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they've been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. this was part. of the top stories of the week the number of presumed deaths from the west london tower block fire is now standing at fifty eight is called the prime minister to resign. an afghan official says u.s. forces were behind the shooting of three civilians including two children we hear exclusively from the victim's family and eyewitnesses and after russia wins the game portugal and mexico draw two all in the confederations cup today cameroon and chile just kicked off their match.
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and i welcome the latest developments and look back at what's been happening over the last seven days to. the weekly here in r.t. international now wednesday's tower block inferno in west london is believed to have killed fifty eight people police say that number could still rise as the slow task of combing through the gutted building for bodies continues the fire broke out in the early hours of the morning and swiftly engulf the entire twenty four storey residential block. i. i. i just don't. like you all right i was. walking. by the fire
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and the lack of a robust government response has led to widespread public fury protestors in the capital have been calling for the prime minister to step down and they want answers as to why chief flammable possibly illegal cladding or she used on the building treason made for her passes limited but the handling of the disaster has not been good enough downing street is expected to appoint someone to lead a public inquiry into the ground felt how a tragedy within days in the prime minister has also i wanted safety checks on all similar tower blocks but is a situation found that for many a lot more still needs to be done. we're right outside downing street where if you can see hundreds of people have gathered to protest against a recent maize government this was originally intended to be a protest and pressing issues following the election lots of people have been saying they're unhappy with the snap election that's recent made holes in the
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following coalition that was formed with the meeting and this was the original reason but since the tragedy with the grand old tower where as you know believe hundreds left homeless following what's the problem there will be people are saying this is becoming the final straw for the un happiness following the decisions that this government has been making not only that when germany were being old so what brought up the idea of giving the residents were affected by grand fellow residential properties there are so awfully available that area and standing empty in those neighborhoods is something that's been brought into the spotlight and has been also something largely about econ be acceptable but in london we have luxury buildings in luxury flats left empty as land banking for the future will be homeless and the poor look for somewhere to live and this is what some of the protesters have been telling us here throughout the day if the mc and they have
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very few six months why not give them to someone temporarily and i mean that that brady just made it it's been a long drop really foreign investors just come in force up all the flights and most of the money even used and yet we have had in the snow switched on the by fifty percent in the couple you know there's an obvious inequality that we need to start thinking about the people that actually live here not the people that are buying houses you know for millions of pounds and then leaving them empty for six seven months what have you. by many here see it as something that's just a symbol of the huge disparity that exists here in the u.k. and in london between the wealthier and those who are a little less well off i think what can she do i think she's just going to start acting as a as an actually you know. coming out and talking to people and engaging with people in a human way as opposed to acting like you're always at a press press briefing every time on top of that you can't help but think that austerity and his constant endless cutting of things that may not seem relevant
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from our point in time actually have a great ramifications of come back to bite them there is a long string of things and i think it's just been more and more frustration from even from myself as a british citizen of someone that is supposed to be this strong and stable leader and you show nothing but the opposite and i think it's really getting to a boiling point. a local official in afghanistan has told our team that u.s. forces killed three civilians including two children on monday. to deal with it a bit who is troops opened fire as a result they killed a father and his two sons the shooting reportedly happened after a u.s. military vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb and when officials have still not confirmed the reports of those civilian deaths a statement though from the u.s. mission in afghanistan did say that the troops opened fire in self-defense but have spoken to witnesses and the victims' relatives. they're too young yet to fully understand what has happened or grasp the depth of their loss all they know is
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that their world has been shattered and wrenched upside down. this is my younger brother for a dollar he was killed by u.s. troops this is my brother surefire rules who killed. and this is my father he was killed as well they haven't yet learned to read or write but life has taught them early to hate. i want the government to avenge my father and kill his killers when my father and my brothers were killed everyone was sad at home my mother cries every day. it all began when a u.s. military patrol hit a roadside bomb by all appearances they panicked when the explosion happened i was near my uncle and cousins american soldiers opened fire and a bullet flew by my face i ran and hid and came out only
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a few hours later my uncle and cousins were dead so i went to the village to tell everyone these version is backed in the police report we were shown it says zero ghoul and his sons were at the shop two hundred meters from the scene they were taken for terrorists and torn apart by gunfire it was terrible what the americans did to them i couldn't even recognize their bodies zita ghoul left behind twelve children six boys and six girls from now on their lives will be about survival clothing and feeding a dozen youngsters will be hard but for now it's anger that fuels them they killed them in a horrific way. we want to bring them to court so why should american troops be allowed to kill our people in this cruel way the u.s. stresses it takes every civilian life seriously and promises to investigate every
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casualty alessa these investigations often end with only apologies and for this family that's not enough they want americans out i don't want them here because. they kill civilians we're tired of american soldiers they're explosions and they're killing the americans not helping us they're killing us we don't need them in afghanistan that is a refutation the coalition has built over more than a decade sixteen years of war and bloodshed atrocities and excuses and there's nowhere in sight it's no secret that life would have gotten a start is harsh but for zero goals surviving children the next few years ago and to be tough indeed that though isn't where the trouble ends ten years down the line
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when they've grown up and you think they're going to support the afghan government and the people who murdered their father or the taliban and their promise of vengeance more our guys do you see. a human rights watch harshly criticize the u.s. led coalition on wednesday over its use of white phosphorus in the fight against islamic state both in iraq and also syria the rights group in a report cited to some verified footage reportedly showing the use of the munition in the syrian city of rocket activists say poses a grave threat to civilians who are still trapped in the embattled their ear we heard from a leading expert in human rights watch and she says the use of white phosphorus is a legal gray area which can be exploited. but phosphorous has been used in syria and iraq on previous occasions but on this this this time we decided it was time to
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put out a statement of our own warning against the use using white phosphorous to attack personnel people on the ground or material objects are not clear rules in terms of using. white phosphorous as a weapon it is not covered by international law or it's not. primarily designed as an incendiary weapon but its incidental effects can cause terrible injuries burns smoke inhalation so our question is what is it hitting on the ground and adequate provisions being taken to ensure that civilians are not falling victim to white phosphorous while another watchdog amnesty international says the use of white phosphorous in a civilian areas by u.s. led forces in iraq could amount to a war crime the pentagon doesn't comment on specific incidents but maintains it has the right to make use of the substance we won't confirm whether our we used way phosphorus approach we do reserve the right to use it in accordance with the laws
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of armed conflict we have already shifted from attrition tactics probably shove them from one position to another iraq and syria to annihilation tactics two billion casualties or a fact of life in this sort of situation let's turn to football now because the confederations cup is under way at the moment in russia portugal drew with mexico an hour ago and cameroon is battling chile in moscow right now no score though as yet we'll have the highlights and analysis from our tournament after the break.
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president. doesn't see marshmallows as the ground. for the long haul. so there's no real need for it. for personal reasons or for. anywhere else this story was completely almost completely left out of the western mean streets you won't see anywhere else this is not talked about because it's not allowed you'll see it anywhere else things you'll hear.
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welcome back to the week to bring you some breaking news because gunmen have reportedly still in the tourist resort near the capital of mali people living near there is the report hearing shots being fired no information as yet on the casualties although some reports say that may be a hostage situation of course that's all we know at the moment any more we'll bring it straight to you. now let's turn to football in the confederations cup which is underway in russia at the moment the host to get an opening victory yesterday against new zealand and portugal and mexico drew two two in the south the names match and cameroon and chile playing right now the score in that one is gold at the moment let's look at the golds them from today's entertaining game this afternoon and into two between portugal mexico because and thirty four thousand fans turned up that one got their money's worth portugal taking the lead early on. when they fired home but it wasn't long before might just before the break have
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a hernandez making it one one there to move goals came in the second half against portugal taking the lead this time from said to be in the final minutes before mexico than the net at the death. noting this one a so to to finish them in russia top group after their win over new zealand yesterday but this afternoon's gay. also made some footballing history too because for the first time in a major competition a goal was disallowed using a video system referee at pep a there thought he scored portugal but when the men upstairs looked at the replay they decided he was offside and the goal was cancelled this technologies currently being rolled out by. now our team of experts new harvey and stan collymore in st petersburg at the moment and look back at the best moment so far the confederation .
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a slightly wet but always warm welcome to say in petersburg where we bring you walking triggering coverage of the biggest international football. events of the eighteenth fighting it out for the confederations cup for russian cities playing host to the vanities tens of thousands of fans have come we'll come away just the two of his hands make sure you do not miss out on any of the action stan collymore the expert alongside me stan what the football fans love woman thing else goals bring them to us russia to new zealand from the yes very solid start boy the house it was me the russian sporting public a bit a little bit down on their rightly so after a disappointing european championships last summer in france but i started like you trying there were peppering the new zealand go with shorts and one push you coughed
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it lifted it over the news even goalkeeper and turf the ball into the back of the net the russian saw you were running small off at a really good season last season we present the team the president was happy it could have been three perhaps four which might have flocked to the visitors new zealand i would destroy and disappointed him on the dry off to winning stuff yeah president personal attendance and he was very pleased at a victory for the home nation the fact that he turned up it shows how important it is to the country as a whole you had the great peace players most people say to ever play the game pele was in attendance and a lot of top players have turned up at the end of what's been a very very hard long season they didn't have to some of them but they have nothing that says a low dose i mean if you are a player like christiane or an elder for example you could legitimately say i'm not going to play the confederations cup. next year i'm all here for the world's greatest player the fight. the flag. is
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a fantastic season phrase global x. the centuries of chile plays but you should be told that they're playing germany for a bunch of chartreuse a national i call a mexico they want to be here they want to win the world's biggest trophies in the confederations cup it's one of them that's what's called the tournament of champions yet it is a celibate. of the top football that's in the world let's bring in now alexis spat into the board member of the russian football union is also a very famous former player play for chelsea and he's captain of the russian national team hope so you can hear his on the line i just want to ask you first of all you yourself you played in the world cup you played in the european championships played in the premier league but what about the significance of the confederations cup how important how big a tournament is it. it's very hard to overestimate the significance of the twenty seven thousand confederations cup first of all it's important for our
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team who haven't played any official matches for a long time. in such matches our concentration is high and it's important to test yourself and improve some aspects of your game it's also a good test for the stadiums which were built for this event and will be used during the fifa world cup twenty eight the volunteers get saloon the ropes too i hope the hosting the tournament in russia will enable our footballers to gain confidence as well as motivate them those are the key for good results we didn't get to go to the stadium to the end game you know a man who did our correspond. is what the atmosphere was like the people of st petersburg they had been waiting so long for this time this moment where they can finally go to all that i see and you guys know what that is that is the chant for the national team because it was the maiden flight for the national team. is very you know we've seen a few games but finally this was the beginning this was the first to win in an
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official game for stanislav church airsoft too important stance. to get involved here well i just want you to feel a bit of that vibe and give you the best shots of the russian fans that we took yesterday. let's assume this out. the. thief that she was small of. see you. see you see. speaking of the people that i saw there i mean these weren't just. callers with all the mexicans i saw people wearing like you know serbia t. shirts all the other countries that are taking part in the concert. the other ones that are not something that really caught me the fact they were and to see you know
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they told me that it was just seventy five percent for you think one of the reasons . a lot of. free food prices are up and we expect it's a big tournaments it's the tournament of champions and you watch in christiane around. the best players in the world leading to an important. lowering prices getting fans again fans here from other countries to look at the different stadiums is very important so that price of course needs to be looked at what happens if you come to you want to simply just. comic places the public square beyond this you bring a pole and you start freestyle it. just around. going
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to play with a little ball shall go. to the ball to the ball everybody comes over against. the destruction of the most things in the world. none of us. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. very pleased to say joined now by the city get out i was the lead singer of the martin scheme that barry tell you yes oh years. there also it was me a fantastic singer and i'm busted a full will cut for a job so what people say about being an ambassador yes the support of them but i'm still music of the sport of the sport of this music it's an issue of me see me seal them which they psyllium with the little good the ponyo name i played for liverpool
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privately is a very famous song you'll never walk alone and you'll never live all over our lawn you know you never could you give us a little. just for you to sleep. through all the. new born. he grew mostly slow to read all. my goodness know that it's. all a how the request. the voice of a facility of one more request for you we would be all in it if you would sign out as a thing it's how you have it your way. but surely you move you because in the choice i thank you thank you so much. now who
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is magnificent a prize as winning the confederations cup a's winning it all match prediction competition we have a great expense brought in three of the world's top four football tips the stanley cup will form a premier league super striker also we have got the count achilles and we have got nick at the fair from this is so they come in all shapes and and sizes. the successful stocks are you russia to. the only boy when i got the school correct as well now show she was a cutter and they're not going to elaborate the score line that's not present very very solid start you have to admit i do have to admit i'm impressed also by achilles in picture issues alone now moving on to the second much of that sort of this is interesting because you have the portugal the cat tagged in is brilliant this they they were because it's a tank the mc of the pair went to mexico you were both wrong it was a draw i'm disappointed christian or no doubt would come good book to all credit to
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mexico for getting back on an even keel that leaves the course very good position in the group so if you're a nation supporter happy days with that draw does that mean it gets people job for the way well you got it wrong the bear got it wrong and it'll be that's all for us . now france's voted in the second and final round of its parliamentary elections with president amanda mack runs party winning a majority of the seats at least according to exit polls let's get more now. in paris for us hello to you maria it was expected wasn't it that he would win tonight but has it been a big win because that's what people were saying would happen. leon just one year old lead public on march known as the republic on the move is practiced to get the overwhelming majority in the powerful lawyer chamber off the column and that's means they gigantic majority off the seats there and. is not
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surprising but the country is and he story a moment that would practically mean this outcome that many will back home will have the green light for all the initiatives and all the changes that he has been promising welcome paying for the post of the leader all things country we have been able to speak to different people here in france and it seems that the public opinion is divided about this some say that this is a very good sign this is why we voted told base man we want these changes and these initiatives to be implemented as soon as possible and the less obstacles he will have the better but others are afraid that france is a country with very strong democratic traditions. in a new era when the opposition is going to be dramatically incapable of influencing the political landscape and that could theoretically lead to
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a situation when the ruling party would be spoiled somehow politically this is what some experts say about their theories. will be a person but. that process of decision would be retarded. for as long as there isn't a strong opposition right now the opposition will be so weakest almost nonexistent that he's that he's not a good situation for them to be in parties which each individual will have. been subject to defeat say total but they will probably collapse as a result these are only only three big parties the socialist public. will some degree weather. they must be disarmed and. well these
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are jazz gas is again france is entering a historically new phase it's never been here before and no one can say at this point where it's going to lead but this vote is not only interesting because of the number of this since the ruling party is going to happen in the palm and but also. because all of the varieties all of the candidates in many mccoll has vowed to change the political landscape here in france and he has called on people from literally everywhere to enter politics and we've seen candidates very unexpected figures lie former bullfighter on the team a to rebrand dancer and their capture to be among the m.p.'s here in france for the next five years so the vote is now may be over but it's clear that france is at the beginning of something new and what kind of you good or bad it's too early to say. ok all right thanks maria that was a refund option for us in paris. now at least sixty two people have been killed
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and fifty nine injured in a massive forest fires currently sweeping through the central central portugal four children are thought to be among the dead many people were burned to death in their cars two as they tried to escape the region the fire broke out on saturday afternoon and quickly spread engulfing an area covering one hundred square kilometers portuguese prime minister's describe what's happened is the biggest tragedy of its sought in recent years three days of mourning have now been to clay . let's go back to our breaking news this hour reportedly stormed a tourist resort near the capital of mali in west africa people living near that resort have reported hearing heavy gunfire. there's no word yet on casualties though some reports say there may be a hostage situation the resort is known to be popular with foreigners in the mali in government so i suspect you how this behind the attack that's the latest we'll
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have more for you as we get it. i'll be back to do that about half an hour's time before though the brutal anti drugs war in the philippines in the country's battle to defeat islamist extremism is next in. if you are. really. really. the kind of which are you.


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