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i. mass protests demanding the government be held accountable for the devastating fire. that killed dozens of. the u.s. justice department issues a warning against trusting anonymous sources just hours after the washington post cites sources and officials saying donald trump under investigation. we are in sunny st petersburg what a beautiful day when the venice of the north praties coverage of the confederations cup russia. we call white.
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in the morning in the u.k. this saturday the seventeenth of june review watching us for a warm welcome to our international with me. first today our top story again from london thousands of protesters of march they're demanding justice and help be given to the victims of the grenfell fire angry crowds blame the conservative government and its austerity policies for the tragedy that happened in that apartment block fishel death toll now has reached thirty but it six specter to rise much further with up to seventy people still unaccounted for. i i i i. i i i.
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a ha. ha ha over the course of this demonstration this mosque this march we managed to speak to some very very angry people i believe that people get to go home in the gym tonight but there are people who have to sleep on the floor i mean the event is. now do you know everything and everything we need people. in life he told for centuries decades it's not about now it's about every minute that we've been lied to that a government has been lines of us covering stuff up and we thought enough the broncos are on alonso's the christians the people of boston you got people killed as a result of negligence someone should be able to count to the school for a month or two we have a government that's kind of a prime minister that came to the scene of the crime and you have the decency to meet resident weighs the elements in swayze ways the papal ways everyone that lived in nice flats ways into tennessee
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a great ways that the nice don't occupy is that need to know when i sat the anger on the protesting by violence is hard to say that the official response from being completely inadequate to many of the people of my group that got me was on the food the building of the gas system was put in the room in the stairwell so when those profile it was a death trap and nobody could escape also the fact that ten million dollars spent on cosmetic changes to the outside of the building to make it look that's all for rich residents who live nearby and it was that external cladding which caused the fire to spread so quickly and take so many lives so these protests is very angry at the time and but this is going to be a transformative point in the history of this country and judging by the response of members of the public will combine in their cause beeping and supports that this is a very popular course this horrible story coming so. soon on the back of the election
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it says everything that's wrong about our society this is one of the richest countries in the world one of the richest places in the world this bar in london as well but this is an area where the poor people live and their lives essentially have been sold up the river based on this crazy ideology of deregulation it's worth noting the reason may when she went down to the fire to the site of the tragedy she talked to some fire offices but she didn't talk to any of the local people and i think the reason for that was that she knew that they would they would repent for the many catastrophic failings that have led to this and i faintly she's only strengthened in the sense in the mine just that we must see the end of this government and see a transition to to a way of governing where we where we fix the priorities in terms of what we need to spend on and then work out how to how to provide the appropriate funding for those priorities not the other way around. trees i'm a has been visiting people hospitalized in the blaze she's also allocated five
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million pounds to those affected and demanded a full inquiry into the fatal tragedy but as our reports next the u.k. prime minister is being blamed for more than just a response to the fire. when your own ideas fail just borrow your parents. no one and no community is left behind doesn't that sound a lot like this no one and no community is left behind and this no community and no one is left behind and this nobody and no community should ever be left behind in fact jeremy corbyn used that throughout the labor party leadership race last summer he even used it to launch labour's election campaign for the general election perhaps treason may thought that borrowing a labor phrase would help attract some extra support given how badly she fadden has self-imposed snap general election a vote in which jeremy corbyn went from zero to hero.
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like a political chameleon to reason may has borrowed more than half a share from the right as well in the run up to the e.u. referendum she was a quiet remain but this was back then. people say the e.u. does not make a small secure because it does not allow us to control the border. but that is not true we would obey orders but we want our country back the new role for ourselves in the world is a strong country with control over all borders. the single market accounts for a huge volume of all trade look at the facts the potential risk to jobs for our economy if we were to leave the european union framework of the single market i
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would say is a beginning but you must be optimistic about what i am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market nigel farage accused of steel. all his policies getting britain outside the european union controlling immigration and helping small businesses and four years old the british prime minister was running on exactly the same ticket while thrilled ukip supporters flocked to join the conservative party when public opinion skewed the right to resume a adjusted her speech and her ideas to fit the agenda when it swung back to the left so did her rhetoric it's textbook electioneering but as to reason may's disappointing results at the polls have demonstrated relying on it too heavily may do more harm than good poll ratings are now as low as jeremy corbin at the start of the snap election campaign that's not deterred the labor
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leader from borrowing some of the reason may's campaign phrases but only for a long and i'm sure you all look forward to welcoming the queen's speech just as soon as the coalition of chaos has been negotiated. possible the labor party stands ready to offer a strong. r t london. us justice department has been giving advice to the american public on handling potential fake news especially concerning anonymous sources in a statement by the deputy attorney general. he said caution should be exercised when watching or reading news attributed to named officials we go from says and they are good next explains why the justice department has spoken out. deputy attorney general rosenstein statement has raised quite
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a few eyebrows especially considering that as of late majority of the american press relies on nothing but anonymous sources on the den of sources two sources with links to the counter intelligence community anonymous sources according to anonymous washington post source while the mainstream media seems to love them the justice department is busy reviewing all the fakes no wonder they're getting quite fed up with them at the d.o.j. take a look at this washington post headline claims that rosenstein threatened to resign after the white house cast him as the prime suspect for suggesting to fire the x. of the i directed james komi when asked about this by journalists mr rosenstein claimed he never said such a thing now c.n.n. a regular in anonymous sources came out saying that according to sources told me would testify that he never told trump that he was not under investigation only as kind of conflict and i took away from it what he did which was he said i've been
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assured that i'm not under any investigation so trump took away kind of this blanket assurance which we believe comey will say he did not give the president but when mr komi testified he said the exact opposite he actually told mr trump three times that mr president you are not under investigation c.n.n. even retracted their article confirming the original fake news story or how about this new york times article where not even a sources cited but rather the n.y.t. types it out like a fact that komi days before being fired asked the d.o.j. for more prosecutors and personnel to accelerate the f.b.i.'s investigation into alleged russia's interference in the presidential election but guess what the justice department flatly denied that komi met with rosenstein to ask for more resources and here is house majority leader kevin mccarthy can. firming that these allegations are nothing but false one of the questions were. public present but he
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said he's already said it that he has no evidence to call me asked for any further resources that all the restrictions were there but good going nyet and now c.n.n. is raising eyebrows with their exact quote being or what as the reaction to mr rosen stein's anonymous sources statement wow can it get any better than this in the world of mainstream media they even managed to pull off the justice department began francis and thiago r.t. . well the justice department statement came just hours after the washington post published an article saying the very same department at the point of the special counsel to investigate president for alleged obstruction of justice again unnamed officials was cited we discussed the issue with a number of experts some time now before his inauguration even that there was briefings going on against only that would contain information that could only have come from a high level some of those of
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a security classified nature of what would have expected a major investigation turfing carried out intervention in leaking classified information to the media is a criminal offense the united states as elsewhere but no investigation of that seems to have taken place or fog those leaks but certainly many of the leaks are more political in nature and the fact is most intelligence officers who are eligible officers swear an oath of loyalty to the constitution they are not the patriot who got them the job by the top of all these organizations there is a political will and in this political well there are number of people who are obligated to serve the people that appointed now and i suspect and i do believe that many of these leaks we're seeing are coming from that political level in the intelligence agencies. reporting next this saturday morning the u.n. and human rights watch dogs to seriously concern over what they say is a mounting civilian death toll from u.s.
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led airstrikes against islamic state and the reported numbers are much higher than those admitted by washington. the u.n. says hundreds of civilians have reportedly been recently killed in a strikes in the embattled syrian city of rocket the i still held hub is under siege by u.s. backed local forces with support of well. warplanes and across the border in iraq two civilian deaths are also reportedly rising in the islamic state stronghold of mosul which has been under a similar siege for months the u.s. led coalition's also been accused of using chemical weapons near civilians in both cities and what could potentially amount to war crimes. reports the u.s. coalition is more than willing to update the world on its activities against the islamic state in iraq and syria who have successfully been able to take ground from
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isis already in rocka or recently walked the streets of east and west mosul i saw for myself that markets and their businesses are reopening so things are moving around the city and living their lives however u.n. investigators paint a very different picture of rock intensification of strikes we each have believe that the ground for the events in iraq has resulted not to all the staggering loss of see if you don't life but because also led to two hundred hundred sixty thousand civilians fleeing their homes. in devon to displace the united states insists that less than five hundred civilians have been killed throughout the entire campaign over the last three years in iraq and syria however the united nations points out that three hundred civilians have been killed in the last four months in iraq alone and the situation in mosul is even worse this is just one
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example one of these strikes in the area that somewhere between fifty and eighty civilians may have been killed the airplanes hit our street and we went to rescue people under the rubble we risk you do as we could see and then we left the area on top of that the u.s. led coalition is being accused of using white phosphorous. u.s. leaders won't confirm whether or not they're using the lethal chemical munition however they. say that if they are they're doing it in a manner that's consistent with international law but human rights watch points out this chemical put civilians in great danger burning their flesh down to the bone even a minor burn from this toxic powder can be fatal white phosphorus has been used in syria and iraq previous occasions but since a dental effects can can cause terrible injuries to a question is what is it getting on the ground and adequate provisions being taken to ensure that civilians are not falling victim to white phosphorous that's the
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nature of urban warfare fighting in close confines with civilians and legitimate targets closely mixed in with each other and there's only one way forward for the u.s. coalition we have already shifted from attrition. from one position to another iraq syria to annihilate two billion cattle are a fact of life in this sort of situation looks like the united states has made their choice about how they're going to go about defeating i still the only question left is how many more people are going to die for that to happen. are new york. a change of pace the break obviously with russia set to host his first major international football told a month. taking in the atmosphere for something somebody does but will cut with them.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works in the economy is built around quote. from washington washington. the. voters elect me to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. chorus of the younger generation is that if they block the trend and go against the status quo danger their prospects in life and so many of them. basically get jobs in the city or on wall street and they don't continue in their youth fall exuberance for many years to make permanent solution a permanent movement but now labor the point but now with things like currencies
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this generation can bypass the entire financial infrastructure and create their own financial reality. stuff in the morning this saturday morning the seventeenth of june twenty seventh the why do i say all that counts a big day in the calendar the biggest football event of the summer is set to kick off in russia later today the twenty seventeen confederations cup going to take place in four cities across the country let's get the ball rolling now. ward winning sports. column all that up and simply this book will bring our special coverage of the event over to you guys.
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yes welcome very good morning to you this is field day starting special coverage of the twenty seventeen confederations cup we are in sunny st petersburg what a beautiful day this is why they call it the venice of the north doesn't get any better than this alongside me for the next two and a half weeks i'm joined by stan collymore award winning broadcaster apparently used get top billing doug the great thing about this is that it's so close to home for you with just a few meters away from the cullimore palace or the winter palace is a little bit of confidence and this you can see they're going through into the winter palace there but i'm actually on stage there will be there to greet lights are on it of the of open the doors for everybody let's talk about this opening game then. i would say that traditionally opening fixtures russia new zealand sort of white. people are. never afraid to lose usually figure but i'll put this proposition to you i think because they've got mexico and portugal two very strong sides weighting them i think both sides are going to go for this we could get a very attacking game of the goals what we could and the reason why you probably
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roger mays because russia have to come out and sell themselves as a new team to russian support in public will be seeing some russian fans around the square today ready to watch. so they have to sell themselves as yes we can compete in the storm and and then of course the world cup next year for new zealand it's slightly different they're looking to break out of the shadow of the national sport which is really brave the all blacks are currently playing against the british and irish lions in the southern hemisphere so it's a massive opportunity for the all whites to cry in the sunshine literally there's no need to remain just quickly so it's important for the host nation to put in a strong showing to keep the enthusiasm of the two absolutely off the young fresh look. sure increase we're doing very well now from playing in england for new zealand hopefully they'll be goals and. bring you all the goals if and when they come in lots of pressure on the players who want to perform someone else who is
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under pressure to perform to perform i'm not sure the opening can bring you pictures now of a cayley's the cat now this is the official oracle for this year's confederations cup now achilles is basically the new paul the octopus yes germany two thousand and six i was born paul the octopus. who. never putting all pressure on you have to perform. achilles is this is a bit smaller than paulie probably ended up in somebody's going to play killie's has got a second job also an employee mr british museum just alongside us so if the predicting job doesn't quite work out he's also got a job presumably as a rat's security cleaning up or something which is probably a pretty small thing because the cow in his first performance was offered the chance to be from two bowls that was the flag of russian flag new zealand next to them we supposed to choose the winner fortunately and maybe this is a slight apathy coming from hesitant couldn't quite make his mind up and eventually
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is going to lay down and fell asleep near the russian plane on new felt. towards his along. the side in the i feel towards more into the light board the plane is a little bit well let's see what happens. is no nobody. got it wrong on this particular occasion now let's cross live to choose close to the first go on the way all because she's outside the stadium. for the final preparations going to die. did he stand good morning nail yes well it's another beautiful day as we can see here outside the stadium not too many members of the public at the moment i can imagine that they're probably sort of probably sort of gearing themselves up for this evening. festivities in the main so what we have seen a plenty of key members of stuff coming in on both sides of the stadium obviously we are expecting a big security presence here is it is the opening match because we're expecting the president to come for the ceremony and for the match but at the moment quiet as it
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is on the western front but as i said plenty of stuff all queuing up getting ready to go into this impressive stadium that you can see behind me. we hear a field day we are obsessed with the experience for the fans we care about the founds we want to know how easy or not it is for them is it user friendly getting to the stadium. it is actually user friendly i mean that those people who don't know much about some beaches back effectively it's a bolt holes and it has islands going off it's a long side for those people but coming on the cruise ships i can see all this as well and that's why as you said earlier nearly as known as the venice of the north what with the river and the canals and everything else they do have a metro system which is extremely efficient and you can also come here to the island here where the stadium you can see behind me spaces on christophe's ski island and that has its own metro station through a really pretty park this area around here is has plenty of pocket and there are six hotels it's effectively a kind of sporting area based around the stadium so if you will to the pockets about a fifty minute walk through all the lovely sunshine and all the leaves that goes
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through to the metro and then within four stops you're right in the city center six stops takes you directly to the train station where you could get the stop sign that will have you must go in just over three and a half hours so which is a bit like getting a flight to london so the interconnected system works pretty well at the moment we're waiting for the fab to comment is pretty efficient it's very beautiful the weather is going to be great so i'm anticipating here a beautiful first match and also by the time the final comes it should be absolutely buzzing. something for you let's just hope we get a nice exciting day many thanks great party to bring is up to date now russia hopes to make a winning start in front of the home crowd today but new zealand lead by groups fall apart yet it was. all caught up with new zealand head coach john. to get a story on the tournament. to be in the tournament in some pretty disparate sixty. hostile russian crowded. new zealand
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creates and the answer is yes koshi and there's literally no point us being a if we don't believe we can beat russia they're also negative stories about russia in the press or use a manager is a culture for. expecting to see in russia well i went there for the joy in november and i enjoyed it we're in. and the event was good the people were very friendly professional feel with the tournament going to be really well run stadiums are unbelievable. and i hope hopefully all the games you know this sellouts and we've got a good good atmosphere at the games but i'm looking forward to certainly not focused on the any negativity around the tournament. now russian new zealand will be playing tag a not brand new st petersburg state in the small to an expensive and it's towering design expense along an alien spacecraft that overlooks the baltic sea coastline
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sound and i was a little tinker we got a chance to look behind the scenes and poke around. a stand so first impressions exceptional certainly peaceful stadium it reminds me of when you get a smaller version of what i'm going to be going to see this is sixty six to tell you all i really want to get fresh local respect for the sides to take a look absolutely. twenty first century technology preach technology come down preach quite the way i'm sure you could at least i hope you can take it back there is no problems with a ph d. well let's carry on the some of the crowd and these i guess are pretty but standing now which is the chairs for the players now know they still. got the heater is all right or you'll fall to no let's look at the six hundred this is
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a look surely. he's normally the layout he's now making the grade dressing room so me everybody does a lot. now would you call this tactic food well yeah i mean it would probably be on a on a in the corner here a little would say it would just be you know idea to be able to see as the open closing scene setter will say you always think only more dangerous for it would possible be defeated pool of example if you sit down a little bit there's about two seats to be offered best. deal you know one of my social media frenzy self you call a job just for you i will own. she. though you believe big social media could put a few strings as well this. look you know we know but it's just wrong. and.
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if you stay with this field beyond all two things will continue to get bigger better we're going to speak i hope i believe to the head of russia's will cook organizing committee in the next time we'll put some questions that have challenging that so see you in just under an hour's time. i'm going to france is broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight cuban relations revisit it donald trump announces massive changes to the u.s. cuba policy put in place by former president barack obama regarding diplomatic relations travel and business dealings with the military there and a big win for greece creditors agreed to grant the prime manfully strapped country
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a multibillion euro payout ending months of uncertainty regarding bond payments also major merger alert online retail giant amazon an ounce of plans to purchase organic grocery chain whole foods down by buster right now. get ready for balance sheet issues in cuba president donald trump traveled to miami friday and announced a revised cuba policy aimed at halting the flow of american money to the country. our policy will seek a much better deal for the cuban people and for the united states.


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