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tv   Headline News  RT  June 19, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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apparently better than. see people you've never heard of. jack the. president of the world bank very. seriously some of. the headlines in r.t. russia suspends cooperation with the u.s. in syria and warns that american backed aircraft will now be tracked the target says comes as the syrian fighter jet was downed by an american war play. also to come unarmed man deliberately rams his car into a police van in the show in paris meanwhile in london ten people two seriously after a van is driven into a crowd of worshippers outside a mosque the suspected attacker has been charged with the terror. this was an attack on mostly. place of worship.
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in watching r.t. international is just turned ten o'clock here in moscow. now russia's defense ministry says it is hold had cooperation with the u.s. military in syria the move comes in response to the downing of a syrian fighter jet by an american warplane near the eisel held city of raka with more his family six. one thing is when diplomats engage in a war of words but today's development shows that it's gone far beyond that with russia deciding to end the single most important agreement that the u.s. and russia signed since moscow was invited by the assad regime to join the fight in syria now this agreement we're talking about here was signed back in october twenty fifth dean and what it does is stablished a communication channel between u.s. and russia forces operating in the airspace over syria to prevent any sort of incidents as you can imagine this air space is very dense with so many different
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countries so many different groups involved in any sort of mistake and misinformation really can lead to unthinkable consequences and in this case of the syrian being shot down according to the russian military the u.s. has not informed russia off the decision to shoot down this syrian jet through the existing communication channel and at the same time russian jets was also operating in the area and as a result of this incident russia has decided to hold all cooperation with the u.s. military in syria and this sort of military information blackout could potentially be a disaster waiting to happen here's why. any aircraft belonging to the u.s. led coalition detected in the skies west of the euphrates river where the russian air force is operating will be tracked as targets by russian air defense systems as serious as the syrian jets are targeting i saw targets in iraq are of course the capital of islamic state stuff but claimed caliph it and russia has described this as an act the question they describe as
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a violation of not only up serious thought but also international law russia foreign minister sergei lavrov he's also commented on this before the statement was released by the russian military and. we call in the united states and all others who have their forces were advisors on the ground in syria to ensure the coordination of our work zones of deescalation are one of the possible options to move forward jointly we go in everyone to avoid unilateral moves respect syrian sovereignty and join our common work which is agreed with the syrian government is . what america has been reacting to to this all so we can cross live now to kind of mop and he's in new york for us so what's been said them from the pentagon about this while the white house says says that it's always preserves the right to self defense in syria now this comes as russia has loudly condemned
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the united states for downing a syrian fighter jet now the same comments come from the pentagon spokesman let's take a listen to what's been said we were of the russian statements we do not seek conflict with any party in syria other than noises but we will not hesitate to defend ourselves or our partners if threatened. now he also went on to say that the incident will have no effect whatsoever on the united states's efforts against ice ill in syria now even though the united states says it does not seek any conflict with the syrian government the u.n. warned today that the downing of the syrian military jet could ask the late the situation in the country. broadly or deep concern of the risk of possible miscalculation and escalation in the conflict in syria now the justification given was self-defense u.s.
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coalition forces say they were simply defending themselves in a de confliction zone now this excuse has been used before on several different occasions there have been u.s. bombing raids against syrian government forces in syria and the u.s. forces say that they are doing this to defend themselves and to protect their position within what they call a de confliction zone now the white house said today it is willing to cooperate with russia on avoiding conflict between sides in syria however regarding yesterday's events this is proving to be somewhat difficult. thanks kind of in new york we also got reaction to the latest developments from middle east expert . americans react to the syrian threat as a sort or were they trying to assert sovereignty over syria if you think about it really ever since the early one thousand nine hundred ninety s. have been used to it being able to patrol what they regard as enemy skies with
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impunity and they feel threatened but also the allies on the ground are threatened so there is a risk that in fact they may try to assert themselves against any syrian or russian limitations on their activities over syria and that of course then could spiral out of control who are very dangerous situation although some people in washington are saying are the russians will never stand up to us well maybe not but what if regarding are we going towards you know more suspension of cooperation i think that's what some people in the u.s. administration actually want so they don't meaning they don't want to have the cooperation between the u.s. and russia maybe not necessarily trump himself but i think you do have figures who are very anti russian in the administration a step by step but a trump is bearing down to the anti russian voices in his in his administration i think we are heading towards a more suspension of cooperation and more hostility between moscow and washington
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which could mean some very bleak scenarios for the future of. an anti terror investigation is underway in france after an armed attack at around a car into a police van on the sharm sillies day in paris the french interior ministry says it was intentional and that the driver is dead nobody else was hurt she had been reports now from the scene of the attack. parts. remain closed this evening in paris often incident where a man rammed his car into a police van just a couple of hundred yards away where i'm standing this is what french interior minister had to say about that incident with. the car contained a number of weapons and explosives which would have enabled it to be disseminated. in france is extremely hard to call contained explosive materials as the french
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interior minister said that as well as a kalashnikov rifle and several handguns this is the second incident in the last few months here on the show in april just before the presidential elections took place one police officer was shot dead and others were injured when a man shot at them with a kalashnikov rifle and many of the people who say today when this incident happened said at first they thought it was a movie being short but now this guy it obviously is unsettling and it's not something that you want to be happening in the world. i mean as far as it goes for stopping us traveling or anything like that it's not going to you can't you know stop living your life because. it's very scary all of my family was concerned while i traveled to be aware because we had seen on the news that they were attacked by a car when you're not expecting it so it's very scary a huge police presence remains here now as officers check that vehicle to see
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exactly what was happening and find out more of. the attack attack a man his car into a police vehicle was killed here at the scene police say that france now remains on high alert as this investigation is underway show that you can ski. paris. meanwhile in the u.k. a van plowed into a crowd of pedestrians near a mosque in london early on monday injuring ten people one person also died at the scene although it's not clear if it's linked the suspected attacker has been charged with a terrorist fence took place in the north of the city police first responded to reports of the vehicle hitting people outside the muslim welfare house on seven sisters road within a minute of it happening crowds were leaving ramadan prayers at the finish be park mosque prime minister to resign may quickly condemned what happened. country woke to news of another terrorist attack.
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on the streets of our capital city. this was an attack on muslims their place of worship. police declared it a terrorist incident within eight minutes. suddenly my way home i hear the big noise and the crash noise when i turned back i saw the fire hit the people the guy was under the gun was seriously injured he was standing looking at the guy like this on the ballot you hit him here it seeks to drive us apart. we're going to treat and evil going on i. will never succeed. on this video appeared online apparently showing the moment police arrested the suspects the forty seven year old white male was handed over to officers and arrested initially on suspicion of attempted murder after being pinned down by
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worshipers reports. the attack took place just off. behind this courtroom to the left of where those flowers have been placed by members of the community and it took place at the muslim welfare house or just outside it it's a small mosque just attached to a building right next to the entrance to finsbury park station contrary to original reports it wasn't the finn's re park mosque plus the mosque which is just down this way and is going to just earlier actually the prime minister to resign made the opposition germy corbin they both went into that mosque and we've also from the mayor of london saw that terrorism is terrorism it doesn't matter whether you're inspired by a perverse force of islam or inspired by some other motives to try and terrorize others there are terrorists so much for you but other means other than islamists much of asian perverse islam is
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a motivation that could use this for the peace to recognize faces a challenge they face this country apart in recent weeks and months in fact we've seen three terrorist attacks in manchester and london and we've also seen that devastating fire at the grand felt tower which really tested threes amazed leadership and when she came here to this mosque there was some people outside who had called her. by contrast during the cauldron what into the mosque and received a round of applause when he assured people that no racism will hate crime would be tolerated and we've also seen people from local non muslim communities churches and synagogues bringing flowers and other symbols to show their solidarity with what took place in the early hours of monday morning. reporting manasseh nadeem from the muslim public affairs committee thinks that to reason may now need to take serious steps to improve security in the u.k. and that needs to be more debate to back deep seated social issues. the problem
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with tourism anything that you pledges right now no one will take seriously for many people she can talk the good talk and she said all the right things all the buzzwords are there but she'll have to prove it in the coming days weeks and months and years if she last that long. can she actually deal with these issues to have a genuine discussion about why we have terrorism why we have so much anti muslim hate in this country and just generally about the lack of security in this country requires a very honest brutal discussion about britain's role britain's foreign policy about how we've actually demonized most of us here as well to justify was abroad and those kind of conversations are hard to take especially if you are part and parcel of an establishment. of the mosque near the site of the attack finsbury park mosque has a controversial history in the u.k. . it wasn't so long ago the pinch republic mosque was making plenty of headlines in
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the u.k. opened in the late eighty's as the muslim population in the area began to grow it's been one of the biggest prayer halls in britain however in the ninety's the mosque was accused of radicalism and its preachers linked to al qaida the torrijos abu hamza was preaching there in one thousand nine hundred seventy over the years there have been several different ideas about how he lost his eye and. the most important one being that he lost the making a homemade bomb in afghanistan the reports of nine eleven attack and the so-called shoe bomber a man who had explosive any shoes on american airlines flight two thousand and one with visiting the place of worship and that made those worried we i mean i live on the street. had found a good labor supply not moved now but only further down the street and i know they are always going on beforehand and they will have to go to the other mosque around there because it will save them just colonized by people who were local.
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the mosque was closed in two thousand and three following an investigation and two years later it was reopened under a new chairman but the problems persisted two years ago it was targeted in an attempted arson attack back then scotland yard treating that attack as an islamic phobic hate crime one mosque too many problems. in other news tonight iran has launched missiles into east in syria targeting what it says was lennox state bases in retaliation for this month's deadly attack by i still in terre. tehran our enemy should know that tehran is not london in paris this was a job which had to be done if they do more wrong things they will see more deadly attacks. well this is the first time around has fired medium range missiles in the . last was when it took part in the iraq war the missiles have a range of up to seven hundred kilometers does remain unclear though whether they successfully hit their targets is the details when you hear that iran has launched
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missile strikes the reaction from most people would be fear and dread and that's because iran has been painted as the daddy of the entire region and that's because we've been led to what we've been told that run is a country that supports terrorism iran had conducted another ballistic nickeled had to present a tramp is putting iran on notice for firing a ballistic missile and there are also reports the white house is considering labeling iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps a terrorist organization yet what these latest developments show is a very different side to the iran that we know iran like many other countries around the world has experienced bloodshed at the hands of islamic state with those twin attacks that we saw into iran just earlier this month gunmen stormed the parliament while it was in session and opened fire almost similar tavi a city we saw suicide blasts the muscle earmuffs the founder of the islamic republic of iran so two very important and precious buildings to the iranian people
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were types there eighteen people were killed and dozens more were injured and islamic state claimed responsibility for that attack now after this that these attacks iran vowed revenge and it clearly meant every word that it said these ground to ground missiles strikes that we saw yesterday launched from western iran and into syria's eastern resort targeting the militants which iran said were responsible for those twin attacks that we saw into iran earlier this month and this is an unprecedented move because it marks the first time that iran has launched strikes on syrian soil since the country descended into chaos in two thousand and eleven and it also shows perhaps that when it means business it means business. perhaps the perception shift it has or is when it comes to iran and while the west as a whole wants that iran is a country that is dangerous than that it shouldn't have weapons on the other hand iran is now using these weapons to launch strikes on islamic states the common
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enemy and it's also making a lot of progress in destroying this common enemy to. let's get the thoughts now he's the director of international affairs the iranian fars news agency good evening to see what are your thoughts on this airstrike of course we've heard the official explanation that this is in retaliation for those i saw attacks in just a few days ago but many other people have suggested to us that perhaps they're trying to way make a wider statement here. you know that this missile attack is happening at a time that there was a terrorist attack in iran's capital city by. a terrorist in iran and also there was a coincidence that this is a missile attack in the tally ation those terrorist attacks in tehran is happening some days after us legislation to impose new sanctions which includes part of the
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sanctions the wrong policy missile program and also so i.r.g.c. and also as well but i think this attack was in reality happening for the retaliation of the british tax retard in iran i think the iranians want to send some messages to firstly to terrorists. if there's going to be any assertions even not be tolerated and they will pay the costs of any attacks inside me rainin so in the future there is another message for other countries who are supporting terrorists in the region iran wanted to say that it's will not tolerate any action by them against the rain in country and also there were some issues in the past. casting from doubt on the capability
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of ukrainian defense capability and also its missiles i think this was a price because also a warm test was just transports just three bad how they can in case it's necessary and the prove this recession and occasionally three of its missiles that in the past were casting some doubt you say it's a warning that some sort of several levels what sort of reaction would you expect from perhaps the western led coalition in syria at the moment. you know so far we have mostly seen reaction on the media from most avestan countries in the first stages of the missile attacks when it happened it was interesting that we would. watching dancing some silence from some countries media in the region but i think because iran attacked missile attack
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against firstly it was done against the positions of the terrorist in syria this is one point and secondly. ron is helping syrian government and also its army in the country to fight terrorism on their determination from the government leisure to much government the democrats. especially the un security council resolution twenty two forty nine twenty two forty nine calls conscious. specifically. in detroit of iraq and also syria and it calls the countries to prevent them and also to suppress them and i think iran's attack against terrorist positions in david's about syria is also consistent with international law and the regulations and this causes that we are getting for the reaction from other countries are changing i did not happen to you
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know accolade. they might. be to listen because this can. have some symbolic in full in the field it might not be something that the maybe western countries us from our friends who's been in the region they multiply they might not like this because this can have a negative impact on the morale of the service in the region i think might. extend the if you increase the margin to divert attention because in fact the wrong was targeting terrorists and that is the point. being the experience tells us that westerners and some of their allies in the region even sometimes they divert attention and they want to have course the against iran.
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other countries who are practically fighting against those in the region. but it will be difficult for them because it was according to international regulation the wrong was targeting terrorists they want to have a reaction with this question questioning the wrong i think the strike. will have much to say to the public opinion in the world all right we have to leave it there . tonight thank you that was the basis lanny director of the international affairs department at the iranian foreign news agency thank you. been exactly five years since junior son stepped into the ecuadorian embassy in london and he hasn't left since the wiki leaks editor sought political asylum there sweden investigated allegations of sexual offenses against him however last year the united nations ruled that he's been arbitrarily detained and just last month or so
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and procedures and illegal break three swedish prosecutors to spend a day in. into those allegations of sexual assault despite that though he still has a british arrest warrant hanging over him for breaching bail back in twenty twelve when he sought asylum in the embassy leading the wiki leaks editor. to admit that he by no means in the clear. the road is far from over. the war the proper war is just commencing but the u.k. has said it will arrest me regardless. songes big revelations have included the afghan war logs and twenty ten the most recently vote seven which does detail the cia's alleged spying two thousand tactics in the big concern his legal team is whether the u.k. will allow him to be extradited to the u.s. for leaking those documents and april this year the u.s. general attorney attorney general sorry described sanjay's arrest as
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a priority this is a man of this grown beyond anything i am aware on assad is a narcissist who has created nothing of value you realize on the dirty work of others to make himself famous is a fraud a coward hiding behind a screen. then a spur fester of legal studies at the university of oslo thinks that there is little chance though the u.s. will ever give up the searing assumption. sancia has this problem that he has every reason to fear that there will be some immediate action they will try to whisk him out of the country that forces here with sweden frankly i think he has every reason to be concerned about what will happen with him if the u.k. authorities. arrested him this is not only a question of. balance ministration today. has been targeted by security and intelligence services for a long time they have aimed at getting him ported to the us they are not giving up
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the way the british police english police. it does not give any further confidence it's completely disproportionate and europe should not know european authority in the european countries should assist in that and what has happened up till now has been disgraceful but is just getting worse. now the conflict between nato allies germany and turkey continues to escalate after it in announced plans to come good on its threat to withdraw its troops from the base in turkey and really like jordan with more here's our europe correspondent. well it all looks very messy at the moment the latest from the german defense ministry is that the they will start pulling out of their troops from the insular air base in turkey in july. and the defense minister she outlined their plan saying that they would continue as normal
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until the end of the month until the end of june our flight plans as part of the anti eisel coalition are set after that will be transferring our tanker aircraft as quickly as possible to jordan with a role that germany has been providing as part of the coalition fighting against isis has been reconnaissance air surveillance well the tornado fighter jets that carry out those reconnaissance flights won't be fully operational from their new base in santee in jordan until october we hear that because of the equipment moving from turkey over to jordan will take that amount of time well this all started because german lawmakers german parliamentarians would deny permission to go and visit their troops that were stationed in turkey but it's the latest step in what has been a degeneration in the diplomatic relations between germany and anchor the failed coup attempt last year in turkey saw tensions rise after germany said it may
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consider offering asylum to some of those who took part or accused of taking part in that coup attempt there was also a diplomatic for rory over the president to one side wanting to campaign here in germany during the referendum that they held airlie at this year they were denied the rights to do that that flared things up and there's also been bitten name calling from ankara towards in which even president the one going as far as accusing the german government of nazi tactics all of this between two nato allies who are really at the their lowest ebb when it comes to their diplomatic ties. finally this hour the star mis festival a gathering the celebrate space and exploration and astronomy to started in norway and our crew and correspondent peter scott of the. r.t.
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is here as one of the official information partners of star most you might just see behind me as well a huge three sixty area he was the first of course to film in three hundred sixty degrees in space and there have been dozens of visitors here looking to explore the i.s.a.'s in virtual reality throughout the day on forces calm down now but i'm sure be the same again tomorrow we filmed it with the help of a body. and also there was nothing astronauts. the american. and he gave a talk about. to show that had very real practical applications in training but of course a star most isn't all about three hundred sixty degrees the atmosphere here is very much harder i'd imagine it to be on the i s s i not just talking about the chemical composition of this scientists from around the world who are experts in their own field field with one common goal and that is to popularise science so the bee talks from nobody.


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