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tv   News Weekly  RT  June 18, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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fifty eight people are now presumed dead from the west london tower block fire it's expected to increase as calls grow for the prime minister to quit. afghan officials says u.s. forces are behind the shooting of three civilians including two children in the country this week we hear exclusively from the victim's family and eyewitnesses. a government with extreme anti republican views goes on a shooting rampage in the u.s. even a top party member in critical condition and three others injured. the fee for confederations cup is underway in russia three matches today in moscow and tournament team will have the highlights so far.
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below with today's news on the biggest stories in the past seven days this is the weekly with me calling bright here at r.t. international first for you wednesday's tower block inferno in west london is now believed to have killed fifty eight people and they say that number may still rise as the slow task of combing through the gutted building finding and identifying bodies continues the fire broke out early on wednesday morning and swiftly and go off the entire twenty four story residential building.
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but. you all thought. that. the fire and the government's response to it has led to widespread public fiore protesters in the capital have been calling for the prime minister to step down and demanding that those ultimately responsible for the tragedy held accountable the reason maze admitted that the way the disaster has been handled has not joleen its good enough for embassy meanwhile downing street expected to appoint a judge to lead a public inquiry into the grenfell tower disaster the reason why has also boarded urgent safety checks on all some of the tower blocks however as honest as a check in a reports the public does not think that's enough. we're right outside downing street where if you can see hundreds of people have gathered to protest against a recent maize government this was originally intended to be
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a protest and pressing issues following the election lots of people have been saying there are unhappy with the snap election that's recent made holes in the following polish and that was born with the heat and this was the original reason but since the tragedy with the grand ole tower where as we know believe hundreds left homeless following what's the trouble there will be people who are saying this is becoming the final straw for the un happiness following the decisions that this government has been making not only that when germany were in old still brought up the idea of giving the residents were affected by grants out the residential properties there are so awfully available that area and standing empty in those neighborhoods is something that's been brought into the spotlight and has been also something largely about econ be acceptable but in london we have luxury buildings and luxury flats left the future while the homeless and the poor look for
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somewhere to live and this is what some of the protesters have been telling us here throughout the day. and they have very few six months why not give them to someone temporarily and i mean that that grady just made it it's been a long drive really for an investor just come in force up all the flats and most of the money you can use and yet we have the snow switched on the bucket chief's son in the couple so you know there's an obvious inequality that we need to start thinking about the people that actually live here not the people that are buying houses you know for millions of pounds and then leaving them in fifty six seven months what have you. by many here see it as something that's just a symbol of the huge disparity that exists here in the u.k. and in london between the wealthier and those who are a little less well off i think what can she do i think she's just going to start acting as a as an actually you know coming out and talking to people. and engaging with people in a human way as opposed to acting like you're always at a press press briefing every time on top of that you can't help but think. constant
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and cutting of things that may not seem relevant from that point in time but actually have a great ramifications of come back to bite them there is a long string of things that i think it's just been more and more frustration from even from myself as a british citizen of someone that is supposed to be this strong and stable leader and you show nothing but the opposite and i think it's really getting to a boiling point. a local official in afghanistan has told r.t. that u.s. forces killed three civilians including two children on monday. and little villages have been truthful as a result they killed of. the shooting reportedly happened after a u.s. military vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb and going to facials have still not confirm the reports of those indian deaths. a statement from the u.s. mission in afghanistan though did say that the troops had opened fire in self-defense or had gas together spoken to witnesses and the victim's relatives.
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they're too young yet to fully understand what has happened or grasp the depth of their loss all they know is that their world has been shattered and wrenched upside down. this is my younger brother free dylan he was killed by u.s. troops this is my brother surefire who killed. and this is my father he was killed as well oh they haven't yet learned to read or write but life has taught them early to hate you enough. i want the government to avenge my father and kill his killers when my father and my brothers were killed everyone was sat at home my mother cries every day. it all began when a u.s. military patrol hit a roadside bomb by all appearances they panicked when the explosion happened i was
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near my uncle and cousins american soldiers opened fire and a bullet flew by my face i ran and hid and came out only a few hours later my uncle and cousins were dead so i went to the village to tell everyone these version is backed in the police report we were shown it says zero ghoul and his sons were at the shop two hundred meters from the scene they were taken for terrorists and torn apart by gunfire it was terrible what the americans did to them i couldn't even recognize their bodies zero ghoul left behind twelve children six boys and six girls from now on their lives will be about survival clothing and feeding a dozen youngsters will be hard but for now it's anger that fuels them they killed them in a horrific way. we want to bring them to court so why should american troops be
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allowed to kill our people in this cruel way the u.s. stresses it takes every civilian life seriously and promises to investigate every casualty alessa these investigations often end with only apologies and for this family that's not enough they want americans out i don't want them here because. they kill civilians we're tired of american soldiers they're explosions and they're killing the americans not helping us they're killing us we don't need them in afghanistan that is a refutation the coalition has built over more than a decade sixteen years of war and bloodshed atrocities and excuses and there's no end in sight it's no secret that life would have gotten a start is harsh but for zero goals surviving children the next few years ago and
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to be tough indeed that though isn't where the trouble ends ten years down the line when they've grown up would you think they going to support the afghan government and the people who murdered their father or the taliban and their promise of vengeance more of guys d. of. the shooting in the u.s. state of virginia on wednesday has led to questions over the state of american democracy and the country's toxic political atmosphere the incident took place when a gunman opened fire at a republican baseball training session injuring four people including a top party member the attacker fired over fifty rounds from an automatic weapon he took a position outside the baseball ground and then moved forward exchanging fire with approaching police officers the assailant was killed in the shootout. the congressman wounded in the attack was u.s.
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republican steve he's a majority whip in the house of representatives his condition has improved from critical to serious as for the attack the u.s. law enforcement officials have named him as james hodgkinson sixty six year old from the state of illinois who worked as a home inspector and he caught the media's attention with his strong anti republican presence online his facebook page was also filled with. support for former democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders in march hodgkinson supposed to incite violence against president trump and in another he said the president should be imprisoned for treason it's also been reported that he had problems with alcohol and that he did legibly used to beat his foster door so i'm following coals for unity in the wake of wednesday's attack we heard from a panel of guests on the issues raised by the shooting. guns are killing people we know if this guy had a knife how many people would he have been able to kill probably none the fact of
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the matter is is that we need to take these residents off our streets i don't care if it's a congressman kill off this young person in a park killed we need to get these guns off our streets if this was a muslim who carried this out whether it was with a knife or a paper clip or a gun the right would be calling for a trump supporters will be calling for a ban on muslims that's a fact as well so this is a politically motivated act of violence and what we saw during the campaign especially when you could go back to the chicago rally i disagree and senator i disagree totally no listen let me hold it's not a politically motivated. ok this is this was legal and politically motivated the facts this is. listen if it's a knife or a gun it is politically motivated that is an act of terrorism by the definition of terrorism wanting to get your way politically by using violence doesn't matter if it's with a stick you just want to put it we're in
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a line it is an error ism or it is a whole a tickle the fact later if it was a call a mentally ill person although everyone we have done everything in our power to basically call for the assassination of this president here in new york shakespeare in the park which of course was a an artistic venture you've got these two big comedians you have people who are escalating left and right and what you do is you. have a media who instead of stopping it or say wait a bit because let me tell you something if this was barack obama i know this the media didn't shoot anybody. you are going to say shoot anybody today they never comedians didn't shoot any airline is it a thing that is listen to the table when it comes to donald trump the problem is the anti trump movement is mainstream this is the problem and they've normalized violence mr code pink do you think that the rhetoric that we have heard lately specifically calling for violence to president trump in any way could have
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contributed to this terrible event today maybe a small portion of it possibly but i think that there is many people who have very much seeded anger in their heart who are very angry but they don't get grab a gun it's the mentally disturbed those people that are exact rhone too extreme where i said i had access to guns a lot i said laddie and disputed that from the beginning the fifa confederations cup is underway and russian i don't go away we're going to take you live to some petersburg after a break for an update on what's happened so far. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the us is it actually just pull. the
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only show i go out of my way to find you know a lot of the really packed a punch. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than. the c. . heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank they. were. seriously he sent us an e-mail. every the experience. you get on the old well. according to josh. come along for the.
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well again got off to a strong start in football's confederations cup on saturday with to know when over new zealand we're going to live today stan collymore now there in some pages but they can bring us up to speed on what we've seen so far and look forward to the two matches we've got in a couple of hours. we saw there what looks like a good day little bit drizzly but still as fascinating and culturally rich as ever we are in st petersburg as you heard we continue our coverage of the biggest international football event of the year eight teams fighting it out in the confederations cup for russian cities playing host tens of thousands of fans coming
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to watch just the two of us here in the studio to guide you through it alongside me stan collymore and stan i think we should start with what people want more than anything the goal action let's take the highlights of russia to new zealand a very solid straw from the house it was needed from start to finish the dominated the game until he had seen the i interviewed in belfast about a week ago for words full of big talk he said very felt they could go and win brought when this first goal went in really good playboy you cough just lifted out of the goalkeeper there was only one way this result was one of just for produce is all good strikers do just prowls fast and just touch the ball and could be more the president was very happy the v.i.p.'s in attendance of course including paddy were there as well it could have perhaps been three or four to put the cherry on top book the russian sporting public been a little bit down about three recently wanted a victory they got virtually yeah let's talk about some of the v.i.p.'s that the
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president thought this was a big enough event to turn up and make a speech just before kick off as you mentioned pele was there as well here are some of the major channels of kind of the snoopers of say to this tournament not paying too much attention this is a major tournament tournament of champions they call it and you know it's important by some of the big name players who decided to play when they didn't really have. i think it will get bigger as well this is only been a tournament it's been since the early ninety's and because sometimes you get very good brazil saudi. arabia that would come in particularly in the early days of the confederations cup there were some very big results six seven. she said that stage the whole point of having a confederations called. globally much much better which is why you you know new zealand went into the game against russia a traditional football power believe you could win so it's going to get bigger it's going to be on the calendar every four years that might have to tweak it a little bit but certainly for so many reasons whether it be logistics whether it
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be looking at stadiums with the funds from a fall. the potential to come to russia next year for the world it is a very very worthwhile and as we've heard from place you take in the past they want to win it it's a trophy at the end of the day let's bring in any potential correspondent who was the luckiest man i think on the auntie team because you were in this stadium is always a special atmosphere particularly on finals day i don't know what was the volley like i know guys you're this was awesome i loved the fans loved it and you know the people of st petersburg they have been waiting so long for this time this moment where they can finally go. and you guys know what that is that is the chant for the national team because it was the maiden flight so to say for the national team on the arena we've seen a few games but finally this was the beginning this was the first win in an
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official game for stand. two important stands. to get involved here well i just want you to feel a bit of that vibe and give you the best shots of the russian fans that we took yesterday. oh i just thought this out. ah will have been in the book as the. thief they sure was small of. me. see you. see you. see. i'm gonna just want to pick up the bucket and say that you know some of those fans maybe they're not out to now football fans but you see that people get caught up in a lot of the women and children go this is brilliant this is exciting and then suddenly they're really into the tournament with a good result. yes well and speaking of the people that i saw there i mean these
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weren't just russian in new zealand color's was all the mexicans i saw people wearing like you know serbia t. shirts all the other countries that are taking part in the computor races called the other ones that are not something that really caught me you know the fact there were empty seats you know then they told me it was just seventy five percent for you think one of the reasons yeah benefit from our perspective it's fairly simple having covered a lot of free for tournament. prices right now and we expect it's a big tournament it's the tournament of champions and you watch in christiane and i'll go with some of the best players in the world because the leading to an important world cup tournament i think lowering prices getting fans the fans here from other countries to have a look at the different stadiums is very important so that pricing of course needs to be looked at because we have savings as opposed to thirty two teams. thank you very very much for joining us so what happens if you come to one of sympathies
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bergs most iconic places the public square behind us you bring a football and you stop free styling we did that. seriously keeps the i.c. going to be playing with a little ball so got something wrong with the suzuki the bolt in the hole everybody comes over once the console picks the destruction of the most things in the world. in. the all in all. none of us. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. very pleased to say joint down by the city
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good i was the lead singer of the morning scheme set by our italian yes oh you. know also it was me a fantastic singer and i'm busted a full will come for i hope so what appeals to you about being an ambassador yes the support of them but i'm still music of the sport of the sports this was a good thing issue of me see me see less men wish they psyllium of the good the pony i played for little pulled price is a very famous song you'll never walk alone and you'll never live the whole long the old never could you give us a little. yes for you to sleep. through all the. globe are mostly slow to read all. my goodness not bad it's. only how the requests.
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must avoid. the silly one more request for you we would be on it if you would sign now i think it's how you have a new life. but surely you movie because of the push i thank you you thank. so much. lovely guy i've to say i think his footballing skills are a lot better than to sit. through all those years. do you hear the hermitage catch just scratching the door let me out let me call. the beautiful game is really popular in st petersburg right across the city but there's a historical significance as well here because football matches were held during the time of the nazi siege in the second world war months before that sees the authorities actually suspended the matches obviously because of the fighting but later despite the hunger despite the bombings and devastation they decided they had
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to play football no matter what. it was a long past i tried to hit the ball but i was knocked off my feet one of the players even couldn't take the field.
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so the second game of that sort of gets under way at about an hour and a half hours time and it's going to be big name school next. all of the attention i would say is going to be christiane or another is it going to stay if you can think of a lot of factors in play for example if you get injured it's a disaster for any club looking to suddenly be surprised to see the place well what another ten million on a promise of a very pricey. close eight hundred ninety million pounds nobody's going to really stick least thirty two years about eight hundred fifty million pounds. you get that back on shirts within a within a season christiane we're now in the reason why for me he is the best player in the play on the planet. is because he wants to fly he wants to play in the
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confederations cup because he just has that thing where he wants to win individual on his collective bonus so he would go on the pitch there just being able to concentrate on the job and i'm very much looking forward so you can play and say that's what makes certain plays great that greed to win the desire absolutely and i think. you know from the premier league with all snow lots of rumors and speculation that manchester city will partisans your man or boy in munich might be interested in him so there is some intrigue in subplots as to where these drugs will end up but they are all to my professional and i get a treatise to die i'm absolutely convinced about yes me fascinating to see how he performs that day we will be performing consistently throughout the day for you i i am sure you'll find out join us in our.
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first and foremost president this if you see he doesn't see martial law as the ground solution the president said again and again. not in here for the long haul. so there's no read need for it but. you would like to. extend martial law for personal reasons of course. social environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is serious. no wonder it's confidential. since the years old industrial
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giants reap the benefit. caused by chemical production. as if these people aren't just experimental animals. the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. to specific.
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and. on your you know in my on. my story with you know what. i remember when i was born. my mother was by the community members to poison. if you all in the village like my village and then you.


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