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tv   Headline News  RT  June 16, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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coming up on our team america u.s. government has acknowledged just twenty percent of air strikes have carried out over the past fifteen years in pakistan somalia and yemen will have that report and a new bill in new york would force the n.y.p.d. to reveal its surveillance technology to the public. and protesters hegel to resign may and london at the scene of the deadly fire as citizens demand answers from their prime minister will have a live report out on like this.
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it's friday four pm in washington d.c. on the military and you're watching our team there. the notorious leader of the islamic state might finally be dead the russian defense ministry says that abu book or al baghdadi has been reportedly killed in a russia led air strike in rocca the information is still being verified the u.s. says it's also been unable to confirm the death of the head of the terror group either party's emily sue has more the russian defense ministry is now investigating whether an airstrike conducted at the end of may on the northern syrian city of raka has killed not only three hundred fifty eisel fighters thirty of the groups commanders but also the terrorist organizations leader avatar al baghdadi not course rocket the capital city of islamic state self-proclaimed caliph it well has been surrounded by u.s. led coalition forces for quite some time now and according to the russian military well they've received intelligence indicating of a big get together between eisel leaders and commanders to. discuss
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a possible escape routes or skate plans to flee the city when necessary so after confirming the location of this big get together and informing the u.s. forces operating there were russia has conducted these airstrikes in hopes to wipe out the top leadership off islamic state. silliman nation when you know one of. those in your now bear in mind of whether or not al but that he has been killed this has not yet been confirmed by the us government nor the syrian government have come out to comment on this and it will take some time for the authorities to investigate this but if it is confirmed what al baghdadi stuff will certainly serve as a huge blow to the terrorist group as he's considered by many as the most important man of the organization in fact it was him back in two thousand and fourteen who declared all of the ice the controlled territories as part of its so-called caliph it and to give you an idea of how much he is wanted while the u.s. has put a twenty five million dollars bounty on his head for anyone who can provide any
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sort of information that can lead to his capture or step of course where you wait and see to see whether or not al but that he has been killed but if it is true well certainly this will mean the islamic state is this much closer to losing a stronghold of iraq. and the pentagon has yet to confirm a tragic incident in afghanistan from monday moldable reports point to american troops opening fire on civilians and killing three including two children archie was able to obtain exclusive on the ground interviews with family members of those victims to shed some light on what took place. has the story they're too young yet to fully understand what has happened or grasp the depth of their loss they knew is that their world has been shattered and drenched upside down. this is my younger brother farah diller he was killed by u.s. troops this is my brother shot of fats also killed and this is my father's very
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cool he was killed as well they haven't yet learned to read or write but life has taught them early to hate i want the government to avenge my father and kill his killers when my father and my brothers were killed everyone was sad at home my mother cries every day it all began when a u.s. military patrol hit a roadside bomb by all appearances they panicked when the explosion happened i was near my uncle and cousins american soldiers opened fire and a bullet flew by my face i ran and hid and came out only a few hours later my uncle and cousins were dead so i went to the village to tell everyone this version is backed in the police report we were shown it says zero ghoul and his sons were at the shop two hundred meters from the scene they were
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taken for terrorists and torn apart by gunfire it was terrible what the americans did to them i couldn't even recognize their bodies they killed them in a horrific way zero ghoul left behind twelve children six boys and six girls he was their life my uncle's ego was a poor man he made bricks was always busy working he often didn't have anything to eat during the night say go would go out his business from now on their lives will be about survival clothing and feeding a dozen youngsters will be hard but for now it's anger that fuels them we want to bring them to cause why should american troops be allowed to kill our people in this cruel way. we don't need compensation we just want them to face justice the u.s.
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stresses it takes every civilian life seriously and promises to investigate every casualty alessa these investigations often end with only apologies and for this family that's not enough they want americans out the americans not helping us they're killing us we don't need them in afghanistan we don't need them here this is happened so many times their goal was just a poor guy working to feed his family i don't want them here because they kill civilians we're tired of american soldiers there are explosions and they're killing that has a reputation the coalition has built over more than a decade sixteen years of war and bloodshed atrocities and excuses and there's no end in sight it's no secret that life would have gotten a start is harsh but for zero goals surviving children the next few years ago and
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to be tough indeed that though isn't where the trouble ends ten years down the line when they've grown up would you think they're going to support the afghan government and the people who murdered their father or the taliban and their promise of vengeance more i guess do you have. in a move signaling an escalation of a war spanning now nearly sixteen years a trump administration official announced the u.s. will deploy an additional four thousand troops to afghanistan they said this yesterday this comes on the heels of the president's decision to hand over decision making authority to defense secretary jim mattis to set troop levels there in the country meanwhile the decision to start criticism from some including former principal deputy assistant secretary of defense who wrote quote war without oversight is war without end congress must reopen the debate on the.
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this will mark the largest deployment of troops under the truck presidency of us far. the u.s. government has acknowledged just twenty percent of airstrikes it's carried out over the past fifteen years in pakistan somalia and yemen that's according to a new study released just this week by columbia law school and the sanaa center for strategic studies argue some tells us the impact that the report says it has had on the families of all those killed. since the september eleventh attacks on american soil back in two thousand and one the u.s. government has increasingly turned to covert targeted drone strikes and its counterterrorism operations before from the traditional battlefield three countries have been targeted with little recognition by the country pulling the trigger that's pakistan somalia and yemen it's these three countries colombia's law school and sanaa center for strategic studies examined in
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a new report released this week titled out of the shadows the report found the u.s. is grossly under reporting the number of strikes and civilian deaths in these three countries just one hundred fifty three of the more than seven hundred reported strikes since two thousand and two or about twenty percent and claims of less than one hundred twenty civilian casualties since two thousand and nine while independent organizations report a minimum of four hundred columbia legal fellow rahma hussein helped research more than a decade of u.s. practice and said that for more than half the measures we evaluated u.s. transparency was either none for slight the government's almost complete failure to name civilian casualties killed was particularly concerning the report claims the families of those killed experience prolonged suffering because of uncertainty and injustice when the u.s. does not officially acknowledge their loss or explain the strikes left wondering why the u.s. killed mother in pakistan yes len saeed been a shock son in yemen in fact the study finds the u.s.
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only names western civilians killed in these strikes though the vast majority are of course from the country that's been hit it proposes three specific actions the government can take knowledge and explain every civilian or unlawful death and naming those killed were leasing all government investigations into specific strikes and explaining why the government believes the strikes are legal it also comes with a personal plea to now president trump and his administration to build on the reforms the obama administration implemented in its final year not repeat its mistakes by operating. secret in washington seaman dollars r e o r t the un is in the process of creating its first new major office in decades and umbrella agency overseeing all counterterrorism efforts and two russian diplomats are in the top running to lead it as reported by the commerce sun newspaper the act be outgoing russian ambassador in washington may soon be appointed to lead the new
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counterterrorism office the new position is part of a larger restructuring aimed at streamlining counterterrorism efforts across the organization another name being mentioned as an alternative candidate is andrea. a cyber security expert and senior advisor to president putin on cyber and information security. and to new york now where a proposed bill would force the n.y.p.d. to reveal surveillance technology to the public police officials say this could hinder ongoing investigations and possibly jeopardize public safety artie's trinity chopra's has the story. the new york city police department is pushing back on a new bill that calls for greater transparency and oversight of n.y.p.d. . it's called the post act high ranking police and city officials along with community advocate groups gathered this week to discuss the proposed bill at a city council meeting we absolutely are not looking to restrict any ability by the
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n.y.p.d. to fight crime nor protect this city however every new yorker's should have should not have to choose between safety and privacy it would require the n.y.p.d. to publicly disclose the high tech surveillance tools the department is using and will use in the future something city officials say is critical to maintaining both safety and the values of a strong local democracy unfortunately surveillance technologies are too often not only used in secret but they are acquired in secret even local elected officials like us are kept in the dark about what technology is the n.y.p.d. is buying and how they're being used a disclosure process for surveillance technology would foster more public trust in our law enforcement system some of the department surveillance tools include license plate readers x. ray vans that allow authorities to see through walls by using radiation and cell phone sites simulators which collect and store the data of every day new yorkers
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and from two thousand and eight to two thousand and fifteen the n.y.p.d. used this device one thousand and sixteen times while the department has disclosed information on some of the equipment there still no formal oversight of these potentially invasive technologies at the local level which has sparked concerns with city council but n.y.p.d. officials say that certain data needs to remain confidential for the protection of the community the fact that it was compromised in any way you could affect the safety and individuals of the officers working on that investigation members of the public and indeed the people themselves under investigation who may or may not have engaged in criminal activity but department officials have some serious concerns. about disclosing the type of surveillance technology the n.y.p.d. uses and says that it counters the city's best interest in public safety it would create a one stop shopping guide to understanding these tools and how to work them for criminal elements and terrorists across the nation or the world depending on who decided to access this site and study it and in
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a city where police are not only responsible for the guarding of street crime and officers also have to fend off terrorism. was since the terrorist attack on september eleventh two thousand and one according to the n.y.p.d. there have been twenty one terror plots against new york city and to maintain the safety of the public the n.y.p.d. officials say that the department needs to this to keep the technologies to do so however senior staff attorney at the new york civil liberties union says new yorkers have very real concerns about the n.y.p.d. as adoption of intrusive surveillance technology the n.y.p.d. should at minimum obtain warrants before using sting rays to protect the privacy of innocent people the bill remains in committee while city officials continue to go over it with n.y.p.d. representatives but both sides are working together to find a middle ground almost sticking to the original intent of the bill reporting in new york tonight each of us are to. an angry crowd has attempted to storm a town hall in london demanding justice for the victims of the ground fell tower
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fire at least thirty people so far have been killed in the blaze which broke out early wednesday morning and the figures are still expected to rise significantly now our correspondent ali was at the protests he is joining us live now out of london from the scene of this terrible fire. yes we were in kensington town hall that's the headquarters for the local bar of the local authority who many of the residents and many of the local community holds fundamentally responsible for what happened his just over forty eight almost seventy two hours ago and really if we just look up there you can see that building you know horrific condition that building which the protesters say is still full of the dead bodies of the families and they're very angry also what authorities at the police because they say that they are suppressing the real numbers of people who have been killed in order to stop people getting angry but that actually it's
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causing more and more people to get angry so the marches went through west london and they ended up here outside this place and we managed to speak to some of those very upset people. such as these he said. everything. that we. get the name being mentioned at night with their people weapons even the floors and. everything and everything. and it's not just the residents all the people who have survived this tragedy who are angry also responds to volunteers many volunteers who. try to help and they say
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that rather than receiving help from the u.s. army they got from they didn't get help the people were obstructing them and the authorities tried to stand in their way when they tried to get the support all the people very angry at the prime minister to resign may and saying that this is how hurrican katrina moments of course a moment very familiar for you. in the usa so real contrast here with the feeling of the people on the ground towards treason by and of course rival jeremy corbin who came people met volunteers and hugged them so a real sense that this is really beginning to time it's a tense and angry situation for these victims for sure definitely a tragic story thank you so much sally. we have breaking news to bring to you the minnesota police officer who shot and killed the land ok steele last year during a traffic stop which you might recall his girlfriend ran live on her facebook feed has just been found not guilty of manslaughter just
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a few minutes ago the jury reached its verdict officer geronimo yet as was also acquitted on two lesser counts of discharging his weapon yana testified that he feared for his life when he opened fire even though he was instructed against it now last july officer rianna stopped steal steal was license to actually carry that firearm he told the officer that he had a weapon. and scientists who uncovered treatment for the ebola virus are now on the cutting edge of developing a vaccine for the last a virus artie's natasha's sweet spoke with the leading scientist and has more details. after ten years researchers out of san diego have discovered a key piece of information i mean a lot of exactly what they needed for the loss of i respect seems you may not be as familiar with the loss of viruses say its cousin ebola but this virus unfortunately kills more out of west africa every year according to the c.d.c.
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one hundred to three hundred thousand people in west africa are infected with the loss of virus if you're killing around five thousand it's certainly hundreds of thousands of people and lethality has been estimated to be as low as ten percent or of cause seventy percent importantly it's ninety percent lethal for pregnant women . and there was no back scene when in fact lead scientist eric allman sapphire went back and forth to see really own to find a cure for ebola but she and her team eventually discovered the map which was the drug given to dr kent brantly and missionary worker nancy rifles who were both on their deathbeds after getting infected with ebola many of us recall the image of dr bradley who couldn't walk in africa on his own two feet walking into an atlanta hospital after taking his emap while an africa they also saw the devastating effects of the loss of virus and knew they had to find a cure almost sapphire says the issue is that no one has been able to determine what the target molecule should look like but after study and survivors in africa
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and discovering the exact structure of the key protein loss of our refuses to infect human cells they're finally on the brink of finding a cure and if we look at those people that have survived the disease they can see what immune response they made against and we can actually recreate those antibodies that those humans in africa made to protect them so that the loss of virus on sapphire says she's inspired by the survivors and after ten years is looking forward to finally finding a cure in washington to talk to sweet r.t. a new study finds that being overweight is just as deadly as being obese according to the research one in ten people around the globe has one of these problems now experts say obesity is the cause for many deadly illnesses and now statistics show those who are overweight are encountering the same fatal diseases artie's actually banks has more a team of two thousand experts based at the university of washington and seattle
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are calling this crisis a growing and disturbing global public health crisis after finding that more than two billion adults and children are either overweight or obese as a result many people are suffering from major health issues the new study published this week in the new england journal of medicine found that women are more. prone to obesity the men the experts say many are under the impression that they will be ok health wise as long as they don't become obese and now we're finding that's not the case at all dr asked in action at the university of washington said quote access of body weight is one of the most challenging public health problems of our time affecting nearly one in every three people what's alarming is the us a rates the highest in childhood obesity were more than twelve percent of the children population is obese but study found that childhood obesity rates are increasing across the globe and individuals body mass index determines if they are obese or
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overweight it's simply a ratio between weight and height through this ratio obesity is defined as having a b.m.i. that is greater than thirty and a person is considered to be overweight if they have a b.m.i. of twenty five to twenty nine according to the study close to one hundred ten million children are obese and over six hundred million adults are obese and twenty fifteen four million people die from health issues related to excess weight or than two thirds died from heart disease and the remaining died from diabetes other illnesses caused by being overweight or obese are various cancers like colin and breast cancers and leukemia and then there stroke the study cites the leading causes of obesity or each country's eating habits and food systems meaning the way in which food is processed and distribute it many assume that poverty is a factor for obesity however all thirds of the study say overweight and obesity
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rates have increased in both poor and wealthy countries citing the issue isn't simply about poverty or wealth but about the eating habits and a given country and washington actually banks are t.v. and boom bust is coming up next here on our to america lindsey france the host is joining us for a sneak peek of what's to come lindsay hey there president trump hits. out of cuba to declare a big rearrangement of u.s. relations with the country also we take a look at how robots are taking over the stock market and as of this week the cloud may have moved past greece's bailout debacle it's coming right up pretty annoyed i haven't been able to get out but it's probably not going to happen. thanks. and that is going to do it for ever more of the stories we just covered go to you tube dot com forward slash r t america and check out our web site r.t. dot com. you can also follow me on twitter at manila chan right there at the bottom your screen remember to play general steel interests.
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down did i say comedy gold not steve saying. look you go after the race just lawyer law that older people. that it's not for me it's like medicine it's like a cancer job or all the stress that the new zealander redacted tonight is your show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted so night is where it's.
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got to just. your trio. like many americans a few high school students at wall township high school in new jersey just recently got into politics thanks to the courageous the election we just had not even crazier media coverage or. and it so the kids were excited to show off their newfound political interest in their yearbook and that's when the trouble of again because you see the high school students are fans of our new president so one wore a t. shirt with trump's name on it and the slogan make america great again another student
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were a vest with trump and a modest slogan on it and yet another used a quote from trump as her of your book quote all of them were very excited to support their president and have their support and new political awakening memorialized in their yearbook but the school apparently didn't support the kids rights of political free speech because they actually edited it all out they a raise the trump name and modest slogan from the one kid t. shirt making it look like a photoshop job right out of saudi arabia you know how they censor pictures by blacking out portions of people's skin or women's hair that's exactly how the school censor does kids maga t. shirt they turned it into this all black weird photoshop job they also removed the model slogan from the other kids that and they scrubbed the trump quote from the other students class photo the irony of the last example is that the girl who used the truck quote for her class quote is actually the freshman class president as in a high school student so interested in politics that she herself ran for class
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office and became president so the school raised a quote by the president of the united states underneath a picture of the class president how's that for some fence or ship irony when the kids got their yearbooks they were angry and the school superintendent immediately issued a statement saying there is nothing in our student dress code that would prevent a student from expressing his or her political views and support for a candidate for political office the appropriate clothing she said rather i applaud the students for becoming involved in politics and for participation in our democratic society in other words she knew the schools screwed up so she look. into it and now one teacher on the yearbooks dad has been suspended as the person who championed the censorship yet this is how far known people are in terms of how close minded and blinded me and because it sounds like the teachers need to go back to school themselves.
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what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put. your wife. now i need to do due to. your watching our amount per student for. final bill and also if it can get up and now hands above it on thousand people a point. line and if he would be would it be that easy to find ten
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that out in me. plus is that going to people who. didn't. vote but i've done my duty by my little bit of a wonder that i little bit of the fact that i've got money good no doubt much of the woodwork to mop up to get a job but in. this one do you like. some for the. receipt. you can be no problem.


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