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i. think. it's been. a little bit like when the. calls intensify for the case embattled prime minister to resign ascribes protest outside downing street many day criticizing tourism a's response to wednesday's deadly fire. also this seven american troops were wounded as a rogue afghan soldier opens fire at a military base in northern afghanistan. i hear a big headline oh we're live on this is fantastic stuff it's been
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a long day's been worth it though what a fantastic victory for russia over new zealand at the confederations cup. hello there good evening you're watching our international it's just turned eleven o'clock here in moscow. now u.k. police say that fifty eight people believed to have died in wednesday's tower block fire in london the announcement came as crowds of protesters gathered outside downing street to cooling for the resignation of the prime minister to resign and says reports were right outside downing street where if you can see hundreds of people have gathered to protest against a recent me government this was originally intended to be a protest expressing the issues following the election lots of people have been
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saying they're unhappy with the snap election that's recent made holes in the following coalition that was formed with the key and this was the original reason but since the tragedy with the grand felt our work as you know force thirty people confirmed dead more expected to be announced and really hundreds left homeless following what ravel there will be people are saying this is becoming the final straw with the unhappiness of following the decisions that this government has been making because a lot of them who have been gathered here today are saying that what happened with grunfeld was some of it was deal with the spirit of measures that had been carried out for years now by the conservative parties people can actually see a seris the politics. the lack of cash that was taken over those people in the tower is discussing and that is different to being a massive turning point is this everything is wrong and this guy even in this
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country who comes to give them one thing has highlighted that is to focus to it and saying you know actually this is the reality of austerity i think people already have a way i say and i think we'll see what happens with the question because basically everyone should have the right to me and to feel safe in their saying whether or not they have a lot of money certainly lots of calls for answers they're saying they want to know the real numbers. how many people. there are seeing the death toll is much larger and they're not only now there are lots of concerns about whether or not this could have been prevented considering some of the material used in the reconstruction works that were carried out and what happened with rumsfeld was raised by many here see as something that's just a symbol of the future parity that exists here in the u.k. and in london between the wealthier and those who are a little less well off. meanwhile people have been paying their respects to the
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victims close to the burned towers and among them today was former world champion boxer i mean. i really believe we can we can come now you know if you read me you did not know what it was really you know you're going to serve. well look i want to get on a tour everyone knows. i think what can she do i think she's just got to start acting as a woman actually you know coming out and talking to people and engaging with people in a human way as opposed to acting like you're always at the press briefing every time there's a long string of things and i think it's just been more frustration from even from myself as a british citizen or someone that you supposed to be this strong and stable leader and you show nothing but the opposite and i think is really getting to a boiling point where the prime minister has been visiting survivors in hospital and has also allocated five million pounds to help those affected and demanded
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a full inquiry into the tragedy. now the opening match of the twenty seven fifty twenty seventeen. confederations cup which just ended in some petersburg russia have claimed the first picture of the competition with the two new when new zealand and we can get the details now from neil harvey and former england footballer stan collymore. has been a very long day here in st petersburg are not complaining that it's now turning tonight and if you stay with us with our coverage here on our to international you understand something well worth it for you lots of analysis lots of gets more then
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coming up this hour let's start though with the action from match day one russia to he zealand millis get the goal stand tall course there. is a very solid performance tried by the russian national team there's a lot of pressure on them coming into the game this is the second goal and quite simple topping as it turned you have to get yourself in the box to get that little bit of look so when the ball is which you know from watching saw you. close just finishing off a little tough for the rest of. our lights for them from a little bit further. and then pushed off often assume a fantastic goal because it was the press in that started that move from the russian national team allowed them to get into the position to just think of the new zealand goalkeeper the i thought a very very good guy and that set that we shouldn't national team off and running well they needed a hook they needed to believe they had to die but boy fantastic support by fifty thousand followers on the stage was
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a desert and watching of course president vladimir putin in attendance today they needed to get the competition off and running and now they've done that yeah the cement and now it's now generate an awful lot more interest in the whole whole competition i think we are very pleased to say we grabbed a few moments with the victorious russian team players this is what they said about the game. it was just first of all we play for our fans and i think today we made them happy i think it was a good game but the most significant thing is that we won everything else is less important doubling you've seen the steve that we won we didn't spoil this great day for our fans that's important for me there was a lot of pressure on us of course with the hosts we played for the first time in front of our president. so really lots of reasons to be positive lots of reasons for the local fans to celebrate and for the visiting fans so i'm kind of lucky they came in the first place because there's so
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many scary stories many have come to the confederations cup or worn by media back in their home consider what what perils they might encounter during this competition the sealant herald for example published an article in the last twenty four hours using russian fans of racism saying they couldn't be trusted the russians. met with some new zealand supporters here in st petersburg and asked them how they enjoyed their visit so far. i've spoken to a number of new zealand fans outside the stadium you come up to ask them about the well against you ask them about the problems they look back at you and they're baffled all these people have told me that they're having an amazing time in st petersburg they haven't experienced any problems and definitely they wouldn't believe and they disagree with the stuff that was written in the herald the russian hooligans on an overnight after i think i ceased russian people are absolutely fantastic. and the russian people have extended their hospitality to wash up.
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like a shell found somebody. that he actually is very quiet it is no trouble that we see in this town center. pockets we didn't leave in the pockets. of the stuff so yeah good one of the great benefits of the car for the ration sculp will be the memories that the fans will. bring back home but there are no british teams taking part in this tournament so there won't be many people coming back to the cape to tell the brits how people in this country really do get offended when u.k. media are saying that football culture in russia is only about violence yes of course there are also problems still but issues exist in any country in fact here's a little history lesson for you in football it is when did football related violence first become a problem we don't know for sure but it can be traced way back to fourteenth
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century. back then it wasn't so much the beautiful game as a rowdy mass brawl between rival villages kicking a pig's bladder across town committed with the second word this could lead to social unrest and banned the cases of football hooliganism from the modern game fast forward to the eighty's that's when the so-called roughs started causing trouble at football matches talking rival fans and players as well as referees but the heyday of football hooliganism and the actual term came about a century later starting from the sixty's clashes between rival supporters for both of them to plug a nice fights between large gangs of hardcore fans the so-called phone in the first five years of the decade with twice as much violence is that the previous twenty five british hooliganism spread rapidly during the seventy's and eighty's becoming known abroad as the english disease grew to its tragic peak at the european cup
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final in one thousand nine hundred five when the liverpool fans attacked their italian rival causing a rule in the stadium to collapse killing thirty nine people after the disaster in this clubs were banned from pool in european country factors the government wants to clamp down and look at this by the one nine hundred ninety football related violence in the u.k. gradually began to wane but the reputation. when england failed to qualify for the one nine hundred ninety four usa world cup the committee chief was delighted with the no england fans. with three countries in the world whose presence would have created logistical problems so we're very pleased they will be coming that's the route i'm playing. in the coming years many key international tournament where monks played badly behaved in the. nowadays football hooliganism is a pool small thing in english but the international disease one that thankfully
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isn't as prevalent as it used to be. for the guys. ok we've got a couple of guests in our place to say we're going to discuss these issues in a bit more detail joined first of all by alexander sort of he's a board member of the russian football union head of the russian plays football association as well and also. our sound who is head of we all russia against discrimination the perfect guest to speak to first today alexander so presumably when there is an incident of alleged racism in a football match or in russia the place will come to your organization and make some kind of complaint what processes are in place what is not only one source of cash have. to come also or any sort of pressure have cross-like they're not being paid or their problems through our current reach we have four different
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institutions in place in the federation like the ethics committee we have also disparate resolution chamber we have the players start of committees depending on the case it's it will be here or heard by any of these three organisations and if it's. racism or. xenophobia or whatever or. this kind of discrimination then it's sort of course it's going to. against discrimination tell us well you'll campaign exists on what you're hoping to achieve in this big arena of the confederations cup and of course the world cup next year i just say that all compay nice first lean to an old campaign it's not healthy and it's not. doing the c.e.o. of w.c. it will be held you in russian premier league russian the national team games so in the first purpose and what they need to shoulder the world that are really very friendly different contradicts
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a lot of people don't even know that we have such different cultures mix you know it contradicts it's really beautiful and as for me i'm really very happy that we can show our hospitality to all foreign guests and to show that russia is really very different again at sea because they should see cousin for example they should see the same people most go in other cities to understand where we live very friendly and were ready to show that he's the main aim actually name and i we went for three weeks and we went to all of the house cities some preachers grow here. and we went into restaurants and. had the rugs and i was always accepted and gifted and we had local cuisine so that in particular do you think there's a problem at the moment you want to ask you both with the view from whether it be western media or global media whatever way you want to put it is there's a lot of russia bashing going on at the moment you guys are trying to circumvent.
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it but. from what i see and i watch a lot of different foreign media fortunately sometimes a lot of times we're not for trade as as we are because as russia just said and this campaign is also. the football players union takes part in it and we have more than two hundred national. he's leaving russia we have all main religions present here we are a country of a very diverse culture all religious and nonreligious whatever you make it and we certainly don't deserve the bashing as you said we were getting on the t.v. because we're not racist for sure and we are all open as roger said where we're friendly country we don't see i don't see that there are of course there are we do it's that we are but it doesn't happen all the time and you don't see them that
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much on the streets and just to follow up on i mean isn't it kind of it's a maze kind of strange to talk about a lot of racism in russia when you look at one of the most multicultural not the most multicultural country either come yes yeah that's true and i think the only change the only chance to show we these you see and she went for this column they go back home and they tell their friends that it's not so old that it's really different so that's why i'm happy that we have these tournaments here that we can show we. so i think it's the people that we can be deep through the use of some believe it's hard because we will always be fighting but. against least information yeah but we have a lot of for a shoot so we just need to show we don't we don't yeah we just. want to look at tending the wrong incidence of racism although who lives here for example emmanuel frimpong it was well reported that he said he was the subject of racist comments from fans what is an often get reported is also that he says this was
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a one off ease of playing here and he really loves playing in russia loves living it so it exists but is it being distorted you think we have. just mentioned we had the same problem when smetana alex asymmetrical played for chelsea he said that we don't have racism as you understand it in broad countries and we don't have this kind of racist. he was bashed and then said the same thing there is no racism in russian i would not say it like. we don't have the racism you understand you would have been in the states we have discrimination yes we do but having two hundred nationalities having all these religions we have to we we probably found a way to live together so there is a way and we found it and the countries really opened their audience as i said but the idiots are. everywhere around the world take it in africa or latin america or
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australia everywhere it happens unfortunately human nature. the hopes now for the next twelve months she said you going to be. russian premier league games with national team guy we've spoken to fund groups here and some preachers said pretty much what you guys in this is all football fans and said we don't want to a small group of idiots but many nationalities spoiling what could be a fantastic year so i guess it's down to you guys to at least bang that drum here in russia yeah so i should say that from the side of a few in the russian premier league a lot of people just will be from their side where helping them in this t.v. so we'll be doing different promise zones school so we'll be doing the deals so and. very important is to make a lot of good educational materials to educate people it killed even children in school at schools because we're having these complaints on the t.v. just too so that is our job and i think everything will be ok and you have
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a roll call earlier in the program he's one of the heads of this campaign and one of the aims is to go to schools and universities and to educate people because we think that racism is a lack of education i think it's just. an educated people would be racist i think that people. didn't encounter diverse diverse. situations people who are very narrow minded that dead will be your i mean that will be your one hundred percent. claim for being a racist i think you know not the same across the world if you find a matching to get hit on the key with their education or all of that slightly can fool me what we're trying to do for all of you is across the will here on r t tonight so thanks so much for being our guest and we've kind of communicated some of your messages across that sounds been a really long day but it's been fantastic housemates as the opening match to the
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confederations cup on all see we're going to be every single city all of the guy names is that it starts to percolate that's more along with time tomorrow sleep seen. first and foremost the president has said you just did you see he doesn't see marshmallows as the ground solution the president has said again and again that he does not belong because he's not been here for the long haul. is that interest a burst of wealth so there's no read need for him to imply that you would like to extend martial law for personal reasons or for some for.
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i don't see clear out a kind of strategy is it any way i only see tactical things you know all things good for today or tomorrow. you have teams forward brief period of time and then you know divorce immediately i think that's a. bad historical moment in the middle east. and it is very difficult to predict how things will be called. back in with r.t. international now officials in afghanistan say that seven american troops have been wounded in an attack by a rogue afghan soldier at a base in the north of the country shot dead the u.s. is dismissed the reports though that american soldiers had been killed the taliban
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says it was responsible although that claim has been disputed is what we heard from a journalist in kabul early an afghan soldier used the rocket propelled grenade during a military exercise on the way to the shooting range or at the shooting range and according to this officer several u.s. soldiers were wounded this comes not long after afghan commander killed at least three u.s. soldiers in the eastern province of mingora are the base where the incident took place is where at least ten attackers killed more than one hundred forty army soldiers in april in what was a massive security breach you have to remember the taliban are expanding their area of recruitment from where the afghan police and army recruits so the risk of afghan soldiers or new recruits being turned into taliban infiltrators is really
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high so. now the u.s. justice department is advised in the american public to treat with skepticism many new stories relying on anonymous sources the deputy attorney general in particular highlighted the need for caution when no country or branch of government is attributed to this so says frances santiago looks now it what may have led to the statement. that video turny general rosenstein statement has raised quite a few eyebrows especially considering that as of late majority of the american press relies on nothing but not the most sources sources two sources with links to the counter intelligence community anonymous sources according to anonymous washington post source while the mainstream media seems to love them the justice department is busy reviewing all the fakes no wonder they're getting quite fed up with them at the d.o.j. take a look at this washington post headline claims that rosenstein threatened to resign
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after the white house cast him as the prime suspect for suggesting to fire the x. of the i directed james komi when asked about this by journalists mr rosenstein claimed he never said such a thing now c.n.n. a regular in anonymous sources came out saying that according to sources told me would testify that he never told trump that he was not under investigation only as kind of conflict and i took away from it what he did which was he said i've been assured that i'm not under any investigation took away kind of this blanket assurance which we believe comey will say he did not give the president but when mr comey testified he said the exact opposite he actually told mr trump three times that mr president you are not under investigation c.n.n. even retracted their article confirming the original fake news story or how about this new york times article where not even a sources cited but rather the n.y.t.
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types it out like a fact that komi days before being fired asked the d.o.j. for more prosecutors and personnel to accelerate the f.b.i.'s investigation into alleged russia's interference in the presidential election but guess what the justice department flatly denied that komi met with rosenstein to ask for more resources and here is house majority leader kevin mccarthy can. firming that these allegations are nothing but faults one of the questions were. public research but he said he's already said it that he has no evidence dick only asked for the resources that all the research with good knowing n.y.t. and now c.n.n. is raising eyebrows with their exact quote being what has the reaction to mr rosen stein's anonymous source a statement wow can it get any better than this in the world of mainstream media even managed to offer the justice department beguile francis and thiago r.t.
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just going up to half past eleven in the evening here in moscow more news in just over half an hour's time up next though we have a look at the water crisis creating chaos for millions of people in india although if you watching us in the u.k. or island it's time for getting underground looks at the british government struggle to form a working majority. a water tank delivers drinking water to this village once a week. but
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it's rationed only. for seven days that's meant to cut back household needs as well. there are now some of his supporters anyway by. money and yet there are not i'm not over that on that what's it like that might come down to really me at the bottom line is i need to find out what. the lawyer that other day i'm going to find out if not i'm going to go on it was that i want to leave it up to what i've got two hundred fifty to get back at it to tell you if i want to get company like you want to get a restaurant or not that it definitely don't i got it i got a funny it's on the part of the nickel is a minute later find out if you're get it out of it that he'd be here you're not about it want to hear i did that and you get outside and make it understood that
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and it was new it was me but that's all it was them work at it up and if they did i doubt the war does disability suddenly either does not mean one religion would be a bad compared. to this is one of thousands of indian villages where we want to use the most precious commodity. according to scientists in just fifteen years our planet will suffer a global crisis the most devastating one humankind has ever faced everyone will be affected.
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she is carrying a week's supply of water on her head this is high shout from the tank i. love that my. love goes all the way i'll. be grateful i went out on that moon alone the most so when the muslims around the moon when the moon long dark to when i finally was the know so great and got up early now hansei but i let on thousand people point to bone. and those that have yet run away added i mean when are they said to the family who did the real credit i mean the credit the out of what i believe is the put out when can we hear the fundraiser to ask of the abbot gather data savvy i don't give a hoodie.


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