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tv   Headline News  RT  June 17, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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if you would like to. extend martial law for the for personal reasons or for small for. a person on american free media human spirit anywhere else this story was completely almost completely left out of the western mainstream press you won't see anywhere else this is not talked about on c.n.n. because it's not allowed you won't see it anywhere else things you hear on crossfire. several american soldiers were wounded as an afghan soldier opens fire at a military base in northern afghanistan. calls intensify for the u.k.'s embattled prime minister to resign as crowds protest outside downing street many there are criticizing teresa mayes response to wednesday's deadly tower block
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fire. on the place the football action is finally underway but all fit the accusations of racism and they refuse to rely on. the continuing confederations cup coverage very shortly to join us. hello there is saturday evening at six here in moscow this is the global news from r.t. international and a lot to update you on in the past few hours as well in fact something that came in to us in the past forty minutes or so from afghanistan where several u.s. soldiers have been wounded in an apparent insider attack carried out by an afghan soldier at a base in the north of the country the afghan military says the attacker has been killed a u.s. army spokesman dismissed earlier reports that american soldiers have died in that
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incident here's what a journalist in kabul told me within the last thirty minutes. afghan soldier used a rocket propelled grenade during a military exercise on the way to the shooting range or the shooting range and according to this officer several u.s. soldiers were wounded this comes not long after commando killed at least three u.s. soldiers in the eastern province of our. places where at least ten taliban attackers killed more than one hundred forty army soldiers in what was a massive security breach you have to remember the taliban are expanding their area of recruitment from where the afghan police in army recruits so the risk of afghan soldiers are. being turned into taliban infiltrators is really
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high. crowds of protesters are outside downing street right now as calls grow for the u.k.'s prime minister to resign many say her position as untenable not only following the party's election upset but also her reaction to wednesday's grenfell tower fire in which at least thirty people are known to have died they say conservative government's austerity policies are ultimately to blame for the tragedy now there have been hundreds of protesters there for the past couple of hours we'll catch up with our reporter there in a few minutes we'll talk first though to metairie a burger means from chateau u.k. independent user website welcome to r.t. international a lot of people in london that we've seen but also in people nationwide grief stricken and very angry about what's happened to grenfell tower but also about the way the government's handling the situation what are they doing wrong. i mean it is a long string of i think misfortune on on and mistakes on tourism
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a spa even something as simple as for example talking to some of the grief stricken residents. at the tower you know she she she didn't say was the didn't engage in the queen. when she did not actually did then you saw the response that she got so it's issues the way the government's handled this self the way the reason why as a supposedly the i. suppose the way she should be handling the situation and uniting the people together and dealing with been helping them through their grief she just hasn't done any of that on top of that you can't help but think this constant endless cutting of all things that may not seem relevant from that point in time actually have a great ramifications of come back to bite them to say the reason why our government does nothing they of the five million pounds in immediate aid let's be honest there are bound to be work going on right now behind the scenes to make sure that those people who are now left with nothing do have a roof over their heads it's a bit unfair to say the government's done nothing. i mean of
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course you know they will have natural reactions to these kind of things they will have protocols you know obviously that that funds to help the people who are currently in urgent need is fantastic but not a point where you're waiting for something like this to happen for vain to you have to react you know is something that people have been talking about for a while you know the residents there petitions did requests for these things to be reviewed and nothing no action was ever taken do really have to wait for something to burn up and flying with like that for the government to actually start doing something that really the lengths that we have something has to go before something happens what's the level of dissatisfaction even a difference among the u.k. public now because what happened on wednesday has undoubtedly added pressure on to resume a government but before that there was anger when she weaken their own government by holding an election that nobody else wanted apart from what stage now is the the
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u.k. public with who they think their government is a more controlled it even has over anything. yeah no i mean i mean that this this i definitely didn't help but it's a long string of things you know since you know she called the election she was the one that requested a snap election which is something i think we need to remind ourselves about not turning out to for example b.b.c. live debates where every i believe that they had you know not turning up to. the woman's hour of radio talk show again that we can to position to a long string of things and i think it's just been more and more frustration from even from myself as a british citizen of someone that is supposed to be this strong and stable leader and you show nothing but the opposite and i think it's really getting to a boiling point where you know we've actually had people essentially die from from from from the processes that the government's done and the cuts that they've done you know it's a. very very real time. a part of the community does feel that
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sense that alexion. a lot of vultures circling to try and pick over the weaknesses of a reason may the feels like a lot of trial by television right now but it's not like he's new at this game she was home secretary for six years before becoming prime minister so with all that in mind what she got to do to even try and win over public support for her position now. i mean that's one thing that always baffles me you know she's not new to this she's been a politician for a long time as you've mentioned she was home secretary for a long time how can someone run a campaign that was so awful. and yet have so much experience i think most people when you saw by election campaign i think what can she do i think she's just got to start acting as a as an actually the you know coming out and talking to people and engaging with people in a human why as opposed to acting like you're always at a press press briefing every time you know whenever she talk to someone and you see them on the news and of course you know the media will react to it and feed into it
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because obviously you know that's what the media does us that's part of their job but it's the job of the politician to make themselves more of a. able to people who saw engaging with people more which is something that the reason why and how government haven't really done at this moment in song ok for now thanks for your thoughts on the going to be from the shout out u.k. independent us news website thanks for your time. well as i mentioned earlier on the tragedy graham fould tower has added an impetus to what was a preplanned protest against to reason maze that we can government out of society and is nearby downing street and white hold out to see what's happening where you are. calling right outside downing street where if you can see hundreds of people have gathered to protest against a recently government like you said this was originally intended to be a protest pressing the issue following the election lots of people have been saying they're unhappy with this not election that's recent made calls on the following coalition that was formed with the scene and this was the original reason but since
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the tragedy with the grand felt how or where as you know force thirty people confirmed dead more expected to be announced as many as seventy people still considered missing and really hundreds left homeless paula we what's the problem there these people are saying this is becoming the final straw with the unhappiness following the decisions that this government has been making because a lot of them who have been gathered here today are saying that what happened with grunfeld was some of it was sealed with the u.s. territory measures that had been carried out for years now by the conservative party so a lot of people are saying here that's true some may needs to go there's lots of discontent with the fact that she didn't go and meet residence face to face like the labor party leader jeremy was there before but had done so certainly lots of calls for answers they're saying they want to know the real numbers of how many people had died there seek the death toll is going to be much larger and they're
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not telling them enough there are lots of concerns about whether or not this could have been prevented considering. some of the material used in the reconstruction works that were carried out on that's how i work with almost ten million pounds fans however people have been talking here in london a lot about some of the cheaper material. that's taken to cover the outside of the building so that the rich residents around this tower you know could essentially look at something a little bit prettier and people have been asking lots of questions about whether this could have been prevented these high death tolls and the fact that these materials pushed for the fire to spread much faster than it would have otherwise so we do know that recent mate is given all of this indignation supposed to be meeting with. survivors and people who weren't there throughout the deeds but it feels like the people who have gathered here have already had a. car really relaxing and what happened was
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by many here seen as something that's just a symbol of the future parity that exists here in the u.k. and in london between the wealthier and those who are a little less well off. ok on a safe i there's been an update from the metropolitan police says that the number is now fifty eight people missing and presumed dead from that grenfell tower disaster but other thank you for that update. well the prime minister as i mentioned has allocated five million pounds to how the people have been affected in that tragedy and also demanded a full inquiry into what happened but as polly boyd reports the criticisms keep on coming for the reason i who seems to be continuing to boring from those words. your own ideas fail just borrow your parents. no one and no community is left behind doesn't that sound a lot like this no one and no community is left behind and this no community
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and no one is there behind this nobody and no community should ever be left behind in fact jeremy corbyn used that throughout the labor party leadership race last summer he even used it to launch labour's election campaign for the general election perhaps treason may thought that borrowing a labor phrase would help attract some extra support given how badly she fadden has self-imposed snap general election a vote in which jeremy corbyn went from zero to hero. like a political chameleon to reason may has borrowed more than half a share from the right as well in the run up to the e.u. referendum she was a quiet remain a but this was back then. people say the e.u.
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does not make us more secure because it does not allow us to control our border. but that is not true we will do our borders but we want our country back the new role for ourselves in the world as a strong country with control over our borders. the single market accounts for a huge volume of all trade look at the facts the potential risk to jobs for our economy if we were to leave the european union the framework of the single market i would say is a beginning but you must be optimistic about what i am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market nigel farage accused of stealing. all his policies by getting britain outside the european union controlling immigration and helping small businesses and four years old the british prime minister was running on exactly the same ticket while thrilled to ukip supporters flocked to join the conservative party when public opinion skewed the right to resume
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a adjusted her speech and her ideas to fit the agenda when it swung back to the left so did her rhetoric it's textbook electioneering but as to reason may's disappointing results at the polls have demonstrated relying on it too heavily may do more harm than good poll ratings are now as low as jeremy corbin at the start of the snap election campaign that's not deterred the labor leader from borrowing some of the reason may's campaign phrases but only for a law and i'm sure you'll move forward to world during the queen's speech just as soon as the coalition of chaos has been negotiated. possible the labor party stands ready to offer a stronger. poly boyko r t
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london. well football spotlight is on russia right now is the first match of the twenty seventeen for confederations cup kicks off in some petersburg our crew is right there will be with them in a few minutes. well first and foremost the president has said. he doesn't see martial law as the ground solution the president has said again and again that he does not belong. in here for the long haul. so there is no read need for him to imply that you would like to. extend martial law for personal reasons or personal for.
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i don't see clear how to craft strategies and anyway i only. think it's good for today or tomorrow. you have a team of four with brief period of time and then you know divorce immediately i think that's a. bad historical moment in the middle east and it is very difficult to predict how things will be called. welcome back the first match of the twenty seventeen feet confederations cup has just kicked off in russia about fifteen minutes ago i think we'll cross live to some petersburg now where neil harvey and the football and stan collymore have the latest for us.
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we've been waiting so long the action is underway stan collymore alongside the former liverpool aston villa striker we've been watching the opening ten minutes or so of this first match of the tournament is pressure against new zealand and let's be honest it's been pretty one sided very positive stuff and it's been incredible stopped by russia that got the ball down and played through the line some very attractive for war room with an effort from twenty five yards in the big central defender came up from a corner and he hit the post in a just in a situation where the goal of really again went around the goalkeeper was props a little bit by the referee to not get a penalty all russia dominating the first fifteen minutes the locals will be very
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happy yeah and it's nice just to actually be able to talk about football on on the pitch will bring you any goals as they come in we have all the action for here in our team it's important isn't it that the hosts do well in any tournament it just keeps the enthusiasm going when you've got the locals turning up to the games educate chris the buzz. on the first game like. the similarities between the english fourteen public and the russian sporting public of very similar at the moment because they're both very flocks about their football teams neither of doing well in recent years from glory years of the russian seems when european championships in the one nine hundred sixty six world cup they haven't since so it's really important for a young russian to small office look very lively you know he's going to be the poster boy for russia around the billboards in the world cup next year so it's vitally important that they stay here a year out from the world cup but they are bright and they're sharp. and that started so well so far so good yet if russians do get
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a win for example in this opening match no doubt we'll see lots of positive media headlines for them speaking of media headlines though an awful lot of negative ones in the build up to this competition and the more coming today the new zealand herald published an item which back to repetition we've seen for months now it was saying that there have been incidents of racism in hooliganism in russia therefore russia isn't it was the claim to host a major football tournament now my question to you given that would be i'm not denying that you know any incidents here in russia they were also know that they've happened in italy we know they've happened in france we know they've happened in england so if you're going to judge countries fairly how many countries have you got left to host a competition pretty much every country that is house of the major competition in recent years south africa there have been social issues brazil issues as well ukraine and france france for example you know of one of the wealthiest clubs in
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the world and part of that particularly nasty right wing a. very small band of supporters and they were stopped from traveling to moss side because of potential flash points as a sports broadcaster or travel around the world and i say as i see it russia is ready in terms of infrastructure the vast majority. want to engage with supporters here in this confederations cup and i'm sure next year at the world and what i would like to see less and less and less of the norse and just starting to highlight a small minority because that's what it is ok well our correspondents are trying to he's been outside st petersburg statin medications taking place and he's been doing what i think is the most important thing to do in talking to fans and finding out what they think about what life is like every rusher in the build up to the game if you can here is one of the new zealand plan said to you. guys first of all. all i just want to say congratulations because the number one match the first match
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of the confederations cup has begun i heard the anthem and the massive roar after the russian anthem at the arena behind me so actually i'm a bit jealous that i'm not inside but anyways going back to new zealand fans that are inside though you know the stuff that you were talking about that headline in the household well i'll tell you what i think if i had told the people that i've spoken to the these kind of things you know they would have told me are you nuts or something and here's why take a listen. on the russian hooligans on an overnight if you want to i think i. just was russian playbill and it was absolutely fantastic. and the russian people have extended their hospitality to wash them. down on my knees and thank you michel found somebody does this mean that he actually. required it. in the
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center. i didn't believe in the markets and stuff so yes. it was going to be very important stand at the memories that these people bring back but unfortunately during this confident rationed we don't have any teams from britain taking part pacifically. here while hopefully they will be for the world cup and i don't know i mean there's been a lot of negativity in the british press and without people coming back and bring all these good memories from russia maybe that is going to continue hopefully not again because russians when they hear this criticism one of the things that they bring up that's something that you've been bringing up is ok well we're not the exclusive ones here yes there there's been some trouble maybe some of it still here but the government's. and to do their best to take care of that you know these are
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the kind of things that happen all around the world and here's a little clip for you about the history of corgan and. when did football related violence first become a problem we don't know for sure but it can be traced way back to fourteenth century england back then it wasn't so much the beautiful game as a rowdy mass brawl between rival villages kicking a pig's bladder across town king edward the second worried this could lead to social unrest and banned the game for cases of football hooliganism in the modern game fast forward to the eighty's that's when the so-called roughs started causing trouble at football matches attacking rival fans and players as well as referees but the heyday of football hooliganism and the actual term came about a century later starting from the sixty's clashes between rival supporters of the
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both of them to plug a nice fights between large gangs of hardcore fans the so-called friends in the first five years of the decade it was twice as much violence is that the previous twenty five british hooliganism spread rapidly during the seventy's and eighty's becoming known abroad as the english disease grew to its tragic peak at the european cup final in one thousand nine hundred five when the liverpool fans attacked their italian rival causing a war in the stadium to collapse killing thirty nine people after the disaster in this clubs were banned from all european countries taxes government wants to clamp down and look at it by the one nine hundred ninety football related violence in the u.k. gradually began to wane but the reputation stuck when england failed to qualify for the one nine hundred ninety four usa world cup the committee chief was delighted to be no england fans. with three countries in the. well troop presence would have created logistical problems so we're very pleased they will be coming to see iraq
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iran and playing. in the coming years many key international tournaments where mom was quite badly behaved in the. now days football hooliganism is of course not only an english but an international disease one that thankfully isn't as prevalent as it used to be. ok many thanks and trying to our correspondent asked to pick on something that i mentioned that i think it's a shame if any fans that may be thinking of coming out here a person off by the negative headlines and they miss out the chance to come and experience what is a very different culture very different kind of country you've been in this position you came out here the first on this is happened to me but to ukraine two thousand and twelve european championships. every day after
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a very negative documentary in the united kingdom about to ball sol campbell a former team mate of mine and around the international team it was do you not go to ukraine if you're black if you're asian you're going to be so i reported every day for the first two weeks and i saw england versus sweden in kiev into english football fans with england shirts on lean over the balcony stunned can have a word with you and that kind of thanks to your reporting. and with my good friends and one of them has been back since he tweeted me the way that's what we want from a football tournament to be involved and people interacting from different countries when you start to fear monger and playing to them and. then it just kills that momentum. lympics winter olympics to be able to create and i think that's why we have the question more here sometimes it's worth questioning some of the things that are put out as fact something that i definitely question is the ability of animals to take football matches although fans of paul
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the octopus would disagree with me that first of all let's talk about killie's the cat who today who lives inside the hermitage museum here by the way tried to predict the russia. right so that you could get elements it was ok econ of was a little bit on be so i did and then with a little bit refers to a chill in the back saw you he went towards the the russian flag another little bit of a sniff around there's a veritable who's now with all of animals coming out of the woodwork come out white the next. all the octopus is what he wants to be a superstar. now nick the polar bear throwing away some close behind predictions for this tournament most good dog to make it's a lovely story of the she was a found as an orphan they also discovered the love of the beautiful game and she has already begun to prediction she's picked mexico is the winner over portugal less in tomorrow's game the controversial germany to beat rivals australia the day after i think she's just going with the form everybody wants to be
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a star it was up to paul the octopus of course in two thousand and six it was a sensational thing but now with voluble videos we're looking for the next animal to be a twenty billion hits on you tube probably. yeah and the cute and they are the better i think it always helps you know you know you don't see shabby yourself i don't know if i call you kate but you see all purposes many thanks thank all of our myself will be back next hour will bring you any goals if they come in the first half say that. armstrong called the move a long time deal hoping. we're going to be your hopes for the two thousand and seventeen confederations cup right here in russia we're going to be visiting the
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host cities are sochi. moscow going to be great but i'm talking full pool sociopolitical i think pretty much covering every topic the fans need to know about the head of the match so don't forget to tune in to some field it's going to be full of you know. what you. are seeing on american sheesh you wouldn't hear it anywhere else this story was completely almost completely left out of the western mainstream press you won't see it in. this is not talked about on c.n.n. because it's not allowed you won't see it anywhere else things you'll hear on crossfire.


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