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tv   Headline News  RT  June 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the old the old. according to. their. old and am sure there are. coming up on our team america tensions are on the rise will balloon after a u.s. fighter jet shot down a syrian government warplanes over the weekend moscow condemned what they called an act of aggression and suspended military communication between moscow and washington in syria we have live team coverage from across the globe. and in europe separate attacks in paris and london involving the motor vehicles keep both nations on edge as terrorism and extremism continues. to stay in the u.k. police announce the death toll now stands at seventy nine people stemming from the horrific greenfeld tower fire as protests over safety continued over the weekend.
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it's monday june eighteenth five pm in washington d.c. i'm going to weeks and you're watching r t america. we have some of breaking news just minutes ago the warmer your family announced their son otto died this afternoon less than a week since his return from captivity in north korea after over a year of failed negotiations for his return the state department finally secured warm beer was released last week but the twenty two year old college student returned in shockingly poor health in a coma and with what doctors reported as severe neurological damage or mirrors father accused the north korean government of terrorizing and brutalizing his son and m.r.i. images show extensive brain tissue damage. and over the weekend the united states jets shot down a syrian government warplanes south of rock and the syrian television the action
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has resulted in moscow halting its cooperation with the u. . the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for northwestern sussex county in southern delaware southwestern kent county and central valley where northeastern talbot county in eastern maryland southern caroline county in eastern maryland until five forty five pm at four fifty million pm a severe thunderstorm was located overused and moving northeast at thirty five miles per hour hazard sixty miles per hour wind gusts a source radar indicated impact expects damage to trees and power lines locations and pack that include easton milford denton harrington preston tenured
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harmon smithville comparable agner matthew hambleton griffin cordova andrews phil felton greenwood houston and farmington for your protection move on interior room on the lowest floor of a building in addition to large hail and damaging winds frequent cloud to ground lightning is occurring with this storm move indoors immediately remember if you can hear thunder you are close enough to be struck by lightning torrential rainfall is occurring with this form and may lead to flash flooding do not drive your vehicle through flooded roadways repeating a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued until five forty five pm for the following counties in delaware camp in sussex and the following counties in maryland carolina and tell but. army military men were killed as a. resource as well as of course the president decision on in early april
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this year to fire the tomahawk missiles on a syrian air base and of course. space of a last five weeks or so there had been three incidents in the south of syria in the province where the u.s. coalition conducted air strikes on militias allied with the syrian government but not the syrian army itself and every single time they said the same thing that it was self-defense fearing that those militias were threatening the partners and the military of the us allied forces in the region however this time as well it's the first such instance where you know this incident happened outside the so-called de confliction zone this is something that both moscow and a lot of diplomats from across the world have been saying that's probably the only way to lead syria out of the military crisis but so far it hasn't really work and it seems things are really escalating especially considering somewhat tough
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response coming from moscow on the downing of the syrian army jet. all right thanks so much alexey well as you just heard the u.s. led coalition in syria down a syrian army jest on sunday just south of the factor capital of the islamic state the city of raka all russia's defense ministry says it has halted cooperation with the u.s. military in syria let's continue our team coverage with our teasingly su from moscow now one thing is when diplomats engage in a war of words but today's development shows that it's gone far beyond that with russia deciding to end the single most important agreement that the u.s. and russia signed since moscow was invited by the assad regime to join the fight in syria now this agreement we're talking about here was signed back in october twenty fifth scene and what it does is stablish is a communication channel between u.s. and russia forces operating in the airspace over syria to prevent any sort of unwanted incidents as you can imagine this air space is very dense with so many different countries so many different groups involved in any sort of mistake in the
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midst information really can lead to unthinkable consequences and in this case of the syrian jets being shot down were according to the russian military the u.s. has not informed russia of the decision to shoot down the syrian jet through the existing communication channel and at the same time russian jets was also operating in the area and as a result of this incident russia has decided to halt all cooperation with the u.s. military in syria and this sort of military information blackout could potentially be a disaster waiting to happen here's why. any aircraft belonging to the u.s. led coalition detected in the skies west of the euphrates river where the russian air force is operating will be tracked a story it's by russian air defense systems now on the pentagon's board they've insisted shooting down the syrian jet was an act of self-defense they say the syrian jet were dropping bombs on s.t.'s deceive and democratic forces position rocka a serious says no they say that the syrian jet was targeting eisel targets in iraq
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a rocket is of course the capital of islamic state self-proclaimed caliph it and russia has described this as an act of aggression they describe this as a violation of not only of syria sovereignty but also of international law russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov he's also commented on this before the statement was released by the russian military. we call on the united states and others who have their forces or advisors on the ground in syria to ensure the coordination of our work zones of deescalation are one of the possible options to move forward jointly we call in everyone to avoid unilateral moves respect syrian sovereignty and join our common work which is agreed with the syrian government while the u.s. is heating up the battle in syria a key ally says it will not be entering the fight against isis in that country let's continue our team coverage from tronto where our teams alex the hell of it is live with the latest from toronto alex. yes the kenyan government has made it very
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clear that there's a big no when it comes to any action in syria the defense minister sargent or saajan has said this is days ago prior to any of this going down now with the syrian jet that canada has no interest in entering the syria arena we did sign an agreement in a march that extended our isis fight for three months which would and now at the very end of june this was mostly focused on iraq in the city of mosul canada has officially two hundred special operations troops helping out kurds etc in that area as well as medical and other divisions that are helping the iraqi army we do have special surveillance planes as well as refueling planes that have done actions over the syrian territory that have helped other nato allies such as the u.s. with refueling planes obviously and with logistics on the ground on what's going on but when it comes to that right now because of what we saw happen here with the syrian plane being downed the things have possibly changed the canadian stance on
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that front as well the government is staying very silent at the moment knowing very well that our planes are doing exactly what i just said helping with surveillance and with refueling and thinking that they might be targets for any type of russian defense simply because that is has been what has been said because of what has happened with the u.s. on the ground so when we're talking about canada and its role in syria the role is not going to be changing canada will not be entering the syrian arena in any bigger capacity than it already has and there is the possibility that it might be even pulling out diplomacy is diplomacy you're not going to hear too much at this point and obviously they're going to be walking logue very quietly with the canadian government not trying to offend anybody but at the same time the canadian of defense national defense wants to take care of our own troops and our own pilots and make sure that nobody is harmed. from toronto thanks for that live report now we turn to gareth porter has to. investigative journalist and national security
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policy analyst thank you so much for joining us today and so first i want to talk about you know the russian deputy foreign minister has come out and said the u.s. led coalition attack on the syrian government as an act of aggression possibly a breach of international law and they've come out further to say that the u.s. is trying to defeat isis but actually help them that this was a counter terrorism policy what are your thoughts do you agree well there are some serious problems clearly with the u.s. posture in the syrian conflict at this point it's not only the russians who have raised questions about the legitimacy and the wisdom of the u.s. assertion of its power in this conflict as far as it's gone and as as rapidly as it's gone if you go back no a few weeks the interesting thing to me is that the u.s. military in syria seemed very confident that they could assert the right to have
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exclusive access to this zone around rocka to the exclusion of any russian or syrian or allied forces in that in that conflict they were wrong of course the the syrians were already with the support of the russians and the iranians were working with the turks to establish a zone of the confliction in which they could shift their forces toward the rock part of the of the national conflict the conflict in syria and that's exactly what they've been doing and they have shifted ground troops and the russians have shifted their air power toward the rock a front for the last several weeks so the u.s. made a fundamental miscalculation here that they could essentially threaten the russians and the syrians with. militarily and that they would stay away from that front and
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allow the united states and its kurdish and arab allies in that region to go ahead and complete what they hope is the conquest of raka recapture of iraq a from isis you think the u.s. was trying to threaten not just syria but russia as well and that act well there's no doubt that that was the intention of they expected the russians would stay away that they would recognize a unilateral what they call a de confliction us called a de complection zone in eastern syria from rocka south around the euphrates river and now the russians are saying quite explicitly now no we've never agreed to that that was your unilateral demand and we never accepted it and they are now saying if you straight to the west of the euphrates we will shoot down your fighter planes so you don't think more deescalation zones will possibly help in this matter
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but we do have to have a deescalation zone but it has to be negotiated between the united states and russia there's no question about that and at this point the problem is that the trumpet ministration in the pentagon have appeared to be taking the posture that we don't need to negotiate with the russians at this point now i think they're wrong they're going to have to change that position and that is precisely what i think foreign minister lavrov is saying exactly they want him to and then now they're getting so much backlash from you know politics as usual in washington that they can even negotiate with russia what and in fact before he came into office president tom said that he certainly wanted to you know better relations well there is a problem politically i think you're right that the political atmosphere in washington in the united states generally has shifted so far to the whatever you want to call it hysteria hysteria about any contact with the russians that there is much greater reluctance now on the part of the white house to do that but i think he's going to have to overcome that. i think we are now at the most dangerous point in the
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confrontation between the united states and the former soviet union or russia since the cuban missile crisis there's been nothing like this since the cuban missile crisis and that's why there must be really a very sharp reconsideration of u.s. policy in syria and we know that you know the us whether it's president obama are now president from have only gotten along with bashar al assad. do you think the u.s. wants to take down their star al assad or do you think that there's still a chance to kind of reconcile those ties well i think a couple of things are relevant here first of all we know that trump came to office with the intention of not participating in a regime change policy it made that very clear he was induced to shift his policy by we don't really understand why at the point of the country corn
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alleged chemical weapons attack. and then he immediately made a decision to carry out the tomahawk strike against the russian base in in syria now he's still taking that line publicly but certainly there is very strong reason to reconsider this in light of the consequences of really pushing that too far under the present circumstances so i think it's a very fluid situation at this moment and again i think it's really incumbent on the white house to reconsider its options in light of the fact that they really made what appears to me at least to be a very fundamental miscalculation and we heard from our reporter alex over in canada about the decision to not bring troops into syria canadian troops what are your thoughts on that. well i think it's quite understandable for any state which is not out to intentionally pick
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a fight with the russians that they're not eager to get involved in this situation in syria it reminds me a bit of what happened in afghanistan some years ago back in two thousand and four two thousand and five when the u.s. was trying to pull in nato countries other nato countries to take over much of the responsibility for opposing the toba and those nato countries were willing to do it on the assumption that it wouldn't really involve much if any combat at all they were quite wrong about that the us of course underestimated the degree to which there was a danger of that and then i think a number of nato countries got caught up in a war that they really hadn't anticipated so the u.s. basically you think needs to take a step back and kind of recalculate the situation i hope that will be the case i can guarantee of that's for sure all right thank you so much for your time appreciate it that's gareth porter historian investigative journalist and national security policy analysts really appreciate his time and we were joined earlier by
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independent journalist rania colic out of beirut lebanon to discuss the dangerous territory of the u.s. is entering in syria and the direction that moscow and washington are hiding and already know we're at a crucial stage in syria and both iraq with trying to take back both will and iraq and expel isis forces from all these different areas and so this reason escalation or risks hindering that effort and it also risks escalating even further between the various proxy forces that are operating in syria with the most dangerous being in me you know a possible actual war between the u.s. and russia whether that will happen you have to wait and see although you know when it comes to escalation with the u.s. russia has been less likely to do what it's been it's mostly been the u.s. it's been more aggressive in that respect so if anything it's the u.s. . they think we need to be worried about because the us is the one that's made more unilateral moves in terms of having the syrian army fighting isis with this reason
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. so i would be more concerned about what the u.s. and its allies are doing in syria at this point in terms of you know being concerned about what might. you know international conflicts in syria it's just interesting when the u.s. and the way it operates in syria because again the u.s. is an invading force in syria it was invited by the government that country to. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for northwestern cumberland county in southern new jersey central salem county in new jersey southern camden county in southern new jersey southeastern gloucester county in southern new jersey with central
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burlington county in southern new jersey until six pm at five fourteen pm severe thunderstorms were located along a long extending from only care hill to quinton to near hope creek moving east that thirty five miles per hour answered sixty miles per hour wind gusts source radar indicated impact expects damage to trees and power lines. severe thunderstorms will be near monica hill around five twenty pm glassboro and goodman around five twenty five pm clayton and turner still around five thirty pm all of it and williams down around five thirty five pm ridge can elmer and sicklerville around five forty pm violent berlin c. brock farms and franklin dylan around five forty five pm she is in her first. at go around five fifty pm. victory lakes and one route township around five fifty five pm other locations and pounded by the severe thunderstorms include pine valley
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center and pine hill for protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building in addition to large hail and damaging winds frequent cloud to ground lightning is occurring with this storm moved indoors immediately remember you can hear thunder you are close enough to be struck by lightning torrential rainfall is occurring with these storms and they have flash flood do not drive vehicles through flooded roadways. a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued until be in for the following counties in new jersey burlington camden cumberland gloucester and salem . claim the right to stage a humanitarian intervention and washington continues to claim make this claim but it is. completely invalidated by the fact that the people we are partnering with to train and fund and arm.
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are backed by saudi auto corrects and dictators around the middle east who have an extremist ideology that they've been promoting for decades across the middle east and. it has nothing to do with the protection or the promotion of democracy in the region. over the weekend seven sailors went missing after the u.s.s. fitzgerald collided with a container ship near a japanese peninsula today we are sad to report that their bodies have been found an international investigation is now underway to determine the cause of the crash are pretty to santos has the latest from los angeles so can you tell us more about this incident and exactly what happened. natasha this collision took place at about two thirty am japanese time on saturday morning just outside of tokyo bay about an
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hour before the crash the ship could be seen turning around as if it was trying to avoid something now just after impact two hundred plus crew members who were aboard many of them were sleeping at the time they woke up and began frantic efforts to try and save this ship now they were able to prevent it from sinking however unfortunately seven people did lose their lives in this collision now their bodies were recovered on sunday morning when the ship returned to a u.s. navy port stationed in yokosuka now those people bodies were found in flooded berthing compartments as for other injuries the commander bryce benson also was injured along with several other people it's unclear what condition those people are in now and as for the people who were aboard the philippines a cx crystal container ship there were no injuries reported there now this is
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a heavy traffic area about five hundred ships per day do go through that area so while collisions are unlikely they do unfortunately happen from time to time natasha never easy to hear about for sure and so if you just do officials know what actually caused the collision. at this time they are still investigating that in fact investigations are underway by officials from japan the philippines and also the united states trying to determine what the crews aboard both of those ships were doing at the time to see where the fault will lie here and also they are investigating why there was about an hour lapse between when the collision took place and when it was reported to japanese officials by people aboard that philippine ship so that's something they're also investigating now u.s. officials say that they hope to salvage this ship because it is very expensive and they do have some of it left over although it is severely damaged and they want to salvage it of course because this is
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a crucial part of our defense system in fact this ship has been stationed in japan for over a decade it is carrying those guided missile destroyers and it's part of a group of fifteen destroyers and three cruisers that are used to counter ballistic missile threats worldwide and these missile destroyers can intercept enemy missiles from space and their absence could potentially affect the outcome of a nuclear attack if one were to take place natasha antos live for us from our l.a. studio thank you so much for that reports. and coming up on our team we have new information about last week's tragic shooting in alexandria virginia as well as an update on congressman steve scalise his condition. just a. little
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just for your. little. dr tonight for a medicine that's like a cancer to the stress the news to wonder where. did tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight is where it's out. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. washington washington controls the media the media. and voters
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elected president obama's council business because. it's not business is business like it's never been done before. the threat is over and the road closures lifted but investigators are still looking
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into last week's shooting that target republican lawmakers at a public park a gunman shot four people that simpson saved in alexandria virginia before police shot and killed him one of the injured house majority whip steve goalie's who is still in the hospital artie's modellers are you has the latest on his condition and the investigation. on monday the alexandria police chief describes the courage officers exhibited during a chaotic firefight at a public park five days earlier when an officer shows up it's a point of courage do i drive by and assess the scene or i step in and go into a fight and maybe a fight that i don't know about. these officers got to call mansur they're called was on the fourteenth of june on june fourteenth the shooter identified as sixty six year old james hodgkinson brought a seven six two caliber rifle to simpson stadium park in alexandria virginia where republican lawmakers were practicing for the next day's congressional baseball game
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. according to police chief michael brown the plainclothes capitol police officers of the field shot back and within minutes alexandria police officers jumped out of their units and joined the fight eventually taking him down she was immediately started taking fire from the suspect and she jumped out of the car and without cover and moved towards the fire fight not away from it towards tutored crystal greiner was shot in the ankle and is in the hospital in good condition and david bailey was also hurt they were there tasked with protecting house majority whip steve schoolies who was shot in the hip at second base it traveled directly across towards the other hip in what we call a trance pelvic gunshot wound. the round fragmented and did substantial damage to bones internal organs and blood vessels. i understand he was awake on
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scene but by the time he was transported by helicopter to the medstar trauma center he was in shock the trauma director said when school east arrived he was an imminent risk of death for days schoolies was in critical condition in multiple surgeries losing blood and heavily sedated as of saturday the hospital announced he's been upgraded to serious condition but he will still need more surgeries and will be in the hospital healing for an unknown amount of time as the investigation unfolds the daily caller learn the shooter had a list of republican lawmakers names in his pocket all of which are members of the house freedom caucus the for. this right wing group in congress one of the reported names on that list alabama congressman mo brooks announced sunday he plans to introduce legislation that would allow lawmakers to curie guns in d.c. brooks said lawmakers are high profile targets with no way to defend themselves because of washington's restrictive gun laws only
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a handful of top congressional leaders are given full time security including representatives police which is why capitol police officers were at the field that day in wake of the shooting lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have come forward to say they are seeing an uptick in death threats in this increasingly polarized political environment in washington. and paris an armed attacker has driven a car into a police van on the. roundabout the french interior ministry says it was intentional and that the attacker is dead no one else has been hurt the reports now from paris parts of. romania closed this evening in paris where a man rammed his car into a police van just a couple of hundred yards away from where i'm standing this is what the french interior minister had to say.
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in a weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for some central new castle delaware kanto d. and central don't wear northeastern caroline county in eastern maryland central cumberland county southern new jersey until six thirty pm at five twenty pm severe founders booms were located along the line extending from your chest to the northeast at thirty five miles per hour hazard sixty miles per hour wind gusts. source radar indicated impact expects damage to trees and power lines locations and pack that include violent over. smyrna long lake clayton greensboro greenwich bowers goldsboro woodside hardly has like phil dover speedway santana and
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green spring for your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building in addition to large hail and damaging winds frequent cloud to ground lightning is occurring with this storm moved indoors immediately. or if you can hear thunder you are close enough to be struck by lightning torrential rainfall is occurring with these storms and maybe flash flooding do not drive your vehicle through flooded roadways repeating a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued until six thirty pm for the following counties in delaware can't in newcastle and cumberland new jersey and caroline maryland. person also died at the scene the forty seven year old white male perpetrator was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after being pinned down by worshipers police say they are not looking for any other suspects in. who is in finsbury has more on the incidents
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many people what they were outside the mosque actually taking a break some of them going to eat between prayers because i was off to that prayer was finished and the last opens again and people will begin that fast again so there were many people outside before being hearing from members of the mizzen community many of them angry and saying that this type of and see muslims tucker was just due to come following the rise in the spike in hate crimes following those terrorist attacks in london and manchester and we've also been hearing from the mayor of london saw the car go to the westminster bridge. we did see the big spics big spike it's a crime to solve a phobia cries we see when there's terrorists it's that it's the bike uses we have seen a big spike in london bridge. much to everyone in london across the country in fact these police report to the victims take all those things too trivial so i think the
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police won't take you seriously the police force i'm responsible for the police service have a zero tolerance tool it's a crime send city we've been seeing this isn't the first type of attack to take place in london has been a very very miserable some of course just how bout grunfeld fire and previous to that a number of terrorist attacks. as authorities in london are investigating the tragic grand fell tower fire the death toll continues to rise and public outrage grew over the weekend and an update this morning metropolitan police announced the death toll now stands at seventy nine people though many expect the figure to still rise with several protests turning angry and vocal over the weekend government is drawing mounting criticism for both poor preventative measures and. adequate response earlier today environment government secretary michael gove appeared on good morning britain to discuss the tragedy and the interview. he did one take a listen we need to do is not have
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a series of rhetorical shooting exercise is what we need. a micro a lot of these people is on behinds of the politicians from all sides by the way but you're the current government in power because i don't think that language like that is appropriate when we refer to as you do what you think doing you know no sprinkler system no launch system that would one way of getting you know no emergency service capability to get to the higher levels these are legitimate questions you should be asked as a cabinet minister and you should be getting all touchy about the way that i emotionally phrase my questions you should be giving this straight answers you've no word yet on the exact cause of the fire but attention has focused on the reportedly banned plastic material that may have helped the fire spread in many other london housing blocks. turkish troops arriving can tart to take part in joint training exercises sunday this comes after saudi arabia the united emirates and bahrain imposed an embargo on qatar accusing the gulf states of funding terrorism
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that atari foreign minister says the country will not negotiate with the gulf states unless think sions are lifted all ties with countries were cut two weeks ago triggering the worst of both air of crisis in years well the conflict between nato allies germany and turkey continues to escalate after berlin announced plans to make good on its threats to withdraw its troops from the incirlik air base in turkey and relocate them to jordan or to correspondent peter oliver has more. well it all looks very messy at the moment the latest from the german defense ministry is that the they will start pulling out of their troops from the insular air base in turkey july first live on the line the defense minister she outlined their plan saying that they would continue as normal until the end of the month until the end of june our flight plans as part of the anti eisel coalition are set after that will be transferring our tanker aircraft as quickly as possible to jordan with
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a role that germany has been providing as part of the coalition fighting against isis has been reconnaissance air surveillance well the tornado fighter jets that carry out those reconnaissance flights won't be fully operational from their new base and will fight ex-ante in jordan until october we hear that because of the equipment moving from turkey over to jordan will take that amount of time well this all started because german lawmakers german parliamentarians would deny permission to go and visit their troops that were stationed in turkey but it's the latest step in what has been a degeneration in the diplomatic relations between germany and anchor the failed coup attempt last year in turkey saw tensions rise after germany said it may consider offering asylum to some of those who took part or accused of taking part in that coup attempt there was also
5:38 pm
a diplomatic for rory over the president to one side wanting to campaign here in germany during the referendum that they held this year they were tonight the rights to do that that flared things up and there's also been bitten name calling from ankara towards ledwith even president the one going as far as accusing the german government of nazi tactics all of this between two nato allies who are really at the lowest ebb when it comes to their. diplomatic salaries. coming up on r t thousands sent to the streets to protest the outcome of a trial over the officer that shot and killed the land-o. catskill and then put it report on that story coming up after the break. i think the average viewer just after watching
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a couple segments understands that we're telling stories in our critics can't tell you know why because their advertisers won't let. you know order to create change you would have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when it's local ration makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses and they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. i'm john harshman i'll give you what the mainstream media can't cope big picture.
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here. and when you question your life you're looking to see if the. dog. will go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. would you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those sure. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for sussex county in southern delaware southern kent county and central delaware calvert county in eastern maryland caroline county in eastern maryland intel six forty five pm five thirty seven pm severe thunderstorms
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a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued until six forty five pm for the following counties in delaware camp in sussex and the following counties in maryland carolina and tell but. while this was a real being a night at the time of her death. well today marks the fifth anniversary of juliana saunders forces stay at the ecuadorian embassy in london originally set to hold a press conference before supporters from the now famous balcony of the london townhouse signs cancel the appearance at the last minute today as counsel legal team rather announced that there is a pending meeting with british authorities to discuss an outstanding warrant for jumping bail and advise the sun to hold off on making any announcements with the u.k. charges lifted songe would be finally free to leave the embassy and depart for ecuador where he has been offered permanent asylum we discussed the possibility of
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a songes extradition to the u.s. with his lawyer and with a professor of legal studies at oslo university. it's a stronger possibility today than it was five years ago with the recent statements that have come out from the cia director might impale me tenet general jeff sessions it seems like they've stepped up think war was to blow and they seem to have decided that their profits some kind of regime for julian which takes him outside of the protections which would apply to publishing the most secrecy there is the more chance that they will have to implement any u.s. request for extradition so this trial and on this matter is obviously very disturbing because within silence there's obviously a chance that it they have it already and they're just planning on when to execute it we would hope that the u.k. would be a lie that is extradition to the us would put him at risk of persecution and of the same treatment that was meted out to chelsea manning which was cool inhumane treatment this is not only
5:44 pm
a question of the unbalanced ministration today. has been targeted by security intelligence services for a long time they have aimed at getting him ported to the us and they are not giving up the way the british police english police. it does not give any further confidence no european authorities no european countries should assist him but on what has happened up till now has been disgraceful but is just getting worse. joining me now to discuss this further is legal and media analyst lionel my own media welcome thank you so much for joining us all we do we just heard from the guess your legal team is you know not confident that the u.k. will not extradite him in spite of the lifting of the charges so what do you say to that. i understand first and foremost who this man is he is a hero he is
5:45 pm
a journalist i think of him is the new york times with all due respect to julian assange when the new york times published the pentagon papers they didn't break in and steal the pentagon papers they merely published them they made them available that's what julian assange did he is not an espionage criminal he didn't hack into anything now what pump aoe in the cia and trump's team are saying is that this isn't just some banal journalist this is somebody who actively use chelsea manning as a conduit who enlisted her to to take these poppy cock balderdash and bunkum do that now also understand the unique procedural situation he's in jail right or actually he's being held on a warrant for bail jumping or that charges been removed so they could say all right mr resign you are free to go free to go do you have a warrant from the u.s.
5:46 pm
. would you tell us if you have one maybe the only prohibition for returning him to the u.s. would be if we were to seek the death penalty and i'm telling you right now the saddest part about this is that most americans don't understand what a hero he is they don't understand his status that's is probably a lot of conflicting opinions on this topic that's for sure was had expressed that you know he had reasons to be hopeful that he was scheduled to make an announcement today but it was canceled so from a legal perspective what are the next steps for him and what are your thoughts on him can plant today. the best thing would be for legally would be for ecuador does a you're coming with us here you are with us and off you go and you can't be touched and you can't be harmed but a day of a very cruel part perhaps he would have to be the guinea pig i would love to see this trial bring it on let's have some of the best the best legal minds find out
5:47 pm
exactly what the first amendment means and let me also say cue the crickets because you won't be hearing any of his american mainstream media counterparts none of these sock puppet corporate individuals these hacks in these corporate slaves their mum's the word he were presenting them think about what happens he is a journalist i can say this anough if you can charge him with with espionage or stealing and there's also a question did he steal this information did he copy the information those are big differences did the statute of limitations already run but either way this is the death knell of all of the first amendment freedom of the press does anybody understand this does maybe make in kelly or anybody can they stop what they're doing and pay attention as to the constitutional implications because without the ability of a free press without the ability for me to to come to you and say listen i want to
5:48 pm
tell you something i've got to explain this very important news i've got this here read this i took this you didn't but i did if you can't protect me there's no first amendment there's no press there's no media there's no nothing that's what this is about more i mean it's interesting as you alluded to i mean cia director and attorney general jeff sessions are saying that if arrest is a priority and according to pump a wiki leaks directed healthy manning to intercept specific secret information so i mean where does all of that lie under the first amendment protection on his case. never awhile back never when mr sanchez i'll i'll go to the u.s. if you release chelsea manning right now remember that well they didn't release them immediately as we said well that deal's off what he can do right now is if he does come to this country again without without the public support because i'm sorry to say just i hate to say this but most of my fellow americans do not
5:49 pm
understand the importance and the implications of what he represents to a free press i mean i think to say this but try explaining this because he did not act into anything we've been so confuse with the word jack there are people who still think that russia. how are they going to be able to differentiate his noninvolvement and so he is a hero make sure people understand well thank you so much lionel of lionel media thank you so much for your insights coming up on r.t. america wildfires in portugal kill over sixty and we've got that tragic story coming up right after the break. the code to do. the job. they did a good job. so when you're the first. person. to do it. what. do you. think there's.
5:50 pm
question. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you or yourself taken your last wrong turn. to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never. remember when we first met my life turned on each. time my feelings start to change you. talked about war like it was a game still some more fun to those that didn't like to question our art. and i secretly promised to never leave. it said one does not leave the family on the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one to. speak to is there no
5:51 pm
attempt. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics i'll make sure you don't get railroaded that you'll get the straight talk in the break you. talk to me. i'm going to the to your last chance to. slash jingles. i. in portugal over two thousand seven hundred firefighters continue to battle raging wildfires in the area northeast of lisbon today major blazes left more than sixty
5:52 pm
people dead including at least thirty drivers who were trapped in their cars when their flames approached them or residents in central portugal continue to be evacuated as more than one thousand firefighters tackle the fire twelve people reportedly survived by seeking refuge in that water tank including many five year old woman well they spent more than six hours in the tank waiting for rescue following this tragedy the country is observing three things of national mourning. and time now for larry king now airs right here on our t.v. this even and tonight's guest is swisher a former baseball outfielder and first baseman in the end they'll be here's a snippet of what's to come what was it like championship year was it like to win the world i think he would take it further back than that i feel like just given the opportunity to come over in new york for myself coming off a rough two thousand and eight year in chicago didn't play well i didn't really get
5:53 pm
a lot of the manager at the time it was just kind of a rough season and to have. to have so little success and then to get a phone call from bride cash from the general manager the yankees like three days later i'm thinking to myself like look what just happened right here is somebody messing with me somebody trying to prank me so i feel like even just starting over there and being able to be a part of that and being the first team to open up that brand new beautiful stadium was something i'll never forget i remember walking out we came from spring training at tampa and they brought a simple couple nights early you know you got to do that welcome home dinner and you know the yankees do it right you got a lot of things you have to do but i remember they rolled us into the. studio nobody was there and they had all the lights on and everything was going off and we all came out of the few we're all in our suits and ties and you've never seen a group of adults act like little kids you've never seen anything like that it just kind of took you back to your childhood and we got the opportunity to do it so we
5:54 pm
were definitely thankful for the well watching the hawks is coming up next here on our teeth their elementary joins us for a quick preview what you have for us this evening all right and i was watching the hawks we posit the question is the united states at war with syria then we discover how the f.c.c. chair influenced the recent court ruling that well now a whole allow the cost of been made phone calls to essentially run wild and finally civil rights activists perry wrote enters the auction as to discuss the history behind the celebration of juneteenth here in the united states and the shocking acquittal of the police officer who shot and killed a lot still all that and more on tonight's watching the hawks and they have great show illustratively watching thanks so much to you and that does it for now for more on the story we've covered going to last r.t. america and check out our website flash america you can follow me on twitter at natasha's question more.
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all the world's a stage and all the news companies nearly players but what kind of partners are empty america. america offers more american personnel. many ways to use landscape just like you. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey is a special marine warning for delaware b. coastal waters from great inlet new jersey defense island delaware out twenty nautical miles in till seven pm at five fifty three pm strong thunderstorms were located along a line extending for test beach to six not
5:56 pm
a goal miles north bivalve moving east at forty knots hazard thirty four knots or greater source radar indicated impact small craft could be damaged in briefly higher when the tire waves locations unpack that include the light fan island be three at the beach. east point my mom like the wind chill light ocean city reef indian river inlet bridge over falls. twenty miles wreck bethany beach fourteen foot bank light beach cape may point and wildwood move to safe harbor until hazardous weather passes frequent lightning is bring with these storms if caught on the open water stay below deck if possible keep away from an grounded metal objects. drives the rhetoric making it sound much worse than it actually was so in their
5:57 pm
rush to get out their hot take that hateful rhetoric can lead to violence they got their reporting wrong now comes the explaining part because then other media outlets started pouring fuel right down to the hot take fire pointing the finger at the times for their shoddy reporting and then c.n.n. got involved doing an article about the times to correction which prompted the times to explain how they felt about the whole thing by issuing a statement to c.n.n. first the new york times hilariously thanked c.n.n. for pointing out the errors and then the times explained how they felt about having to correct their work which is really not that bad apparently because in their statement they said that the errors don't undercut or weaken the argument they were making it got that the new york times said that their hot take on how hateful rhetoric can lead to violence was still a good one even though the evidence they presented was actually factually completely utterly wrong so they basically said ok our information was wrong but we
5:58 pm
still think we're right now i wonder if they'd say the same thing about the other over one hundred and eighty corrections they've made in just the past two weeks no joke i added them up i went to the website and added up their corrections over one hundred eighty we've been wrong almost two hundred times in two weeks but we still stand by what we think that would probably be their take which to me is not so hot after all. why would you put. your wife. large unable. what's your biggest fear when you are in a bit on a hay ride when the last time you read
5:59 pm
a book you say if you ever miss the things the best quarterback. explain the topic that doesn't belong in the piece now i did give you due to the question more. the feeling of. everyone in the world should experience the league and you'll get it on the old the old. the old according to just. come along for the ride. please. i'm tom hartman i'll give you what the mainstream media can't tell the big picture we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture.
6:00 pm
ratings and salutations it's time for us all watchers to admit the uncomfortable truth that most pundits and jackal sitting on capitol hill and squawking in the news media are too afraid to say out loud but have secretly been cheerleading for quite some time now. yes we are at war with the sovereign country of syria when exactly we went to war with syria can be debated but after one takes a moment to review recent events and actions committed by the united states ago.


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