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you know. and then we had position. us down but they were. just. a water tank delivers drinking water to this village once a week. but it's rationed only. for seven days that's meant to come back household needs
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as well. there are no other sources open water anywhere nearby. money and yet there are not i'm not overhead on that and what's it like at night is not really me at the bottom at seven am it going to be an hour. the lawyer that other day i'm going to find out if not i'm going to go on it was i want you to let me get it up until i got two hundred fifty to get back at it to tell you about a long look at coming home either you want to get a restaurant or not that it is we not only got it i got the funniest song of the part of it is a minute later find out if you're get it out at the t.v. here you're not about it want to hear it i got out and figured out if i make it understood that and it was new it was me but that's all it was the member of an it
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company did i do that the war does disability suddenly under does not mean one really joined the blue and it was it was a bad community. this is one of thousands of indian villages where we want to use the most precious commodity. according to scientists in just fifteen years our planet will suffer a global crisis the most devastating one humankind has ever faced everyone will be affected. that. was. good.
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is carrying a week's supply of water on her head this is her chef from the tank. up . on. i lay out in that room alone the most open and the most i don't get along. and i finally was i don't know so great and got up early now but i let. the days that have that run away added i think we're family. the real kitty out in the city yeah but i've been losing the bradley can we hear the fundraiser to have to be at a gathering data savvy i don't have it at the. party is there any of you would it be that easy to party found that out in
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a long very. people living in india's haunts and arid regions figured out a way of collecting monsoon waters in specially created pools they use them until the next rainy season but the monsoon has been delayed for the past two years on the water was used up a long time ago. by the. blue . they used to be a pond here but the local farmers have built mounds around their fields to keep the water for themselves rather than let it run into the common reservoir. and so the reservoir which is used to serve the village around is now only harmful by the time the hot spring months arrive it's already dried out.
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she doesn't have anyone to look after her baby at home so she takes him to work with her. with other women she's working on deepening the pawn. to collect water once it finally rain this. one hundred twenty rupees a day. they need this money to buy water. the villages have been waiting for over a months for the big rains to come and for free water to start forming from the skies but only in thing. nobody. at least. i think it's kind of heat stroke just like. it's.
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really over the east coast. of libya little ali it was or this isn't on it is that because. of. the fee but even if. you keep it you keep you know you know. so sleep for the boat. and. i think about. my the basic idea that i would not allow that i might. lose my job and it up to. my mother. down for that or at least i don't mind that. much. and there are now i'm saying no to as in
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the end the money. but to get it. it is just a little giggle but do you lost. your purse. couldn't . find. such earlier there's a new that cyclists i'll tell you that the sun develops out of. somebody you find out like i. don't i know the soviet logo i.
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gotz first wife was spending far too much time getting water and she didn't have any energy left to take care of the kids so he decided to take a second wife he reasoned that his first wife would be able to mind the children and keep house while the second would be free to fetch water. but his second wife turned out to be a sickly woman unfit for want to duty so his plan failed this is how the third wife appeared on the scene. every morning the three wives set out on a water fishing trip and it's a lengthy business the line is long and it's best to be among the first to show up . these days.
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because they used to be so they have some queuing to do that would. have a lot of. yeah though i know how i lost. felt. numb but. he did some things so. if i missed that little time to go you did about it that makes unless some of. the small stuff i mean by the poor old boy who had the plan here to mine about i did know was that the day of.
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go though you've got to close off what they mean for ladies we have a little. of you remember maybe you can for the man who suffered the local because all the girls will play a little. kiddies i'm looking. no but i wonder. when she started drawing or interviews and i don't i'm still one years. he is working in this and this first year you were.
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going to give me that it was a get it needed. to get a letter about wanting where larry when did i want to. name the conditions up like this you want all of us that are my little poker player on the night i look up us and i get the ticket out of. my life that i have a mother that they by mid to upper left at the bus line didn't want to let us out of up and that was up a little and again there were cars that out that the amount that the mom has got so that the car the family that out of the collection that. when the rains finally arrived in two thousand and fifteen there were two skins to provide the state with water. in two thousand and sixteen the monsoon season was late again. but of course this isn't the only problem the green revolution is what they call
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the agricultural boom enjoyed by india several decades ago new land was contemplated new technologies were introduced the flows worth a must see. outstanding crops but apparently now it's time to pay back for all this explosive growth among other things we shrink the supplies will water shortages have become a national catastrophe. and they said i took three months on the bottle is it put me a little that you don't want as apparently a life is all i'll go either to those of us i really dream one of those old daddy group i want to be. one of those i love is your love seat and they said to get sad i just googled this in
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a way you always will probably when just the fourth. and you wait you do suppose you'll be. sure. to love us are you start babbling then i'll tell you if you slow down with all my money we're going to leave. us don't tell us what. yes i will do i say something outside of the hello i'm all i ask my sister and my family my friends are silent when a new england imposes on the news for you because i don't want. a war you're. not just now not that much just down at all a number of. you but it wasn't i love. you body was embodied in a part i've heard it i don't belong but knew that what i believe but he ended up by
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that i did ducky by nature. good i thought it might have been i would have a can live i did but i found out a little because we are sorry but i lot of money going to go bad my job i better wait what the market my began to get but in. social environment you're right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is cereal is exceptionally sick. no wonder it's confidential. cysts just three years old industrial giants reap the benefit ignoring the cools by chemical production. you know as if these people aren't people just experimental animals decades later the toxic
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environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever found in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. for. the earth there's.
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not. anything. i can do with the a.j. if they're on the stand up on the wall soon in that are equal to two inches i wonder what equals a status make i don't guess i don't need then to tell me in the movie that devotional wouldn't mean as a seriously does so dash it all to the sitting on. ruth
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. sixty seven close in of in didn't will produce in this ward open all the rumors border two hundred better docs a good real variables real of all the water would be going through the. many years into it seeing giant she has been trying to raise awareness of the suicide epidemic he talks to the families of the deceased trying to get to the heart of the matter the point jack used to be at the forefront of the nation's agriculture and irrigation system was built to bring water to the neighboring arab. states as a result water tables started to drop making farming increasingly difficult local farmers would go bankrupt borrow money and then as they were unable to pay
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their debts they committed suicide. responsibility for those who soared is the loss of the rule of war due to a long rope through the drone or delude. minu gorgeous the. relatives of the dead to come to this small that separates the canal into three branches. they are hoping to find the bodies of their loved ones in the water at least those who committed suicide by jumping into the canal. where you are. you know. i wouldn't be able. to go to them that i wanted rewarding. but according . to what we are. going to get out of.
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it if you're dead we're in the midst a little bit better political. is a title but only recovers the bodies of those whose relatives are ready to pay him it's a business who doesn't work for the government if a body isn't identified and there's no one to claim it he drops it back into the water. and. ok.
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bodies come the lights go to their dog food their lives remain in the water a the water is going to one hundred the freezer can get contaminated the police doesn't dig them to them or to do the police doesn't remove them from the the police officers are over there would think zeus was no boardings. didn't the police the over so those there are no borders over there and your two saw the bodies so isn't the go dividing this was oats. did in one did of life goes. somebody the go in one day and the bruises is not even one but it is the. thing has been trying to solve this problem all his life he has been arrested a number of times even and to serve time in jail however he hasn't given up and
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continues to do everything in his pound. sand you can take just great really see both very much and i assure you that. iowa will be fiat everybody. spacy. tasty yeah. be careful. one theory is that this land was once a savannah or even
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a forest but for many centuries people exploited the land same panteley that's a form of abundance turned into a barren desert however the people didn't quit this waterless scorched land but instead adapted to living here they figured out how to collate rain water and make the supply last throughout the year and they lived like this for a long time but over the last decade everything has changed. because human being in the sea. bottom and they are not. themselves thought of. this or just. a part of it they are not believing on there. this is the bottom
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a lot of this is not about you know the. little bit of it how much water you supply . it's so. good. channels dug under politician the soldiers eventually draw it up the water tower. the government functioning and only the recipe was constructed using ancient technologies still surprisingly in use. this belongs to
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the community everyone. from. then people not to suffer because they have water the use for domestic but does not for silly so people say this is old water big this water is very pure for drinking. no biological no coming any time you see. this water just really really you see. you can drink no problem. and i really hate bunny. so i'm not going to look ok the monologue really believed only going. to come to. me that willy.
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this is a worldwide problem i was the last you know in africa and they have a lot of pretty in. place a long spell and shortest but they also face a crisis saw by not thinking about the water so this is a natural thing. without using throughout much of its history humankind. fell from the sky but more than industry requires water for irrigation cooling and manufacturing the two months of fresh water has already exceeded supply the organizers. as estimated fifteen. of the population.
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is. countries to face the crisis. the younger generation is that if they. go against the status quo in their prospects in life and so many of them. basically get jobs in the city or on wall street and they don't continue in their. exuberance for many years to make. solution a permanent movement. to be labor the point but now with things like. this generation can bypass the entire financial infrastructure and create their own financial reality.
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but. a fairly strong one there were two thousand. and. two chemicals that. really increase the risk of cancer. known to use in the launch. is true by independent scientists so. i read compensation for my time as was the others why is that the meat lobby only. doing if you want to learn. a. lot of
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the. big business against health. safety. let's talk about black and blue being black. and always well in a big house down at least that's what i've been told but it was simply that we in relays is such because we simply forgot on. the scene we've allowed them to rearrange their plane you've told us the sickness of trusting our enemy we became their face. that's what i call a lack of blackness or understanding the blues of being black. she blues of being black should mandate that we attack knowing how when and what to do to come is simple in its natural as be beck is simply to the feeling blue is black and blue.
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mass protests in london demanding the government be held accountable for the devastating fire in a high rise housing block that killed dozens of present. and us justice department issues a warning against trusting anonymous sources just hours after the washington post cites anonymous sources saying donald trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice. eight am here in moscow six in the morning in london one and.


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