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will an investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. this disparate. group. this is r t headlining right now in france a car has been deliberately rammed into a police van on the paris driver is dead. in london driven into a crowd of worshipers outside a mosque injuring several people being treated as terrorism one person died at the scene. this was an attack on. their place of worship. russia's military suspends cooperation with the united states in syria and says that american backed will now be tracked as targets after a syrian fighter jet was downed by an american warplanes.
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welcome to r.t. international you are on the hour news with me. here in moscow where it's now monday evening at seven pm it's six pm in france where within the past couple of hours in paris an armed attacker has driven a car into a police van on the roundabout the french ministry interior ministry says that it was intentional and that the attacker is dead no one else has been hurt our correspondent. is there for us now this is all happening within the past couple of hours but seems to be contained what more do we know at this point. well a lot of details are now emerging about this incident which took place in the last few hours here in central paris on the seans elisei which is just outside one of
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the main tourist hot spots of paris and what we understand is that a white vehicle rammed into a police van just outside one of the police stations on the shoals elisei then what happened is we understand the car burst into flames subsequently it's a merge the car was containing explosives and it's those explosives which are set the vehicle on fire the police had to take the man out of the vehicle we understand now that the man who's driving that car which rammed into the police vehicle has now been declared dead the area on the south part of the. concord was evacuated by police and there is still a heavy police presence there as the bomb squad and now checking the area and sniffer squads are out and dogs are out trying to work out exactly what happened and the entire area is clear from any of their attackers there are also reports that found inside the vehicle that was being driven by that man was
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a kalashnikov rifle and several handguns but to say that car exploded on the point of contact with the police vehicle i've been speaking to people who say when this incident unfolded and they've been giving me their reaction to this latest incident . are lying and it's not something that you want to be happening in the war on. i mean as far as it goes for stopping us traveling or anything like that it's not going to you you can't you know stop living your life because. it's very scary all of my family was concerned while i traveled to be aware because we had seen on the news they attack you by car when you're not expecting it. it's very scary. well this is the second incident in the last few months here on the show in april just before the presidential elections took place one police officer was shot dead. with
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a kalashnikov rifle and we are told now that an investigation is underway to work out exactly what happened in some local media reports that the man who was the driver of this call the police was actually the authorities but that is more. official sources what we do know is that paris remains streaming high alert following yet another incident at the heart of the city. paris thanks for updating us on that. plowed into a crowd of pedestrians near a mosque in london injuring ten people one person died at the scene although the cause of death is currently clear the incident is being treated by the authorities as a terror attack and it took place in north london police first responded to reports of people outside the. road within a minute of it happening crowds were leaving. the. prime
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minister to resign has condemned the incident. country woke to news of another terrorist attack. on the streets of our capital city. this was an attack on mostly me a place of worship. please stick legit a terrorist incident within eight minutes of the news on my way home. i hear the vehicle noise and the crash noise when i turned back i saw the the fire hit the people the guy was under the van was seriously injured he was standing looking at the guy like this on the ballot you had to hit it seeks to drive us apart. we're here treat and evil. will never succeed. this video appeared online apparently showing the moment the police arrested the suspect
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forty seven year old white male was handed over to offices and arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after being pinned down by worship as police say they are not looking for any of the suspects he sally who's in finsbury has more on the incident. many people were in the mosque they were outside the mosque actually taking a break some of them going to eat between prayers because i was off to that prayer was due to finish then the fast opens again and people will begin their fasting again so there were many people outside before being hearing from members of the mizzen community many of them angry and saying that this type of and see the muslim attack was just due to come following the rise in the spike in hate crimes following those terrorist attacks in london and manchester and we've also been hearing from the mayor of london saw the car go to the westminster bridge charice truck we did see that big spics big spike it hate crimes islamophobia cries we see when there's terrorist incidents but you see this we have seen
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a big spike off the london bridge. to everyone in london or across the country in fact these please report to the victor take prado things too trivial don't think the police won't take you seriously the police force i'm responsible for the police service have a zero tolerance towards take points and should be we've been seeing this isn't the first type of attack to take place in london is the very very miserable some of course we just had that grunfeld fire in previous to that a number of terrorist attacks. and less natural to peter kokomo is a former british police officer peter welcome back to the program i mean here we are again after another incident more promises from the prime minister to vow to protect the public better she hasn't this time said that they'll be a commission to look at the extreme islam and hate crimes but as things stand muslim not muslim which and the community you allow yourself to in britain people don't feel safe and people feel the target of hate. they don't feel safe for the simple reason that there are twenty thousand fewer police officers in all
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communities across the country the prime minister can announce as many meetings commissions on over initiatives as she wishes without police officers to do anything about the information that comes in and to follow the new procedure she comes up with it is hot air she has failed to protect the public of this country i have warned about it with other commentators across the last seven years sadly the chickens are coming home to roost and it is not her it is a community of this country who are bearing the brunt she needs to reverse the course to the police urgently so deep can the mare of london get see it the commissioner gets it chief constables around the country gets it they are speaking out she needs to act and she needs to act and now the police service in the u.k. is on the verge of collapse they cannot keep doing extra hours they are doing sixteen eighteen or more hours in
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a row now they are having all their leaves cancelled during the month the shift pattern month they cannot go on like this it is unsustainable it needs action now peter let's assume that you get what you're wishing for there the police can't get reverse that there are more officers we've heard from muslim leaders saying that there's been a rise in islamophobia attacks and that is fact they want to have more protection as you can see quite rightly but then where does it start right how many more police do you then employ everyone's going to want to have extra police outside places they feel vulnerable. indeed they do in the public are entitled to expect there to be a place in presence in their communities that is what has disappeared today we have again had ministers across the media frankly lying but the best misrepresenting saying that they have increased the funding for specialist counter-terrorism officers by thirty percent yes they have but counterterrorism specialist officers
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are a tiny proportion it is not them who respond it is not them who are in communities it was not them that came across this incident and minutes or two after it happened in finsbury park last night it was not them who responded within eight minutes they are further down the line they're important but they are not in communities and it's easy for us to stand here and say prevention is better than the cure if we had extra policing that would be great what about the root problem though in trying to crack down on hate crime no matter who it's directed at. fine we need to crack down on hate crime fine we have reporting mechanisms in place for people to report those crimes but we need somebody to investigate them in the metropolitan police service this criminal investigation department the c.r.b. it is on the point of collapse i would go beyond that i'd say it's actually collapsing they have got insufficient c.r.d. officers doing those routine hate crime investigations so the reports are coming in
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and there's no one to investigate them it all comes back down to cuts to fundamental basic policing. cuts under all governments though and that doesn't matter who's in charge. there have been cuts under all governments over the years but over the last fifteen or twenty years we can say the labor government the tony blair labor government raised the numbers of police officers to the highest levels ever in about two thousand and ten since then they have been called back not just to the levels in two thousand and ten. but the levels on ordinary police scene that we last saw in two thousand and three or even earlier across that period the threat is re risen inexorably the amount of crime the call for demand it's way more than just crime the call for demand has risen inexorably other services have been cut mental health services raising demand for the police the quality to which the police are expected to do things has risen inexorably and yet the numbers of police
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officers has gone down it is utterly utterly in explicable inexcusable and needs to prove first now i'm not sure how we do it because you can't wave a magic wand or magic up a load more police officers the only thing i can think of is funding the recruitment of recently retired officers as an immediate reserve that can come in and support existing officers and freedom for operational tasks as was parliament to get itself in order before it can start looking at what to do with the police next for now there peter koch and former metropolitan police officer thanks for your time again. thank you well so has been a another tragic night for london then after that van was rammed into worshippers close to finsbury park mosque and that mosque itself has long been controversial in the u.k. it became to be seen in the late ninety's as a center for extremism in the country back then it was accused of being linked to radicalism and its preachers connected to al qaida one a mom who was preaching there in one thousand nine hundred seven was this man the
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notorious abu hamza the most became a meeting point for various extremist figures before hamza was convicted and given a life sentence there were reports a nine eleven attack in the so-called shoe bomber a man who hid explosives in his shoes on an american airlines flight in two thousand and one were visiting that place of worship here's what we've previously heard from locals about the finsbury mosque. we i mean i live on the street i live . good lives in mine i've moved only further down the street and i know. what was going on before and then they all had to go to the other mosque around there because it was too just got colonized by people who were local. the mosque was closed in two thousand and three following an investigation to get later that was reopened under a new chairman since then the new management trying to distance itself from that radical past and they've won awards for their community work along the way as well two years ago the finsbury park mosque was targeted in an attempted arson attack
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the security video shows a man throwing a petrol bomb into the mosque compound however it didn't explode there was heavy rain at the time scotland yard treated that attack as a hate crime. which is defense ministry says it's halted cooperation with the u.s. military in syria the move comes in response to the downing of a syrian fighter jet by an american warplane near the i still held city of rocker more details on that now from correspondent emily sue. now one thing is when diplomats engage in a war of words but today's development shows that it's gone far beyond that with russia deciding to end the single most important agreement that the u.s. and russia signed since moscow was invited by the assad regime to join the fight in syria now this agreement we're talking about here was signed back in october twenty fifteen and what it does is established as a communication channel between u.s. and russia forces operating in the airspace over syria to prevent any sort of
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incidents as you can imagine this air space is very dense for so many different countries so many different groups involved in any sort of mistake and misinformation really can lead to think of all consequences and in this case of the syrian being shot down according to the russian military the u.s. has not informed russia off the decision to shoot down this syrian jet through the existing communication channel at the same time russian jets was also operating in the area and as a result of this incident russia has decided to hold all cooperation with the u.s. military in syria and this sort of military information blackout could potentially be a disaster waiting to happen here's why. any aircraft belonging to the u.s. led coalition detected in the skies west of the euphrates river where the russian air force is operating will be tracked as star gets by russian air defense systems now on the pentagon's part they insist this shooting down the syrian jet was an act of self-defense they say the syrian jets were dropping bombs on estie at the syrian
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democratic forces positions rocka serious says no they say that the syrian jets were targeting i saw targets in iraq are of course the capital of islamic states the claimed caliph it and russia has described this as an act of the question they describe this as a violation of not only up serious but also international law russia foreign minister sergei lavrov he's also commented on this before the statement was released by the russian military now. we call on the united states and all others who have their forces or divisors on the ground in syria to ensure the coordination of our work zones of deescalation are one of the possible options to move forward jointly and everyone to avoid unilateral moves respect syrian sovereignty and join our common work which is agreed with the syrian government the downing of the syrian jet is the latest in a series of u.s. strikes against forces fighting for the acid government the u.s.
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led coalition recently conducted several bombing raids against pro-government fighters in syria in those cases the same justification was used by the pentagon but the pro assad forces had breached a de confliction zone we got reaction on the latest developments from a number of middle east experts. did the americans react to the syrian threats as a source or were they trying to assert sulfur and tea over syria if you think about it really ever since the early one thousand nine hundred ninety s. have been used to its being able to patrol will they go to the enemy skies with impunity and they feel threatened but also the allies on the ground are threatened so there is a risk that in fact they may try to assert themselves against any syrian all russian limitations on their activities over syria and that of course then could spiral out of control and he was a very dangerous situation although some people in washington are saying all the russians will never stand up to us well maybe not but what if regarding are we going towards you know more suspension of cooperation i think that's what some
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people in the u.s. administration actually want so they don't meaning that don't want to have cooperation between the u.s. and russia maybe not necessarily trump himself but i think you do think is very anti russian in the administration a step by step but a trump is bowing down to the anti russian voices in his in his administration i think we are heading towards a more suspension of cooperation and more hostility between moscow and washington which could mean some very bleak scenarios for the future of military developments regarding syria to tell you about after the break iran's weighing in firing missiles into the east targeting what they think way islamic state bases will tell you all about that in a couple of minutes. they
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put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. or something want to be. too great to be this is what the korean people are. interested always in the war.
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welcome back iran has launched missiles into eastern syria targeting what it says were islamic state bases it's in retaliation for this month's deadly attacks by i saw in toronto. here on our enemy should know that surround is not london and paris this was a job which had to be done if they do more wrong things they will see more deadly attacks it's significant because this is the first time iran has fired medium range missiles in nearly thirty years the last was when it took part in the iraq war the missiles have a range of up to seven hundred kilometers it remains unclear right now as to whether they successfully hit their targets with what we know. when you hear that iran has launched missile strikes the reaction from most people would be fear and dread and that's because iran has been painted as the daddy of the entire region
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and that's because we've been led to what we've been told that iran is a country that supports terrorism iran has conducted another ballistic missile to president trying to it's putting iran on notice for firing a ballistic missile and there are also reports the white house is considering labeling iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps a terrorist organization yet what these latest developments show is a very different side to the iran that we know like many other countries around the world has experience bloodshed at the hands of islamic state with those twin attacks that we saw into iran just earlier this month a gunman storms the parliament while it was in session opened fire almost similar tale yesterday we saw suicide blasts the muscle leader of the founder of the islamic republic of iran so two very important and precious buildings to the iranian people were types there eighteen people were killed and dozens more were injured and islamic state claimed responsibility for that attack now after this
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that these attacks iran vowed revenge and it clearly meant every word that it said these ground to ground missiles strikes that we saw yesterday launched from western iran and into syria's eastern resort targeting the militants which iran said were responsible for those twin attacks that we saw into iran earlier this month and this is an unprecedented move because it marks the first time that iran has long strike on syrian soil since the country descended into chaos in two thousand and eleven and it also shows perhaps that when it means business it means business perhaps the perception shift it has or is when it comes to iran while the west has gone for the run as a country that is dangerous and that it shouldn't have weapons on the other hand iran is now using these weapons to launch strikes on islamic states the common. enemy and it's also making a lot of progress in destroying this common enemy. right now let's introduce you to
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the star most festival is a gathering that celebrates space exploration and astronomy is underway right now in norway will be for the next few days as well he is there too we've had the chance to catch up with a number of astronauts and cosmonauts let's go there live now to talk to peter sculthorpe tech guru now this is more than just you've been able to hobnob with space travelers here why is r t there. r t is here as one of the official information partners of star most you might just see behind me as well a huge three sixty area he was the first of course to film in three hundred sixty degrees in space and there have been dozens of visitors here looking to explore the i.s.o.'s in virtual reality throughout the day on forces calm down now but i'm sure it be the same again tomorrow we filmed it with the help of a body. and also there was nothing astronauts. the american.
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and he gave a talk about. to show that had very real practical applications in training no you know here it's amazing and it's true that would be really the this is great i wonder if you didn't know this is one of the curse even. you know. but of course star mist is an all about three hundred sixty degrees the atmosphere here is very much harder i'd imagine to be on the i s s i not just talking about the chemical composition this scientists from around the world who are experts in their own field field with one common goal and that is to popularise science so the bee talks from nobel laureates cosmonauts astronauts hollywood directors is on a range of topics from work in the world of robots in the future the future to colonizing other planets but there's one thing they'll be taking a back seat here. you may be relieved to find out it's a nuts politics. astronaut
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that people here are very similar draft shots their personality a they love science but they're also interested in exploring they're interested in working together this is an international it's not just norwegians here there's russians there's americans there's people from china. there's people from africa so it's like an international crew came to talk about space travel it's really cool. so the next couple of days they'll be more talks from a wide range of guests i mean in the hotel this morning i met the science popularizer neil de grasse tyson as i said larry king is going to be conducting some interviews with cosmonauts and there's a lot to look forward to here it's no mean feat is it trying to get science from this science fiction movies that everybody goes to watch to actually getting involved in considering it as a career in the future of the day that pays a lot of similar to gross when you were up there at the stomach festival for what i
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love best of a best is thank you. this is i see international is going to go about half an hour next though the testimonies of people who've become victims of chemical giants covering up the real extent of the health damage. just manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling classes protect them so. when the final round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room see. the real need.
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a single cent has been given to the decontamination. for weeks we tried to reach the communications department to get an interview without success. was going to answer those questions it's pretty important i'm not aware of who that is read out the top of my head we have fifty thousand employees i have. never called us back so we decided to go to the company's general assembly in midland in the us to ask our questions. cameras are not allowed inside so we stayed in the parking lot sorry. yeah i've been talking about this here whether any resolution is asked at least. in the past i was there by what i thought it sir .


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