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tv   Headline News  RT  June 20, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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strikes alongside the u.s. led coalition in syria as tension grows between washington and moscow over the us downing of a syrian jets. taking root. the pressure builds on the british prime minister after the country's fourth terror attack in just three months.
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twenty five pm here in moscow this is the world news with. international first for you australia has suspended operations as part of the u.s. led coalition in syria as tensions rise between moscow and washington with the details. looks like the reason why australia has decided to hold airstrikes in syria is because they no longer feel that the situation there is safe here's exactly what the statement said as a precautionary measure australian defense force strike operations into syria have temporarily ceased a decision on the resumption of a.d.f. air operations in syria will be made in june course but why is the situation there not safe because the agreement that was signed by us from russia back in october twenty fifteen the agreement that prevents any sort of collisions or dangerous incidents in the airspace over syria that agreement as of yesterday has been halted and that means that as of now there is no any sort of regulations in place to prevent the us air forces and also the russian air force and hitting each other and
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this of course came after sunday when the u.s. shot down a syrian fighter jet and that has prompted russia to announce that any coalition airplane flying on the west of the euphrates river are potentially targets that could be tracked down here's exactly what the ministry of defense said any aircraft belonging to the u.s. led coalition detected in the skies west of the euphrates river where the russian air force is operating will be tracked as targets by russian air defense systems well that statement certainly sounds threatening but bear in mind the russia also made it very clear that no coalition play will be shot down automatically that everything will be decided on a case by case basis and action we only be taken if a coalition airplane poses a threat to russian aircrafts another thing to bear in mind is that on sunday's incident is barely the first time that the u.s. has attacked syrian government forces in fact there been four attacks in the past three months and the u.s. actions in syria certainly raise concerns with the u.n.
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it does bring up a broadly or deep concern of the risk of possible miscalculation and escalation in the conflict in syria so essentially what we're seeing here is the potential fallout between coalition partners as straightly as latest decision clearly show that some of us. i still not feel safe in syria let's take a look at how the us presence in syria has evolved under the pretext of fighting islamic state u.s. led coalition airstrikes began in september twenty fourth without the permission of the syrian government we will degrade and ultimately destroy eisel at the end of twenty fifteen washington officially began sending special forces into syria to help the so-called moderate opposition again without the permission of damascus twenty sixteen u.s. troops were spotted across syria with washington reluctant to say had set up bases that that bite september twenty sixth the u.s. led coalition bombed a syrian military base for the first time although officials admitted that it was
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unintentional ultimately we made an unintentional regrettable primarily based on human factors in several areas in the targeting process then in april of this year washington launched dozens of cruise missiles at a syrian air base soft of blaming damascus for an alleged chemical attack that was followed by the coalition bombing of syrian pro-government forces on three occasions accusing them of violating so-called de confliction zones self-defense of our forces inside an established and agreed upon confliction drawn then just earlier this month the u.s. deployed advanced missile launchers to a base run by its commandos washington's top military commander was hard pressed to explain the legal grounds for shooting down a government jet in this latest attack after his response fell rather flat we're there and have little justification the new york through zation use military force we are prosecuting a campaign against. syria it sounds like a talking point and or
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a pat answer because they have no justification so i think they've got to stick to that talking point and they have no desire to to work on you know figuring out who's actually right or wrong you know that they go right to their pat answer every time so you know the. no room for discussion there are no room to take responsibility for their actions either it makes it easier for them so that any it's an easy answer for them there's no justification for the united states operating there he's thinking that he has a blessing from congress he doesn't have the blessing of you know the syrian government or international body separate in that region let's get some perspective on this now from former u.s. diplomat and transatlantic security expert ted c. he joins us now welcome to the program what do you make of australia's move what does it signify. well i think it signifies prudence on australia's part this is an extraordinarily difficult and dangerous situation right now everyone all actors
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need to be acting with as much caution as possible and they need to think twice before they do anything like for example shooting down a syrian aircraft do you think it's more about wanting to avoid getting caught up in any kind of engagement any kind of dogfight militarily or is it more about trying to distance itself from the u.s. system. i would say the former more than the latter although i think that they would be interested in creating as much of a perception as possible that they are not planning on pursuing that same policy do you get any indication that might be other u.s. partners who might be wanting the u.s. to exercise a bit more caution from now on. i'd say all of them really all of them and do you think that the u.s. would listen to them. well i think consultation in any coalition situation is difficult when it's an asymmetrical situation you have you know the proverbial
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eight hundred pound gorilla and then you have a few other smaller zoo animals which have promised to pitch in for whatever the exercise is so it's not going to be a democracy of equals under any circumstances now the question is how much consultation is the u.s. interested in doing in this situation. what impact do you think the move might have on the conflict itself on the wider goal of trying to tackle terrorism in syria. the shoot down or the australian pull out the australian poll and would it have any significant impact i'm not sure that we'll have that. i'm not sure i'm not sure that it will i hope that washington and the pentagon in particular are reading those signals clearly and taking the message on board very carefully. there are people out there who are not happy with the current ready fire aim sequence that
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unfortunately this pentagon seems to be following as it did with the tomahawk missile strike several weeks ago on the syrian airbase you know we're still waiting for confirmation from the organization the chemical weapons prohibition organization that in fact there was culpability by one party and yet the talk that attack took place weeks and weeks ago so what we need here is a little more deliberate caution what we particularly need is the great powers involved here the russian federation the united states to have very clear lines of communication with their clients so that for example the su twenty two bombing perhaps doesn't take place in the first place and then in that case the shoot down doesn't occur either and do you think they might not say it in so many woods but is there an indication that washington people in washington think they may have crossed a line. by shooting down that jet i think some people have been yes i think i think some people have been feeling that for a while now quite frankly and this is
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a moment that could become extraordinarily dangerous if it's not followed up correctly but again i fall back on the need for the united states of america the russian federation to consult closely with each other and particularly closely with clients and with coalition members if you will with the s.d.f. on the on the u.s. part with the forces on the ground we need to be make making sure that our messages are receiver very clearly and that if mistakes are made they don't lead to a larger conflagration sure for now u.s. diplomat ted see a really appreciate your time and insight on this thanks for coming on. thank you. an exclusive for you now a new islamic state leaders emerged in northern afghanistan after his reported release from the notorious baghran prison in twenty sixteen as azula is the son of an you had the lead and his rise to power has seen him fight off other terrorist groups in the region and force locals to convert to i still when i guess they have picks up the story from afghanistan beyond these desolate and those mountains
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lays islamic states newest caliph what the realm of warlord as. he stands himself as a warrior of god others call him a heretic cruel and heartless how does it stop. even more there is no end to his killing i lost twenty five members of my family. the could people's heads off their legs arms and fingers some victims i couldn't recognize because of what they did to their faces i lost my son everyone lost their sons head moment ammerman he is the most evil man in the world it is because of him that was tough he in poverty he brought his terrorists home of homes and murdered everyone as azula is a second generation warlord jihad just like his father dangerous and vicious
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fanatical until recently he was incarcerated in baghran prison then came his unexpected and unexplained release. he's an international terrorist it was american soldiers who released him from bagram for the have a reason to let him go and now he has come for our lines which doesn't make immediate sense bag ram is officially run by the afghan government by graham is owned by the americans the afghan government doesn't have the capability to run it it was the americans who released as or if they want to they could catch him very quickly but they don't and i can't tell you why as zula fed on the chaos and corruption in afghanistan in his rise in mia months she amassed hundreds of fighters an arsenal of weaponry and handedly defeated both the afghan army and the taliban converting his enemies to his own cause and it wasn't
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faith that did it you know he's the richest man i know he has support from abroad and so much money he pays his fighters almost a thousand dollars that's why so many join him for reference that's about five times more than the afghan soldiers are paid attempting sol. refugees say corrupt afghan army troops sell as the weapons he needs them and foreign sponsors many chose to resist some did so by running away risking starvation rather than leave. tehran ical rule others resisted with our arms sure he's a militia leader he has organized locals into a small force to resist as azula government the us they don't help we
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finance also by selling our houses and lines to buy weapons and ammunition all the locals and the fighters we've spoken to say the same thing the afghan army sits idle selling weapons to as the united states it's marines jets and coalition allies a new way to be seen leaving warlord as unchallenged more i guess the of. northern afghanistan where we've been in touch with the pentagon for comment about as as soon as release from prison but we haven't heard back from them just yet however we did hear from the afghan defense ministry. could only go. no.
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this is all t. we'll look at the pressure being hauled on the u.k.'s prime minister to resign may following a series of terror attacks in the country after this quick break. prime market was reformed to some degree and the wall street. able to penetrate that market as they once did so the wall street cockroaches along with their brothers and sisters in the city of london had to get into the economy another route they found the car loan racket and it turned into a trillion dollar car accident because those cockroaches are never told to stop there's nobody. to spray on the on jamie diamond the cockroach.
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called the future we don't go. in the world should experience. and you get it on the old. the old according to josh. the modern world. welcome back monday's attack on muslim worshippers in london has put further pressure on prime minister to resign may our government faces accusations that its security failures played a role in the recent terror attacks in the country and this latest incident near finsbury park mosque a van was driven into a crowd of pedestrians after ramadan present just finished looks now at how britain is finding itself increasingly vulnerable to extremist attacks the method blunt and now painfully familiar and the calming down innocent pedestrians.
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country woke to news of another terrorist attack. on the streets of our capital city. this was an attack on muslims their place of worship. and every word. that has been far too much tolerance of extremism in our country over many years including islamophobia the matter of london city has and knowledge that violent extremism can now come from anywhere terrorists so much credit for other means other than islamists motivation perverse islam is the motivation the could use this that the police recognise this is a challenge they face just hours after the attack a mosque in east london received a bomb threat in had to be evacuated authorities have now increased security around all places of worship but that hasn't delayed everyone's fear as the british muslim
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community have quite rightly emphasized the over time there have been rises in a number of attacks on our community islamophobia cuts x. what needs to be a socio economic changes to our society and some clear political leadership but happened here in finn's. yes again sadly the bluntest of tools like. the one in the of those wishing to commit violent acts of terror figuring out how to prevent such attacks is now a major challenge so it's a reason mase governments. see. the number of people dead or presumed dead from the graham full tower blaze in west london has risen to seventy nine and the city's metropolitan police say that number could still get rise further and this is the latest video from inside the burned
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out building it shows the remains of charred apartments police say everyone who lived in these particular flats has been accounted for the fire broke out early last wednesday morning and quickly ingolf the twenty four storey residential block another videos also appeared online of firefighters reacting to seeing about blaze for the first time. the. prime minister's response to the tragedy was widely criticized as lackluster and the send thousands of people in the capital calling for her to step down one issue in particular is now causing an outcry has the re housing of the survivors because it's unclear whether they can all be re-accommodated in the local area. every single family will be re housed in the local area we are committed to ensuring that
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people are really housed as far as possible within the bara or in neighboring there is some people may actually want to go to another part of london where the tragic fire dealt another blow to to resume a's popularity which was already shown to be waning by her party's upset you can see. at a severe drop since last december. and according to the polls to you gov more than half of britons are unhappy with me as leader of the c.e.o. of a grassroots charity organization in the u.k. believes the prime minister is too distant from the ordinary people of britain. with each event that has unfolded since they referenced the bridge attack she is showing herself to be further for. away from her people who she is the government she is disjointed in this place she may be a good governor on
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a political speech on the political sphere but she's not the people's voice she doesn't have the people's hearts and the people will. when she makes her decisions and her plans they feel confederation's cup championship shifted focus from some petersburg to the russian capital where the hosts face off against portugal on wednesday they'll have a handful of footballer stan collymore in moscow with the latest. thanks very much colin very good afternoon to everybody watching at home we have moved on from st petersburg to beautiful moscow stanley cohen most alongside me stand how about this review snotty about it's not bad at all is it symbolises cathedral red square learning's two beautiful sunny day in a wonderful part of wrong we have here in the capital wonderful you just ticked off
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many of the big tourist every one afternoon and the playground and walked around already not a really good look around to know what little confidence in the shopping galleries how you like this is where we go go election for everybody now let's check out germany australia three two the result from yesterday's game let's go through the gold. yes in terms of australia a very experienced saw it brought it was germany really a very young german side scored very early on with a really good finish. off and really in terms of the australians they got back into the game we talked celtic they put them back on track with a lovely finish up and seen it come off the defend that it was all about germany two drug. p.s.g. one of their big names is expected to translate form with the younger age groups into the my national team and that it was good at scout that put three one to the growing and a consolation boy you reach at the very end so for me it was a very positive result for germany komi with
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a very young squad australia of big fish to fry they have to apply japan in tokyo at the end of august because they're not qualified yet. to look forward to speaking to i guess the just joy just think alike alive he said of sports and tourism department nicholai we were just talking about the great attraction saving this is a big part of what you're going to be doing trying to show why. all the people are going to come into moscow the attraction said given a sample of the culture. your rate has to fall or think you for inviting me here one of the best. point there for in moscow i mean you would go a beauty spot right here early this is the best place is my personal appeal it's appealing but there are most cool it's not just there are very. deceiving it's not there to get it all fresh and it's something special in the you can see and we have
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a lot of things to show our guests. football fans and i guess most mccloy i was here for the champions very final the only all english champions league final today it's a very special occasion munches you know it's you against chelsea that was in two days and nights. talk to us about what's changed since then and in making moscow a world city so you can see it yourself for a big difference i mean especially most consent for now we get. a wall cd and the old. and waltz they alert straights why it's three stories and they're all the beauty school we have the most to his changed a lot and the main arena put of people wall to cop also has changed i mean they're losing to study and we left on leave the wall historical wall but inside we've got completely new and really want to see one of the best so the stadium in new york
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i think anybody who comes to moscow for the first time i've heard it from many people they're surprised it's not what they thought it was going to be not what they saw on t.v. how do you encourage the main and get them to realise that that it isn't what they think so we say the russians see it's better the time to see than millions to hear so this way we're in why it's everyone's for russia and everyone to most. to see how most school and please welcome to most school and join the one of the best city in the world which are try trillion is believe isn't it trying our best way to find that middle our language obviously difference language here in russia will be lots of funds coming from continental europe. to nail on the moscow metro from the spots uk stall is now both in cyrillic in european language so it's very very important for fans mean that i can feel
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comfortable about walking around in shops and getting on buses we do hope we do have all the sign there are in russian and english and we're going to have more before the full scope and there are not a lean english here or there will be some information desk in japan's chinese german and the english may be some of the dillon which is but mainly in english and it's all the science. in its role in the main distillations and finally how you going to continue to build this enthusiasm among the local people because big tournament is now coming up everybody you need to be excited about football you can put some events on to bring them in. but you know. kevin there are costs in there. that big dispy tournaments like to keep up also always good to put a cd to the to develop and to have some.
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better infrastructure but most cool the growing that's helped we'll without those kind of threats but since got that we have got the the people here in russia and of course the main maîtresse who played in moscow i mean the. opening match and the final at the stadium. well question for only can russia win the world cup next year you've got to be wary where you read what. we released and of course. would love to have for the russians in a final part of world cup but to me we going to. stay in the stadium in the watch the best football players in the great football and we will get it interesting yeah i think you might change your opinion if russia win this
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tournament then people will start believing it already there always have been and it got many thanks for taking the time to come speak to us and i think what i glean from that is moscow doesn't need to sell itself which is quite right when you've got amazing views in infrastructure about this thanks so much stanley we will talk football more confederations cup coming up in the next hour see that. we got some breaking news to bring you in our see the pentagon says that a u.s. fighter jet has downed an armed drone belonging to pro syrian government forces in the south west of syria the u.s. says it was shot down near one of its so-called confliction zones after they assessed it to be a threat it allegedly displayed quote hostile intent this is the second such drone to be shot down by u.s. led forces this month alone but of course the third aircraft because of that war plane that was shot down in the north of the country all of this has been happening in the same area in terms of the drones being taken out of action no doubt will be
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ramifications to that will be across it for you in our next bulletin in just over half an hour. next the one r.t. international it's watching the whole. it's. the same wrong. well just don't call. me. to say power these days. and in. the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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readings and sell you say she says it's time for assault watchers to admit the uncomfortable truth that most pundits and jackals capitol hill squawking in the news media are too afraid to say out loud but have secretly been cheerleading for quite some time now.


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