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tv   Headline News  RT  June 20, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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strayer suspends its airstrikes alongside the u.s. led coalition in syria as tensions grow between washington and moscow over the us downing of a serial. killer to the. exclusive afghan the locals tell us about the horrors of unfolding in the north of the country as a new islamic state cell takes root plus. the. pressure builds on u.k. prime minister trees a may offer for terror attacks strikes the country in just three months.
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hi this is art international it's just turned one in the afternoon here now my name is kevin owen things been with us in moscow at h.q. top story then as you can see if you take a read take a stroll has suspended its air strikes as part of the u.s. led coalition effort in syria made a militarized row between russia and washington and he says across this this came in a couple of hours ago so by the looks of it for the time being at least australia saying they're not going to be flying over syria is that correct yes i haven't and judging from that statement released by the royal s. royal australian air force well looks like the reason why australia has decided to hold airstrikes in syria is because they no longer feel that the situation there is safe here's exactly what the statements as a precautionary measure australian defense force strike operations into syria have temporarily ceased a decision on the resumption of a.d.f. air operations in syria will be made in june course. well why is the situation
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there not safe because the agreement that was signed by us from russia back in october twenty fifth in the agreement that prevents any sort of collisions or dangerous incidents in the airspace over syria that agreement as of yesterday has been halted and that means that as of now there is no any sort of regulations in place to prevent the u.s. air forces and also the russian air force and hitting each other and this of course came after sunday when the u.s. shot down a syrian fighter jet and that has prompted russia to announce that any coalition airplane flying on the west of the euphrates river or potentially targets that could be tracked down here's exactly what the ministry of defense said any aircraft belonging to the u.s. led coalition detected in the skies west of the euphrates river with the russian air forces operating will be tracked as targets by russian air defense systems well that statement certainly sounds threatening but bear in mind the russia also made it very clear that no coalition play will be shot down automatically that everything will be decided on a case by case basis and action we only be taken if
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a coalition airplane poses a threat to russian aircrafts another thing to bear in mind is that on sunday's incident is barely the first time that the u.s. has attacked syrian government forces in fact there been four attacks in the past three months and the u.s. actions in syria certainly raise concerns with the u.n. here. bring up broadly or deep concern of the risk of possible miscalculation and escalation in the conflict in syria. so essentially what we're seeing here is the potential fall out between coalition partners as are strangely its latest decision clearly show that some of us allies do not feel safe in syria captain thanks for the really ok let's take a look next on the how the us presence in syria's evolved under the pretext of fighting islamic state the u.s. led coalition airstrikes began back in september twenty forty without the permission of the syrian government but then you may recall there that the end of
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twenty fifteen washington officially began sending special forces into syria to help the so-called moderate opposition as they were termed again without permission from damascus throughout the whole of twenty sixteen u.s. troops were spotted across syria with washington reluctant to say that set up bases there come to the temple of twenty sixteen the u.s. led coalition bombed a syrian military base for the first time or the officials admitted that was unintentional that in april of this year washington lodged dozens of cruise missiles at a syrian air base after blaming damascus for alleged chemical attack that was followed in may but the coalition bombing of syrian pro-government forces on three occasions of accusing them of violating the so-called de confliction zones were more and more of then just earlier this month june the u.s. deployed advanced missile launchers to a base run by commandos washington top military commander has been hard pressed to to explain the legal grounds for shooting down this government jet in syria in this latest attack is response you're about to see it was pretty flat. beer there and
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have legal justification the new authorization to use military force we are prosecuting a campaign against isis and in syria general dunford is referring to the authorization for the use of military force that was passed in two thousand and one after nine eleven that was related to al-qaeda in afghanistan so now he's trying to pretend that somehow justifies attacking syria and ground forces and syrian air force inside syria so what we've got going on is a clear violation of international law it's illegal to fund a proxy army attacking a sovereign state it's illegal to fly over a state without authorization and it's obvious act of war and aggression to go into another country and shoot the army ants and shoot down the air force of these sobering standing. is the war rages across syria civilians the desperate cause trying to flee the conflict best that can we caught up with one man who going to
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tell you about next to gave up everything to get away from russia where the u.s. led coalition is battling still to liberate that city of muslim mixtape is a little of his story. the. coalition planes struck the district of daria i was with my daughter at the time and just like that she perished after just last week i lost my leg more often than not the u.s. planes hit civilians one of the geisel. is most of the civilians who die in diarrhea districts are directly culturally university our housing market hospitals all these buildings have suffered from coalition bombs has no place is safe.
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next to zero exclusive for you from us a new islamic state leader has emerged in northern afghanistan after his reported release from the notorious background prison last year twenty sixteen as isil is the guy's name he's the son of an jihadi leader and his rise to power is seen him fight off other terrorist groups in the region and force locals to convert to i still more goes to have picks up the story from afghanistan. beyond this desert and those mountains lays islamic states newest caliph it the realm of warlord as he starts himself as a warrior of god others call him a heretic cruel and heartless. has murdered so many and
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besieged even more there is no end to his killing i lost twenty five members of my family they could people's heads off their legs arms and fingers some victims i couldn't recognize because of what they did to their faces i lost my son everyone lost their sons head moment ammerman he is the most evil men in the world it is because of him that was tough he in poverty he brought his terrorists home homes and murdered everyone as azula is a second generation warlord jihad just like his father dangerous and vicious fanatical until recently he was incarcerated in baghran prison then came his unexpected and unexplained release. he's an international terrorist it was american soldiers who released him from bagram for the have a reason to let him go and now he has come for all lines which doesn't make
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immediate sense bag graham is officially run by the afghan government by graham is owned by the americans the afghan government doesn't have the capability to run it it was the americans who released as if they want to they could catch him very quickly but they don't and i can tell you why as a zuma fed on the chaos and corruption in afghanistan in his rise in me a month she amassed hundreds of fighters an arsenal of weaponry and handedly defeated both the afghan army and the taliban converting his and. he means to his own cause and it wasn't faith that did it you know he's the richest man i know he has support from abroad and so much money he pays his fighters almost a thousand dollars that's why so many join him for reference that's about five times more than afghan soldiers are paid attempting some refugees say corrupt
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afghan army troops sell as his rule of the weapons he needs them and foreign sponsors many chose to resist some did so by running away risking starvation rather than leave and as a radical rule others resisted with arms. is a militia leader he has organized locals into a small force to resist as azula the government the us they don't help we finance ourselves by selling our houses and lands to buy weapons and ammunition all the locals and the fighters we've spoken to say the same thing the afghan army sits idle selling weapons to. the united states it's marines jets and coalition allies and nowhere to be seen leaving warlord as is and challenge to or
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i guess the of. northern afghanistan well can tell you we reached out to the pentagon for comment but as isil is released from prison i can also tell you as yet we've not heard anything but if we do we will let you know we did hear though from the afghan defense ministry. let me call me oh. no. oh i don't oh. i see where this is choose to have the bright little the challenges facing u.k. prime minister tories i'm a is the country comes to terms with yet another terror attack yesterday.
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so when you want the president. to go on. this is what. i'm interested in the. prime market reform to some degree and the wall street. market as they once did so the wall street cockroaches along with their brothers and sisters and. i think it is. they caught me another route they found that our. car because those cockroaches are never. nobody. to spray on the.
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muslim worshippers in london is adding to the pressure right now on prime minister trees of may governments facing accusations that its security fairly is a well played a role in the terror in the capital and also to manchester of late now in this latest incident. drove into a crowd of pedestrians present just finished. looks at how britain has found itself similarly vulnerable were more to extremism. was. the method blunkett's and now painfully familiar and the down innocent pedestrians. a country woke to news of another terrorist attack.
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on the streets of our capital city. this was an attack almost claims their place of worship god you're right it was police declared it a terrorist incident within eight minutes this was. quite clearly an attack on muslims the u.k.'s prime minister has had to denounce a fourth act of terrorism on british soil in just three months terrorism extremism and hate treat take many forms that has been far too much tolerance of extremism in our country over many years including islamophobia islamophobia has been rise and the since the westminster manchester and london bridge attacks which were committed by islamic extremists the mare of london city khan has acknowledged that violent extremism can now come from anywhere terrorists so much for it but other means
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other than islamists much of asian protests the slowest motivation the kurdish but the police recognize this is a challenge a they face just hours after the attack a mosque in east london received a bomb threat and had to be evacuated authorities have now increased security around all places of worship but that hasn't allayed everyone's fares the important thing to know is that this is a very very different types of things we've had before this was specifically targeted towards a minority community and the key thing to say here is that in the past we've had. about dividing lines between community how you have to separate you know this the british society in this muslim society and how this somehow the dividing line what this attack reminds us is that the only dividing line exists is those who believe in justice freedom and peace and community cohesion and those who don't there are huge community tensions in this country the british muslim community have quite rightly emphasized that over time there have been rises in the number of attacks on
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our community islamophobia it's acts what needs to be a socio economic changes to our society and some clearly political leadership what happened here in finsbury park has shown yet again how sadly the bluntest of tools like cars and vans can be when in the hands of those wishing to commit violent acts of terror figuring out how to prevent such attacks is now a major challenge for terrorism mase government. police see in london the thoughts of international affairs expert joan said to lead these he says indeed the terror threat is growing at an alarming rate. we're seeing potentially the beginning of a second summer of terror europe experienced this last year was a doubling of terrorist attacks over twenty fifteen and right now according to your
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own poll the rate of terror attacks in europe is increasing over last year's rate and there's a terrorist attempt in europe mostly in the u.k. and france right now about every nine days the first responsibility of any government is to provide for the safety of its citizens and that is both internally and against external threats. in london the number of people dead or presumed dead after the grenfell tower blaze there in the west of the cities risen to seventy nine as of yesterday the metropolitan police say that number could still rise so far only five victims have been identified to the public it's thought that many won't be able to be identified who perished this is the red in this video from inside that charred building has to be said this is taken in a flat where the police knew that the people that lived there been accounted for but you can see the state of it the ashes the rubble that fire broke out early wednesday morning at swiftly twenty four story high residential block her part u.k.
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prime minister's response to the tragedies been heavily criticized the huge protests in the capital have been calling for the reason made a step in time one aspect that is particularly and get the british public was may's u. turn on where the survivors would be home and every single family will be re housed in the local area we are committed to ensuring that people are really housed as far as possible within the bara or in neighboring by as some people may actually want to go to another part of london where treason is always a further inquiry into the tragedy and pledge five million pounds to help the victims but the u.k.'s labor party leader says that some is clearly not enough jeremy corbyn also suggested nearby vacant homes should be opened up to the survivors. there are a large number of deliberately kept vacant flats and properties all over london it's called land banking people with a lot of money buying a house spire flat keep it and you would seize it forever or just just take it for as long as they need it just look at them economically apply it compulsory purchase
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it requisition it there's a lot of things you can do the tragic fire is dealt another blow to the most popularity too after a snap election in which he failed to win a majority in parliament we check at the ratings now the nosedive since december calling to the pollster hugo of more than half of britons now are unhappy with me as leader the c.e.o. of a grassroots charity organisation of the u.k. we spoke to believes that the pm simply out of touch with the ordinary people of britain with each event has unfolded. and the rest of the bridge attack she is showing herself to be for them for. away from her people who she's the governor she is destroying trade and displaced she may be a good governor on the political sphere of the political sphere but she's not the people's voice she doesn't have the people's hearts and the people's will. in when
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she makes her decisions and her plan which gets more top story in a city read reactions the fact that a story suspend its air strikes as part of the u.s. led coalition effort in syria after the ongoing row between russia and washington over a jet that was shot down right let's get the thoughts of a. retired pakistani army general sir thanks make the time good to be with us was appreciate your take on things so washington's actions in syria shooting down this jet good or bad i mean has it put the rest of the coalition partners at risk astray or seems to think so. absolutely i think the way that they're americans were flying their craft and the way that they shut down the russian aircraft which was absolutely not according to any sort of international standards and was a huge why lation of syria syrians have entity but as you know medicare has been in
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the past always tried to sort of do things which it thinks because of its being a superpower need not sort of comply to international norms and standards and that is why it has been defying it in the past and it thinks that it could get away here as well but after the russian warning i think they will be very careful and would probably not like to repeat something that had happened such an unfortunate thing that had happened in the past where is the danger really so great the could be an accidental misunderstanding here i mean this whole communication line was put in to make sure there were no. accidental hits across the lines there but now that so-called hot line is being called off or get straight they really had cause to be worried maybe one of the jets could be. could be targeted by the russian side if it strayed where russia didn't want it to go across the euphrates here it is a real danger is it. absolutely so i think there is
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a need for all the time a hotline and there must be an exchange irrespective of the nature of relationship it has always been the case with the u.s. and russia even during the cold war it was like that so we don't see any reason why there shouldn't be now and the greater the level of cooperation even if they have different policies and they're supporting differently you know sort of. political forces that does not mean that in any way they can risk something like this which can. sort of inflate into something very serious and violently board that at all cost the party i think the responsibility of us ability rests sorry so a bit of it like a part of that line that has been cut now so is there a danger that we could see things flare up there or just think the u.s.
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is going to pare back attitude and the law in. well i think they're americans will now definitely change their attitude to realize that this cannot continue and so i think one mistake has been made and they realize they cannot afford to make another mistake or another omission of that this type it will be very detrimental and it can create very serious problems so i think the americans would be very careful and this is exactly what should happen and there should be a certain in fact we would also hope that ultimate be americans and the western world would realize that there is every need to cooperate as far as syria is concerned and cooperation with russia and with this indian government will definitely help to sort of find a solution to the problems in syria as well as also improve you know the security
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conditions in syria because the lives of the people there is really miserable and they come under attack innocent people are dying and there is no reason why you know the great powers should not cooperate rather than compete for influence in that region thank you for your thoughts. pakistani general thank spinlock for the some of the international. now before we leave it today what to go next are fake prince paralysed self-proclaimed prince has been living the high life for a europe food really rich and famous along the way until he received the bill. ever dreamt of living like a royal in the lap of luxury this fifty something from italy certainly did and he dreamt big french on it it's claimed to be the hereditary prince of macedonia and serbia in fact and albania and montenegro even though months and hasn't had
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a monarchy since one thousand nine hundred eighteen but the information on his official website begs to differ still not buying it where many high ranking officials and celebrities did including the archbishop of monaco and the vatican secretary of state mr china just didn't lose any time to enter his life into a fairy tale one thousand former baywatch star power anderson check could think bigger bestowing five orders of chivalry upon himself again check including julius caesar in his list of ancestors sounds more like it and no one bothered to check his documents from fake passports to the license plates on his car which he drove around with his self-proclaimed ambassador they'd been travelling around europe since twenty fourteen but it was only when they refused to pay for a weeklong stay at a luxury resort in italy that people finally caught on the guest asked for the bill to be sent to the macedonian embassy in rome instead of immediately raising suspicion both common have now been detained and are awaiting trial proving that
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the easiest way to make your dreams come true might not always be the best way. calling brazier throughout the afternoon after watching the hawks the next thirty minutes. let's talk about blackness and the bills of being black. and always well in a big don't know at least as we have been told. we in relays as such because we simply. seemly without them the real rain. you've told us the sickness of trusting our enemy we came to face. that's what i call the lack of blackness or understanding the blues of being black. sheep to blues of being black should mandate that we attack knowing how when and what to do to come this simple in its
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natural as be beck is simply to the feeling blue is black and blue. with more make this manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the find. me the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. to lose the real news is.
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ratings and sell you. it's time for us all hawk watchers to admit the uncomfortable truth that most pundits and jackals sitting on capitol hill and squawking in the news media are too afraid to say out loud but of secretly been cheerleading for quite some time now yes we are at war with the sovereign country of syria
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when exactly we went to war with syria can be debated but after one takes a moment to review recent events and actions committed by the united states against syria war can be the only honest conclusion anyone who tells you otherwise is either in disbelief of the reality of u.s. actions there or lost in the spin of humanitarian intervention in the fight against isis just a few short months since conducting a multiple tomahawk missile strike against the air base the united states has now officially shot down a syrian bomber which according to fox news marks the first time in history a u.s. jet shot down a syrian plane and the first time in nearly twenty years the u.s. has shut down any war plane an air to air combat the last time the last time this took place was back in ninety nine over kosovo.


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