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yes. russia's defense ministry says islamic states leader may have been killed in one of its airstrikes near the syrian city of raka it's still seeking confirmation but has released images showing the effects of yourselves. also hundreds gathered to demand justice for the victims of the london tower block fire. the sun is setting here in st petersburg but on the bright side it means a very shortly we'll be ushering in the dawn of a major football championship joint myself in a few minutes time we'll be talking all things confederations cup.
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and i welcome good evening watching r.t. international it's just turned ten o'clock here in moscow. russia's defense ministry has released images showing the aftermath of air strikes believed to have killed the leader of islamic state baghdadi the pictures do show have an eyesore command center near the syrian city of rock a look before the russian airstrikes and also afterwards the assault is believed to have killed up to thirty eisel commanders and hundreds of fighters at the terror group's so-called military council officials are still verifying the reports about baghdad these deaths as yet there's been no official confirmation. of course i heard reports on the elimination of all baghdad but i still have no one hundred percent confirmation of this. what the u.s. says it's not been able to confirm either the death of the head of the terror group
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either. joined kevin own earlier with more details. at the end of may the russian army got hold of intelligence pointing to a big get together of islamic state managers to discuss plans how they can retreat how can the fleet the city we've got a look at rocket here this is the de facto islamic state capital that's been under the sea by the coalition forces for a while now and the only way to retreat from that city for the jihad is to the cells now out and after using drones to examine the location the russian air force carried out a major air strike in which they say thirty eisel commanders were destroyed and also as many as three hundred fighters killed now if it is proved three weeks almost since that album daddy was also there of course that is going to be big news
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we still get to be really careful about this because we do have to remember that daddy is the most important man and since two thousand and eleven he's had a huge valentini on his head in particular the americans were offering twenty five million dollars for any information on the whereabouts of any kind of data that could lead to his capture or death. and to talk about this further when i joined by security analyst and also for my counterterrorism intelligence officer shells bridge good evening she shows if it is confirmed that al baghdadi is not dead how do you think this would impact on the fight against isis. well it would have a major impact i mean he's not just a symbolic leader he's also involved in the operational planning and perhaps even more important if several if the reports are true that. effectively the second tier of kamandi especially in the operational sector all of the command structure of our
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. state whatever we call them today has also been. out that would have a major destructive impact but really this is just part of a much bigger picture of course that we've seen for some months now of the degradation of its ability to carry out carry on fighting i mean it's still a powerful force let's not get that wrong and that will probably be seen in more detail as the salt into rocket goes on but nonetheless this will have a major impact especially if such a large number of not just commandos but fighters along with him have been killed let's not forget of course as we've seen with its comrade in arms if you like or perhaps more accurately rival al qaida and its relevance related groups that when commanders there are killed or eliminated in one way or another they are quite quickly replaced islamic state is a declining group this is really one of the reasons of course why because it's losing its physical caliphate very rapidly now it is of course expanding back into
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what might be called traditional terrorism as we've seen not just in the middle east but around much of the world and challenge where would you expect them to try and regroup if as it looks like iraqis retaken. but it does seem that the tactics of those or the strategy of those who are actually attacking especially from the russian angle and this has been stated strategy is not to allow these escapes to happen there has been and of course that would be standard military strategy the surprise has been for many and whether this is big via design or not i will leave others to speculate but there has been some concern i think of the apparent ease by which i says commanders and large numbers of isis fighters have apparently been able to escape from places such as mosul to come back into syria and indeed were able to move relatively freely around syria for example relatively recently moving back. assault again palmira not withstanding that america it would
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appear had blanket surveillance and responsibility and surveillance of the area at the time so russia has stated certainly that its strategy as one would expect is to prevent this escape of fighters not least of course because it may be that they want to just regroup as a military force in syria or perhaps iraq itself but perhaps. european countries including russia and elsewhere and cause mayhem there as we've seen has taken place to some degree already and of course that is the main fear of those actually outside the immediate campaign that's going on in syria and iraq which of course related ok charles that we'll leave it there for the moment thanks for your time this evening that was charles hsu bridge a counterterrorism intelligence officer thank you now meanwhile human rights watch has criticized the u.s. for endangering civilian lives in syria and iraq by using white phosphorous we'll get more details from our correspondent in washington. then what further details.
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well human rights watch talks about the use of white phosphorus now white phosphorus as a weapon in the form of the power and when it's dispersed it can endanger civilian lives sensually possibly causing horrific injury is severe burns and even a very painful death now we can show you a video that accompanies human rights watch is report now human rights watch has said they cannot independently confirm the video however the united states has said that they have used white phosphorus before in the city of raka. they they say that they have admitted using white phosphorous before they've used it in anti eisel operations in the city of mosul however they've said that their use of white phosphorus in the past has been in compliance with international law this is what has been said by u.s. officials. we won't confirm whether or no we used way phosphorous but we
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do reserve the right to use it in accordance with the law of war and conflict which says you can use it if you use it for a ration for screening or for marking. so international law does permit the use of white phosphorus to operate as kind of a smoke screen on the battlefield however it does forbid using white phosphorous in densely populated civilian areas now the city of rock which is the concern of the human rights report is densely populated with civilians and the report alleged and expressed concern about the fact that civilians could be exposed and harmed by the use of white phosphorus now we reached out to human rights watch and this is what one of their representatives had to say to us. but phosphorus has been used in syria in iraq previous occasions but on this this time we decided it was time to put out
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a statement of our own warning against the use using white phosphorous to attack posts and now people on the ground or material objects are not clear rules in terms of using. white phosphorous as a weapon it is not covered by international law or it's not primarily designed as an incendiary weapon but it's incidental effects can cause terrible injuries smoke inhalation so our question is what is it hitting on the ground and adequate provisions being taken to ensure that civilians and not falling victim to white phosphorous. now in other news a local official in afghanistan has told us he that u.s. forces killed three civilians including two children on monday. to do with u.s. troops as a result they killed. u.s. troops reportedly opened fire after their vehicle was struck by roadside bomb our crew went to speak with witnesses and the families of the victims. takes up the
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story. they're too young yet to fully understand what has happened or grasp the depth of their loss all they know is that their world has been shattered and wrenched upside down. this is my younger brother. he was killed by u.s. troops this is my brother shot of fats also killed and this is my father's it grew he was killed well they haven't yet learned to read or write but life has taught them early to hate. them and i want the government to avenge my father and kill his killers when my father and my brothers were killed everyone was sad at home my mother cries every day. it all began when a u.s. military patrol hit a roadside bomb by all appearances they panicked when the explosion happened i was
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near my uncle and cousins american soldiers opened fire and a bullet flew by my face i ran and hid and came out only a few hours later my uncle incumbents were dead so i went to the village to tell everyone these version is backed in the police report we were shown it says zero ghoul and his sons were at the shop two hundred meters from the scene they were taken for terrorists and torn apart by gunfire it was terrible what the americans did to them i couldn't even recognize their bodies. they killed them in a horrific way zia ghoul left behind twelve children six boys and six girls he was their life. my uncle's a girl was a pullman he made bricks. he often didn't have anything to eat during the night say
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good god his business from now on their lives will be about survival clothing and feeding a dozen youngsters will be hard but for now it's anger that fuels them. we want to bring them to court so why should american troops be allowed to kill our people in this cruel way. we do need compensation we just want them to face justice the u.s. stresses it takes every civilian life seriously and promises to investigate every casualty alessa these investigations often end with only apologies and for this family that's not enough they want americans out the americans not helping us they're killing us we don't need them in afghanistan we don't need them here this. it's happened so many times sara who was just a poor guy working to feed his family i don't want them here because they kill
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civilians we're tired of american soldiers there are explosions and they're killing that there's a refutation the coalition has built over more than a decade sixteen years of war and bloodshed atrocities and excuses and there's nowhere in sight it's no secret that life would have gotten a start is harsh but for zero goals surviving children the next few years ago and to be tough indeed that though isn't where the trouble ends ten years down the line when they've grown up and you think they're going to support the afghan government and the people who murdered their father or the taliban and their promise of vengeance more of guys do you have. now the news tonight a furious crowd is attempt to storm
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a town hall in london demanding justice for the victims of the grand felt our fire at least thirty people were killed in the blaze which broke out early on wednesday morning and the figure is still expected to rise significantly but we can cross live correspondent he said how the protests in london saying throughout the day tensions have been running very high haven't they what's being demanded. people previously at kensington town hall people demanding answers and actually demanding for corporate manslaughter criminal charges to be brought against the leading people in the council and the tennessee management organization who were responsible for making sure this building was safe and clearly failed in that regard and we've now walked with the protesters they've marched through the streets of west london to come to where that grunfeld. fire to. place them behind me here there are people who have come to respect that come to lay flowers and light condos
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and really to pay respects to the people who have died one of the sources that i'm getting here is the numbers the official figure is thirty people who've passed away but the resident angry because the a short of that figure is much higher than is being suppressed by authorities and the managed to speak to some of the protesters . such things isn't. that easy and. that we. get to see the belgians at night with their people weapons even the floor of the senate is. everything and everything to me. yes i'm joined now by one lady as well you and i may be the area yeah i grew up around here but family ran very briefly tell me why everyone was so upset
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because ways yeltsin's ways the ways the papal ways everyone that lived in those flats ways all the tennessee a great ways that the ne still occupy is that need to know what i sat i mean how many survivors are they that way will those people that lived in those flats are using the real figures of being suppressed obviously they will be see lying about the su nightlight they tried to say seven saying there's no way seven say they can't know what is about fifty that jumped out the window and threw their kids through the windows and they said seventy people a day anyway is that why. they need we see the then it was alright i. just said there needs to need to be on says for these protesters and they need to be coming forth quickly because there many are many. things which still haven't been solved or wanted for these residents are the survivors.
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thank you very much i was essentially their life. attempt is in subtle scuffles to reported during the rally covering the protest the producer in fact from the news agency was attacked by protesters and had his camera damaged he says he was them pushed the grand in kicks in the head is how he described what happened. let's see what happens. so i saw after the wife the protesters got a bitchy to them people were starting pushing around between the police and the protesters in the entrance bit off ticked off the town how and i suddenly saw one off a piece stuff photograph was getting attacked and pushed through a wall by the crowd. i was moving troops at that i got suddenly attacked behind and somebody tried to get my camera from my hands and pulled me down to the to the bottom and people start actually kicking. on me and start kicking all my hat and
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kicking on my camera but to be honest i would say it was just a few because i saw other protesters around to see at the same point building a circle around me and trying to push those people's back onto our one p.c. and put me into into safety support inside the consulate. i think if it would be to the protesters like that she tried to go to circle around me and the police officer. might have been worse injured so far far and i don't have anything physically left from behind and i think my cameras watching us well so far. she's coming up to twenty past ten here in moscow you're watching r t international some of the biggest stains and names in football have arrived in russia for the twenty seventeen confederations cup seen as a dress rehearsal for next summer's world cup and does kick off tomorrow in sindh pages but with the house up against new zealand and we will have special coverage
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for you over the next couple of weeks we can get the ball rolling by crossing live to new york and former england international stand calling. good evening to you and welcome to our piece coverage of the two thousand and seventeen confederations cup which i personally believe we have the most beautiful and also the most cultural location in all the st petersburg just check this out behind me this is palace square might look very modern but exactly one hundred years ago this is where the russian revolution was just getting underway and then just alongside us the majestic green and white of the winter palace that used to be where the russian sas lived these days it's home to priceless works of art just
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step inside those walls and that is where you will find the world famous hermitage museum speaking of world famous stan collymore will be my co-host throughout our coverage of the confederations cup. we are going to be busy isn't it sixteen games sixteen days what are you looking forward to very exciting firstly it's more like venice than some pretty bird today we're near the baltic has been absolutely sensational the weather lots of people walking around we've seen a few cameroon fans through mexico friends but there are two main things i want to see the russian public react to their team a very young to their very disappointing let's not forget in the in the last european championships and also christiane a rebel dog lots of speculation in the sporting news across the planet today i. will leave round madrid quite incredible news maybe come to russia who knows but impossible that's ok let's talk a little bit now about the game of course it all kicks off tomorrow russia a new zealander getting ready to battle it out they're going to be playing at that
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brand new st petersburg stadium it was designed to look like a space ship that towers above the baltic sea coastline fantastic view we were lucky enough stan and i to check out they are. for ourselves. a sense a first impression exceptional perhaps a peaceful stadium it reminds me of when you get a smaller version of when going to die series this is sixty sixty well i really want to get the fresh local post despite the size to take a look absolutely. twenty first century technology preach technology come down to try the way i'm through you could at least go you can take it but there is no problems with a peach come on let's carry on the some of the crowd and these i guess are pretty much standard now which is to chaz for the players on the case so. we're going to
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hate this all right or you'll fall to no let's look at the six on the bases look surely. he's normally the layout he's yeah i mean the guy dressing room so maybe everybody does a lot. now and you cool this tactic full well yeah maybe it would probably be on a on a in the corner here a little would say it would just be annoying to hear to be able to say i was the open i was in same sex role say you always think only more dangerous for possible who defeated pool of a boy for six dollars a day devotes to face to be above the best. deal you know one of my social media from to sell to a job just for you i will own. she. now you may be big on social media but i can pull a few strings as well check this out. public you know we know it's
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a. ok stan i think anybody watching our coverage over the next two and a half weeks will understand that this is what we're about to every nook and cranny we play with things we're not supposed to stay away specially your just went underneath the surface. whether it's the drones flying above us doing our film which is being sensational or looking at the pitch management that can bring the pitching out if they need a new surface was fantastic and of course one mill to make in the air they're not staying in baghdad very competitive we are ok so little bit more about the new st petersburg stadium cost a lot of money took a lot of time but what a fantastic home venue it's going to be for one of russia's most popular football clubs the names i actually got the chance to speak to the teams for goalkeeper from the russian international get my life a visa one club man you don't get many of those these days i asked him how he feels
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about the new arena which unfortunately for him he didn't get a chance to play. yet was to pick it out of the it's a great stadium we've been waiting for it for a long time even i myself was affected by the dream of playing here probably more well much but it didn't have books i was the first dose of bulls in the players who got to stand in the center of the pitch i believe you know it seems because i'm a patriot if i didn't believe then how would i be able to play football for so many years. of course since the opening game of the two thousand and seventeen confederations cup tomorrow here in st petersburg let's cross live to. the stadium . how they stand up high then we'll yes how much the same petersburg stadium as the light is failing can you hear me guys. but anyway you can you guys really are there or you are fortunate is it to see the russian team start they storm it very well. but it's very important i mean it's always the case for
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a heist nations do particularly well it's a big tournament and particularly as this town is it has become so screwed. in the fact that it is russia and due to the fact it is effectively the precursor the curtain raiser for the world cup as we know the first day mr morrow big stadium that big wonderful spaceship that you can see behind me there and that will be against new zealand and russia are all the favorites to win that match particularly even though they have an injury hit younger team new zealand optically seen as the underdogs here in the meantime though i have to listen to a radio show that was that was in the west that was talking about football in russia during mid week what we've now less than one hundred days to go to the world cup with also with the federations cup starting and they were saying that there wasn't really about recite for russian football anymore it was it was not enthusiastic there wasn't a passion but i was looking at some of the figures that we've got here from the ticket sales are coming in last month i'm waiting for updated figures but last month there'd been a sale of over three hundred thousand tickets and almost ninety percent of those
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were by russians so it seems that the russians not only want to see russia do well and hopefully win on saturday nights and do well in the tournament but also that they want to see some of those big teams coming in as well interestingly to some of the other foreign teams that they also how they're following and they're doing pretty particularly well in ticket sales if you look at the chile see if you look at the mexico city and also unsurprisingly as the world champions looking at the german team as well even though the german team has rested fourteen players but it looks like even though you take a side the fight but not those teams actually have christiane are not they're playing for the it seems that there is a big out there sites for the russian team and foreign teams here at the confederations cup. kerry thank you really looking forward to reactions more to your team's going head to head against each other you know we're all looking forward to a big crush tomorrow between the new zealand all whites. quarter with news even head coach into the hudson told may determine to be sure. new zealand are going to
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be in the tournament in some pretty screwed sixty. hostile russian crowed. new zealand creates you know the answer is yes kosher and there's literally no point has been there if we don't believe we can beat russia they're also negative stories about in the press juries or coaches of football for. expecting to see in russia. well i went there for the jordan november and i enjoyed it we. and the event was good the people were very friendly and professional i feel with the tournament going to be really well run stadiums are unbelievable. and i hope hopefully all the games you know they sell out and we've got good good atmosphere again i'm looking forward to certainly not focused on the any negativity around the tone. ok standing you seeing coaches looking forward to being carried in russia but also i
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think a big part of what we're going to be doing here is seeing what it's going to be like for the found see every the coming to russia or maybe thinking about doing next year for the world cup just how easy or not will it be for them have you seen this man. please send him back towards the headquarters in moscow i'm kidding you this is the philly fought fan all day so quite simply i decided i wanted of course media accreditation is normal for broadcasters but i wanted to see what it would be like for a fan so when i arrived in some principle yesterday i went into the center and took a little tickets from the office and within ten minutes my accreditation which should be used in for this tournament guarantees me it's one frees up for fun it's not a huge thing isn't it because getting to sleep is it's a russia can be particularly difficult it takes over this toil out of the situation i travel pass on match days so this was wrong dating germany in two thousand and
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six and proved hugely popular this means that as long as you have the song when you leave one state you've been traveling to another part of russia you get free travel and it also is a pre-check for the added security issues of course which is a global situation we face now i'm just trying to look at this realistically don't want to give up too much i mean if you're a fan you actually could spend quite a lot of money and actually stressed a lot how do i get from one city. to the next to go from game to game they played on trains between all of the major cities it's all free so it's quite nice on the pocket as well absolutely if you go into the free fall website and you pre-register you can pick it open any of the cities we went to carson and did some filming and there was one right in the middle of likewise in some preachers and i guarantee i went in took the ticket ten minutes pass. when i went in and got it reminded me of going to a visa center except an awful lot quicker and easier ok this is just the very start tomorrow is going to be the opening going to kick off two and a half weeks of coverage we are going to be looking at the games.


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