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tv   Headline News  RT  June 18, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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this is big business against. this started. all. breaking news in r.t. around says it has launched missile strikes against what it describes as terrorist musicians in syria. meanwhile in another development the syrian military says the u.s. led coalition has downed one of its fighter jets near the city of braca no comment yet from america and also to come it's now believed fifty eight people have died in the west london tower block by the school's growth for the prime minister to resign .
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or getting you watching r.t. international start with breaking news this hour to you because iran says it has launched missile strikes against what it calls terrorist bases in syria we can get the details now from lisa who joins us in the studio good evening to you emily so what more do we know well andrew according to a radio media reports tehran has fired ground to ground missiles into eastern syria targeting terrorist bases terrorist that they say are responsible for those twin terrorist attacks in tehran back earlier last week and i believe we can now show you some pictures of an unfair fight in video purportedly showing the moment of the launch of those missiles and this development is rather significant because it's not only the first time that iran has launched a missile strike into syria since they've been providing military support to the assad regime it's also from what we understand the very first time they've launched any range missile since the end of the iraq war in the eighty's but as i've said this is only iranian media reports there's no confirmation official. neither
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governments the government or the you mentioned this is in response to what happened in turn on the seventh of june just talk us through again what happened then yes well on that day i saw militants have targeted two key buildings in the capital city first the gunmen stormed iranian parliament and opened fire during when it was in session when the parliament was in session and at the very same time a separate militants have stormed the. many and morgan stanley detonated suicide bombs there and these twin attacks have led to the death of at least eighteen people and dozens injured and i saw has claimed responsibility for those two what. did the iranian authorities react was there any suggestion that you could see further action perhaps in syria while since those attacks tehran's foreign minister he had come out and said that the fact that i saw has claimed responsibility for the twenty attacks show that saudi arabia is involved in these twin attacks and bear in mind that iran has long queues saudi arabia of supporting
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terrorists and also bear in mind that tehran and riyadh there their relationship had been very tense increasingly tense and rainy and revolutionary guards have emailing the twin attacks to u.s. president donald trump's visit to riyadh out earlier this year so from the looks of it iran has launched over tell you a tory missile strike on the terrorist positions tears that they say are responsible for those terror attacks but again no official confirmation on a broader. as has been involved in fighting extremists in syria for a while yes. ok all right thanks i mean i was really so you there with the latest for us. well peter ford former ambassador to syria and bahrain joins us now to give us his thoughts on what happens good even cheapie to what are your thoughts on this new g.c. it is a major escalation of events in syria. seismic shock.
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shock when i first launched an attack on here a new interest tree on precedented and the iranians have obviously chosen who reply in kind. militarily significant the strike appears through taken out quite a number of through five leadership. but the political ramifications are the most important. will have received the signal wow the unclear how do you arabia in recent weeks encouraged by donald trump have thrown down the gauntlet to her around and been virtually threatening military moves against her around well here with iran's response don't mess with the of we have a long reach. what sort of response do you think perhaps then we could see from
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saudi arabia if that is the case if it's all about actually responding to the threats they it was thought they. well. the american would do this will be restricted by the fact that this was a strike on isis which officially both saudi arabia and america are fighting for they can hardly object in principle nor if they're being than can complain about iran doing what america and saudi arabia are members of the so-called international coalition been doing on a daily basis that is bombing in syria and in recent weeks we have seen the americans in fact making being involved in three incidents against the syrian only and the allied forces itself and now today we have another
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very significant incident. i thought you know what you're saying they're paid i mean it is a danger isn't it this is all going to get much worse in terms of the sort of military action people are taking it's all being ramped up quite considerably. it is true for a long being but let's not let not let those not go through panic stations. the. much will depend on how people react to the iranian strike hopefully there will not be any escalatory moves on on any thought. secondly let's not forget the american involvement in now for influence. could be portrayed as a defensive. you can argue about the meaning of defensive when the americans have no right to be in syria in the first place they have no un or other mandate but.
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i think if we're being objective. we shouldn't go to pan exposure and what happened can be confined. running parallel to this is the hope for peace talks and the more said you're darn they're. just next month do you think today's events will have any ramifications for that. you know probably not. were not involved in discussions. i doubt whether any of the other. involved will be minute through withdraw from the. geneva talks. however they always do i have to under no to pessimism about the point of the talks which strike me as the glee for peoples on willing those
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various reasons that the only solution in syria can be a military one everybody pays lip service for different reasons to the idea that there can be a political solution to. this is just not realistic. ok peter that will leave it there for now but it's a very good to get your thoughts that was peter ford former ambassador to syria u.k. ambassador to syria and bahrain thank you thank you there's been another development in syria today over the last few hours the country's military says that the u.s. led coalition has brought down a syrian warplane it the city of rak a pilot is reportedly missing to america has not yet commented commented on the incident damascus based journalist alley but it will join us hopefully life and if you more minutes to bring us further details.
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wednesday's tower block inferno in west london is now believed to have killed fifty eight people play say that number may still rise to is the slow task of combing through the gutted building for bodies continue the fire broke out in the early hours of the morning in swiftly gulf entire twenty four story residential block. all. right. but i'm betting. it. will. have you known for a whole lot. for me her bodyguard. and the lack of a robust government response has led to widespread public theory protesters in the
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capital have been calling for the prime minister to step down they want on system wide cheap flammable and possibly illegal cutting regime change on the building the reason why the herb has admitted that the handling of the disaster has not been good enough downing street is expected to appoint someone to lead a public inquiry into the ground fell tower tragedy within days on the prime minister has also awarded urgent safety checks on all similar tower blocks to it is on say a chalk on a fan that for many a lot more still needs to be done. we're right outside downing street where you can see hundreds of people have gathered to protest against a recent maize government this was originally intended to be a protest expressing the issues following the election lots of people have been saying they're unhappy with this now the election that's recently called only following polish and that was one would think you need and this was the original reason but since the tragedy with the grand isle tower where as we know the way
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hundreds left homeless following what other problems there all these people are saying this is because the final straw for the un happiness are following the decisions that this government has been making not only that but german word and also brought up the idea of giving the residents were affected by it. frenzel residential properties are so badly below that area and standing empty in those neighborhoods is something that's been right into the spotlight and has been also something largely about it can be acceptable but in london we have looked through buildings and luxury flats left empty as land banking for the future while the homeless and the poor look for somewhere to live and this is what some of the protesters have been telling us here throughout the day if the empty and they have been for six months why not give them to someone temporarily in a minute that really does need it it's been a long drop really foreign investors just come in force up all the flights and most
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of the money you can use and yet we have homelessness which has gone up by fifty percent in the couple so you know there's an obvious inequality that we need to start thinking about the people that actually live here a lot of people that are buying houses you know for millions of pounds and then leaving them empty for six seven months what happened was else was like many here see it as something that's just a symbol of the huge disparity that exists here in the u.k. and in london between the wealthier and those who are a little less well off i think what can she do i think she's just got to start acting as a as an actually the you know coming out and talking to people and engaging with people in a human why as opposed to acting like you're always at the press press briefing every time on top of that you can't help but think that will stare at you in this constant endless cutting of things that may not seem relevant or not point in time but actually have a great ramifications of come back to bite them there's a long string of things and i think it's just been more and more frustration from even from myself as a british citizen of someone that is supposed to be this strong and stable leader
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and she show nothing but the opposite and i think is really getting to a boiling point. now the news a local official in afghanistan has told r.t. that u.s. forces killed three civilians including two children on monday. that illegitimate you is truth open floor as a result they killed a father and his two sons. the shooting reportedly happened after a u.s. military vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb and and officials have still not confirmed reports of civilian deaths over statement from the u.s. mission in afghanistan did say that the troops opened fire in self defense but i did manage to speak to witnesses nor say the relatives of victims there are too young yet to fully understand what has happened or grasp the depth of their loss all they know is that their world has been shattered and wrenched upside down.
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this is my younger brother for a dollar he was killed by u.s. troops this is my brother surefire also killed and this is my father he was killed as well they haven't yet learned to read or write but life has taught them early to hate we will not learn a new one. i want the government to avenge my father and kill his killers when my father and my brothers were killed everyone was sad at home my mother cries every day. it all began when a u.s. military patrol has a roadside bomb by all appearances they panicked when the explosion happened i was near my uncle and cousins american soldiers opened fire and a bullet flew by my face i ran and hid and came out only a few hours later my uncle and cousins were dead so i went to the village to tell everyone these version is backed in the police report we were shown it says zero
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ghoul and his sons were at the shop two hundred meters from the scene they were taken for terrorists and torn apart by gunfire it was terrible what the americans did to them i couldn't even recognize their bodies zero ghoul left behind twelve children six boys and six girls from now on their lives will be about survival clothing and feeding a dozen youngsters will be hard but for now it's anger that fuels them they killed them in a horrific way. we want to bring them to court so why should american troops be allowed to kill our people in this cruel way the u.s. stresses it takes every civilian life seriously and promises to investigate every casualty alessa these investigations often end with only apologies and
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for this family that's not enough they want americans out i don't want them here because they kill civilians we're tired of american soldiers they're explosions and they're killing the americans not helping us they're killing us we don't need them in afghanistan that is a refutation the coalition has built over more than a decade sixteen years of war and bloodshed atrocities and excuses and there's no end. insight it's no secret that life would have gotten a start he's harsh but for zero goals surviving children the next few years ago him to be tough indeed that though isn't where the trouble ends ten years down the line when they've grown up you think they're going to support the afghan government and the people who murdered their father or the taliban and their promise of
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vengeance. or a mind of breaking syrian authorities say that one of their fighting chance has been shot down by the u.s. led coalition we'll have live reaction after the break. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so would you want to be president and she. wanted. to go on to be first to see what was before. people. interested in the water she.
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said. i don't seek out a strap to do that anyway i only see that. you have a team for one brief period of time and you know divorce immediately. historic moment. and it is very difficult to predict how things will be called. hello again let's get more now on the breaking news tonight from syria where authorities say that the u.s. led coalition has brought down a syrian military fighter jet near the city of raka the pilots he's reportedly missing damascus. but him joins us now to give this more details hello.
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further things can you tell us. well i can tell you with. sixty minutes the syrian commander of the syrian army and ahmed forces has issued a statement acknowledging that they lost one of their fighter jets while it was in operation in the facility of. according to the military statement that this is also going to proof of the fact that the u.s. led coalition's activities and first in syria have actually helped advance instead of actually defeating the radical group. that was targeted was carrying out sorties and later on strikes against a convoy belonging to arsenal that was moving from the two towns. into the other town of. any indication yet i mean what are your thoughts on what. led coalition will say about this what do you think will be their reasoning if it's all they had me. well i've been talking to several sources.
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inside the kurdish militias the y.p. which is the backbone of the sort of democratic forces at the main. alongside the u.s. led coalition trying to take the city of iraq and i'm getting the feeling that they felt that their syrian fighter jet was flying too close to the areas where they operate and they feared that the syrian air force was going to carry out. against them but i think the real reason behind behind what happened today is an ongoing. dual actually between the u.s. from one side and syrian government and its allies on the other side trying to set the parameters and try to set the red lines and the conflict inside syria and to establish zones in which each of these parties can operate and areas of influence this is in the same context of previous u.s. airstrikes against syrian army and prosser an army forces in the past few weeks in syria and i think this is the same complex to dave's attack came as an attempt to
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actually try this through. stopped the syrian army from further advancing towards the east and trying to break in i still see from the city of the resort where the radical groups have been decision the city for over two years now and it seems to me that hours after the earth was shot down the syrian army made another statement not just a political statement actually but actual statement by advancing and taking the town of all software which has a strategic value indicating that the army is now closer to its breaking the siege of ice on the city of the resort and also indicating to the syrian army does not accept the boundaries that the u.s. is trying to draw in syria for the actions or the movement of the syrian government forces and its allies and from what you said that i just briefly would you expect flashpoints then in the near future. well we have to go in mind that the syrian conflict is a very complicated one and the battle scene in syria is also
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a very complicated one. theory of all sides in syria or actually all major sides have a similar goal which is to defeat but it seems that. in the course of the fitting i still each would like to implement their own agendas for example it makes sense that if the syrian army is advancing south of iraq a city that the u.s. led coalition. saying it's trying to take the city off from arsenal it would actually assist the syrian army instead of doing its ground units and trying to shoot down as fighter jets but what's happening is the exact contrary so it's full of unexpected events and i think upcoming these could witness more escalation because the syrians seem adamant to continue their operation to break the siege of arsenal on the city of their adamant actually to prevent. the u.s. supported drabble groups and rebel factions from actually making any further gains and taking control of more areas inside syria. there but
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a great to get your insight that was a little bit here and a mask. based journalist thank you. now earlier today france voted in the second and final round of its parliamentary elections with president emanuel party winning a majority of the seats according at least to exit polls artie's me from washington as more. the polling stations are now closed and the votes are now being counted but is it is a little on it clear that the french president's party exceptionally yawn just one year old left a public unlocked known as the republic on the move is expected to get the overwhelming majority in the powerful lawyer chamber all through and that's means a big gigantic majority off the seats there and it's. is not surprising that the country is and terrain and he story moment that would practically mean they south that back home will have the green light for all the initiatives and all the
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changes that he has been promising welcome pay me for the post of the leader of this country we have been able to speak to different people here in front and it seems that the public opinion is divided about this some say that this is a very good sign this is why we value to hold based man but others are afraid that . a country with very strong traditions is entering a new era when the authorization is going to be dramatically incapable of influencing the political landscape and that could theoretically lead to a situation when the ruling party would be spoiled somehow politically this is what some experts say about their theories will be a person but. the process of dissolution of the brutality. for as long as there isn't a strong opposition right now the opposition will be so weak as to the most basic
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system that he's that he's not a good situation for them to be parties which each individual will have. been subject to defeat. totally but they will probably collapse as a result these are only three big parties the socialist public. will some degree of what the. thank you to some of them matt and of ben the major rival of the men in my column the presidential election the controversial leader also in the torah is national front party has been elected based time and she will also be a member of parliament say the vote is now may be over but it is clear that france is at the beginning of something you good or bad it's too early to say.
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another news or tonight at least sixty two people have been killed in fifty nine injured in a massive forest fire currently sweeping through central portugal four children are among the dead many people were burned to death in their cars as they try to escape the region the fire broke out on saturday afternoon and quickly spread engulfing an area covering something like one hundred square kilometers the portuguese prime minister has described what's happened is the biggest tragedy of its sought in recent years three days of mourning have now been declared. i saw things that well for me in half an hour next we have a look at mobius for the global meat industry would to allegedly profit before consumers have.
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got to just look at your watch it's hard to say. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big body corporate interests that's thrown down a lot of boys that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i'm michel. martin america i'll make sure you don't get railroad you'll get the straight talk in the straight. question. i'm john harshman i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help big picture. and when you question more find what you're looking for says the. dog.
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will go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. earlier today president obama said of the moment he told him laughing at a responsible choice in the people and there is always well that's what i think it was always c.n.n. sorry. to hear something else tina in the usa or she will see a new war plan to socialize and trump has the social media always on the story goes it's garbage in real shiny. you. might have been tonio in this is america's lawyer open heart surgeries are incredibly difficult for doctors to perform for patients and their families to have to endure their invasive their link thing in their require months of. recouping from it they also come with all the risk that all surgeries come with bad reactions
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they anaesthesia infections and surgical errors and now sadly enough there's another thing that patients and doctors have to be concerned about according to the latest f.d.a. warnings a device for the xbox live in the oval called the stocker three team leaders who are might be increasing the risk of very serious infections in heart patients tonight will tell you about the health risks these devices pose and why the company refused to take action even though they knew their device was causing severe bacterial infections and later in the show i'll talk with sharon cousins executive editor of travelers magazine to talk about what we should do about cyber bullies so don't go anywhere america's lower starts now. aren't. true.


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