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tv   Headline News  RT  June 20, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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headlining this trailer suspends its airstrikes alongside the u.s. led coalition in syria as tension grows between washington and moscow over the us downing of a syrian jet. exclusive afghan locals tell us about the horrors unfolding in the north of the country where a new islamic state cell is taking brutal plus. the pressure builds on the british prime minister after the country's fourth terror attack in just three months.
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and over me in the team here they are to new center in moscow one is calling bright it's now four pm this twentieth of june welcome to the program first for you australia has suspended all air operations as part of the u.s. led coalition in syria as tensions rise between moscow and washington with the details he has emilie's to looks like the reason why australia has decided to hold airstrikes in syria is because they no longer feel that the situation there is safe here's exactly what the statements as a precautionary measure australian defense force strike operations into syria have temporarily ceased a decision on the resumption of a.d.f. air operations in syria will be made into course but why is the situation there not safe because the agreement that was signed by u.s. and russia back in october twenty fifteen the agreement that prevents any sort of collisions or dangerous incidents in the airspace over syria that agreement as of yesterday has been halted and that means that as of now there is no any sort of regulations. place to prevent the u.s.
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air forces and also the russian air force and hitting each other and this of course came after sunday when the u.s. shot down a syrian fighter jet and that has prompted russia to announce that any call this an airplane flying on the west of the euphrates river are potentially targets that could be tracked down here's exactly what the ministry of defense said any aircraft belonging to the u.s. led coalition detected in the skies west of the euphrates river with the russian air forces operating will be tracked as targets by russian air defense systems well that statement certainly sounds threatening but bear in mind that russia also made it very clear that no coalition play will be shot down automatically that everything will be decided on a case by case basis and action we only be taken if a coalition airplane poses a threat to russian aircrafts another thing to bear in mind is that on sunday's incident is barely the first time that the u.s. has attacked syrian government forces in fact there have been four attacks in the past three months and the u.s. actions in syria certainly raise concerns with the u.n.
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it does bring up a broadly or deep concern of the risk of possible miscalculation and escalation in the conflict in syria so essentially what we're seeing here is the potential fallout between coalition partners as straightly its latest position clearly show that some of us allies do not feel safe in syria international relations professor jamal wakim told us that australia's move signifies that some coalition partners don't want to take responsibility for u.s. actions in syria the united states is pushing hard. not to lose ground in syria especially that the syrian forces are expanding their control over the city and that it. will. the border with iraq which the american to drive a wedge between iraq and syria this is. what makes for example the australians and
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other. coalition members fear afraid because i believe that they might. see themselves as targets for the russian forces stationed in syria. and they they might fear potential let's say that there might be down by the earth and forces let's take a look at how the u.s. presence in syria has evolved under the pretext of fighting islamic state u.s. led coalition airstrikes began in september twenty fourth without the permission of the syrian government we will degrade and ultimately destroy all eisel at the end of twenty fifteen washington officially began sending special forces into syria to help the so-called moderate opposition again without the permission of damascus twenty sixteen u.s. troops were spotted across syria with washington reluctant to say had it set up bases that then bite september twenty sixth the u.s.
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led coalition bombed a syrian military base for the first time although officials admitted that it was unintentional ultimately we made an unintentional regrettable primarily based on human factors in several areas in the targeting process then in april of this year washington launched dozens of cruise missiles at a syrian air base after blaming damascus for an alleged chemical attack that was followed by the coalition bombing of syrian pro-government forces on three occasions accusing them of violating so-called de confliction zones self defense of our forces inside and stablished an agreed upon confliction drawn then just earlier this month the u.s. deployed advanced missile launchers to a base run by its commandos washington's top military commander was hard pressed to explain the legal grounds for shooting down a government jet in this latest attack after his response fell rather flat we're there in arab league all just because in the new york through zation use military force. we are prosecuting a campaign against isis and in syria it sounds like
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a talking point and or a pat answer because they have no justification so i think they've got to stick to that talking point and they have no desire to to work on you know figuring out who's actually right or wrong you know that they go right to that pat answer every time so you know there's no room for discussions or no room to take responsibility for their actions either it makes it easier for them so that's an it's an easy answer for them that there's no justification for the united states operating there he's thinking that he has a blessing from congress he doesn't have the blessing of you know the syrian government or international body sapper rate in that region the more than six years of war in syria the un's refugee agency says the more than five million people have been forced to flee to neighboring countries on top of that over six million more internally displaced we met one man who gave up everything to escape braca by the
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u.s. led coalition is battling to liberate the city from islamic state here's his story . coalition planes struck the district of don't you know i was with my daughter at the time just like that she perished after just last week i lost my leg most in the most the u.s. planes hit civilians and one of the nicest. is most of the civilians who die in diarrhea districts over the intracoastal university market. all these buildings have suffered from coalition bombs has no place is safe.
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exclusive to bring in now a new islamic state leader has emerged in northern afghanistan after his reported release from the notorious baghran prison in twenty sixteen as azula is the son of an old spector had a leader and his rise to power has seen him fight off other terrorist groups in the region and force locals to convert to i sold what i guess they have now picks up the story in afghanistan. beyond this desert and those mountains lays islamic states newest caliph it the realm of warlord. stars himself as a warrior of god others call him a heretic cruel and heartless so to speak god. has murdered so many and besieged even more there is no end to his killing on the last twenty five members of my family could people's heads off their legs arms and fingers some victims i
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couldn't recognize because of what they did to their faces i lost my son everyone lost their sons heads moment i am on the move is the most evil men to rule and it is because of him that was tough he and poverty he brought his terrorists all of homes and murdered everyone as azula is a second generation warlord jihad just like his father dangerous and vicious fanatical until recently he was incarcerated in baghran prison then came his unexpected and unexplained release. he's an international terrorist it was american soldiers who released him from bagram for have a reason to go and now he's come for allowance which doesn't make immediate sense bag ram is officially run by the afghan government by graham is owned by the americans the afghan government doesn't have the capability to run it it was the
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americans who released as or if they want to they could catch him very quickly but they don't and i can tell you why as fed on the chaos and corruption in afghanistan in his rise in me a month c.m. asked hundreds of fighters an arsenal of weaponry and handedly defeated both the afghan army and the taliban converting his enemies to his own cause and it wasn't faith that did it you know he's the richest man i know he has support from abroad and so much money he pays his fighters almost a thousand dollars that's why so many join him for reference that's about five times more than afghan soldiers are paid attempting some refugees say corrupt afghan army troops cell as the weapons he needs them and foreign
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sponsors many chose to resist some did so by running away risking starvation rather than leave and as a radical rule others resisted with our arms. is a militia leader he has organized locals into a small force to resist as azula government the us they don't help we finance ourselves by selling our houses and lands supply weapons and ammunition all the locals and the fighters we've spoken to say the same thing. afghan army sits idle selling weapons to as the united states its marines jets and coalition allies a new way to be seen leaving warlord as unchallenged more i guess dia of. northern afghanistan we've been in touch with the pentagon for comment about as
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a suit of this release from prison but we have not bought from them just yet however we did hear from the afghan defense ministry. oh. no. news ahead on all t will look at the pressure being piled on the u.k.'s prime minister to resign my following a series of terror attacks in the country that's ahead.
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people with stories to tell. you see. they're here to speak their truth here.
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welcome back monday's attack all muslim worshippers in london has put further pressure on prime minister to resign my government faces accusations that it security failures played a role in the recent acts of terror in the country and this latest incident nayef and mosque a van was driven into a crowd of pedestrians after ramadan prezza just finished. looks now at how britain is finding itself increasingly vulnerable to extremist attacks. i was. the method blunt and now painfully familiar a vehicle moving down innocent pedestrians. a country woke to news of another terrorist attack. on the streets of our capital city. this was an attack almost claims that place of worship god everywhere i go and at. least
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declared it a terrorist incident within eight minutes this was. quite clearly an attack on muslims the u.k.'s prime minister has had to denounce a fourth act of terrorism on british soil in just three months that has been far too much tolerance of extremism in our country over many years including islamophobia islamophobia has been on the rise and the since the westminster manchester and london bridge attacks which were committed islam a kick stream s. the matter of london city khan has acknowledged that violent extremism can now come from anywhere terrorists so much credit for other means other than islamists much of asian protests the slowest motivation the kurdish the police recognize this is a challenge a they face just hours after the attacks hack a mosque in east london received a bomb threat and had to be evacuated authorities have now increased security
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around all places of worship but that hasn't been laid everyone's fair is the important thing to know is that this is a very very different attack to things we've had before this was specifically targeted towards a minority community in the past we've had things about dividing lines between community how you have to separate you know this the british society and this muslim society and how this somehow a dividing line what this is. it reminds us that the only dividing line exists is those who believe in justice freedom and peace and community cohesion and those who don't there are huge community tensions in this country the british muslim community have quite rightly emphasized that over time there have been rises in the number of attacks on our community islamophobia what needs to be a socio economic changes to our society and some clear political leadership but happened here and. has shown us again how. the bluntest of
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tools like cars and vans can win in the hands of those wishing to commit violent acts of terror figuring out how to prevent such attacks is now a major challenge it's a reason mase government. the number of people dead or presumed dead from the grenfell tower blades in west london has risen to seventy nine in the city's metropolitan police say that number could still rise further this is the latest video from inside the burned out building and shows the remains of child apartments police say everyone who lived in these particular flats has been accounted for the fire broke out early last wednesday morning and quickly in gulf the twenty four story residential blog another videos also appeared online of firefighters reacting to seeing the blaze for the first time.
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the prime minister's response to the tragedy has been heavily criticised in a scene thousands of people in the capital calling for her to step down and one issue in particular that's now causing an outcry is the b. housing of survivors it's unclear whether they'll all be re-accommodated in the local area. every single family will be re housed in the local area we are committed to ensuring that people are really housed as far as possible within the para or in neighboring areas some people may actually want to go to another part of london to reason may has ordered a thorough inquiry into the tragedy and pledged five million pounds to help victims but the leader of the u.k.'s opposition labor party says it's clearly not enough jeremy corbyn believes that nearby vacant apartments should be made available to
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the survivors there are a large number of deliberately kept vacant flats and properties all over london is called land banking people with a lot of money buying a house why a flat keeper and you would seize it forever or just just take it for as long as they needed. just look at them economically apply it compulsory purchase it requisition it there's a lot of things you can do the tragic fire dealt another blow to to resume a popularity which was already shown to be waning by her party's election upset as you can see her ratings have suffered a severe drop since last december and according to the polls to you gov more than half of britons are unhappy with may as leader the c.e.o. of a grassroots charity organization in the u.k. believes the prime minister is too distant from the ordinary people of britain. with each event that has unfolded since they referenced the bridge attack she is showing herself to be further and further. away from her people who she is the government she is destroying to displace she may be
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a good governor on a political speech on the political sphere but she's not the people's voice she doesn't have the people's hearts and the people's will. when she makes decisions and plans the fifa confederations championship has shifted focus from some petersburg to the russian capital where i was team faces off a few hours from now against portugal so let's go live to neil harvey and former england footballer stan collymore there in moscow with the latest on today's matches. very warm welcome good afternoon to you welcome to our continuing coverage of the twenty seventh. we have moved on from st petersburg in the capital moscow now but really still alongside me stand the cold war and stand talk about great vantage points quite incredible red square on never thought when i was
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a child the old big broadcasting law its red squares puzzles. me beautiful in the background the two of them were on the roof overlooking the some amazing part of the wonderful moscow sky land beautiful little bit windy but is the perfect spot the only thing will be to view i think the goals from yesterday's game it was germany australia down take us through the action yeah it was a course on australian soil all very experienced i've got to go to japan to qualify for the world call i got big. in tokyo at the end of. where i was the germans are very solid so the likes of stingel draxler great role in new hampshire as it was a fairly comfortable rooting victory for the germans and. in german soil for three golds so you didn't go to school in rock each week because of celtic in scotland. resigns your man. in the lead with. about some shelter and then sure it's
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for the consolation for the australians were a very good performance from a very. proud to top german site and you took about i think there's only like a handful maybe three or four survivors from the world cup winning team to be captain drax clearly twenty very inexperienced so you still think that's an impressive people not think that the next year when the world cup you could have made you could have told the crew spock champions league would of course be season with madrid and you add one to two of these youngsters as i did before the south africa world called where people at manuel neuer measure it with a young kids on the block for years like their world champion and the reason they do not of course experience which is something great said come the world cup now will the moscow she's taking place at the spot kareena including the big russia portugal game tomorrow not so because the landmark historic luzhniki is being prepared they're getting ready for the will come up still actually making it putting out on the sort of final nuts and bolts and we played
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a very big ball you helped save more you'll be counting my small group we did tell . me over water if we do in here just taking part in history stanley this is the king stadium one of the most famous scene in the world we can say wayne helped build it all of this way it's all of the tears have to die are going to be for one reason the free for all call the luzhniki the final destination in two thousand and three. yes boss has been watching as you say. about a year to go so this will be ready for the. world cup it is remarkable how much effort is going for this i came here three years ago absolutely the insides of the stadium because it's so iconic they pretty much kept the salt the outside days it's
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going to a little bit make it past its late one thousand our own old comics die during the wimbley stadium with clocks and for a new one for all of keeping the old right so it's nothing. you see showing the roof. amazing it's a digital display so when the world cup comes next year moscow welcomes the faithful will call the white set standard mail thanks for coming out and just look at the whole of moscow a piece about. a kind of white's going to the new this mickey starting to feel the passion of the beautiful game of course you don't have to even be at the stadium whether be a shopping mall with a bowl a few skills a few people. still
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got it oh no. because you've done a stanley spirit you can be all over your. stuff in a way. and
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you said it was the hope that you should joyce or thank you so much to sell so well to the close if you always fall it's. never lucy it's. always the even the pride of it the bolshoi just around the corner you look like iron filings drawn to you especially when you go to. something else that people are drooling to see the big game coming up tomorrow at the sponsors. russia what do you think about that but it's a huge guy who's going to be sold out where he went to have a look around the forty five's a magnificent stadium and very good facilities for plans. for example there boy well i think this is going to be about one person over elbow going out after portugal against a very very whispery. very promising young. small off i think the new ish.
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first the full team. coverage coming up. next. here's what people have been saying about rejected a knighthood to us exactly just pull on. the only show i go out of my way to you know it was really packed a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than that and see people you've never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were yourself and taken your last wrong turn. to caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly
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promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. by wednesday friends as it was broadcasting a live around the world from washington d.c. for tonight's dow on the rise the dow jones hits a record high just as the business week kicks off this comes on top of an all time high set last week also brags that talks are under way it's been nearly a year.


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