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tv   News with Ed  RT  June 19, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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three of the more people. i'm interested in the war. question. on the news tonight an american jet fighter shoots down a syrian army jet as russia responds by closing the de confliction hotline with the united states. and the same two twenty two year old american college student otto warm beer died after being held for seventeen months in captivity by north korea and a terrorist attack outside a mosque in london leaves one dead while police stopped yet another attack in paris i'm ed schultz reporting tonight from the arts use room you're watching party america.
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good evening friends we start tonight with an escalating situation in syria tensions between the united states syria and russian russia have never been this critical post cold war the united states shot down a syrian warplane and it's the first time a u.s. warplane directly engaged with syrian air forces since the beginning of the syrian civil war the downing of the syrian jet fighter has drawn strong reaction from russia manila chan joins us now for more details tonight manila. jets bombed an area near the isis so-called caliphate capital of raka the syrian government has confirmed its downing the pilot ejected from the jet but conflicting reports on whether or not he survived without any confirmation from syrian officials either way at this time and while this is the first time an instant of this nature has occurred this marks the fourth time in
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a month that the united states military has hit pro syrian government forces a couple of hours before the fatal strike the pentagon says it reached out to their russian counterparts on the d. confliction channel to have russia warn the syrians not to conduct any strikes even flying jets slow and low to the ground in a show of force the syrian jets did not stand down so an american f. eighteen shot down the su twenty two the pentagon says quote in accordance with the rules of engagement but areas of syria west of the euphrates river were under the control of isis prior to syrian government forces pushing into the region the last several months assad's government along with the cooperation of russian forces have been successful with killing many isis terrorists in that region and pushing them out of key cities so now moscow is calling on the pentagon to provide a full accounting of why it decided to take down the syrian su twenty two jet and
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told the u.s. that russian forces will track coalition jets should they enter this regional airspace again despite american mainstream media reporting or insinuating that moscow might shoot down u.s. aircraft immediately that simply not true ed. all right thanks miguel in response to the downing of the syrian jet russia's defense ministry says it has halted cooperation with the united states military in syria or to use emily su has the details right now one thing is when diplomats engage in a war of words but today's development shows that it's gone far beyond that with russia deciding to end the single most important agreement that the u.s. and russia signed since moscow was invited by the assad regime to join the fight in syria now this agreement we're talking about here was signed back in october twenty fifth dean and what it does is established as a communication channel between u.s. and russia forces operating in the airspace over syria to prevent any sort of
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unwanted incidents as you can imagine this air space is very dense with so many different countries so many different groups involved in any sort of mistake and misinformation really can lead to unthinkable consequences and in this case of the syrian jet being shot down were according to the russian military the u.s. has not informed russia off the decision to shoot down the syrian jet through the existing communication channel at the same time russian jets was also operating in the area and as a result of this incident russia has decided to hold off cooperation with the u.s. military in syria and this sort of military information blackout could potentially be a disaster waiting to happen here's why. any aircraft belonging to the u.s. led coalition detected in the skies west of the euphrates river where the russian air force is operating will be tracked as targets by russian air defense systems on the pentagon's by big insist this shooting down the syrian jet was an act of self-defense they say the syrian jets were dropping bombs on estie at the
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democratic forces positions rocca a serious says no they say that the syrian jets were targeting i saw targets in iraq or of course the capital of islamic states the claim caliph it and russia has described this as an act the question they describe as a violation of not only up syria sovereignty but also international law russia foreign minister sergei lavrov he's also commented on this before the statement was released by the russian military you know put you before. we call in the united states and others who have their forces or divisors on the ground in syria to ensure the coordination of our work zones of deescalation are one of the possible options to move forward jointly we call in everyone to avoid unilateral moves respect syrian sovereignty and join our common work which is agreed with the syrian government. iran has stepped up military activity in the conflict in syria as well on sunday the country announced it launched several missiles at isis
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position in eastern syria the strikes were in retaliation for a terrorist attack in tehran on june seventh which left twelve people dead this marks the first time iran has launched missiles into another country in three decades they were launched from a western iranian province and flew over iraqi airspace before hitting their targets and turkish troops arrived in qatar today to take part in joint training exercises on sunday the move comes after saudi arabia united arab emirates and bahrain imposed that embargo on cutter accusing the gulf state of funding terrorism the good time. ari foreign ministry says the country will not negotiate with gulf states unless sanctions are lifted for more on all of this tonight let's turn to jim jatra former u.s. diplomat jim good to have you with us tonight gosh there's a lot to unpack here let's start first with the downing of the syrian jet and the reaction from russia on the de confliction communication what do you make of this
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how important is this how how important is this development well i'm the first word that comes to mind that is wow i think i think somebody hit the fast forward button here with all these things happening and remember too we had an incident today be directly between iran and saudi arabia in the persian gulf with regard to the instance syria i do think it's a little bit odd that the russians are cutting off this de confliction channel but you heard foreign minister lavrov saying that we need to have more communication i mean even if they don't think the americans are listening to them i still think it's wrong for the russians to cut off that communication we need to be talking more not less that said shooting down that syrian plane was by no standard acceptable under international law it cannot be considered self-defense when there is no authority there from the syrian government or the security council for u.s. forces to be operating in this area at all does this unfold in front of the american public or the world what the actual policy is going to be in syria is this
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a shift no i don't think so to start with anybody can figure out what the actual trump policy in syria is i'd love to hear it we hear there's reports in the media that there are unspecified civilians at the white house that the n.s.c. who want to dig in deeper to syria people at the pentagon who are resisting it it's unclear is our goal defied diane is it still to overthrow assad is it the block the iranians if anybody has a clue as to what the coherent goals of a coherent policy are i'd love to hear them. well if they're willing to take down syrian jets once what would stop them again and it certainly puts the united states and russia at odds militarily and also policy wise because the united states wants assad out in the russian stone so the endgame of this is pretty murky isn't it it certainly isn't as manila pointed out we've had the mis reporting here in the western media that the russians to threaten to shoot down our planes although what
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they what they have said comes very close to that to say they will be tracking flights west of the euphrates essentially as hostile hostile objects it seems to be clear that whatever the targeting of the syrian plane was with the syrians say it was diane the the u.s. side says it was the kurdish forces that what it is really designed to do is to block the syrian forces move east to relieve the town of there is the war which is really the key to eastern syria which way this war is going to go and jim what about the military action taken by the iranians for the first time in three decades say they've fired missiles they take military action was this just retaliation or is this a new engagement by iran i think was part of partly retaliation for the terrorist attack we saw in tehran for which isis claimed responsibility and tehran accused the saudis of being behind but i think it also means that they understand that everybody understands that we are nearing some kind of
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a crucial battle for eastern syria those strikes hit diet targets around the town of darrow's or that's where everything is converging it seems to me. and your thoughts on the cutter response to the embargo and the position of the surrounding countries well of course the turkish troops have begun to arrive there they're holding joint exercises with the qataris that are not directed against anybody formally but we all know that there are warning signs against the saudis and so he's not to take any military action against qatar the qatari seem to be feeling in a strong position they've even said that do not even willing did to go shade with the saudis now about near their points of dispute until the embargo against qatar is lifted so and remember also the arabians are supporting the qataris and i think the russians are are but listen a benignly neutral in that regard so there's a lot going on jim jetter it's always a pleasure good to have you with us they didn't thanks so much for your expertise
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earlier today twenty two year old otto warm beer passed away according to his family the american college student was detained by the north korean government for seventeen months and released last week he was sentenced to fifteen years hard labor by the country after confessing to stealing a political propaganda poster on a school trip north korean officials claim mr warren bear fell into a coma after contracting botulism but american doctors found no evidence of the disease doctors at the university of cincinnati medical center believe the warm beer suffered a cardiac or respiratory arrest m.r.i. imaging showed that he had significant loss of brain tissue the president responded to the news today just wanted to pass on word otto warm beer has just passed away. he spent a year and a half in north korea. a lot of bad things happened. but at least we got him home
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to be with his parents where they were so happy to see him even though he was in very tough condition but he just passed away a little while ago. it's a brutal regime. and. will be able to handle it. for more on this we're joined by a doctor gina loudon conservative author and commentator and rob top democratic strategist and radio host great to have both of you with us tonight good to be rid of all dr loud what should the united states response to this be your thoughts of what the president just said well first of all just like the president our hearts and prayers go out to this family and fortunately in the case of otto warm air his emblematic really of millions and millions of suffering and dying people under this dictatorial north korean regime i'm for one i'm glad that this president has
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changed the policy that we had under obama that permitted things like this to happen of course with the ally of cuba being supportive of north korea and i'm i'm happy that in addition to that president trump got china even to talk a little tough with north korea will hope that they realize that north korea realizes that things like this can't happen under trump he's not going to be the same kind of passive. we can converse and that obama was robbed your thoughts on does this change anything between the united states in north korea does this escalated further i mean the young girl was brutalized in captivity. a few words does it do it justice. well as a parent with children that age i can completely empathize with the what his family's going through when it's unthinkable but we have to be diplomatic here we
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can't make threats trump actually was measured in cautious in his response because what actions are we going to take what can we do we can't make empty threats at korea and then not follow through on them and to blame him politicize it on president obama is absolutely unjust and ridiculous i wasn't a huge fan of president obama's foreign policy but this is just not fair to him to try and say that this wouldn't have happened to begin with if trump and been president that well is it fair to say rob that president obama really did nothing to deter the north korean nuclear effort. i don't think that president obama was in a position to do anything about north korea i disagree on the way they handled iran but there are two different things and two different governments running them and nobody has really been able to deal with north korea properly or as effectively as we would like and you could see from president trump's response there he wasn't
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going to go to his usual braggadocio self because he knew he could put himself into a corner well there's no question about that but certainly president trump has engaged the chinese and that is something president obama did not do for record i want to talk about obstruction of justice dr loudon did the president put himself in serious legal jeopardy with his comments to former f.b.i. director comey about flynn just letting this investigation go the accusations and the now the investigation into obstruction of justice where is this going to go is the president in trouble. well there is someone in trouble for i believe instruction of structure of justice and i believe it will culminate in some investigations and things like that but even just today we had further confirmation that there is no public announcement any sort of investigation about the president however we do know that loretta lynch not only met with former president bill
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clinton during the campaign when hillary his wife was running for president and was under investigation met with her on the tarmac and then that loretta lynch only days later proposed that komi call it a matter instead of an investigation so that it didn't look bad for hillary's campaign so if there's obstruction of justice in america and rob you don't have to firm that. i don't think that it's worth even discussing the clintons were then this is now president trump is is tweeting and he's damaging himself doing that if he should take a lesson from bill clinton's playbook when he was president of the united states he was he was about to be impeached but he conducted business as usual and he proceeded to run the government trump is just sitting there ranting and looking at is handheld devices and tweeting about what's going on you know you stop you actually the president doesn't have any president has has created and we've got to leave it there out of jobs he's restored the stock market ok we had
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a lawyer there we got to run dr dean aloud and rob great to have both of you with us tonight we could go for hours i appreciate your time another terrorist attack in downtown paris the attacker is dead after ramming a car into a police vehicle just before four pm local time the driver died from burn wounds after setting his car on fire before driving and police officers the car was loaded with gas canisters two handguns and an a k forty seven rifle the french interior minister says the attackers specifically targeted police officers unfortunately no one law enforcement officers or civilians were hurt r t charlotte dubin ski has more from paris cuts over a remain closed this evening in paris often in sindh where a man rammed his car into a police van just a couple of hundred yards away from where i'm standing this is what the french interior minister had to say about that incident with.
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the contained a number of weapons and explosives which would have enabled it to be disseminated this shows once again the threat level in france is extremely high and you can call contained explosive materials as the french interior minister said that as well as a kalashnikov rifle and several handguns this is the sec. incident in the last few months here on the show in april just before the presidential elections took place one police officer was shot dead and others were injured when a man shot at them with a kalashnikov rifle and many of the people who say today when this incident happened said at first they thought it was a movie being shot but now it's obviously it's unsettling and it's not something that you want to be happening in the your own. i mean as far as it goes for stopping us traveling or anything like that it's not going to you can't you know stop living your life because. it's very scary all of my family was
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concerned while i traveled to be aware because we had seen on the news that they were attacked by car when you're not expecting it. it's very scary a huge police presence remains here now as offices check that vehicle to see exactly what was happening and find out more by the intensity of the attack after attack or a man who drove his car into a police vehicle was killed here at the scene police say that france now remains on high alert as this investigation is underway show that. paris. and in london a van plowed into a crowded pedestrian zero mosque injuring ten people on monday one person died at the scene forty seven year old white male perpetrator was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after worshipers at the mosque detained him authorities are conducting
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a terror investigation into the incident police say that they are not looking for and the other suspects are to. ali has more on the incident tonight many people in the mosque they were outside the mosque should be taking a break some of them going to eat between prayers because i was off to the prayer was finished and. people will begin to get so many people outside because. in hearing from members of the mizzen community many of them angry and saying that this type of a and c. the muslim attack was just due to come following the rise in the spike in hate crimes following those terrorist attacks in london and manchester and we've also been hearing from the mayor of london saw the cut of the westminster bridge charice it's like we didn't see the big spics big spike it a crime to solve a phobic cries we see when there's terrorist incidents but by jesus we have seen a big spike off the london bridge. much key message to everyone in london across
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the country in fact these police report to the victim of take prado things too trivial to think the police won't take you seriously the police force i'm responsible for the police service have a zero tolerance towards hate crimes and should be we've been seeing this isn't the first type of attack to take place in london is than a very very miserable some of course but just how about grunfeld fire and previous to that a number of terrorist attacks. investigators are still looking into last week's shooting targeting republican lawmakers in a public park a gunman shot four people at simpson stadium park in alexandria virginia before police shot and killed him house majority whip steve schoolies is still in the hospital r.t.c. modell rosario has the latest on his condition and the investigation on monday the alexandria police chief describes the courage officers exhibited during a chaotic firefight at a public park five days earlier when an officer shows up it's a point of courage do i drive by and assess the scene or do i step in and go into
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a fight maybe a fight that i don't know about. these officers got their call mansur their call this on the fourteenth of june on june fourteenth the shooter identified as sixty six year old james hodgkinson brought a seven six two caliber rifle to simpson stadium park in alexandria virginia where republican lawmakers were practicing for the next day's congressional baseball game . according to police chief michael brown the plainclothes capitol police officers at the field shot back and within minutes alexandria police officers jumped out of their units and joined the fight eventually taking him down she was immediately started taking fire from the suspect and she jumped out of her car and without cover and moved towards the fire fight not away from it towards it to capitol
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police officers were injured krystal griner was shot in the ankle and is in the hospital in good condition and david bailey was also hurt they were there tasked with protecting house majority whip steve schoolies who was shot in the hip at second base it traveled directly across towards the other hip in what we call a trance pelvic gunshot wound. the round fragmented and did substantial damage to bones internal organs and blood vessels. i understand he was awake on scene but by the time he was transported by helicopter to the medstar trauma center he was in shock the trauma director said when school east arrived he was an imminent risk of death for days schoolies was in critical condition in multiple surgeries losing blood and heavily sedated as of saturday the hospital announced he's been upgraded to serious condition but he will still need more surgeries and will be in the hospital healing for an unknown amount of time as the investigation
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unfolds the daily caller learned the shooter had a list of republican lawmakers names in his pocket all of which are members of the house. freedom caucus the far this right wing group in congress one of the reported names on that list alabama congressman mo brooks announced sunday he plans to introduce legislation that would allow lawmakers to carry guns in d.c. brooks said lawmakers are high profile targets with no way to defend themselves because of washington's restrictive gun laws only a handful of top congressional leaders are given full time security including representatives police which is why capitol police officers were at the field that day in wake of the shooting lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have come forward to say they are seeing an uptick in death threats in this increasingly polarized political environment in washington sima dollars ario r.t. . for more on all of this let's turn to john said a lady's foreign policy principal at trilogy advisors john great to have you with
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us tonight have we entered a new phase of terror attacks it's anywhere any time in any way i think certainly for europe ed we're seeing potentially the beginning of a second summer of terror europe experienced this last year was a doubling of terror attacks over twenty fifteen and right now according to your own poll the rate of terror attacks in europe is increasing over the last year as rate and there's a terror attempt in europe mostly in the u.k. and france right now about every nine days so it's in a very very difficult way in europe in the trend lines are pointing to a very dangerous summer in the months ahead i don't know about this episode here in washington d.c. we're hoping and praying that it was a one off and that you had this psychopath who went after the congressman but we don't see the kind of violence ramping up here in the united states that unfortunately has befall in europe in recent years and it's probably going to get much worse in the months and years ahead in europe before it ever gets better
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what's the political impact of combat in these terror attacks. well there really is no alternative i mean the first responsibility of any government as we all know is to provide for the safety of its citizens and that is both internally and against external threats in europe you have this dual problem you have basically citizens of these countries british citizens french citizens german citizens who are becoming radicalized mostly over the internet or through the preachings of radical in mom said some of the more extremist mosques in those countries you also have a proximity issue france right now has about two hundred french citizens who went in fought with islamic state in iraq and syria and they're back in france so you've got two hundred jihadi s. with military combat experience and you simply don't have enough law enforcement resources to stay on top of these jihadi he's tracked them down and of course if
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they don't actually commit crimes until the terror attacks take place how do you arrest them well those those are really pertinent questions for law enforcement right now word of they put their resources in light of what's unfolding every nine days and what they're up against unfortunately i mean it's not just a european problem we're having these debates here in the united states for the last fifteen or so years and we want to protect civil rights of citizens in western countries as we've come to know it but we also have a very new type of threat and in europe for instance you probably need to hire thousands more law enforcement personnel just to do twenty four hour tracking and monitoring of some of the more extreme suspects there but it's going to be a debate that's going to beset us for quite some time it because it's very important we protect civil liberties it's very important we protect citizens lives how do we do both at the same time it's the perennial debate there's no easy answer here. john siddle ladies always
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a pleasure good to have you with us thanks so much. authorities in longer london are also busy investigating the tragic gren felt our fire the death toll continues to rise along with public outrage metropolitan police have announced the death toll now stands at seventy nine people though the figure is expected to rise protesters were visibly angry and vocal over the weekend as the government draws mounting criticism from both poor preventive measures and an inadequate response earlier today u.k. environment secretary michael gove appeared on good morning britain to discuss the tragedy and came under fire what we need to do is not time to see reason of rhetorical showboating exercise is what we need to say michael a lot of these people is on the hands of the politicians from all sides by the way but you'll the current government in power because i do think that language like that is appropriate when there were times when you're doing what you think doing
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you know they had no sprinkler system no allowance system that would one way of getting out no emergency service capability to get to the higher levels these are legitimate questions they own which you should be asked as a cabinet minister and you shouldn't be getting all touchy about the way that i emotionally phrase my questions he should be giving his straight answers. and that is our news tonight follow me on twitter news where they're like me on the facebook page we've got at dot com i met so forty for the r.t. do thanks for watching the seat back here at the.


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