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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 19, 2017 6:29am-7:01am EDT

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after the emergence of a great number of right wing populist parties and groups the european elite and especially the german federal government did not hear the last of the warning shots . and here's fronts even on french government broadcaster france twenty four globally covered by media as a model of pro technocratic globalist. goody it might be freezing it might rain it might snow but at least i'm at home. there are lots of people sleeping under bridges he'd be very grateful to be in my position. is one of the twelve million people in france who suffer fuel poverty no wonder some french politicians beg to differ from the mainstream narrative about europe in the e.u. media echo chamber the. society would break under the austerity policy some on their knees poverty and unemployment are spreading all across europe without any hope of
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a solution if the current politicians are not challenged to exactly. whether british politicians negotiating bricks that they will be challenged in overwhelmingly yoru file corporate media about whether the franco german dream is a nightmare or not we'll have to wait and see meanwhile no party since polls began as big a surge in votes than the u.k. labor party under jeremy corbyn the labor leader won a larger share of the vote than tony blair in twenty zero five defying the media the tory party and members of his own body that clung on to blair's new labor mindset joining me now is jeremy corbin's minister for industrial strategy science and innovation in the first m.p. to win a seat in the general election year well it was your or your constituency first just before we get or do labor stuff your reaction to it was to raise a new chief of staff of the former housing minister who was defeated in the general election who failed to deliver on a promise. to review for safety related building regulations. when he was housing
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minister well first can i say that obviously my thoughts are always with the victim of the terrible fire and the first responders and emergency services and the firefighters who did such fantastic work the news that gary bald did not over a number of years did not review the building of grayson's after what was a devastating fire thinkers in two thousand and nine also in london is a huge i think concern and a real question for him that he needs to answer an address obviously the conservatives and i sat opposite the many times in the chamber when they're saying that regulations are you know stopping people from going about their business and government interferes too much except her and they never were really responsive in a number of areas in terms of reviewing existing regulations to prove them such
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a clearly such a clearly life or death issue he he needs to understand the conservative party needs to answer why they sat around for four years and to what extent this terrible terrible tragedy could have been avoided but from the moment the news came from kansas and in london of. downing street appeared to be saying schools is all over in the media saying almost and politicize the trudged i think so i do think that is one of the most politically charged things to say if people are asking questions and at democratic country if people are asking questions and of those in power and particularly in tower block like that where your safety is dependent on these regulations if people are asking questions how is that politicizing it that is part of our political democracy and i really think it is they who. undermine our
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democracy by saying that asking questions and holding people to account is somehow politicizing the tragedy did you when the biggest. it was not just simply that's when really important but i mean it's that first thing jeremy colvin and his team under labor movement and i run a fantastic campaign whilst the tories the conservatives ran a very very bad campaign but what was very noticeable for me in newcastle from quite early on the manifesto launch is really emphasize that but even before that is that i have to you know suppose it's surprising number of first time voters and not only young people though you know we were visiting universities and doing registration drives on campus it was clear that young people would vote but also i had thirty forty year old so often women in very paid job or with childcare responsibilities who were voting for the first time who you know that they hadn't
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been inspired or they hadn't been angry enough to vote before and in jeremy and the message that we were putting forward they found something both they found something inspiring to vote for i think that's really important you know ironically of the critics might say thanks to all your work as would britain isn't the worst thing you know because we have a sort of coalition of chaos and the d u p is about to get some power of the whole united kingdom we're not in a worse situation. that's very just as if we are in a better situation because we have the hope of not having a conservative government for five years and those who haven't had a pay rise firsts you know just for seven years which is just about everybody those whose public services have been cut and mind those dependent on child. which is an
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affordable those unable to live in a decent house those who security is depending on the police and everyone who wants a good job as opposed to minimum wage is even a contract job they have hope now that that might happen before an other five year term but at the same time you're absolutely right that the situation that to raise a me and to team in trying to hang on to power the situation they put our country in is unbelievable. and it is obvious it's not just a labor party it's saying that we have. previous prime ministers most of her previous prime ministers also emphasizing that going into this sort of some sort of the you know group we deal with the t p the in certainty but also the threat to our well heart for for rights and i bore sharon and now to p.t. q there's a storm that is not westminster much but oh you will brazil will be good for.
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expansionism when are you agree with. that on i think there's a real there's a real question there because we as a northeast. i will be really interested to see to what do you see what that price is and whether the rest of the can she will sharing it and so for example if part of that price is reductions on passenger airport passenger tax which is a real issue in the northeast as well as in northern ireland then unless we're sharing in that we're going to be disadvantaged and there's a whole raft of other areas investment and transport except for if seventy ends for northern ireland but continues for the rest of the country because they haven't got the the will all the votes to get it through parliament against their own tories against their own party then not only will i be holding together but the people of the north east of the people of every region in this country or want to know something so i don't this is not so. clear matter for northern ireland this is
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a matter for the whole country and abortion rights you know when one for women's portion right so impacted and this talk of a vote across the country on on on the terms of abortion then i think it's a real challenge it's a it is a coalition of details here for the british to address a place where the. i mean what about the importance of mother. in belfast which appears to be a condition for the and so that raises the most of the ghoulish the really sort of the one of the equally important point if not more important which is the peace process overall so how can the government how can the british government be impartial in northern ireland which is one of the requirements of the peace process if it is formed by members of the u.k. and so if if if protestant marching or you know what it's whatever how can they peeps seen as being impartial if they are made up of members of the u.p.a.
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as well if they're dependent on the votes of members of the three and i obviously we have a new absolute commitment in this what labor will be will be we're looking for the absolute need not to go backwards on the peace process as well as all the other issues which are in play right now you know that we can't go back when so not so so i hope the prime minister in fact i hope she will consider carefully we as a we will be making sure she considers and also that her position on the grouping deal she's doing as a light shone upon it you already were responsible for the outsourcing of so much british industry. what do you think about. at the moment it's merging the capital routes was be a british airways one thousand four hundred jobs in midstream you go through. in my constituency actually in newcastle or you. firstly i. think you know
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that our party was responsible. under twenty blair and gordon brown. yes there was a movement which i think was an industry which which was a mistake in a way to take out everything that didn't we didn't respond to what they considered to be their main profit drivers i was a mistake i think british airways and especially after what happened you know a few weeks ago to be outsourcing all its i.t. which is fundamental to any company's success is what is wrong i think when by labor to renationalise it's like emirates or singapore airlines or qatar no there's no commitment from germany corbin's labor to remain. no no i mean a lot of you don't think emirates. air and singapore airlines are good and they're all out of the government in their balance sheets but i think it's more a question of what the kind of competition there is in the market we not monopolies
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what what failed sticking with the rail service was trying to have competition in infrastructure the industries like which is where we saw that was in competition we see that in energy again because you can't have more than one energy network and so you've got private sector monopolies which exploit consumers i'm not sure that you could describe. an industry is that even though i am not particularly great fun to find. out i really. want to thank you after the break as we approach the seventy sixth anniversary of the creation of a nazi ukraine before liberation by soviet troops we speak to a holocaust survivor and the makers of a new film destination about the dead to mosco plus from tourism a duping ground in country to private schools and big oil companies profiteering from the u.k. government role in this week's big. two of going out to grab. the
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saudi qatar spot continues with no end in sight and new sanctions on russia divide nato allies also is the truth about ukraine finally coming to light last week the west on civil society. social environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is syria is exceptionally sick. no wonder it's. exists as the years old industrial giants reaps the benefit ignoring the caused by chemical production. as if these
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people are. just experimental animals. the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever found in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. this specific. let's talk about blackness and the booze of being black. and all was well in a big i don't know at least that's what i've been told but it was simply did we and remains as such because we simply. seem we've allowed them to rearrange their pain
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you've told us the sickness of trusting our enemy we became their face. that's what i call a lack of blackness or understanding the blues have been black. she blues have been black she can mandate that we attack knowing how when and what to do to come this simple in its natural as be black is simply to the feeling blue is black and blue. welcome back today people have grown felt our in west london like those in bangladesh has run a plaza four years ago may still be picking up the pieces of what's left of their lives after a fire that even mainstream media haven't been able to conceal is political because
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the smoke clears what stories have been obscured behind the post british election fallout ahead of today's bricks at the goshi ations has going underground senior producer pete beneteau bordering on some of the week's buried news. in a week for the political pool keys we sift through the mainstream media trough stories discarded quicker than to raise a maze close's a some may say tricky terry duped crowd and country with over a million pounds and it's who we call. you think that a few quid or at least a free school mail for three children now living in multi-dimensional poverty especially in private schools like david cameron in college a set to save the billion pounds thanks to the charitable status maybe they took big oil companies a trickle to the u.k. government pay shell over one hundred million pounds in rebates despite making billions in profits and possibly destroying the planet well there has to be said
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reply to say that transparency is an essential tool in building trust well from skills to leaks is another it's an alumnus boris johnson attempts to clean up his party's mess by what's happening in peace to calm down and get behind the prime minister a prime minister who's overseen s.a.'s streets disguised as beggars and road sweepers on a street amid fears of more terror attacks which may or may not be connected to u.k. foreign policy and eight hundred days is the beginning of the u.k. backed bomb making government protesters in london have projected pictures of starving children on the walls of the saudi arabian embassy in mayfair and yet despite human rights the u.s. senate still voted to continue arming the saudis all of the horrific war meanwhile the pensacola program intensifies with the u.s. only acknowledging a fifth of its lethal strikes despite the bureau of investigative journalism documenting up to eleven attacks in yemen alone this recording to the u.n.
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less than thirty percent of international aid is even seen as civilians you so desperately need it will at least president trump was in good spirits as he celebrated his seventy. a day he shares with fellow gemini the q.s. army p. two hundred forty two years since their inception over one hundred bases worldwide and one point five million soldiers and civilian employees which if tallied up with amount to the fourth largest city in the land of the free so is the home of the braves which is allegiances securing a multibillion dollar deal with despite the saudi blockade and trumps accusations of funding terrorism a local businessman plan to airlift four thousand cows to help the country might just have been out shown by a high flying all american fast food stamp so as the absurdity of a chicken burger in the stratosphere finally settles in in actuality a few brands from the ground have hit record new heights that's one point two million a murdered sea food parcels handed out each year around fifty percent going to
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children just as harsh austerity measures since two thousand and eight have forced more and more people to survive below the breadline with an angry and marginalized population looking for answers we asked the questions the mainstream media hasn't when we. were cutting into going underground because british prime minister to resign made giving a statement to downing street following the finsbury park incident let's listen in and pray together this sacred time of year to day we come together as we have done before to condemn this act and to states once again that hatred and evil of this kind will never succeed. the government's emergency committee cobra has just met and i can set out what we know about what happened and the steps that we are taking to respond just after twenty past midnight the metropolitan police received reports
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that a van had been driven into a crowd of people on seven sisters road in finsbury park. officers were in the immediate vicinity as the attack unfolded and responded within one minute. please stick ledet a terrorist incident within eight minutes. one man was pronounced dead at the scene eight injured were taken to three separate hospitals while two were treated at the scene for more minor injuries the driver of the. white man aged forty eight was gravely detained by members of the public at the sea and then arrested by police the early assessment by the police is that the attacker acted alone. and prayers this morning with the family and friends of the man who died and to those who were injured. on behalf of the people of london and
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the whole country i want to thank the police and the emergency services once again for responding as they always do with great professionalism and courage. extra police resources have already been deployed to reassure communities and the police will continue to assess the security needs of mosques and provide any additional resources needed especially during this final week before eat. a particularly important time for the whole muslim community. this was an attack on muslims their place of worship and like all terrorism in whatever form it shares the same fundamental goal it seeks to drive us apart and to break the precious bonds of solidarity and citizenship that we share in this country. we will not let this
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happen. when i stood here for the first time as prime minister last summer i spoke about our precious belief in the union not just the bond between the four nations of the united kingdom but the bones between all our citizens every one of us who ever we are and wherever we are from at the heart of that bond is a belief in the fundamental freedoms and liberties that we all cherish the freedom of speech the freedom to live how we choose and yes the freedom to practice religion in peace. this morning we have seen a sickening attempt to destroy those freedoms and to break those bonds of citizenship that define our united kingdom. it is a reminder that terrorism extremism and hatred take many forms and our determination to tackle them must be the same who is responsible. as i
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said here two weeks ago there has been far too much tolerance of extremism in our country over many years and that means extremism of any kind including islamophobia that is why this government will act to stamp out extremist and hateful ideology both across society and on the internet so it is denied a safe space to grow which is why we will be reviewing our counterterrorism strategy and ensuring that police and security services have the powers they need and this is why we will establish a new commission for countering extremism as a statutory body to help fight hatred and extremism in the same way as we have fought racism. because this excreta ism is every bit as insidious and destructive to our values and our way of life and we will stop at nothing to defeat it.
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today's attack falls a difficult time in the life of this city following on from the attack on london bridge two weeks ago and of course the unimaginable tragedy of grenfell tower last week on which i will chair another meeting of ministers and officials later today. but what we have seen throughout in the heroism of the ordinary citizens who fought off the attackers at london bridge the unbreakable resolve of the residents in kensington all this morning the spirit of the community that apprehended this attack is that this is an extraordinary city of extraordinary people. it is home to a multitude of communities that together make london one of the greatest cities on earth diverse welcoming fiber and compassionate confident and determined never to give in to hate these are the values that define
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this city these are the values that define this country these are the values that this government will uphold these are the values that will prevail. i was british prime minister to resign may giving a statement to reporters outside number ten downing street in the wake of the finsbury park incident a few hours ago course this is the fourth time she's had to make such a statement in as many months in the u.k. a couple of things shout line there she's met with the emergency security committees known as cobra a couple of things that have come from that she said a new commission for countering extremism to fight hate crimes will be established a move that will include hate crime and directed at the u.k.'s muslims she said today we come together as before to say this kind of evil will never succeed and commended to the emergency services and of course the muslims and members of the public who apprehended the driver of the vehicle after it was driven into
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pedestrians just after midnight the smalling she regarded it as a difficult time for the life of this city after of course the attacks in london bridge and westminster and the ground for fire you're watching r.t. international i'll be back with our headline news in just a few minutes. kind of. those who don't consume don't jell you've been talking to them joking there on the
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stand on the bus and in that are equal to tens of thousands only those instances make that connection don't. don't we don't see only the will move up to those wooden missiles assume times out of acetone. i don't see clear how to craft strap it is anyway i only see that because fish in all things good for today or tomorrow. you have a team of four with brief period of time and then you know divorce immediately i think that's. bad historical moment in the middle east and it is very difficult to predict how things will be called.
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on stan collymore and i'm neal hoping. we're going to be your hosts for the tree thousand and seventy confederations cup brawl here in russia we're going to be visiting the host cities or sochi has own secrets in moscow going to great michel completely clueless also posting something pretty. covering every topic the fans need to know about the head of the match so don't forget to join us on field it's going to be full of living. social environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is syria is exceptionally sick. no wonder it's confidential. exists as the years old industrial giants reaps the benefit ignoring the caused by chemical production. you know as if these people aren't just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment
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continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of backs and levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever found in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. this specific. issue. she should drop hints. that he was in awe that people. can only. go so that if it. is. in fact
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just. about the drug. i don't know. what they say. but gee investigate a police officer's behavior as well. i'll take drugs it was a leg up it was a. holiday people as you kill. a batch or sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that
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i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each day. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different to speak to now because there are no other takers. to blame that mainstream media has met its maker.
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headlining right now heads a crowd of worshippers outside a north london mosque one man died at the scene. this was an attack. place of worship. russia's foreign minister calls powers to respect the sovereignty of syria following the downing of a syrian fighter jet by the u.s. military still held city of. missiles targeting militants in eastern syria in retaliation for recent terror attacks in tehran.


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