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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that our critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american public what's happening when a corporation makes
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a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working on. your launching our team haricots special report and there's this stuff to me because my that's. basically everything that you think you know about civil society have broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be. normalising. we don't need people that think like this on our plate. this is an incredibly tense situation. larry here soon. swisher i came up in the. my father was managing in the
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minor leagues brought it on myself before how he had just served and i did my career riding on the bus so it's kind of funny to see how it all kind of works together before myself may could not have been more blessed as an athlete and i think the one thing that you have who's going to do retire is that sense of team you feel like you're part of a team your entire life and all the sudden within the book closes and the career is over and the cheers go away that's kind of the one thing to get a phone call from brian cashman the general manager of the yankees like three days later i'm thinking to myself like look what just happened right here is somebody messing with me some return to prank me plus how would you do with crucial well why didn't you very well. he's just one of those guys and you're talking about bad luck one person at the good lord just told us all that stuff now.
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local relearned king our special guest is nick swisher and they'll be all star world series champion nick finished his twelve year career with eight hundred three rb eyes two hundred forty five home runs played from five different franchises including the new york yankees white sox and braves after all thirstily announcing his retirement in early two thousand and seventeen it has joined forces with fox sports as n n l b game day analyst and host for s ones and will be with more out he's also been tapped as an ounce of the second season of n.b.c.'s sport teen challenge that previews june twelfth at ten pm eastern is great to welcome you'd think that this is a good decision why do you always so i'll have high kick at you know not to like it this is true for me man i'm sitting across from you were doing this meant you were it is an honor to be here and to be face to face with. how could you handle you can't you are tired. i mean you're welcome orgasm you're great you're natural and
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you know what larry is this kind of one of those things where you have to the birth of our second daughter to be able to go home and to just kind of know at that point my knees were killing me i was trying to make a comeback in new york at the time. minor league baseball was a little different when i did it back in like two thousand and two compared like two thousand and sixteen. so i think just in general i was so fortunate and so blessed to have such a great run. was it hard to have that and oh i feel like it's just it's in my blood it always will be. we were just talking a second a baseball gave me everything i have it gave me my home i met my wife playing baseball i just feel like i owe a lot to the game on them and do my best to try and give back always you i didn't show for her so i know we're just talking about that we were just talking about as a matter of fact it's great her new show gospel of kevin on a.b.c. got picked up i'm so excited for deuce and right on it she's doing that and she's
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acting as well so we're really really excited making that move to atlanta and at this point my time and i just follow the woman didn't help. so you miss you miss playing oh yeah i think i always will i think as an athlete i think the one thing that you lose when you do retire is that sense of team you feel like you're part of a team your entire life and all the sudden when the book closes and the career is over and the cheers go away that's kind of the one thing you miss and feel like for myself signing on the fox was a was an easy decision for me because i feel like i'm part of a team again i've always liked that joe name and told me once he misses the camaraderie more than the game that well i feel like there's just so much that goes into the game is so much that you go through as a team in that locker room and i have so many amazing memories and amazing stories just from all the years man so i definitely feel like i've been blessed for sure the. signed you at the end of the words you played one scranton pennsylvania which
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if you haven't been this grand not to want to talk. about far from the poker yes there you are right you said it was very different when you were in the mine is before credit before you were trying to make it's now you know the old. it's crazy to see how it turns around when you've got you know twenty one year old kids coming up around at first base like swish man i remember watching him play when i was like junior high and if it was of like should i take that as a compliment or you tell me how old i am right now and you also write on buses so i have less than you know at the airports you know nothing about the airports in different cities and that was definitely interesting it's funny to see how your career goes into full circle and for myself i came up in the game with my father was managing in the minor leagues riding on bicycles in the fall he had a long yes sir and i did my career riding on the buses so it's kind of funny to see
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how it all kind of works together before myself make more didn't go up in club thousands. i feel like it was just in my blood from the get go you're a different player from it like your father your father was there in the catcher's rush right handed bat yet right maybe a little it was right he had power though you both had power ok what was that like championship year was it like to win the world so i think he would take it further back than that i feel like i'm just getting the opportunity to come over new york for myself coming off a rough two thousand and eight year and chicago right didn't play well i didn't really get a lot of the manager at the time it was just kind of a rough season and to have that have so little success and then to get a phone call from brian cashman the general measure the yankees like three days later i'm thinking to myself like look what just happened right here is somebody messing with me somebody trying to pry. thank me so i feel like even just starting
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over there and being able to be a part of that and being the first team to open up that brand new beautiful stadium with something on never forget i remember walking up we came from spring training at tampa and they brought us up a couple nights early so you know you got to the welcome home dinner and you know the yankees do it right you know a lot of things you have to do but i remember they rolled us into the stadium and nobody was there and they had all the lights on and everything was going off and we all came out of the few we're all in our suits and ties and you've never seen a group of adults act like little kids you've never seen anything like that it just kind of took you back to your childhood and we got the opportunity to do it so we were definitely thankful for that i threw a pitch at that game you know one of those games that are in that great stadium opening day. to yankee student they had when you told me the opening pitch so mommy will first pitch they have the team take the field you sold with the team g.b. yelled at me. like why did they think you had
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a bad year with the white sox why do you think cashman culture well i think it just kind of worked out in a way where i made him look good and he made me look good you know i feel like i'm a bit on the phone with him saying you know it was really feel like you're going to have a great you know great bounce back year i don't think in myself like why better but better it's going to be adduced from playing the bad you to yourself i feel like for myself i tried to make some changes in my swing that was not my swing i had a different hitting coach and sometimes when you struggle a little bit you start listening to everybody rather than going back to what things worked for you and not only that to be able to have a father who played in the big leagues for as many years that kept telling me hey stay within yourself do would you know best and then also then you try and change your swing and it just didn't really work it was a magazine didn't get along well me and i wasn't good we didn't see eye to eye on oser. he's by real fiery so you could you can imagine where
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the clash happened a kid but boy did for him once in spring training and he said he learned words he'd never. tell me about the older men smartened challenge i tell you what man this is kind of one of those opportunities that i got and was so absolutely blessed to be part of i mean it was the energy level was so what is it so what it is is it's traditional spartan races right and in season one it's where they took it it was outside as it is and hills it's more like mud races right this is kind of a branch off of american injure warrior in a sense and who races it was myself apollo no kill the washington m.j. acosta as our hosts right and then we had twenty four teams five rights you had once one ultimate spartan race or was the captain and then you had four other competitors right hey you want to talk to these these people were so put together so athletic and not only that i think the one thing that i enjoyed most about it
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was the stories of the individual teams we had so many different people from so many different walks of life it's all taped already all over the place yes they're already finished i'm so excited for people to watch and i think it's something that people can really get interested is the word spartan mean a spartan race means what last just kind of an outdoor race and one kind or the racing on so well and season one they were racing in the hills kind of you know through grass and this year and in season two made a little more sexy kind of brought in a little more industrial om kind of racing through buildings and things like that so i think for myself to be there and to see all that and to see where exactly the sport is going because for myself this is more a tie seem to me this season because i don't have the insurance of being able to run a mile in between each obstacle and i feel like for this it was kind of a shrunken was a shot in atlanta it was amazing. and just to see how athletic these people that
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you had no idea who they were coming from all parts of the country for me it was exciting to watch and i can't with people get ahold of it ok you've also joined up with fox sports as a full time analyst the are you comfortable with it you look at i've seen you with a rod you look pretty sailorman i feel like you're born for me i just feel like i try and get on there and i literally just trying to get people excited about something the secret of what you learned in baseball with when you had the off year was what you know out of medically in broadcasting no secret anubias self that's a big you know i feel like people can see through fake people and i feel like for myself i've always kind of been an open book and i've always tried to kind of be that guy that's literally sitting in your living room watching t.v. with you just trying to have a good time with a rod has had this conflicted career that an amazing ballplayer of the terro suing the league or to spend the year what was it like for you to work
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with him so i feel like i was blessed and honored to be his teammate number one to win a championship and not only that to be able to work with him on this side of the world i guess we would call it in that sense there's not too many people on the planet that are as educated in the game of baseball or can break the game down as well as he can because it was really really the smartest as a ballplayer there's no ballplayers smarts and he's just he knew what was going to happen almost before it happened oh man i think for a guy that has had that much talent in the game for him to come on this side of the world and and tell people those stories and give them a little more insight it is only going to make for great television so when you were governor week yes so i you know i've signed off for fifty days which has been great the guys have been absolutely awesome i think i'll probably go over those fifty days is because we're having so much fun but i think just in general we got a great group of guys great. great analysts just fox in general just been amazing i
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think in general what we're really trying to change the game on i feel like we're going to get people excited at the break does new cam interest in one day. plus a little game of you only knew would be incredible laid back quiet day shy mix which will be great but. i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta e-mails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied to be n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the us. the hyperventilating corporate
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media has once again proved to be an echo for government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is only important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable. i've got to just. if you're watching are. washing. the next machine don't forget june twelve the the spartan ultimate teen challenge my man he's everywhere asked me what do you make of the yankees they would get
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a lot of fun to watch for his publicly as they have stated that this is almost a rebuilding year for them to be standing where they are right now atop the division and still maybe not even play in a full nine baseball game he said to an amazing it's been so much fun to watch the yankees have done something you never thought they would ever do put up stands for the judge and the right to win to the yankees and i mean i don't cover just like a little brother well as he's a little brother to the six with a little like a younger brother but just to see the success he's had and not only that to kind of see the city kind of rally around him i think that's why they have the judge's chamber feel like they might seventeen lucky fans a night just to go sit in there but the numbers he's been putting up and have been so impressive that he got it is going to be there for a while because you don't think he's going to turn around you've got the judges stance and that's sort of say i may have every right as you said to better keep it
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going do you think they're going to win it tell you what i feel like pitching is going to tell them exactly where they're going off and simply kind of see that they're they are just dominate are all levels guys like bret garners has kind of reemerge as a huge leader in that locker room and on the pitching side you've got guys like to knock oh you've got guys like c.c. who are always going to be there for you give you those great quality starts but what i'm interested to see is what happens with the number four the number five starters throughout the entire season it's a long season. the guys are playing extremely well right now i definitely think they're definitely going to be a contender come into september orioles pretty good they're really good i think elissa's just put together the boston red sox haven't played very well the start of the season they're going to turn it around immediately because they have the talent to do it especially when david price comes back on the deal and colorado keep this oh how nice it to see that it's a great story you never heard of they can hit yet guys like mark reynolds who who signed a minor league deal this year is almost on an m.v.p.
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type pace. his amazing blackmon era not oh these are not easy lets you think no one even knows who these guys are all in raise might be the best mr baseman again no doubt about it a little every one second is a distant second him in many machado those two guys right there have have reinvented that position you like to coach you manage you know but i think maybe in time maybe i don't know maybe i might coach like a little league team or something i feel like not the majors maybe i don't know i may be a tongue i think of for myself i'm so excited with everything that's going on in my life right now it's nice to be able to be at home for a little bit spend some time i got a four year old my got an eleven month old right now my wife is just kill and she's followed me around for all those years man now it's my turn to follow her around so maybe one of these days not anytime soon but maybe one day down the road today and he's doing amazing him my stepmom christy just moved down to tampa florida so happy
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to have them down there all their bones are thawing out good not a west virginia deal with those cold weather how do you do a personality deal with one hundred sixty two games pretty easy pretty easy i've always kind of been that guy that just knew how blessed he was and knew that there was a zillion people out there that would give their left arm to trade spots with me and i never wanted people to think that i took anything for granted ever. game of if you only knew already told already mix we're sure you already already savors city the play in new york least favorite city to play in. kansas city big ballpark too big for me ballpark with the best facilities i have yet to stadium say with the toughest towns boston. boston loved it man they got a lot of passion for their team over there they're tough you didn't play a lot in philly did you know sir just in the world series and i got
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a good taste of what can fly out of the stands there i know that someone said they would be cool for cancer. there to bird santa claus superpower you'd like to have and love to be able to fly. proudest moment. i think of the birth of my daughters i think getting married to my best friend would be up there as well i think all that family stuff surpasses anything you could do on the diamond major league baseball rule you change the collisions at the plate and the and the break up the second base feel like you're taking the. the physicality out of the game and i think that's what a lot of people i understand that that these players are investments and i understand they're making is illions of dollars but then again like the game is the game it's the best game on the planet so i don't feel like you really need to change anything about it trying to make the game shorter and this not for t.v. time i don't know me i'm just getting used to waving off the local yeah the for the
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four pins is like a school i feel like everything's evolving image to see exactly how our game is here in the next four or five years i like that to cheer the turned around and they set for life turned around the guy was on first and. funniest teammate yet i had no interest in sharon he did speak english he does even you might not think he does but he does and not only that the man is like what forty five looks like he's twenty doing going to play one hundred sixty or you know one of my favorite teammates i've ever had just great one liners and he'll definitely be sneaky on the english thing sure no kidding. good troll or bad man magical what that day did you have a pre-game ritual. yes and no i was in a was and like nomar used to go through every jive. oh yeah right you know wade boggs the chick in the whole nine no i really i was never good enough to have some stand out like that i just knew that every day that i took the field that like the
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old joe dimaggio quote you know i there might be a kid out the stands never see me play that day so i always want to make sure i gave everything i had a secret talent. i don't know and i'm still not sure how much an open book i don't have a whole i don't know it's not me is to play harmonica can you know ok i don't have anything special most embarrassing moment on the field most embarrassing moment on the field strikeout five times in a day that's pretty embarrassing. i'm trying to think of something that will five times of the game i can't do much more how it's going to say you can't be much worse than that is play for. the left handed pitching those jake peavy back when you go when you slice and dice and everybody and he's one of the meanest guys on where he's on the mound i don't know if he was yelling at me or if he was you know he wants the world he's intense favorite sport other than baseball football no
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doubt about america college football love it. i'm a wage guy random house state guy so that ok all right howard i know ok he said and now fisher in l.a. rams guys well i know they might not have to see you live here it's feel like i got a rep squad rookie with the most promise. if you like baseball is in a flux right now with this amazing talent that is really coming through the game which is so much fun to watch if you and i just sit here and i could list off ten fifteen guys right now but it would be hard not to say like a guy like aaron judge who is really kind of taken off there's a guy running a band gamble who plays in seattle who used to be part of the yankees as well absolutely taking off to a tremendous job there's so many young pitchers that the world hasn't heard of but soon will but those two guys really kind of stand out gary sanchez is back there with his. so there's just a lot of great guys knicks we shared ten years probably doing this hopefully being
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the central hope you have back again yes or this planet don't forget june twelfth n.b.c. spartan ultimate team challenge will premier that day at ten pm eastern on n.b.c. that same day mick will be the one calling out the guys to the yankees dressed. up like. this it's been so great now to feel like when you retire you kind of feel like it's in the world for a little bit but i did go through a little bit of a little bit of a depression phase just because yeah man i feel like you when you're used to the same routine for twelve thirteen years of your life and it changes man i was down in the dumps you must've been a clubhouse leader what tried to be feel like. there's not a whole lot of guys seven hundred fifty people on the planet get to play major league baseball so if you're one of those special few i feel like you really got to soak it up we have some at k j m ten we did to a new team after forming friendships with your previous team mates this is hard to
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get acclimated to a new club yes and no i feel like. it has a lot to do maybe with how many years you've been in leak like for myself i was lucky enough that i had known a good amount of guys throughout the leagues and you come up with i came up the oakland a's right and then right after that i got traded off my fourth year to the chicago white sox spent one. near there then went to new york. so for myself i feel like it's part of it's part of the business it's not. it's pretty strict i miss pretty straightforward like a if you're not getting the job done they're going to find somebody that row you picked it first lucky i got lucky i got lucky your father played cities yes. don't be f.n. serious on twitter s what's your favorite part what was your favorite part of being a yankee. i just feel like just the passion the pride the tradition that that people take. each and every day that uniform that uniform and are so special about
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you can get goosebumps talking about it just because there's a moment there's something fabulous about that you know i think just for myself i just the one thing that stands out is just running out to right field each and every day trying to pull people up like i was a debbie debbie eve wrestlers of the do you know i feel like those are the things that i'll never forget it was a number thirty three do but now on the larry king now blog what do you miss most about playing i mean just the competition i think that's kind of the one of the biggest things that i've struggled with every times roll even say to joe my wife and i can't meet in your driveway five minutes game a one zero one zero because i just feel like i need a computer did somebody unsure look at me and be like i will not be out in the garage in the driveway five minutes but you can find something else to do so i think the competition that one on one challenge is one of the things that i miss a lot too also as a major league baseball expanded what city would you like to see a team move to. i filter so many great cities out too old to say yes
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montreal for sure even like a place like nashville i think deserve a team as well and are in the stanley cup final yet the troops and there are so many amazing things going on right now they have a aaa team there so i feel like if you have a aaa team you have a good chance of maybe having a major league as well stephen m. on the larry king now blog is there a current titchy you'd be afraid to face i don't know if there's anybody i'd be afraid to face but there's a bunch of guys that i don't know if i had one to stand in there get struck out how would you do with the crucial well i didn't do very well. is this one of those guys and you're talking about that lucky one percent that the good lord just poem you will be the mayor and every single time you take the field nancy sands on larry king now blog do you think the m l b could ever expand overseas maybe it would be hard to do that just for the travel
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sake of things and less you had mexico city could work yeah i mean maybe reach that yeah i think it just the travel of it is it's just very hard i mean you're on the plane every three days going somewhere john crabtree of the larry king now blub besides new york was city do you think has the richest baseball culture well right now it's hard not says chicago right now just with everything they've gone through and to be finally hoisting that trophy after all those years the passion that they have right now for the game as well as all the other cubs fans around the world that haven't worn their co bats very often but are very proudly supporting those lives these days you know that were a city like boston osama's as well i think boston was one of my favorite places to go if you want to be aided us so bad and we wanted to win the passion that they had each and every night you you with that ballpark address again larry thanks for having me brother is an honor my man big thanks to my gas world series champs. sure
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he sure. was a mountain for n.b.c. sports. on monday june twelfth ten pm eastern as always you can find me on twitter things i'll see and i'd start. earlier today president obama i know nothing. about it responsibly points new people and there is always. always. seems to be here's something else tina between us here is you know if you plan to do so in the us then trump has used the social media always on the story because it's garbage in real genuine.
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russia says spain's cooperation with the u.s. in syria and warns that american. will not be targets and comes after a syrian fighter jet was owned by an american warplane up the weekend. in london ten people are hurt too seriously after a bomb is prevent into a crowd of worshippers. suspected attacker is being charged with the terror of. an armed man in paris deliberately rums his car into a police police say shaath already see he was a terror watch list. headlines.


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