on thursday there was a barrage of rockets that hit the center of the me system your mind there just moments later people were sweeping up. gloss and simply solving and telling us they could not believe what was happening. to what was a small mosque right in the city santa updates because you can see the rocket has hit the whole flight the whole facade of the bolding now we're being told that two people at least were killed when he came in at the local bus station he got up looked at the level of the people applauded it looks a little tough he looked full at thirty or. thirty plus got a letter that if you had one person in australia i hate being covered up with his shooting he cannot think that i'm going through those in the distance one hundred fifty three you know what did you give me a dumb the spirit for this report for you this is to be understood to look back
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what the doctor says a woman lying on the ground here and he's being killed he was the worker and feel small stall she was hit by the impact of the rockets and the last. half of bodies being blown away and we're waiting now for the ambulance to come and take her to move. the ball or the smugglers no longer to form a new one and this is this is one of the residential buildings that has been hit people are coming back now to clean up their apartments and to see what remains this is a bomb shelter everything here which is top of by the door not nobody is inside the moment effect immediately off to the rockets way and people can come in what's going through their girders nurture b.c. it's the birth of larger or didn't. remember. it is now the sound of incoming artillery so we're going to get out of here what some people are telling us is that is an army barracks in the vicinity and they think that the ukrainian army was
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aiming for that rather than these residential buildings points here on t.v. downtown donetsk but the u.n. security council held an emotional see session on the ukrainian crisis ofter it was requested by key have a more important i was following the meeting for us. this was the twenty fourth u.n. security council meeting on ukraine it was extremely heated with harsh accusations being thrown from all sides of the table crimean officials claim that russia has launched an all out invasion in their country which moscow has denied at the emergency security council meeting u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power accused moscow of repeatedly lying insisting that russia has moved troops tanks armored personnel carriers and artillery and rocket launchers into ukraine she insists that moscow cannot be trusted and presented her own case to council members one of the separatist leaders that russia has armed and backed said openly the three or four thousand russian soldiers have joined their cause he was
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quick to clarify that these soldiers were on vacation. but a russian soldier who chooses to fight in ukraine on his summer break is still a russian soldier yet still according to the russian government the soldiers were never there they were never in crimea either until russia announced that those soldiers who were never there had an extra mia shortly after the u.s. envoy spoke her russian counterpart batali churkin fired back you may use notice hiding the fact that they are russian volunteers is going to rain we would like to see similar transparency shouldered by other countries maybe our american colleagues can tell us what doesn't is very guys are doing in israel in the ukraine security council are supposed to grow or how many so-called mercenaries from their so-called military enterprises that would lead you to new york sounds of kilometers away from their lane on the pretty word of the ukrainian security forces give the code a huge american weapons during the emergency security council meeting ambassador churkin presented statement that called for an unconditional cease fire in ukraine
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but some members including the way mia said they wanted to read through the text before a vote would be hot in the meantime u.s. president barack obama is stressing that he has no plans to use military action to solve the problem speaking to reporters he said that the u.s. is mobilizing the international community to apply pressure on russia. and russia's defense ministry says by releasing satellite pictures apparently showing russian troops inside ukraine a nato is only going to attain to its international reputation the ministry saying . commenting on the pictures is absolutely pointless to show you some of these images that nato has presented as proof of the pictures apparently showing russian self-propelled ought to larry units moving in a convoy through ukraine's territory other images allegedly show activity in russia adjacent to the ukrainian border something nato says as part of moscow's destabilizing strategy
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a daniel mcadam is the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity shared his thoughts on how credible these images might be but i think these were released by the same they were taken by the same company that the u.s. had used to release it satellite information about m.h. seventeen the malaysian air flight the existence of guns by the rebels in ukraine and so i think it has very dubious credibility it's a private firm i don't think it shows anything i don't think what most people in the west understand is that everyone on both sides with the exception of some ukrainians having american weapons but everyone is using russian weapons the line of russian tanks means nothing because we don't have the information to tell us where it came from as to whether russia has troops on its border if it's inside its border you know there what business there's no doubt that if we had unrest on the border with mexico here in the u.s. you'd be sure we'd have a military presence there to make sure our borders were secure and claims by the
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ukrainian president that russia had invaded his country so many media outlets taken up the story and running wild with it a guy nature can now looking at the some of the rather baseless coverage. panic alert in western media after key of twitter that russia invaded ukraine when reports started coming in that fighting broke out between the rebels and ukrainian forces in the port town of. many were quick to claim that it's russia's doing what seems to be happening on the ground however is that russian troops of pushing in from russia photos of tanks emerged to social media with nothing to suggest that they were operated by russian soldiers key you put out this video claiming it's a russian. but while journalists were grappling with the new developments and struggling with the pronunciation of the town that was supposedly being invaded this is no bus got u.s.
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and nato officials pushed ahead with accusing russia of deploying more than one thousand troops and heavy artillery into ukraine the media quickly picked up on the statement of the rebel leader saying that there are indeed russian soldiers fighting with the rebels but that they are either veterans or on vacation the part about veterans and vacation is often dismissed in the media last week ukraine called russia's delivery of humanitarian aid to eastern ukraine an invasion this week it accused moscow of quote unquote a full scale invasion the western media that is generally not putting much distinction between rebels and washer quickly picked up that side of the story that is despite the fact that this thursday the ois sea which is now monitoring the russian border with ukraine said they saw no evidence of russian troops and tanks crossing the border the u.n. said it could not independently verify the reports of the russian invasion but a u.n. security council meeting was called upon where its western members push to hold
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russia responsible russia stop this conflict at least two thousand two hundred twenty people including twenty three children have died in the conflict in eastern ukraine. but we have never heard the u.s. ambassador to the un call on kiev to stop bombing its own people in washington i'm going to check out our team. in the foreign press association in london has become the latest organization calling for information on a russian journalist who's been missing in ukraine for over three weeks now it is said that our address stand in must be released if he is held by security forces and the group also said all media workers must be allowed to cover the ukrainian conflict freely and without harassment for a correspondent stand in disappeared in eastern ukraine on august the fifth an online users came up with the free and you have to support them.
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thanks for joining us on c.n.n. international i'm rule research showing in moscow libya descends into the worst oil since the war that ousted khadafi back in twenty eleven that has the interim government resigns under pressure of islamist forces coming up here an aussie international expert opinion on who's behind the rival forces tearing the country apart. i'm big toys for big boys we had to moscow's dazzling twenty fourteen car show to check out what's now being rolled out from the chinese and western companies sanctions or no sanctions. this month show precious time schools gets a facelift and. we make the most of the so in india. the signs flourishes in tomsk
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and we check out some car let's say. technology update here on r.g.p. we've done the future cover. half of america tax goes to the pentagon goes defense budget to start these wars a convenience to continue the american empire around the world but warren buffett of course doesn't want to have to pay for those wars so he's fleeing to canada these are financial. cowards. we think if we.
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going to. wade in the ocean breeze. little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you. good morning. libya's interim government has resigned after islamists tighten their grip on the country pushing it towards the worst crisis since twenty eleven and this comes days after militants declared a breakaway regime to rival the elected parliament libya does remain split however
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between two rival camps one controlled by islamist backed rebel factions the other . a rogue general from the. now it's being alleged that the islamist militias are receiving support from turkey and. are also being made between the actions of the renegade who is a u.s. citizen and the actions of the egyptian military during the coup that ousted president morsy. and egypt along with the emirates as i should say excuse me it's now believed to be involved in the turmoil inside libya allegedly carrying out air strikes against militia positions last week and political writer and journalist he told us the conflict in the country has actually turned into a proxy war. if you look at what's happened subsequently to the destruction of libyan state at the hands of nato and the rebel allies on the ground is libya's been turned from being before twenty eleven
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a linchpin of regional stability to a safe haven actually for sectarian death squads and militias of all kinds. from from around the region they're already still involved in the chaos in libya and in the us both a huge deal as to the qatari regime that is the one who is arming the militias that are causing such chaos in libya so that would be that would be a start would be to stop arming those of their allies who are arming their militias in libya that that would be a great start to recognize the role they're already playing in destabilizing libya and to stop doing that by let's have a look now at the power struggle in libya how it's been unfolding this year in may the road. to launch a counter offensive against islamist in an attempt to bring the my under control new parliamentary election in june though some officials of the former government was siding on those with the islamists then we have what is the most seeds of the
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tripoli international airport twenty fourteen as well embassies evacuated from tripoli clashes july twenty fourth tina islamists again seizing tripoli international airport declaring a rival government that was in august of twenty four and earlier this month is the again we're taking the areas in and around tripoli declaring a breakaway to breakaway regime forcing the central government to ask for foreign help but we have a plenty more stories for you online including the risk of death there's no reason to miss out on some fun with guns at least that's what one powerful u.s. and gun lobby things just one day after a nine year old girl accidentally shot and killed her shooting instructor. came up with. seven ways children can have fun at the gun range those details are. also that surprisingly legal the u.k. border police were left red faced after a man they attempted to arrest as an illegal immigrant as he struggled to shore
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turned out to be an extreme swimmer aiming to cross the english channel. the results of a media investigation suggest over one hundred eighty police departments in america have weapons missing the findings come amid accusations that police forces have resorted to using a military style equipment to crack down on the protests in the town of course in missouri let's take several states for example in georgia are not only pistols of vanished but m fifty four teens and m. sixteen machine guns as well in another let's take california the same disappeared as well there's no real concern about how these last weapons could be used. debate over a heavily militarized police force in the us continues to rage on as another twist in how weapons are handled by law enforcement agencies across the country is revealed according to an independent investigation by media outlet fusion into the
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pentagon's ten thirty three program as many as one hundred eighty four state and local police departments have been suspended for losing military level equipment provided to them by the pentagon this comes following events that unraveled in ferguson missouri where law enforcement at the head to toe military gear attempted to tackle protests in a largely unprecedented crackdown on civilian streets now the pentagon's equipment transfer and program is reported to have provided over eight thousand police departments with over four point three billion dollars worth of military equipment and weapons since nine hundred nineteen fusions investigation reveals an eyebrow raising trend recorded instances of not only noncompliance to the pentagon's guidelines but dangerous weapons not being accounted for and essentially getting lost this list includes m fourteen an m. sixteen assault rifles pistols shotguns and even military vehicles like humvees and reportedly at least two cases when it comes to lost firearms in arizona alone one
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department was documented to have lost eleven or twelve weapons no less other states that have been poorly keeping track of weaponry include missouri california mississippi and georgia that's according to fusion and while the pentagon has said the goal of the program has been to improve homeland security its application is raising harsh criticism especially in the aftermath of recent events in ferguson where issues of police misconduct overly violent heavily militarized and unaccountable behavior have been at the forefront so these last revelations on a poor bookkeeping track record and almost two hundred police departments across the u.s. are already drawing sharp criticism and a demand for answers from officials purview of the ten thirty thirty three program is currently being conducted by the white house and stacy target a party. let's jump into the r.v. world update now will start with demonstrators who are upset over the lay off workers at a spanish air base have occupied a city hall in the town of. port with mattresses and spent the night in the
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building protesters saying the company that manages the air base has been taken advantage of economic difficulties by cutting labor costs and terminating employees contracts with little notice the air base is one of the largest american air force bases in spain and is used by both countries. over one hundred thirty activists have been arrested and several detained during a rally outside the white house they were demanding the u.s. president implement immigration reforms by the end of the summer the crowd were angry at the continued deportations of undocumented immigrants march part of a national day of action with similar protests held in twenty other cities across america. and former general motors workers in colombia. shot outside the american embassy to pressure the automaker to compensate them for work or work related injuries they say they are suffering from debilitating
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conditions caused by their work that the company is trying to avoid paying medical benefits since twenty eleven protests of included a hunger strike and workers crucifying burying themselves. after insisting moscow was not doing enough to ease tensions in ukraine washington is preparing more economic sanctions against russia and the sentiment was echoed by the german chancellor angela merkel he said the e.u. is also considering whether to step up its own restrictions however already there are many politicians who consider this policy counterproductive and that number continues to grow. as zinj does was different and sanctions in a trade war are you near me is improving the situation on the country we have a spear all first question is france the german and european economy it's my experience that many people rejected the sanctions right from the start they have their rightful feeling that this is not the way to achieve anything. and devise sanctions or always prove that the political means feel they are useless and they
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are harming the population sanctions will always lead to losses on both sides and you can already see the backlash from the sanction is not in the next couple of months it will be even more obvious you know what i'm talkin bonzi from the beginning it was the wrong approach because sanctions escalated the situation and did not ease the tension is it was clear when the you impose sanctions that there would be a counter reaction and the stakes would be raised now because of that a lot of entrepreneurs as well as the general public in germany has been affected by that type of bias and i one place you'd be hard pushed to spot the effect of sanctions as moscow's glittering twenty fourteen car show and european and chinese manufacturers of rolled out some of the very latest models and saying that parts of the market in russia are actually booming. one from. the classic i think all of us women you would be forgiven for thinking that because
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that's a global sanctions against the law so was it a feature on the fact that the car industry is taking a little bit of all the fun for the may but it's a bit of a rocky ride bus the bus market is still one that everyone wants to tap into here and that's the case and about five years' time is that to overtake the jumbo one that was the biggest in the e.u. at the moment it sits at around they will take the boat for example the company has a huge presence loves did sell three hundred thousand cars he never left so now if we do take thang. that in mind this may not be german industry here by about twenty five that how it impacts about fifty thousand young men joe bob i spoke to the company and they don't seem to confound and make them a valid optimistic about basis. to remain absolutely dedicated to our strategy of growth in russia we believe that differently and that growth is still going to
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continue over the next few months in years to come and then when you look at it to over two million vehicles are being sold in russia right now which is still one of the top automotive markets in the world now there is still about taxes being imposed upon the colony just three if it plays now this one affects foreign policy companies that produce that big pay we've got some eighty percent of them some talk about so you stuff for it miss out but what if that the impulse thing of components not something that the modified just one of the sickly enthused about right now there will be song i've heard that there will be some policy or they all joined us here from russia garments they want to zoom on the already of stars on. the team or something european brass from europe to russia and. there will be something up to here in the market i think we can see some up to space and week
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a lot on your part obs now despite the russian qantas three taking a bit of a battering this year down some seven percent twenty three percent full of july this one particular aspects of that is still growing and that's the luxury why while the russians they love it. shouldn't have a bit of looks or it for sure they do. we're very happy here with a healthy market share so we typically have over thirty percent to about luxury bookit to the automobile sector they look for high quality products they want the very best see whatever they buy and to. but the current economic challenge is this is the best most days it's not so old smell is still set to be a week old where the more boy goes on inside than out of the cold no i label credit on one million visits is expected still potency enough to drive the markets are thank you joining us here in our international up next it will be martin
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breaking the sad. differently here in syria now many of the members of congress the both parties who have gone to syria in recent months has said that he's a reformer of a clear mission president senate which is diddy's time for him to get. stability and peace to syria is going to be the most obvious step to. do we speak your language from. the programs and documentaries in arabic it's all
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here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks books p.r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you. in troy the arabic to find out more visit our big don't all t.v. dog called. the if you leave with the economic ups and downs. in the final months day the longer the new york shanghai and the rest looks like it's going to be casey will be everything we can also lead the lead. live.


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