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tv   Headline News  RT  June 17, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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i. hope it was. more like. crowds rally outside downing street calling on the british prime minister to resign and intense criticism over her response to wednesday's deadly five. seven american troops were wounded as a road afghan soldier opens fire at a military base in northern afghanistan. the confederations cup kicks off in russia with the host based in new zealand to kneel in the opening match we'll bring you the goals on the big issues surrounding the talk.
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and i welcome you watching r.t. international it's just going midnight here in moscow now angry crowds have been rallying outside downing street today calling on the u.k. prime minister to resign many see to reason may's position is untenable following her party's election upset and her reaction to wednesday's tower block fire fifty eight people and i presume dead in the wake of that tragedy and sit as this report . we're right outside downing street where if you can see hundreds of people have gathered to protest against a recently government this was originally intended to be a protest pressing issues following the election lots of people have been saying they're unhappy with the snap election that's recent made calls on the following coalition that was formed with the king and this was the original reason but since the tragedy with the grand cell tower where as we know force thirty people confirmed dead more expected to be announced and really hundreds left homeless
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following what's on the rubble there already people are saying this is becoming the final straw with the unhappiness following the decisions that this government has been making because a lot of them who have been gathered here today are saying that what happened with grunfeld was some of it had to deal with the staring measures that had been carried out for years now by the conservative parties people can actually see a sarah see politics killed the lack of cad that was taken over those people in the tower is discussing and that is definitely being a massive turning point is just everything is wrong in this event in this country to come to give them one thing it has highlighted that it's cool to focus to it and saying you know actually this is the reality of austerity i think people are anyway . and i think he will raise the question because basically everyone should have the
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right to take me to feel safe in the house saying whether or not they have a lot of money certainly lots of calls for answers they're saying they want to know the real numbers of how many people have died there say the death toll is really much larger for not having enough there are lots of concerns about whether or not this could have been prevented considering some of the material used in the reconstruction works that were carried out and what happened with. by many here see as something. that's just a symbol of the huge parity that exists here in the u.k. and in london between the wealthier and those who are a little less well off. in a reporting where people have been paying their respects to the victims close to the burnt out tower and among them was the former world champion boxer and. i really believe we can we can not run out you not you think you read me you did not know what it was really yonder to serve. their country.
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well look i want to we are going to treat everyone not. i think what can she do i think she's just got to start acting as a actually you know coming out and talking to people and engaging with people in a human way as opposed to acting like you're always at the press briefing every time there's a long string of things and i think it's just been more and more frustration from even from myself as a british citizen of someone that is supposed to be this strong and stable leader and you show nothing but the opposite and i think is really getting to a boiling point however the prime minister has been visiting survivors in hospital and she's also allocated five million pounds to help those affected and demanded a full inquiry into the tragedy. now officials in afghanistan say seven american troops have been wounded in an attack by a rogue afghan soldier at a base in the north of the country you say that was shot dead the u.s. has dismissed early reports that american soldiers being killed the taliban says it
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was responsible although that claim has been disputed is what we heard from a journalist in kabul earlier. an afghan soldier used a rocket propelled grenade during a military exercise on the way to the shooting range or the shooting range and according to this officer several u.s. soldiers were wounded this comes not long after an afghan commander killed at least three u.s. soldiers in the eastern province of mangere are the base where the incident today took place is where at least ten thousand attackers killed more than one hundred forty army soldiers in april and what was a massive security breach you have to remember that the taliban are expanding their area of recruitment from where the afghan police in army recruits so the risk of afghan soldiers or new recruits being turned into taliban infiltrators is
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really high. all the time came as the country's defense minister welcomed a decision by the u.s. to deploy four thousand more troops to afghanistan a move many see as unlikely to improve the situation there. with these four thousand troops they cannot defeat the taliban in afghanistan they just won the fighting to continue so they can achieve their goals. with more american troops in afghanistan people will get more frustrated and insecurity will increase you know looking at the taliban spring offensive strategy for twenty seventeen is the key element within their new strategy for spring offensive you know there were several motivations for afghan forces one was the infiltration where afghan afghans were sent to carry out these attack the second was co-option where serving military or police were recruited by the taliban for whatever motivation sometimes because
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their family were living under taliban area or they were provided some incentives that second those personal grievances which i believe in today's attack it could be that personal grievances what afghans are really asking is two things one is push for peace process and second pressurising the pakistani taliban sanctuaries are actually terror so i think i would agree with many afghans in this because troops the military solution is no is not a solution for the afghan problem and i think the americans must have realized as well because you see there are similar comments coming from the american officials particularly those forming the afghan policy but you know it's contradicting with what they're doing and what they're saying at one hand they believe that it has to be peace process in peace settlement that can. work but in the other hand they're
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sending additional troops. now the state of the confederations cup has come to an end and it's seen a winning start for host russia who beat new zealand in sin with more on that plus all the latest from the tournament is neil harvey and stan calling. federation's got a just we have to draw to a close here in st petersburg russia after they secured to no victory over new zealand and they have again alongside me stan collymore stan we're going to take our viewers through the goals but it was a very good performance overall from from russia lots of pressure on them the first game they were very poor in the european championships of course so they needed
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a good result to get the tournament underway paulo's there is he said with the finish very easy ball comes in from the rights and so it was a central striker always in attack and we just need to get in the box to make sure that you can finish off so very good room after say feel a little bit sorry for the new zealand goalkeeper because he was very good throughout the game but just that little thing called the goalkeeper sees the ball in the back of the net and the hosts were open running. ok we also got a great day really into speaking to the top players and we grabbed a few moments with the guys themselves from the russian team after their victory here's what they had to say it was huge first of all we play for our fans and i think today we made them happy i think it was a good game but the most significant thing is that we won everything else is less important doubling you should they steve that we won we didn't spoil this great day for our fans that's important for me there was a lot of pressure on us of course with the hosts we played for the first time in front of our president and so much that i knew they'd go along to hopefully bigger
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and better things if you're a supporter now kate partridge was simply to find songs i magine she met quite a few happy families she can imagine the noise here is really quite something ninety's elite the blue touch paper i think it's also like the beer keg series all those play. and to be a flying one is off to rule the city of culture and just before we have kick off in this very very merry and happy of environments we speak to some of the fans and they were anticipating a very good sort of and as well will we came to russia because you we've been keeping a medal as country it's amazing what you have here and your history is full of if we should be tales that there are still their world so we wanted to know your country and panel food bowl and many have been there she had this time and i'm very much excited. america we think she's going to win and then. lucy are. you can tell by seville the year the cheering fans there and i think you
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were just lucky enough to miss some of the fans will keep past as well you have to say it's fine voice as well so it's certainly a happy environment for the russian for the fight fans is in the first match of the confederations cup you can hear them but you know what those funds are very happy but if they've been listening to some of the western media they might not be even turn to people watch the game some fans who came here were warned by the media back in their home countries about what they might come across during the competition the new zealand herald for example published an article that accused russian fans of racism and said that they could not be trusted for trying to a correspondent but with some new zealand supporters right here in st petersburg and he asked them about what would their experience of the place so far have spoken to a number of new zealand fans outside the stadium you come up to them you ask them about the only gets you ask them about the problems and they look back at you and they're powerful all these people have told me that they're having an amazing time in st petersburg we haven't experienced any problems and definitely they wouldn't believe
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and they disagree with the stuff that was written in the household of the russian hooligans on an overnighter if you want to die the stakes east this russian playboy absolutely fantastic he will be for arbor a week now and the russian people have extended their hospitality to wash my sheet . and i might like a shell found somebody. ready actually it is very quiet it says the trouble that we're seeing in this town center on suspect pockets we have it leaving it. in the stuff so you know one of the great benefits of the car for the ration scope will be the memories that the fans will bring back home but there are no british teams taking part in this tournament so there won't be many people coming back to the cape tell the brits how people in this country really do get offended when u.k. media are saying that football culture in russia is only about violence yes of
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course there are some problems still but issues exist in any country in fact here's a little history lesson for you in football is when did football related violence first become a problem we don't know for sure but it can be traced way back to fourteenth century. back then it wasn't so much the beautiful game as a rowdy mass brule between rival villages kicking a pig's bladder across town kid with the second word this could lead to social unrest family get the cases of football hooliganism in the modern game fast forward to the eighty's that's when the so-called roughs started causing trouble at football matches talking rival fans and players as well as referees but the heyday of the people who didn't is in the actual term came about a century later starting from the sixty's clashes between rival supporters of the both of them to plug a nice fights between large gangs of hardcore fans the so-called phone in the first
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five years of the decade is twice as much violence is that the previous twenty five british hooliganism spread rapidly during the seventy's and eighty's becoming known abroad as english disease groups it's a tragic peek at the european cup final in one thousand nine hundred five when the liverpool fan. it's attacked their italian rival causing a rule in the stadium to collapse killing thirty nine people after the disaster in this clubs were banned from pool in european country practices the government wants to clamp down and look at this by the one nine hundred ninety two cool related violence in the u.k. gradually began to wane but the reputation. when england failed to qualify for the one nine hundred ninety four usa world cup committee chief was delighted with the no england for. the with three countries in the world whose presence would have created logistical problems so we're very pleased they will be coming that's the route iran. in the coming years many key international tournament where marks point
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plan b. behaved in the. now days football hooliganism is of course not only in english but the international disease one grounds thankfully isn't as prevalent as it used to be. ok and stan i want to use a word now that i enjoyed i know you you appreciate these meanings of all context so let's just say we know it's a small number of hooligans that are out there let's just say it's a few doesn't say it but probably got forty five thousand capacity stadium for example it takes bob back stadium that's less that's what no point one percent of the people in there found accused of being involved in trouble that's not even taking into account how many owners are critical in russia basically saying an entire nation blamed for the actions of a tiny number of people and from a that is the problem i've seen it with the contador support of troubled and
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supported as a far as a broadcaster and of the look you know off to where the three lions and england filed their reputation preceded them and still continues to do and i think that what's happened is these a lot of the anger a lot of the fear of what happened when we saw violence in moscow. for example i was there last year is that spring transposed into a whole nation has been a lot of fear mongering a sort before the european championships back in two thousand and twelve in ukraine there was a documentary that say do not go to ukraine if you're english if you're i should if you're black so i went there was a broadcast with a great deal of trepidation what did i find nothing but calling this government supporters mingling a muffler means the big east and the saddest thing about all these torments is that people want to get together and have a paltry every four years it's a world cup and a european championship. thanks santa tons which is not truthful we're going to go in a safe peach is good pub sick with the local fans are going to watch look at it save
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again sit mates tackle big issues. sally theses are real well come on things are real rough shit we asked awesome action joey homophobia. how big a bubble like this was an eight person full russian national take over the weekend the call display the snow. sounds. for the bush the american press this is called the world call will slap full flags asian football fans feel welcome in some places for commercial uses the move was not because of just. simply on the commercial the show when you look at the spot the. admission that you know singled out the poll said a couple of years ago that every time he played there was an issue of space race chance comments about how the city or the closest thing to the post was that i just
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got the new families for the visit but he needed us much as you have to buy these cars which you feel so used to but you talk about them when she said i meant to be admissible in gitmo. and he just he thought that by using this relevance of a miss. so no. i. we do want to talk about little blighter things as well the nice things now we talked about predictions today well let's look at. first because boy was this a painful decision made to look at this i don't want to choose this posed to be like paul the octopus you choose one of the countries is it new zealand is it russia one of the bowls of food you think it would leave that much encourage one that this one did this was a reluctant hero this is the action replayy you see the lady. sings something cheated not sure how it is of the day. for the for me just to see going to school
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is he going to drop his nose into it go on achilles we're all a little bit you alone can we see it going soon yeah definitely rochelle i thought well i think we are and i think we need following technology just to see where there was actual contact with the for you know that ok let's move on now to nick of the whole of this is also throwing her weight because the contradiction to the confederacy everybody wants to be a star look at that that's how you make a decision to say to be like one you don't want to be in the way to pull them up one for me could the you know problems it's all straight to the the gold well i guess through the total see which one could break down is nicholas predictions by the way is mexico to be what you call germany to be australia and i'm not going to disagree with that. neil and stand there plenty to look forward to over the next fortnight or so and the still plenty head this out so you will have a look at how the u.s.
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authorities are asking the public to be more skeptical about the new yes we'll have that story in a couple. tell
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you the gossip but i. tell you. we all. watch. welcome back now the u.s. justice department is vising the american public to treat with skepticism any new stories relying on anonymous sources the deputy attorney general in particular highlighted the need for caution when no country will branch of government is attributed to the sources we. takes a look now at what may have led to the state. deputy attorney general rosenstein statement has raised quite a few eyebrows especially considering that as of late majority of the american
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press relies on nothing but anonymous sources on the den of sources two sources with links to the counter intelligence community and on the sources according to anonymous washington post source while the mainstream media seems to love them the justice department is busy reviewing all the fakes no wonder they're getting quite fed up with them at the d.o.j. take a look this washington post headline claims that rosenstein threatened to resign after the white house cast him as the prime suspect for suggesting to fire the x. of the i directed james komi when asked about this by journalists mr rosenstein claimed he never said such a thing now c.n.n. a regular in anonymous sources came out saying that according to sources told me would testify that he never told trump that he was not under investigation only as kind of conflict and i took away from it what he did which was he said i've been assured that i'm not under any investigation so trump took away kind of this
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blanket assurance which we believe comey will say he did not give the president but when mr comey testified he said the exact opposite he actually told mr trump three times that mr president you are not under investigation c.n.n. even retracted their article confirming the original fake news story or how about this new york times article where not even a sources cited but rather the n.y.t. types it out like a fact that komi days before being fired asked the d.o.j. for more prosecutors and personnel to accelerate the f.b.i.'s investigation into alleged russia's interference in the presidential election but guess what the justice department flatly denied that komi met with rosenstein to ask for more resources and here is house majority leader kevin mccarthy can. firming that these allegations are nothing but faults one of the questions were. public present but he
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said he's already said it that he has no evidence dick only asked for it for the resources that all the resources were there but good going and whitey and now c.n.n. is raising eyebrows with their exact quote being what has the reaction to mr rosen stein's anonymous source a statement wow can it get any better than this in the world of mainstream media even managed to off the justice department francis and thiago r t thanks for with us tonight more from me in about half an hour up next we've got going on the ground for you that talks to safety experts about the growing felt the tragedy if you are watching us in the u.k. london ken livingstone is the guest on the comedy show that.
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you are watching are. more students more. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests that's thrown down a lot of voiced so that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i'm ed schultz i believe on r.t. america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded that you'll get the straight talk and the straight news. questionable lead. play. it's called the feeling of freedom to. everyone in the world should experience pfleger and you'll get it on the old the old. the old according to just.
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welcome our world come along for the ride. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around currency corporations run washington the washington post media the media. and voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. earlier today president obama said on the job like i'm going to have a responsible place in the people and there is always well that's what the terms of the most noise that's next realistically. to hear something out to you know between the u.s. leaders as you'll see in a few places to so this is the internet has used to sell oil i know it's on the
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story because it's garbage real jenny. and. welcome to on contact today we discuss the geo political ramifications of climate change with author christian present how the people at that the climate change how they adapt to the droughts floods very often the ways you pick up the surplus weaponry and you go after your neighbors cattle or you blame it on your neighbors ideology or ethnicity. with chris hedges. greater and greater parts of the globe are becoming uninhabitable because of soaring temperatures declining crop yields droughts and rising sea levels governments and infrastructure is a collapsing into failed states millions of climate refugees are already flame the chaos and violence of the global south this exodus which is just the start has
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already created the greatest refugee crisis in europe since world war two there are profound political ramifications caused by climate change extremist right wing parties here and in europe conflate migrants with terrorism they twist the ecological crisis into a clash of civilizations xenophobia and hate crimes are on the rise borders are militarized walls are built police the border police and the immigration and customs enforcement carry out reins of terror against those who lack legal documents r t correspondent on your power and tell looks at how climate change is increasing. tensions between the global north of the global cell. and climate change to be an issue of national security even according to our military the answer is yes of course never mind the fact the pentagon itself is actually the largest polluter in the united states that's because wherever our military and
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multinational corporations go environmental devastation follows but have we pushed the global underclass too far the nine hundred ninety nine protest against the world trade organization in seattle shocks the press when americans from around the country gather to protest the meeting of global corporate elites where they craft laws and regulations favorable to their business model based on pillaging resources in poor nations around the world and those nations have fought back as well it seems as though no matter where the w t o goes be it in bali new delhi can khun nairobi or elsewhere massive demonstrations follow in two thousand and three a former korean farmer committed ritual suicide on opening day of the meeting sacrificing his life to protest against organizations agricultural policies but as developing nations grow stronger they have begun to stablish ng an alternative to the global financial in the can i.


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